Two-way cell phones are not for public consumption and cannot be purchased. These phones are used by secret agents similar to the character (Jinx) Halle Berry portrayed in the James Bond film, "Die Another Die." These phones are also used by a few intelligence agencies and by very well connected and sophisticated crime syndicates (same frequency). These phones don't keep records of calls (untraceable) and the company that provides the service for two-way cell phones can't be identified and they can't be traced via satellite.


In the "fixer world," there's always been speculation that each U.S. President has a classified secret agent for special missions.

A U.S. Secret Service Counter Assault Team member holds a assault rifle in the first photo. This man is the point man and most likely the team leader on PE Obama's security detail and he probably carries a 2-way cell phone, mentioned above.

A presidential secret agent is one of the most dangerous men in the world. They have the combined skills of a Sweeper, a 3-Charley operative, a Delta Force member, a Navy Seal and an RRD Ranger.  A few of the most lethal classifications in the armed/special forces/black ops (elite military).

Sweeper: Considered the most dangerous and mysterious secretive covert position in the world. As silent as a Ninja, more deadly than an assassin with reflexes quicker than a blackbelt martial artist. They are also experts in hand-to-hand combat and have expertise in marksmanship.

3-Charley Operative: Is a man or woman with elite military skills from each branch of military service in regards to weapons and hand-to-hand combat skills.

RRD Ranger: A RRD Ranger is so lethal that many of them can get off three shots from a silenced weapon in 1 second.

Highly trained for battle.


In the past, after a diamond heist, police would stake out airports and train stations to catch criminals.

To throw authorities off their scent, some of the smarter criminals would use companies who offered a flock of homing pigeons outfitted with mini backpacks that could hold: Diamonds, computer chips or corporate trade secrets.

Over the next few weeks, the pigeon would go on practice runs-on where to drop off the contents after the heists were committed.

After the robberies, the pigeon would fly to the pre-planned destination and drop off the goods.


Black spy novelists are a rarity, so much so, that I only know of three in history.

Damien Hunter is one of them. Hunter has authored a book (Secrets Of State) on a black male assassin named Leighton. He also prominently features a black female character (Paula Grant) who is a CIA agent. Grant is Leighton's love interest.

Leighton is told that his target (John Markham Cortland) is a danger to national security.

The mark (Cortland) is the embodiment of Big Oil. A giant in the petrochemical industry, he has a secret sideline as an arms dealer and a reputation for selling to anyone, enemies of the state included. This why Cortland is targeted for assassination. His other business interest include: Drug smuggling. A venture o lucrative its profits outpace those of his oil empire and arms sales combined and his close ties to the President means he cannot be touched until Leighton enters the picture.

About The Author: Damien Hunter has worked as an analyst and he's a lawyer by training. He has also worked in the California Legislature and the Justice Department in Washington, D.C., where the CIA tried to recruit him.

Like the majority of espionage writers, Hunter didn't include his photo on the back cover of the book.


In the late 70's, reporters pursued the Manchurian Candidate theory first raised by Bob Kaiser in his 1970 book "R.F.K. Must Die!"

Intrigued by a newspaper interview in which Kaiser had stated that Robert F. Kennedy's assassin Sirhan Sirhan (first photo) was programmed to kill Kennedy and was programmed to forget the fact of his programming.

Investigative reporters Bill Turner and John Christian began the first serious search for Sirhan's programmer: The "shadowy someone" first mentioned in Kaiser's book.

They focused on William Joseph Bryan, Jr. who was a consultant in a mind control programme.

It's always been rumored that D.C. sniper-Lee Malvo was a Manchurian candidate, at the mercy of his handler/mentor John Mohammad. Allegedly, Mohammad used Manchurian mind control methods on Malvo.


Manchurian Candidate/Assassin can be defined as: "Robot Of Another."

Authors William Turner and John Christian believe that Sirhan Sirhan (2nd photo) did not actually shoot Robert F. Kennedy because .22 shells were found on Sirhan's person. Both men also believe that he was a Manchurain Candidate.

Turner and Christian go on to name his programmer (keep in mind that the following claims are unsubstantiated).

They zero in on William Joseph Bryan (no photo available), at the time, the world's leading expert on hypnosis. Bryan solved the Boston Strangler case by hypnotizing the suspect, Albert DiSalvo.

Bryan vehemently denied the Sirhan accusation.

Bryan's dead body turned up in a Las Vegas motel room in 1977. Two call girls who serviced him regularly for the final two years of his life told Turner and Christian that Bryan not only boasted to them about hypnotizing Sirhan, but also about working for the CIA on top secret projects.

In 1960, former cover girl Candy Jones agreed to act as a courier for the CIA. She was also a perfect subject for hypnosis. Without understanding what was happening, she began a 12-year relationship with a CIA psychiatrist who used her to exhibit his mastery of mind control techniques. He nurtured a second personality within Candy, which he could trigger at will. The first personality could not recall later what the second had been doing, as the second traveled to distant exotic countries all over the world-on courier missions. Even under experimental torture, the CIA's secrets were safe with this "Manchurian Candidate" courier.

Source: Donald Bain



There is a woman (we agreed not to use her name) who practices an art that she refers to as "spiritual warfare."

She also deprograms people who are deeply involved in powerful secret societies.

This woman can only be contacted through "black-backend channels" in a clandestine manner.

She does business by referral only and she's rarely photographed or seen outside of her residence.

She makes a comfortable living in her field.


Presidential Medicine:

Unbeknownst to most of the public, elite emergency rooms (ready rooms) are available to the super rich. Allegedly, the White House is also equipped with this type of emergency room.

The room is constructed in your mansion or on a yacht with all the latest medical equipment, including high tech medical equipment.

A local physician is available to the client via an enormous plasma television via a voice hookup. After the client reveals their medical ailments, if the ailments aren't life threatening or serious, the doctor will make a diagnosis and advice on how to treat the ailment.

If the ailment is serious, the doctor will arrive at your destination within the hour.

These customized emergency rooms for the rich and famous start at $2 million dollars.



by: Kevin Chappell

Camp David is the world's most exclusive and elaborate political retreat.

Camp David sits on 143 acres in a wooded setting, populated with deer, raccoons, bluejays, birds and woodpeckers.

The site has services and amenities that rival the White House. Operated with military efficiency, it can provide anything a president or the first family may want.

Camp David also boasts a free-form heated swimming pool, sauna, two clay tennis courts, a bowling alley and movie theater. There's also a private trout stream for fishing, a skeet-shooting and archery range and a horse stable.

A full staff of housekeepers, and kitchen staff, including a chef, attend to the family's every need. Whatever the Obama's want to eat can be prepared on site.

Camp David is also the most highly guarded place in America. Rifle bearing Marines keep watch behind a double row of barbed wire topped fences. At the bottom of an elevator shaft 100 feet into the mountains is a fortress where the president could prepare in time of war.


A CIA station chief in Algeria, who was accused of drugging and raping two Algerian women, allegedly filmed the attacks and stored images on his computer, an official investigation has found. Andrew Warren, 41, seemed to have all the right qualifications for an undercover agent in the Middle East. An African-American schooled in martial arts (hand-to-hand combat) who speaks six Arabic dialects.



Was this 6'4 model a real life La Femme Nikita?

Candy Jones was born Jessica Wilcox in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on 31st December 1925. Her mother seems to have been both puritanical and cold; her father deserted them when she was three, after which Jessica and her mother moved to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, staying with her grandmother. She grew to love her grandmother more than her parents, hardly surprising as she once described her father crushing her fingers in a nutmeg grater.

The young girl's mother never let her mix with other children, and she was often locked in dark rooms.

At sixteen she entered and won the 1941 Miss Atlantic City contest, which led to a job as official hostess at the Miss America pageant, and lots of publicity. She subsequently became Candy Jones, America's most famous model during the forties.

In 1946 Candy married Harry Conover, creator of the 'cover girl' concept. But the marriage was not a happy one and they divorced in 1959. After the divorce, which left Candy in heavy debt, she had her own modeling school. It was at this time that she met a retired army general she knew from South Pacific, and within a few days, she was approached by an FBI man who borrowed a sophisticated microphone from her. A month later the same man returned with two others and asked to use her office as a mail drop for the government. Thinking it the patriotic thing to do she agreed.

In the sixties Candy worked for NBC radio, and maintained her close association with influential people in show business, politics and the military establishment, many of whom she'd met while touring with the USO in the mid forties.

Apparently, the government man she had met earlier, got in contact with her and asked to carry a letter for the CIA to a man in San Francisco; it would come out later that Candy was allegedly under hypnosis and mind control experiments during this time. This man was Gilbert Jensen, whom she remembered as the medic from one of her modeling excursions in the Philippines. Jensen then asked her to go to his office in Oakland to discuss the letter and other interesting and lucrative work she could do for the CIA. He told her that she would carry messages now and then for them, and said she needed a passport under an assumed name, as she would sometimes have to travel abroad. The name she chose was Arlene Grant. Her job as an model was the perfect cover.

So far, none of what Candy was doing was particularly unusual during the Cold War, in fact she joined thousands of Americans who worked for innumerable units like the one headed by Jensen, established and ran by the CIA. Like other citizens working part-time for the 'The Company', as the CIA was known, her part would be kept secret, so secret that even the records branch at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, knew nothing of her. Jensen, her 'control agent', would be her only contact.

She allegedly attended training camps, military bases and secret medical facilities throughout America. She was trained to use explosives, to fight in close combat with improvised weaponry such as a hatpin, and taught about disguise and communications. She learned how to kill with her bare hands, resist pain, and deal with interrogation techniques. She carried and was taught to use a .22-caliber pistol, and was introduced to such devices as a lipstick containing poison, which could be used to commit suicide, if captured, by biting into the stick. She also learned how code numbers could be painted on her nails and covered with nail polish.

Candy told her editor at Harper and Row, Joe Vergara that she sometimes worked for a government agency as a courier and might disappear occasionally. She also mentioned that she traveled to Asia. There was also a letter she wrote to her attorney, William Williams, to cover herself in case she died or disappeared suddenly or under unusual circumstances; she told him she was not at liberty to reveal exactly what she was involved in. Basically, she was involved in something she was not at liberty to discuss, even with the people close to her.

In Autumn,1966, Candy took the first of her two, possibly three, trips to Taiwan for the CIA. She delivered a letter and it seems the trip went well and she had a pleasant stay. However, on her second trip to Taiwan, things were different and she was apparently tortured with electrodes.

A few years after a book (above) was published on Candy's life, in 1978, in July 1980 there was a gas explosion in Candy's apartment building in New York, in which several residents were injured, Candy among them. She suffered a broken neck and sued the landlord for $20 million and Consolidated Edison for $80 million in punitive damages.

20th Century Fox paid significant money to turn the book into a film for Jane Fonda, yet never produced the movie despite attempts at screenplays by three of Hollywood's best, and has refused to sell the rights to the many producers who've expressed interest in making a film.

The CIA continues to deny any knowledge of Candy Jones.

On 18th January, 1990, Candy Jones died of cancer, aged 64, at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.

Source: Brian Haughton (2003)


The ladies who portrayed La Femme Nikita on film (Anne Parillaud) and TV (Peta Wilson) were both Valentine operatives/assassins.

What is a valentine operative? A woman who has the physical beauty to seduce and entice.

Example: Dayna from the Ballin series is "exclusively" a Valentine operative. The majority of her assignments are based around seduction and enticement (of male targets) due to her looks.

Another example: Cinnamon (portrayed by Barbara Bain, above photo) in the old Mission Impossible series was also a Valentine operative. Whenever the spy team needed to infiltrate the circle of a target, Cinnamon was called in.

Scenario: A beautiful woman operative can get closer to a male target versus a male operative. A man will let his guard down quicker and allow a beautiful woman into his inner circle in comparison to a male operative.



In the early 1970's, the first known (freelance)-female assassin, Jeanette, above, was making her mark. Her home base was Europe, where she lived in a remote location on a houseboat. She spoke three languages and was Dutch and bisexual. She charged upwards to $100,000 per hit and most of her contract killings were carried out in South America. Between hits, she lived a quiet existence in a little coastal town in Holland called Hoorn. Thirty kilometers from Amsterdam.

Her 'signature' fragrance was her 'calling card.' After each hit, investigators knew she was the suspect because her perfume still lingered in the air.

