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The following story is a product of the author's imagination.  Any resemblance to actual people and/or locales is purely coincidental.





Juanita Haskins was the only child of alcoholic parents. Ironically, neither of her parents had siblings. She lived a lonely existence, without aunts, uncles or first cousins. The few distant cousins she had were either drug addicts or alcoholics and both grandparents on each side were dead.

Juanita and her neighborhood friends loved to party, she was known as ‘a goodtime party girl.’ At one party, Juanita met Freddie Meyers, a tall brown skinned brother with locs; he swept her off her feet. They went out on a few dates. Freddie started distancing himself because he felt suffocated under Juanita; she was too needy and clingy. The final break came when Juanita told Freddie she was pregnant.

Juanita was in the delivery room with her parents, both smelled of alcohol. She gave birth to a son; she named him Jordan.

A few months earlier, Freddie had hooked up with another woman named Jody but he began to miss Juanita and he thought, maybe being a father isn’t such a bad thing after all.

He decided to get back with Juanita despite her neediness and he had heard that Juanita had just given birth to their baby, he would go to the hospital to see her and the baby later.

When he told Jody he wanted to break off the relationship, she went ballistic and called her brother, a gang-banger. She lied and told him that Freddie hit her.

Freddie was walking to the hospital with a dozen roses when he was ambushed and killed in a hail of gunfire. He never got to see his newborn son.


Jordan cramped Juanita’s style, she never bonded with him and she was very unaffectionate towards him and she resented the fact that he looked like his father.

Juanita eventually moved out of her parent’s home, got on welfare and moved to the projects.

The constant gunfire and assaults made her seek a better life.

She could barely make it on the monthly welfare payments and food stamps. She looked in the want ads for a job and saw where a law office was looking for a secretary.

She called and scheduled an interview. Dropped Jordan off at the sitter and went out and bought a new skirt suit.

Juanita was impressive during the interview and was offered the job. She left the welfare rolls and six months later, she put down a deposit on a two-bedroom apartment in a quiet neighborhood.


Juanita was now the office manager and she and Jordan had just moved into a new two-bedroom condo. She didn’t consider her life complete, although she had a good career that paid well, and a son, she still hadn’t found the right man to settle down with. She was becoming desperate because she wasn’t getting any younger. She dreamed of the white picket fence. She went out on dates. After sex, the men never called back. She even sought men over the Internet but nothing serious had come out of that either.

Her co-workers found it strange that she hardly ever discussed her son and she didn’t have a photo of her on his desk.


Jordan Meyers 8, loved his mother, Juanita; despite the fact she always seemed to put her boyfriends before him.

At the dinner table, when they stayed over, she fed them big steaks with mashed potatoes and peas and Jordan ate a TV dinner.

When they grew tired of his mother, she would be devastated; Jordan could hear her crying.

Once, when Jordan tried to console her, she pushed him back forcibly, claiming, it’s your fault, you little bastard, they left me because they didn’t want a readymade family. Go back to your room and leave me alone!

The next morning, Juanita would be apologetic and prepare him pancakes. Over breakfast, Jordan took the opportunity to ask about his late father, Juanita cut him off, telling him, your father is dead, lets leave it at that, Jordan asked, can I at least see a picture of my father? Juanita replied, I don’t have a photo of Freddie, Jordan said, maybe his parents (my grandparents) have a photo; can you take me by their house? I would love to meet them, Juanita said, boy; will you please shut up!

Juanita’s only enjoyment came from men leering at her at the neighborhood bar. Sometimes, she left Jordan alone in the condo while she went out seeking male attention.

Jordon longed for her attention; she constantly ignored him as she talked to friends for hours on the phone. Twice a month, she went out with her girls and left Jordan with the neighbors downstairs. He ate junk food and played video games with the neighbors kids all night. On a few occasions, Juanita would return home at 2 a.m. and go straight to bed (without picking Jordan up) until the neighbors threatened to stop babysitting him.

One day, Jordan was playing outside with neighborhood boys when he hopped on the back of a motorcycle with a friend’s older brother, Jordan burned his leg bad on the tail pipe.

He rushed home, crying in pain; Juanita asked, what happened? After he told her, she said, I’ll take you to the hospital after I eat my Chinese food.

Jordan asked, “Mom, why don’t you love me?” Juanita replied; boy, shut your mouth and go to your room; I’ll come and get you when I’m ready.

Juanita’s friends noticed that Jordan seemed starved for affection, when they greeted him; he hung on to them, not wanting to let go.

