From our “Black Data” Files: NBA superstars LeBron James and Dwayne Wade were at (now closed ) club ‘Xenii,” over the weekend. James was surrounded by three beautiful black women who accompanied him to his limo when he left. Every woman in the place was trying to get at Dwayne Wade but he left solo with two bodyguards in tow. Jimmy Iovine and Scott Storch were also in attendance. ‘Xenii,’ is part of the ‘secret celebrity party society.’ This club is so private-owners don’t confirm members but we are able to breach that confidentiality with a partial membership list. Members include: Prince, Jamie Foxx, Jessica Alba, Leo DiCaprio, Paula Abdul, Karrine Steffans, Brandon Davis (oil heir), Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, etc., and members of the hip-hop elite. Beautiful women seem to always be in attendance as well. The drinks are free and VIP members are gifted with an expensive bottle of complimentary champagne upon entry. If a member wants to get a friend placed on the VIP list and the friend isn’t a celebrity, a photo must be submitted to the governing body for consideration, similar to the ‘Playboy Mansion,’ rules. This club is not open to the public

A "Sweeper," is considered the most dangerous, mysterious and secretive covert position in the world.  As silent as a Ninja, more deadly than a top assassin with reflexes that match a martial arts blackbelt.  A Sweeper has three primary functions:  To kill silently and efficiently, to eliminate rogue assassins and to operate as a clean up specialist when covert operations go awry.  A "Three Charley," (a rarely used military term) is also an elite operative who is well versed in the special forces of every military branch in existence.  He is also very dangerous and secretive.  To read about a real life "secret agent," once considered the "most dangerous man in the world, " click here, Secret Agent

Mike Rothmiller worked in a top-secret unit, within the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), known as the "Organized Crime Intelligence Division" (OCID). At the time he was a member of that unit, the average person did not know it even existed. After many years, Rothmiller finally left the LAPD in disgust and, with the help of Ivan G. Goldman, he wrote a book about his experiences.

Rothmiller began as a rookie right out of the police academy and rose to the rank of Detective assigned to the elite OCID unit. He began to have problems when his aggressive pursuit of criminals led him higher and higher into the top ranks of criminaldom. One night, an assassin on a motorcycle tried to gun him down.

He survived, but was instructed by his higher-ups to keep quiet about what he knew. When they suspected that Rothmiller was not going to keep quiet, the power of the L.A. secret police was turned against him. Outraged, Rothmiller finally left the force.

The OCID intelligence network used illegal wiretaps, "bugs," informants and surveillance to accumulate massive, secret files on "politicians, union leaders, Hollywood stars, professional athletes, team owners, TV and print journalists." Yet during Rothmiller's 5-year stint in an ORGANIZED CRIME intelligence unit, the OCID "never arrested one mobster.

Little Known Information:

Billionaire supermarket magnant, Ron Burkle (above) invested $100 million in the Sean John clothing line.  Burkle generates the majority of the profits from Sean John.  Diddy generates far less earnings than Burkle and Diddy is paid an annual fee since his name is attached to the line.  Burkle is also part owner of The Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team and his private jet is named, "Ron Air."  Former U.S. President Bill Clinton is Burkle's best friend.

A few shady individuals who live in isolated areas have illegal satellite perception. They're hired by drug cartels (for an astronomical amount) to trace cell phones-they pull the information out of the air via their illegal command center which features an array of sophisticated computer equipment and/or an illegal satellite equipment. This equipment allows them to pull the cell phones off the towers but if the caller is not transmitting these individuals won't be able to triangulate the location.

Mainstream media has focused on Diddy's "close friendship" with actress Sienna Miller. I've only read one story on Diddy and a pretty black/french model. We've been informed that he is allegedly "seriously creeping" with that black/french model, Noemie Lenoir (above) who appeared in "Rush Hour 4." When they're not taking late night rides in Diddy's Maybach they are feasting on lobster and Dom Perignon in St. Tropez aboard Diddy's private yacht. Reportedly, Diddy is quite smitten with Lenoir. Not only is she beautiful, she's financially independent and demands a five figure fee per day and she's the only black model who works consistently overseas. Lenoir and Diddy also have something else in common, they love to go on expensive shopping sprees. Was Sienna Miller a decoy?


In the 1980's, model Alva Chin (above, on the right) was the first black woman in this country to purchase a Ferrari in New York City and she paid cash for it. When she walked into the showroom, White car salesmen who were usually reluctant to acknowledge black customers gravitated towards Chin due to her beauty, grace and model carriage.

Alva Chin and best friend Pat Cleveland (on the far left) dominated the runways during the 1970's and 1980's. The things they did on the runways in New York and Paris have yet to be duplicated. These two women put on a spectacular show.

Alva Chin was Halston's favorite model and he referred to her as his lead "Halstonette."

During fashion week in New York, Alva Chin and Pat Cleveland are treated like royalty in their ringside seats.

Photo courtesy of: Women's Wear Daily


NFL & NBA security is no joke. They 're on the same level as an elite spy network and a highly functional intelligence agency.

They are capable of covert actions, including surveillance and extensive background checks. Background checks are usually done on the associates of high profiled players.

Both NFL & NBA security is staffed by a network of private investigators, mostly former officials with the Justice department and former FBI agents.

They also have snitches in the gambling underworld to inform them if an active player is placing bets. Some players try to get around the snitches by betting with an illegal bookie. Illegal gambling with these type of bookies begins and ends with them, this action does not affect betting lines so it goes unnoticed by the NBA's consultant in Las Vegas.

NFL & NBA security is considered a special police force that monitors the players.

It's been rumored that a former quarterback who was gay, was often trailed to the gay district of the city he played for. Allegedly, he was intercepted before he entered gay clubs and told to go home.

Very few things get past this special security force. They probably knew about Michael Vick's dogfighting tournaments before the story hit the press.

From our “Black Data,” Files: The VIP luxury skyboxes at sports arena’s are a lot different from sitting in the stands where you’re served hot dogs, peanuts and beer.

The menu’s in skyboxes include an array of expensive entrée’s and delicacies: Lobster, shrimp, crab, caviar, Dom Perignon, swordfish, sushi, filet mignon, sliced prime rib, steaks, etc. Skyboxes are populated by-a hostess/host, celebrities; former and present sports stars and model types.

The waiters are attentive with white gloves and sterling silver trays.

Sapphire Gentlemen's Club is one of the few upscale gentlemen clubs that feature VIP skyboxes for their guests. Sapphire is the finest in service and guest comfort through Sapphire's luxurious VIP skyboxes.

Suspended 25 feet above the floor, these unique boxes (servicing groups up to 12), give you dramatic views of the entire Sapphire showroom floor featuring exotic dancers.

Private butlers, concierge services, and individually themed boxes underscore their commitment to luxury and indulgence. Sapphire Gentlemen's Club Las Vegas houses a 400-seat showroom called "Off Broadway" featuring the hottest and most erotic celebrity adult entertainers (both men and women from around the world).

In Related News:

Hugh Hefner’s ‘Sky Villa Suites,’ ($40,000 per night) at the Las Vegas ‘Palms,’ hotel comes complete with a Jacuzzi and a rotating bed.

Below, is a photo of Prince’s ‘3121,’ club on the Las Vegas Strip.


Gay adult star Aiden Shaw (pictured above) continued to appear in gay adult films after he was diagnosed with AIDS. He says, ‘He hadn’t particularly planned to do another porn video but his favorite director called to persuade him despite his HIV-positive status. ‘The director was cool about him having HIV. This left Shaw wondering, how much the industry had actually changed.’ Shaw performed all of his sex scenes with a condom. Just as disturbing, Shaw worked as a male escort in South Beach, Florida and a few of his clients had wives and girlfriends at home. Granted, I don't know if Shaw practiced safe sex with his clients but whether he did or didn't, it's still disturbing.

Derrick Parker reveals in his book, “Notorious Cop.” Drug dealers, murderers and robbers see the money that rappers are making and want a piece for themselves. Rap became the new crack game; it was just too tempting for the bad guys. Known drug dealers and felons started attaching themselves to hip-hop artists as security guards, managers, road managers and label backers. Drug money might fund, studio time for an aspiring rapper, always with an implied payback attached. Sometimes the drug dealers and gang bangers wanted to get on the mic themselves. Example: Jacques Agnant aka “Haitian Jack,” a Harlem based music manager/executive as well as an infamous baller who aligned himself with a lot of people, was feared on the streets. He wasn’t afraid to run up on anybody. His thing was robbing drug dealers because they wouldn’t call the police. Haitian Jack is flamboyant, always adorned with gold chains and furs and always driving a Mercedes Benz. Jack flaunted his close relationship with Tupac and he was allegedly friendly with Madonna. Jack hit all the celebrity parties and managed various rappers at times. Parker says, Jack is still a one-man assault wave. He allegedly shot a patron at a L.A. club and it’s rumored he stepped to a rap superstar with no retribution.

