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This story is a work of fiction, the product of the author's imagination, any similarities to people or events is purely coincidental.



Cindy and her cousin Teresa were both 14; two white suburban teenagers who loved hip-hop.  Teresa’s mother Laura chaperoned them to a Hip-Hop concert, the girls even got a chance to go backstage.

The concert ended two hours ago, the girls were energetic and excited.  Cindy talked her aunt Laura into taking them to breakfast at a 24-hour café, located in a five star hotel.

Cindy kept looking at her watch, she stood up and told her aunt, I have to call a classmate.  Her aunt said, use your cell phone, Cindy said, I forgot it, her aunt said, use mine, just then, a waitress interrupted with the menus, perfect timing, Cindy got up and slipped away.

Cindy bypassed the row of pay phones, went through a door and doubled back to the hotel lobby; she reached the elevator and pushed the penthouse button.

She arrived on the top floor, pushed the doorbell, a man answered the door and ushered her in, she told him, I don’t have much time, my aunt and cousin are waiting for me downstairs, he asked, you didn’t tell anyone you were meeting me did you?  No, he smiled, gave her a long kiss and began undressing her.

Within minutes, he was performing a sexual act on her, despite the lubrication, Cindy cried out in pain, she said stop, you are hurting me, I have to go, my aunt and cousin are probably worried, he withdrew.  She gathered up her clothes.

He felt rejected, his ego was bruised, he became disgusted and incensed with Cindy, he came up behind her and put his hands around her neck, he turned her around to face him, she said, what are you doing, she began screaming and crying, he said, shut-up, she screamed louder, didn’t I say shout the fuck up?  He slapped her, she tried to escape, he grabbed her and started suffocating her, Cindy became horrified but no words came out, the harder he squeezed the more excited he became, he was fully aroused, when Cindy took her last breath, he ejaculated.

This was his first kill; the excitement overwhelmed him, seeing the life seep out of someone was the ultimate turn-on.

As the killer left the hotel garage, he noticed a police car out front. He drove his Lincoln Navigator right past them.  He drove the speed limit, didn’t want to arouse suspicion and get stopped by the Highway Patrol with a body in the back.

He traveled to the outskirts of town until he came upon a vacant deserted lot, he looked around nervously before he retrieved Cindy’s body and laid it on the ground.

He got back into his vehicle, looked at his watch and sped to the concert hall.

He entered the dressing room, locked the door and turned on the television, within an hour; the news was reporting-the discovery of a dead white teenager.

The media would have a field day with this story, at that moment, the killer decided to change his motive of operation, all of his future victims would be black, no media exposure.

Just then he heard a knock on the door, he unlocked the door, it was his road manager Benny, man, get ready, you go on in ten minutes, Kendall nodded his head and began changing clothes.

Ten minutes later, the master of ceremonies announced, Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together for Grammy award winner Kendall, the King Of Hip-Hop Soul, the black prince, the velvet crooner.


Kendall Taylor was born and raised in Richmond, VA. At 17, he was a computer genius and hip-hop fanatic obsessed with forensics. He also sang in the choir, his voice was a gift from God, he was a natural singer and he moved the church with his gut-wrenching lyrics, he kept the congregation on their feet.

Kendall had a crush on a girl named Lana, she was 14, she ignored him because of his age. Kendall was devastated, from that day on; Kendall would try and duplicate this attraction throughout his life, he would only be attracted to girl’s aged 13-16.

Kendall returned home from church to hangout with Benny. They played hoops and did some ‘get high.’ Kendall and Benny moved to the corner, peeping honeys, sipping 40’s and talking shit, Benny spotted a ex-con named Mike, Benny said, when did Mike get out of jail?  Kendall said, man I don’t know, Benny laughed, I heard he was a woman in jail, now he got a woman on his arm, ain’t that some shit.

Later on, him and Benny shot dice and played cards.

To make extra money, Kendall would break into a cappella, people were amazed by his voice, they eagerly donated money, the boys spent the money on 40’s and they went to video arcades.

The boys had been saving money all summer to go to Black Spring Break in Miami.  When they weren’t hustling cash, they worked at a warehouse, their expenses were low because they lived at home with their mothers.

