Although I'm not a fan of illegal dog fighting, I can't help but notice the difference in the way Michael Vick is treated in the media compared to former Atlanta Falcon teammate, Patrick Kerney (second photo).

Kerney has a lot to smile about. Despite a woman being allegedly gang raped at a home he owned on March 18, 2007. The story was covered up, similar to a media blackout and Kerney was quietly traded to the Seattle Seahawks where he signed a multi-year contract without much ado.

Kerney was not home when the alleged attack took place but it's interesting to note, allegedly, another white Atlanta Falcon was in attendance and like Kerney, he was quietly traded to another team.

The few times this case was mentioned, people in the media and others affiliated with sports made the following statement: "Patrick Kerney is presumed innocent," whereas Vick receives no assumption of innocence.

In Oct. 1952, photocopies of sworn affidavits allegedly made in 1944 by members of the Missouri Ku Klux Klan supported their charge that President Harry Truman had once been a member of their Klan chapter. Walter Winchell's release of the documents created an uproar. Truman's press secretary denied the story. To this day, the truth or the falsehood of the charge remains undetermined although internet sites reporting on Truman's life confirm-allegedly, he was a Klan member.

According to 'Jet' magazine, newly released documents from the lynching of two black couples more than 60 years ago revealed that the FBI investigated suspicions that three-term Governor, Eugene Talmadge (above) of Georgia sanctioned the murders to sway rural White voters during a tough election campaign.

Talmadge came under scrutiny because of a visit he made to Monore, two days before the Democratic gubernatorial primary and a day after a highly charged racial incident there, a fight in which a Black sharecropper, Roger Malcom, stabbed and severely wounded a White farmer, Barney Hester.

In a report sent to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, the agent in charge of the investigation said Talmadge met with George Hester, the brother of the stabbed farmer. Talmadge offered immunity to anyone "taking care of a Negro."

Another White farmer, Loy Harrison, bailed Malcom out of jail, but as he and his wife drove back home with the Malcoms and another black couple, the Dorsey's. They were ambushed and the Black couples were dragged from the car, tied to trees and gunned down by a mob of White men in broad daylight at the Moore's Ford Bridge in Monroe, GA. in 1946.


Minutes after crashing his car on a freeway exit ramp and watching his best friend thrown to his death, Houston Oilers defensive tackle Jeff Alm (above) was extremely devastated, which is understandable. Despite having a bright and lucrative future ahead of him, surprisingly, Alm took a shotgun from the car and killed himself because his "close friend" was dead.

While some details of the incident were unknown, authorities said they believed that the car crashed accidentally, after Alm was speeding and lost control of his 1993 Cadillac El Dorado. He then ran across the ramp and looked down an embankment, discovering that his boyhood friend, Sean P. Lynch, had been thrown to his death.

There were no apparent injuries to Alm apart from the gunshot wound. The police said they did not know whether either man was wearing a seat belt but believe that Lynch, at least, was not.

Alm apparently was going too fast to negotiate a curve in the ramp off Interstate 610 in southwest Houston, the police said. After the car hit the guardrail, they said, Lynch was thrown from the car and went over the rail, landing more than 20 feet below on a service road beneath the overpass. The accident was discovered by a passing motorist, who notified the police.

Alm and Lynch, both 25, grew up in the Chicago suburb of Orland Park and were teammates on the football team at Carl Sandburg High School. Though Lynch did not go on to play college or professional football, the two remained best friends and Lynch, who ran a restaurant in the Chicago area, frequently visited Alm in Houston and attended Oilers games.

"They were closer than most friends are," said Danny Schumacher, a loan officer in Chicago who was a receiver on the same team with Alm and Lynch.

"If you saw Jeff, you usually saw Sean with him," Schumacher said in a telephone interview, recalling that the two had taken several high school trips to Florida together and at one point even drove the same model car, a Lincoln Mark VII, with both good-naturedly competing over who had the more elaborate car stereo.

Alm's older brother, Lance, of Schererville, Ind., said in a telephone interview that the two men were "just extremely close."

This tragic incident disappeared from the headlines within 24 hours, allegedly, because the implications went against the image of the NFL.

Source: NY Times

The late Anna Nicole Smith was once charged with sexually harassing her "female maid," but the story disappeared from the headlines quickly.  It's not known if the case was settled.


One of our readers emailed us the following, under the heading: "If Barack Obama wins the Presidency, he won't be the first Black President."

Our investigation uncovered the following:

Rumors have been circulating for years regarding the true ethnicity of former U.S. President, Dwight Eisenhower.

Allegedly, there is a strong possibility that his mother (Ida Stover) pictured above (2nd photo with his father David) was bi-racial and people went to great lengths to cover-up this potential political bombshell.

Allegedly, documents were doctored to make it appear that Stover was a German descendent of German immigrants.

Stover was also a devout Jehovah's Witness until her death.

A book by noted historian J.A. Rogers, titled "Five Black Presidents," was released in 1965, Needless to say, it mysteriously disappeared from bookstores after it was released and Southern bookstores refused to carry it.