*I notice a pattern emerging with black supermodels of today and the past, they tend to date and marry well and they also invest their money well. I once knew a black model (born in Compton) who didn't achieve supermodel status but worked on a regular basis on the European catwalks.

When she first started out, she had an edge, after spending considerable time working in Paris and Italy, she became polished, cultured and well traveled (she also learned languages) and became engaged to a millionaire doctor, despite the engagement, wealthy playboys and businessmen were in constant pursuit of her and she invested her money quite well after her modeling days ended.


Naomi Campbell has never had financial problems and she never will because she surrounds herself (like Halle Berry) with the right people. Not only does she continue to date rich but she also takes advantage of the money and investment tips given to her by rich boyfriends, wealthy associates and powerbrokers in the political arena.

Allegedly, like Baby (from Cash Money) and Condoleeza Rice (former Secretary Of State), Naomi also has her money invested in the oil industry (including oil rigs). This is how it works, according to a close friend who works in the oil industry. (Keep in mind, all investment opportunities are structured differently).

You or an investment group invest anywhere from $1.8 million to $2 million in the oil industry (including oil rigs) and you are guaranteed a "high" a of $56-$58 million over a seven year period. This isn't a ponzi scheme but an great investment opportunity that's available on a very rare basis.

Naomi also had an agency (not advertised) that represented stylists and makeup artists in the entertainment and modeling agencies on an exclusive basis.

In person, Iman has a very mysterious aura and is extremely private within her inner circle of friends and associates.

Again, we have another former black supermodel who is extremely wealthy. She also heads a profitable makeup line.

Iman is also fluent in five languages: English, Arabic, French, Italian and Somali.

The fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent said, "My dream woman is Iman." She recalls her experience as a house model for Yves Saint Laurent's African Queen couture collection as the most memorable moment of her modeling career.

Iman and her husband David Bowie have homes in London and Manhattan.

Bowie is fast approaching billionaire status via investments and an blockbuster industry deal he signed over a decade ago.

A famous quote by Iman: "The secret to success is being like a good lover, not always available."

Yet again, former supermodel Veronica Webb (1st photo) married an extremely wealthy man, they reside with their two daughters in a mansion located in the Florida Keys. Webb is also fluent in French.

Webb graduated in 1983 from Detroit's Waldorf School and moved to New York to study design. After a makeup artist saw her in a housewares boutique, Webb dropped out of school to become a model.

Webb moved to New York City to earn her college degree and was discovered on the streets by a New York makeup artist In New York, Webb pursued a modeling career and eventually became a spokesmodel for Revlon. She was the first black supermodel to win an exclusive contract for a major cosmetics company.

Karen Alexander (2nd photo) is a former supermodel who appeared in several movies. When she retired, she also married rich and is the proud mother of two daughters.



Former model/actress Maria McDonald used to have food (her favorite meals) flown in from Switzerland to New York via a private elite air cargo.

McDonald was also known to hop a private plane enroute to the Swiss Riviera to view the Montreux Jazz festival on Lake Geneva.

McDonald remains close friends with Iman and Beverly Johnson. She says Johnson was very generous and helpful to her in regards to her career. When McDonald was just starting out, one evening Johnson called and asked her would she like to replace her for a Harper's Bazaar fashion shoot?

When McDonald arrived in Los Angeles, Johnson called the top modeling agencies and asked them to consider signing McDonald.

Despite both of McDonald's parents having brown eyes, all of the McDonald girls (4) have green eyes and their one brother has brown eyes, all of the girls are model types and stand 5'9 and up, the brother stands 6'7.

In her prime, McDonald often ran into Gia at auditions (the model who died of AIDS). She said Gia was often withdrawn and kept to herself.

Renowned modeling scout Claude Mohammed Haddad had an exceptional eye for potential models.

"I went to New York," he says, "I found Grace Jones, the one black girl, in an elevator. She was coming down from an agency. She looked so angry.

She said, "They don't like black people in this country." I said, come to Paris.

Grace arrived in Paris and became a success!

By the end of the 60's, Naomi Sims (who we featured last week) was earning $1,000 per week and now Sims wasn't alone.

When Donyale Luna (above) was asked where she hailed from, she answered, "I'm from the moon darling."

Her feline looks and wild behavior made her a sensation in London and Paris.

Although she was the first black model on the cover of British Vogue, her career was cut short. She died in a clinic from an accidental pill overdose in 1979. She was 33.

Source: "Model," by: Michael Gross


If it’s not the recession that has the filthy rich worried, security of their assets is certainly an issue that’s giving them sleepless nights. But the RoboVault comes to the rescue with the first high-tech, robotic self storage facility in the world.

The RoboVault combines cutting -edge technology with state-of-the-art security systems to store valuables ranging in size from exotic automobiles to precious artwork and other priceless items. The facility even offers climate-controlled wine storage and private safe deposit boxes catering to individual requirements to preserve your priciest wine collection.

This fully automated robotic container retrieval system is virtually impenetrable from theft, harsh weather elements, bullets, fire and even Category 5 hurricane winds up to 200 miles per hour!

Premier Luxury (PLR) is a one-stop affluent operation where you can rent private jets, upscale homes (ranging from $2 million-$50 million), chartered yachts, helicopters, mansions/villa's, limousines, VIP/bodyguard security (below) and exotic cars, which include: Maybach's, Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Aston Martin's, Maserati's, Rolls Royce's, etc.

Premier Luxury Rentals (PLR) also has a personal security/VIP bodyguard division (mentioned above) which includes an extensive network of security firms and personnel that covers over 40 countries throughout the globe. Their cohesive network of Agencies, and agents are highly qualified professionals with years of experience providing a high standard of service to all our clients on a worldwide basis.

Our operations center is staffed 24/7 by trained personnel (former military and law enforcement professionals) in order for Management and Supervisors to respond quickly and efficiently to any situation that may occur.

Personal Security Professionals are ideal for Executives, Dignitaries, Celebrities, Athletes, Musicians, and Individuals who want to protect their privacy, families, career and overall well being.

Our Security Professionals Specialize in:

Executive, Dignitary & Celebrity Protection
Personal Protection
Bodyguard Services Protective Security Driving & Secure Transportation
Domestic & International Investigations
Electronic Counter-Measures
Stalker & Threat Management
Residence & Estate Protection
Asset Protection
GPS Vehicle Tracking on an International Basis

This extraordinary company is owned by a black man, Mark McNeil (pictured above, center). McNeil started off renting his cars (Bentley, BMW, Mercedes) for entertainers' to feature in their videos at $5,000-$10,000 a pop.

Despite the recession, this is PLR's best year. The business is continuing to grow, at the rate of 200-300 percent each year.


Concierge doctors is another perk for the Rich & Famous. The annual costs of these "concierge practices" can range upwards to $20,000 in places like Seattle and Key Biscayne, Fla.

Some of the packages include: Longer appointments with no waiting, house calls and after-hours care if needed. The majority of packages have a cap of 200 or less patients; some doctors cap off at 400 patients.

Despite the recession, there is a high demand for concierge doctors among the rich.

Some of these doctors take on one patient; usually a billionaire. Concierge doctors are popular in Beverly Hills, the Hamptons and Miami.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell rarely drives, she's usually driven in a Rolls Royce or limousine by a chauffeur/bodyguard supplied by her boyfriend. Surprisingly, she was recently spotted in France (Champs-Elysees) departing from a blue Lamborghini.

Few people outside of Europe know the following: In the 90's, Campbell developed "The Design House of Naomi Campbell."

Through this house, Campbell has created seven fragrances for women, most of which were released and sold in Europe exclusively.

The following fragrances were created by Naomi Campbell: In 2000 Campbell dropped, "Naomi Campbell," and "Naomagic." In 2001, Campbell introduced her third perfume, "Cat Deluxe," and in 2003 released "Mystery." A year later a fifth fragrance was made, "Sunset," and in 2005 another fragrance was released, "Paradise Passion." Campbell's latest fragrance is a new version of her Cat Deluxe perfume called "Cat Deluxe at Night."

Campbell is paid between $25,000-$50,000 per runway show.

Precious wines, $225,000 Tequila, diamond vodka…we have told you about them all! And, for the connoisseurs who have rich taste, here is the million dollar coconut brandy from Mendis. Mendis coconut brandy is a 100% all-natural clear brandy distilled from the essence of the coconut flower and it is also the world’s first clear ultra-premium brandy produced from coconut. The company has decided to offer the first coconut brandy bottle ever for $1,000,000 to the public. The bottle will be signed and numbered by the founder of the distillery and will come with a certificate of authenticity. Besides, the purchaser will also be provided with a luxury trip and personal security for the bottle.

Golf is considered the game of rich & sophisticated and what makes it even richer is this diamond-studded golf ball from Bernard Maquin. The designer earlier won accolades with his $500,000 chess-set studded with diamonds commissioned for Charles Hollander collection.

Peter Aloisson has designed a $1.3 million Diamond Crypto Smartphone, for rappers and WWF wrestlers. The phone is adorned with 50 diamonds, 10 of which are the rare blue ones. Apart from this, it also features s few sections made in rose gold. Also, the phone is built on the lines of Windows CE operating system, and features a high-resolution color TFT display and stores upto 4000 numbers in it’s memory.

This Million Dollar Diamond Ice Cream Cone is not edible! This blinged-out ice-cream from the Bruster’s ice cream company is created in the likeness of its signature waffle cone. Bruster’s masterpiece was created by renowned diamond manufacturer, Lazare Kaplan International Inc., and it consists of nearly 20 troy ounces of 18k white and yellow gold, 548 round diamonds, 87 square emerald cut diamonds, and one breathtaking 5.63 carat Fancy Intense Yellow radiant cut diamond.

What do kingpins, rap moguls and CEO’s have in common? They all want a ‘Arowana,’ fish (pictured above) in their wall encased fish aquariums, to show off on the grounds of their estates. The platinum Arowana, above, is considered to be the most expensive aquarium fish in the world, ($80,000).



When Ellen Barkin's jewels hit the block at Christie's, collectors ogled at $10-$15 million worth of jewels.

But of the 102 lots, the pieces most likely to set paddles flying--at least those held by connoisseurs--are 17 by a reclusive designer (rarely seen or photographed).

