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Hands down! This female celebrity has the best damage control expert in the business. He must be on a lifetime retainer because he's covered up numerous indiscretions.

Despite her manufactured image, when she first started in the industry, she was allegedly involved with Tyrese, Ginuwine (before Sole), and Nas. Behind closed doors, she was the good time girl, a real tiger!

She was discreetly being smashed by other famous men and rumor has it, one of the men got her pregnant and she aborted because-despite him being dark (in complexion), she didn't want to take a chance the baby would come out his skin color and a baby didn't fit into her career plans.


Magic City is no longer the top black strip club in Atlanta, that distinction belongs to “Club Onyx.”

The club employs 80 strippers and the stage is in the middle of the floor with the strippers dancing- completely nude. The top strippers earn $15,000-$25,000 per week.

The atmosphere is similar to a “Black Playboy Mansion,” and the food is good (including steak dinners).

On a recent Saturday night, the strippers were backstage gossiping about a black groupie/gold digger who will allegedly appear on an highly rated-upcoming reality show.

A stripper is quoted as saying: “How in the hell did she get that show? Don’t those shows test for STD’s, everyone knows she has herpes? She used to date my boyfriend’s brother, she has him burning, he said her house is filthy, bloody panties on the floor, trash in the living room and she can’t consider herself a mother.”

Meanwhile, out front, the girls were buzzing about the arrival of Nelly.

He arrived, 17 deep, leading the convoy in a black Rolls Royce.

Allegedly, Nelly was in the company of another black celebrity (who was carrying a briefcase).

They were ushered to VIP seating, which resembles a skybox.

Before long, the hottest strippers in the club were making their way up to VIP. Waiters also delivered several bottles of Dom.

NBA and NFL ballers also joined the party.

The party was on and poppin! So much so, a line had formed outside the VIP room. Numerous thirsty women were trying to get in! A few tried to bribe the bouncers, to no avail.

Allegedly, Nelly and his black celebrity friend popped bottles as a few ballers received lap dances. Across the room, strippers were on their knees and others were spread eagled trying to get the attention of the rich celebrities in attendance (including famous women-female rappers).

Not too long ago, Nelly’s celebrity friend was ignored by strippers, many of the girls said, he hadn’t earned enough money to garner their attention, sadly, other girls said he was too dark.

Times have changed, the majority of the strippers surrounded him, he didn’t disappoint. He opened the briefcase and created a rainstorm (non-stop) with $100,000 dollars.

A mere drop in the bucket since he now earns (millions) a month in revenue. He also owns seven Lamborghini’s. One for every day of the week.

Who is the upcoming reality star?

Who is Nelly’s celebrity friend?


In her hometown, this pretty young woman is known for her gold digging ways. When she was younger, while reading the Source and Vibe, she fantasized about being a rap wifey or jumpoff.

A few years later, she began latching herself on to local All-American athletes, dope boys and drug kingpins.

She never had the ambition of making it on her own, her financial benefits came from well to do men.

She was bored in her small town, on a whim, she decided to make a splash in Hollywood.

When she arrived, she was disappointed, although she stood out in her small town, she didn't stand a chance of getting noticed in Hollywood.

To solve this dilemma, she made an appointment for butt injections.

She garnered more attention.

Until she could land a rich sugar daddy, she decided to strip at a local club. She was gay-for-pay to earn money from rich sugar mamas and she was eye candy for rich men who wanted to flaunt her at industry events. She enjoyed this but longed for a more permanent relationship.

Her dreams came true, one night, she was summoned by a famous rapper to a private VIP room.

Inside, the rapper and another girl sipped champagne. The rapper instructed both women to enjoy each other while he watched.

Afterwards, our gold digger decided, she wasn't going to let this opportunity slip away. While groping the rapper, she told him she could blow his mind sexually.

He took her up on the offer.

Back at the place, she freaked him until dawn. He moved her in the next day.

He would later confide to her that he had herpes and they would never have sex during an outbreak. She appreciated his consideration and was too star struck to leave him.

She often accompanied him on trips via private jets. She also drove a SLK 350 and used his black card on a regular basis. She couldn't be happier, until.....

She started hearing rumors that he was creeping with other women.

When she confronted him about it, he denied it.

Meanwhile, he lost interest in her and stopped sleeping with her.

One day, bored out of her mind, she started cleaning up and came across a stash of medications. When she googled the medications, she was stunned to find out-they belonged to the AIDS cocktail.

She mumbled under her breath, that Motherfucker! He can tell me he has herpes but he kept quiet about AIDS? What kind of shit is that? Unknown to her, he's allegedly a patient of an underground STD clinic (that doesn't advertise). The same type of clinic that caters to celebrities with confidentiality.

Although they had protected sex most of the time, a few times they didn't and she was petrified.

He was due back in two weeks, she made an appointment at a clinic to have a AIDS test.

Thankfully, she came back negative.

She tried to contact her boyfriend, he wouldn't even take her calls. She told friends, I'm going to fix this motherfucker.

She came up with a devious plan.

When he returned home, she said nothing, instead, she slipped him a sedative.

While he was sleeping, she pulled down his underwear and was delighted he was having a herpes outbreak. She photographed the sores on his pen**s. And, she took a full length photo of him so people could identify him.

Next, she pulled out the AIDS medications and photographed them, his (government name) appeared on the label.

Later, she packed her bags and left.

A few hours later, she left a voicemail: "I know about your AIDS medications."

After he awoke, he immediately called back, he was scared, according to her.

