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*This story is a work of fiction, a product of the author's imagination.  Any resemblance to people and locales is purely coincidental.



Monte Carlo:

It was a beautiful sunny day in the billionaire enclave of Monte Carlo. The sun glistened on the Mediterranean ocean as royal playboys and the international jet set lounged on their private yachts with their beautiful girlfriends and boyfriends.

Nearby, an attractive black couple sped by in their Cigarette Fidelity speedboat, dubbed the Ferrari of the high seas.  They bore a remarkable resemblance because they were brother and sister, Cartier (pronounced Car-T-A) and Lauryn Allen.

They were in town to attend a private yacht party hosted by a friend.

Later that evening, they were seen at the Monte Carlo hotspots: Karement, Jimmy's and the Monte Carlo casino.

The next day, at a outdoor cafe, they had a lunch of grilled tuna steaks marinated in fresh lemon and lime, with baked potatoes, sour cream and chives and a salad as they watched Porsche's zipping around the famous curves of Monte Carlo while limousines glided around the curves.

They saw numerous celebrities and supermodels on their outing; they were in town for the World Music Awards.

They went shopping at expensive boutiques where they used a Black Amex card. Afterwards, they took in the beautiful weather by walking along the Italian Riviera.

Later that evening, they joined Miquel Lopez on a rented yacht.  Lopez was an international arms dealer; he was in town to host a celebration.  A week earlier, he had pulled off an billion dollar weapons deal involving six countries.

He hid the assets in countries the government couldn't touch.

The yacht party was in full swing.  Miquel had raided the Monte Carlo escort agencies, earlier; thoroughbred call girls and gigolo's were in attendance for the rich men and women on board.

Although Miquel was surrounded by beauty, he only had eyes for Lauryn.

Lauryn was a financial genius with a Masters degree in International Finance from a prestigious University and Cartier was the biggest drug supplier in Hollywood with a celebrity clientele.

Lauryn started off as a prominent Swiss accountant, she became a banker and went into business with her brother and became a money laundry wizard.  She was known in the business as a money laundry expert in cocaine banking.

She laundered money through banks in Spain, Mexico, Italy and the United States.   Her fee was a standard 5 percent for each seven-figure transaction.


Cartier and Lauryn grew up in Los Angeles, their parents were from Louisiana and the family was dirt poor. Their parents instilled in them early on, if you don't want to live in poverty, study hard in school and get a good education.

Cartier disregarded the advice, instead, he used his looks to get ahead in life; he also couldn't resist the lure of the streets.

Cartier's mother named him after the only luxury item she owned, a watch given to her by her husband after he won a Superbowl bet.

Lauryn took the advice to heart and excelled in her studies.

Cartier was a ladies man who resembled actor Phillip Michael Thomas, his sister resembled actress Michael Michelle.

Cartier used women to buy him nice things.  Although he was poor, he was always well groomed. He also loved shoes and had a collection of gators that his girlfriends bought.  Cartier stopped accepting gifts from women when he joined an auto theft ring.

The ring would steal Mercedes, BMW's Cadillacs and Jaguars to export to foreign markets in Canada, Mexico and Venezuela.  A chop shop would pay the crew anywhere from $400 to $600 dollars for each car.  Air bags fetched $100-$600 dollars.

The crew also sold some of the parts to unscrupulous auto part stores or organizers of swap meets.

Cartier quit the car ring when lawmakers passed a bill making theft penalties harsh.

A local pimp named Pretty Boy Lloyd befriended Cartier, he became a big brother to Cartier.  They would have long discussions about hustling.

One night, Pretty Boy got drunk at a party. He told one of Cartier's friends, hell, I'm just using Cartier to get next to his fine ass sister.  She could make me a lot of money.  I'll get her strung out on drugs and she'll turn tricks all night long.

The friend told Cartier, the next day, Cartier went downtown, he was alarmed when he saw Lauryn leaning into the passenger window of Pretty Boy's Mercedes.

Later that night, Cartier went to Pretty Boy's house. Pretty Boy let him in and told him, man, you lucky to catch me, I'm usually out checking on my women bu I'm fighting a cold.

When Pretty Boy went to the fridge to get some beers, Cartier put on his gloves, took out a gun, creeped up behind him and said, turn your ass around!  Pretty Boy turned around, when he saw the gun, he looked puzzled.  Cartier said, so you think you gonna pimp my sister and get her hooked on drugs?  You stupid ass mothafucka, nobody fucks with her! Cartier shot him twice in the chest.