The South Korean government and “Samsung Techwin,” recently debuted SGR-A1, a weaponized robot that tracks intruders two and a half miles away with high resolution and infrared cameras. Anyone who doesn’t give the robot’s voice-recognition system the correct secret code is identified as an enemy to a remote human operator who can direct the robot to unleash a warning of live rounds, rubber bullets and tear gas. Why? The government is pouring millions into guard robots to ease manpower shortages along borders. The robots will be available after 2008. Source: Popular Science.

BET is currently in secret talks to launch a “Black Desperate Housewives,” type of original series. Two people can receive a $3,000 after-hours pedicure at the “Amp Salon,” inside the Palms Resort Casino in Las Vegas. While beautiful, lingerie-clad women provide the pedicures, the two clients, who have exclusive use of the candlelit salon with its chairs draped in black satin for the occasion, sip Cristal and nibble lobster tails. We have received numerous emails regarding a blind item we did a few weeks ago regarding a video girl spreading herpes, the majority of readers would like to know her ethnicity-she is “not” African-American. Only 12 “Monterey Blue,” Lamborghini’s (pictured above) exist in the world. The press originally became aware of Flo Ballard’s plight (on welfare) when a curious reader of “Parade,” magazine wrote: We always read about the newer Supremes but whatever happened to original member Florence Ballard? After it was reported that Ballard was on welfare raising her children. The article went national with a firestorm of publicity in the early 1970’s.


We received an email yesterday regarding our Nostalgia feature. The young lady stated that her mother resided in the same town that Ava Gardner grew up in and that it has been always rumored that Gardner was mixed. Our reader speculated, maybe that’s why she was so sympathetic towards African-Americans. We did additional digging and came up with the following quote made by Ava Gardner. Author (former Sinatra valet) George Jacobs claims, Ava Gardner once told him, “My father protested so much about blacks because he had black blood in him. Where I come from, white folks call it a touch of the tarbrush.” Jacobs also stated that Gardner was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He said, ‘she had cat eyes with flecks of gold.’

Despite Dinah Shore shrugging off rumors regarding her ethnicity by saying she was Jewish. According to a website (, Shore had an African/Native/French bloodline which originated in Louisiana. They also claim that Shore created a buzz in Southern Louisiana and white communities when she claimed her parents didn’t tell her that she had mixed Creole blood. It was reported that she had a full awareness that she had family from Plaquemine Parish in Louisiana and it’s common knowledge that everyone is mixed Creole in that region. Despite this one disclosure, Shore constantly denied allegations that she was mixed with black blood.

According to ‘black’ author Millie L. McGhee (Secrets Uncovered) J. Edgar Hoover’s father, Ivy Hoover, was the bi-racial son of a white slave owner and a black slave woman. Hoover knew he had black blood and did everything in his power to suppress it. McGhee says, he even had his records tampered with to make his lineage white.

In 2002, theatrical legend Carol Channing (Hello Dolly, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes) finally admitted in her autobiography that her father was black. She recalled that she was 16 years old and heading off to college when her mother told her that she was “part Negro.”

Keith Sweat is extremely smart. He was a commodities broker before he became a singer (there’s no such thing as a broke stockbroker) and he puts his financial savvy to good use. Not only does he own publishing, he owned a successful nightclub in suburban Atlanta and has recently opened “Hotel S,” in Midtown Atlanta, a high-end luxury hotel-which caters to business travelers. He has also recorded and produced a song for Keyshia Cole, which will appear on her upcoming album, “Tears From a Soldier's Heart.”


When she became sick in the summer of 1988, Alison (Ali) Gertz (pictured above) did not fit the profile of a person at risk for HIV. She was a heterosexual female; she did not use intravenous drugs; she had never received a blood transfusion; and she had been in a monogamous relationship for the three years leading up to her illness. Ali's doctors hospitalized her for a month, testing her for every imaginable disease, before finally giving her an HIV antibody test, which led to her diagnosis with full-blown AIDS. Later, Ali learned that she had been infected with HIV at the age of sixteen, through a single sexual encounter in 1982.

At 16, Ali allegedly had a crush on a shirtless and muscular bartender at “Studio 54," who allegedly agreed to take her virginity.

He arrived at her parent’s Park Avenue residence; he brought candy, flowers & AIDS.

She would later learn that the bartender was bi-sexual. He would die alone, his family disowned him after they found out he had AIDS.

Months later, Ali had rashes and blurred vision. She was devastated when she was diagnosed with AIDS. Her wealthy parents tried everything in their power to cure their daughter, to no avail.

In a film based on her life, her boyfriend tested negative. When he visited her and became intimate, he wore a condom. Afterwards, Ali fell asleep, when she awoke, she saw her boyfriend in the bathroom frantically scrubbing every inch of his body.

Sadly, a few of her friends distanced themselves from her because of her diagnosis.

One friend told her, “Why wasn’t it me, I slept with way more guys than you yet you got AIDS during your first sexual encounter.”

Ali died at 26, on August 8, 1992.


George Russell (pictured above) spent most of his pre-adolescent life as a roaming cat burglar in the Seattle, Washington suburbs, he stole to get even, not with the people he ripped off, but with the world.”

As a kid, George Russell lived in the wealthy enclave of Mercer Island, a suburb outside of Seattle. His stepfather was a prominent doctor and they were the only black family on the island.

Early on, he showed symptoms of self-hatred. When he played football with the neighborhood boys, the other boys would refer to themselves as their famous football idols. Russell always referred to himself as a white football player and he only purchased jerseys with the name of white players on the back. At home, Russell always rooted for the NFL team with the most-white players on the roster.

At school, he got angry when teachers or students referred to him as black and he refused to date black girls. His dislike was so intense; he once abandoned his younger sister at a gas station.

The white girls often led him on and rejected him.

Meanwhile, on the home front, Russell’s stepfather was kicked out of the house when Russell’s mother caught him cheating with a white businesswoman.

Russell was ecstatic when his father left his black mother for a white woman. His father would eventually marry the woman. Russell eagerly asked if he could move in with them.

His father kicked him out when he made advances towards his stepmother.

Russell was arrested for petty burglary by a black female cop, he called her all kinds of racial epithets during the arrest-she enjoyed slamming him into the pavement.

When he got out of jail he made friends with a popular white clique. He was so desperate to have them as friends, he would visit them, bring food and cook for them. When they would try and talk to him in the kitchen, he would respond, ‘let your “ni**er be so he can cook you up a good meal.’

In the evenings, Russell would roam the singles bars trying to pick up white women, to no avail. He became incensed and decided to “take” what he thought he was entitled to.

He killed and raped his first victim, Mary Ann Pohlreich by strangling her.

He killed and raped his second victim Carol Beethe by beating her in the head.

He killed his third victim Andrea Levin by stabbing her 250 times and bashing in her skull. He also raped her after she was dead.

He killed these three women in a two-month span. When the police finally caught up to him, he spewed hatred towards the black male and female cops on the scene.

George Russell was convicted and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Jean Bernard Lasnaud (pictured above) is an international arms dealer. He was sought by Interpol in connection with a massive illegal arms trafficking case. This French citizen was in the business of selling tanks, rocket launchers and SCUD missiles from a luxury condo in a gated South Florida community. With the proper paperwork, a customer could order a fighter plane or a 400-bed hospital from Lasnaud’s web site (pictured above, 2nd photo). He made millions of dollars per year. Lasnaud also sold helicopters and anti-aircraft missile launchers. Lasnaud disappeared last year. A few months later, he was arrested in Switzerland and his web site was taken off the Internet. Source: Frontline

Mr. Blackwell (pictured above) is primarily known for his annual ‘Worst Dressed List,’ but as a teenager, Blackwell was a male hustler who serviced men. When he was an up and coming actor, this is what he said about the following actors: Tyrone Power (center photo) "the attraction between us was instantaneous, electric, unforgettable," Cary Grant (third photo) was not possessive, and I had wonderful relationship with him." Source:


Tim Richmond (pictured above) (June 7, 1955 - August 13, 1989) was a NASCAR race car driver who had his career cut short when he contracted HIV and died of complications from AIDS.