Her terms: Financially support me my entire life or expect photos of your AIDS meds (with your name on the label) and photos of your herpes infested pen** hitting the net. And if you think about having one of your boys intimidating me, you can forget that! Both pics will be kept in a safety deposit box and I've told family and friends, if anything happens to me, leak the photos to bloggers.

He asked for proof, she happily sent it.

After viewing the evidence, he agreed to her terms without hesitation.

She continues to receive a monthly allowance.

Who is the famous rapper?


*The following story (blind item format) was related to us via a reliable Hollywood source.

Part I:

These two thugs were considered hood legends! They were superstars among their urban peers.

They had swagger, ladies and fly whips. They were always draped in luxurious bling and expensive clothes.

They were often seen at the local nightclub popping bottles at a VIP table.

In their early days they robbed drug dealers, then they started moving weight, riding dirty and pimping. They also belonged to a popular set.

One day, they got busted, reached a plea bargain and received the same sentence.

While serving their bid, they worked out, got tatted up and read up on celebrities in the prison library where they both developed a resentment towards successful entertainers.

They remained inseparable behind bars. Since they were loosely affiliated with their set (behind bars) they didn't have to worry about being sexually assaulted but that didn't stop them from committing sexual assaults.

Neither man could control his sex drive. They started preying on weaker inmates. Their logic, since they were "tops," they really weren't gay.

When they were released, these former street soldiers started planning their first heist. They were going to break in and rob the home of a famous black celebrity-who was in a popular singing group.

One of their boys got the address and gave them directions.

When they arrived, they expected the home to be empty.

They were shocked when they encountered the celebrity and his band mate (the lead singer of the group) rehearsing a song.

Both celebrities were overpowered, pistol whipped, restrained and gagged. They were left faced down on a bed while the intruders robbed the place.

When the robbers finished removing the valuables, instead of leaving, they decided to rape both men.


After being violated in the worst possible way, both men still continued to lay face down long after the perpetrators had left. One weeped and the other plotted revenge. The stronger of the two told his bandmate, come on man, we got to be strong. When they both stood up, they both had trouble standing-they were still sore and could barely walk. It didn’t help that one of them had been pistol whipped and had a slight concussion.

They took turns taking hot baths. Instead of going to the hospital, they went over a group member’s house. After telling him what happened, he was speechless but told them, nobody, especially our fans can ever know about this, or they will start questioning our sexuality. He then drove them to the hospital, both men had to be stitched up. Later, one of the men reported the robbery (for insurance purposes) but he left the rape out.

They may have recovered physically but they never recovered mentally. They chopped down as many groupies as they could to prove their masculinity. Before the rape, they smoked a little weed and sipped a little wine. After the rape, they became full fledged drug addicts and alcoholics, trying to dull the pain and the songs they submitted for inclusion on their albums were dark.

Both members still suffer from nightmares but over the years they have declined therapy. The double rape was covered up for a long time but this would explain a lot.

Oddly, the group member they confided in-after the rape-is allegedly gay-now.

The perpetrators were never caught.

Who are the group members?


*A high end transgendered video girl is the source for the following information

Edited Version:

You heard of the Velvet Mafia? The Black Velvet Mafia has just as much power in Black Hollywood and New York. In a lot of cases, rising stars have to go through them to get put on! This set is run by a man known as "The Fairy Godfather."

All these rappers, athletes and black singers acting all homophobic and shit, what a joke! In one week, I got down with a NBA superstar, a neo-soul singer, a West Coast kingpin and a gospel star who my crew nicknamed: "Church Girl!" The gospel star is married.

In the trade, they call us "Ladyboys," but I don't care, as long as your money is long and you pay to play."

They love us around, with some of us, you can't really tell. We're the ones they come home to after they shoot videos, we are everywhere-even backstage and we give erotic massages.

Some of us are "ladyboy" mistresses. Our tricks come to town with their family, they book us a hotel room in the same town and when their wives are relaxing or shopping, they creep on over to us. One trick told me, his wife couldn't match my oral skills because my jaws are stronger and he gets more sensation. He stopped letting his wife perform oral sex on him because of me, he wants me on call 24/7 so he can smash me anywhere/anytime.

You think I'm lying? Let me give you an example: This black singer I call Mr. Smooth-at the beginning, he loved the boys, then he reupped to the T-girls. He went overseas, got a tranny who has a flawless sex change, (his only request, she had to be pre-op), and now he's passing her off as his girlfriend at industry events. The black singer is the "bottom" in their arrangement. He has her signed to a secrecy agreement in case they break up.

My t-girl best friend just had a has been rapper, he was so sweaty and smelly that it was disgusting.

You asked me about the Mr. Cee situation, all I will say is this, he ain't the only one baby! A very popular white (morning show) DJ in Los Angeles loves the tranny streetwalkers, low rent. He gets them from underground smut papers or smut blogs. He's on his second marriage with his much younger wife.

It makes me laugh when people deny rappers are on downlow, you have to remember, a lot of them have served time and got turned out in prison. A "fine ass" rapper recently told me "Women are for babies but men are for pleasure!"

I remember rumors about this one nice guy, he wasn't down with us but had to play along due to his career. RIP.

We got our own version of Katt Stacks on the circuit. This one T-girl sleeps unprotected with everybody. Bad for business, because if she contracts AIDS, everyone in the industry is going to generalize all T-girls (as having it).

Then you got this black actor, just because his career got revived (day) he think he the shit. His money ain't long but he got the nerve to have t-girls sign AIDS confidentiality agreements (only if they bring up his status-cause he won't tell you) in case it's contracted through protected sex, they can't reveal he gave it to him and he'll help out with their medical bills although his punk ass money ain't always been weak. All his money go for drugs.