This jeweler certainly knows how to make his products sought-after. Born Joel Arthur Rosenthal, he goes by a single name: JAR (no periods). His shop in Paris' Place Vendôme has no display window, no regular hours. It does not advertise and opens its doors to only a select few, including Elizabeth Taylor, Elle Macpherson, Barbara Walters, Ann Getty, Mary Pinault and Jo Carole Lauder (and reportedly Marie-Josée Kravis, Marella Agnelli and Princess Firyal of Jordan).

There is scarcely a woman alive who wouldn't kill to have his jewels. It is said that only 250 (some of the wealthiest, most famous and prominent women in the world) actually possess a piece of his jewelry.

The craftsmen in Switzerland and France turning out his creations produce only 70 to 80 pieces a year, each of them one of a kind and many designed with a particular buyer in mind. He reserves the right to refuse to sell an item if he doesn't think it would look good on the intended wearer.

The buying panic (for JAR jewels) extends into the aftermarket. Ordinary jewels that come onto the secondary market bring maybe a third of their original price. JAR items routinely sell for twice what the first buyer paid (similar to Hermes bags that appreciate in value).

Over the 30 years he has been making jewelry, Rosenthal has accumulated a tight circle of friends, dealers and collectors who speak of him in worshipful tones and don't answer questions without his approval. He agreed to a meeting in Europe, but then, not long after a reporter stepped off the plane, he became unavailable.

Source: Forbes

It's been reported in various news outlets that Naomi Campbell travels by private jet accompanied by a 2-3 man elite security team/bodyguards.

If the bodyguards surround her in a triangular formation (this formation is usually reserved for bodyguards with an intelligence background who have a history of guarding dignitaries and other political powerbrokers).

Update: We recently received word that Naomi's private jet travel has been upgraded to a Gulf Stream V-SP.

This is the most expensive private jet ever made, priced at an staggering: $45 million dollars. Available to Naomi on an 24/7 basis.


(Stunning TV Couple)

When actress/model Maria McDonald appeared on "Miami Vice," off set, strangers would often ask her if she was related to actor Philip Michael Thomas because they share similar features (they're not related). Others told them, they were a stunning pair. Maria will be appearing in an upcoming Tennessee Williams play in New York. One of Maria's sisters is Suze Lane, she had a smash disco hit in the 70's "Harmony," which was recently voted the number #2 dance record of all-time.

Wanakee aka (the hair model) continues to do well with her art. She recently launched a website to showcase her art work. Wanakee, Pat Cleveland, Alva Chinn and Maria McDonald are good friends.


Pat Cleveland (pictured above with late designer-Halston) and Sterling St. Jacques had become so popular and famous on the NY party scene; including Studio 54 that several magazines did interviews on them; including "After Dark," magazine. They also created a stir at the "Black & White," ball in New York with their sophisticated dance and runway moves.  They were also in demand on the European dance circuit and were very popular in Champs Elysees and they were a hit at Halston's masquerade ball.

After a fashion show in Paris, the legendary Josephine Baker was so impressed with Pat Cleveland that she went on record as saying, "If my story is ever brought to film, I want Pat Cleveland to portray me, she even resembles me."

In Paris, Pat was roommates with Donyale Luna (above), the first black women to grace the cover of Vogue. Luna became so popular in France. Four French boys would camp outside of her apartment each night and follow her throughout the day. When she wore a dress with a long train, the boys would walk behind her, carrying the train of her dress. Luna died in 1979 of an accidental pill overdose in Rome, Italy.

Pat would go on to marry a multi-millionaire Park Avenue executive. They have homes in Italy and Switzerland. In the summer, you can find them relaxing on their luxury yacht.

Pat has a son who stands 6'5 and her daughter is 6'0.


Sterling St. Jacques & Pat Cleveland were magnificent at an party given by Grace Jones at Studio 54. So magnificent, they made NY headlines the following day!

Sterling and Pat ruled NY nightlife and they were at the top of every VIP party list and they were a big hit on Soul Train when they traveled to Los Angeles. They were also known for their Tango.

On other nights, as soon as Sterling walked through the door, Bianca would grab him and take him to the dance floor, 3rd photo. Bianca also enjoyed dancing with Mario Van Peebles.

Sterling is pictured carrying Caroline Kennedy onto the dance floor in the second photo.

Sterling was "Studio 54," and was in demand from women and men.

Allegedly, even back then, rumors circulated that he shared the beds of some of the most desirable men in the world, including: singers, rockers and actors, white and black.

He moved so gracefully on the dance floor; many considered him desirable.  He was a beautiful specimen, he stood over 6'0, he had smooth chocolate skin, his physique was awesome and his eyes were gray.   This was before colored contact lens; this was his actual eye color.  He was stunning and striking.

St. Jacques contracted AIDS and died in 1984, not knowing who gave it to him.


Actress/model Maria McDonald (1st photo) met Phyllis Hyman backstage, they clicked and hit it off. Both women traded numbers and stayed in touch.

"Phyllis was like a big sister to me, she often critiqued the men I dated."

"She wanted me to teach her acting and she was going to teach me how to sing."

"We were friends for 10 years."

"She was fun to be around and I was devastated when she committed suicide."

Fashion designer Oscar De La Renta (3rd photo) is the godfather of black model Alva Chinn's son. De La Renta also adopted an African American son who is now his spokesperson.

Pat Cleveland heads a successful modeling agency (she owns) in Rome, Italy.

Timeless beauty/supermodel Beverly Johnson was one of the few black models to grace the cover of American Vogue. She's been linked to: The late Arthur Ashe (before his marriage), allegedly Eddie Murphy, Chuck Norris, Benny Medina, Robert Evans (producer) and Law & Order actor Chris Noth.

The only scandal associated with Johnson are her allegations against Noth (above, 2nd image).

Beverly Johnson currently heads a very profitable and successful wig line.

She currently resides in a Bel Air mansion.


Dream Job:

Would you like to have access to one or several mansions on surrounding islands in Miami? Throw in exotic cars and you have a dream job.

Luxurious house sitters babysit summer homes, 11 out of 12 months each year. Not only do they get a nice salary, they also get their run of the homes and they get to select any car out of the garage (Ferrari's, Maserati's, Rolls Royces, etc.) for transportation purposes.

Some sitters work for one household while others fit several homes into their busy schedules.


For those of you who didn't know, elite shoe designer Christian Louboutin is Black according to the following excerpt from his biography: Christian Louboutin (born 1963) is a well known French shoe designer. Louboutin is black. He includes Princess Caroline of Monaco and Catherine Deneuve among his friends.

The Paris-based designer sells his perilously high heels—and the occasional flat—at his eponymous boutiques in Paris, London, New York, and even Moscow, as well as at top American retailers like Neiman Marcus.



As an added incentive, if you open up a Swiss numbered account in Switzerland, you automatically get a "secrecy" credit card, (pictured above).

This numbered credit card comes without your first or last name or you have the option of having it issued by another institution so that the bank cannot be identified by the first four digits of the card numbers.

At your request, the actual bank logo can also be left off the card.


Victoria Beckham not only has a $10 million dollar credit line at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills, she also has the most expensive purse in the world-The limited edition Hermes Birkin Himalayan bag (pictured above).

The Hermes bag, which is one of three in the world, cost ($116,665). The bag is adorned with hundreds of diamonds including a three-carat diamond on the lock. The fashionista, 34, showed off her diamond-studded hand bag in Dubai as husband David made his debut for AC Milan.  -Photo credit: Splash


The "Yellowstone Resort," was a ski and golf playground that catered to the super-rich. The luxury mountain resort counted billionaire Bill Gates among its exclusive list of just 340 members.

Members had to pay an annual fee of $250,000 to join.

Club co-founder Tim Blixseth and his wife Edra built the world's most expensive club.

At the launch, the club was then valued at $167 million. The club is 44,000 square feet with 10 bedrooms and an indoor pool set on 195 acres.

The club's main allure besides gorgeous views was its exclusive ski slopes, where the billionaires didn't have to rub elbows with mere millionaires as they plowed into a sea of powder-fine snow.

Golfing, fishing, horseback riding and hiking were among summer activities.

To join, members had to shell out the quarter-million dollar entry fee, a minimum of $2 million for a plot of land to build a house on, and an standard annual charge of $16,000.

Owners Tim and Edra recently divorced and the resort is currently up for sale. Asking price: $455 million.


Tessa Prendergast (above) was the talk of royal circles in the 1950's as Kings and Princes constantly pursued her; similar to how royals and billionaires currently pursue black supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Prendergast was also lavished with gifts and expensive jewelry. She was also taken on expensive European vacations and some of the richest men in the world offered to buy her homes all over the world.

An incident involving Prendergast made headlines all over the world in 1955:

Egyptian King Farouk and an Italian Prince exchanged cold glances and hot words over her attentions in Rome where the curvaceous Prendergast was working on a film.

According to reports, the two scions of ancient Mediterranean Royalty clashed when King Farouk attempted to persuade Prendergast to leave the company of an Italian Prince who had been her constant companion in Italy. The Italian Prince called Farouk's unwelcomed rivalry a personal affront and engaged in such a heated verbal clash with him that it was necessary for police to intervene.


Tessa Prendergast was the designer responsible for the bikini worn by Ursula Andress in the James Bond film Dr. No (an updated version of the bikini would be worn by Halle Berry in "Die Another Day)." Prendergast was also an actress, and, in her later years, the owner of a private club in the West End of London; an unheard feat for a black woman in the 50's.

Tessa Prendergast, set up her clothes design business with a partner in the late 1950's in Jamaica.

Her most important commission came when the makers of Dr. No invited her to design costumes for the Bond film, including what was to become the world's most celebrated bikini.

Andress wore the ivory-colored bathing costume, adorned with an army belt and commando knife, as she emerged from the sea on to a tropical beach.

The outfit was sold in 2001 at Christie's to Robert Earl, owner of the Planet Hollywood restaurant chain, for $41,125.

Therese (Tessa) Prendergast was born into a prosperous family in Jamaica on October 17 1928, although only half a dozen people were ever allowed to know her age.

