A champion combatant (Cheryl Wilson), video below, on the television show ''American Gladiators,'' was beaten and stabbed to death on Monday by her husband, a former pro boxer, who once participated in the Olympics, the police said.

Juan Minelli (no photo) took his sweet time contacting 911. When he did, he admitted "I think I killed my wife."

Authorities say, Minelli beat her like he was in a boxing ring facing a major opponent and then he stabbed her numerous times to make sure she was dead.

The woman, Cheryl Wilson, 30, was a five-time winner on the syndicated show in which challengers match muscle with the show's regulars in running obstacle courses, climbing walls and jousting with padded sticks. She was also a college track star.

His motive: Minelli, 34, believed his wife was having an affair with another woman and suspected that was why she was late in coming home, the police said. Mr. Minelli was charged with murder on Tuesday and held without bail.

Before this case disappeared from the headlines, Minelli was on the verge of accepting a plea bargain instead of pleading "a crime of passion" defense. There is no documentation on his conviction or sentence.

It was never proven that Cheryl Wilson was bi-sexual nor was it proven that she was having a lesbian affair at the time of her death.

Rumor has it that "American Gladiators," will be returning to prime time television in the near future with a new cast of characters.

Cheryl Wilson was an incredible athlete and is still discussed in fitness/bodybuilding circles. View a video of her on American Gladiators, below.

When this story first appeared on the site, we featured a youtube clip of Cheryl Wilson on "American Gladiators."  That clip has now been removed from youtube.