Richmond was born in Ashland, Ohio and, unlike many other NASCAR drivers, was born into wealth and did not grow up with auto racing. He did not even begin racing until the age of 21, when he drove a sprint car owned by a friend, but he knew instantly that it was to become his vocation.

Tim Richmond was a perennial playboy. Growing up in wealth, he always appreciated the best things and was very flamboyant especially in comparison to the other gruff, working-class drivers of the time like Dale Earnhardt, Richard Petty and Cale Yarborough. Richmond had expensive tastes in food and drink and lived a fast lifestyle that mirrored his on-track performances.

In 1983, Richmond, now with Raymond Beadle's Blue Max team, worked his way into the top 10 in the points standings and securing his position among the circuit's best drivers. By this time, Richmond became friends with another owner, Rick Hendrick and by 1986, Hendrick had built a new team around Richmond. Behind the wheel of his new #25 Folgers Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Richmond won seven times in 1986, finished in the top 5, 13 times and in the top 10, 17 times. He finished third in the Winston Cup points standings, the best result of his career.

However, at the tail end of the 1986 season, Richmond was becoming noticeably ill. Following the season, he checked into a clinic and discovered that he had AIDS, which, at the time, was a little-understood disease. Despite his illness, Richmond worked to regain his strength and in 1987, he returned in midseason and subsequently won two consecutive races at Pocono and Riverside. However, Richmond's health started deteriorating and so did his results. Richmond would race in six more events before being told not to race by NASCAR.

In 1988, Richmond again tried to make another run in NASCAR, but NASCAR was concerned not only about Richmond's health, but also about how he contracted AIDS in the first place. They subjected Richmond (and Richmond alone) to a drug test and several days later, NASCAR announced that Richmond was suspended indefinitely for testing positive for banned substances. Richmond was livid saying that he had not taken any banned substances and demanded another test, which he passed. NASCAR later admitted that the only substances found in the first test were the over-the-counter medications Sudafed and Advil. They also released the permanent ban, but refused to allow Richmond to drive again until he surrendered his medical records that said he had AIDS.

However, regardless of the circumstances, the damage to Richmond and his career had been done. The rumor mill began and many other NASCAR drivers were now aware of Richmond's condition and speculation began as to how he contracted the virus. At the time, the most common methods for contracting HIV were assumed to be through male homosexual sex or drug abuse using infected needles. To this day, no one is completely sure exactly how Richmond contracted HIV, although some of his closest friends insist that Richmond never used drugs.

Tim Richmond finally retired to West Palm Beach, Florida where he lived in seclusion with his mother until his death on August 13, 1989. A Charlotte woman publicly announced in 1995 that she had contracted AIDS from Richmond. Former model and actress LaGena Lookabill said she met Richmond in 1980 when she was Miss World 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Richmond talked her into bed by promising marriage, after she slept with him, he refused to answer her calls and she never saw him again. Doctors told Lookabill she had six months to live when she was diagnosed with AIDS in 1987. Thanks to medical breakthroughs, her determination and, as she claims, Prayer and God's intervention she is still alive today. Lookabill married actor Danny Greene in 1990 and is still sharing her message about living with AIDS. As Richmond's story finally became public, many of his numerous fans were outraged at NASCAR's treatment of him. NASCAR has never apologized to his family or fans for his exclusionary treatment.

Before Frank Alexander became a rap bodyguard for hip-hop stars including Tupac, he worked as a bodyguard for a man named Kashimar (Kash) Pashakhan who he met at a gym. Kash told him he was an Iranian Prince and he took Alexander outside to show him his new Rolls Royce. He also offered Alexander a job as a bodyguard. Alexander jumped at the opportunity. Kash told him he had to wear black at all times, all of his bodyguards wore black. Alexander accompanied him to Las Vegas where he gambled away $70,000 per hand on craps and baccarat. He loved being surrounded by bodyguards; it made him look good and he loved being surrounded by beautiful women despite being married. Kash also had his own private plane. He and his entourage always occupied $10,000 per night suites all over the world. Before Suge Knight opened club “662,” in Las Vegas, a Persian guy owned the club and it became the first hip-hop club in Las Vegas in 1990. When October came around in 1990, Kash’s high rolling days came to an abrupt halt when the police arrested him for embezzlement. It turned out that Kash lied about being a Prince, he was getting loans approved by mortgage companies for phony people or for people who had died. It was not unusual for him to get $900,000 dollar checks per month. After he made bail, he fled the country. Source: “Got Your Back,” by Frank Alexander.

Since the Superbowl is in Miami this year, it’s surprising P. Diddy isn’t hosting a party at his mansion on ‘Star Island,' an affluent suburb outside of Miami.’ Star Island is considered one of the most exclusive areas in Miami Beach. The cheapest homes are $2.5 million. Will Smith, Missy Elliott, Gloria Estefan ($10 million estate) and Julio Iglesias ($12 million dollar estate) all have homes on the island. You can only gain access to ‘Star Island,’ via a private road occupied by armed security guards or by yacht/powerboat. The community also has a Mediterranean-styled resort and spa that feature villas and mini-suites. Instead, Diddy has partnered with one of the largest promotion companies, “Jacob York Presents,” to produce an exclusive, over-the-top, star studded Superbowl bash. Diddy will be hosting the party in Miami (Feb. 3) with actor Terrence Howard at “Chakra Lounge,” in Miami Beach. This is the most expensive club ever built in South Beach. With a 30-ft. waterfall and a private skybox terrace that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. The club also has an Asian cuisine restaurant and bar with breathtaking views of Ocean Drive. In South Beach, the mayor doesn’t run the city; the owner of the most successful club does.

Tiger Woods has arrived in Dubai to play in the “Dubai Desert Classic.” He was spotted last night dining at the 7-star underwater seafood restaurant “Al Muntaha,” (above photo) which is adjacent to the fabulous “Burg Al Arab,” hotel. You take a submarine ride from the hotel to the restaurant. Tiger Woods is also in negotiations to host his own golf tournament in Dubai.

People are still buzzing about Diddy’s visit to “Scores West,” strip club last Friday and are wondering will he return again, tonight? Diddy was with two J-Lo look-alikes according to the NY Daily News and he was seen entering one of the club’s private rooms with both ladies as his bodyguards posted themselves outdoors. ‘Scores,’ Backstory: High rollers visiting “Scores,” ‘super elite President’s Club,” have spent thousands of dollars on single bottles of champagne and they tip strippers $10,000 for lap dances and for spending time with them. One ‘President’s Club,’ patron spent $241,000 in one evening, charged to his corporate credit card. ‘Scores,’ also has a strip club in Miami and this club is booked solid during Superbowl weekend.

Recently, drug lord, Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff (pictured above) was found guilty of killing two people in 2001. A jury will decide if McGriff will face the death penalty for the crime.

Rewind: Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff (born 1961) is a former drug dealer and leader of The Supreme Team. At its 1987 peak, the Supreme Team's receipts exceeded $200,000 a day, and the gang regularly committed acts of violence and murder to maintain its stronghold on the area's drug trade. After McGriff went to jail in 1987, leadership of the Supreme Team was assumed by Gerald “Prince” Miller. Miller solidified his control by increasing the security force and employing it against rivals and against Team members suspected of disloyalty. During 1987 alone, Miller and the then-incarcerated McGriff ordered at least eight homicides.

Some claim that the fictional characters Nino Brown, portrayed in the 1991 film "New Jack City," and Majestic in "Get Rich or Die Tryin," are based on him. McGriff served ten years for a 1989 drug conviction, and when released, he helped finance the rap label The Inc. Records, formerly known as Murder Inc. Records, with neighborhood associate Irv Gotti. McGriff has been arrested two more times since for parole violations for possessing firearms. He was part of the major indictment on Murder Inc. in 2003. McGriff is currently awaiting trial with several other men for a litany of federal crimes including murder, drug dealing, and money laundering.

One of the most feared gangsters of his era, McGriff is alleged to have a hand in the the shooting of 50 Cent. He allegedly felt that 50 Cent had exposed a little too much in his 2000 mixtape song "Ghetto Qu'ran.”

McGriff was known for his utter brutality. He would order military style raids on rival drug dealers, with gang members storming a home in vans and automatic weapons on execution missions.

The downfall of the Supreme Team occurred with the murder of an undercover cop, Edward Byrne, in retaliation for police activity against Lorenzo Nichols. The law enforcement attention was so great that George H.W. Bush carried Byrne's badge on the campaign trail in 1988.


Singer Billy Ocean, famous for the hit "Caribbean Queen," has changed in appearance over the years. He actually looks like George Clinton.