One day at work, Juanita decided to work through her lunch break, since her assistant was at lunch, a good looking, young black man, around Juanita’s age, appeared at her desk, informing her, that he had to drop off an envelope for his employer, a Judge, he was a law clerk.

She told him, she would make sure the lawyer got the envelope. Over brief conversation, she found out his name was Shelton Grove and he worked at the nearby courthouse. He asked her out to lunch.

They went to lunch for two straight weeks before she informed him, that she had a son. He didn’t seem to take the news too well but he continued calling Juanita and he sent roses to her job, she invited him over for dinner.

It was evident, early on, he had a problem with Jordan, he barely acknowledged the boy as he fawned all over Juanita; she was basking in the attention. She fed Shelton swordfish; a baked potato and a salad, Jordan was fed cereal.

After he left, Jordan said, I don’t like him; Juanita slapped him and told him to shut up. “You are not going to ruin this, you hear me?” As she shook him forcibly, she said, “He treats me better than any man I’ve known, so get use to him and try to make him like you because I’m not leaving him.”

Jordan returned to his room and cried.


At work, Juanita told her friend Liz, girl, I got a dilemma, I met my Prince Charming, Liz said, girl, you mean that fine man who came by here a few weeks ago, Juanita said, girl yes, that man is good to me and he has a bright future. Liz said, how is that a dilemma, girl?

Juanita took a deep breath and said, he doesn’t like Jordan, won’t even speak to him. Liz said, get rid of him, I got two kids, if a man treats my kids shitty, they long gone.

Juanita said, it ain’t that easy, I love him, Shelton treats me better than any man I have ever been with. Liz said, fuck that, if he ain’t getting along with Jordan, kick his ass to the curb. What’s the matter with you, why you hesitating? Juanita said; thanks for listening but I gotta get back to my desk.

Jordan was having difficulty in school; he couldn’t focus. His teacher called Juanita; she said she would talk to him.

Juanita was waiting when he came in from school. She tried to talk to him, he was withdrawn and didn’t want to talk.

Before he went to his room, Juanita said, I might as well tell you; Shelton is moving in. Jordan said nothing as he walked to his room.

After Shelton moved in, he started abusing Jordan, at first, he would wait until Juanita left but soon he didn’t care if she was there or not. He would beat him for no reason and one time, he made Jordan eat in the kitchen, while they ate at the dinner table. Juanita did nothing.

Shelton eventually passed the bar exam and joined a prestigious law firm.

Shortly after Jordan’s tenth birthday, Juanita and Shelton married and the whole family moved into a nice home in Daly City, a suburb outside of San Francisco. The abuse escalated.

One day, Juanita informed Shelton she was pregnant with twins, he was ecstatic and lifted her off the floor as he glared at Jordan.

Juanita gave birth to twin girls, Whitney and Sidney. Shelton didn’t even want Jordan near the babies.

Jordan became angry when he saw his mother coo over the twins. She also cuddled and nurtured them, something she never did with him. He came to the conclusion; she loves them more than me because they’re Shelton’s.

Juanita was working late one night, she got a frantic call from Jordan, Shelton had locked him out at night; he was freezing and starving on the front porch.

Juanita took off early, came and let him in. She didn’t even confront Sheldon; instead, she embraced him and kissed the babies.

Juanita was talking with Liz when Jordan called, she listened and put him on hold, telling Liz, girl, let’s have this conversation later, I have to reassure Jordan that Shelton want lock him out tonight. Liz said, what? Liz was still standing in front of Juanita’s desk when she hung up the phone. Liz said, girl, why you let that fool abuse your son, Juanita stood up, don’t you ever call my husband a fool, you better get to stepping if you know what’s good for you!


A few years past, the situation remained the same. One day, Jordan returned home from school to find an older black lady talking to his mother.

Shelton and the babies were gone, Juanita told Jordan; Shelton took the babies over to his mother’s, so she can spend some time with them. Anyway, this is Mrs. Lyon, a social worker. I have packed your clothes; you are going to go with her today, okay? Jordan said, I don’t understand. Mrs. Lyon interrupted and told Juanita, can I speak to you privately.

They went to the kitchen, Mrs. Lyon said, Mrs. Grove, are you sure you want to do this? I have never in my career witnessed a case like this. You are putting your child in the Foster Care System because your husband doesn’t like him? I know you said Jordan’s father is dead but don’t you have any relatives who can take him in, grandparents or an aunt? Juanita snapped and lied, he is a disruptive child Mrs. Lyon, we fear for our safety, especially with the children. Just do your damn job! Hell, I gotta think about my survival.