After Kendall returned home, he logged onto his computer. He went to his favorite hacker website and chatted with some of the hackers, exchanging tips, information and bragging rights.

Since Benny’s mother was a travel agent, she got Kendall and Benny a good deal for travel and airfare to Miami for spring break. They attended the Urban Beach Week Festival in Miami; over 250,000 participants jam the South Beach area.

Everyone had their whips shining and rims sparkling.  The women wore next to nothing and the streets were packed. Sound systems were blaring, people were dancing in the streets and thugs were carrying kegs and camcorders.

Kendall and Benny went to the beach, the sistas had on thongs and their bodies were on point.  The brothas had chiseled chests, 6 pack abs and tattoos running down their arms.  Gangsta heaven.

The concerts featured the best in hip-hop; the parties were off the chain at the secret hot spots.

Benny got his freak on with some of the honey's, Kendall didn’t pursue any women, Benny teased him, asked him if he was homo, Kendall angrily responded, hell no!

How could Kendall tell his best friend-he wasn’t attracted to women his age?

They returned home exhausted, they had so much fun, they decided to save for the Players Ball in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, Kendall received an acceptance letter from a local University.

Six months later, the boys were in Las Vegas attending the Players Ball. Both were dressed in pimp attire, which made them appear older.

They mingled with the pimps and ho’s and went to the Pimp and Ho pajama party.  Again, Kendall did not pursue any women while Benny chased every woman in sight.  A day later, they flew back to Virginia.

Kendall started his freshman year, he majored in computer science and minored in Forensics.  He also pursued a singing career.

Over the next few years, Kendall’s rap and singing skills fully developed, he could rap and sing.  He was a double threat and people began to notice.

At 20, he signed a contract with a major record label and hired Benny as his road manager.  At 21, his first album was released to critical acclaim.  The CD went triple platinum. At 23, his follow-up CD sold five million.

He still found time to attend college despite the disruption his presence created, he hired a bodyguard to attend classes with him and walk with him around campus to discourage fans from approaching, he refused to go on tour, he was focused on graduating.  He graduated with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in forensics.

Kendall tried to date women his age, it wasn’t the same, he preferred young girls, he couldn’t control his impulses or compulsions.

Kendall was a pedophile, he began prowling for young girls on the Internet. He even went to IRC Internet channels and took a class, the class taught pedophiles on how to lure children.   Another favorite site was an underground auction site where he bought used underwear worn by children for $25 dollars.

He became so obsessed with meeting underaged girls on the Internet that he hardly left his computer screen, even for the bathroom, he used empty beer cans to pee in.

He encountered a female pedophile online, she was a teacher and tried to talk Kendall into relocating to Florida, they could open a day care center and molest kids.  Kendall would have considered the suggestion but his career kept him busy.

Offline, he used his fame to lure young girls, members of his crew would approach girls in the mall, the girls would be infatuated with his fame, go back to the recording studio with him and he would seduce them.

In some cases, parents encouraged their young daughters to have sex with Kendall, he awarded the parents with money, cars, trips and gifts.

People in the industry knew about his sickness, they did nothing, his success paid their salaries, they kept quiet.  Some of his boys began acting as pimps.  They scoped out girls in the audience and brought them backstage to meet him.


Tiffany (Jacks) McDonald headed an Intelligence division in Los Angeles. She was currently in a briefing with Nikki Campbell, Ashley Perry and Sherm Ishmael.

Ashley and Nikki were ‘High-Level Executive Action Specialists for Executive Operations,’ in layman terms-‘assassins.’

Sherm Ishmael was an East Indian logistics specialist; he also had a medical background, he knew how to inflict torture and pain, he also worked field ops. Throughout the meeting, he exchanged sexy looks with Nikki.

They were in the middle of a slide show. Jacks briefed them on a tip she received, a visiting Prime Minister would be the target of an assassination attempt while he visited L.A., Nikki and Ashley were expected to foil the assassination plot.

The screen showed the photo of the suspected assassin, an East German woman who went by the name of ‘Scorpios.’