In 1973, she was assigned (contracted) to kill a member of an European hit squad. After the murder, members of the squad contacted a master source named "Papa," (depicted in the film Munich) to track her down.

In an era where computers and tech gadgets didn't exist, Papa was a source used by governments and individuals. His talent? He could locate anyone on the planet. He could also tell you where they would be prior to their arrival. His fee was: $20,000 per locate. He was able to locate rogue agents, assassins and double agents despite not having the use of an computer, a cell phone or blackberry. "Untraceable and unable to locate," were words that did not apply to Papa. He spent his days being a doting grandfather on his European estate. He also made homemade cheese and tended to his garden when he wasn't locating hard to find individuals.

Papa supplied the hit squad with Jeanette's address.

She was assassinated with three bullets from three separate guns. A bullet to each breast and an bullet in the mouth. Before she was killed, she was allegedly raped by her three killers.

After her murder, her killers gathered in a bar. One of the men said, 'most of our victims plead for their lives before being killed but not this woman. She was different. She didn't plead. She looked us all directly in the eye with cold detached hatred. Her face reflected nothing but disdain and defiance before we killed her.'


by: Steve Thompson and John O’Dowd © 2007

Christa Helm's (photo above) beauty and charm were undeniable, and once she mastered the art of manipulation she found her way onto the path of her dreams. She was going to be a Movie Star!

A few years of modeling and "faking it" paid off when she moved to Hollywood. Living in a mansion, driving a new Jag, rich men falling all over her—she had it made (according to her)! Movie stars, sports figures, producers, politicians and musicians...they were all hers for the taking, and she took, and she worked, until she found herself on the Yellow Brick Road of fame. Guest starring in "Wonder Woman," and "Starsky and Hutch," making B-grade movies, lathering in the Coppertone commercials of the day, and recording a disco album that would never see the light of day, all introduced her to the thrills and dangers of stardom. The lifestyles of many Hollywood starlets of the time were filled with sex, drugs, murder and money. Helms' gained it all, and then lost it all in a very short time.

Down to her last few dollars, waiting on a prime role and desperate to survive, she logged all of her escapades in a secret journal. The journal is rumored to have been filled with the names of her many famous lovers, as well as the details of their more private moments. Her affairs, her beauty and her strength enraged many who knew her, but those same attributes also brought her career growth and an array of people who truly loved and respected the beauty within her. In the end, those who loved and hated her would all be scrutinized under an investigation that remains open today—30 years later.

In 1974, Christa Helm, age 25, received a gift of expensive jewelry from the town’s mayor and posed happily for pictures with the event’s attendees (including future Sony executive Michael Schlesinger).

Christa was the ultimate party girl—a trophy blonde girlfriend and "Good Time Charlotte" who was widely known amongst the early seventies in-crowd for her big-name boyfriends and her boundless ambition to be a Lana Turner-style Hollywood star. She was described by one friend as "very beautiful, tall, about 5’9" with yellow-brown eyes—and smart. Perhaps too smart for her own good.”

Christa relocated to New York briefly and she lived in a beautiful, seven-room duplex in the East 30s that she called ‘Merlin’s Magical Den’. It had a stereo system that went on when you clapped your hands—very unusual back then. Her apartment was decorated with a lot of plush white furniture and I also recall an expensive display of crystal figures in the living room.

When she returned to Los Angeles, she moved in with internationally renowned financier Bernard (a.k.a. “Bernie”) Cornfeld (ex-boyfriend of Heidi Fliess), who reportedly managed a billion dollar empire in banking, insurance and mutual funds. Born in Istanbul, Turkey, Bernie Cornfeld was a rabid womanizer who lived with a virtual harem of magazine centerfolds, film starlets and call girls in a 39-room house in Beverly Hills called Grayhall Mansion. Located at 1100 Carolinian Drive, the house had been built in the 1930s and was once the home of the legendary silent screen star, Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. before being taken over in the early 70s by Cornfeld and his coterie of concubines.

From the start, Christa seemed to fit in just fine with the like-minded hedonists at Bernie Cornfeld’s love nest. By all accounts, the gorgeous starlet loved men, loved sex and was clearly not above using her charms (as many other young hopefuls before her had done) to further her Hollywood ambitions. Christa was smart and fearless, but she allegedly set parameters on what she would, and wouldn’t, do. On September 19, 1973, columnist Earl Wilson wrote that Christa had revealed to him that there had been a time that she was given a chance to be a high-priced call girl but that she had thought about it and then turned the offer down. Even so, Christa’s lifestyle at the time was far from being sedate.

While staying at Bernie Cornfeld’s, Christa’s ever-changing dance card is said to have included actors Warren Beatty, Michael Sarrazin, Desi Arnaz, Jr. and George Hamilton, as well as singer Johnny Rivers. Other names with whom she was linked in the press in the mid 1970’s included recording stars Mick Jagger and Englebert Humperdinck and acclaimed movie director Roman Polanski (whose beautiful wife, Sharon Tate had been murdered a few years earlier by the so-called Manson "family").

In those years, Christa even told friends that the Shah of Iran had flown her overseas to his palace for a week. “There was a rumor that the federal government often used models and starlets like Christa to get information from him. “The government allegedly approached Christa to help them and she began filtering information to them on his activities. The Shah was said to have given her many beautiful gifts, like jewelry and furs.

In spite of her ambition and seemingly good connections, Christa’s acting career in Hollywood was nowhere near as successful as she had expected it would be.

The night that Christa met her destiny started out for her as many other nights had. She attended a party in Hollywood with her roommate, a woman named Stephanie. They called a mutual friend, Sanford (a.k.a. “Sandy”) Smith, a Hollywood talent agent, who was also a frequent paramour of Christa’s, to join them, but he had refused. Undeterred, Christa decided to go to his house and try to talk him into going with the girls. She borrowed Stephanie’s car and drove to Smith’s house on Lloyd Place in West Hollywood. Smith later claims that he was sleeping when she got there and that he never saw nor heard her.

In 1977, Christa was on her way to a party when she was attacked from behind. Even though she was a certified Black Belt, the ambushed woman was unable to fight off her assailant. She was stabbed over 30 times (which tragically included numerous wounds to her neck and face) and then bludgeoned with a blunt object thought to be either the handle of a knife or a hammer. Christa’s badly ravaged body was found shortly after the attack by a young man crossing the street.

Christa’s West Hollywood murder on February 12, 1977 received surprisingly little press coverage for someone so well known in the gossip columns and in Hollywood society itself. This led one writer to speculate in print that "who she knew and what she knew may be the reason her savage killing was barely reported." According to witnesses who saw her earlier, Christa was carrying a handbag that night with the “Tommy Boy” logo on it but the purse was missing when the police arrived. It was never found and there has been strong speculation through the years that it may have contained her so-called ‘love diary’ and that’s why the killer (or killers) stole it.

Despite the horrific nature of Christa’s death, the story failed to make national headlines. The investigation into her murder proceeded apace for a time as police interviewed scores of people and searched fruitlessly for her diary which was said to be potentially explosive. It was never found and this murder remains unsolved.


Barbara Payton's acting career begun in 1949, it was over in just seven years, and after only twelve films. It had, in effect, been crushed by the less than favorable reputation she had cultivated as an inveterate, loose-living "party girl." The tabloids and newspapers of the day kept her name in the public eye, for awhile, in a series of embarrassing headlines, until she finally faded out of view. She resurfaced in 1962, accompanied by even worse headlines that exposed her hellish life on the mean streets of L.A.

Barbara Payton's story is a fascinating, albeit sordid and sensational tale that reads like a Mickey Spillane paperback. It is a story of unrealized potential. It is an account of one woman's runaway excesses and tenacious bent for self-destruction that decimated her career, and left her dead before she was 40.

In 1981, Jack Nicholson gave his costar, Jessica Lange, a copy of Payton's autobiography; Lange quickly saw the parallels between Payton's life and that of the character, Cora. Lange was also startled to learn she and Payton both hailed from the same small town, Cloquet, Minnesota.

In addition to numerous love affairs (including ones with Howard Hughes, Ava Gardner, Texas oilman Bob Neal and actor Guy Madison, and, reportedly, James Cagney and Bob Hope), she was married four times.

From 1955 to 1963, Payton had several skirmishes with the law - passing bad checks, public drunkenness, mental illness, drug abuse, and, ultimately, prostitution. She was paid $1,000 for the ghost-written autobiography "I Am Not Ashamed," in 1963. Payton admitted to being forced to sleep on bus benches and was often beaten as a prostitute.

In 1967, after failed efforts to curb her drinking, she moved in with her parents in San Diego in an attempt to dry out. On May 8, 1967, Payton died at her parents' home; the cause of death was heart and liver failure.


The Congo:

The Unkole tribe aka "The flying tribe" has always been considered an urban myth. Very little literature is available on this tribe; and nothing is available in search engines. The only story we could find on them was written by Mike Foster in October of 2002, as follows:

According to Mike Foster:

Scientists have found proof that Africa's fabled "flying tribe" really exists. The tribe can allegedly leviate and they can move objects as heavy as 2,800 pounds with their minds.

A British anthropologist who spent six weeks allegedly living with the secretive tribe smuggled out dazzling photos that show young warriors rising eerily in a traditional dance, women carrying baskets 10 feet above their heads and toddlers receiving instruction from village elders on how to leviate small stones.

"These are extraordinary people," declares Dr. Nigel Hathman. "They don't need nets or fishing rods to catch fish. They just stand at the river's edge and "will" the fish to come out of the water."

Experts now believe that the Unkole, who live in a remote jungle about 350 miles from Kananga, share a rare gene that endows them with telekinesis.

As early as the 16th Century, Portuguese explorers scoured Africa in search of them believing as slaves, each could do the work of 10 men.

Explorers who did stumble on the Unkole (trying to enslave them) never returned.


True story about a murder (in 1991) at the US Marine base at Quantico that involved two officers in the US Marine Corps, a husband and wife.

Intelligence officer, Robert Russell, (1st photo) was being drummed out of the Marines and he had developed an extreme dislike for his Marine Cops wife Capt. Shirley Russell (portrayed in the film "Perfect Crime," by Jasmine Guy, pictured below), for being the success that he wasn't. Robert drunk himself constantly-into an ugly and violent rage that led him to consistently brutalize Shirley to the point she had to cover her arms from the black and blue bruises he gave her.

One Sunday afternoon after Shirley came home from church services she disappeared never to be seen again and the talk around the base was that her husband Robert murdered her.

A female NIS agent was assigned to the case.

Robert had a very strange superiority complex and thought no woman had the smarts or guts to convict him of Shirley's murder, he acted very sexist towards the investigator, when she interrogated him, he often asked her to go get him a cup of coffee or run chores for him. He even approached her, late at night, while she was walking to her car in a threatening manner.

It later turned out that Robert made a major mistake, after he was forced to resign from the Corps, he left in the possession of the NIS, a computer disk that was a blue print to his wife's murder!

This case was unusual, because no body or murder weapon was ever found. But, it was more than enough circumstantial evidence to convict Rober Russell.

Federal Attorney Kenneth Rowland prosecuted the case against Russell and got a murder conviction. This case was the first of it's kind in a Federal Court, without a body a weapon or a confession by the accused.

Robert Russell was sentenced to life and Shirley Russell's body nor the murder weapon has yet to be recovered.

"Godfather & King of the International Ecstasy Market Claims he's ex-Mossad " by: Julian Rubinstein

In the early evening of April 7, 2000, one of the strangest and most lucrative careers in the history of American drug smuggling was coming to an end. Twenty undercover agents, most from the U.S. Customs Service and the Drug Enforcement Administration, fanned into position outside a plush midtown Manhattan high-rise waiting for Jacob "Cookie" Orgad, the enigmatic Israeli king of ecstasy, to return from dinner.

When he arrived, at around 9:30—a babe on each arm and reeking of cologne—the former "Beeper King" of Los Angeles calmly consented to a search of his three-bedroom penthouse.


There were so many people associated with Cookie's drug empire—from the notorious former Gambino crime family underboss Sammy "the Bull" Gravano down to the Las Vegas strippers and Brooklyn Hasidic teens employed as drug mules—who had been convicted for working in the worldwide ecstasy empire Cookie shrewdly came to rule. "It was one of the most sophisticated and complex operations we’ve seen," says Dean Boyd, a spokesman for U.S. Customs. It was also one of the most unlikely.