Mrs. Lyon took a deep breath and said, before he is placed with a foster family, he will reside in a orphanage (a boys home) on the outskirts of town, I will give you the number and address before I leave.

They exited the kitchen; Juanita kneeled down in front of Jordan and said, Mrs. Lyon is an old friend and she is going to take you to Disneyland. Your bags are already in her car. Jordan said, for real and hugged his mother tightly.

Mrs. Lyon wiped a tear from her eye, as she took Jordan by the hand and led him out to the car, when she reached the car, she turned around and glared at Juanita and shook her head.

They pulled up to a big building, Jordan said, hey, this isn’t Disneyland. Mrs. Lyon avoided his eyes and said, Jordan, this is your new home. Jordan started screaming, what are you talking about? Take me back home to my mother; I want my mommy. You can’t do this. Mrs. Lyon grabbed him and held him, she said, listen to me, your mother is the one who put you here. I am so sorry, Jordan’s shoulders sagged; he was defeated as gut-wrenching sobs filled the car. Mrs. Jordan held him until he calmed down.

They checked in with the administrator, before Mrs. Lyon left, she told Jordan, listen to me, I will come by and visit you, bring you comic books and gifts and I’ll call and check on you. Promise me you’ll be a good boy. Jordan said weakly, I promise.

The administrator came from behind her desk and said, let me show you your new room, Jordan screamed, get away from me! She tried to calm him but he kept pushing her away and crying. He finally relented and she led him down the hall.

Mrs. Lyon turned around quickly; she didn’t want Jordan to see her cry.


From a young age, Toni Harris was always fascinated with prostitution. When she went to the corner liquor store, she would see the ladies of the evening standing on the corner leering into passing cars.

Toni was honey colored with long black hair and almond shaped eyes. Not only was she sexy, she had a knockout figure that drew male attention. She knew the affect she had on men and she loved it.

In school, Toni had her share of men and she slept with the drug dealers and athletes on a regular basis.

At lunchtime, the ballers would pick her up in their BMW’s and Corvettes. While the other kids ate in the cafeteria, Toni would be across town, eating in a fancy restaurant.

The men would give Toni bling and money. She came to school in Prada, Jimmy Choo and Dolce Gabbana.

Although most of the men were respectful, some were violent, the first time a man hit Toni; she fought back, not giving up. Although she was covered in bruises, she left scratches and slight bruises on him as well.

She quickly earned a reputation as being pretty and gangsta with skills. Men liked that.

Other women became jealous of Toni because she got all of the men and she won ‘The Most Prettiest’ girl on campus in her senior year.

Toni didn’t care, wasn’t nothing a woman could do for her anyway, it was a man’s world.

After Toni graduated from high school, to earn extra money. She hooked up with two crew bosses.

They paid her between $300-$500 to service their boys who were locked up. Toni would go to prison and have conjugal visits with the inmates.

She became a hot ticket inside the walls. Sometimes servicing five prisoners a week for $2,500.

One of the prisoners, Brad told her, baby when I get out in a few weeks, I’m going to hook you up with my brother, he’s in the adult industry.

A few weeks later, Toni had a meeting with Brad’s brother, Bill. At the meeting, Toni decided to change her surname. She wanted her first name initial and her last name initial to match, like Heather Hunter (HH) and Jenna Jameson (JJ). She finally decided on Terrell, her new name would be Toni Terrell.

The following week, she shot her first adult film.

The film was a hit and Toni Terrell became an overnight sensation. She made a succession of adult films over the next six months and she won an adult industry award for best newcomer.

Professional athletes, CEO’s and celebrities would fly Toni all over the world. She had sex in private jets, on yachts and in indoor pools.

She also worked private parties during Superbowl weekend and All-Star weekend where she earned thousands of dollars.

Her poster sold out across the country and a photo of her became one of the most downloaded photos on the Internet. Numerous fans also took the opportunity to built online shrines to her.

When she appeared at Adult conventions, lines for her booth snaked around the corner.

Toni also appeared at adult bookstores for autograph signings, making $2500 per appearance and she headlined in Las Vegas gentlemen clubs for $10,000 per night.

After being in the adult industry a few years, she balked at the working conditions of women and what they had to endure. No benefits, or pension. No residuals on the reissues of scenes.