The photo was grainy, the woman was a master of disguise who cross-dressed and she was a makeup expert.   In the photo, Scorpios looked like a man.  At 18, she was a star East German swimmer, she was disqualified from competition when she tested positive for steroids. She turned her passion to guns and self-defense.

She was 6’1 and hefty with pockmarked skin, she did a few of her assassinations in drag, she was hard to track.  She had been a tomboy all of her life, she went through a gender identity crisis and began taking hormone shots, one doctor classified her brain sex as male.  She went underground for a few years.

When she re-emerged, her father, a East German policeman, who never had a son, recruited his daughter into law enforcement, from there, she went to work for the government, after a few years she went rogue and became a assassin for hire.

She was suspected in several high profiled political assassinations.  Information from international sources placed her in Los Angeles.

Jacks looked at Ashley, you have a license to kill the target, if you get a clear shot-take it, that’s why you were recruited from the marksmanship category at the Olympics.

After the meeting, men gathered around the conference room, each woman was exceptionally beautiful, Jacks was ‘Halle Berry beautiful,’ Ashley had a Charlize Theron look and Nikki had the sensuality of Tyra Banks.

Upon leaving, Jacks told Nikki and Ashley, don’t forget my daughter Leticia’s birthday party on Saturday, she looked at Nikki and said, Leticia calls you her aunt Nikki, Ashley and Nikki smiled, Nikki said, we will be there, Nikki asked, is it ok if I bring my new friend Sherm? Jacks said sure.

Jacks looked at her watch, it’s still early, lets go for breakfast at the ‘Good Neighbor’ in Studio City.


Meanwhile, across town, Scorpios was attending a drug anonymous meeting, she had been all over Los Angeles attending different meetings in different locations.  She finally found what she was looking for as she gazed across the room at a recovering addict named Bob; he was a large blonde man.

After the meeting, Scorpios introduced herself as Jane.  Although the woman was a bit rough around the edges, Bob liked the attention, it had been a long time since a woman paid him any attention, they went to a coffee shop.


Kendall never became a suspect in Cindy’s murder, he felt invincible.  After a concert in San Francisco, his boys brought back a African-American mother and daughter, while one of his boys distracted the mother, Kendall took the opportunity to give the daughter a telephone number and time to call, he put his fingers to his lips and whispered, this will be our secret.  The daughter was ecstatic.

Two days later, while Kendall was performing in Dallas, the body of thirteen year old Charlene Thomas was found washed up on a San Francisco pier.  She had been strangled and raped, the killer used a condom, no fluids were present in her body.

The murder never made the news.


The next morning in Ladera Heights, a black suburb outside of Los Angeles:

Sade and Luther were drowned out by the lovemaking sounds of Jacks deep throating her husband Garrett “G-Mac” McDonald, she was going downtown as she worked the shaft with her tongue and squeezed his testicles with her delicate fingers, G-Mac groaned in pleasure.

He returned the favor by licking the alphabet slowly between her legs.  The moans became intense; G-Mac withdrew his tongue and replaced it with his penis. He entered her slowly, they moved together, up and down, in and out, round and round.  Their bodies rocked to one rhythm, the passion was incredible as Jacks dug her nails into his back.  His strokes got deeper and deeper, she moaned in ecstasy as she felt the full length of his cock, she used her clit muscles to milk every inch of his penis, she squeezed, relaxed and squeezed, they both screamed out in ecstasy as G-Mac shot his load and Jacks climaxed in his arms.

They lay spent for 30 minutes admiring each other’s bodies. Jacks had a perfect figure and G-Mac had a perfect physique, they were a beautiful couple.  They got up and took a shower together.

Afterwards, G-Mac asked, what time is your mother returning the kids?  We have to start getting ready for Leticia’s birthday party. Jacks replied, in 90 minutes.

Jacks was in the kitchen when the kids arrived; they smothered her with hugs and kisses.  The kids asked, where is dad? Jacks replied, getting the grill ready in the back, three of the kids rushed out, the birthday girl Leticia stayed behind.

Jacks sang Happy Birthday, her fourteen-year-old daughter smiled, she was the spitting image of her mother and boys were already calling the house.