Her father, Louis Prendergast died when she was in her infancy; her mother later married Noel Nethersole, who established the People's National Party with Norman Manley and became minister of finance."


It was only a matter of time before the rich had their own "private networking site." The site is called "Whyte Gold," featured below. An affluent version of Myspace, Facebook and Tweeter., the online private members club recently announced that it had developed the most advanced sign-up system on the internet to limit its intake on a strict by-invitation-only basis. To ensure that every member meets the site’s criteria.

Chief Executive Aryan Moghaddam claims that the high level of security ensures that members can conduct networking in a safe and discerning environment. He points out that there are not many websites where people are comfortable placing personal items such as Picasso paintings or summer motor yachts for sale. In fact, one of their members is advertising a WallyPower 118, currently listed at $17.5 million dollars.

Source: Born

At Vale do Lobo, Europe’s finest golf and beach resort, a world of leisure and luxury awaits. Situated just minutes from a private airport and less than 20 minutes from the regional international airport, Vale do Lobo offers a luxury retreat that is both private and at the forefront of luxury resorts.

Its awards for its championship golf course and the luxury surroundings that include one of Europe’s most scenic beach clubs has attracted the super rich and celebrities for over 15 years.

Although its luxury lifestyle feel is the major attraction, Vale do Lobo is also versatile. The resort offers a range of activities for sports enthusiasts, spas, beach activities and a range of accomodation options.

Most villa rental options include a maid who will cater for your every need to make your stay a memorable one.

The resort is family friendly and has a range of activities for children, including a children’s club.

With over 300 days of sunshine and mild climate during the Winter months, the Algarve region of Portugal is an excellent vacation home rental choice.

Portugal Villa Renters has a range of properties in the Vale Do Lobo and Golden Triangle area.

Source: Born

“Le Billionaire Champagne” is the most expensive champagne ever at $2.75 million per bottle"

This $2.75 million dollar Salmanazar bottle contains nine liters and is dressed in fur and diamonds.

This champagne, made by Leon Verres, is limited to an exclusive count of 5 bottles (Though miniature versions will be made available soon-at $2,750 a pop).

Four of the 5 have been purchased by Billionaires from Russia, China and Dubai; with the fifth bottle being auctioned off for charity after its "World Tour."


The discovery of a deep-sea fish thought to be extinct for more than 65 million years triggered an ancient curse (similar to the King Tut curse) say experts researching a series of tragic deaths over the past 70 years.

Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer, a curator, identified the coelacanth, a species previously known only through fossils, among the catch of a local fisherman in 1938.

The fish was 5 feet long and had a strange puppy-dog type tail.

Naturalists from around the globe soon descended on the remote Comoros Islands, where the colossal specimen was caught. But the prehistoric fish remained elusive as scientists, divers and adventurers died in horrific accidents while pursuing the rare fish.

The latest casualties include diver Dennis Harding who suffered a massive cerebral embolism after ascending too quickly from a dive. A year later, another man died in the same waters off the Comoros during a coelacanth expedition.

This fish is so rare; like the dinosaur. These fish are worth millions on the black market.

Source: "Sun"


The ultra-luxurious $2 million dollar sporty sedan from DiMora Motorcar just got another new feature — the world’s first MP3-enabled horn! It features 256MB of internal flash memory, 150 watts of audio amplification, and a weatherproof, ruggedized, compression-driver speaker.

The Horntones system can deliver hundreds of different sounds at an impressive 110db sound pressure. The company feels that the Horntones system is probably the most radical change in car horns in the past century. It allows the driver to communicate something more than just a general alert such as standard horn sounds.


I remember telling a male friend several years ago that certain politicians don't have to pay for postage, they sign their name in place of the stamp.

My friend has recently returned to college to finish up his degree. One of his assignments was a report on Teddy Kennedy.

Before Kennedy became ill, he sent in a request (for information) to the Senator's office. Sure enough, the response came back in an envelope where the Senator had applied his signature in place of the postage.


The latest from the house of Van Geest Design is an 85m super yacht design concept that speaks of crisp contemporary lines and an open air lifestyle. The new yacht will feature four decks, with the transom cut open to the water level for the on-board passengers to relax and enjoy the picturesque beauty.

When at anchor, the beach cabin can be used, which can be closed by watertight doors for privacy. The luxury cabin is located on the main deck where the yacht’s owner gets access to a true summer and winter suite.

There will be two owner staterooms on the super yacht, with the guest cabins situated aft on the lower deck. The back side of the bridge deck boasts a panoramic lounge and exterior entertaining. The main sunbathing area with a Jacuzzi and dining space can be found on the sundeck.

Late designer Yves St. Laurent's art haul went under the hammer in Paris, France on Monday, breaking records for private collection sales.

Pieces by Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee raised over $260 million, and one Matisse, titled The Couscous, Blue Carpet and Rose, sold for $40.6 million-the highest amount ever paid for one of the French artist’s works.

However, a Picasso painting, called Musical Instruments on a Table, failed to sell, despite the fact it was the pre-auction highlight.

More than 1,500 art collectors attended the auction at the Grand Palais.

Revered Paris art critic Beatrice de Rochebouet called the auction "the sale of the century."

Saint Laurent died last year (08), aged 71.

Lamborghini makes one of the most expensive sports cars in the world. They also have a limited edition coffee maker (above) for their rich and famous clientele. This coffee maker also comes with Lamborghini coffee beans, priced at $1,750. Also, Lamborghini makes a limited edition Hummer, by special order. Tina Turner owns one, and the company also hosts an "invitation only," race, featuring Lamborghini cars driven by professional racers. Grand prize is $1 million dollars.

This diamond studded cricket ball will be presented to the best Indian cricketer and the best interim player of the world cup 2007 tournament which is currently being played in the West Indies. Each diamond ball is studded with 5,728 pieces of diamonds with a worth of approximately $68,500.

Korea’s Golden Zone has launched a $1.89 million gold bra during a fashion show in Seoul. The gold brassiere is decorated with diamonds and is made to hug the body.


Luxury yachts are lined along the Quai de Suffren with topless beauties glistening with oil, soaking up the sun on decks. A slew of luxury vehicles (Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Aston Martin's, Rolls Royces, Maybach's, Maserati's) cruise the streets that line the harbor and lead to the vast stretches of private beaches. Athletes and rappers (with the exception of Jay-Z and Diddy and other moguls) have nothing on the people of St. Tropez, this is the filthy rich at play. This is a playground for the ridiculously wealthy. There is so much money around. Someone with looks, game and a good mouthpiece can easily come here. St. Tropez has replaced Miami as a gold digger's mecca. If women are looking for a rich sugar daddy, one with means that won't and don't stop. St. Tropez is the place to find him but the competition is stiff. Everywhere I look there are women who appear to be in their twenties or early thirties, strolling arm in arm with men nearly three times their age. It's obvious that they're being given the world from the looks of their clothes and bling. St. Tropez has more beautiful people than Miami and Hollywood combined, if that's possible.

Nina Shaw is the most powerful African-American (female) entertainment attorney in the industry. Shaw negotiated Laurence Fishburne's deal in the Matrix films which netted him $15 million dollars in salary. Shaw also negotiated a backend deal for Fishburne which included 4% percent of gross earnings. Fishburne netted an additional $43.5 million dollars. Shaw has also represented Jamie Foxx in negotiations and she's a partner in one of the most prestigious law firms in Los Angeles. Source: Essence Magazine.


Actor Chris Tucker has a blue-chip real estate portfolio that would make billionaires blush. Tucker has acquired property all over the world, including: Europe, Atlanta, Florida, Africa and California.

Tucker not only makes $20 million per film but he also receives 1 percent of box office receipts from each movie he appears in. This backend deal drives his per film (Rush Hour) salary up to $30-35 million per film.


Nat King Cole had just finished a performance and hurried to the Palladium, so he wouldn't keep his wife and daughter waiting, and joined them at the dinner table. A few minutes later, a stranger in a suit approached the table. "Excuse me, Mr. Cole, the President wants to see you; he's in town." Nat replied, "The President of what?" "The President Of The United States," said the Secret Service agent.

Cole left with the agent to a room at the Hilton where Kennedy was staying. JFK wanted to know if it would be all right if he visited the exclusive and elite black organization, "The Links." Cole assured him he had nothing to worry about at the Links Cotillion.

From the lobby of the Hilton, President John F. Kennedy and Nat King Cole entered the ballroom where 500 African-Americans had gathered. The President told the crowd: "Nat was nice enough to meet with me on short notice this evening so I decided to reciprocate." "I congratulate you ladies and your families and I'm grateful that you let me come to your party."

The black guests were stunned into silence at the presence of Kennedy. This event made headlines all over the world and the organization became even more exclusive for the black and prominent elite.

Never before had a U.S. President addressed a predominately black organization on a moment's notice.

Before Kennedy departed. He took the time to shake everyone's hand and he apologized for crashing the event.


Una Mae Carlisle (born: December 26, 1915, died: November 7, 1956, ) was a jazz singer, pianist, and songwriter. She also saw success as a songwriter; Cab Calloway and Peggy Lee were among those who covered her tunes.

Offstage, Una was constantly pursued by royalty (Kings, Counts, Dukes & Counts). One of her best friends was the late Duke of Kent who sometimes flew from London to Paris just to hear her play his favorite tunes.

She also formed lasting friendships with Josephine Baker and Maurice Chevalier.

In 1939, Una operated her own club in Montmarte. An unheard of feat for a Black woman in the 30's.

Una also accepted an invitation to perform at the royal wedding of King Farouk in 1937,

In the 40's, she signed a lucrative contract with NBC.

In 1950, she was the only black musician with a coast to coast radio program.

Illness forced her to retire in 1952, and she died in 1956.


We bring you the jaw dropping luxury gold plated Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG that proved to be a real head-turner at the “Bling on Wheels Show” in Dubai. The car is priced in the mid six figures.


BLACK POWER ELITE: As we stated before, these are the types of women to admire and emulate. Female rappers, video girls and female reality stars are not role models. Aspire to be like these extraordinary African-American women.

Susan Rice (above) is Obama's choice for U.N. Ambassador. She earned a Masters and a Doctorate degree from Oxford. She also holds a degree from Stanford and she was a Rhodes Scholar.