Toni spoke out about it and tried to organize a union. Overnight, her career came to a halt. She was blacklisted from the industry and could not get work in film or clubs.


Juanita visited Jordan once, she avoided his eyes when Jordan asked, Mom, please take me home, how could you do this to me? You don’t know what goes on in here; please take me home; why do you love the girls more? Juanita responded by saying ‘goodbye, Jordan.’ Jordan continued pleading, crying and screaming, Mommy, please take me home, I’ll be good, Juanita didn’t turn around as she got in the elevator and she never came back.

Mrs. Lyon kept her promise, she visited Jordan regularly and brought him comic books, teddy bears and for Christmas, she got him a X-box and video games. Jordan became the most popular boy and the bullies stopped picking on him when he let them play with his X-box.

Jordan was placed in several foster homes. It was obvious; his foster parents only wanted the money. In one home, two addicts got custody of him. They took Jordan and his foster sister, Lena, out for a family outing. It was over 100 degrees, so they went to a public pool. Jordan’s foster mother was holding Lena’s hand as she walked by the pool but she was so high, she didn’t realize that Lena wasn’t holding her hand anymore because she had fallen in the pool.

A lifeguard had to rescue Lena and do mouth-to-mouth. Lena barely survived. Due to this incident, Jordan was taken out of the home and placed back in the boy’s home.

This is when he met Kenny “Flow” Walton. Flow insisted on calling Jordan ‘Cash,’ saying, if we combine our names, we are Cashflow.’ Pretty soon, everybody was calling Jordan ‘Cash.’

Flow came from a very abusive household and was placed in the boy’s home when both of his parents died of a heroin overdose.

He and Cash bonded instantly, they became thick as thieves and often said; ‘We are brothers, from another mother.’

The new head administrator insisted that everybody call her ‘Mommy,’ and then she sneered at all the boys, saying, because I will be the closest thing you will ever get to a real mommy.

Mommy was sadistic; she slapped many of the boys across the face for misbehaving and pulled one boy out of bed by his hair roots.

She often referred to the boys as no good son-of-a-bitches and little dirty bastards who were unwanted by their families.

Cash and Flow went to great lengths to avoid her.

Cash told Flow over lunch, we’ll both be 18 soon, can’t wait to leave this hellhole. Man, after my mother abandoned me and the way mommy treats us, I have come to the conclusion, that women ain’t shit. Flow said, man, I came to that conclusion a long time ago, my moms was never there for me, my aunts, nobody. I got one older sister, she was so busy with her boyfriend; I wasn’t even a priority. She knows I’m in here, she hasn’t bothered to visit or write. The only one who seems to give a damn about me is my Uncle Chuck. He told me, if it was up to him, he would adopt me but his bitch ass wife want allow it. She said they already got too much responsibility with the three kids they already have and she don’t need an extra mouth to feed. Man, women are a fucking trip!

The following week, Uncle Chuck brought Flow a box of books by Donald Goines.

Cash and Flow devoured those books in record time. A few of the books were like a blueprint on how to become a pimp and how to survive in the game. They both decided; they would become pimps after they were released from the ‘boy’s’ home.

Pimping would allow them to get back at the women who had neglected them all of their lives.

Jordan ‘Cash’ Meyers was released on his 18th birthday, a few months before Flow. He had a plan, he quickly gained employment as a dishwasher and saved his money for six weeks, he quit when he had enough money. He bought a suit and showed up at Mrs. Lyon’s place of employment. She greeted him with a big hug and smile. Cash insisted on taking her to lunch. They had a nice lunch as Cash thanked her for her support and kindness over the years, saying, ‘Mrs. Lyon, I don’t think I could have survived that place without you.’ After dinner, Mrs. Lyon asked him, do you have any intention of contacting your parents and sisters? Cash said, I haven’t thought about it much, I really don’t know. Mrs. Lyon told him, if you ever need anything, you call me and if you need a job, I can get you a job in social services. Cash told her, you have done more than enough for me throughout my life, my buddy Flow is getting released next week, he has jobs lined up for us. Cash walked Mrs. Lyon to her car, after they embraced, Cash told her he would be in touch. As Mrs. Lyon drove off, Cash thought, in all of my 18 years, that is the only woman on earth that I have respect for.

The following week, Flow was released on his 18th birthday. Cash was waiting outside the gate.