"Another Bad Creation," was a hit with young girls during their reign. Now, they are all grown up.

Remember Micki Free from Shalamar, pictured above on the far left? He joined the new lineup after Jody and Jeffrey left. Back then, he was androgynous in appearance. Today, he is in touch with his native roots. Micki shares custody of his daughter with ex-wife, actress Terri Copley.

British group "Five Star," are siblings, they had a huge hit in the late 80's, "All Fall Down." They also resembled the Jackson's on stage. The sisters haven't changed much in appearance but brother Steadman (front, left) in first photo has changed drastically. Check him out in the second photo (center).

In the late 70's and 80's, Jayne Kennedy (top photo) was once considered the most beautiful black woman in Hollywood. Her appearance has changed over the years as indicated in the bottom photo, to the left. Photo Credit: (Christmas 2005).

Janet Jackson's ex-husband Rene Elizondo, before and after.

Remember Jesse Johnson of "The Time."  This is a before and after episode.  Johnson appears in both photos above.  He's changed in appearance over the years.


D'ANGELO (AFTER) photo credit: Bossip

Derrick Parker reveals in his book, "Notorious Cop." Back in the day, in New York, Chas & Wilson's was hot on Sunday night, which was R&B night. On this particular night, Guy, Salt-N-Pepa, basketball players Anthony Mason and Rod Strickland were all in attendance. Alpo (2nd photo, center) was also in the house. Alpo was the Nicky Barnes (drug kingpin) of the 90's. He ran the city's largest drug operation from Harlem. Meanwhile, Guy's bodyguard got in a physical dispute. According to a pimp named Frank, the bodyguard was pushy and liked to throw his weight around-and he pushed the wrong dude. And the dude shot him, killing him. The shooter was believed to be Alpo or someone affiliated with Alpo's drug crew. The case ultimately went nowhere, thanks to the bungling of the U.S. Attorney and the reluctance of celebrities to testify. It ended up back in the Cold Case freezer, never solved.

Frank Alexander reveals, in his book, “I Got Your Back,’ that a detective called him up in the 90’s, inquiring about a “Death Row,” Christmas party given at a Beverly Hills House called the Chateau, which Suge Knight had rented for the evening. The place was packed with celebrities, no-show’s included Sade and Madonna and the Whispers performed that evening. A guy who knew Diddy was upstairs hanging out with Death Row. All at once, Alexander heard screaming. When he looked up, the same guy was hanging over the balcony and members of Death Row were standing there holding him by his ankles. The guy was getting his butt kicked. Later, I heard they were threatening him to find out where Diddy was living. ‘It was just another day at Death Row.’


We reported yesterday that a unconfirmed rumor indicates a contract has allegedly been taken out on rapper 50 Cent’s life. We have been informed that another rapper that 50 is having beef with-had nothing to do with this development but our sources insist-someone else took out the contract. I seriously hope this information is untrue.

Last year, police pulled over former football player Maurice Clarett and discovered three handguns and an AK-47. Allegedly, Clarett was on the run because he was informed that a contract had been taken out on his life by a hip-hop heavyweight. Clarett owed the man a large sum of money.

Over the years, allegedly, three murder contracts have been taken out on rap mogul Suge Knight without success because-he’s always surrounded by a top-notch security team and shooters may fear retaliation.

Carroll Rosenbloom was the powerful owner of the Los Angeles Rams sports franchise when he died under mysterious circumstances. In 1979, Rosenbloom drowned while swimming in the ocean behind his Golden Beach, Florida home; something he did everyday at the same time. Since Rosenbloom was a strong and talented swimmer, some people felt his death may have been foul play due to the fact that Rosenbloom's reputation as a high stakes gambler. An investigation into his death did not find evidence of foul play and was determined to be an accidental drowning. Four years after his death, in the premiere episode of the PBS series "Frontline," Rosenbloom's death was cited as an example of the seamy side of the National Football League. Using interviews with reported mobsters who claimed Rosenbloom's legs had been held to cause his drowning, the report also used gruesome autopsy photos of Rosenbloom's body. It’s always been speculated that a ‘hit man,’ in scuba diver gear committed the alleged murder.

Brian “Baby” Williams is an overlooked rap mogul, example: In 1998, co-CEOs Evan M. Eininger and "Baby signed a $30 million pressing and distribution contract with Universal Records, entitling the label to 85% of their royalties, 50% of their publishing and retaining ownership of all masters. Most recently, Cash Money's multi-millionaire co-founder Brian "Baby" Williams, aka "The Birdman", has been in the spotlight. He has signed deals with Lugz, Sean John Clothing, Jacob The Jeweler, and Aire Watch Co. Williams made headlines last year when he spent $500,000 on a grillz. He also travels by private jet, he loves strip clubs and is often seen in ‘strip club skyboxes,’ and he likes to strut around in ‘mink’ fur pants.


Rewind: Several years ago, after violence erupted around Tupac Shakur before his murder in Las Vegas, a short time later, a secret meeting was called, some of the casino owners wanted to silently invest in a black resort/casino because they no longer wanted black patrons in their establishments. The deal fell through.

Fast Forward: For the first time in history, ‘no high rollers’ gambled in Las Vegas during All-Star weekend because they were afraid of the potential violence.

NFL player, Adam "Pacman" Jones (first photo) proved them right.

40 strippers were flown in by a Houston promoter to entertain at the “Minxx Gentleman’s Club.”

Earlier in the day, Pacman went to a local branch of his bank and withdrew over $800,000 in dollars in one dollar and hundred dollar denominations. Later that evening, he arrived at the strip club with his posse and sat ringside with a duffel bag full of money on his lap and according to onlookers, allegedly, he appeared as if he wanted the strippers to crawl towards him.

He proceeded to throw money on the stage, when a promoter encouraged the strippers to pick it up off the floor, Pacman exploded, attacking a stripper. He punched her in the face and slammed her face into the floor as onlookers looked on, stunned. He then lifted her off the floor and hit her over the head with a champagne bottle.

A bouncer threw Pacman and his posse out of the club. A few hours later, shots rung out, the bouncer was shot (paralyzed) and two other patrons received serious injuries.

Since Nelly and Jermaine Dupri were in attendance, they may be called as material witnesses.

Pacman’s fortune will be wiped out with civil suits and lawyer fees.

Rumors are circulating that the Tennessee Titans GM may be looking to trade Pacman.

Pacman continues to deny the allegations against him and he denies knowing the shooter.

Speaking of black events, the "Essence Music Festival" and the "Bayou Classic" used to be premiere events; now-these events have become increasingly ghetto. The men strut around with a thug/pimp mentality and the women slink around in inappropriate clothing.

A friend told me he attended a black spring break festival in Florida. The atmosphere was so bad, black couples were having sex in hotel hallways, in full view of everyone and a few thugs were urinating in the hotel pool.

Las Vegas currently has a ban against rappers performing. Parts of Canada may soon follow. Music promoters are scared to book rap acts due to the potential for violence. This is lost revenue for artists.

Due to this type of violence, cities and hotels will eventually stop hosting anything "black related" in the future.


On July 13, 2005, Jones was arrested on charges of assault and felony vandalism stemming from a nightclub altercation.

On September 5, 2005, Jones was a guest at the annual Nashville Sports Council Kickoff Luncheon. Later that evening, after a loud verbal tantrum when he was told to wait in line for his vehicle, Jones was counseled by the police. He also refused to pay for any valet services used that evening.

In October 2005, in a petition filed by the State of West Virginia, it was alleged that Jones had not made regular and sufficient contact with his probation officer and that he did not report his July arrest in Nashville in a timely fashion. The court ordered the probation extended for a period of 90 days, even though the state requested for it to be extended up to a year.

On August 25, 2006, Jones was arrested in Murfreesboro, Tennessee for disorderly conduct and public intoxication. He claimed a woman stole his wallet. She claimed that she did not steal anything and Jones spat on her. Police officers said they ordered Jones to leave several times, but he refused and continued to shout profanities at the woman. A judge granted him six months probation on the conditions that he stays out of further trouble and away from the nightclub.

On October 26, 2006, Jones was cited for misdemeanor assault for allegedly spitting in the face of a female student from Tennessee State University during a private party at Club Mystic, a Nashville nightclub. He was suspended by the Titans for one game and was scheduled to be booked on the charge on November 17, 2006.