Cookie’s rise and fall traces a precipitous Wall Street–like graph: His fortunes boomed spectacularly in the mid-to-late 1990s—when the emergence of a massive market for ecstasy reconfigured the power structure of the world drug market—before crashing at the tail end of an investigation that spanned three continents and tore up the lives of scores of the most unlikely pushers imaginable. Take 19-year-old Simcha Roth, a Hasidic Jew from Brooklyn who pleaded guilty to ecstasy-smuggling charges in a related case. At his bail hearing, he was released to the custody of two rabbis.

As much as 90 percent of the world’s ecstasy supply is manufactured in secret, high-tech labs scattered throughout the Netherlands.

Authorities say that by the time of his arrest, Cookie had brought in more ecstasy to the United States than any other individual ever has: an estimated 9 million pills with a street value of more than $270 million.

What most people who knew Cookie in his early L.A. days remember is that he was a member of Mossad, Israel’s elite intelligence organization.

Cookie might never have amounted to more than a street-level salesman if it weren’t for his extraordinary ability to exploit opportunity—the Southern California equivalent of good genes. An opportunity presented itself to Cookie in the form of Heidi Fleiss, who showed up at his electronics store one afternoon in 1990, looking for a bargain on a big-screen television. Not that Fleiss needed a bargain. She was already running what she brags was the best operation of its kind in the world—a $1,500-a-night call-girl service.

"Next thing you know, Cookie’s doing favors, running errands," says Ivan Nagy, Fleiss’s boyfriend at the time. The call-girl market, much like the ecstasy scene that would soon explode, was fiercely competitive. With demand exceeding supply, many girls were looking to use Fleiss as a springboard to their own service.

Cookie recognized Fleiss’s need for someone to protect the business, and the Mossad tale was born. "At that time, anyone who suggested they could be some kind of an enforcer was valuable."

Fleiss says "I had a lot of enemies." "Sometimes I needed to find out something about a girl and he’d help me."

"He and his friends would wait around for the girls to come home and then sneak up on them and say, ‘When are you going to go see Heidi?’" recalls one source. "They killed one girl’s cat."

As Fleiss’s "enforcer," Cookie had found a place for himself in the Hollywood scene. But he quickly came to realize that the role was limiting. Nor did it command respect. While dapper johns like Charlie Sheen were whisked into the clubs with the Fleiss posse, Cookie had to stand in line with the rest of the losers.

But not for long. If there was one thing his days with Fleiss seems to have drilled into Cookie’s head, it was this: Girls are the universal currency; they’re accepted anywhere, and the more you have the more powerful you become. Soon, Cookie’s services to Fleiss involved more than just security. He began recruiting women for her, picking one girl up outside a Western Union by offering to shoot modeling photos. Cookie also ingratiated himself with women by providing them with drugs. "Sometimes guys would request drugs from the girls," says the source, "mostly coke and ’ludes."

Fleiss refuses to comment on the drug allegations, but doesn’t deny Cookie was pimping for her. "He knew a lot of really cute girls," she says. "Some needed money, a little makeover. I turned these girls into millionaires and they loved Cookie for the introduction. I paid him, on average, $500 a girl."

In February 1993, Cookie began spending time with a beautiful 22-year-old named Laurie Dolan. They’d known each other about two weeks when Cookie showed up at her apartment one evening in a limousine and whisked her and another young woman to dinner at the popular fashionista hangout Tatou. "She called me from there," remembers her father, Paul. "It was obvious that she was out partying, but she said, ‘Dad, I’ll be all right.’"

After dinner, the group showed up at their regular hangout, Bar One, where Cookie was now a part-owner—no more waiting in line for him. He made a show of buying buckets of the best champagne before heading back to his apartment with Dolan and two other women. "He always liked three or four women in his bed," says one former associate. "It was like Caligula every night."

Dolan surfaced around 5 p.m. the next day, when Cookie left her comatose body at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. She never regained consciousness and three days later was pronounced dead, the victim of a massive drug overdose.

On June 27, 2001, after fifteen months in custody, Cookie finally decided to give up his game and plead guilty to the seemingly unbeatable charges of operating a continuing criminal enterprise and conspiracy to distribute ecstasy.

He was sentenced to 14-17 years.

Source: Julian Rubinstein


In 2008, Roland Carnaby (President Of The Houston Chapter Of The Association of Intelligence Officers) was pulled over on a routine traffic stop Tuesday morning on Texas 288 near Orem. The officers claim that when Carnaby produced a laminated CIA identification badge he appeared “shaky” and “nervous." When Carnaby took off he led the police on an hour long chase with speeds over 100 mph that eventually ended in an area near the Galleria, an upscale shopping mall.

Purportedly Carnaby refused to acknowledge the officers nor put his hands up. After the cops smashed his passenger side window he “stepped out of the vehicle, turned around and reached under the seat” according to Houston Police Sgt. John Chomiak. It was then that the officers, fearing for their safety, opened fire on Carnaby. He was later pronounced dead at Ben Taub hospital.

HPD discovered three weapons in the car, two pistols and a shotgun. Carnaby had permits for all three. The shotgun rested on the floor of the back seat with its safety off and a round in the chamber. Interestingly the first news reports stated that the cops were unable to find any weapons in the vehicle, that it wasn’t until Carnaby’s Jeep SUV was confiscated that authorities claim they found the three weapons.

Friends of Carnaby were shocked at his death, they believed Carnaby was a member of the CIA or an “intelligence” agent and that his death by the cops was unfathomable. On Wednesday DBKP wrote about Carnaby, that the man was engaged to be married.

According to the Houston Chronicle, we’ve learned that Carnaby also had a wife, Susan, in Pearland, Texas. Susan, who said she hadn’t seen her husband since March, was allegedly amazed that her husband was in Houston and not out “traveling," so was the news that Carnaby also had a “fiancee."


This photo just surfaced on the internet, allegedly showing Roland Carnaby (above) as part of a Presidential Secret Service detail.

Source: Deathby1000papercuts.com (LBG1)


The short story "Downlow Sex Club," will crossover and conclude in Ballin 9. Also included: An elite espionage training camp, sanctioned Jackals/Assassins, an electronic ambush, gold bars and classified codes.

Exotic Locales will include: The Swiss Riviera, Hawaii and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



It's a story worthy of a major conspiracy theory, a blueprint for a contrived and unbelievable episode of "The X Files." Except the facts surrounding this story are just that. Facts. The Truth.

by: Alanna Mitchell, Simon Cooper and Carolyn Abraham
Compiled by Alanna Mitchell

It's a tale only the best conspiracy theorist could dream up.

Eleven microbiologists mysteriously dead over the span of just five months. Some of them world leaders in developing weapons-grade biological plagues. Others the best in figuring out how to stop millions from dying because of biological weapons. Still others, experts in the theory of bio terrorism.

This story is a subtle hint of espionage, a big whack of imagination, and the plot is complete, if a bit reminiscent of James Bond.

The first three died in the space of just over a week in November. Benito Que, 52, was an expert in infectious diseases and cellular biology at the Miami Medical School. Police originally suspected that he had been beaten on Nov. 12 in a carjacking in the medical school's parking lot. Strangely enough, though, his body showed no signs of a beating. Doctors then began to suspect a stroke.

Just four days after Dr. Que fell unconscious came the mysterious disappearance of Don Wiley, 57, one of the foremost microbiologists in the United States. Dr. Wiley, of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Harvard University, was an expert on how the immune system responds to viral attacks such as the classic doomsday plagues of HIV, ebola and influenza.

He had just bought tickets to take his son to Graceland the following day. Police found his rental car on a bridge outside Memphis, Tenn. His body was later found in the Mississippi River. Forensic experts said he may have had a dizzy spell and have fallen off the bridge.

Just five days after that, the world-class microbiologist and high-profile Russian defector Valdimir Pasechnik, 64, fell dead. The pathologist who did the autopsy, and who also happened to be associated with Britain's spy agency, concluded he died of a stroke.

Dr. Pasechnik, who defected to the United Kingdom in 1989, played a huge role in Russian biowarfare and helped to figure out how to modify cruise missiles to deliver the agents of mass biological destruction.

The next two deaths came four days apart in December. Robert Schwartz, 57, was stabbed and slashed with what police believe was a sword in his farmhouse in Leesberg, Va. His daughter, who identifies herself as a pagan high priestess, and several of her fellow pagans have been charged.

Dr. Schwartz was an expert in DNA sequencing and pathogenic micro-organisms, who worked at the Center for Innovative Technology in Herndon, Va.

Four days later, Nguyen Van Set, 44, died at work in Geelong, Australia, in a laboratory accident. He entered an airlocked storage lab and died from exposure to nitrogen. Other scientists at the animal diseases facility of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization had just come to fame for discovering a virulent strain of mousepox, which could be modified to affect smallpox.

Then in February, the Russian microbiologist Victor Korshunov, 56, an expert in intestinal bacteria of children around the world, was bashed over the head near his home in Moscow. Five days later the British microbiologist Ian Langford, 40, was found dead in his home near Norwich, England, naked from the waist down and wedged under a chair. He was an expert in environmental risks and disease.

Two weeks later, two prominent microbiologists died in San Francisco. Tanya Holzmayer, 46, a Russian who moved to the U.S. in 1989, focused on the part of the human molecular structure that could be affected best by medicine.

She was killed by fellow microbiologist Guyang (Matthew) Huang, 38, who shot her seven times when she opened the door to a pizza delivery. Then he shot himself.

The final two deaths came one day after the other in March. David Wynn-Williams, 55, a respected astrobiologist with the British Antarctic Survey, who studied the habits of microbes that might survive in outer space, died in a freak road accident near his home in Cambridge, England. He was hit by a car while he was jogging.

The following day, Steven Mostow, 63, known as Dr. Flu for his expertise in treating influenza, and a noted expert in bio terrorism, died when the airplane he was piloting crashed near Denver.


Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 thriller The Birds was loosely based, of course, on the novella of the same name by English suspense author Daphne du Maurier. Certain events in the early 1960s spurred Hitchcock to translate it to the screen despite the technical difficulties he faced in the special effects area. These bird-related events make rather creepy reading.

Birds started acting strangely beginning on or about April 26, 1960, in La Jolla, California, "where a thousand birds flew down a chimney and ravaged the inside of a house." Soon thereafter "Residents in a quiet Midwestern town -- the quintessential American Hitchcock setting -- suddenly found themselves under invasion by a covey of barn swallows, who seemed to delight in dive-bombing newsboys . . . Flocks of screeching sea gulls were reported to be terrorizing fishing ports along Germany's North Sea coast, pilfering piles of fresh fish and attacking fishermen and chimney sweeps."

Several characters in the restaurant scene in The Birds discuss an event that occurred on the night of August 17-18, 1961. The August 18 Santa Cruz Sentinel headlined the story as "Seabird Invasion Hits Coastal Homes." Gulls known as sooty shearwaters, "migrating from New Zealand and South America in flocks numbering in the 'millions', crashed into cars and buildings, broke television aerials and street lamps, and tried to enter houses when the residents ran out to investigate the noise at 3.00 a.m." The birds "pecked people, smashed into houses and cars, knocked out car headlights, broke windows, chased people around the streets and staggered around vomiting pieces of anchovy over local lawns." According to film historian Camille Paglia, Alfred Hitchcock jumped on the story so quickly, the Sentinel mentions him calling the paper for information that very morning.

Hitchcock officially began work on his film on March 22, 1962, and even this was shadowed by eerie synchronicities. On that day a red-tailed hawk started attacking children in Victoria Park and had to be shot. Cinefantastique magazine mentions that "a Bodega Bay farmer approached Hitchcock during filming to report that he was having trouble with birds pecking out the eyes of his young lambs."

There are probably complicated natural explanations for the pre-Hitchcock avian "attacks." The Santa Cruz invasion has been blamed on domoic acid in the fish eaten by birds in Monterey Bay.

Source: Michael D. Winkle


Roy L. Austin (born 1939) was United States Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago October 2001 to January 2009.

Born in Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, he moved to the United States to study and later became a U.S. citizen. He attended Yale University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in sociology. While there he befriended future President George W. Bush and both were inducted to the secret society Skull and Bones. He earned an Master of Arts and Ph.D in sociology from the University of Washington.

Austin was Associate Professor of Sociology, Justice, and African American Studies at Pennsylvania State University and served as director of the Crime, Law, and Justice Program and the Africana Research Center.

Bush appointed Austin to the post of Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago. He was sworn in October 19, 2001.

