Miki Free of "Shalamar," (far left) may have been androgynous and feminine in appearance but he was just the opposite in regard to his love life. Miki was a notorious womanizer and has been linked to some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, including Vanity.

What few people know, Miki was once married (briefly) to blonde pinup Teri Copley (second photo). They have a daughter, Anastacia.

At the time of their marriage, Copley was being touted as a "blonde bombshell," and the epitome of beauty. One producer called her the next Marilyn Monroe of this generation.

Teri was best known for her roles on the following series "We Got it Made," and "I Had Three Wives," and she posed nude for Playboy for the November 1990 issue.

Shortly after the marriage, roles dried up but according to her, she became a born-again Christian and slowly eased her way out of celebrity Hollywood.

I also find it interesting that Miki is omitted from Copley's online biography.

During the height of her popularity, Eartha Kitt was invited to the White House by President Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson.

She joined Lady Bird Johnson, along with several other prominent ladies for a discussion on the Vietnam war. Kitt became irritated when the women skirted the subject, instead, discussing on how to beautify America.

When she took the floor, she said as much. "I think we have missed out on something here today, I thought the question was about the Vietnam war and why is there so much juvenile delinquency on the streets of America?"

Suddenly, the First Lady rose from her seat and said, "Just because there is a war going on, I see no reason to be uncivilized."

She didn't like Eartha's tone which she considered uppity.

The lunch was suddenly over, abruptly, without explanation.

Kitt had a limousine when she came, but now, the limo was no longer available to her.

Kitt flagged down a cab. On the radio she heard, "Eartha Kitt makes the First Lady cry." She was stunned. The reporter also stated that Kitt conducted herself like a raving mad lunatic at the White House, which was also false.

Martin Luther King called and said, "We are proud of you Eartha, for speaking your mind."

Since the time was nearing for Kitt to honor a contractual agreement at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, she called her agent for the details of rehearsals. Strangely, he asked, what contract are you talking about? There is no contract, Eartha.

In the meantime, due to her disagreement with Lady Bird Johnson, the President was making it obvious to all the media that she was out of favor.

Meanwhile, every single one of her dates were suddenly cancelled.

According to Kitt, a CIA dossier was compiled, stating: She was a sadist, a sex nymphomaniac, crude, shrewd and difficult.

According to the file, President Johnson had put her out of work in America in two hours.

Source: "Confessions Of A Sex Kitten," by Eartha Kitt

Isaiah Washington is currently blackballed in Hollywood despite having a small role (4 episodes) on the "Bionic Woman." He will only be able to find work in independent films, if that.

Unfortunately, Janet Jackson is not only experiencing the fall-out from the Super Bowl, she is also experiencing the fall-out from being Michael Jackson's sister (guilty by relation). She is being unfairly blackballed on pop radio stations and blacklisted on video shows. Back in the day, a Janet Jackson album would have sold 300,000 copies in a day, instead of a week. The "powers that be" are out to ruin her and they are succeeding. What we find interesting, Gloria Trevi (pictured above) is a Latin pop star with a huge fan base in the United States. She was involved in an unspeakable scandal that involved teenaged girls and sex slavery, allegedly, some of the same stations and video shows that ban Janet continue to support her. After the scandal, due to video and radio exposure (unlike Janet) Trevi's album went platinum. Read details below.

Gloria Trevi starred in a number one movie (Pelo Sueltor) and she had the number one hit in Latin America (Dr. Psychiatrist) and a number one album. In 1995, Trevi got romantically involved with a man named Sergio Andrade and she made him her manager, despite allegations that Andrade was nicknamed "Slave Master" and was known for luring teenaged girls into sex trafficking. According to the book, "De La Gloria Al Infierno," Trevi was a willing participant of Andrade's scams and allegedly joined in sexual orgies and slavery acts with the teenaged girls, just to please him.

In 1997, many of the teenaged girls escaped and Andrade and Trevi flew out of Mexico without being captured, they were now fugitives.

They arrived in Brazil until they were finally caught and arrested on Sept. 21, 2004. By this time, Tevi and Andrade had married. They were charged with recruiting aspiring actresses/models and holding them in sexual bondage. Trevi was set free by a Mexican court after serving a few years. Andrade remains imprisoned, but may soon be released for time served.

Trevi quickly hit the studio to record (Como Nace El Universo) and was welcomed back with open arms. She received so much exposure (video and radio) in the US and overseas that her album was shipped platinum.

Why wasn't this scandalous and notorious woman banned, blacklisted and blackballed? Janet's Super Bowl incident pales in comparison to Trevi's crimes and Janet has never been a fugitive on the run nor has she ever been prison.


Mexican pop superstar Gloria Trevi is suing a music promoter who accused her of being an accomplice in her daughter's death. Trevi - dubbed the Mexican Madonna - gave birth to a baby girl in 1999 in Brazil while she was on the run from Mexican authorities, who were seeking the singer and her manager Sergio Andrade on child sexual abuse charges. The baby mysteriously died when it was a few months old. Trevi, 39, has filed a lawsuit against Mexican promoter Andres Puentes in Miami, Florida, after he allegedly claimed on a Florida radio station that the star and one of her back-up singers were responsible for the death of the baby. Trevi is seeking $4 million in damages. Trevi is mother to a young son Angel Gabriel, who was conceived while the singer was in a Brazilian prison awaiting extradition to Mexico, where she had been accused of procuring underage girls for Andrade. Trevi was acquitted of all charges in 2004 and has since resuming her pop career.

In 2005, actor Page Kennedy won a recurring role on the popular ABC primetime soap, "Desperate Housewives," where he played Caleb Applewhite, a fugitive who was being held captive in his mother's (Alfre Woodard) basement.  However, shortly after in November 2005, Kennedy was fired from Desperate Housewives.  News reports at the time claimed he was fired for lewd and improper conduct (alleged flashing) on the set. Kennedy denied the improper conduct claim and said that Touchstone Television, the producers of the show, wanted to take a new direction with the character and bought out his contract.  He was replaced by NaShawn Kearse.  Shortly after the tabloid rumors and news reports died down, Kennedy released a rap song expressing his feelings on the situation.  Kennedy resides in Los Angeles with his two children.  It's rumored that Kennedy is  currently blackballed in Hollywood.