Toni’s money lasted a long time, when she started running low. She contacted a few escort agencies and was surprised when the agencies declined to hire her. She was barely squeaking by in a one-bedroom apartment where she worked as a phone sex operator.

She barely made enough money to cover her living expenses. This once lucrative field was no longer as lucrative because thousands of phone sex companies had sprouted up over the years.


When Flow and Cash returned to Flow’s old neighborhood. Uncle Chuck arranged for the boys to stay at a co-workers boarding house. They occupied two vacant rooms.

Flow began to put their plan in motion. Cash, I know a homey named ‘Exile,’ he is a big time baller and owes me a favor. When we were younger running the streets, I took the fall for him and served six months in juvenile hall. Lets go see him tomorrow.

Exile welcomed Flow warmly and introduced him to his crew. Flow told him, this is Cash, we need jobs, we just got out of that boy’s home and we looking to get hooked up. Exile said, not a problem homey, I need a few baggers for my operation, ya’ll can start tomorrow. Come over to the crib tonight, my boys and I are going to watch a Toni Terrell movie.

The crib was littered with beautiful women, the men went upstairs and watched the movie. Cash was so transfixed by the beauty and sex appeal of Toni Terrell; he had an erection throughout the entire movie.

After the movie, he and Flow went downstairs. After brief conversation, Flow led one of the women to a bedroom. Cash followed suit with a dark skinned beauty.

Cash was inexperienced, the only sexual encounter he had was with an older foster sister.

The girl tried to seduce Cash, instead, he pushed her on the bed roughly and climbed on top of her, he was so rough, she screamed out in pain, telling him to take it easy. He plunged deeper and deeper inside of her and then he started slapping her.

She pushed him off, grabbed her clothes and ran out of the room.

The following day, Cash and Flow started their jobs. They bagged cocaine, crack and heroin all day, everyday.

After 2 years, Cash had saved enough to quit. He planned to buy a customized Mercedes, a nice home in Twin Peaks and an assortment of Brioni suits and designer shoes.

He was surprised and disappointed that Flow decided to stay, he had found his calling, drugs. After Exile was killed a few days later. Flow decided to take over the drug trade and became a kingpin.

Flow wished Cash well and they made a pact. They would hookup every Sunday at Cash’s or a sports bar to watch NFL and NBA games.

Within the next few months, Cash had moved out of the boarding house and purchased a nice home in Twin Peaks and a convertible black Mercedes (500 series). He also updated his wardrobe; his closet was full of designer suits, silk shirts and gators.

It took Cash a year to recruit two women for his stable, a cute African-American girl, Faye, fresh out of high school and an older blonde named Mindy. Competition was fierce; pimps had almost become extinct because of escort agencies and the Internet. Both of Cash’s girls had drug problems and didn’t have a problem working the street, he also supplied them with drugs on an irregular basis, an added incentive. They made money for him but not enough until he started an outcall business for them on the Internet. Profits tripled.

During the next few years, Cash became quite rich off prostitution.

Cash was a vicious pimp, he once went to the closet and undid hangers, heated them on the stove and proceeded to beat each girl on her buttocks and back, during the attack, he had flashbacks of his mother. He learned this procedure from one of his ‘Donald Goines’ books. He also punched the girls regularly but never left bruises on their face, bad for business.

Cash also bailed them out of jail when they got busted.

Flow was visiting one night, when Cash told him, lets go check on my whores, they on the stroll tonight because business is always slow on the Internet during the holiday season.

Cash motioned the girls to the car, they gave him their money. He counted it, and screamed? What the fuck is this? Ya’ll holding out on me, both girls shook their heads no, aiight, ya’ll can’t come home until you earn the quota. In other words, ‘You bitches better get my money!”

Flow said, damn man, you a stone cold pimp, keeping your ho’s in line, that’s what I’m talking bout! Both men laughed.

The following week, Cash got an invitation to the ‘Playa’s Ball,’ hosted in San Francisco by Toni Terrell. His heart skipped a beat when he read Toni’s name on the invitation.

He decided not to take Faye and Mindy, he knew a lot of pimps gave their women the night off for this event but not him; he was money motivated. He would go stag.


Toni was literally down to her last penny when she got a call to host a ‘Playa’s Ball’ in San Francisco for $10,000 dollars. She jumped at the opportunity. Airfare and accommodations were paid.

Toni arrived in San Francisco, after she picked up her luggage she went out to curbside, a limousine driver was holding a sign with her name on it. She hopped in the limo and was whisked away to a four star hotel in downtown San Francisco, located in the (Union Square) district.