In Related News:

Skull & Bones is the most powerful secret society in the world. We all know that members have included 3 U.S. presidents, 2 Chief Justices, over 20 U.S. Senators, Congressmen, Cabinet Officers, Justices and State Officials and 4 members have the following powerful surnames: Goodyear (Tires), Heinz (Catsup) Ford (Automobiles) and Dodge (Automobiles).


You may think, the lasers and ray guns you see in science fiction films like "Star Wars," aren't real. But they are and they were invented almost 100 years ago by a man who is now nearly forgotten.

Harry Grindell Matthews (above) was a visionary inventor of space-age weapons and other gadgets that were way ahead of their time.

Matthews was born in England in 1880. From an early age, his ambition was to probe the very boundaries of science with cutting edge inventions.

Matthews' first notable device was created in 1911-a radio that could be used to contact a person in an airplane or other moving vehicles. Essentially, it was the world's first mobile phone!

He followed this remarkable success with a boat that could be controlled by a beam of light, for which he was given $37,000 by the British government.

Matthews' next big project, in 1923, was his death ray (directly above). Newspapers took a keen interest in his endeavors, and soon the eyes of the nation were on the ambitious inventor and he worked feverishly, hoping to sell his creation to the military.

But the military showed little interest as he developed the ray weapon, and some ridiculed the inventor for what seemed to be an absurd pipe dream. Matthews' got fed up, and called a press conference to demonstrate his device.

The death ray was designed to fire a burst of electromagnetic energy at enemy aircraft, thus disabling the plane's engines, causing it to fall like a rock from the sky. For his demonstration, Matthews used his ray to stop a motorcycle.

The beam worked. The inventor was vindicated, but military analysts determined that the ray required an impractically huge amount of power to use in battle.

The space-age weapon was relegated to the annals of scientific history.


Nancy Bacon was a top Hollywood gossip columnist for "Confidential" magazine as well as others, and one of the highest paid ($100,000 annually in the 50's & 60's).

The above book (Stars In My Eyes...Stars In My Bed) tells all about her many romances with top Hollywood stars, and the many close friendships she enjoyed with the rich and powerful in movie land which extended all the way to the White House. Bacon was a fixture among the Hollywood elite and on the political powerbroker scene. She counted John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Liz Taylor, Sharon Tate, John Wayne, Sean Connery, Judy Garland and Jayne Mansfield as friends.

Bacon allegedly had a long term affair with actor Paul Newman. She was also on a first name basis with members of overseas royal establishments.

She was Marilyn Monroe's roommate in the late 50's and they enjoyed a close friendship until Marilyn's untimely death. There is an entire chapter devoted to her years as Marilyn's close friend and confidant.

This book is out of print now, but if you can find a copy, buy it, as it is an excellent read with many pages of rare photos.

Nancy Bacon also co-wrote the scandalous and juicy unauthorized biography ( Good Girl/Bad Girl) on troubled superstar Whitney Houston.


Paul Lir Alexander aka Paulo Ferriera Rothstein was a Jewish Brazilian drug baron. He set up the South American drug trade, and imported over $10 billion in cocaine.

Paul Rothstein was allegedly the model for Tony Montana in the film, "Scarface."

Rothstein was sent to the Midrasha (the Israeli Mossad training academy) where he completed the 6-month training course.

After Mossad training school, he was assigned to the Israeli Embassy in Sweden. He was next heard from in Syria when he was captured and Syaret Matkal commandos broke him out of a Syrian jail. This story cannot be substantiated. Paul's discussed a "missing five years" in his Mossad career. He will not say where he was.
Iran Contra Affair

In 1982 he was in Nicaragua helping Lt. Col. Oliver North during the Iran-Contra Affair. He claimed that he was seduced into the drug dealing world there. He also made another statement later claiming he had been involved in drug dealing since 1979.

Rothstein resurfaces and buys a giant yacht and becomes a legend. The hit series Miami Vice was also based on his exploits.

Rothstein was assigned to São Paulo, Brasil. His cover set up by Mossad was a "one girl talent agent office." In 1983 his only client had been in Playboy magazine's Brazilian edition in December 1982.

His personal fortune was in the range of $100 million dollars. Before his arrest in April, 1993, Alexander was raising $350,000,000 to buy the Manchete television network in Brazil.

He's in jail as of 2007 in Minas Gerais, Brazil. He faces drug dealing charges with a maximum sentence of 25 years.

Source: Judicial-inc biz


"Colonial Parkway Killer" is the name given to an apparent serial killer believed to have murdered at least eight people along the Colonial Parkway of the U.S. state of Virginia (or nearby) between 1986 and 1989. During that time, four couples were murdered, or in the case of one pair, are missing and presumed to be dead.

The first two known victims were Cathleen Thomas, 27, and Rebecca Ann Dowski, 21. The lesbian couple liked to park on the Colonial Parkway for privacy. On October 12, 1986, their bodies were found inside their car, which had been pushed down an embankment on the parkway near an area of the parkway that was popular with gay couples.

An autopsy found rope burns on their necks and wrists, signs of strangulation, and their throats had been slashed. Their purses and money were found inside the car, and there were no signs of a struggle. Both women were fully clothed and there was no evidence of sexual assault. (Thomas was one of 100 women in the United States Naval Academy class of 1981, which was the second graduating class that was coeducational at federal service academies).

As of November 2005, the killer has not yet been identified. Investigators have speculated that the suspect might someone impersonating a cop, or perhaps a rogue operative from the Central Intelligence Agency, which has a training facility nearby at Camp Peary in York County. Other investigators believe the killings were committed by more than one person working as a team.

During the analysis of the film footage of the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963, a mysterious woman was spotted. She was wearing a brown overcoat and a scarf on her head (the scarf is the reason for her name as she wore it in a similar style to Russian grandmothers-also called babushkas).

The woman appeared to be holding something in front of her face which is believed to be a camera. She appears in many photos of the scene. Even after the shooting when most people had fled the area, she remained in place and continued to film. Shortly after she is seen moving away to the East up Elm Street. The FBI publicly requested that the woman come forward and give them the footage she shot but she never did.

To this day, no one knows who the woman is or what she was doing there. More unusual is her refusal to come forward to offer her evidence.

On September 20, 1963, Richard Case Nagell walked into a bank in El Paso, Texas. He fired two shots into the wall near the ceiling, walked back out to his car, and waited to be arrested. Why? This provided him with an alibi, he would be in jail when JFK was assassinated.

Subsequently, Nagell would claim he was a double (or triple) agent of U.S. and the KGB, that he knew Lee Harvey Oswald and was monitoring the JFK assassination plot which involved Cuban exiles, and that he had been ordered to kill Oswald to prevent the plot from being carried out. He also maintained that he had sent a registered letter to FBI Director Hoover, warning him of the plot.

Some of his knowledge remains unexplained. The FBI inquired of the CIA about seven names found in a notebook in Nagell's possession at the time of his arrest. A review determined that all of them were involved in intelligence, and the CIA wrote back to the FBI asking "how the above names came into the possession of Nagell." The question was never answered.
A perhaps fitting if tragic denouement to the story occurred when the Assassination Records Review Board decided to contact Nagell. The ARRB sent a registered letter on October 31, 1995. One day after the letter was mailed, Nagell was found dead in his apartment, victim of an apparent heart attack.


The "Voynich Manuscript," (above) is a medieval document written in an unknown script and in an unknown language. For over one hundred years people have tried to break the code to not avail.

The overall impression given by the surviving leaves of the manuscript suggests that it was meant to serve as a pharmacopoeia or to address topics in medieval or early modern medicine. However, the puzzling details of illustrations have fueled many theories about the book’s origins, the contents of its text, and the purpose for which it was intended.


According to former Las Vegas call girl Jane McCormick (above): I have survived rape, an abusive marriage, an abusive childhood, pimps, drugs, the sex trade, abortion, silicone poisoning, a mob hit-man and MORE!

For ten years I was a Rat Pack party girl-at the beck and call of rich and famous celebrities and casinos in Las Vegas.

Like a charm on a bracelet.. I was the "hot young chick" on the arm of many wealthy and famous people that came to Las Vegas including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Arnold Palmer and many many other high rollers.

I reveal my deepest innermost secrets and painful memories, that led me to become one the most requested Las Vegas "casino call" girls. I have survived every imaginable hurt possible during a time when most people would have thought I was on top of the world.

My lifestyle as a Rat Pack party girl appeared to be one of carefree existence without any worries in the world. In reality I was only there trying to get money so I could get my children back.

I was 17 and attractive, young, in demand in a town where money, booze, women, gambling and anything goes twenty four hours a day three hundred sixty five days a year. The expression."what happens in Vegas... stays in Vegas".... no longer applies to me.

In the 1960's, I accumulated $500,000 per year. Equivalent to $1 million dollars per year in today's dollars.

McCormick's childhood was marred by her stepfather’s horrible abuse. He was a full-grown Marine molesting a three-year-old, and even more depressing to follow along as the sexual mistreatment continued over a period of years. Sadder yet is the point at which a young Jane finally blows the whistle, only to be faced with disbelief and further pain.

When McCormick arrived in Vegas, pit bosses soon counted on Jane to “take care of” their highest rollers and celebrities, including the actor who played Fred Mertz on "I Love Lucy."



Black singer Billy Daniels is still considered by many to be one of the greatest showman in entertainment history. He sold millions of records and sold out venues across the country in his heyday. His signature song was "That Old Black Magic." Daniels earned $26,000 per week in the 50's performing in Las Vegas.

Billy also discreetly dated white actresses and best friends Ava Gardner and Lana Turner at the same time.

Despite having a checkered past women loved him: He was once charged with shooting a man and a white call girl slashed his face with a butcher knife, it took 35 stitches to close the wound and the call girl would go on to become Hollywood's number one Madam.

In the 50's, he did the unthinkable and married a very rich white socialite, they would divorce a few years later.

Above, Daniels greets movie queen Marlene Dietrich with a kiss on the lips. Taboo for the day.


David Bacon (March 24, 1914 – September 13, 1943) was a film actor (above, far left).

Born Gaspar Griswold Bacon, Jr. in Barnstable, Massachusetts, his family were one of the prominent Brahmin families and active in politics. His father Gaspar G. Bacon was on the board of Harvard University, and would be elected lieutenant governor of Massachusetts.

Born to a life of privilege and wealth he was graduated from Harvard. He summered with his family at Woods Hole on Cape Cod where he became involved during the early 1930s with the "University Players," at West Falmouth. There he met then unknown performers James Stewart and Henry Fonda with whom he later shared accommodation for a time while he struggled to establish himself.

His acting career failed to progress, and he drifted for several years. He moved to New York City where he was sponsored by a wealthy British patron, and although he once again failed to secure employment, he began to wear expensive clothes and jewelry, leading to speculation that he was acting as a gigolo.

He moved to Los Angeles, California where he met and married an Austrian singer, Greta Keller. In her later years, Keller disclosed that Bacon was homosexual, and that she was lesbian, and that their lavender marriage partly served as what she referred to as a "beard," allowing both of them to maintain a respectable facade in Hollywood, where they were both attempting to establish film careers.

In September 1943, Bacon was seen driving a car erratically in Santa Monica, California before running off the road and into the curb. Several witnesses saw him climb out of the car and stagger briefly before collapsing. As they approached he asked them to help him, but died before he could say anything more. A small knife wound was found in his back – the blade had punctured his lung and caused his death.

When found, Bacon was wearing only a swimsuit, and a wallet and camera were found in his car. The film from the camera was developed and found to contain only one image, that of Bacon, nude and smiling on a beach. Police theorized that the photograph had been taken shortly before his death by his killer. The case attracted publicity for a time and officially remained unsolved.


We were contacted by a company rep (not the company above) regarding advertisement for cigarettes. I was reluctant to talk ad space because of the health issues associated with smoking but then I was informed this was an "electronic cigarette" aka e-cigarette).

Blu cigarettes are the world's first electronic cigarettes. They were created in Italy and have become a trend among upper crust society in Europe.

According to the rep, "the cigarette does not contain cancerous agents, nor does it contain tobacco, tar, ash or smell." This cigarette is smokeless and comes with a blu pack that charges the cigarettes while you're on the go.

These cigarettes come in unique flavors and various nicotine levels ranging from: non-nicotine, to light nicotine to full flavored nicotine.