Desiree Rogers is the White House Social Secretary and a Harvard MBA. She's also the former President of People's Gas and North Shore Gas.

Cassandra Butts is the General Counsel on Obama's transition team and she's a former Harvard classmate of Barack Obama.

Lisa Jackson is Obama's choice to head the EPA and she's a Princeton graduate.

Mona Sutphen is the Deputy Chief of Staff and an graduate of London School of Economics.

Valerie Jarrett is the Transition Team Co-Chair. She's also the 4th generation of educated professionals in her family and is a Stanford graduate.

Melody Barnes is the Director of White House Domestic Policy Council.


Men's Vogue refers to Ben Elliot (above) as a celebrity fixer, concierge and treasure hunter for the rich and famous.

Elliot co-found "Quintessentially," in 2000, at the age of 25. Since then, the company has become the number one concierge service in the world among the powerful and wealthy.

Elliot has seven thousand clients, who include: Madonna, Brian Glazer, Gwyneth Paltrow and legions of anonymous sheiks who pay $45,000 annually for the 24/7 privilege of issuing whatever requests they desire to a worldwide staff of 800.

Requests include: Access to private clubs, front row concert tickets and backstage passes to sold-out concerts, super bowl tickets (sky box), movie premieres, awards shows, hard to get restaurant reservations, etc. They can even book passage on private jets at the last minute and arrange yacht outings at the spare of the moment.

Elliot and staff even provided albino peacocks for Jennifer Lopez's birthday party and the company recently helped a bachelor build a hidden study in his library modeled after a Batman cave.

Then there was the father who wanted a pro football player to come practice with his twin sons, the yacht owner who required sailing instruction from an Olympic medallist and the man whose idea of a fun vacation involved an Indiana Jones type of adventure with training by ex-M16 agents and mock-hostage-rescue games.

There is nothing Quintessentially can't obtain, even if it's a last minute request. They even had a rare "hard to find" tea flown in from India for Madonna before she went on stage at a recent concert. The tea arrived via private jet.

Source: Men's Vogue


A vintage car model 1937 Bugatti Type 57S, originally owned by Earl Howe, is set to break new records when it goes under the hammer next month in Paris.

The precious gift left behind by surgeon Harold Carr for his descendants remained undiscovered in a garage for more than 50 years. Finally, his nephew found it lying uncared for years in the garage and was amazed to learn that just 17 of its kind were ever made.

The rare piece will go on auction next month at Bonhams’ Retromobile sale and is expected to fetch more that $8.7 million.


Jean-Michael Basquiat was a struggling artist who lived in a cardboard box in Central Park. He led a homeless existence until his paintings caught on with the New York elite.

He was thrust into the spotlight and started dating Madonna and hanging out with Andy Warhol who introduced him to caviar.

Unfortunately, he died of a heroin overdose in 1988 at age 28.

Last year, one of his paintings (untitled) sold for $14.6 million dollars. The highest price ever paid for a painting by a black artist in U.S. history.

A few weeks ago, another one of his paintings (Boxer) sold for $13.5 million dollars.

To learn more about Basquiat, rent the film "Basquiat," starring Jeffrey Wright.


Want to join the ultimate carpool? The Supercar Club is selling shares in the world's most expensive car, a $2 million Bugatti Veyron, for $200,000 but you get the keys to the sleek sports car for only 20 days a year.

For the first year, owners will have to drive the car in Europe, where it can legally reach its top speed of 252 mph. In the second year, the club will ship it where the owner wants. After two years, the club will sell the car and guarantees owners will get back at least 60 percent of their investment.

"The people who've bought shares so far are obviously very wealthy," admits Richard Thomas of the worldwide club, which gives members access to exclusive cars for a hefty annual fee plus joining costs. "It's a very rare opportunity for them."

The Bugatti goes from 0 to 60 mph in an astounding 2.5 seconds, has 1,001 horsepower under its hood and reaches a top speed of 252 mph.


Only 1 Exists In The World:

Lamborghini’s unique Miura Roadster could never make it to the racetrack since it was originally designed in 1967 as a pure exercise in aesthetics to preserve interest in the Miura Coupe.

But the company is now offering the unique Miura Roadster for sale through the Kidston auction house in Switzerland. Motor Authority reports, “The car never made production due to stress-tolerance difficulties in its windshield design. Nevertheless, the car’s lines captured the imaginations of fans the world over.” And, the auction provides the collectors a chance to acquire the one of a kind creation.

The car has been featured in museums and private collections around the world. Miura was even ranked second in show at this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, losing out only to the magnificent 1938 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B.

Now the car has been restored at an monumental cost of $330,000 according to the auction house. But, it is expected to fetch a stratospheric figure, regardless of the tough economy.


Back in 2006, a Hong Kong property tycoon dropped $160,000 on a white truffle and in 2007, Macau casino mogul and billionaire Stanley Ho bought a giant white truffle weighing 1.5 kilograms for a whopping $330,000. Chefs call it the diamond of the kitchen.  Truffle is held in high self esteem in France and Italy as well as International haute cuisine.  A few years ago, millionaires, celebrities and billionaires gathered at Tokoyo's Ritz Carlton for a 3 way auction linked by a satellite feed to bid on white truffle.


The Black Amex card is no longer the most elite credit card in the world, that honor now belongs to the "Dubai First Royale" credit card. The Dubai First Royale MasterCard (by invitation only) is possessed by people with the right social standing and profile that make them residents of the exclusive elite club. To add to its exclusivity, this handcrafted black with golden metallic border credit card with no spending limit is studded with a certified diamond.


Halcyon, a premier provider of on-demand private charter aircraft services, has revealed its plans to offer an US $5 million gift card for those who want to share the gift of luxury and convenience aboard a private jet.


Since the collapse of a few financial institutions in the United States, offshore banking institutions are trying to lure customers into their fold.

A particular offshore company is located in Uruguay, South America. The reason? Uruguay has the strongest bank secrecy law in the world.

This institution also offers: Secret bank accounts/wires, anonymous brokerage accounts, anonymous offshore credit/debit cards and confidential pre-paid credit cards.

You can open an (3 figure) account with this company in 8 minutes.


For those who own a Bentley, nothing can say “I drive a Bentley” better than this diamond-studded Bentley continental car key from Alexander Amosu. The key is handset with 101 diamonds on the Bentley famous wings with a total of 1.09 carats using color F, VS1 clarity. The diamond-studded key is priced at $7,895. And, if your auto line-up includes a Lamborghini, Mercedes and Ferrari then Amosu has already created their luxury keys.

($95,000 SPACE TRAVEL)

For the rich sci-fi lover who did not make it on the passenger list of Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, here is a chance to board a rocket ship. A brand-new Arizona-based travel agency is selling front-row seats on an XCOR Aerospace rocket plane that will soar more than halfway to outer space, for $95,000 apiece on their Lynx Mark I rocket ship.

Though the Lynx Mark I rocket ship hasn’t had its first test flight yet, this first-generation Lynx is designed to take off and land like a regular airplane, and fly as high as 38 miles (61 kilometers) which is short of the internationally accepted boundary of outer space (100 kilometers, or 62 miles), as well as the U.S. Air Force’s lower standard for spaceflight (50 miles). So, for those who don’t see it as a major difference, this might be a close experience for space travel, better then a simulating experience.

Ginza Tanaka has designed a Diamond studded handbag. The platinum handbag is studded with 2,182 diamonds totaling 208 carats and it adorns a even more dazzling price tag of $1.63 million. The diamond platinum bag was showcased at a fashion show organized by the designer in Tokyo on 14 June 2007.


Above, is a bed meant for billionaires who constantly live under the threat of an assailant attack. The bed folds up into a fire-resistant coffin-like box to keep you safe from any uneventful event.

The bed is fitted with a high-level security system that protects you from destructive forces of nature, bio-chemical terrorist attack and kidnappers. Though, it might give you chills to actually imagine yourself inside this coffin-like box, but, the bed has proper ventilation arrangements to prevent suffocation.


Above, is a polo shirt made for security-seeking wealthy people, this anti-ballistic (bullet proof) polo shirt takes safety to a new level! A few security conscious rich people are on hit-lists of gruesome militias, this polo shirt from Caballero is something which ups the security factor. Caballero has people as high-profile as Hugo Chavez on the client list just to elaborate on the fact that this offering is a top-notch product. The polo shirt is good enough to protect you from a 9mm pistol. Priced at $12,000 dollars.

"The Ultimate Secure Home," is made from a kind of patented steel-reinforced concrete which could withstand almost any biological or nuclear disaster! Located in the awesome San Juan mountains of Southwest Colorado.

This home is also equipped with a genuine Swiss-made Luwa nuclear, biological, chemical air filter that will effectively filter out all known bacteriological agents, all known viruses, and even radioactive fallout to protect its owner from any biological hazard, and even nuclear war. The safe room also has a bath with shower.


This anti-ballistic bathtub that takes an individual’s safety to a new level. The bathtub that assures you an ultimate safety during bath time is made of ultra transparent glass, making it go well with modern bathroom design. If you are on the hit-list of militias and feel inclined about your safety measures, just go and bathe in the bomb/bullet proof bathtub and put all your worries aside.

The jewel-encrusted shoelace clips shine with the emeralds, sapphires, rubies and diamonds that are set in white gold. Kickbars can also be used on bracelets and necklaces. The original Kickbar features a rectangular bar weighing 2 carats, which is festooned with 54 G color, VS1 diamonds. Kickbars are priced at $7500.


A favorite among the filthy rich is crystal-covered “Bling water” priced at $55 per bottle.


Introduced in 1993, McLaren F1 is by far, the world's most expensive super car and the fastest one as well. This silver-gray one-seater comes with a 627 horsepower engine. The "drivers seat" is in the middle of the car. Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison owns one. Billionaires like the uniqueness of this car (one seat). These cars are extremely rare and are by invitation only. Domestic and overseas billionaires are invited by the company to purchase this car. They rarely go on the market (every several years).


They are finally making "gold plated" business cards available to the public. I was able to purchase my cards through a friend (who works at the manufacturing compny), last year. My card features the "sky villa" logo.  Now, these cards have become the latest fad among the wealthy (CEO's, Chairman's, Company Presidents), etc. It's now a trend (in affluent circles) to have a gold plated business card. The card is shipped in a chic wooden box and each card is priced at: $179.00.