Leticia asked Jacks, tell me about Lay-Lay again, my namesake.  Tears came to Jacks eyes when she talked about Lay-Lay; she took a deep breath and repeated the story of their teenage adventures in Compton.  Afterwards, Leticia said, I'm glad you named me after her, Jacks smiled.

The kids had G-Mac surrounded as he grilled the chicken apple sausages, slabs of ribs, mesquite chicken and blackened burgers.

People began arriving for the party; including clowns and a ventriloquist, Leticia received tons of gifts.   Her aunt Nikki gave her a Tupac platinum record she purchased on Ebay and Ashley; a white lady she met for the first time, arranged for a group of B2K impersonators to perform at the party. Hired workmen constructed a stage.

Nikki introduced Sherm to G-Mac, they hit it off immediately, Sherm told G-Mac, it is a pleasure meeting you, your reputation proceeds you as a weapons specialist.  G-Mac invited Sherm to play poker with him and his boys.

Just before the party ended, their neighbor Natasha and her daughter Marla came over, Marla told Leticia, I just won two tickets on the radio for the Kendall concert, I want to take you for your birthday, since the arena is general seating, my mom will buy a third ticket and chaperone us, Leticia was ecstatic, she hugged Marla.


Bob found himself liking Jane more and more; he talked her into dressing in softer colors and wearing makeup.   They spend every waking moment together.

They went to the movies. When they returned home, they had sex, Jane blew his mind, Bob was hooked and Jane knew it.  She fell asleep in his arms with a smile on her face.

Bob arrived at Jane’s apartment the next day; he was disturbed when he saw cocaine on the coffee table.   When he reminded her that they were both recovering addicts, she blew him off and said a little blow can’t hurt, here, try some, Columbian grade A.  Bob was hesitant.  Jane urged him on, within minutes, he snorted three lines, Jane didn’t snort any.

Bob and Jane would drop out of the meetings as Bob’s drug use increased.  Before long, he was hopelessly addicted and behind in his bills.  This was the opportunity Jane was looking for.

Jane took advantage of his desperation.  She seduced him, afterwards she said, baby, I have a sexual fantasy, Bob was half listening until she said, I will pay you $5,000 to make this fantasy come true, she had his full attention.

It would turn me on to see you dressed in a suit, carrying a briefcase draped in a overcoat, that would make me so hot.  Bob asked, is that all, Jane said, I want you to exit a building, like a business mogul, the Convention Center would be ideal.

Bob asked, when do you want to play this fantasy out, Jane said, in a few days, I will keep you posted; meanwhile, I will the suit and briefcase.


Jacks informed Nikki, Sherm and Ashley that the Prime Minister would be speaking at the Convention Center the following day.  She laid out the plans and asked them to keep their eye out for anything suspicious.  The speech would occur at 1 p.m.

Later that evening, Natasha and Marla came over to pick up Leticia for the Kendall concert; the concert was off the hook. Afterwards, a roadie asked them if they would like to come backstage.

Kendall was very attentive to Leticia, they traded email addresses, Kendall told her that he would be in town performing for the next two nights, he would email her, but it would be their secret, she agreed.

Leticia returned home ecstatic, she told her parents, we went backstage, I met Kendall and the his background singers, the concert was banging, before they could respond, she raced upstairs and turned on her computer, she was in the middle of researching a school paper when she received an IM from Kendall.  They chatted for the next two hours until G-Mac came into her room and asked, why are you up so late on the computer?   She mumbled an excuse and logged off, she went to bed with a smile on her face.


Jane and Bob arrived at the Convention Center.

Bob was dressed in his new attire. Jane told him, I want you to exit the building at 1:05 p.m., I will be here waiting to pay you the $5,000, afterwards, I want you to take me home and fuck my brains out; I also copped some good blow this morning, we can try it out back at the house, here’s a sample.  It was 12:00, Bob leaned over and kissed her, snorted three lines, put the rest in his pocket and exited the car.

Jane sped off, went to a gas station bathroom, changed clothes, assembled her weapon and put it in a duffel bag.  She returned to the Convention Center and entered a back door, undetectable.