A healthy alternative than traditional cigarettes and 75% cheaper than traditional cigarettes and you can smoke these cigarettes indoors because there's no odor or second hand smoke because the cigarette is smokeless.

Needles to say, after this verbal presentation, I'm now reconsidering the ad space.

Photo credit: "Smoking Everywhere."


"Mysterious Deaths of 9 Skiers Still Unresolved," by: Svetlana Osadchuk

Nine experienced cross-country skiers hurriedly left their tent on a Urals slope in the middle of the night, casting aside skis, food and their warm coats.

Clad in their sleepwear, the young people dashed headlong down a snowy slope toward a thick forest, where they stood no chance of surviving bitter temperatures of around minus 30 degrees Celsius.

Baffled investigators said the group died as a result of “a compelling unknown force” — and then abruptly closed the case and filed it as top secret.

The deaths, which occurred 50 years ago remain one of the deepest mysteries in the Urals. Records related to the incident were unsealed in the early 1990s, but friends of those who died are still searching for answers.

The skiers, led by Igor Dyatlov, 23, set up camp for the night of Feb. 2 on the slope of Kholat-Syakhl, a mountain next to Otorten. They pitched their tents at around 5:00 p.m., investigators said, citing photos that they developed from rolls of film found among the abandoned belongings.

Why the nine skiers picked the spot is unclear. The group could have detoured just 1.5 kilometers down the mountain to a forest, where they would have found shelter from the harsh elements.

As such, no one was worried when the group failed to reappear on Feb. 12.

Only on Feb. 20, after relatives raised the alarm, did the institute send out a search-and-rescue team of teachers and students. The police and army dispatched their airplanes and helicopters later.

Investigators said their tent had been cut open from inside and counted traces of footprints from eight or nine people in meter-deep snow. The footprints had been left by people who were wearing socks, a single shoe or were barefoot.

Investigators matched the footprints to the members of the group, saying there was no evidence of a struggle or that other people had entered the camp.

The footsteps led down the slope toward the forest but disappeared after 500 meters.

Sharavin found the first two bodies at the edge of the forest, under a towering pine tree. The two — Georgy Krivonischenko, 24, and Yury Doroshenko, 21, were barefoot and dressed in their underclothes.

Charred remains of a fire lay nearby. The branches on the tree were broken up to five meters high, suggesting that a skier had climbed up to look for something, perhaps the camp, Sharavin said. Broken branches also were scattered on the snow.

The next three bodies — Dyatlov, Zina Kolmogorova, 22, and Rustem Slobodin, 23 — were found between the tree and the camp. The way the bodies were lying indicated that the three had been trying to return to the camp.

It took two months to locate the remaining skiers. Their bodies were found buried under four meters of snow in a forest ravine, 75 meters away from the pine tree. The four — Nicolas Thibeaux-Brignollel, 24, Ludmila Dubinina, 21, Alexander Zolotaryov, 37, and Alexander Kolevatov, 25 — appeared to have suffered traumatic deaths. Thibeaux-Brignollel’s skull had been crushed, and Dubunina and Zolotarev had numerous broken ribs. Dubinina also had no tongue.

The bodies, however, showed no external wounds.

Deepening the mystery, a test of the clothes found they contained high levels of radiation.

The investigation, however, was closed after a few months, and investigators said they could not find anyone to accuse of wrongdoing. Case files were sent to a secret archive. Skiers and other adventurers were barred from the area for three years.

A doctor who examined the bodies in 1959 said he believed that no man could have inflicted the injuries because the force of the blows had been too strong and no soft tissue had been damaged.

“It was equal to the effect of a car crash,” said the doctor, Boris Vozrozhdenny, according to case documents.

In 1990, the chief investigator, Lev Ivanov, said in an interview that he had been ordered by senior regional officials to close the case and classify the findings as secret.

Yuri Yudin said he also thought an explosion had killed his friends. He said the level of secrecy surrounding the incident suggests that the group might have inadvertently entered a secret military testing ground. He said the radiation on the clothes supported his theory.

Kuntsevich agreed, saying another clue to the deaths was the fact that the faces of the first five bodies had been inexplicably tan. “I attended the funerals of the first five victims and remember that their faces look liked they had a deep brown tan,” he said.

What really happened on the night of Feb. 2, 1959, may never be known.

Source: St. Petersburg Times

On December 07, 1909, Lake Erie swallowed the Marquette & Bessemer No. 2 ferry (above).

The ship set off at 11:00 on that winter morning in 1909, laden with coal-carrying rail cars and carrying 31 passengers and crew to Port Stanley, Ontario.

Out on the open waters of Lake Erie, a winter storm suddenly blew out of the west. Winds rose to 90 miles per hour, and the temperature dropped by an incredible 45 degrees.

The Marquette & Bessemer No. 2 was last seen struggling against the waves and attempting to turn west, into the wind.

On December 12, a lifeboat washed ashore near Erie, Pennsylvania, carrying the frozen bodies of nine crew members and the mysterious empty clothing of a 10th person, still buttoned and tucked together as if the wearer had simply vanished.

Although the 350-foot-long ship went down in relatively shallow water, the wreckage has never been found.

Sailors still report hearing a lonely whistle near the area where the ferry sank, even when there are no other ships for miles around.


David Sánchez Morales (August 26, 1925 - May 8, 1978) was a CIA operative who worked in Cuba. It's been rumored for years (but never proven) that he was allegedly involved in the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy.

Morales became involved in the CIA's Black Operations. During this time he became known as the CIA's top assassin in Latin America.

Morales spent his early life in Phoenix, Arizona, and attended school at Arizona State College in Tempe (now Arizona State University) and the University of Southern California in Los Angeles before joining the Army in 1946. He served in the 82nd Airborne, and was recruited into Army intelligence during that time. Morales maintained an Army 'cover' even after joining the Central Intelligence Agency in 1951.

Some researchers (among them Gaeton Fonzi, Larry Hancock, Noel Twyman, and John Simkin) believe that Morales was involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Sanchez's friend Ruben Carbajal claimed that in 1973 Morales opened up about his involvement with the Bay of Pigs operation, and stated that "Kennedy had been responsible for him having to watch all the men he recruited and trained get wiped out." Morales then added: "Well, we took care of that SOB, didn't we?" It's been suggested that Morales was the “Latin-looking” man seen with Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans in 1963. Numerous employees of New Orleans taverns saw Oswald with a man matching the description of Morales.

David Morales once told friends: "I was in Dallas when we got the son of a bitch and I was in Los Angeles when we got the little bastard." Referring to the assassination of both Kennedy brothers.

Bradley Ayers told the Assassination Records Review Board in 1995 that he had found a credible witness who could place David Morales at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles on the night of Robert F. Kennedy's assassination.


The US Navy Underwater Demolition Teams (UDT) were a precursor to the current United States Navy Seal's. Fred (Tiz) Morrison (pictured above) was the first African-American Navy Seal/Frogman. Morrison also won the Bronze star for his heroics in the Korean War. Morrison was known as an expert in underwater demolitions. He was nicknamed, "The Real Tarzan."


Did fixer Eddie Mannix (above) cover up his own alleged involvement in the murder of his wife?

Eddie Mannix was on call to do damage control and cover up scandals involving every major movie star in the world during Hollywood's golden age.

But rumors have always lingered that he was accused of staging the murder of his first wife Beatrice. She died in 1937 in what many believe was a "make believe" high speed car crash.

The incident also raised questions because mobster Al Wertheimer was involved in the accident.


A blind sex offender (Everett Holloway, above) went on trial for raping a neighbor about two months after he was released from state prison for a previous kidnapping and rape.

Assistant Ocean County Prosecutor Laura Pierro, in her opening statement to the jury, said Holloway went to the victim's room at the Atlantic Motel in Seaside Heights to fix the door on her refrigerator. Once there, Holloway grabbed the victim, then 46, and choked her until she was unconscious, Pierro said. Then he raped her, the prosecutor alleged.

When the woman awoke, she ran naked from her room into the street, screaming for help, Pierro said.

Holloway is charged with two counts of aggravated sexual assault and one count each of sexual assault, criminal sexual contact and aggravated assault.

Holloway was released from South Woods State Prison on Aug. 9, 2007. He was serving a 20-year prison term there since 1983 for kidnapping and rape.

He was not in the state Megan's Law registry because the prior sexual offense predated the enactment of Megan's Law.


The Indiana Jones character was based on the adventures of Colonel Percy Fawcett (1st photo). In 1925, celebrated British adventurer Colonel Percy Fawcett and his eldest son Jack headed into the South American rain forest in search of the ancient city the Conquistadors aka El Dorado. Fawcett nicknamed the city, "Z."

But instead of discovering the lost civilization that had fascinated explorers and scientists for 400 years, the adventurer, who served as an model for the character of Indiana Jones disappeared without a trace.

Fawcett was 58 years when he made contact for the last time in a telegram on May 29, 1925, that stated, "We are headed into unexplored territory."

More than 100 men have perished while attempting to discover Fawcett's fate in the decades since his disappearance.

Before he vanished, the courageous daredevil had led several expeditions into the rain forest over the years and his diaries detailed how he endured near starvation, deadly diseases and hostile tribesmen. The explorer did win the friendship of the warriors he encountered with gifts and a respectful attitude.

Fawcett also reported seeing a giant anaconda on one of his expeditions.

This mystery remains unsolved and Fawcett's body has never been found.


In 1982, Teddy Pendergrass was on top of the world, his albums went double platinum and he was the top R&B singer in the world and then everything came to a halt on March 18th.

Pendergrass was allegedly driving home from a 76'ers game with a passenger (transvestite) in his Rolls Royce. The car crashed, Pendergrass's spinal cord was severely injured. His passenger escaped with cuts and bruises. Pendergrass would be paralyzed from the chest down.

The transvestite passenger (Tenika Watson-2nd photo) aka John Watson was a top drag performer on the East Coast (New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia). Watson allegedly had a rap sheet that included thirty-seven arrests for prostitution. Her shows were often sold out. A the time of the accident, Watson was performing at "Forrest Lounge," in downtown Philadelphia. The club featured female impersonators.

A policeman, who asked not to be identified, said of Teddy's passenger, "She was a very attractive female. She was wearing dark clothing but there was nothing cheap looking about her."

Five days before the accident, Pendergrass was involved in a one-car accident when his Maserati skidded on leaves and crashed.

Pendergrass still maintains he didn’t know Teneka Watson was transgender.

After the accident, rumors indicated that Tenika Watson later became involved with a male R&B pioneer who recently died and a retired NBA superstar.

Rumors have also persisted that the wife of a former sports superstar was also an passenger in the car but was whisked from the accident to avoid scandal. This rumor has yet to be confirmed.


Hollywood Attorney, Eddie “The Fixer” Gritz (above) was Mickey Cohen’s (mobster) mouthpiece. Gritz greased the palm’s of plenty of prosecutors and LAPD detectives.

Even Jack Dragna used Gritz when any member of his mob got in a jam. A young Anthony Fiato saw how fast Gritz squashed a beef when he heisted a liquor store and got caught red handed by two cops with a bag of cash, and a gun in his hand.

Fiato’s father reached out to a Mickey Cohen associate named Harry Diamond, who then got Gritz to give a pound of C-notes to the on-the-take Robbery-Homicide-detectives working the case. They dropped the case for lack of evidence.

And the rest is history. From there, Gritz did damage control for numerous celebrities and mobsters.


Invisible/Shadowy Bank:

The film "The International," weaves a web of intrigue. This underworld bank dealt in arms trafficking and other illegal endeavors.

It might sound implausible, but the story is based on the real-life activities of "The Bank of Credit and Commerce International," a $20 billion rogue financial institution that serviced drug cartels and underwrote weapons programs, this bank also employed hit men and undermined police investigations.

This bank was also responsible for smuggling, fraud, extortion and bribery and $12 billion was claimed to have disappeared within it's walls.

It was also speculated that this bank tried to expand by secretly trying to purchase three American banks but they were unsuccessful.

This bank operated from the 1970's until the 1990's.


Elite/Bodyguard security firms who cater to the super rich and famous have diversified. They now (also) offer services that include: Maids, butlers, chauffeurs, kitchen staff, personal fitness trainers, massage therapists, personal chefs/dietitians, estate managers and personal assistants.

These firms also do film-set security for their clients as well as protection for the entire cast and crew.