The Beverly Hills Neiman Marcus has approved a $10 million dollar credit line for Victoria "Posh" Beckham.  Pictured above with husband, soccer superstar, David Beckham.

In Related News:


It’s no secret that soccer sensation David Beckham is an avid car collector. His eldest son Brooklyn seems to be following father’s footprints, as he owns the refined version of the ultra-small Porsche sports car.

The toy car is handcrafted and is powered by a diesel engine. Costing (approx. $72,610), the customized small Porsche is a single-seater. The toy car is just for him to go out on a joy ride in the backyard of his mansion.


Ike Iregbulem (above) is the founder and president of "The Opulent Lifestyle," concierge company. He has the distinction of being the only black male to head a luxury concierge company in this country. Iregulem generates millions per year with a client list that reads like a "who's who" manifest: Terrence Howard, Vince Young (NFL) Hill Harper, ESPN, Pepsi, Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs, just to name a few.

Numerous celebrities hire concierges to obtain the "unattainable," example: Front row tickets with backstage passes, sky box accommodations, private jet charters, private island rentals, submarine rides, access to movie premieres with stars, your name added to celebrity guest list parties. One man even rented a island to entertain a number of pin-ups.

These services are usually "invitation only" and you have to generate a six or seven figure annual income to be considered as a potential client.

Iregbulem's company mainly deals with a celebrity clientele. Other concierge companies cater to rich CEO's, millionaires and billionaires.

Madonna's concierge gained notoriety when they delivered her favorite soup on time while she was on location overseas.

These companies are well connected and can do the impossible for an annual fee.

Beyonce, Kimora and Mariah Carey are known for their Manolo Blahnik shoe collection. These shoes are some of the most expensive shoes in the world. Whenever Blahnik appears at Neiman-Marcus, Bloomingdales or Harrods. He's treated like a rock star and lines are snaked around the corner. Blahnik has a special edition "diamond studded" pump priced at $2,500.

Mariah, Janet and Beyonce are also big fans of the "most expensive" perfume in the world, "Clive Christian." We reported last year that this perfume costs $2,350.00 per ounce. Now they have released a special edition: For all those women who desire to smell different, "Imperial Majesty Perfume," by Clive Christian has something special to offer. The perfume not only smells unique, but also is priced like no other aroma in the world. If you care to possess it, then be ready to pay $215,000, for that is the price you pay for smelling like heaven! You pay $31,650 (17 ounce) for the perfume and the rest-$175, 000 go for the cover.

In addition to the scent, you get the Baccarat crystal bottle it floats in, decked with five-carat white diamond, decorated on an 18 carat-gold collar. For all the women who care to buy it, hurry, for the perfume is out with only ten pieces, and only five bottles are released for sale. If you happen to be a man, ready to woo your love, then go and get her this magic!

You may have heard of "Millionaire," and "Billionaire," magazine but nothing can compare to the "Robb Report," considered the most affluent magazine in the world. Where else can you find a Maserati, Ferrari or Lamborghini in the classifieds? Timbaland has purchased two Lamborghini's through their classified section.

It was originally started by Robert White as a magazine to complement the purchase of a Rolls-Royce automobile.

The Robb Report was sold to a conglomerate in 2002 for $30 million dollars.

Ludacris mentions the Robb Report in a line in the song "Spur of the Moment" on the album The Red Light District.

Jay-Z refers to the Robb Report in two songs: the first is the song "The Watcher 2" on the album The Blueprint 2: The Gift & the Curse. The second is the song "You're Only A Customer" from his 1996 soundtrack album Streets Is Watching, in which he says "As you thumb through The Source, I read the Robb Report."

This diamond studded i-Pod is decorated with gold, platinum and diamonds and is priced at $20,000.

Tina Turner is one of the few celebrities who drives a special limited edition "Lamborghini Hummer," priced at $150,000. Turner loves to drive her Hummer near the French Riviera, not far from her villa.


What do the majority of US billionaires have in common? They wear a "Corum Classical Billionaire Tourbillion watch," priced at $998,000 dollars. Expect rap moguls Jay-Z and 50 Cent to purchase the new limited edition, pictured above.

The Corum Classical Billionaire Tourbillon is an ultra-limited edition wristwatch with 850 diamonds. The watch has a glittering skeleton dial with Skeleton hour and minute hands.

It has been manually wound with 90-hour power reserve and has a Caliber CO-372 by Corum and La Joux-Perret. Limited to 10 pieces, the Billionaire Tourbillion comes in many versions, priced at $998,000.

Renowned French artist and jeweler, Bernard Maquin created the Royal Diamond Chess set in 2005. This is one of the most expensive chess sets in the world. Thirty craftsmen, under the direction of Maquin spent over 4500 hours creating the expensive chess set. The work was done from start to finish by hand. The artists and jewelers used 1168.75 grams of 14 carat white gold, and approximately 9900 black and white diamonds, bringing the total weight to 186.09 carats and the total cost to a whopping $500,000.

The Mercedes SL legend began over 50 years ago and to celebrate 50 years the limited edition Mercedes-Benz SL550. This charming diamond covered Mercedes SL was on display at an auto show in Italy.  The car is valued at $1 million dollars.


Did you ever hear of the 2-20 Club? The secret club for the super-rich has been now revealed to the public. It’s one of the world’s most exclusive and expensive clubs. You can imagine the club’s exclusiveness as the membership is capped at 20 and till the date, only 11 members have got the chance to be a part of the elite club.

What is 2-20 Club?

The 2-20 Club is an asset and contact sharing partnership for the prestigious and secretive hedge fund managers around the world, often known to the market as the ‘Masters of the Universe’. The name 2-20 comes from the standard fee arrangement in the hedge fund industry - 2 and 20. Managers make 2 percent of assets under their control while the 20 percent of profits after a predetermined benchmark.

Membership norms:

It’s not everyone’s cup-of-tea to get the membership as the norms are quite tough. The membership asks for £100,000 at the time of joining, followed by £1,000,000 per year just to retain your membership. Moreover, the membership is offered strictly by invitation. A new member must first be nominated by an existing member and then interviewed in the presence of the membership committee.

What does the 2-20 club offers?

With that kind of cash, the members can buy luxury yachts (two hundred-footers), helicopters (two), jets (four, including a Gulfstream G5), five star travel, a Bugatti Veyron, and an array of exotic autos. The members will have access to a range of privately owned properties in the most exotic locations and private islands in the world.

Moreover, a team of researchers, operations managers, logistic managers, transport managers, global operations managers, account managers, asset managers, and consultants is always there to take care of your each and every requirement.

Design of the membership card:

The membership card and the box are made form aerospace grade titanium, which is used for F-1 racing cars. The lid of the box is beautifully covered in Japanese urushi lacquer. The centre of membership tag features metal crafted form a de-commissioned space rocket.

Why was the elite club a secret till now?

It all happened when one potential inductee hosted a party on one of the club’s yachts and it went out of the control. The upshot was a six figure damage (estimated £650,000) that was not entertained by current members. The club decided to cancel his membership and he made up his mind to reveal the club to the general public. So, the club decided to break the story themselves.


Not only are Oprah Winfrey and Cathy Hughes (media tycoon) two of the richest and most powerful African-American women in this country. They also have something else in common. They both like to vacation at Necker Island. A 74-acre retreat (private hideaway) owned by Richard Branson (Virgin Chairman). This $46,000 per night retreat has become the Caribbean playground of the Rich & Famous and can accommodate up to 28 people in luxury villas.


Mercedes have produced something called the 'Exelero' which is built on the chassis of the Maybach limousine - the largest and most expensive car Mercedes make, between $175,000-$250,000. This is a two seater sports car approaching the length of a stretch limo. Apparently the Maybach's 12 cylinder biturbo 5.6 litre engine needed extensive work in order to provide sufficient power.

This car will be available by limited edition to the super rich: Jay-Z, Diddy, Beyonce, Russell, Kimora, Mariah, Oprah, Halle, etc.


Until recently, this one of a kind endeavor was reserved for celebrities and their kids (for free) but now the public can spend a day swimming with dolphins at the Mirage Hotel. Customers work side by side with animal experts and the program includes a private lunch and a certificate. Participants must be 13 years or older. Cost: $500 dollars.


We reported last year that Clive Christian No. 1 (first photo) was the most expensive perfume on earth, priced at a staggering $2,350 per ounce. We also informed you that this is the favorite fragrance of Beyonce, Kimora, Madonna, Katie Holmes, Mariah and Ivana.

Now, Clive Christian has released the most expensive perfume ever, "Clive Christian Imperial Majesty, second photo." This limited edition fragrance is priced at an astronomical $215,000 dollars for a 16.90 ounce bottle. Exclusively available at Neiman-Marcus and Bloomingdale's.


The Lamborghini Reventon is a 650-horsepower, 12-cylinder super coupe valued at $1.45 million dollars. This car can move from zero to 62 mph in a mere 3.4 seconds.

Only 20 Reventon's exist in the world. All of them have been sold. Eleven in the United States, seven in Europe and two in Asia.


At the time when most magazines have lost advertisers, Magnus Greaves has experienced the reverse. His magazine group which consists of: Trader Monthly, Dealmaker, Private Air, Corporate Leader and Cigar Report has seen a 67 percent increase in advertising this year.

The reason is simple: Targeting wealthy individuals shields luxury publications from downturns in the marketplace. The median income for Greaves readers is $600,000, particularly C-suite executives, investment bankers and private equity and venture capital investors.

As several financial institutions have fallen to bankruptcy and acquisitions, Greaves' rich subscribers have remained steady.

Greaves was recently in Dubai for the launch of his Middle Eastern version of Dealmaker. He also plans to debut Trader in Brazil early next year and is in negotiations to launch eastern European versions of Trader and Dealmaker in Russia.

Greaves reported $10 million in revenue for 2007 and he projects a 50 percent increase for 2008.