Toni had just got out of the tub when the doorbell rung. She asked; who is it? Through the peephole, the man said he was from a courier service, he was sent by a company to deliver her an envelope, when Toni asked what company? He gave her the name of the company that was putting on the ‘Playa’s Ball.’

She opened the door and signed for the envelope. After the courier left, she opened the envelope and found a bonus check for $2,000. Toni decided to go shopping.

She went to a high-end boutique and bought a very sexy silver sequined mini-dress that would highlight her figure and Yves St. Laurent shoes.

When Toni arrived at the party and stepped out of the limo, she had everyone’s attention. The playa’s tipped their brims and the women glared with hate.

Toni hit the stage, the applause was deafening. She took a bow and proceeded to announce the nominees for ‘Playa of The Year.’

Cash arrived when Toni was handing out the trophy for Playa Of The Year. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her; this woman had an effect on him. He had to meet her.

He managed to snag an invite to the private after party. After the awards, he jumped in his Benz and headed to the address.

When he arrived, the party was in full swing. He saw Toni across the room, she looked up and their eyes met. She thought, damn, I wonder who that fine ass man is across the room, he looks like a tall version of Tupac.

Throughout the night, she noticed him staring at her. Before the party ended, he had inched closer. She suddenly turned around and faced him.

She was impressed with his tailored Italian suit, Prada crocodile gators, solid gold cuff links and the 2-carat diamond stud in his left ear and he reeked of her favorite male cologne, ‘Creed.’

He introduced himself as Cash. He told her, I’m going to be honest with you, I am a pimp and I can make you a lot of money, she put her hand up to stop him from continuing by saying, Cash, I have heard it all before, how are you any different? And why on earth would I let myself get involved with a pimp? I ain’t into getting my ass beat and meeting quotas, I can bypass that by working for a escort agency.

Cash told her, I can set you up, with your name status, we can charge top dollar, especially from overseas clients and I promise, I will never beat you. I’ll be like a manager and you will do “outcall” exclusively, you are too famous for the streets.

You can live in my house, in the guest room. No mortgage and I will buy you a baby Benz.

Think about it and get back to me, Cash kissed her hand and wrote down his number.

When Toni returned to her hotel room, she couldn’t get Cash off her mind. It was just something about him.

The next morning, before catching her flight, she picked up the phone and called him. Cash couldn’t let this opportunity slip away, he told Toni to cancel her flight, when she protested, saying, if I am going to relocate, I have to go pack my belongings, Cash told her, I will have your clothes shipped to San Francisco, meet for lunch in the hotel lobby in 30 minutes.


Over lunch, Cash outlined his plan. She would move in with him and do in-calls and out-calls, they would split the money, 60-40 in her favor, since she was a big name. He would book all of her appointments via the Internet. Cash talked fast, he had to convince her because money was running low with the other girls and he was on the verge of losing the lifestyle he had become accustomed to.

After lunch, Cash drove home. Toni was impressed with the house but she noticed resentment from Faye and Mindy, they were very unfriendly.

That night, she and Cash had sex. For once, he was tender and gentle.

Within the next few months, Toni was booked all over the world via the Internet; the clients also paid travel expenses. She brought in big money, especially in the Middle East where she was paid $25,000 per weekend due to her name status. This type of payday put her in the exclusive ‘thoroughbred’ call girl category.

Faye and Mindy couldn’t hide their jealousy. They noticed how Cash catered to her. He never beat on her and she was rolling in a Benz, she also out grossed them, 10-1, and she Toni didn’t have to turn over all of her money like they did, Cash let her keep the majority of her money. Faye and Mindy came up with a plan.

They referred a man named Harry Rhodes to Toni. No one in the sex industry would sleep with Harry because he was sick and twisted. He loved to beat, and humiliate women by peeing on them and burning them with lit cigarettes. They told Harry how to contact Toni through the Internet. Afterwards, they laughed at their cleverness.

Toni was getting dressed, she had a local appointment, he was willing to pay top dollar with a generous tip.

As she was leaving, she ran into Cash. He said, damn baby, you look good, you got a outcall? She looked at him seductively and said, yes daddy, with some local trick named Harry Rhodes. A shadow crossed Cash’s face, he asked her, how did you hookup with him? Toni said, he contacted me through email.

He grabbed her by the arm and said, you not going anywhere, that trick is a brutal deviate, who referred him to you? Toni said, I don’t know.