Who is the Fairy Godfather?

Who is the Neo-Soul Singer?

Who is the NBA superstar?

Who is Mr. Smooth?

Who is the sweaty/smelly rapper?

Who is the white L.A. DJ?

Who is the fine ass rapper?

Who is the nice guy (RIP)?

Who is the black actor (AIDS confidentiality agreement)?


It's common in the industry for two celebrities to have a discreet relationship and this story is no different. They were discreet when they hooked up and they were secretive when they broke up.

In the beginning, she hit the lotto!

He flew her in via Gulfstream. From there, they went to Belize, St. Tropez, Spain or Rio. In Monte Carlo, they were active in boating and yachting.

He told her to bank her money, he would pick up the tab.

It wasn't unusual for him to give her $10,000 to spend in a day (on shopping). On her birthday, he handed her his black card and told her: "Your limit is $100,000!"

Allegedly, she's had at least one abortion by him.

He even contacted overseas promoters on her behalf and asked them to book her (doubling her rate).

Life became a whirlwind of private jets, Maybach's, Rolls Royce's, mansions, penthouse suites and exotic travel. She could barely catch her breath.

He even turned her on to luxury sports cars. Again, he picked up the tab.

They even flew to Paris so she could buy expensive handbags (from fashion houses) before they hit the market!

She was even present when he loaned a male celebrity friend $2 million dollars in cash. The friend repaid him when his finances rebounded.

Suddenly, things began to unravel.

She arrived at his mansion but security wouldn't admit her. She was insulted and humiliated and became devastated when she learned, he was having a sex party with several Miami models.

She retaliated by (allegedly) hooking up with (industry playboy)Trey Songz for a one night stand.

She had no idea, that her rich man was having her followed. The hookup got back to him and all hell broke loose!

He summoned her to the mansion and cursed her out. When she asked him, why is okay for you to be with numerous women but it's not okay for me to be with one man? He exploded and told her. That's the way it is, you should have accepted it.

Before she left, he allegedly told her (in a sinister tone): "If you ever discuss me or our relationship (negatively) in the media or if you decide to write a tell-all book, YOU WILL BE ERASED!"

Who is she?

Who is he?

Who is the male (celebrity) friend he loaned two million dollars?


*Warning, the following blind item is explicit and sexually graphic!

This singer is considered a sex symbol. Women love him, they throw themselves at his feet!

At first, he loved the attention and he was flattered by the compliments.

He doesn't feel that way anymore.

He's grown tired of female hysteria and he's decided to act on an sexual fantasy-that he's been avoiding.

The fantasy: He desires penetration.

He confided in an gay employee (and held him to secrecy). He allegedly said, I can't shake this feeling and I hate having these desires.

The friend told him to be himself.

He took those words to heart.

He had the former gay friend (secretly) purchase a dildo.

He put lubrication on it and started practicing on himself (when he lost his gay virginity) he didn't want the first time to hurt.

When he was ready, he had his gay friend arrange a hookup.

He was shocked when the gay friend arrived with a pre-op Tranny.

At first, he said hell naw but he was convinced to try it.

Later, the Tranny put in work (rimming). When he started sexing him, the singer kept screaming "Breed Me!"

Now, this singer is completely addicted to pre-op Trannys (only).

Different Tranny's (all over the country) have him wide open!

He's an active bottom from coast to coast-requesting horse hung Tranny's.

It's gotten out of control!

Example: He's having sex several times a day with various Trannys and it allegedly causes a lot of "blowback-overflow," therefore he's now wearing a tampon to catch it.

And, his gay friend no longer associates with him.

Who is this singer?


Despite "not" being a celebrity, this woman has name status. Her claim to fame, dating black male celebrities and athletes. She may-or may not be-African American.

She'll be whatever you want her to be and she knows a lot of celebrity secrets. Some consider her dangerous, others consider her a freak!

Not only is she a playgirl but she's also a "beard" for closeted celebrities.

Men have leased Ferrari's and Lamborghini's for her and they've also let her use their black cards.

She enjoys chilled Moet and boat parties.

She also likes to relax in the VIP sections of popular nightclubs when she's not freak dancing with her nasty girl crew. She also likes to survey the room, targeting her next famous mark (male or female). If a mark is reluctant, she can be persuasive via lap dances.

Unbeknownst to the public, she turned a trick for a white female singer who's considered an icon. Our gold digger was paid after this downlow encounter.

She's also had sexual encounters with a "it girl."

And, she's gotten down and dirty with a rapper who loves drama and an R&B singer who made a successful comeback.

Sadly, after men and women have her, they gossip about her body odor.

Rumors are circulating (have air freshener) on hand after she leaves.

Who is the gold digger?

Who is the celebrity she was a beard for?

Who is the white singer (icon)?

Who is the "it" girl?

Who is the rapper who loves drama?

Who is the R&B singer who made a comeback?


I'm a huge fan of this blind item subject. He's a well known superstar who's loved throughout the world by every nationality.

Back in the day, I saw him perform at the former Circle Star Theater in San Carlos. He put on a show! I was a bit shocked but not surprised when a security guard (I know) told me: Before the show, a backstage groupie gave him fellatio.

Later, I learned, this is a common practice for him on the road and he lost his virginity at a very young age to a prostitute.

Present Day:

Our icon got his start with a legendary company.