Pretty Boy died on the floor struggling for air. Cartier wiped down the house and left.

The neighborhood was buzzing about Pretty Boy's death, the word on the street was, Cartier took him out. Overnight, Cartier had the "juice."

A few of Cartier's girlfriends tried to come between him and his sister, he quickly discarded them; he considered his sister his best friend. He was a very protective brother, when Lauryn was involved in a relationship, she and her boyfriend had an argument and he pushed her.  Cartier found out about it, he went beserk and pistol-whipped the boyfriend into unconsciousness.

Lauryn would stay up late studying while Cartier was out hustling, Cartier even tried his hand at rapping, he cut a few demos but abandoned the idea when he realized; his skills weren't up to par and his flow was weak.

Cartier would eventually organize a crew of friends and become the biggest drug pusher in his hood.  Over time, he used drug profits to put Lauryn through college.

Cartier was making so much money, he moved his parents into a nice home, putting the home in their names and he and Lauryn moved into a Hollywood penthouse until she graduated.  She eventually moved to Switzerland to begin her career as a Swiss banker.

Lauryn arrived in Switzerland; she learned the ends and outs of the banking industry.

One evening, she was invited to a black tie function by a co-worker.  Bankers, politicians and drug lords were in attendance.

When she went out on the balcony for fresh air, she turned around to face a German man, he told her; someone at the party informed me that you are a banker.  I am in the market for someone who can launder my drug proceeds, I am willing to pay a 2 percent commission; you can earn in a month what you earn in a year at the bank.  Although the offer was tempting, Lauryn declined.

Lauryn was about to go back inside when a very handsome Latino man joined her on the balcony, he introduced himself as Miquel Lopez.  Lauryn threw up her hands and said, look, I'm not interested in laundering money, leave me alone!

Miquel said, madam, I'm not interested in that either, I just wanted to tell you, you are the most beautiful woman at this party.

Lauryn spent the evening conversing with Miquel.  From that night on, they dated for six months and Miquel introduced her to a life of luxury and culture that she was not accustomed to; he also lavished expensive gifts on her.

On the weekends, they went to fine restaurants where they ate fondue with sourdough bread cubes and pasteli.  They dipped, dunked and swirled the fondue in cheddar cheese before devouring it.  From there, they went to the Swiss Alps where Lauryn took beginner ski lessons.

They stayed in a Swiss chalet with magnificent panoramic views. Afterwards, they visited the Musee Roth art museum in Geneva.  They finished the evening on Lake Geneva where they walked hand in hand amongst the snow near Versoix.

Their last day was spent taking a ski lift overlooking the slopes with a spectacular view of the Glacier from Jungfaujoch. At a distance, they watched the beauty and grace of the hang-gliders and para-gliders.  Later that evening, they witnessed a village cow fight on their way to the Sherlock Holmes museum.  That night, they stayed in a mountain chalet outside of Switzerland.  While it snowed outside, they made love in front of an open log fireplace.

The relationship started off as ideal until Miquel became too controlling and demanding.   Lauryn decided to end the relationship.  Miquel didn't take the breakup too well but he respected Lauryn's decision.  They remained friends and continued to speak on a daily basis.

It wasn't until later that Lauryn was informed that Miquel was one of the top arms dealer in the world.  The information didn't seem to bother her and she continued associating with him.


Meanwhile, back in the states, Cartier bought a convertible canary Ferrari with custom made yellow rims.  He was a big baller, he also dated a black actress; he was also her drug supplier.  She got him on the guest list of the hottest clubs in town.  She also introduced him to other actors and actresses. Before long, Cartier was a celebrity drug dealer.

Cartier loved racing his Ferrari on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) with the top down, listening to 50 Cent, Usher and Beyonce.  One time, he ventured into his old neighborhood driving his convertible Ferrari, he experienced so much resentment and hatred; he left.

Cartier and his girlfriend loved hip-hop concerts, when the Anger Management Tour hit Los Angeles.  They were in the front row, bopping their heads to the beat.  50 and G-Unit were their favorites.

Afterwards, Cartier couldn't resist going back to the hood for some BBQ, he almost got jacked; they escaped in the nick of time.  When he complained, his girlfriend said, what do you expect?  Going in the hood with a Ferrari after dark, we lucky to be alive.

Cartier was also a regular at the hip-hop parties around town; he supplied the drugs.

Cartier earned so much money; he opened up a small hip-hop record label for the sole purpose of laundering money but the label was unable to meet the demand for the large amounts.

