This story is a work of fiction.  Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


Chase Randall was a doctor in Hollywood.  He was in major debt due to student loans, he was a gambler and he paid a six-figure premium for malpractice insurance. Despite his financial problems, he was extremely materialistic, he drove a convertible Lexus and lived in the Hollywood Hills, his latest purchase, a Plasma big screen.


Randall loved the glamour of Hollywood, a few of his patients were celebrities and he was star struck.  He attracted women like a magnet, he was young, tall and handsome.  He was a fixture on the club scene, The Viper Room was his favorite hang-out.


He loved sports and had court side tickets to Laker games, he had three loves: money, women and power.  Hollywood was paradise.


Randall went to a popular sports bar on the strip, he knocked back a few beers and began chatting with a former sitcom actress named Sable Collins, she was complaining of back pain, Randall gave her his card and asked her to visit his office the next day.  She arrived for her appointment, Randall examined her, found nothing, attributed the pain to stress and prescribed a painkiller.


A few days later, Sable was calling for a refill, Randall hesitated until she offered him a few thousand dollars for three vicodin refills, she also invited him to meet her at a private club, Sable would leave his name on the guest list.


Randall arrived at the ultra-private club, a gold membership card was required unless you were on the guest list, he was led into a private room and seated in a booth, the waitress asked, “do you party?” Randall nodded, she gave him a drug menu along with a drink menu.  The drug menu included: Pill cocktails, Cocaine Cosmopolitans and Vicodin Martinis.  If you were in a partying mood, you went upstairs where a balcony overlooked the dance floor, girls danced in cages, spray paint dancers entertained, trapeze artists were suspended from the ceiling, confetti was sprayed over the crowd and foam came up from the dance floor, high priced call girls were busy working the private bar and cigar lounge.  Randall went to the restroom, it was coed.  The crowd was mixed, straight and gay celebrities.


Randall ran into Sable, she thanked him for refilling her meds.  She wanted to discuss business with Randall, they got a $900 dollar drug booth and sat down.   Sable wanted to go into the pill business with Randall, she could refer many Hollywood clients, he would be part of the Hollywood jet-set, invited to all of the parties, Randall’s eyes got big, this is what he wanted, all he had to do, prescribe pills on demand! If the requests became overwhelming, Sable would go to Mexico and buy the pills over the counter.  The money would be incredible. Randall agreed, she handed him a list of pills: Oxycondin, Ambien, Vicoprofen, Diazepam, Morphine Sulfate, Demerol, Endocett, Percodan, Valium, Vicodin and Xanax. Liquid Vicodin was also big business, celebrities were dissolving it in their water bottles for a extra kick.  If someone approached you at a club and wanted pills, the keyword was “do you party?”


Over the next six months Sable referred all the Hollywood players to him, Randall became the Rock & Roll Doc, he supplied all of the celebrities with pills, he and Sable split the profits 60/40. The perks were incredible, he got invited to industry parties, he RSVP’d via email.  He was treated like royalty.   He was on a first name basis with ‘A’ list stars, his client list was a who’s who of sports, entertainment and business.  His biggest dilemma, who should I sleep with tonight?  A high priced call girl?  A female rocker?  A playmate or an actress?  He preferred Sable but she made it clear “I don’t get the honey where I get my money.”


He moved into a bigger home and bought a Porsche.  He shopped on Rodeo Drive and his hair was done by a Hollywood stylist, he left $100 tips everywhere.   He took side trips to Vegas, Tahoe and Atlantic City.  He even went to Monte Carlo and Morocco to gamble, it was hard to stay out of debt.  He had to expand his illegal enterprise; he also had competition from illegal pharmacies who sold directly to the celebrities.


Randall began tampering with and diluting Cancer drugs, these watered down drugs would be injected into more than one patient, he also illegally distributed these drugs with sales totaling 1 million dollars.  Randall also received generous kickbacks from wholesale chemical manufacturers when he referred Meth and Ecstasy cookers.

One of his celebrity patients referred him to a four star hotel, they were looking to hire a on call physician, Randall got the job.  Many pop stars and rockers stayed at this hotel, Randall had to meet all of their pill requests or they would threatened to report him to hotel management and he would be fired, he could barely meet the demand, he and Sable had to go to Mexico frequently.  Despite all of his income, money went through his hands like water due to his gambling addiction.