Frank Alexander reveals in his book, “I Got Your Back,”If you were rolling with Death Row, you were rolling with family. It’s like you were rolling with John Gotti, Al Capone and the Untouchables. When Tupac teamed up with Suge, he knew what he was doing. He was aligning himself with the biggest, baddest dude out there and he really felt the power. Anyone who hung out at Suge’s Vegas club “662” knew they were going to meet girls and playas with cash. The night Mike Tyson fought Frank Bruno, a huge fight broke out at 662 and Tupac was right in the middle of it. The dude who was in the middle of it was a Wu-Tang Clan member. Half the Death Row posse jumped him. After the fight, we were in the elevator of the Luxor and Pac was talking to Suge. He told Suge, ‘Yo Suge, we need to rectify this situation with Ol’ boy. It wasn’t right how it went down.' So Suge took it to heart and squashed the beef.

Diddy and Kim & Jay and Bey love St. Tropez, located on the French Riviera. St. Tropez has been attracting international stars since 1944. St. Tropez is also popular for the luxury yachts in the harbor, facing the sidewalk cafes. Denzel Washington owns a yacht in St. Tropez. Rich tourists also like to parade in their luxury automobiles (Lamoborghini’s and Rolls Royce’s). Fashion shows are also conducted on the beach and many of the beaches offer powerboats and jet ski’s for rent.

Another favorite hangout for the black elite is St. Barts, where seaside villas rent for $500,000 per month and invitations read-for men to bring their own BYOB (Bring Your Own Blonde). Mariah Carey and Naomi Campbell are regulars and are known for yacht hopping with the rich and famous. In St. Barts, the women outnumber the men, similar to the Playboy Mansion. Ivanka Trump is also a regular. On a side note: Naomi and Mariah have something in common. Rich men are consistently sending them expensive gifts, mainly, diamonds and furs. Naomi is also connected to the royal family in Dubai.

Another hotspot is a nightclub located in the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas called “Moon.” This club is located in the ‘Playboy Club’ fantasy tower. What makes this club so spectacular? The roof retracts on the dance floor while your dancing to reveal the Las Vegas strip.


What do female CEO’s, billionaires, heiresses, royalty, and celebrities have in common? They indulge in only the best when it comes to beauty, example: The most expensive perfume ($2,350 per ounce) in the world, is Clive Christian No. 1, a favorite among the female jet set along with Lams cold cream, priced at $1,500 per jar. These items aren’t advertised in mainstream media and are targeted exclusively to the filthy rich.

"Voce," is a elite wireless service for the wealthy from "Neiman Marcus." Like the "American Express Black Card," this service is unlimited and by "invitation only." This wireless phone service comes with its own connoisseur (for your convenience) and a operator can book domestic and international travel on your behalf. A luggage delivery system is also available. After you receive an invitation to join this exclusive service, you pay a $500 dollar initiation fee and a flat rate of $200 dollars per month for unlimited service.

The younger generation of female wealth also favors the ‘Donzi’ speedboat, considered the Rolls Royce of speedboats, priced at $250,000.

On A Side Note: One of the most expensive men's colognes is; "Fragonard Cologne Grand Luxe," (pictured above) a favorite of famous millionaires and corporate raiders.


The modeling industry is one of the few industries where women reign supreme. The majority of top modeling agencies are run by women and female models earn quadruple the pay of male models.

I was a modeling scout for many years with a top-modeling agency in San Francisco. Requirement: You have to have an expert eye for beauty and you’re paid 5% of each job ‘your discovery’ books. This gig afforded me the opportunity to meet the first black model to grace a mainstream publication, Naomi Sims. I was assigned to show her around the bay area between promotional appearances. We hit it off and Naomi has been instrumental over the years as a consultant on a variety of subjects. She currently heads a wig empire that specializes in wigs for African-American women.

Like Naomi, former black model Beverly Johnson (2nd photo) also heads a wig empire that grosses millions of dollars per year and she currently resides in the affluent Bel Air, California community.

Former black model Iman (3rd photo) has a very successful cosmetic line and she's married to one of the richest men in the UK, David Bowie. His estimated worth is nearly $500 million dollars.

The most “financially” successful black models (in front of the camera) are Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks. Campbell’s money is invested well and she surrounds herself with the right people. Several years ago, she launched a boutique agency that represented makeup artists, stylists, etc. She no longer heads this agency. Some designers have paid Campbell $50,000 for one evening on the runway. During the heyday of Campbell and Banks, Campbell was more financially successful overseas and Banks was more financially successful domestically. Tyra Banks is also becoming a media powerhouse with a successful talk show and a successful reality show.

Former black model Wanakee who headed her own hair product firm (in the 90’s) is now a successful minister, artist and interior designer.

Kate Moss is considered the richest supermodel, ever. Despite being photographed indulging in drugs, her earnings have since tripled to $30 million per year.

Cindy Crawford was the first business savvy model and was the first to negotiate a deal paying her a percentage of calendars and merchandise. She also had a profitable portfolio and was known as Cindy, Inc. in the business. She retired with a net worth of $50 million dollars.

Christy Turlington is also a business mogul. She owns commercial property and nightclubs in San Francisco and she has a percentage in several restaurants. She currently rakes in $21 million per year from ad campaigns and investments.

Miscellaneous…Beverly Peele was earning $30,000 per day at age 14. If you don’t fit the physical qualifications to be a model, you can always be a “fit” model for $800-$1,200 per day. Models under 18 should be chaperoned at all times. The lifestyle and travel is fast paced. ‘International model chasers’ await American models for seduction when they depart the plane in Paris.

Frank Alexander reveals in his book, “Got Your Back.” ‘When Tupac was in Italy, he was partying at a club, when the deejay put on “California Love,” Pac was already on ecstasy and he was getting his drunk on and when he heard his music, he got buck-wild. Pac was dancing real nasty, grinding and grabbing a** and breasts. He grabbed a super gorgeous girl and they were practically making out in the middle of the dance floor. Pac decided right there and then that he was going to sleep with this woman.

Another woman joined Pac on the dance floor and it got real freaky. When we left the club and got in the limo, Pac and the two women sat in the back and I sat up front with the driver. Not a word was spoken in the back, all you could hear was the smooching sound of kisses, sucking noises and moaning.

Before we knew it, an ménage a trois was going on in the back seat. We get back to the hotel, since Pac’s girlfriend was staying in his room, he borrowed my room and took one of the girls upstairs while the other one stayed downstairs. I go upstairs and sit outside my hotel room; the noises coming out of the room were crazy. First the bed starts squeaking. Then we hear the moaning. Next comes the screaming. About forty-five minutes later, complete silence.

The next day, we learn, after Tupac dropped the girl off, he returned to his hotel suite and had sex with his girlfriend.’

Cathy Scott reveals in her book, “The Murder Of Biggie Smalls,” that Biggie’s mother, Voletta Wallace moved to New York in 1959. A few years later, she met Biggie’s father, George Latore. He was a Jamaican politician and businessman. They married but Latore left before Biggie’s second birthday. Voletta never remarried.

The last time Biggie saw his father was four years after he abandoned them, when Biggie was six. They were never close and Biggie was left with no childhood memories of his father. George Latore died on March 4, 1996. One year and five days before Biggie was murdered. The news of his father’s death did not affect Biggie because he never actually knew his father.

A few days before his murder, Biggie told his mother that he and the ‘Bad Boy,’ group had moved in and out of about five different hotels during their four-week stay in Los Angeles, possibly due to threats.

The night of his murder, when Biggie attended a after party at the “Petersen Automotive Museum,” a surprise guest was the late Orlando Anderson, a gang member who was suspected in the murder of Tupac Shakur, six months earlier.

The shooting of Biggie was so brazen, in front of hundreds of witnesses. One of the witnesses was Biggie’s estranged wife, Faith Evans.

Coming Attraction: His name is D. Campbell (pictured above). He’s tall, dark, classy and handsome. He has presence and he’s well traveled and cultured. He’s also a former model and he’s currently a image consultant, clients include/and have included: Keyshia Cole, Shemar Moore, Fergie (Black Eyed Peas) Michael Strahan (NY Giants), Daron of the R&B group ‘112,’ and Chris Cash (Detroit Lions). Campbell is also a damage control expert for “Black Hollywood.” This classification makes him the first ‘black fixer’ in the history of Hollywood. Famous clients for this division remain classified. He will be featured in our April edition.

We are receiving word that-a black Gigolo for the wives of NBA players (when their husbands go on the road) will be writing a book detailing his sexual trysts with these women and yes, he will be naming names.