One of the richest men in the industry, Will Smith worth $500 million (1/2 a billion) patronizes: "Screen International Security Services (SISS)," based in Beverly Hills. Other clients include: Angelina & Brad, Bruce Willis, Lindsay Lohan, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz and Ozzy Osbourne just to name a few.

A former 45-year-old trained IDF/Military bodyguard runs SISS.

Israeli bodyguards/Fixers are the new flavor of the month among the Hollywood Elite. They are allegedly the cream of the crop when it comes to intelligence gathering. Then there is the military training, combined with the commitment to secrecy. There's also an mystique surrounding the Israeli military. They are currently the hot status symbol.

According to security specialist, Darrell Johnson: "If you are in the spotlight and you are seen with an Israeli bodyguard, then everyone else will want one."

Source: Israelenews.com


Last week we did an article on Israeli bodyguards protecting celebrities, here is a continuation of that article (taken from Israelenews.com website):

What does actor Samuel L. Jackson and David and Posh Beckham have in common? According to the Jewish Chronicle, their bodyguards are ex-Mossad and SAS operatives who also have the capability to act as fixers.

Allegedly, the London based firm: "VIP Bodyguards/David Lawrence Security Firm," supplies bodyguards to Jackson and the Beckham's. Their clients also include, Madonna.

According to a operational director named Jason (he refused to give his last name), "The British and Israeli bodyguards are the best in the world!"

Some of this celebrity bodyguards can demand and make $2,500-$5,000 per day.

John Perkins is a self described highly paid professional who cheats countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. In his words, wreaking havoc around the world in support of American business.


by: Jordan Rodack

Officially, the U.S. military claims that 16 servicewomen have killed themselves in Iraq and Afghanistan. But outraged family and friends are saying some of them were murdered.

LaVena Johnson (1st photo) devastated parents John and Linda have been battling for the truth since their oldest daughter died in Iraq on July 19, 2005.

The 18-year-old honor student's lifeless corpse was found inside a contractor's storage tent at a U.S. base in Balad and a nine-month Army investigation concluded she committed suicide by sticking the barrel of her M-16 automatic rifle into her mouth and blowing her brains out.

But LaVena's devastated dad charges that she was raped and murdered and the Army is covering it up because her death would raise serious questions about safety on bases and discourage women from serving.

Johnson insists his 5-foot-1 daughter's arms weren't long enough to reach and pull the trigger on her gun, and abrasions and scratches on her arms point to defensive wounds. And, there was no significant gunshot residue was found on her hands.

Instead, Johnson says the evidence indicates that LaVena was killed elsewhere and her body dumped in the tent where there was a lack of blood and brain splatter and what appear to be bloody boot prints. The anguished dad also notes that flesh-melting lye was poured on her private parts to eliminate any evidence of rape.

Joy Priest also claims the Army stonewalled her query into the supposed suicide of her daughter, Pfc. Tina Priest (2nd photo) two weeks after accusing a male soldier of raping her.

The official military investigation concluded she had killed her herself with her M-16. But her mom is skeptical, saying the Army dragged its feet for many months before releasing the investigation documents and photos of the autopsy and death scene.

The family of 30-year-old Army Specialist Ciara Durkin (3rd photo) is also questioning her death. She was found with a single bullet wound to the head, lying near a church. They believe she was targeted because she was gay. Suspicions about her death deepened due to an e-mail she had sent to friends in June 2007, saying a fellow soldier pulled a gun on her.

These parents and relatives vow to continue their quest for what really happened to their loved ones.


May 15, 1957
Los Angeles

The papers called her an actress, but she was never in anything but trouble and her only talent was for raising hell. Even the gossip magazines quit working with her because they didn't trust her. She was only famous for being infamous.

Her name was Ronnie Quillan (1st photo). At least that was the one she used in court to testify about feeding stories to Confidential magazine. The police had a dozen names for her: Mary Wolfe, Ronnie Blair, Cynthia Ainsley and all sorts of variations on them. Even her death records list two names: Veronica Ainsley and Mary Quillan, as if nobody could make up their mind what to call her.

The other little boxes on her death records are vacant: The year, month and day she was born or even where. All we have are what might be her mother's name--Zwebels--and when she died: Oct. 5, 1962.

She was married at least twice. Her first marriage, to Joe Quillan, who worked on the script for "Son of Paleface," was in Greenwich, Conn., in 1939. The second, to 21-year-old Daniel E. O'Reilly, was in Tijuana in 1956 and annulled a year later.

She brawled with her husbands and her boyfriends. One of the worst fights was in 1949, when she and French singer Roland Gerbeau slashed each other with razor blades and her right ear was nearly severed. The next year, she slashed singer Billy Daniels' face with a butcher knife and it took 35 stitches to close the wound. He told police she had been taking pills all evening.

In early 1957, she used a 2-by-4 to smash a picture window at her former mother-in-law's home in a fight over a TV set. Two days after she got out of jail for that rampage, a cabdriver picked up her at 6 a.m. while she was wandering in front of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, wearing pajamas and a coat. She was carrying a stuffed dog named Bowie and a stolen .38-caliber Colt. She said she wanted to go to a pawnshop--but he got one look at the gun and took her to the police.

It's not clear exactly when she turned to prostitution. Her only documented arrest was in April 1955. In August of that year, Whisper magazine ran a story calling her "Hollywood's No. 1 Madam."

About the same time, she began feeding stories to Confidential magazine, receiving $1,500 . One of them, which appeared in the January 1955 issue, concerned an encounter she supposedly had with Desi Arnaz in Palm Springs during World War II. She was also the source for information on a story about black singer Billy Daniels (story below) in the July 1955 issue. She may have also contributed to stories about Ava Gardner (3rd photo) and Herb Jeffries (2nd photo).

Testifying at an trial in 1957, Quillan said: "All the scandal magazines and newspaper characters should be very happy," she said. "They prophesied that I'd wind up in the gutter and here I am. They really ought to have some sort of organization for ex-Hollywood glamour girls, because I'm petrified with fear. I've never been so friendless in my life. When I got out of Norwalk after recovering from a nervous breakdown, I thought maybe I could change my life. But here I am back in County Jail. I guess it can't get any worse than this for me."

On Oct. 5, 1962, Quillan stumbled into a doctor's office after receiving a vicious beating. She died before she could say what happened. Veronica Ainsley/Mary Quillan was 44. Maybe.

Bonus fact: On Jan. 3, 1958, in New York City, Confidential editor Howard Rushmore killed his wife and committed suicide after he forced his way into the taxicab in which she was riding.


The Devil's Sea , also known as the "Dragon's Triangle," and the "Pacific Bermuda Triangle," is a region of the Pacific around Miyake Island, about 100 km south of Tokyo.

Among the phenomena reported in Devil's Sea are the loss of ships and planes (more than the Bermuda Triangle), numerous ghost ships, unidentified craft and UFO's, missing time and some have suggested Devil's Sea may explain the disappearance of Amelia Earhart.

Recent theories involve a link between the dragon's triangle and the Bermuda triangle, suggesting that since they are, broadly speaking, at polar opposites on the earth's surface, they may be linked through the earth's core, creating a 'black hole' super-gravitational effect. This was discussed at length recently on "Secrets of the Bermuda triangle," which aired on the History channel.


In March1981, the Fox network broadcast a special titled, "Conspiracy Theory: Did We Go To The Moon?" The show contained information that conspiracy theorists and skeptics had been saying for years. At the end of this story, please click the link to leave your opinion.

Some of the shocking claims:

Allegedly, 20 percent of the U.S. population doesn't believe we went to the moon.

Skeptics pointed out that no stars were visible (when they should have been) in photographs or video taken from the moon landing.

In the video, why was the flag waving in the wind when they're isn't any wind on the moon?

Why wasn't there any engine noise audible on the video?

Why was there no blast crater underneath Apollo in videos or photos after the moon landing?

How did Apollo travel through the Van Allen radiation belts (and survive) enroute to the moon?

Skeptics insist the Apollo video was really shot at Area 51 to dupe the public.

The program also hinted that a number of astronauts and other witnesses died mysteriously to protect the secret. For example, ten astronaut trainees, 15% of the total, died in accidents between 1964 and 1967. Also, according to the show, a mysterious fire also killed Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee in 1967.

Possible motive, according to the program: Cold War prestige — The U.S. government considered it vital that the U.S. win the space race against the Soviet Union.


A fireman who worked at Roswell in 1947 has claimed that the mysterious crash that occurred that year was indeed of alien origin. In an interview he said a Roswell Army Air Field Colonel came to the fire department and insisted that nobody was to speak about it, visit the site or respond to any questions pertaining to the incident.

"Anthony Bragalia (90): A firefighter who was with the Roswell Fire Department in 1947 has confirmed that the mysterious crash in the New Mexico desert that Summer was in fact of an unearthly craft!


According to author John Coleman (The Committee of 300). A highly organized secret society with tentacles reaching into every level of government in the United States and indeed, the world, backed by massive financing and run by men of the highest education and intelligence, with vast resources at their disposal, manages the thousands of major political and economical and contrived situations.

The shocking allegations in this book also includes names that will shock you!


*Three months after the Chandra Levy scandal, another political scandal took place involving another female employee who worked for a politician; she was also killed. This story didn't receive much media coverage. Instead, it was swept under the rug and the story disappeared from the headlines just as quickly as it appeared and the case still remains unsolved despite the cause of death ruling.

"FORT WALTON BEACH, FL. - Lori Klausutis, a 28-year-old office worker (aide) for Rep. Joe Scarborough (R-Fl), first photo, was found dead in the congressman's district office. Police said preliminary findings from the medical examiner's office showed no foul play or any outward indication of suicide."

Unbelievably, that was it. The story was simply dropped. A young female employee of one of Florida's Congressmen had died unexpectedly in the Congressman's office. There were no witnesses to her death and the cause of death was not apparent. Klausutis' boss, Joe Scarborough had recently resigned from Congress prematurely and unexpectedly, amid rumors about his marital fidelity and soon after a divorce. He had also abruptly resigned as publisher of the Independent Florida Sun, claiming that resigning from Congress and as publisher was necessary to spend more time with his sons.

According to Anna Dobbins, a producer at WEAR-TV, Joe was on the phone with the local ABC affiliate in Pensacola within three hours of the discovery of the body, and before the family was notified, they spun the story that "a young woman had died in his office and that she had a complicated medical history, specifically surrounding 'stroke and epilepsy.'"

The congressman and his advisor, Mick Serrano, made similar calls to two other local media outlets within hours of the body's discovery.

According to Dobbins and others, about a week later, after the Klausutis family wrote an excoriating letter to a local paper, Serrano called back to ask that they stop reporting the "complicated health history."

Joe, they were now correctly told, had spoken in error.

Klausutis-a marathon runner, 28 years old and happily married-had been in great shape. Her "complicated health" began only on the night that she died, and its "history" surfaced primarily because of Joe's misinformation.

The nebulous circumstances surrounding Klausutis's death were further compounded during her body's postmortem exam. Michael Berkland, the medical examiner assigned to perform the autopsy, quickly released a statement to the press indicating that there were no signs of trauma to the body or any indication of foul play. Later, however, he admitted the body had "a scratch and a bruise."

Berkland, it must be noted, has a less than professional record. He was fired from his position as medical examiner in Missouri for making false statements and eventually lost the right to practice medicine in that state.

Only when the autopsy report was released (and that occurred only because the editor in chief of the Northwest Florida Daily News Ralph Routon's editorial demanded its issuance) did those willing to exercise their rights under Florida's Sunshine Law learn the extent of Lori's injuries.

The autopsy report revealed that Lori had suffered two skull fractures and an additional wound. A 71/4-inch crack all but spanned the top of her head, from right temple to left.

As a likely consequence of that blow, blood poured in from a steadily pumping heart to form a fist-sized hematoma at the left temple. There were separate 11/2-inch eggshell fractures, essentially pulverizing the bone, deep inside the skull behind the right ear. The back of her head was bashed, and her lungs were filled with bloody foam, suggesting that she took a relatively long time to die.

In the final autopsy report, Berkland wrote off all those devastating injuries to heart failure. According to Berkland, Klausutis had fainted from a weak heart and hit her head on the desk, an unlikely scenario considering the massive damage to the victim's skull.

Showing an incredible lack of professionalism, the local press swallowed this story whole, even the seeming contradiction about a failing heart having been capable of pumping more than a half cup of blood to form the hematoma. Medical science suggests that, if Klausutis's heart was so weak that it failed to pump enough blood to her brain to maintain consciousness, that same heart would not pump enough blood to form the hematoma.