Randall became a legend in his own mind, he considered himself a celebrity.  He name dropped at work, when a celebrity called him on his office phone or cell, Randall talked loud, he wanted the world to know.  He became arrogant, cocky, and belligerent, too good to have lunch with other doctors, he went off grounds to The Ivy and the Polo Lounge.  He purchased a second car, a Ferrari.


His fantasy came true when he bedded his favorite actress, Lindsey Manor, he also accompanied her to a movie premiere in Westwood, the Doc was cheesing for the cameras, he was the man, later that week, he wrote her out several prescriptions for a variety of pills.  Lindsey was so addicted to Vicodin that she stole Randall’s prescription pad and forged prescriptions.  They broke-up after this incident.


A supermodel was paying Randall hundreds of dollars to fill prescriptions, her drug of choice was Oxycondin.  This drug is so addictive that law enforcement officials refer to this pill as ‘hillbilly heroin,’ addicts have been known to hold-up pharmacies for this drug.


One of his best customers was a Rock & Roll legend until his checks started bouncing. Randall cut him off.  The rocker began stalking Randall, pleading with Randall to reconsider, he offered to pay in cash for future transactions, Randall forgave him and continued doing business with him but decided not to take on anymore clients, he could barely meet the demand.  Later that week, this same Rock Star begged Randall to bring Vicodin over to his residence, he was going through pill withdrawal: chills, sweats, vomiting and abdominal pains.   Randall rushed over to his house and was paid two thousand dollars for two vials.


Randall attended a Bel Air function where a large assortment of pills were served to the guests as appetizers.  Celebrities in attendance were kissing his ass because of his Dr. Feelgood status, the husband of a Hollywood actress was so desperate to get on his ‘closed’ client list that he invited Randall to a private family function where Randall could have full access to his celebrity wife.

Randall often received gifts from the celebrities he serviced, Spago picnic baskets, gold records, photos, tour jackets, concert tickets and autographed CD’s.  The majority of these celebrities were more comfortable abusing a drug prescribed by a doctor than drugs (cocaine and heroin) supplied by a street dealer, the logic: since a doctor is prescribing pills, I don’t feel like a junkie scoring a fix from a pusher and it’s legal, makes me feel better about my addiction.


The Doc was bringing major attention to himself with his outlandish purchases, dating movies stars, wearing $5,000 suits, eating at five star restaurants, constant travel, and appearing on the society pages.  He was addicted to materialism and the Hollywood spotlight.  He covered his office wall with autographed photos of celebrities.  His co-workers began to talk, someone made an anonymous call to the IRS and the Medical Board.


One of his customers was a soap opera legend, she was the grand dame of daytime TV, she was also a functional pill addict, Randall supplied her with syringes to inject Vicodin, Ambien and Xanax when she wasn't’t dropping sixty pills a day.  Her daughter, a prominent attorney became worried about her health.   She saw all of the pill bottles and syringes in the medicine cabinet, she also noticed the name of the doctor, was this doctor over prescribing?  She notified the Medical Board, a second complaint within a week, they decided to do an investigation.


Meanwhile, Randall was partying, supplying pills, and living the good life, he and Sable became quite rich, unknown to Randall, Sable began selling pills on the side, discreetly.


One cold winter evening, Sable called Randall and invited him to a sex party given by a Hollywood producer, the producer had hired a trio of midgets, male (pseudo’s) and one female to perform various sex acts for the guests, this party was invitation only and people were scrambling all over Hollywood trying to snag a invite.   Randall was tempted but he had a cold, he declined.


Sable never made it to the party, she was pulled over and taken into custody by DEA agents.


The DEA visited Randall at his office the next day, he was jumpy and nervous, he admitted to knowing Sable on a casual basis.  After the agents left, Randall decided to get out of the pill business, he wouldn't’t fill any more prescriptions.   Later that day, the Medical Board notified him that his medical license would be suspended pending further investigation, Randall was stunned.  Shortly afterwards, Randall was handcuffed and led out of his office, next day headlines read: “Hollywood Dr. Feelgood arrested for over prescribing pills to Hollywood Elite.”


Sable Collins received a 15 year sentence for drug trafficking.

Dr. Chase Randall’s medical license was revoked and he pleaded down to a 25 year sentence for drug trafficking, tax evasion, health care fraud, product tampering and wholesale distribution of prescription drugs without a license.



Prescription drugs have also become the rage among college students.  IRC Internet channels has a website where members use Web Cams to view online members ingest a variety of drugs, mainly pills.  Earlier this year, members witnessed a fatal online overdose.




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