About the same time, Ashley, Sherm and Nikki arrived.

Nikki, Sherm and Ashley scanned the crowds, the exit doors and the rafters, nothing.

Ashley and a team would be stationed on the inside of the convention center, Nikki and her team (including Sherm) would be stationed outside.

The Prime Minister came on stage at 1:00 p.m., the team scanned the crowd, nothing, Ashley saw movement up above, she noticed a figure clothed in black with a gloved hand on a weapon, she rushed towards the Prime Minister, Ashley shouted, everyone down, the crowd screamed and ducked for cover and the Prime Minister was hustled off the stage.

Ashley made a decision midway to the stage; she turned around in mid stride, aimed and shot the weapon out of Scorpios hand while moving backwards towards the stage.  Scorpios was stunned with her marksmanship and muttered, damn, Scorpios gathered her senses and looked at her watch, Bob should be exiting the building within seconds, that would buy her time.

It was a madhouse, people were scrambling for the exits.

Ashley radioed Nikki with an update, Scorpios is on the run and may be exiting the building.

Nikki and her team were covering all exits as people charged out, just then, a husky blonde man exited the building,   Bob thought he heard gunfire or was he hallucinating.

Nikki remembered that Scorpios dressed in drag for assassinations, she shouted, hands up! Bob said, what’s going on?  His brain wasn’t functioning rational due to the cocaine, Bob became nervous and jumpy when he thought about the coke in his pocket, he decided to make a run for it, the agents opened fire, Bob died in a hail of gunfire.

Nikki shouted in the radio, Scorpios may be down, over. Ashley stopped her pursuit as the real Scorpios headed for the roof.

Nikki and Sherm patted Bob down, something wasn’t right, he had an Adam’s apple and a prominent bulge in his pants, she muttered oh shit! She shouted in her radio, Scorpios is still on the loose!

Just then, Ashley heard a helicopter on the roof, she headed for the roof, she couldn’t wait for backup.  She reached the roof and saw a helicopter taking flight as a blonde figure hung outside the helicopter door by a rope, Scorpios was climbing up the rope, within seconds, Scorpios would be in the helicopter.

Ashley had time for one shot, it would be a long distance shot; very difficult, she kneeled down, took a deep breath and took aim.

Scorpios was shot in the back of the head, she fell to the street below, dead on impact. A LAPD chopper would intercept the helicopter.


Back at the office, a celebration was in full swing, the elusive Scorpios was dead and the assassination attempt foiled.  Everyone was talking about Ashley’s marksmanship skills, unbelievable.  The director of the agency congratulated them. Everyone was in high spirits.

As the party winded down, Nikki told Jacks, I will contact you when I get back in town, Ashley and I have a deep cover assignment in Argentina, Jacks said, you do that, the two women embraced


Kendall couldn’t get Leticia off his mind, she was the cutest little girl he had ever seen, this was his last night performing in Los Angeles, he had to see her, he had to talk her into meeting him tonight, after the show.  He sent Benny out to buy a camcorder for the special occasion.

He pulled out his laptop, he checked his buddy list, Leticia wasn’t online, he decided to send her an email detailing a meeting time, he urged her to go to a friend’s house and he would send a car for her and to keep everything a secret.

Leticia was happy to see an email from Kendall, she hurriedly clicked on the email and read it, afterwards, she called her best friend Regina, can I come by and visit this evening?  She also asked Regina to cover for her, she had a hot boy to meet later that evening. Regina said sure and told her to come over.  She returned to her computer and emailed Kendall Regina’s address.

Afterwards, she called her mother and asked if she could spend the night at Regina’s, her mother said sure.

Leticia arrived at Regina’s, they talked fashion, watched BET and read magazines, the doorbell rang. Regina’s mother, Lillian answered, a man in a chauffeur uniform asked for Leticia, Leticia stepped forward, the man said, our friend is waiting for you in the limo, Leticia started blushing as she went to get her coat, Lillian asked the chauffeur to wait at the door.