We continue to receive inquiries from readers asking for inclusion on our ‘by invitation only’ newsletter subscription list, reserved for celebrities, industry personnel and VIP’s. This list is currently closed and no new names will be added this year. Our offline newsletter has become very popular over the last year because readers receive news a month before it hits the site and some of the data included in the newsletter ‘never’ appears on the site and some of the newsletters are delivered, enclosed in a top secret envelope (above). Example: In our latest edition-sent out last week, we have a bombshell allegation regarding Whitney Houston that has yet to appear on this site.

According to Cathy Scott, unfortunately for Tupac’s estate, bootlegged copies of Tupac’s music were at one point selling more than the commercial units. Still, Tupac’s albums have grossed nearly $100 million dollars in revenue since his murder.


According to Frank Alexander, in his book, “Got Your Back,” one night Tupac was restless and wanted to hit a club. He liked going to a club called, “Peanuts,” on Tuesdays, when “Michelle Triple X,” jumps off-it’s primarily a lesbian club that night.

Pac had a wad of cash on him. Pac arrived and cruised around the club, he went upstairs for a lap dance and he chatted with a few girls. At one point, despite being lesbians-women were flocking around him. Security had to intervene.

Pac eventually closed the club down. We left and went to another club called, “Sensations,” and Pac lost his mind. He was in a wild party mood to begin with and when people realized it was Tupac, the freak was on! He didn’t leave the dance floor and I could tell he was having a good time.

Pac gave one woman $600 in tips throughout the night. Later, she said she’d put her purse down between her feet on the floor and when the song she was dancing to ended-she went down to get her purse and it was gone.

I was there and I didn’t see anyone snatch her purse. Pac felt bad for her and he had the whole joint looking for her purse. He peeled off another $600 from his roll and gave it to her. I was so upset and never got over it. Time and time again, I got on him about it, saying, "she ran game on you," and he would always respond, “Frank, I make $600 a minute. That girl probably needed the money.”

From our “Black Data” Division: Actor Denzel Washington is in the process of building a $40 million dollar mansion on his six-acre property in Beverly Park where his neighbors include: Eddie Murphy, Samuel L. Jackson and Sylvester Stallone.

KiKi Shephard (Showtime At The Apollo) is currently married to a filthy rich white executive who heads a Fortune 500 Company. The couple resides in a mansion with maids and nanny’s and drive several exotic luxury automobiles and they travel by private jet.  Update: On Keke Shephard's MySpace Page, she reveals, she is now 'single.'

The following happened about five months ago and managed to stay under the radar until now. Former NBA player Johnny Newman was sentenced to 60 Days in jail and fined $500 dollars for assaulting his wife, actress Dawnn Lewis (Hangin With Mr. Cooper, A Different World). Lewis said in a emergency-protection order that Newman attacked her in their home by grabbing her by the throat and dragging her down a flight of stairs by her legs while threatening to kill her.


Over the years, in regard to old school, I have heard numerous rumors about white actress Tallulah Bankhead having an alleged secret lesbian relationship with black actress Hattie McDaniel (Gone With The Wind). Now, I don’t know how true this rumor is but this information has also appeared in countless books and if that weren’t enough, rumors are now surfacing that Bankhead also had an alleged secret lesbian relationship with singer Billie Holiday as well.

A 1982 Us Magazine article quoted Johnny Mathis as having said, "Homosexuality is a way of life that I've grown accustomed to." He further confirmed a sexual relationship with a male saxophonist. After more than twenty-one years of silence on the subject, in 2006, Mathis revealed in an interview his silence was due to death threats he received as a result of that 1982 article. I don’t know how true it is but several blogs and rumor mills insist that Mathis had an alleged brief relationship with white actor Tab Hunter-who came out of the closet a few years ago.

Actor Sal Mineo (Rebel Without A Cause, Giant) allegedly had a taste for male hustlers but he kept his interactions with black male prostitutes discreet. After arriving home from a rehearsal on February 12, 1976, Mineo was stabbed to death in the alley behind a West Hollywood apartment building. He was 37 years old. According to Warren Johansson and William A. Percy, he was murdered under circumstances that suggested "a homosexual motive." Investigators reportedly found gay pornography in his home. (Mineo identified himself as "bisexual" in a 1972 interview, published after his death, but his biography notes that he dated men exclusively in the last years of his short life.)


Dorothy Dandridge and Peter Lawford, Tom Jones and Mary Wilson & Mavis Staples and Bob Dylan were not the only secret interracial relationships going on in Hollywood.

White actress Inger Stevens (The Farmer’s Daughter TV series), pictured above, was also in a secret interracial marriage. Stevens, although attractive, seemingly pleasant and successful, was an unhappy woman. She committed suicide in Los Angeles, California with an overdose of barbiturates. It then became known that from 1961 to her death she had been secretly married to Ike Jones (no photo available) a former black collegiate star and actor. Jones inherited the bulk of her estate when he presented proof to the court, showing, that they were actually married.

Duke Ellington was a musical genius. During the time he was married, if one spouse refused to divorce, the marriage would remain intact. His wife refused to give him a divorce so Ellington remained unhappily married. He never had to look for women; they approached him. He was allegedly involved with a overseas duchess, a countess and a empress. Rich white women seemed to gravitate towards his elegance, class and charm and they were in constant pursuit of him until the day he died.

White actress Mae West was the reigning blonde sex symbol during her peak years but what few people know, up until her death, she allegedly had a secret passion for black amateur boxers. This information has been omitted from all of her biographies.


When people are engaging in illegal activity, they should keep a low profile, the way fictional character “Midnight,” did in the book, “The Coldest Winter Ever.” Midnight was part of a drug organization but due to his low profile and discretion, he was the only member of the organization-who was not arrested.

Example: Authorities ignored Suge Knight until he appeared on magazine covers posing between luxury cars with a cigar in his mouth.

Heidi Fleiss was virtually ignored by LAPD until she gave an interview, bragging about her illegal profession to a Los Angeles newspaper. Shortly afterwards, she was arrested.

The Black Mafia Family brought unwanted attention to themselves when a billboard was erected in Atlanta, proclaiming: “The World Is Ours,” a line from Scarface.

To make matters worse, a DVD magazine, “Smack,” released in 2005 features Bleu DaVinci, the sole artist signed to Meech’s record label. During the interview, while driving his H2, Da Vanci brags that a associate is trailing him in a Porsche truck. Then, Bleu gives the cameraman a tour of a Ferrari, Rolls Royce Phantom and Silver Bentley. Claiming, “this is Meech’s shit.”

Source: Mara Shalhoup @ Creative Loafing.


Demetrius “Meech” Flenory (pictured above) will go down in history as the most powerful black godfather in the history of organized crime. Meech headed an empire known as the “Black Mafia Family,” or BMF. This organization netted over $270 million dollars in drug profits over a 10-year period.

Meech was known to spend $100,000 a night in strip clubs.

BMF had members in Detroit, Georgia, Los Angeles, Miami, St. Louis, South Carolina, Louisville and Mexico. Allegedly, their supplier was a top Mexican drug cartel.

When the DEA moved in and arrested BMF members, they seized over $15 million dollars in cash, numerous bank accounts, BMW’s, Range Rovers, Rolls Royce’s, Lamoborghini’s, Hummer H2’s, Ferrari’s, Aston-Martin’s and Maserati’s. The crew was known to travel in a multi-million dollar motorcade.

When they arrived in New York, according to a report from a case agent with the N.Y.P.D., they stayed in the Presidential Suite at a luxury New York hotel and paid "doormen to watch their vehicles instead of using valets. This [was] to prevent security or the authorities from searching B.M.F. vehicles for guns or drugs."

The BMF trial starts in August.

In Related News:

Our series on the “Black Mafia Family’ (BMF) concludes: Alleged ‘BMF,’ associate Marque Dixson was the younger brother of rap artist Bleu DaVinci, Marque was gunned down in a Los Angeles parking lot. His funeral resembled a modeling agency casting call. Hundreds of beautiful black women were in attendance, mourning. BMF, led by Meech (pictured above) arrived in a Rolls-Royce motorcade, featuring 50 Rolls Royce’s in different colors. It was rumored that this funeral was one of the most expensive funerals ever held in Los Angeles.

After the indictments came down in 2005, Countless strippers and models began to miss the presence of BMF members in Los Angeles-because they were known to pick out the prettiest strippers in the club and take them to a fancy breakfast and shopping the next day. BMF members were also known to give pretty women (they just met) credit cards, telling them to ‘shop till you drop,’ on Rodeo Drive. This crew was very rich and extremely generous. They also developed the “make it rain,’ concept, where patrons shower strippers with money on stage. One stripper reported making nearly $10,000 in cash in one night as BMF members tossed hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on stage from their ringside seats.