Allegedly, he's been carrying on an affair with a scandalous (career kept woman-aspiring singer). She's arrogant and self centered with delusions of grandeur.

He pays her rent, he paid for her cosmetic surgery, he pays for her steady stream of demo's, he pays her car note, credit card bills she's on an allowance. He's even had friends in the industry hire her as an opening act, despite his help and connections, she has yet to sign a record deal.

She freaks him so bad and he's so sexually whipped, he refuses to realize, she's a non-talent.

The mistress alleges: "He refuses to wear condoms and he keeps me at the clinic!"

When a friend got on her case about cheating on her married man, she said: "It's not like he can beat my ass!"

Not too long ago, our icon shut-down a juicy tell-all (centered around him). It was going to reveal scandalous information on his sex life. The book was never released.

Who is the icon?


This hip hop star is in a very dark place! His sexual deviance is escalating due to bondage and forced sex films-depicting women being raped and tortured.

Flash videos depicting violence and sex are also in his library. He can sit for hours, with the drapes closed, in the dark, watching these films. Rumor has it, he was even in the market (overseas) for a snuff film, but the deal fell through because a film couldn't be found.

Within the last year, this sullen star has become physically violent towards women. He pays them off or takes them shopping and they're signed to secrecy agreements.

When he's not recording or touring, all he thinks about: How to inflict pain for ultimate pleasure.

Allegedly, during sex, you have to tell him he's the best as he watches himself from above (via mirrors on the ceiling). If you don't obey, expect a beat down after the sex act.

Unproven allegations are circulating that he was approached by a gigolo threatening to write an embarrassing tell-all on an female relative unless he coughs up the cash.

Who is he?


Black Beauty:

From kindergarten to adulthood, she's was always the prettiest girl in the room.

At a very young age, she realized the power of beauty and she worked on perfecting her head game.

She couldn't wait to reach the legal age of 18 to show off her skills.

Sadly, at 15, she hooked up with a NFL baller. He impregnated her. She had a daughter. The daughter in now 23 and lives in Miami. Mommy looks good for her age, so she hides her daughter away from the public eye. This has become a big secret.

Childbirth never slowed her down. This black beauty took Hollywood by storm in her heyday.

She appeared in a "Bad Boy," video and dated the star of the video. She also dated a hip hop mogul.

She then, she moved on to a married rapper whom she met on a video set, she damn near got him to leave his wife but at the last minute he got cold feet and went back to his family. This rapper is old school but he remains the sexiest in the game.

From there, she hooked up with a pretty boy who is allegedly related to the Sylvers family. While she was upstairs banging him, she had a professional baseball player waiting for her downstairs.

After the pretty boy went to sleep, she went downstairs and had sex with the baseball player. Hint: His wife might have been involved in a scandal.

She was a kept woman for three separate sponsors: The bad boy rapper, the rap mogul and the baseball player.

She traded up for a Ferrari, she had an account at Cartier's, a credit line at Neiman's and a rented house in the Hollywood Hills.

This arrangement lasted a few years until the men got bored and moved on.

She bounced around Hollywood as an high priced mistress to a variety of black and white men, mainly producers and directors.

One day, she decided to set her sights on a very famous man who was rich beyond his dreams. She did her homework on his likes, dislikes and favorite foods. She attended a culinary class to learn the art of cooking.

She became a great cook in the kitchen and a wild cat in the bedroom and a dime piece on his arm.

Within months, he proposed marriage.

She now lives a life of financial security and she had kids to sweeten the deal.

This woman in the ultimate manipulator!

We can't reveal her husband's field (giveaway).

Who was the Bad Boy rapper she dated?

Who is the hip-hop mogul she dated?

Who is the rapper who didn't leave his wife for her?

Who is the baseball player?

Who is her husband?

Who is she?


He's an a super rich black singer. People know little about his scandalous excursions that involved two female relatives.

Despite being married at the time, this singer had sexual relations with two barely legal female relatives.

They accompanied him in a private jet, where they performed 1-on-1 and threesomes with the singer. They also had a plentiful supply of cocaine and ecstasy on board.

Their trips took them to Brazil, where they relaxed and hung out on Copacabana Beach, sipping exotic drinks. Afterwards, the singer would contact a travel agent who specialized in discreet sexual tours for celebrities for a steep price. The travel agent told the singer about a freak party going on in a Brazilian mansion.

The singer arrived with both women, they were swept up in a scene of debauchery and drugs. The partygoers didn't speak English but it didn't matter, everyone had one thing on their mind, sex!

The singer also liked to take his girls on the sex circuit in the Dominican Republic, Acapulco and Miami.

After exhausting every sexual fantasy in his arsenal and making numerous sex tapes (that remain in a vault), the singer grew tired of the women but he was the first to admit, he had grown fond of them. So fond of them, that he pimped them out to two older industry icons.

One of the icons was on the verge divorce due to numerous problems which included women calling the house, telling his then wife that her husband gave them a non-fatal STD. Luckily, the wife left before she contracted a STD.

This particular icon was freaked out of his mind (sexually) by one of the female relatives, he would eventually marry her.

The other icon, married the remaining female relative.

Who is the super rich black singer?

Who is icon #1:

Who is icon #2:

1. She's non-black but she's married to a black athlete. Very recently, she was given the impression (due to her husband's actions) that he was completely whipped. She was even bragging to family and friends, he has really proven his love for me and we will all benefit. Little does she know, he's cheating on her with a Latina mistress he met last year. Not only does he spoil his mistress, he also gives her family money.

