Lamont Paris (pictured above) was a hit man for various drug organizations in Detroit and on the East Coast.  Whenever a contract was taken out on a rival drug gang or a dispute needed to be settled, Paris was dispatched to "take care of the situation." 

Before the age of 30, Paris has left a trail of death and violence in his wake.

Paris was also a member of the "Connecticut Boys."  A violent murder-for-hire organization in Detroit.

Paris allegedly worked frequently with former drug baron Quasand Lewis, leader of the notorious "Lewis Organization."  Police say Paris killed at least two men, on orders from Lewis.  In April of 2006, Lewis pled guilty to charges of narcotics trafficking and money laundering.

Various drug cartels, all over the country, had Paris on speed dial.  He allegedly had various "kill methods" and was very efficient.

A big time drug dealer allegedly contracted Paris to eliminate an alleged drug rival named Tommy Hodges.  On April 12th, 2003, Paris and a accomplice found Hodges at a nightclub.  Paris made his move, despite the club being located across the street from a police station.

Paris followed Hodges into the bar and waited.  Paris followed Hodges and his wife out to their Mercedes, when they got in the car, Paris opened fire with a automatic weapon.

The couple ducked, surprisingly, no one was shot and Hodges returned fire before driving off. This was Paris' first blunder, his intended victims were usually murdered, without incident.

When Paris turned around, police ordered him face down.  He was arrested but their was a complication with the paper work and he was released.

Paris fled and is now a fugitive.

Meanwhile, his intended victim, Tommy Hodges, pled guilty to drug trafficking and money laundering and is currently serving a twenty-year sentence.

Despite being on the run, Paris continued to be a part of the Detroit drug scene as a hit man and enforcer.

In June 2004, Paris fulfilled a contract and killed Armond Hickman with a silenced weapon.

Paris is also wanted for questioning in the murder of Hashim Williams.  A murder contract was taken out on Williams when he allegedly stole money from the Lewis organization.

Federal agents say Paris is also wanted for questioning in the 2005 attempted murder of a postal worker in Detroit.

Police are surprised that Paris is still operating as a hit man despite the fact he is a fugitive on the run.

Authorities say Paris was shot in the hand during a gun battle and refused to go to the hospital.  As a result, his right hand remains paralyzed.  This didn't stop Paris, he now shoots with his left hand.

Police say, Paris loves to party in nightclubs in the Atlanta and Roswell areas.

Investigators don't think they're the only ones after Lamont Paris.  They say Paris stole $2 million dollars from a drug gang and is likely on the other end of a murder contract.


It was just one tip of many that cops followed up on.  But as they started looking more and more into a lead that came in to the AMW.com hotline, the more it started to make sense.

An anonymous tipster emailed AMW.com that they had seen Lamont Paris, an accused contract hitman for a convicted Detroit drug kingpin.  The tipster told us he was riding in a car in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  The tipster even passed along the car's make, model and license plates.

When DEA agents ran the plates, they linked back to a woman whose name made sense to their case.  It was someone they thought might be linked to Paris.  Agents set up surveillance on her residence in nearby Belleville.

DEA agents, deputy U.S. Marshals, Troy and Belleville police watched the home for several hours.  While they sat outside watching the residence, the federal agents continued to uncover more information that bolstered the tipsters account.

Finally, after hours of surveillance, authorities weren't taking any chances because of Paris' alleged violent history. Cops raided the home. Inside, they found Lamont Paris, who surrendered without incident.

Paris is being held in Detroit, where he is expected to face attempted murder, homicide and drug conspiracy charges.





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