At the Super Bowl, three years ago, a young man was almost jumped until shouted ‘I’m down with BMF,’ the would-be attackers backed off in a hurry. Allegedly, according to authorities, this organization used men as mules and used women to run their safe houses. The BMF name continues to carry weight in hip-hop circles and gang banging circles and they continue to be well respected and admired by these two groups.

Meech photo credit: David Stuart


Matthew Thompkins (pictured above) was a pimp who won “Pimp Of The Year,” honors twice at the “Players Ball.” He ran a profitable prostitution ring and he agreed to forfeit four homes, eight vehicles and nearly $750,000. Despite being a pimp, Thompkins had a ‘cover job’ as a mail carrier. In a letter to U.S. District Court Judge Freda Wolfson, he wrote about the times when he and the prostitutes working for him "bonded as a family." Wolfson, who was asked yesterday to consider sentencing him to the minimum terms of 10 years, wasn't buying it. "You wouldn't send your sister or your daughter out to do that," she said. "That's no family." The judge instead gave Thompkins more than 23 years - nearly the maximum sentence.

Thompkins, a 38-year-old native of the Bronx, N.Y., ran a sophisticated prostitution ring for 15 years, operating out of New York City, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Philadelphia and other cities, prosecutors said. Thompkins also gave a interview to a writer from the Florida-based hip-hop magazine Ozone shortly before his arrest. In the December 2005 edition of the magazine, a pimp known as "Brandon" - one of Thompkins' aliases - drives around Las Vegas in a white Range Rover, holding forth on his "pimptuition." "Brandon believes that anyone who pimps a woman under 18 deserves to go to jail," the article said. In any case, Kemyra Jemerson, who was recruited to work as a prostitute at 16 (underage), reported horrific abuse, including being beaten with a metal chain for buying marijuana. Other prostitutes said they were beaten with copper pipes.


We recently received a call asking us to investigate an incident involving a famous African-American journalist, Ponchitta Pierce (pictured above) and the Nelson Rockefeller scandal. Miss Pierce is a renowned journalist with sterling credentials, as follows: Parade, McCalls, Reader’s Digest, Newsday, Family Circle, Ladies Home Journal.

Here’s what we uncovered: Nelson Rockefeller (pictured above) died on the evening of Friday, January 26, 1979 from a heart attack under circumstances whose details have never been completely revealed. Initial reports said Rockefeller had returned to his RCA Building office to work on a book about his art collection, where a security guard found him slumped over his desk; however, it was later disclosed that Rockefeller actually had the fatal heart attack in his Manhattan townhouse in the presence of 26-year-old aide Megan Marshack and that some time later Marshack had called her friend, news reporter Ponchitta Pierce, to the townhouse and it was Pierce who phoned 911 approximately an hour after the heart attack.

Much speculation went on in the press regarding a personal relationship between Rockefeller and Marshack, further fueled by reports that she was a named beneficiary in his will. Neither-Marshack nor the family has commented since on the circumstances surrounding Rockefeller's death.

Frank Alexander reveals in his book, “I Got Your Back,” ‘Before Tupac’s untimely murder, he was once in New York for the MTV Music Awards, he got into it with rapper Nas and other New York artists in Central Park. Pac even got pissed off with Snoop because Snoop wouldn’t have anything to do with it. He wasn’t going to hang out in a New York park. Snoop wasn’t trying to be gangsta.’


Not only was Joseph Paul Franklin a "racist serial killer," and a assassin for the Ku Klux Klan, what makes his case even more unusual. He was partially blind in his left eye and completely blind in his right eye. Despite this, Franklin was a proficient marksman, and killed most of his victims from over 100 feet away. He did not touch or try to contact the majority of victims, instead assassinating them from a distance; thereby falling into the category of a mission oriented serial killer. He was also a highly organized killer, who would plan several escape routes and anti-forensic techniques in advance.

Franklin was a drifter, roaming up and down the East Coast, always looking for chances to "cleanse the world" of people he considered inferior, especially blacks and Jews. He supported this lifestyle by robbing banks.

Not only did Franklin have a disdain for interracial couples (especially black men and white women) he also had a disdain for interracial friendships.

Allegedly, this is the reason he shot and wounded Vernon Jordan (who was jogging with a white friend) on May 29, 1980 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Joseph Paul Franklin was acquitted in 1982 of charges of attempted murder, but admitted in 1996 that he had committed the shooting.

Franklin was also the sniper who shot and paralyzed 'Hustler' magazine publisher Larry Flynt because he was enraged that Flynt featured a interracial couple in a layout.

To read more about Franklin, click the following link: Racist Serial Killer


Designer Damien Hirst has released his latest piece of artwork, a $98 million dollar diamond skull. Hirst named the skull, ‘For the Love of God’.

The "Apeiron," pictured above, is a $500 million dollar island hotel designed by "Syabrite." This hotel features over 350 luxury suites and access to this exclusive '7' star resort is restricted to water (yacht) and air (lear jet or helicopter). For the ultimate in arrival and departure style, yachts can moor in the heart of the building's core. Advertised as the ultimate "James Bond," retreat, this hotel also boasts its own private lagoon, beaches, restaurants, art gallery, retail shopping, cinemas, spas and conference facilities.

The "Trimaran," pictured above, is a futuristic yacht designed by Craig Loomes, priced at $2.4 million dollars.

The hottest clubs in America can’t compare with the clubs in Monte Carlo (above), Ibiza and St. Tropez. The top clubs have membership only skyboxes accessed by a membership key. This area also includes two-way glass where VIP patrons can see out but others can’t see inside. A member of security escorts members to this area via a private elevator car.

Store designs certainly play a big role in attracting the eyes of the customers. Louis Vuitton, in its effort to use conceptual architecture to festoon each of its stores with new innovative looks, has opened a new Vuitton store on Rome’s Via Condotti lately. The front of the store touts a plasma screen staircase that plays technicolor ploys on the eye. The inimitable stairs can convert themselves into gushing water, trailing vines, or a classic Louis Vuitton trunk. Isn’t that interesting? Tourists visiting the unique store are simply mesmerized by the technicolor tricks of the plasma screen staircase. The concept for the store design has been penned down by architect Peter Marino.

Waterfront living is getting really popular among the luxury circles. We told you about Four Season’s ownership residence on a yacht and floating luxury abodes to take you away from the urban congestion to the peaceful ocean. Now, another new development on that front is from Oceanic-Creations, a Swedish based company, which has unveiled plans to build floating commercial and residential buildings around the world with the help of a new composite material. The company’s first project is this floating pyramid named the “Maya Hotel” with an estimated cost of $209 million dollars. It will be located south of Cancun, Mexico, on the Caribbean Sea. The floating buildings will feature built-in insulation that makes the constructions suitable for all types of climate, from the freezing cold to extreme heat. The company also plans to build floating offices, factories, casinos, student dorms & hotels in future. The Maya hotel is expected to open by 2010.


Frank Alexander reveals in the book, "I Got Your Back," on the last day of Tupac's life. He spent the day gambling. He was skinny as hell, he'd been working for a straight year with little let-up and it was taking a toll on him physically. He was sporting one of the new (at the time) silky button-down shirts he'd gotten from one of the fashion designers when he was in Italy. He was also boasting a new chunk of gold, a $30,000 diamond-studded medallion.

I could tell he was relaxed, he was always in good spirits on fight nights cause Mike Tyson was his boy. The Luxor, however, wasn't treating him right-he was playing at a $25 table and he was losing bad. Pac was a big bettor and this table wasn't paying off so we decided to move things over to MGM. It was about 2-3 p.m. and we had plenty of time to gamble before meeting up with Suge later that evening.

When we walked into the MGM, you could tell it was fight night. All the rich people were in town, sports heroes, celebrities and high rollers. You could almost feel the money changing hands. We strolled over the bridge separating the two casinos and when we got to the MGM Grand, Pac's luck started to change. He began winning big. He was covering all odds and was coming away with $1,400 to $2,000 a roll. Winners always attract a crowd but as soon as people started recognizing Tupac, the crowd got more serious and Tupac loved the attention. Everything was cool for awhile but since it was Pac, people were trying to angle their way in. Dozens of women were hitting him up for an autograph or a photograph. It started getting more difficult to keep people out. I needed a phone to check in with Suge in case he was looking for Pac. The messed up thing was, I didn't have my security radio cell phone.