Regina and Lillian asked Leticia, what is going on?  No boy your age would have access to a limousine and a chauffeur, are you dating an older man, he can be arrested? Leticia answered, nothing like that, she lied and said, my friend’s father owns a limo company, we are just going for a ride, Regina’s mother asked, is your friend male or female?  Leticia didn’t answer as she rushed out the door.

Kendall greeted Leticia with a kiss on the cheek. They listened to his latest CD and cuddled in the back.   Finally, they arrived at a rented house on the outskirts of town.

Leticia went inside with Kendall, he led her upstairs where he had video equipment set-up, Leticia was thinking, wow, my friends are never going to believe that I spent time with Kendall, I can’t wait to get back to school and tell everyone.

Kendall interrupted her thoughts by kissing all over her and caressing her breasts, she became uncomfortable with his aggression and asked him to stop.

A shadow came over his face as he slapped her hard and threw her face down on the bed, Leticia started crying and screaming, he stuffed a rag in her mouth and tied restraints on her hands and ankles.

He left Leticia on the bed and went into the bathroom, he replaced the top layers of skin on his fingertips with a proto dermal tissue which prevents your fingerprints from being traced and appear non-existent.  This method was used for deep cover operations a decade before the end of the Cold War, after he finished, he exited the bathroom, pushed the record button on the video camera, slowly turned around and walked towards the bed. Leticia had a look of terror on her face.


The phone rang as soon as Jacks walked in the door; it was Regina’s mother Lillian, Jacks asked, is my daughter behaving?  Lillian answered, she was when she was here, Jacks asked, what to you mean, when she was there, I was under the impression she was spending the night, Lillian said, that is why I am calling, a chauffeur arrived at my door two hours ago asking for Leticia, she ran out of here and rushed into a limousine, someone was waiting for her in that limo, now we know that boys her age don’t have limos.  Jacks got a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, she hung-up and called G-Mac, they would meet up at Lillian’s.

G-Mac arrived before Jacks.

Due to their law enforcement affiliation, the police responded quickly, everyone was on the lookout for a black limo.

The cops interviewed Regina and Lillian. Regina told them that Leticia asked her to cover for her because she wanted to spend time with a hot boy, she didn’t give a name.

G-Mac would scour one side of Los Angeles and Jacks would scan the other side, they spent hours looking for Leticia without success.

They returned home exhausted, neither could sleep, they waited up all night for Leticia to return, she never did.

The next day, G-Mac and Jacks mobilized a search party, they came up with nothing.

Across town, the body of a fourteen-year-old African-American girl was discovered in a vacant field.

Jacks and G-Mac went to identify the body, it was Leticia, she had been raped and tortured. Jacks fell to the floor screaming, G-Mac put his protective arms around her and sunk to the floor with her.

They returned home, Jacks had to be sedated, G-Mac went into his office and slammed his fist on the desk.

G-Mac took out his black book, picked up the phone and dialed a felco prefix which went through a internet socket, he got a fast busy signal, he hit #8 for three seconds, then he entered 4 digits.

Nikki Campbell answered on the second ring, G-Mac told her about Leticia, Nikki broke down and cried on the phone, between sobs, she asked him what happened, G-Mac told her, and I to punish the sick son-of-a-bitch who did this to his daughter. Nikki told G-Mac, nothing was going to stop her from attending Leticia’s funeral, a replacement was flown in for Nikki.

The murder never made the news.


The church was filled with heart wrenching sobs from Jacks, Nikki and the kids, G-Mac did his best, trying to console his family, until he broke-down in tears.

After Leticia was laid to rest, they returned home. Jacks was dazed and disorientated, she went upstairs to rest.

After the guests left, Nikki and Sherm joined G-Mac in his office.  Nikki said, I’m taking a leave of absence, I want to help in the hunt for this bastard, G-Mac replied, me and Jacks are also taking a leave of absence.

Sherm spoke up, the authorities will do all they can but we need to unite and break this case ourselves, G-Mac nodded, when he looked up, he saw Jacks in the doorway, she said “count me in.”


Sherm asked G-Mac, is there anything unusual that stands out? G-Mac said, just like I told the cops, Leticia was up late on the computer last night at about 9:30, when I asked, what are you doing up so late?  She became slightly nervous, the cops took the hardrive but found nothing useful, they returned it.  Sherm stood up, I need that hardrive.