2. This very popular male gospel singer has a checkered past but that doesn't stop him from verbally attacking gays. Interestingly, he's known via the male trade sex market. Behind closed doors, he orders up homo-thugs. His nickname among gay escorts: 'The bottom.' You don't have to be a gospel fan to know who he is.

3. This reality star is part of an ensemble cast. Off set, her husband is making a fool of her. She pays for everything, he steals money from her and he lavishes other women with gifts (on her dime). She's always been attracted to low lifes. Before she got married, she was like a groupie to low down male rappers. Her colleagues couldn't understand her attraction due to her profession.

4. When Tracey Edmonds dated Eddie Murphy, she chose to ignore the rumors. This overshadowed singer is doing the same thing. Unconfirmed rumors indicate-the man she's dating is allegedly on the DL.


Parents, watch your children! Especially if they plan to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

A particular mentor of a former R&B group (who has always been suspected of pedophilia) allegedly wanted parents to sign over their "parenting rights," to him. When a member of the group snuck off and got a girl pregnant, he exploded and ceased all contact with the girl and he ordered the group member not to pay child support!

Another man who also mentored a successful group is currently involved with with a number of men all over the country.

This goes back as far as the 1960's where a black man (who is now one of the most powerful and wealthiest men in the industry) got a 16-year-old white female singer pregnant-three times, she had three abortions. It was swept under the rug and her family was paid off to look the other way.

A hip hop star tries to give the illusion of being a womanizer, often photographed with numerous women. He has swagger and presence but in reality, he likes barely legal males.

He's part of this sinister network-that protects their own.

A well known famous pedophile has resorted to going to minimum wage burger joints to lure underage girls (under 18), he also attends junior high and high school graduations looking for prey.

If that's not enough, this famous pedophile along with closeted gospel singers patronize an overseas pedophile resort that offers confidentiality because they cater to the Rich & Famous.

All of these people,( including the pedophile resort) is a part of this sinister network. Protected by powerful people.

A large majority of the parents are paid off in cash.

Who is the 1st R&B group mentor mentioned?

Who is the 2nd R&B group mentor mentioned?

Who is the black man from the 60's who got the white girl pregnant?

Who is the hip hop star?

Who is the famous pedophile?


It's sad when an entire group is addicted to crack. This group basically works for drug money.

They didn't start off like this, they were once one of the respected and polished groups in the industry, not anymore!

One of their "well known" original members died, what few people know, he had lost his voice to crack five years before his death and a session singer (was hired) to hit his notes behind a curtain-in concert.

This well known man was a ladies man at an early age, so much so, that he had three sets of children by three different women when he was a senior in high school.

Despite marriage, his womanizing continued on the road and he started messing with the girlfriend of a NFL legend in the 1970's, he backed down when the NFL player confronted him. Hint: The NFL legend is not so mean after all.

After this incident, he became involved with an unstable woman. She wanted him to leave his wife, he refused. Despite this, when the group returned to their hometown to perform, he left her comp tickets at will call.

She sat in the first row-during the performance, he became nervous when she kept aiming her finger (like a gun) at him.

After the show, he rushed backstage and alerted security. They were able to apprehend her before she left the venue and they found a gun in her purse. She was sentenced to 35 years in prison. Our singer breathed a sigh of relieve.

In early 2000, the group began to experiment with drugs. They liked crack and before they knew it, they were hopelessly addicted.

They even accumulated a $25,000 drug debt with the Bloods. They tried to avoid them but the Bloods showed up at one of their L.A. performances with bats and chains. Each man called everyone they knew (family, celebrities, etc.). They were able to get the money and pay off the debt.

After this incident, a friend arranged for them to have their own personal drug dealer to accompany them on the road. Sadly, after each performance, they turned over all their money to them.

Another man was hired to keep them supplied with women while they were on the road.

The reason none of this information made the gossip columns is because this group is past their prime.

Hints: They are a five member group like the Temptations and they have something else in common with the Tempts but they're "not" the Tempts. They're more old school than Jodeci and New Edition. They're "not" Jodeci or NE.


This attractive black female is simply scandalous & notorious on both coasts as well as the Dirty South.


Like the late stripper Crushed Linen, aka Queen of Clubs, this thirtysomething woman was also down with the Bad Boy Crew and the Death Row crew. If that's not enough, she was down with the Black Mafia Family in the ATL and Zo-Pound in Florida. Her notorious nature has no geographical boundaries. She's always been mixed up with very important and very dangerous people.

She's known for putting legions of pretty black women on! She sets them up with rappers and actors.

It's rumored that her crew went after a former NBA baller who played for the Philadelphia 76ers but they were unable to snag him. Allegations also persist that members of this pretty girl crew have become known for setting ballers up to be jacked.

Nearly every celebrity jump-off and baby mama (in the industry) can be traced back to this woman. They got their game from her.

A couple of her girls worked at the now defunct Gold Club, they were known for boasting-"We have the most attractive strippers in the world!" Celebrities, sports stars and royals passed through their doors. These same girls now work at the Magic City strip club.

She's also the member of VIP clubs across the country, patronized by celebrities, millionaire kingpins and pro ballers--places where every fantasy becomes a reality, if you have the credentials to get in. She's a full fledged member of the protected, decadent and powerful in Miami, Hollywood, Dubai, New York and Atlanta.

When she's not setting her girls up to tour with hip hop stars, she loves to relax by the pool in her luxurious mansion. Her garage has housed a Maybach, Maserati, Rover and a Benz. She's now in the market for a Ferrari.