He called his sister, Sis, I need you. Lauryn took a leave of absence and was on the next plane to Los Angeles.

After Lauryn arrived, they moved into a home in Bel Air.

After having a discussion with Cartier regarding business, this time, Lauryn decided to enter the money laundering business.

Miquel got Lauryn employed in a bank known (on the black market) for their money laundering activities in Los Angeles.  She also hired two people (off the bank premises) she could trust, they would never meet her; she gave them instructions via the telephone, During conversations, she used a spy device that could determine if the phone call was being taped from the other end.

Lauryn began laundering money through the bank and additional businesses.  She purchased a yacht company in Miami and started laundering the money through yacht purchases.  She also funneled money through two Gentlemen clubs she launched.

Lauryn also got an idea from watching a Cable TV show where a boat was used to launder money.  She purchased a boat the next day, disguised it as a gambling casino and began laundering money through St. Maartens (known as a drug laundry haven) Portugal and Spain.

Word of Lauryn's creative and brilliant ability to launder money reached the ears of drug lords.  Before long, Lauryn became a kingpin in the money-laundering arena.

Lauryn diversified and began smuggling gold and high quality counterfeit foreign currencies.

Lauryn also talked Cartier into using potassium permanganate on his product.

Potassium permanganate disinfects cocaine and makes it 100% pure.  Drug lords all over the world were trying to get their hands on it but the DEA had strict restrictions.  Some drug pilots took the chance and transported it by the gallon to South America.

Lauryn also talked Cartier into diversifying his business; lets start smuggling potassium permanganate along with cocaine? Cartier agreed.

Lauryn called Miquel, he set her up with buyers across the globe.

The profits were astronomical and Lauryn never returned to Switzerland.  They netted $2.5 million per month in profits.

Lauryn also told Cartier, keep a low profile, trade your Ferrari in for a limousine and driver and insulate yourself. Appoint someone as a figurehead for your organization.

Lauryn carried herself like a successful female executive.  She was often attired in designer power skirt suits and Valentino dresses.  She had her own personal bodyguard/chauffer (Yves) who drove her around town in a Maybach limousine with curtains.

One day, Lauryn exited a high-rise building in Century City in a chocolate skirt suit, a designer brief case and Manolo Blahnik shoes.  Two young men saw her and said, damn, she is fine.  They followed her limo for a couple of miles until her chauffer pulled to the side of the rode.  He got out of the car and gestured for the young men to keep going.

Lauryn took a break on Sundays; this day was reserved for relaxation in her private penthouse.  Lauryn didn't have time for a relationship; she patronized a Hollywood escort agency set up for professional women. The agency tested their escorts for HIV on a regular basis.  Sometimes, she called the agency and booked a male escort for the evening, always requesting dark skinned African-American or Latino escorts.  Other times, she would cook her favorite meal of roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, green peas and white wine topped off with Cherry Garcia ice cream as she listened to the sounds of Al Green and Luther Vandross in the background.  While she ate, she turned off the music and turned on the television and watched a gospel sermon on cable television.

Sometimes, Lauryn and Cartier would go visit their parents on Sunday for dinner, when they were in town. Since Lauryn and Cartier were making so much money, they would often gift their parents with airline tickets to destinations all over the world.

Across town, Cartier entertained several women on his super king size bed in the Bel Air home.  He preferred brown skinned African-American women with long hair, usually model types.  He was attired in silk pajamas and Gucci loafers; he had a cigar in his mouth as he watched the Playboy channel.  He thought, damn, life is good!

Within the next month, Lauryn laundered $100 million dollars in cash for crime lords and drug cartels.  She opened up dozens of sham accounts located in Mexico and the Cayman Islands, she then converted the money into legal bank drafts and checks that the cartel bosses could cash anywhere, no questions asked. This procedure erases the drug origin of the money.

Meanwhile, Cartier's couriers were delivering drugs to TV and film sets all over Hollywood.   They also delivered drugs to movie moguls and they supplied Hollywood parties with cocaine.

Business was good; Cartier and Lauryn could often be seen in a skybox at a Lakers game or shopping on Rodeo Drive, where Cartier bought himself a Baume & Mercier diamond watch.

Cartier and Lauryn became fixtures on the Black Hollywood scene despite keeping a low profile during the day.  They even flew to Florida on a moment's notice to attend a party an R&B superstar was hosting at his mansion, located in the exclusive community of Star Island. They arrived by boat.