With Berkland's confusing-and medically improbable-scenario securely within the official case file, the case was closed. No more questions. No more answers.

Democratic Congressman Gary Condit wasn't so lucky. Chandra Levy was last seen April 30, 2001, less than three months before Klausutis's death. Thousands of stories appeared all over the world about Condit's missing intern.

Oddly, there is no photo of Lori Klausutis on the internet.

Joe Scarborough recovered from this scandal and is currently the host of MSNBC's top rated show (Morning Joe) and he's a successful attorney.

Source: Larry F.


In the movie "Usual Suspects," the character of Keyser Soze (portrayed by Kevin Spacey) was introduced. He was an invisible mastermind, elusive and legendary. Everyone knew about him but never met him; he was like a ghost. The name Keyser Soze has become synonymous with mystery.

When Söze did commit crimes, it was always in disguise and under a fake name, leaving no one the wiser.

The elusiveness of Soze's character was based on real-life murderer John List (3rd photo), who murdered his mother, wife, and three children (like Soze did in the movie) and then disappeared for 18 years. When he was found and captured, he had started a completely new life as Robert Peter Clark.


Flex-play is a company similar to netflix. But, they're not a DVD rental company, instead, they have a no return policy. Their DVD's (latest films) can be purchased for $4.99 and they self-destruct 48 hours after being unsealed.



There's a strong possibility that reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes died of AIDS, according to Charles Higham, author of "Howard Hughes, The Secret Life."

Higham presents startling evidence that the AIDS virus may have existed prior to 1981.

In the 1960's, a black male prostitute, from in St. Louis, died of mysterious ailments, the doctors were baffled and decided to store his blood and organs. Years later, the organs and blood tested positive for HIV.

Hughes suffered from many of the symptoms common to AIDS sufferers: dehydration, weight loss and fevers. If he had AIDS, he may have contracted the deadly virus through the numerous blood transfusions he received in the 1960's and 1970's according to Higham.

Higham also reveals Hughes alleged fondness for S&M and his alleged homosexual involvements with actors Tyrone Power and Cary Grant.

According to Higham, Hughes introduction to homosexuality may have resulted in an alleged seduction by an Uncle.

During his heyday, Hughes was involved with numerous Hollywood starlets, including: Ava Gardner, Bette Davis, Ginger Rogers and Katherine Hepburn. He would later marry actresses Terry Moore and Jean Peters.

Throughout the book, Higham paints a picture of a very disturbed, eccentric, and tormented man.


Cândido Godói, Brazil, is a farm town, high atop a hill.

Like so many in this farming town, populated almost entirely by German-speaking immigrants, Mr. Grimm, 19, believes that something in the water — a mysterious mineral, perhaps — is responsible for the town’s unusual concentration of twins.

“It can’t all be explained by genetics,” said Mr. Grimm, himself a twin.

Geneticists would like to disagree with him, but even they have no solid explanation for the 38 pairs of twins among about 80 families living in a one-and-a-half-square-mile area.

The mystery has persisted for decades, attracting international attention.

Some researchers have suggested the darker possibility that Josef Mengele (1st photo), the Nazi physician known as the Angel of Death, was involved. Mengele, residents say, roamed this region of southern Brazil, posing as a veterinarian, in the 1960s, about the time the twins explosion began. In a book published last year, an Argentine journalist, Jorge Camarasa, suggested that Mengele conducted experiments with women here that resulted in the higher rate of twins, many of them with blond hair and light-colored eyes. The experiments, locals said, may have involved new types of drugs and preparations, or even the artificial insemination Mengele claimed to know about, regarding cows and humans.

Mengele, who died in Brazil in 1979, was notorious for his often deadly experiments on twins at Auschwitz, ostensibly in an effort to produce a master Aryan race for Hitler.

Locals deny the allegations.

Source: NY Times


Although it's rarely discussed (with Ballin 8 being the exception). There have been a few instances where murder-for-hire contracts put out on particular individuals have been bought out by the target.

The target will go the extremes, often times committing daring heists/armored car robberies to accumulate enough money.

This method is usually done regarding mob hits. Scenario: If the target accidentally robs a mob soldier and the mobster retaliates by putting out a contract on his life.

The target will arrange a sit down with the mobster, apologize and negotiate a buyout.

The Finnish Defense Forces is responsible for defense of Finland. It is a cadre army of 16,500, of which 8,700 are professional soldiers (officers), with a standard readiness strength of 34,700 people in uniform These soldiers operate with precision and are highly trained in weapons, hand to hand combat and covert techniques.


A former Navy SEAL was fatally shot in a rental home outside Washington, D.C., on Dec. 8, the apparent victim of what appears to be a bizarre murder involving booze, drugs and an Internet ad for “erotic services,” authorities said.

Police have charged Willie Donaldson, 35, with the murder of former SEAL Michael Hicks, 32, who left the Navy in 2003 after he was stripped of his SEAL status, a rare occurrence.

Hicks showed up at Donaldson’s home in Arlington, Va., on Dec. 8 after Hicks and a woman had posted online ads offering “erotic services.” Hicks and the woman had agreed to come to Donaldson’s home and provide the services, according to a police search warrant.

The three of them began drinking and the woman later passed out in a hot tub, according to the warrant.

Donaldson called 911 shortly before 4 a.m. and reported that he shot Hicks after Hicks tried to force him to go to an ATM and withdraw money, threatening to kill him if he refused, according to the search warrant.

Police also found prescription sleeping pills in the home.

Hicks left the Navy as a Gunner’s Mate 2nd Class and spent five years assigned to SEAL Team 2 in Virginia, Navy records show.


Lets elaborate on the black male (St. Louis) prostitute mentioned above in the Howard Hughes story.


Doctors believe a St. Louis teenager who died in 1969 was infected with the virus that causes AIDS, according to a newspaper report. A finding of AIDS in 1969, if confirmed, would be far earlier than the earliest known cases, identified in the late 1970's and early 1980's in New York City and California.

Doctors were so perplexed by the death of the 15-year-old patient, identified only as Robert R., that some of them saved samples of his body fluids and tissues for nearly two decades, hoping to find the reasons for his death,

Tests on the samples by Dr. Robert Garry of Tulane University Medical School showed with virtual certainty that the virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome was present, said a colleague at Tulane, Dr. Arthur Gottlieb. ''There's no question that it's positive,'' Dr. Gottlieb said.

The patient also had a sexually transmitted disease, chlamydia.

Robert R. did not give an extensive medical history to his doctors.

''He was not a communicative individual,'' said Dr. Memory Elvin-Lewis, a microbiologist at Washington University in St. Louis, who watched the patient's decline for more than a year.

According to the autopsy report, Robert R. ''tried to initially blame his physical disability from an instance of sexual relations with a neighborhood girl'' in St. Louis.

While he was never asked about homosexuality, evidence and interviews with family, neighbors and friends confirmed that he was a gay male prostitute.

Robert R. died on May 16, 1969.


For the first time, a brain scan was the key piece of evidence in winning a guilty verdict in a murder trial. When police arrested Aditi Sharma, 24, on charges of killing her former fiance, she agreed to the controversial form of interrogation and 24 electrodes, hooked up to a machine that monitors brain activity, were attached to her head.

For an hour, she sat silently while the cops recounted their version of the crime-that Sharma lured her victim to McDonalds and laced his food with arsenic and poisoned him to death.

Although Sharma never said a word, the parts of her brain where neurologists believe guilty memories are stored lit up like a Christmas tree on the scans.

A judge agreed with the prosecution's contention that the scans proved Sharma had first-hand knowledge of the events and had not just heard about them.

Experts say the implications of the ruling are troubling.

"The ethical and legal issues raised are enormous but the potential benefits to society of such a technology could be at least equally large," according to a University bioethicist.


Shadow Operations:

Very rarely do you hear the term "invisible clients," in the fixer and attorney world but when you do hear it, you realize the person with the invisible clients is very connected and very wealthy.

Invisible clients are defined as the most powerful and richest people on planet earth. They include: billionaires, millionaires, royals, celebrities, sports figures, politicians and high ranking officials.

These invisible types have a fixer or attorney on payroll. The fixer and attorney never come face to face with the client and are entrusted to handle the most sensitive and classified cases via encrypted email or by phone (secure lines).

When the case is completed, a courier service utilized by the rich and famous delivers a payment or a payment is wired from an overseas account.

You have fixers who have an "invisible client only" clientele. These fixers are top notch and are invisible themselves. Some travel with their own private security detail and their rich clients have been known to provide private jet air travel.

Invisible client fixers do not advertise their services via phone book or website, all business is done by referral only.

Billionaire Howard Hughes may have started this trend. He was an invisible client to his fixer Bob Maheu (former CIA/FBI agent). Maheu handled all of the delicate situations that arose and he never once met Howard Hughes in person.

Photo Credit: Photoshoptalent.com


Leutrell M. Osborne, Sr. (born 1939) is a veteran of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and a leading authority on international intelligence and security issues.

Known in the CIA as "Mike," Osborne has appeared on CNN and BET, numerous speaking engagements and radio shows. Osborne is the author of the espionage thriller “Dark Operative" series, first of which is "Black Man in the CIA." Osborne has investigated the assassination of Martin Luther King, the global drug trade, 9/11, and COINTELPRO.

During his 27 years of service as a CIA Case Officer and Communications Security Osborne had contacts throughout the intelligence community and he served in over 30 countries. He supervised CIA agents, spies and assets on three continents in what historians and espionage experts have termed the most fertile period of domestic and international spying of the modern era.

Osborne also speaks four languages. While he worked CIA intelligence, his mother worked in CIA administration.

After 31 total years of service, Osborne retired and turned his attention to the private sector. Currently, he is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Leutrell Osborne & Associates and provides security consulting and business re-engineering consulting to enterprises seeking to do business with the Federal Government. Osborne also heads the International Institute of Culture, a virtual university of scholar practitioners which allows students to practice English while learning business methods. Osborne is married with grown children, and lives in Annapolis, Maryland.


True story excerpt:

Part I

The beginning of this true-crime tale explores the case of Anita and Bob Spearman, a West Palm Beach couple whose marriage ended when Anita was murdered one early November morning in 1985.

A routine traffic stop in Maryville, Tenn., led police to a man who claimed to be part of a contract killing ring that advertised as a "gun for hire" in Soldier of Fortune magazine, a staunchly right-wing magazine for weapons aficionados and would-be paramilitary adventurers.

The gang leader, a Knoxville man named Richard Savage, was obsessed with "a fantasy world of guns and glory.

Assassins, hit men/women and mercenaries (some professional, others not so professional) advertised their kill skills in the classifieds. They were then contacted by men and women who wanted business associates, enemies, spouses or family members killed. Victims and relatives sued the magazine and prompted the publisher to drop the contract killing advertising.

Paramilitary agents for the CIA's super-secret Special Activities Division, or SAD, perform raids, ambushes, abductions and other difficult chores overseas, including infiltrating countries to "light up" targets from the ground for air-to-ground missile strikes.


The Bilderberg Group, Bilderberg conference, or Bilderberg Club is an unofficial annual invitation-only conference of around 130 guests, most of whom are persons of influence in the fields of politics, business and banking.
The elite group meets annually at luxury hotels or resorts throughout the world — normally in Europe, and once every four years in the United States or Canada. It has an office in Leiden in the Netherlands. The 2008 conference took place in Chantilly, Virginia.

The steering committee does not publish a list of attendees, though some participants have discussed their attendance publicly. Others have been legally required to declare their involvement. For example, members of the Parliament of the United Kingdom must declare their participation in its Register of Members' Interests. Historically, attendee lists have been weighted towards politicians, bankers, and directors of large businesses, but academics, journalists, and representatives from the non-profit sector are also invited to attend.


Bohemian Grove is a 2,700-acre camp ground located at 20601 Bohemian Avenue, in Monte Rio, California, belonging to a private San Francisco-based men's art club known as the Bohemian Club. In mid-July each year, Bohemian Grove hosts a three-week encampment of some of the most powerful men in the world. former U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon are pictured above at an "Bohemian Club," meeting.

The Bohemian Club's all-male membership includes artists, particularly musicians, as well as many prominent business leaders, government officials (including many former U.S. presidents), and senior media executives, and people of power. As a measure of the club's exclusivity, it is reported the waiting list for membership is from 15 to 20 years. While a fast-track, three-year membership process is possible, two current members must sponsor the prospective member. An initiation fee of $25,000 (as of 2006) is required in addition to yearly membership dues. Elected members are allowed to prorate the initiation fee into equal annual payments until they reach the age of 45.