She's known to drop $15,000 per day on shopping sprees via her black card (she shops every day), and she loves diamonds, oysters on the half shell, cracked crab, Dom Perignon and Beluga caviar.

Despite all this luxury, she keeps a low profile, although I did catch a glimpse of her shopping near Rodeo Drive recently. She was rocking a $25,000 Hermes Crocodile Birkin bag.

Unlike other gold diggers, this woman invests her money very well. Through annuities, she has a generous monthly residual that will continue throughout her life span.

Remember, we once told you, everything that glitters isn't gold!

This woman was/is involved with a celebrity, hint: His crew is scandalous.

Rumor has it, that one of the rapper's East Coast women is so incensed about this ongoing indiscretion that she's contemplating taking out a contract on this woman's life, that way, the relationship will end permanently.

Who is the rapper?

This pretty boy actor starred as a cop on a top rated TV show back in the day. He has a slew of children. The Jamaican mother (of two of his kids) was allegedly murdered a few years ago on an Jamaican beach.

She was strangled to death. Rumors indicate: A murder contract was allegedly taken out on her life, why? We don't know.


Before 50 & Game had beef, they were known as "tag team playboys." One night they hooked up with a black female celebrity, they allegedly had a menage a trois with her (taking turns).

A known bisexual (celebrity) male helped her, early on in her career. He loved to hang out at gay nightclubs all over town. He was unusual because he had baby mama drama and boyfriends.

This woman has had every man (twice) in Black Hollywood. She has no shame. Sadly, despite her looks, men still refuse to be seen (out) with her.

Allegedly, this behavior started in high school, it's rumored she slept with numerous teenage boys and she once purchased a boyfriend a car.

She's been linked with the biggest names in the black entertainment industry. Unbeknownst to many, one of the men is a well known hip-hop heavyweight. He used to smash her before his marriage.

During pillow talk, he allegedly confided in her that he attempted to stagnate (slow down) the momentum of 50 & Nas's careers due to competition, his massive ego and his God complex.

Despite his power, he was unsuccessful, their talent trumped his attempts. Despite this deceit, he was known to smile in their faces when he saw them at industry events.

This woman would move on, she became the mistress to a politician on the East Coast and she just ended a long fling with a "controversial" Washington Wizard who happens to be involved with a woman he considers his wifey.

Allegedly, she's recently been seen in the presence of former pro baller (not NBA) who is known to put the smack down on women, this baller also has hip hop affiliations. He's so violent, in the midst of beating a woman, her roommate (sister) walked in and hit him over the head with a frying pan. After he hit the floor, she went to the kitchen and got a butcher knife, he got up and ran, she chased him out the front door, screaming: "If you ever hit my sister again, I will kill you!" Allegedly, the sister not only went to the hospital, but a few days later, according to her, she had to go to the clinic (non-fatal).

Back to our celebrity female.

Despite sleeping with numerous rich men, this woman has little to show for it.

Who is this scandalous female celebrity?

Who is the bisexual male celebrity who helped her out in her career?

Who is the well known hip hop heavyweight?

Who is the controversial Washington Wizard?

Who is the (violent) former pro baller with hip hop affiliations?


This once famous thug met the love of his life (she's also in the entertainment industry). Although she had broke up with her last boyfriend, our famous thug was still insecure. He didn't even want the slightest distraction, he wanted her all to himself.

Our famous thug allegedly visited the ex-boyfriend, the ex tried to convince him that-he was no longer interested in her. For some reason, our famous thug wasn't convinced.

He just couldn't shake the feeling that his lady love would eventually get back with her ex, despite her denials and despite the fact that her ex had moved on with a new woman.

He couldn't let it go, he allegedly became obsessed by it.

The ex was found dead, although his death was ruled one way, unproven allegations continue to circulate that our famous thug was behind his death.

Who is famous thug and who was his famous girlfriend?


It's a strong possibility that Justin Timberlake doesn't even know that this "once married" famous woman wanted to have sex with him while her husband watched.

This female celebrity (who may be-or may not be) African American was once married to a black man. Allegedly, she became bored sexually and boldly told him that she wanted to have sex with one of his friends-Justin Timberlake!

To make matters worse, she allegedly added: "So you won't feel left out, you can golden shower me after Justin and I are finished!"

Her husband punched her in the mouth and they divorced shortly afterwards-ending her voyeurism fantasy.

Who are they?


He's the son of a white actor. The actor co-starred in a blockbuster film in the early 1970's. Racial allegations once surrounded the actor but that doesn't stop his son from embracing the hip-hop culture. His father allegedly considers him a major disappointment and is thinking about disowning him.

To obtain street cred, the son has committed crimes and spent time in prison.

When Tupac was alive, he catered to him, treating him like royalty. To this day, he continues to hang around blacks and he's become the undisputed king of West Coast "freak parties."

He loves danger and lives life on the edge. His parties always take place-deep in the Hollywood Hills, overlooking Los Angeles.

The partygoers are a wild mix of rappers, escorts, adult stars and a tag team of underworld drug couriers who also moonlight as hitters. This pair is so scandalous, rumor has it, they're also involved in diamond smuggling and gun running.

His "party" trademark: Kilos of cocaine on display, wrapped in plastic.


These three black celebrity men are the secretive owners of a kinky sex club located in the Dirty South. One of the men is "a man of the cloth," who has appeared on TV frequently.

This man of the cloth is considered a "big trick" among strippers because he will pay all the bills of his favorite stripper even if she lives with a man.

The other two men are former athletes. Hint: The two former athletes played in two different sports fields-excluding the NBA and the NFL.