Source: Black Enterprise


The latest entrant to the list of world’s most expensive things is an umbrella from the house of Billionaire Couture, the Italian luxury brand founded by Formula One mogul Flavio Briatore (Naomi Campbell's ex-boyfriend & the father of Heidi Klum's daughter) and designer Angelo Galasso. Priced at $50,000, it’s the world’s most expensive umbrella and is made from black top-quality, water resistant crocodile skin.

This luxe umbrella is available by special order from Billionaire Couture’s new London flagship in Sloane Street, SW1. Briatore and Galasso freely say that each piece is characterized by a relentless search for original details that express quality, sophistication and eccentricity.

Kim Kardashian will hold a luxury car auction on November 23, on ebay, to benefit charity. The auction will feature her Range Rover, her sister (Kourtney's) Maserati and her boyfriend-Reggie Bush's Mercedes Shark. Photo credit: Kim Kardashian & Ebay.


What ever happened to Cheryl Mills? (She Defended Bill Clinton At His Impeachment Trial)

Cheryl D. Mills (1st photo) is still a lawyer and she's also an administrator, and a corporate executive. She is most known for being deputy White House Counsel for President Bill Clinton, whom she defended during his 1999 impeachment trial. She works for New York University as Senior Vice President. She also served as general counsel for Hillary Rodham Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign.

Mills is the daughter of a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army and grew up on Army bases all over the world,including Belgium, West Germany, and the U.S. Mills received her B.A. from the University of Virginia as in 1987. where she was Phi Beta Kappa, and her J.D. from Stanford Law School in 1990, where she was elected to Stanford Law Review. She also worked as an associate at the powerful Washington law firm of Hogan & Hartson.

After Clinton was acquitted, Mills was offered the White House Counsel position when Charles Ruff stepped down, but she declined.

After leaving the Clinton Administration, Mills took a break from the practice of law; from 1999-2001, she served as Senior Vice President for Corporate Policy and Public Programming at Oprah Winfrey's Oxygen Media. By 2002, she was working for New York University in the role of Senior Vice President.

Mills also serves on several boards.

Earl Gilbert Graves, Sr. (3rd photo, very top) is an author, publisher, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is the founder of Black Enterprise magazine.

From 1965 to 1968, Graves served as an administrative assistant to Senator Robert F. Kennedy. When Rev Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed in Memphis, Graves was assigned by Senator Kennedy to oversee the arrangements for Rev King's body to be brought home.

In his autobiography, Graves said, one of the most impressive things about Bobby Kennedy was, "he never carried a wallet with him."

In 1968, Graves started Earl G. Graves, Ltd. Under that holding company, he began the Earl G. Graves Associates management consulting firm. In 1970, the company's Earl G. Graves Publishing Company division began publishing Black Enterprise magazine. Black Enterprise states as its goal to provide inspiration to African Americans in the business sector. The magazine has 500,000 paid subscribers and over 3 million readers. It has also grossed $53 million in sales.

From 1990 to 1998, Graves owned the Pepsi Cola bottling franchise in Washington D.C.

Graves donated $1 million to Morgan State’s school of business and management. His alma mater honored him by changing the name of the school of business to the Earl G. Graves School of Business and Management. In 2002, Graves was named as one of the 50 most powerful and influential African Americans in corporate America by Fortune magazine.

According to our Dubai source, rich millionaire playboys-Akon and Ludacris were recently spotted in Dubai on separate mini-vacations. They enjoyed what the billionaire enclave had to offer and were treated like kings during their brief stay. Both men have a strong fanbase in this international playground for the rich and famous.


The world's most expensive lipstick is called "KissKiss Gold And Diamonds." This pricey lipstick comes from the French cosmetics house, "Guerlain."

The lipstick is packaged in a 110-gram, 18-carat gold tube encrusted with rubies and diamonds and is exclusively sold through private consultations at the New York department store, "Bergdorf Goodman."

The lipstick is also accompanied by a lip brush and suede pouch in a black lacquered case at no extra charge.

If you order the lipstick out of state (not in New York) you will save nearly $5,200 in sales taxes.


Super-Luxury Dealerships:

Several luxury car dealer chains have began giving their luxury-car showrooms multi million dollar makeovers, to the tune of $35 million dollars. The goal is to crate the look and feel of five-star hotels for customers.

At a Lexus store in Miami, the sales floor is made of polished porcelain tile and the walls and counters are accented with cherry and maple veneer. Customers also leave their cars with a valet and they are then guided by a personal concierge to a European-style coffee bar offering espresso, cappuccino and a selection of pastries prepared by a chef trained in Rome.

In Newport Beach, a Lexus store has a seven-hole putting green for waiting customers. Across the street, A Mercedes Benz showroom offers shoeshine's, manicures and shuttles to the airport.

Last summer, A Lexus dealership moved into a new building with a fireplace lounge, a soaring skyline and a spiral staircase.

We have been informed that luxury car dealers that sell the three top luxury brands-Lexus, BMW and Mercedes will continue to build palace like showrooms for their customers to enjoy.

Source: "The Wall Street Journal"


Golfer Tiger Woods doesn't play in every golf tournament but promoters know he's a big draw and they are willing to pay him a $500,000 dollars appearance fee to change his mind.

Party girl Kim Kardashian is often paid a $50,000-$75,000 appearance fee to appear at certain nightclubs in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Club owners know the paparazzi stake Kim out and the name of their nightclub will appear the gossip columns the following day.


Lawrence Otis Graham is touring the country for a series of interviews for his upcoming book, "The Our Kind of People 800 Register."

It will be the first national directory of the richest and most socially elite black families and people in America.

Graham said the book is a natural sequel to his "Our Kind of People: Inside America's Black Upper Class," which looked at the history and traditions of the black elite. He said the new book, due this fall, is an attempt to do what whites have done, which is identify and catalog their social elite.

"The first book talked about the lifestyle," he said. "But many people said, 'You neglected to mention the so-and-so family in Charleston.' So, let me tell you who they are and how they got their money. I am going city by city, family by family, credential by credential."

Oprah Winfrey, Black Enterprise Publisher Earl Graves and Johnson Publishing's Linda Johnson Rice likely will make the list.

Russell Simmons, Michael Jordan and Tyler Perry, three of the richest black men in America, probably won't.

Atlanta's Usher or Jermaine Dupri? Don't even think about it.

It was reported recently that Jay-Z lost $500,000 in a poker game in Las Vegas. Backstory: High stakes players like this catch the eye of Monte Carlo representatives who usually extend invitations to wealthy players to participate in their annual $10 million dollar poker tournament. Each player pays a $1 million dollar fee to play, winner takes all! An African-American man has never played in this tournament. This may be the time for diversity.

The "Shelby" sports car is a limited edition GT500 Mustang priced at $220,000 dollars. Less than a dozen are produced each year. Every year, the car makes it debut at Pebble Beach.

Rap mogul (and the richest man in hip-hop) is one of the few wealthy men in this country to own a limited edition Maybach Exelero (pictured above). This car may be the most expensive luxury vehicle in the world. This particular edition is priced at a staggering $8 million dollars.

The festive season is over but if you are a shopaholic with money to burn then there’s no stopping. And, with Valentines Day around the corner you can go on pampering yourself or your loved ones for the D-day. The list (above) includes gift ideas costing up to $48 million, Including a $73,000 Vertu cellphone, $1.44 million Triton 1000, and the Ferrari Go-Cart, and the $62,000 diamond-studded lipstick. So, shop, shop and shop, till you drop!


Here's a photo of the space ship from Richard Branson (Virgin founder) that will take you into space. The "SpaceShipTwo," will carry 8 people, six passengers and two pilots for a single voyage into sub-orbit for a price of $200,000.


Big time ballers: Lebron James, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Floyd Mayweather, Kobe Bryant and P. Diddy have all inquired about the special edition $4 million dollar gold-plated Lamborghini.  Will 50 Cent upgrade his "chrome colored" Lamborghini for the Gold plated Lambo?  Stay tuned.


While Concorde was a civilian flight, the SBJ jet (above) is aimed solely at the corporate raiders and jet setting billionaires. The preliminary orders the company booked in just three months is nearly $1.5 billion with an initial deposit of $250,000 for its $80 million SBJ.

The American express "Plum" card is similar to the "Black" American express card. Neither card has a credit limit but with the "Plum," card, elite clients can arrange their billing cycles based around their schedule and the "Plum," card is reserved for business owners, only.

Entertainment related business owners are flooding American Express with applications for a Plum card. Ownership is considered very prestigious in the industry.

"Lady K Bag," created by Dutch designer Ted Noten (for Prada) actually features a engraved and heavily gold-plated gun (hopefully fake) as well as a gold bullet.


Toshiba have finally introduced the Cosmic Shiner, a FanFun 815T model studded with diamonds. Only 1000 handsets of the limited edition model will be issued for sale via an interesting invitation only scheme aimed at luring the more elite consumers who will also be entitled to a new Prestige Gold membership service. The glam handset features custom designs by Kansai Yamamoto along with a personalized handmade lacquer box.

Buyers will also be required to purchase the April issue of "Seven Hills," magazine to get the required unique ID codes that will initiate the credit-card only purchase process for the $4000 luxury cellphone.

In Related News: Don't be surprised if Jay-Z and Beyonce upgrade to these cell phones because they have always been known to converse internationally on the most expensive satellite cell phones on the market.

Millionaires and billionaires often use elite air cargo services to transport valuable holdings. An elite air cargo service recently transported a Sikorsky 76 helicopter for the Sultan of Brunei's nephew. Michael Schmacher recently had his Formula 1 Ferrari shipped to him and a pair of experimental Lamborghini Countachs were recently transported to an anonymous client. The makers of "Grand Theft" video also use this service as well as thoroughbred horse owners. Gold bars are also shipped via air cargo as well as "Victoria Secret's" lingerie and a mysterious ice chest insured for $2 million dollars that contained the first HIV drug cocktail.


The Al Mahara seafood restaurant in Dubai is an underwater-themed restaurant and features a huge aquarium surrounding the dining areas (pictured above). Entry to the restaurant is aboard a three minute submarine ride.  The restaurant is located in the Burj Al Arab hotel, the only 7-star hotel in the world.  Out of town hotel guests are flown in by private helicopter when they depart their flights at the airport.  The hotel is also adjacent to its own private beach.