Cash stormed in the house, he saw Mindy and Faye and screamed, ‘ Jealous bitches, in the back room now!’ Toni could hear Cash beating them as they screamed out in pain.

The next day, Faye left the house in dark glasses and Mindy had bruises all over her arms.

Toni was eating lunch when Cash came in the kitchen. He mentioned that his birthday was coming up.

Toni asked him, what's your sign? He said, I’m a Cancer, July 1st . Toni responded, we are compatible; I’m a Capricorn, January 1st .

Cash said damn girl, you a New Year’s baby!


On July 1st , after Faye and Mindy had left. Toni went to a bakery and ordered a cake. She also picked up balloons on the way home, after that, she stopped at a local market and got two steaks, a lettuce and blue cheese dressing with a 5 pound bag of potato’s. She also purchased some red wine. Next, she went to a jeweler.

Cash was pleasantly surprised when he returned home, as he looked at the food, he asked, girl, where you learn to cook like this? Toni replied, by watching my mother.

They ate rib eye steaks, baked potatoes with sour cream and chives and a salad, topped off with red wine.

After dinner, they ate birthday cake and vanilla ice cream. After dessert, Toni presented Cash with a present.

He opened it and found a solid gold bracelet, spelling out the name ‘Cash’ in white diamonds.

Afterwards, they went into the bedroom. As Toni disrobed, she sung ‘Happy Birthday Mr. President’ in her best Marilyn Monroe imitation.

Cash smiled and undressed as he walked towards her.

After they had sex, they lay in each other’s arms. Cash thanked her for her everything. He was so flattered because no one ever celebrated his birthday during his childhood.

Toni asked, didn’t your parents celebrate your birthday? Cash turned away and said, I never knew my father, he died before I was born, never even seen a photo of him. At one time, I wanted to meet his parents but I heard through the grapevine, they moved out of the neighborhood while I was in a boy’s home. Can you believe that my mother put me in a boy’s home because my stepfather, Shelton, didn’t like me? He use to beat me, my mother did nothing, acted like she was ashamed of me her whole life. He also locked me out the house; I would be cold and starving. They had two daughters, fawned all over them and ignored me. My mother never even sent me birthday cards or Xmas cards when I was in that boy’s home, can you believe that shit?

Toni told him that her parents disowned her when she got in the adult industry and relatives didn’t even acknowledge her.

But baby, my situation can’t compare to yours. I’m so sorry; how could a mother do that to her child? Come here. Cash fell asleep, Toni got out of bed, just before she exited the room, Cash sat straight up in bed and said, please don’t leave me, please don’t leave me, don’t be like my mother.

Toni said, don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere, I’ll be right back baby, I promise.

She returned with a children’s book.

She said, I want to read you one of my favorite childhood stories, whenever I’m down, this story uplifts me, that’s why I keep it with me, the name of the story is ‘The Little Red Engine.’ She held him close as she read the book. Afterwards, she cuddled and nurtured him. Something his mother never did. That night, Cash broke his biggest rule; he fell in love with one of his prostitutes.

From that night on, things changed. He became jealous over Toni and her male customers, he didn’t allow her to turn tricks; instead, he gave her money to go shopping and promised her a vacation, he also became addicted to her cooking, especially her chili and sweet cornbread.

He came to the realization, all women weren’t bad, he had found a gem and he wasn’t going to let Toni get away. Maybe it was time to get out of the game.

When Flow got killed in a police shootout, he knew it was time to get out; that was a sign. When he returned from the funeral, he called a meeting and informed Faye and Mindy; he would be selling them off to a local pimp.

When Toni returned home from shopping, he surprised her by proposing. She asked him, how are we going to be married with you pimping, he said, it’s time for me and you to leave the game and settle down and have a family. She looked at him hard and asked, are you sure? He said yes. Toni said, in that case, yes, I’ll marry you.

He picked her up and twirled her around in the air. He said baby, I’m going to make you so happy. She said; you always have.


Later that evening, Cash took Mindy and Faye to meet Menace, their new pimp. He paid Cash $5,000 for both of them.

Cash and Toni spent the next six months, traveling, making love and shopping. One day, Toni asked Cash, will you ever contact your parents and half siblings? Cash said, I don’t know, they never seemed to want me and I don’t want them but they live nearby in Daly City. Last I heard, Shelton Grove was a big time lawyer, don’t know much about my mom.

Cash was downtown shopping for a wedding ring when he ran into Menace and one of his boys.