Your secret is out! This black male celebrity was always suspect and for a minute, he loved to order up male adult stars for his personal pleasure. Now, he's upped the ante. His girlfriend, often referred to as his beard is allegedly a sex change. It's rumored, that she got the operation overseas.

After the Matt Lauer (alleged scandal)-this has become a trend. Allegedly, a few celebrity men are passing off transgendered women as their girlfriends. Medicine has become so advanced, it's becoming harder to tell who's biological and who's not. Hint: He's not a rapper.



Speaking on celebrity break-ups. No surprise that this particular couple broke-up. Rumors are circulating that the real reason behind the break-up is: Girlfriend can't shake her habit of picking up women in girl clubs and strip clubs.

She's a baller away from her now ex-man. Making it rain and taking female strippers into VIP rooms for private lap dances while she sips on Moet. This lipstick bisexual is notorious with women.

Fast Forward:

Don't let her looks deceive you, this lipstick bisexual is ghetto as hell and loves to cause drama among her small staff. She's not above storming into their offices and demanding, "cut me a check motherf**kers!"

When she first came into the industry, this opportunist got involved with a well known-black celebrity aka sugar mama. The sugar mama paid her bills but also beat her ass! Few people know: This sugar mama has a history of beating all of her women.

The sugar mama accompanied lipstick to a rep's office, before long, they started arguing with lipstick screaming, "Damn, you always trying to run me, now you trying to run my business, this is my career, back the fuck off!" Sugar mama must have forgot the rep was present because she punched lipstick in the face and knocked her backwards, then she proceeded to try and stomp her. It took two men (the rep and another man to pull her off). After they pulled her off, she trashed the lawyer's office (throwing things and trying to turn over his desk) while shouting: "Don't no b**ch clown me like that, ever!" It took awhile to calm sugar mama down. Meanwhile, management covered this incident up.

When she wasn't beating lipstick's ass, she was cheating with a racy (extremely well known) female rapper-"not" Foxy or Kim. They were discreetly smashing each other on the regular and this is the real reason lipstick broke up with Sugar Mama. Sugar mama didn't handle the dysfunctional breakup too well but she eventually got over it and moved on to other women.

Shortly afterwards, lipstick decided to go back to men, rationalizing, maybe they'll be less drama but it still didn't stop her from creeping to the girl and strip bars.


This particular black drug dealer has redefined drug peddling. Not only does he have couriers delivering drugs (coke, meth and crack) to TV sets, he's also gone high tech and allegedly has a few online pharmacies where he deals exclusively in pills for the older crowd.

He also has his crew go out to Hollywood hot spots, where they deal ecstasy to young Hollywood and he has dope boys on the corner in the ATL and Miami.

Some of his clients include the cream of the crop of Black Hollywood (including hip-hop) and White Hollywood, as follows:

Behind closed doors she's said racial things about blacks but that doesn't stop her from buying drugs from a black dealer and having sex with random black men when she's high. At one point, it was rumored that she tried to blame her alleged HIV infection on a black man to the few people who know her status.

This non-white glamour girl who is known as a "break-up-to make-up" kind of girl loves her cocaine, away from interviews and the stage, she lets her hair down and lives in club bathrooms with her gold straw. One night, she accused a person in her crew of stealing her purse, she was too high to realize that she was actually carrying her purse.

This ATL doormat loves her ecstasy due to her man's numerous infidelities and outside children. It numbs the pain. She's a repeat customer.

This rapper loves to get high, he's spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on drugs throughout the years and he has no plans to stop. His wife has turned into an alcoholic due to the stress of other women, now she's allegedly snorting and is a regular customer.

Our dealer has made so much money off the Hollywood crowd (including the ones not listed), that he's contemplating buying a yacht to host parties and live entertainment. He also rolls in the latest high end cars.


1. This particular female rapper has always beat women. Unbeknownst to the public, this behavior started early in her career and was covered up. She used to attend Playa/Pimp Balls all over the country, her aspiration was to be the baddest female pimp in the game to supplement her rap income. She always had 2-3 (brokedown) women trailing her at these functions and she loved to humiliate them loudly and threaten to beat them down in full view of patrons. Due to her celebrity status, male pimps took the time to school her on pimp techniques.

2. Bisexual and freak rumors have always surrounded this (well known) female rapper. She's currently adding fuel to the fire! She was recently seen in the company of two "barely legal" girls and rumor has it, she turned them out. Allegedly, she likes the challenge of turning women out. This is her new thrill and she's on a mission.


Recently, a party took place in a Las Vegas nightclub. The party was populated by NFL players.

One of the running backs in attendance retired after his team won the Super Bowl.

A known black female celebrity, who is better known for catering to her non-black female friend-was also in attendance. Her appearance (including her weave) was hideous. So much so, that a female patron said: "Girl, let me do your hair!, I'll do it for free, in the ladies room." Our celebrity was appalled by the suggestion and implication and stormed off!

As usual, she got wasted and was desperately trying to snag a NFL player by acting provocative while trying to smash them on the dance floor (dry humping). They all backed away. Later, someone had to carry her out of the club due to intoxication.

Later that evening, a pimp-who may be disabled, who may have-or may not have been-discussed in prior blind items. He arrived via a Maserati, his enforcer was driving, followed by his entourage. The club parted like the red sea, as he and his crew were quickly ushered to VIP. This particular pimp is new on the scene but is a regular at the hot parties. He's already connected with power players in Vegas and has become blind item fodder on this site.