They all went into Leticia’s room, Jacks started crying as G-Mac and Nikki embraced her, Sherm got the hardrive, he went in the hallway to make a call.

Sherm returned to the room, I am going to drop the hardrive off at a friend’s house, his name is Scotty and he is the best IT man in intelligence, I will give Scotty the day and the time of her chat, he will have the address of the person she was chatting with by tomorrow evening, from there, I will trace that person’s identity.   I am busy at work, you will have to go to Scotty’s house to get the address, the code word is: GARCIA.  Let’s meet here tomorrow after 8pm.

G-Mac, Jacks and Nikki arrived at Scotty’s, a man answered the door, Jacks said: GARCIA, the man introduced himself as Scotty and asked them to come in.

He asked them to sit down, he began scratching his head, in all my years in intelligence, and I have never seen anything like this. The person your daughter was chatting with has hacker skills, I tried to trace a IP location, what I got was a bounce, a bounce is something that doesn’t allow you to trace the IP address because the IP address jumps all over the world making it impossible to trace, terrorists use this method.  He covered his tracks well; sorry I couldn’t help you more.

When they returned to the SUV, Nikki spoke up, what kind of motherfucker are we dealing with?  I can’t wait to cap this sick son-of-a-bitch, I’m going to kill him nice and slow, like I killed that rapper Key-Low.

Meanwhile, G-Mac, Jacks and Nikki went to the police station, they wanted to know if the police were making any progress with the case, unfortunately, they weren’t, since G-Mac and Jacks were in law enforcement.  A detective told them, the killer left no fibers, hair samples, fluids, or fingerprints, the crime scene was spotless, I’m betting he has a background in forensics.

The house was quiet, the kids were staying with their grandmother, they waited for Sherm, he arrived at 8:30 pm.

G-Mac spoke first, I know the police are during all they can do, but the waiting is killing me, it’s time we utilized all of our intelligence skills and bring this sick bastard to justice ourselves just like you suggested.  I will make four untraceable firearms in my workshop, from now on, we will communicate via cell phones implanted with sub channel chips (untraceable), internet phones and swisscom mobile phone cards (worldwide access).  We are going to break this case wide open and bring this asshole to justice!

G-Mac looked at Nikki and Sherm, it’s time to retrace Leticia’s steps, starting from her birthday, you two canvas the neighborhood and go back to Lillian’s and Regina’s house, maybe they can remember something.

Meanwhile, Jacks and I will run background checks on everyone who attended Leticia’s birthday party over the age of 17.  For all we know, it could have been one of the workmen who set-up the stage or one of the clowns.

The background checks revealed nothing useful and Nikki and Sherm were unable to gather new information.

The next evening, Jacks and G-Mac were watching CNN when an anchorman reported “A police chief’s daughter was found murdered in Georgia” in other news Kendall Taylor tickets sold-out in fifteen minutes.

A lightbulb went off, G-Mac and Jacks looked at each other and rushed out the door.

They arrived at Natasha’s, it was late but Natasha woke up Marla. G-Mac asked Marla, did anything unusual go on when you and Leticia attended Kendall Taylor’s concert. Marla said, a roadie asked us if we wanted to go backstage, Jacks remembered Leticia telling them that when she returned home from the concert, Jacks asked, did you get his name?  Marla said no but he had sandy hair and green eyes.  We met Kendall and his background singers, that’s about it.

On the way home, G-Mac told Jacks, I’m going back to the hood tomorrow, talk to some of my boys, Joe-Joe puts stage sets together, maybe he worked the Kendall concert, since tomorrow is Sunday, I can track him down at his mom’s house.

G-Mac was treated like a king when he returned to Compton, he was a Ghetto Superstar, a OG, a legend.

G-Mac found Joe-Joe at his mom’s house. Miss Hendersen came out to say hello, she asked G-Mac to stay for dinner, she was frying up catfish with collard greens and yams, she and Joe-Joe expressed their sorrow over Leticia’s murder.