I couldn't believe I'm rolling with Death Row's million-dollar boy, one of the biggest rap stars in the world and I got to use a pay phone. After I used the phone, I turned around, and Pac wasn't there. I panicked.

I circled the casino a couple of times before making the decision to go back to the Luxor. I began paging Pac repeatedly, no answer. Had he been kidnapped? And then I heard his voice behind me, "Big Frank!" A wave of relief passed over me.

Tupac Shakur, one of the most wanted men in America, had spent the last hour walking around Vegas alone.

A "Phantom Hard drive," is a secret hidden compartment kept on your hard drive that is not visible to the naked eye. Phantom hard drives are normally used by criminal organizations and mob accountants and you have to be tech savvy to create a hard drive of this magnitude. The sensitive data on these hard drives are encrypted and have to be deciphered by mathematicians. In "Ballin 7," to be featured in book 2, our character Lauryn (cocaine money launderer) in our short story Cocaine Banking Cartel will store her data on a phantom hard drive as she and Cartier try to stay a step ahead of Jacks, G-Mac and Lear.

R&B singer Christopher Williams is the nephew of jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald. And, singer Crystal Waters is the niece of acting/singing legend Ethel Waters.

Last year, Queen Latifah's production company purchased the rights to the Dorothy Woods Story, entitled, "Welfare Queen." Latifah was to start filming this movie in 2007 but has yet to do so, apparently it got pushed back.

For those of you-who are not familiar with Dorothy Woods, here are some highlights:

"Woods had 80 names, 30 addresses, 12 Social Security cards and collected veteran's benefits on four non-existing deceased husbands. And she collected Social Security on her cards. She also received Medicaid, received food stamps, and she collected welfare under each of her names." Woods also claimed 38 non-existent children.

In the early 80's, Woods was sentenced to eight years (the maximum) for cheating the welfare system out of over $300,000 at an average amount of over $9000 per month. In today's dollars, the amount would have been over one million dollars.

At the time of her fraud, Woods lived in a Pasadena mansion and drove Rolls Royce and Mercedes automobiles purchased for her by her then husband.

Woods praised welfare reform for increasing the chances that black women can escape welfare and get jobs. Woods added, "welfare reform was necessary because she knew that there were more people like her out there."

When we think of a "wire," we automatically think of an informant fitted for an electronic wire by authorities but few people know that a covert 'wire' exists especially for computers.

This wire is a high grain antenna and decoder that allows you to read waves and decode them into a perfect replica on what someone sees on their computer screen.


The "Cali Cartel," was the richest drug trafficking gang the world has ever seen. This syndicate flooded the United States and Europe with cocaine. They were responsible for 80 percent of the world's cocaine, generating a staggering $8 billion dollars per year. They waged a bloody war with Pablo Escobar's Medellin cartel, leaving hundreds dead or maimed.

Led by four men-brilliant strategist Gilberto Rodriguez (above), his brother Miguel, Jose Santacruz and Pacho Herrera seized control of the cocaine market in New York in the 1970's. Operating like a multinational corporation, it brought a unique degree of organization to the drug trade and remained virtually untouchable for twenty years.

The syndicate built an army of dealers, smugglers, money launderers, lawyers and assassins.

Eventually, the godfathers became the prime target for the war on drugs and were cut down or captured one by one.

Today, the cartel lies shattered.

Source: Ron Chepesiuk


OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) - The outspoken new editor of the Oakland Post who formerly worked for The Detroit News was shot to death near a downtown courthouse in Oakland, California, yesterday. Police believe Chauncey Bailey was killed in a "deliberate hit." Bailey had been a reporter for The Oakland Tribune before moving to the Post in June. Witnesses told police that a single "masked" gunman dressed in black shot Bailey and then fled. Police had no motive for the killing but say it did not appear to be random.

Bailey was a reporter for The Detroit News from the early 1980s to the early 1990's. Not since the 1970's, has a high profiled black reporter been murdered.

Rewind: In the early 70's, actress Denise Nicholas' (Heat Of The Night, Room 222) 26-year old sister, Michelle Burgen, was murdered execution style. Burgen was an assistant editor at Ebony magazine and freelanced as an investigative reporter. The killer shot her from the back seat of her rental car at LaGuardia airport. Her purse and jewelry were left untouched. Her murder has yet to be solved.

Update: Allegedly, Chauncey Bailey was working on a story about finances connected to "Your Black Muslim Bakery," to be published in an upcoming edition of the "Oakland Post," when he was ambushed and killed yesterday. This morning, police made 19 arrests in 4 different locations. Everyone arrested is connected to the Black Muslim community in Oakland. Crime Stoppers is offering a $10,000 reward leading to the arrest of the suspect(s).


Police say, a 19-year old handy man (DeVandra Broussad) affiliated with the "Black Muslim Bakery," confessed to killing journalist Chauncey Bailey.

Authorities add, Yusef Bey VI, 19, (above) is the ringleader of the "Black Muslim" crew, currently under investigation for 3 murders, two kidnappings and one torture case.

According to residents who live near the bakery, Black Muslims affiliated with the bakery were trying to cleanse the streets of transients, etc., in some of the killings.

According to the SF Chronicle, in 2002, after the "East Bay Express," a weekly paper, published a series of articles documenting a history of violence by bakery members, the series' reporter, Chris Thompson was threatened and followed. And a brick was thrown through the window of the East Bay Express.

A number of people were shadowing the building and following the employees. The threats intimidated the paper to the point they stopped writing about the group.

Black Muslims along with Yusef Bey VI, were caught on camera last year vandalizing liquor stores for selling alcohol to Muslims.

Also, before his death,Yusef Bey's VI's father (Yusef Bey) was on trial for having sexual relations with underage girls, he would die during court proceedings.


During his reign, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein sent hordes of female assassins to European destinations to wipe out Kurdish refugees and defectors fleeing Iraq. The women would take a two-month training course held outside Baghdad, these female hit squads were code-named "Operation Falcon." According to British intelligence, they were staffed by belly dancers, actresses and artists who claimed to be seeking asylum.

"Police Say Former Millionaire Staged His Own Shooting to Frame Son"

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) — What the former MIT professor and wealthy businessman told police sounded like a scene from a bad spy novel: He was shot by two masked men with Russian accents, and saved only because two of the bullets bounced off his belt buckle.

Five months later came the indictment — against him. Prosecutors say John J. Donovan Sr., (above) staged his own shooting to gain an advantage in a legal battle with his own children for control of trusts that he claims are worth at least $180 million. He's accused of trying to get back at his oldest son by falsely accusing him of hiring his would-be killers.

The accusations and the civil case — and even a daughter's molestation allegation — are overshadowing the career of a man once dubbed "the Johnny Carson of the training circuit."

Donovan, 65, a business professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1969 to 1997, made a name for himself as a technology guru. He commanded big fees as a sought-after speaker to Fortune 500 companies, started more than a dozen companies and published 11 books.

Donovan is charged with filing a false police report, a misdemeanor that carries a maximum one-year sentence. His trial is scheduled to begin Friday in Middlesex Superior Court.


A highly skilled and organized team of cat burglars have nabbed nearly $10 million dollars in cash, rare books, art and jewelry in a crime wave that's plaguing Hollywood's wealthiest neighborhoods.

This sophisticated crew has hit 70 homes in the last year. High tech security gates and guarded mansions are no match for these burglars.

Scoping out homes beforehand, these thieves strike mostly at night and often on weekends when high-profile owners are frequently away. They take cash and jewelry and leave behind guns and valuable watches.

And, they seem to know exactly what they want and where to find it.

Los Angeles Clippers basketball star Cuttino Mobley (first photo) lost $500,000 in cash and jewelry to the robbers.

The crooks hit Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's mansion while they were vacationing in Tennessee last February.

The thieves made off with a safe from the home of "Duran Duran," guitarist John Taylor and his wife, Juicy Couture.

They've also robbed the estate of former Paramount chief Sherry Lansing and her husband William Friedkin.

Cops also say they've seen no sign of the loot being moved through the "black market."

In response to the crime wave, cops have stepped up patrols in Beverly Hills, Bel-Air and Holmby Hills, known as the "Platinum Triangle," as frightened residents boost their own private security systems and deposit valuables in bank vaults.

Source: Jordan Rodack


A former Columbian Soccer Federation vice president wants authorities to investigate some of the country's most popular soccer clubs over alleged ties to "death squads."

"Semana" magazine published a recording of an alleged recording of feared warlord Rodrigo Tovar Pupo, above, better known as "Jorge 40."

A laptop computer, confiscated by authorities, belonging to Tovar contained information on over 550 murders.






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