Menace said, hey man, you got a lot of fucking nerve, Cash asked, what are you talking about? Menace said, one of those whores you sold to me had HIV and infected a few johns, now business is down because of her skanky ass, she was damaged goods. Mothafucka, give me half my money back, now!

Cash said, man, I didn’t know she was infected and I don’t have your money on me. Menace said, fuck that! You knew mothafucka, you tried to rip me off; no one fucks with me! At that moment, Menace pulled out a gun and shot Cash.

Toni was contacted and rushed to the hospital. The doctor asked was she part of the family, she said, he has no family but I am his fiancée, how is he?

The doctor said, if he can survive the next 24 hours, he’ll be fine.

Toni went into Cash’s hospital room. She cried as she held Cash’s hand, she whispered, hang on baby, I’m here, I’m not going anywhere, squeeze my hand if you can hear me. Cash squeezed her hand weakly.


Toni had fallen asleep on the side of the bed when a medical complication occurred, Cash had to be rushed back into surgery, she said a silent prayer before she went into the hospital corridor.

She took out her cell phone and dialed a number; the phone was answered on the third ring. Toni said, hey Matt, how are you? I know, I miss you to, you were one of my favorite clients but I’m no longer in the life. I am calling to ask a favor, are you still a detective?

When Cash awoke the next morning. He adjusted his eyes. He recognized Toni but who were the two teenaged girls who resembled each other, and an older woman who looked vaguely familiar?

Toni went over to him and held his hand. She smiled and kissed him on the mouth. He asked Toni, who are these people?

She said, these are your sisters and their grandmother (Shelton’s mother). Cash was too shocked to respond.

The girls stepped forward and said, glad to meet you big brother. Each girl proceeded to hug Cash. Sidney introduced herself, so did Whitney.

Cash was speechless with tears in his eyes. The older woman stepped forward and said, Jordan, or is it Cash? Anyway, I am Mrs. Grove, I am going to sit down and pull up a chair if you don’t mind, Cash said, no Ma’m, I don’t mind.

Over the next hour, Mrs. Grove told Cash, Juanita and Shelton died in a terrible automobile crash a year ago; I am the girl’s legal guardian. We live in Juanita’s and Sheldon’s home.

Toni tracked us down yesterday and explained your situation. I had no idea, or else I would have intervened. Juanita told everyone that you were on drugs, unruly and that you were so jealous of the twins that you tried to smother them and burn down the house. She said you were so out of control that she had to confine you to that boy’s home because everyone feared for their lives.

I had no idea that my son treated you so badly, for that I apologize. I am not surprised because when I gave birth to Todd, Shelton’s younger brother, he acted jealous and resentful of the baby, never liked the fact he wouldn’t be getting all my attention, he refused to have anything to do with his younger brother, even when he got grown. It was surprising that he didn’t act that way towards the twins. He only seemed to direct his jealousy towards other males.

When the girls were younger and asked about you, Shelton would discipline them and tell them you no longer existed.

Mrs. Grove grabbed Cash’s hands and looked directly in his eyes and said, you are our family and we want you in our lives, please say that you will be a part of our lives.

Cash began crying as he slowly nodded his head.


Cash made a complete recovery and married Toni. Mrs. Grove and his sisters were in attendance.

Toni got pregnant on their honeymoon.

Cash made a vow to himself; he would be the best parent a child could have. He didn’t want his child to experience what he went through, growing up feeling unwanted and unloved.

When they returned home, they decided to purchase a house for sale, next door to Mrs. Grove and the girls.

Mrs. Grove and Whitney and Sidney helped them move in. Toni gave birth to a son, they would name him Jordan, Jr.

Their money had lasted a long time but was beginning to run out. Cash learned website design and launched several e-commerce sites which generated a lot of money, especially the adult orientated sites and Mrs. Grove made sure Cash got a share from the Grove estate but the biggest gift was yet to come.

Mrs. Grove was able to get an old high school yearbook with a photo of Cash’s father, Freddie Meyers in it. Cash stared at the photo for a long time; he could see the resemblance. He later took some scissors and clipped the photo out of the yearbook and framed it and placed it on the living room mantel.

On Christmas Day, Cash looked around the table at his wife, his son, his sisters and Mrs. Grove, he also glanced over his shoulder at the photo of his father and smiled. He finally knew how it felt to have a family who loved him.

Life couldn’t be better, he felt like the luckiest man in the world.













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