Fashion designer Ozwald Boateng OBE was born in Ghana in the late 1960s and brought up in north London. While studying computing at Southwark College, he was introduced to cutting and designing clothes by his then girlfriend. With the help of his mother, who was an excellent seamstress, he started selling his mother's designs to passersby along Portobello Road. At twenty-three, disillusioned with a mundane job in IT, he set up his own full-time. He began making bespoke suits in 1990 and is widely credited with introducing Savile Row tailoring to a new generation.

Boateng's many clients include: Billioniare Sir Richard Branson, Hill Harper, Will Smith, Laurence Fishburne, Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, Russell Crowe, Keanu Reeves, and Mick Jagger.

Ozwald Boateng is the first tailor to stage a catwalk show in Paris. He is also credited with revolutionizing men’s tailoring.

In May 2002, people saw the launch of Boateng’s spectacular company headquarters in Savile Row. To celebrate this, along with the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, Boateng closed down Savile Row for a breathtaking event. Over 100 meters of marquee erected down the middle of the street and 1500 stellar guests were treated to a spectacular fashion show. The groundbreaking event was covered by the media around the globe and was feted as one of the most impressive of the year.

The President of LVMH Bernard Arnault handpicked Ozwald in 2003 and appointed him as Creative Director of Menswear at the celebrated French Fashion house Givenchy – one of the jewels in the LVMH crown, to bring his unique brand of Savile row tradition and contemporary design to this French menswear brand.

Many international business leaders, celebrities and former heads of state come to Ozwald Boateng for Bespoke tailoring of the highest quality. His creations have been embraced by city lawyers, bankers, politicians, sportsmen and Hollywood’s elite.


Each year, the leading sculptures in the world converge on North Sweden to construct a fully functional hotel made out of ice and snow that can house 15,000 people. The hotel operates for three months until summer comes and melts away the ice.

Everything, including the beds, cabinets, floors, ceilings-are made of ice.

People from all over the world compete for reservations. Each year the hotel is booked solid.

Here is the advertisement (below) that appears in their brochure.

We hereby invite artists from around the world to send a proposal for the 2008-2009 suites in ICEHOTEL, one of the most unique art projects in the world.

By day, a gallery visited by 30,000 international guests. By night, slept in by 15,000 adventurous travelers. Please submit you application by the 15th of July 2008.

*One of our celebrity friends has already gotten a reservation, we will report on her stay in a future edition.


The Asanti ASF 130 Series feature a set of four 34 inches wheels with 26,000 diamonds and 1,200 rubies. A set of four is priced at: $2 million dollars.

Panache was recently mentioned on an respectable finance blog alongside the Huffington Post. Click here to read the excerpt: Panache Report Article


The above 1961 Ferrari GT recently sold for a record $11 million dollars.

When P. Diddy travels with his entourage, the daily tab is between $50,000-$75,000 dollars. He's known for spending a fortune flying his music producers in. He once flew a group of producers to the Bahamas, and then to Atlanta and finally to New York for a seven-day party.

He also spends millions traveling (private jet) with his children, girlfriends, two personal assistants, 2 nanny's, a personal photographer, a video cameraman, twenty producers, engineers, songwriters and a bodyguard.

His studio sessions costs between $100,000-$500,000 and he once bought a $375,000 Bentley convertible. He had it flown from Britain to New York, then he had it shipped to Atlanta so he could show it off during a concert.

After the concert, he flew his large entourage on a private Gulfstream III and packed them into three Lincoln Continental limousines. He took them to the upscale Swissotel where he booked them seventy rooms and he stayed in the $2,000 per night Presidential suite.

Source: "Bad Boy," by Ronin Ro

Maurice Morris (1st photo) operates "The Lavish Store," in Detroit. This global operation provides the following services: Rent A Celebrity, Charter A Jet, Rent The Paparazzi, Yacht Charters, Luxury Cars and you can also pay to have your name in lights above a skyway.


Project "Bentley Gold" will be unleashed in a few weeks. The car has a 6.0 liter W12 engine that is tuned to deliver 800 hp. Only 29 units will be available for sale ($800,000).

Clear® is the fast pass for airport security. Clear members are pre-screened (invitation only) and provided with a high-tech card which allows them to access designated airport security fast lanes nationwide. Clear members pass through airport security faster, with more predictability and less hassle and they also have access to private VIP lounges frequented by celebrities and politicians.


For the mega rich...The "AB 140," is presented by AB yachts, at 40 meters, this boat features bold and aggressive lines with an equally appealing metallic bronze hue. A must see for those seeking a combination of speed and luxury under one roof. Priced at nearly seven figures, European playboys are gobbling these yacht/speedboat up like crazy.

“Spears Wealth Management Survey," is a invitation only magazine for the super rich. This magazine is more prestigious than competitor “The Robb Report.” The magazine is sent to a list of about 2,000 people and focuses on the needs of the super rich including hedge funds, Swiss banks, crisis management, bulletproof cars and above all, staying rich. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling and David & Posh Beckman are allegedly on the subscription list.


Designer John Calleija has designed the world’s most expensive champagne glasses, valued at $400,000 and adorned with 1700 white and pink diamonds. The luxurious bar ware is a result of more than three months of hard work by five jewelers. The two glasses were chiseled from 8kg blocks of crystal and each glass stands 15cm tall, weighs 250g, and together are encrusted with 15 carats of white diamonds and six carats of rare argyle pink diamonds.

Only a select few ever reach the highest heights of the Fantasy Tower. A two-story suite modeled after the Playboy Mansion atop the Palms hotel and casino in Las Vegas. It features an outdoor-cantilevered Jacuzzi® pool with glass end wall and spectacular view of the Strip. Designed to impress – even without the obligatory eye candy.

No luxury was spared throughout the villa, nor any indulgence overlooked with its larger than life living room, full bar, media room, dining room, private glass elevator, eight-foot rotating bed, gym with treadmill, stair climber and sauna. These suites are 9,000 square feet and also feature pop-up plasma TV's, custom controlled TV's and drapes and maid/butler/chef services. Nightly rate: $40,000.


Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich recently paid $500 million for the "La Leopolda" estate; the world’s most expensive house. Owner of Chelsea Football Club, Abramovich recently picked up the majestic hilltop villa overlooking the French Riviera after falling in love with it during a private viewing along with his girlfriend Daria Zhukova.

The villa is not only known to have the best sea views in the south of France, but it also sits on 10 acres of immaculate grounds that run right down to the resort of Villefranche.

Originally built for Belgian king Leopolds mistresses, this house has been a den of big shots like late banking magnate Edmund Safra, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Fiat tycoon Gianni Agnelli.

The first image/logo is our prototype for the upcoming "Panache Report.Com," T-shirt. This image will be available on a black t-shirt, caps, mugs, calendars, notebooks.  Photo image courtesy of: NASA

If the $40,000 diamond-encrusted iPhone or the $176,400 Princess Plus iPhone didn’t live up to your opulent taste and lifestyle then Amosu is out to woo you again with the world’s most expensive diamond encrusted iPhone.

Just a bit more pricey than its predecessor, priced at ($177,300), Amosu Ultimo Diamond iphone has managed to steal the crown of being the most expensive diamond studded iPhone from Princess Plus. In its most dazzling form, this diamond edition seems to have it all. Perfectly set with 1179 dazzling 16.18 carat diamonds, the phone is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen using only the most exceptional materials.

This exclusive Ultimo Diamond Iphone features 458 diamonds caked around the flat-front face. While the rear bottom case is made of 18 carat solid white gold encrusted with 660 diamonds. And the cherry on the cake is the apple logo which has 61 diamonds. This ostentious dazzling god-phone comes in a luxury wooden box.


Naomi Campbell and her Russian boyfriend (Vladislav Doronin) known as the Moscow Donald Trump recently attended the Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo. Doronin is a property tycoon with an estimated worth of $1.5 billion dollars. Doronin and Campbell often spend time aboard his luxurious yacht sipping tropical drinks in St. Tropez. Jay-Z and Beyonce were also at the Monaco Grand Prix and Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger were spotted at the Monte Carlo casino. BMW spent $400 million dollars in pursuit of the F-1 Crown this year.

Mellody Hobson (2nd photo) is the most powerful black woman in this country behind Condoleeza Rice and Oprah Winfrey. She is the money manager of Fortune 500 companies and she personally oversees $20 billion dollars in funds. Hobson and her boyfriend, billionaire filmmaker George Lucas were spotted at the wedding of politician, Harold Ford, Jr.


Princess Mariana (above) is one of the most impressive yachts in the world, it was launched in 2003, but it was available for charter, after a $12 million dollar refurbishment in 2006.

CNN Money reported that the 258 foot yacht as one of the most desirable charters, at a rental price of: $606,500 a week. This figure comes out to $1 per second.

It boasts a spacious master stateroom, two double VIP staterooms, a 13-seat cinema, a fully equipped gym, a helipad, and a golf driving range.

The various staterooms have plasma TV's and private en-suites. One of the most impressive amenities on-board is the Beach Club, a dry dock which transforms into a 12m swimming pool with underwater lighting.


1. A 1960 Jaguar "E2A" recently sold for a record $4,957,000.

2. A 1939 Talbot-Cago 1150C-SS recently sold for $4,847,000.


Black Real Estate broker Victor MacFarlane has placed his huge San Francisco St. Regis penthouse on the sales block for $70 million dollars. There are six bedrooms, seven baths, four powder rooms, four fireplaces, two offices, a wine storage room, a gym with a sauna and steam room and a 13-seat cinema. The penthouse also includes: Top of the line audio, video, lighting, security shading and climate control systems.


Naomi Campbell's Russian billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin spent a cool $18.5 million on a penthouse apartment for Campbell in Jardins, the Upper East Side of Sao Paolo, after Campbell told him how much she loved the country and “wanted to settle down there.” Then they traveled to Bahia, where they stayed in a $50,000-a-day beach house.


Fictional and non-fictional secret agents like James Bond and Jinx as well as celebrities, sports figures and politicians have Swiss Bank accounts. Having a swiss or numbered account can be intoxicating to say the least. Above-center is a swiss bank box and a swiss numbered ATM card. These accounts are so secretive that your banker will not even acknowledge your presence when they see you in public.