Joe-Joe said, man, if you need backup, me and my boys got your back, we take care of our own. How is Jacks?   G-Mac replied, she holding up as best she can.  Joe Joe said, give her my love.

G-Mac said, I need your help? Joe-Joe replied, what you need man? Did you work the Kendall concert a week back?  Yeah man, G-Mac asked, do you know anything about a roadie with sandy hair and green eyes, he might have something to do with my baby girl’s death, Joe-Joe said, I know that motherfucker, you barking up the wrong tree, that fool gay.

G-Mac said damn, Joe-Joe said, you need to be looking at Kendall’s ass, G-Mac said, what?  Yeah man, it’s well known in the industry, he likes young girls, he’s a pedophile.

G-Mac raced to his car and called Jacks from his cell, I will explain later but do a search on bodies discovered each time Kendall appeared in concert in different states, have Sherm and Nikki at the house in a hour.

G-Mac arrived, Jacks, Sherm and Nikki were going over the research Jacks had accumulated.  During the last six months, each time Kendall appeared in a city, a dead girl was found the next day.

It makes sense, the mysterious stranger in the limousine sending his chauffeur to the door.  Also, Kendall Taylor has a minor in forensics, explains why no evidence is ever left at the crime scenes.

Kendall was relaxing in his hotel suite, watching the sex tape he did with Leticia.  After he finished, he put the tape away.

Thirty minutes later he got in his limo, the driver raced to the arena.  Kendall was in rare form, the women were on their feet screaming his name, he did three encores.

After the show, Kendall returned to his suite exhausted, when he turned on the lights, he was startled to see four people, one was holding a gun.

G-Mac shouted, sit down motherfucker.   In a flash, G-Mac was all over Kendall, pistol whipping him, suddenly he threw the gun aside and started choking him, pressing harder and harder, Jacks, Nikki and Sherm had to pull him off Kendall.

Kendall gathered his senses and said, you crazy motherfucker, who the fuck are you people, fucking psychotic groupies?  Get the fuck out of my suite before I call security!

Nikki pleaded with G-Mac and Jacks, please let me kill this motherfucker, G-Mac replied, emotions overtook me but we gotta stick to the plan.

Jacks turned to Kendall with tears in her eyes, she screamed, you killed, raped and tortured our daughter you sick pathetic fuck!

Kendall said, fuck you! I don’t know what you’re talking about, what you going to do, kill me?  Jacks got in his face and said, there is nothing I would like better, what we got planned for you is worse than death.

At that moment, Sherm stepped forward with a black bag and brought out a hypodermic needle, he slowly approached Kendall as Kendall moved backwards, G-Mac held Kendall as Sherm injected him.


Kendall awoke groggy, he was handcuffed to a hospital bed, what was going on?  The nurse arrived, he tried to talk but nothing came out, must be the medication. He pointed to his mid-section and the bathroom, the nurse went and got a cop to uncuff him.

He went to the bathroom, he became alarmed when he looked in the mirror and saw a bandage across his throat.

When he came out the bathroom, he saw the nurse, he pointed to his throat, she replied, in all my years as a nurse I have never seen a case quite like yours.  Someone removed your voice box, you will never sing again.


Despite his dream team of lawyers, Kendall was found guilty in the death of Leticia McDonald.  The research that Jacks had accumulated and the sex tape of Leticia was instrumental in his conviction.  Kendall was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.  Several other states were awaiting extradition.

Kendall had to pay restitution to the victim’s families and all future royalties earned from his recordings went to the victim’s families. This ruling would wipe out his fortune.

Kendall positively identified G-Mac, Jacks, Sherm and Nikki as the culprits-who assaulted him, drugged him, and quite possibly removed his voice box, he wanted them arrested for cruel and unusual punishment.  All four suspects were affiliated with intelligence-the charges against them were not taken seriously by law enforcement, the investigation purposely stalled, no charges were ever brought forth, the case remains unsolved.

G-Mac and Jacks joined a support group for the parents of murdered children.

On a daily basis, Kendall is raped in prison, the inmates consider him a perfect victim because he can't scream out for help.

*Nikki Campbell is also featured in Ballin 1 



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