They partied with A-list black actors and actresses as well as soap opera stars.   Cartier was a chameleon; he could go from thug to class at the drop of a dime, depending on the atmosphere.  He also let his boys know, his sister was off-limits, Cartier didn't think any man was good enough for Lauryn.  If any of his boys made a pass at her or disrespected her; that would be grounds for immediate termination or death.

He could curse and talk shit with his homeboys and he had the ability to talk proper and discuss business with potential clients.  Cartier would wear thug attire with his dawgs but when he did business, he wore $5,000 tailored suits with solid gold cuff links and a platinum watch and tiepin.

A man by the name of Paul Benton was a corrupt banker who wanted to get into the lucrative money laundering business.  He put the word out; he would be willing to take a 1 percent commission on all profits unlike Lauryn Allen who took a 2-5 percent commission.

Lauryn had such a monopoly on the drug market; Benton only got one response.  He was furious.

He was a white man, how could a woman, yet a black woman take over this lucrative market?  He felt a sense of entitlement, sure, she was gorgeous but she was still black. He would put her out of business. He planned to start a rumor that she was skimming profits.

The word got back to Lauryn. She called Miquel, who in turned called a wet work mechanic (assassin) who went by the name of wet boy.

The next morning, Paul Benton was found dead behind the wheel of his car.

Lauryn and Cartier became so wealthy from their illegal endeavors that Lauryn called an out of town meeting with her brother.  After cigarette boating in the Bahamas, she got down to business.

We have become rich beyond our wildest dreams.  It's time we become even more invisible.  We can't afford to be photographed or seen in public.  We have to become insulated to avoid arrest, Cartier agreed. Few people have seen me because I refuse to meet our clients in person and I've always did business over pre-paid cell phones (untraceable). You need to do the same.

Within the next year, both siblings became virtually invisible as they traveled the world and enjoyed life.

They went to Copenhagen, Denmark, one of the few places where blacks are treated like kings and queens and enjoyed a jazz festival.  They also visited Algiers and Athens.  They enjoyed the Greek nightlife. Greek men were all over Lauryn and the women were eyeing Cartier.

Cartier and Lauryn returned and invested heavily in real estate, all over the world.   Lauryn also stashed money in off shore bank accounts in several countries.   The money was well hidden due to her expertise.

Each sibling was worth in excess of $75 million dollars.

Their business had become so successful, they controlled 50 percent of the drug market in Los Angeles.

When anyone tried to threaten their business, Lauryn called Miquel, the matter would be resolved overnight. Miquel received a monthly payment for his services.

The word was out, Lauryn and Cartier were untouchable, retaliation would be swift and lethal; they had major power behind them, unlike any other black criminal empire operating in the world.

Later that month, Cartier, his girlfriend Stacey and Lauryn attended a party hosted by Miquel on a boat docked in Marina Del Rey.

Cartier tolerated Miquel with Lauryn only because Miquel proved useful to their organization.

Miquel was desperately trying to reconcile with Lauryn while Cartier flirted with Stacey.

Miquel had a elaborate buffet set out, which included: foie gras ravioli in truffle bouillon, spring lamb with chopped parsley, risotto with clams, charcoal grilled glithead sea bream, sauted tiger shrimp, Mediterranean red snapper, veal and garlic boulangere potatoes accompanied by expensive red and white wines.

As they ate, they had no idea, they were being recorded by the authorities.


During a slide show presentation of footage shot from Miquel's boat. Tiffany , Jacks McDonald, head of a federal law enforcement division, used a laser pointer to identify the cast of characters.

This is Miquel Lopez, an international arms dealer. This is his sometime girlfriend, Lauryn Allen, she runs a successful drug-banking cartel.  She launders money for literally every drug cartel in the world.

This is her brother, Cartier Allen, a drug lord who supplies the Hollywood elite.   Brother and sister control over half of the drug market in California and they also sell potassium permanganate to drug barons.  Lauryn is the kingpin and the brains behind the operation and she has their money hidden all over the world in numerous offshore banking accounts.

Jacks added, damn, they're so good looking, they went into the wrong field; both would have been successful at modeling.

Anyway, we were lucky to get images of them, they are underground, hardly ever photographed or seen in public.

Jacks turned off the projector.  She looked around the room at her husband G-Mac and co-workers, Lear, Dayna, Phelps and Nikki. She took a brief pause before continuing.

We have been given orders to infiltrate their organization and to take them down, effective immediately!


*This story will conclude in Ballin 7.


Source: Sherman H. Skolnick's website and "Broadsides."

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