To open a Swiss bank account, you must deposit between $70,000-$100,000. Swiss bank accounts cannot be opened without the holder signing a legal document asserting that they have no outstanding financial obligations to the IRS.

After 9/11, these accounts and other offshore accounts are not as secretive as they once were but they are still more classified than your average bank account.

In the past, a few Swiss banks gave certain customers a personal rubber stamp in place of a passbook but not so much anymore.

Despite a good or bad economy anywhere in the world, money is always considered safe in a Swiss bank account.


I recently had a discussion with friends in Los Angeles. A question was put forth. What is the number one quality women of all races need to attract a billionaires? The majority said-looks. Not true. Although Diana Ross and Naomi Campbell are very pretty African-American women, they snag billionaires with class, poise, elegance, conversation and sophistication.

Diana not only married billionaire tycoon Arne Naess but she was also linked to a billionaire casino magnate in Las Vegas.

Naomi Campbell is currently dating a billionaire and has been linked to the Prince of Monaco and two royal playboys. She's also a jet-setter among the Dubai elite and the royal family of Dubai allegedly spent $2 million dollars to host a birthday celebration for her which started at an underwater restaurant and ended at an 7-star hotel.

You can see Naomi in Monte Carlo posing beside a luxurious yacht, owned by a billionaire, the following week, Naomi is photographed steering this same yacht on the Mediterranean sea.

In Hollywood, were there is cess pool of beauty, you see women on a daily basis who look better than Diana and Naomi but these same women don't have the style, elegance and sophistication to date billionaires; nor will they ever penetrate this exclusive circle.

Another example: I currently watch reruns of old "Mission Impossible," episodes. A secret agent by the name of Cinammon (portrayed by Barbara Bain) is very attractive but she's not the most beautiful woman in the world but due to her style and grace, she's able to get to any male target (usually rich) without much effort. She's the epitome of the following quote: "A woman can be taught to kill and taught to fight but her strongest weapon is her femininity."




"Billionaire Magnets"

We've reported on the following: Dorothy Dandridge was involved with a South American billionaire (Juan Martinez) who was separated from his wife in the 1950's but they broke up because he was a devout Catholic who didn't believe in divorce.

We've also reported on Eartha Kitt's involvement with Charles Revson (billionaire founder/owner of Revlon cosmetics). At Kitt's urging, he developed a lipstick brand for black women that Kitt named.

We all know that Diana Ross was once married to late billionaire Arne Naess (a shipping tycoon) and we know she was involved with a Las Vegas billionaire for a short time.

Numerous media outlets have reported on Naomi Campbell and her billionaire beau Vladimir Doronin. He's a property tycoon and known as the Donald Trump of Russia.  Campbell has also been involved with royal playboys who have also reached billionaire status.

Former black supermodel Iman is married to rock legend David Bowie. Bowie became a billionaire several years ago when he signed a lucrative publishing deal.

Financial guru Mellody Hobson is a money manager for numerous Fortune 500 companies. It's been reported that Hobson manages $19 billion in assets and she's also the girlfriend of George Lucas (Star Wars billionaire).

Fast Forward:

What do all of these African-American women have in common? The answer is not looks although all of them are attractive.

The answer is: Style, elegance, class and smarts. I can attest to this since I know three of these women.

Those specific traits makes each woman a "billionaire magnet."


According to Maxine Powell (Former Motown Charm School Coach):

"When I first came to Motown, Diana Ross and the Supremes thought they knew what style direction they wanted to go in. They said they were sophisticated when they got to Motown but that was not true in my opinion."

"Sophistication takes years, and young people are not sophisticated. The Supremes were a bit snooty, especially Diana Ross."

"I taught her about being gracious and classy, because classy will turn the heads of kings and queens."

Diana Ross never forgot those words.


The super exclusive and private club "One Of A Kind," aka 1OAK (in Manhattan) has become the favorite playground for celebrities seeking extreme privacy, away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. Celebrities are ushered into a nondescript building.

Camera phones are confiscated and their privacy is assured. Jay-Z and Beyonce, along with Diddy and Cassie can let their hair down without worrying about the paparazzi. Kanye West, Usher, 50 Cent, Leo DiCaprio and famous models are also club regulars.


Lawrence Otis Graham (above): Education: Princeton University, B.A., 1983; Harvard University, J.D., 1988.

Memberships: City of New York Bar Association; American Bar Association; National Bar Association.

A corporate lawyer whose work revolves around such issues as the purchase and sale of companies, Lawrence Otis Graham also heads a management company whose mission is to guide corporations bent on hiring workers from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds.

Lawrence Otis Graham comes from a New York family accustomed to affluence. His grandparents owned a Memphis trucking firm, and his father continued in the business tradition by carving his own niche in real estate. His mother chose a career as a social worker. Despite their position as members of the black upper-middle class, Lawrence Graham's parents had no illusions that their son's entry into a white-dominated world would be easy. So, determined to ensure that he would follow their example and reach his fullest potential, they taught him a creed that would give him the confidence to target high goals and work towards them. "Find your own identity," they always said, "and never let television, the media or anyone else define your role for you."

Graham is also a NY Times best selling author and he's currently putting together a Black social registry.

Pamela Thomas-Graham, (2nd photo) the wife of Lawrence Graham, is the former CEO and President of CNBC. She's also a Harvard graduate and authors a popular series "Ivy League Mysteries."

Mrs. Graham is well-regarded in the fields of media, consumer packaged goods, retail, apparel, finance and consulting.

Mrs. Graham is also Group President of Liz Claiborne, as well as a board member of several organizations including the Clorox Company, the New York City Opera, Parsons School of Design, and the Inner City Scholarship Fund. She is the author of three books, Blue Blood, Orange Crushed, and A Darker Shade Of Crimson, published by Simon & Schuster. She also serves as a member of the Economic Club of New York, Council on Foreign Relations and the U.S. Secretary of State's Committee on Transformational Diplomacy.

Tony West was one of the California finance co-chairs of Obama's campaign, helping him raise over $100 million in the state, and he also advises the candidate's national finance committee. West is part of a new generation of African American politicians.

West's bulging Rolodex, like Obama's, is full of contacts made while studying at an Ivy League university (Harvard) and editing his law school review (at Stanford). That network, in West's case, was augmented by working on six presidential campaigns (including both of Bill Clinton's) and at an A-list San Francisco corporate law firm (Morrison & Foerster).

Tony West met his wife Maya in law school, their friendship blossomed into love and they have a teenaged daughter. Maya is a corporate lawyer who just accepted a very lucrative position in a top New York law firm.

West is also the brother-in-law of San Francisco's first Black district attorney, Kamala Harris (2nd photo) who is also a Sky Villa/Panache Report newsletter subscriber.

Our girl Kamala walked the precincts of Iowa for Obama and served as his California campaign co-chair. She may be tapped for an upper-level position in Obama's Justice Department. Obama hosted a fundraiser for Harris to help retire her 2004 campaign debt.

West is a political powerbroker and a mover and shaker on the political circuit.


The above sneakers are made of 24-karat gold-varnished nappa leather. They also have an 18-karat gold clasp for a price of $31,000.


Jet Magazine recently did an article on Macky Dancy (above). Macky is a car dealer who provides luxury cars to the Rich & Famous.

Alicia Keys, Diddy, 50 Cent, Floyd Mayweather, Nas and Busta Rhymes are just a few celebrities to use his services.

As president and co-owner of Dancy-Power Automotive Group, Macky Dancy provides some the world's finest and exclusive vehicles to entertainers, athletes and business executives.

Dancy is trying to put a smile on the face of Denver Nuggets guard Allen Iverson by accommodating his request for a limited-edition 2008 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead, a white convertible coupe with white leather interior and a base price of more than $400,000. The rapper 50 Cent bought the first one in the country from another dealer in January, Dancy said.

Three years ago, Dancy said he sold a silver Rolls-Royce Phantom to Jermaine O’Neal of the Indiana Pacers for $400,000.

“I have two young sons who love basketball,” said Dancy, who lives in North Woodmere, N.Y. “They think it’s cool when Daddy tells them that he meets some of their favorite players at work.”

Two years ago, Dancy and Floyd Mayweather Jr. were involved in a five-car transaction. Mayweather, then the World Boxing Council welterweight champion, traded in a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a Bentley GT, a Maybach 62 Sedan and a Hummer for a new $434,000 black Maybach 62 Sedan, with two tray tables and a refrigerator. Last year, Dancy said, he sold a $230,000 Bentley convertible to Juwan Howard of the Dallas Mavericks, and a Porsche 911 GT3 to the tennis player Anna Kournikova for $130,000.

Now Dancy is huddling with Victor Hobson of the Jets and Plaxico Burress of the Giants. Dancy said he was not at liberty to discuss his deal with Hobson, but he did say he was hoping to complete another with Burress for a $200,000 Mercedes-Benz CL63.

Source: Jet Magazine & Vincent M. Mallozzi @ The NY Times



What do Diddy, Stevie Wonder and Chris Rock have in common? They all reside in ultra exclusive Alpine, New Jersey-where mansions have sold for $40 million dollars.

The majority of homes have: 13 bedrooms, 23 bathrooms, a guesthouse and outdoor and indoor pools--the latter separated from the family room by a 2,000-gallon aquarium.

The Palm Beach-style facade mansions are done in concrete stucco. Behind the house, pathways meander through the property, leading to gazebos and manmade ponds.

For entertainment, there is an arcade, an ice cream parlor and a two-lane bowling alley. The 1,000-square-foot steel-and-glass conservatory was disassembled in England and shipped over the Atlantic.

Alpine is one of the richest towns in the country. It has just one school and no commercial area, but it abounds with spanking-new mansions. The residents so value their privacy that there are no mailboxes on the homes--all letters must be picked up at the post office.

But a source says that Stevie Wonder has lived in Alpine for many years. Other celebrity home owners, according to public records, are Yankees outfielder Gary Sheffield and his wife, DeLeon Richards; actor/comedian Chris Rock and his wife, Malaak; and hip-hop mogul Sean Combs, who reportedly paid more than $10 million for a 21-room mansion last year.

Source: Born Rich





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