After a few drinks, a crew member started running his mouth about the pimp's various women. According to him, the pimp's stable generates pennies compared to his rich sugar mama, who happens to adore his pretty boy looks.

The rich sugar mama is non-black and connected to one of the richest and most powerful families in the U.S.

She has allegedly lavished this pimp with over $2 million in gifts (including the Maserati) property, (three homes, located in Vegas, L.A. and Miami). She's also given him money and she pays for his father's medical care.

Remember, his father is the former member of a popular group.


It never made the news but this once feared (entertainment) powerhouse's personal assistant was shot execution style (in the head). He went to great lengths to get a media blackout on this and he succeeded. At one time, it was two murder contracts out on his life. His assistant died because of her affiliation with him. Her murder has never been solved.

Two female members of a successful R&B group were allegedly involved in prostitution and stripping prior to joining the group. They were regulars in the red light district of Hollywood before the group blew up. Again, this was covered up.

Celebrity Sons: The son of a Black Hollywood actor has nothing to do with his father because his mother (ex-wife) was beaten on a regular basis at the hands of his father.

When this celebrity son attended a college in the South, he lived in the dorms despite his dad's enormous wealth and he also borrowed money and was known to knock on doors asking for Top Ramen. Students were shocked when they met his celebrity dad at his graduation.

This rapper who is entrenched in the gangsta lifestyle has decided to get more sophisticated regarding his illegal endeavors. Instead of relying on homeboys to do his bidding, he's decided to hire underworld couriers to transport cache's of weapons across state lines on an irregular basis along with illegal contraband (including drugs) and if he ever needs a building or residence burned down, he's boasting that he will pony up cash to hire an arson-for-hire ring. This is his idea of making it! He can now afford professional illicit syndicates to do his dirty work.

A year after Chris beat Rihanna, rumors are circulating that Chris's former female manager was not the one continuously texting him (that night), it was allegedly a non-black heir head. If this is true, Chris and the heir head kept their association under the radar.

This NBA player may have or may not have been sued for allegedly transmitting herpes to a woman. Now, his two sons are allegedly carrying on the tradition. Between the two of them, they have allegedly infected several girls with herpes in their hometown.

This clean cut rapper is well respected in the rap game and very well known. He's had recent hits but allegedly his money is short and he's too ashamed to admit it. People are shocked at the recent rumors. Allegedly, he's slinging crack, ecstasy and cocaine on the sly to supplement his income so he can continue to live the glamorous life and keep up with his rap peers. Hint: He's been in the news lately (drama).


One old school rapper in the dirty south has been banned from local strip clubs because he has allegedly transmitted his STD (herpes) to several strippers. This rapper also has different baby mama's in different counties.


Celebrities are always getting divorced but this particular divorce has a backstory: According to the jump-off of a famous married man, "I'm pregnant with his baby, and his wife found out and filed for divorce!" This married man is not a stranger to strip clubs and has been known to make it rain with $80,000 in one night. On another night, after the club closed, he invited all the strippers (15) back to his penthouse for a sex party. The jump-off is seeing money signs but she's in for a shock, he's not as rich as he used to be.

It was outrage when allegations surfaced claiming that politician John Edwards allegedly struck his sick wife. Now, we have similar allegations surfacing that a female celebrity's significant other allegedly tried to choke her out while she was sick.

This wasn't the first time she's been affiliated with abuse. When she was dating a famous boyfriend, he liked to get physical yet she refused to date a black male celebrity (early in her career) because of his history of abuse before he went non-black woman.

Now, rumors are circulating that she's making up for lost time! She allegedly wants a young stud! She has her eye on a couple of male entertainers in their 20's. If they move well on stage, she rationalizes, they probably move well in the sack and she has her rep put in a call to their rep to arrange a secret sexual rendezvous.

She's a proud cougar away from the bright lights.


DL rumors have dogged this singer since his debut. Since his career has cooled off and his funds are low, he reportedly got an idea when he was accompanying another artist overseas (Switzerland). He plans to launch a discreet online gay brothel; essentially, he will be a gay pimp representing male hustlers and the transgendered via the internet.

In January 2010, a luxurious brothel for gay men was opened in an industrial part of Zurich, the first gay brothel in Switzerland. Allegedly, our singer patronized this brothel when he was in Zurich and was impressed. Switzerland is also the home to several transgendered brothels.


Over the years, numerous rappers have made the transition to acting. A few have used this to their illicit advantage. On movie sets, you come in contact with prop guys. This is an ideal situation because a prop guy can make anything happen.

It's rumored that a prop guy was able to get "Class 3" weapons (which are nearly impossible to get a permit for) for a hip hop star.

A prop guy also has the connections to have a weapon converted from semi to full auto. A particular rapper supplemented his income with gun running/trafficking through this connection until the connection dried up.


Under the cloak of darkness in Europe, a hip-hop mogul took a helicopter to a private party, hosted by a well known white supermodel. The helicopter landed on the helipad adjacent to the extravagant estate.

The mogul made his grand entrance with bravado and swagger. After everyone indulged in alcohol, cocaine and pills, the party took on a freaky vibe.

Meanwhile, the stoned hostess marveled everyone with industry stories involving celebrities. She also revealed that a black supermodel and a pop queen recently had a three-way with a rapper, this rapper is considered the sexiest rapper in the game.

Later, despite everyone being stoned, they were shocked when the supermodel put on a strap-on. She then asked the mogul if he wanted her to lubricate the sex toy, he declined. She then got busy (backyard) style. He was moaning louder than a woman and pleading with her to go deeper!

He is an experienced "bottom."































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