Members may invite guests to the Grove although those guests are subject to a screening procedure. A guest's first glimpse of the Grove is typically during the "Spring Jinks," in June, preceding the main July encampment. Bohemian club members can schedule private day-use events at the Grove any time it isn't being used for Club-wide purposes, and are allowed at these times to bring spouses, family and friends, though female and minor guests must be off the property by 9 or 10 p.m.

The membership list has included every Republican U.S. president since 1923 (as well as some Democrats), many cabinet officials, directors and CEOs of large corporations including major financial institutions. Major military contractors, oil companies, banks (including the Federal Reserve), utilities (including nuclear power) and national media (broadcast and print) have high-ranking officials as club members or guests.


It's no secret that former Hollywood fixer Anthony Pellicano was allegedly hired by O.J. Simpson to wiretap and harass his late ex-wife Nicole Simpson but additional details are resurfacing since the conviction of Pellicano for illegal wiretapping.

Allegedly, rumors are beginning to circulate that he was also a presidential and political fixer during the Clinton administration. Unfounded rumors indicate that Pellicano was responsible for covering up a few politically related scandals on Capitol Hill; very discreetly.

Considering Pellicano’s widely publicized claim that he, “I can shred a face with a knife” it makes you wonder. A witness further placed Anthony Pellicano outside Nicole’s house in a car the night she was murdered.

However, allegedly, that witness’ testimony at a hearing years ago got lost in the shuffle during the Clinton era.

Bill Pavelic, the lead investigator for Simpson’s defense team during his criminal trial for the murders of Nicole and Ron Goldman, claims the 60-year-old hired private eye Pellicano to spy on his ex-wife.

He told the New York Daily News, “I know for a fact that Nicole Brown Simpson was a victim of stalking and that her cars and residence had been wiretapped.

“I saw it with my own eyes. The equipment in Nicole’s house and car was almost identical to what he installed at Michael Jackson’s.”

In Related News:

We're receiving unconfirmed reports that O.J. Simpson is having a hard time adjusting to prison life. Allegedly, he's banging his head against the wall, talking to himself, he's not eating and he's lost a substantial amount of weight.

Source: aishamusic.wordpress.com


Erik D. Prince (b. June 6, 1969, Holland, Michigan) is the founder and sole owner of the private military company Blackwater Worldwide. Prince is also a former Navy Seal and is described as an adventurer and daredevil.

Erik Prince was born into a wealthy family, the youngest child of Edgar D. Prince (a billionaire) and founder of the Prince Corporation (an automobile-parts company that introduced lighted vanity mirrors for cars), and Elsa Broekhuizen.

He started off as an intern in the White House under President George H. W. Bush.

Prince moved to Virginia Beach and personally financed the formation of Blackwater Worldwide in 1997. He bought 6,000 acres of the Great Dismal Swamp of North Carolina and set up a school for special operations operators (covert). The name "Blackwater" comes from the peat-colored bogs in which the school is located.

Confidentiality agreements prohibit former Blackwater executives from talking about Prince. He has been described by the press as "reclusive" and "secretive." Prince is noted for disliking having his photo taken and distributed; often using his hands to shield himself from photographers.

However, in response to controversy surrounding the September 16, 2007 Blackwater Baghdad shootings and its subsequent FBI investigation, Prince has emerged from media seclusion to grant more on-camera interviews.

Prince's company, Blackwater Worldwide, has been involved in several international controversies during 2007, leading to his being asked to testify before the United States Congress. Seventeen Iraqi fatalities occurred while a Blackwater private security detail (PSD) was escorting a convoy of US State Department vehicles en route to a meeting in western Baghdad with United States Agency for International Development officials on September 16, 2007.

On September 22, 2007, Federal prosecutors also announced an investigation into whether Blackwater employees illegally smuggled weapons into Iraq.

There was only "one" 6-star general in history but his biography was altered to say: He was a 5-star general. A 6-star general is more powerful or just as powerful as an U.S. President, that's why the 6-star general classification was eliminated.


In Ballin 8, we will take you into the world of an invisible fixer agency with invisible clients. Espionage/celebrity fixer Lear has always worked with new clients by referral only BUT she has also launched an "invisible" blog (fixer services) that can only be accessed via an encrypted link sent in an encrypted email. The blog is unsearchable (not in search engines) and untraceable.


Before the BALCO scandal hit, there was a black market website where chemists (steroids), coaches, underground steroid distributors, fitness trainers and athletes hooked up to stay current on the latest steroid breakthroughs and to purchase steroids. This site offered an array of networking opportunities. It's also been rumored (but never confirmed) that a stolen professional (sports team) playbook was up for sale to the highest bidder/reseller.


Military grade encryption is arguably the best and most secure encryption in the world. A particular conspiracy theorist website claims to use military-grade encryption. But, a world-class hacker could probably penetrate this system.

In their words:

Our site is "an uncensorable system for untraceable mass document leaking."

We are hosted by a Sweden-based company providing "highly secure, no-questions-asked hosting services." This company is said to have "almost no information about its clientele and maintains few if any of its own logs."

We maintain our servers at undisclosed locations, we keep no logs and we use military-grade encryption to protect sources and other confidential information."

Pictured above: Military-Grade Encrypted Field Terminal

James Bond creator Ian Fleming said, "In the real world of spies, Vera Atkins was the boss." Vera Atkins was an attractive young woman with smoky eyes and lustrous black hair. She belonged to a wealthy family and dined with ambassadors and kings. She could have been a socialite, but in the cataclysmic days of World War II, Vera Atkins became Great Britain's spymistress."

When the allied victory in Europe was accomplished, Atkins went to Germany. Her self-appointed mission was to investigate the fate of the 118 F section agents who had disappeared in enemy territory. She succeeded in every case except one.

In 1987, Atkins was appointed Commander of the Légion d'Honneur. She retired to Winchelsea, Sussex and died in a nursing home in Hastings on June 24, 2000, aged 92.


When a high-profile robbery takes place involving diamonds and art worth millions. The high-level fence normally has the rich buyer in place prior to the robbery.

Or, sophisticated rich buyers of stolen high end merchandise are known to have their own representative who will negotiate a price on their behalf with the thief or group of thieves.

Common scenario: The rep tells the thieves, the group of clients I represent deal in merchandise that is bought and sold very quietly on the black market.

We can wait six months, when the heat and publicity has died down, the stolen merchandise can be unloaded to one of my European clients overseas.

After the art or diamonds is unloaded, the buyer will have it on discreet display (for other black market buyers to view), usually in a private vault.

These rich black market buyers have a friendly competition among themselves and usually bid on the same stolen merchandise for bragging rights.



We've told you about Porfirio "Rubi" Rubirosa (above black and white photo) before. He was a gigolo/assassin. A rich heiress paid him $66,000 per day for his sexual services (13 inch endowment) and he dated numerous Hollywood starlets including Jayne Mansfield, Ava Gardner, Lana Turner, Earth Kitt, Empress Soraya, etc. He was also married to two of the richest women in the world. His divorce settlements included a coffee plantation, a private plane and polo ponies.

Ian Fleming based James Bond on Rubi. It's long been rumored that Rubi was a political assassin.

Rubi was also a chef, professional boxer, polo player, diplomat and a professional race car driver. He counted Kings, Presidents (including JFK), Dictators and Mobsters among his friends.

Rubi was a mix of James Bond and Hugh Hefner. He died after crashing his Ferrari into a tree in Paris in 1965.

Fast Forward:

A new book, "Chasing Rubi,' reveals that Rubi may have also been a secret agent.

Director John Malkovich bought the rights to "The Last Playboy." Another book based on Rubirosa. Antonio Banderas wants to play the lead.


The film "Vantage Point," featured a "remote control sniper rifle." If this type of rifle ever becomes available to sharp shooters and assassins, it will become the weapon of choice for hit men, contract killers, and wet work mechanics because it can by operated by remote control via a cell phone.

This set up allows the killer to be out of the vicinity of the rifle. The killer can aim and shoot the rifle via a cell phone at a distance, allowing for a quick getaway.


Not long ago, the film "The President's Man,' starring Chuck Norris detailed the adventures of the President's "special/black ops" soldier who is the equivalent of a sweeper/3-Charley operative. The man selected for this job is well versed in the art of espionage and hand-to-hand combat, etc. The only "identifiable" man to fit this description in real life is Frank Dux (1st photo). The film "Blood Sport," was based on his life.

At age 13, Frank Dux was a tenth-degree black belt. He also became the first person to break bulletproof glass with his bare hand. Dux would also master the ‘death touch.’ This technique enables you to hit the human body and cause death without leaving a bruise.

Dux could also snatch a coin out of an open palm and replace it with a penny without the switch being noticed. His reflexes were extremely quick. At 6'2 and 225 lbs, Dux was considered the most dangerous man in the world. Former CIA director William Casey personally recruited him. Dux traveled the world on secret assignments. He operated in the most dangerous areas of intelligence and always got the job done. The CIA utilized his skills as he worked both sides of the Iron Curtain and he established contacts all over the world.


One of Egypt's leading businessmen has been charged in connection with the brutal murder of a Lebanese pop star earlier this summer.

Suzanne Tamim, 30, (above) who became a household name in the region after winning a TV talent show in the mid-1990s, was found dead in her Dubai luxury apartment in June.

She had been stabbed several times and had sustained an 8 inch slash across her throat, the Associated Press news agency said.

This week prosecutors revealed that billionaire MP Heshaam Talaat Moustafa had been charged with hiring a hit man to kill Tamim.

Moustafa allegedly hired his fixer, Mohsen el Sukkary (a former Egyptian State Security officer) to murder his former girlfriend (Tamim).

Moustafa, was a member of the ruling National Democratic party, has reportedly had his legal immunity as an MP revoked by president Hosni Mubarak.

The case, which has shocked the entire Arab world, has only fully come to light this week after a reporting ban was lifted in Egypt, where links between business and politics are already in the spotlight.


Since childhood, Veronica “Tina” Jefferson (pictured above) had always excelled in math. She was a genius with numbers and figures. The CIA recruited her during her senior year at Oklahoma State University where she served as president of her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta.

Tina celebrated by buying a flashy new Camaro. The car had to be red and white, her sorority colors.

Jefferson relocated to Virginia to work in the CIA offices. She was a rising star and was in line for promotion and she dated a medical student. Despite this, Tina was homesick, her parents urged her to stick it out.

On May 10, 1988, Tina went to the grocery store. Witnesses saw an attractive clean-shaven black man flirting with her near the deli counter. The man was expensively attired in a designer sweater, Italian silk slacks and designer shoes.

An elderly couple reported seeing the same man standing with Tina next to her red Camaro. The couple said Tina kept glancing around, she seemed anxious. One witness stated, although Tina seemed somewhat relaxed, she got an uneasy feeling when she saw Tina talking to the man.

Less than a half-hour later, off-duty deputy Doug Taylor saw the red Camaro, the car was moving slow and weaving slightly. Taylor could see a man in the driver’s seat. He was leaning over talking to a pretty black woman. The Camaro pulled over, the woman stepped out on the passenger side, she leaned through the window and said something to the driver. She glanced back at Deputy Taylor; she didn’t seem alarmed. Deputy Taylor didn’t want to be late for work and he was in a civilian car, he had no way of calling backup and he wasn’t armed. He drove past the Camaro.

Less than an hour later, several residents near McKinley Elementary heard a woman screaming, followed by gunfire. The next morning, two motorcyclists came across the body of Tina Jefferson. The victim was nude, her clothes were folded next to her, alongside her red shoes. Whoever killed Tina Jefferson was bold enough to drive her car back (after the rape and murder) to the grocery store (24-hour store) parking lot and park it.

A box-cutter had been found in the Camaro, leading authorities to speculate that the killer may have worked at the grocery store. The FBI interviewed 186 people. DNA was retrieved from Tina’s body, indicating-the killer had one of the rarest blood types in the world. Blood samples were taken from Tina’s boyfriend, male friends, male co-workers and male employees at the grocery store, no matches.

Rumors began to circulate, did Tina come across illegal activity while working at the CIA; was this cause of her death? These rumors were never substantiated. The CIA sent the Jefferson family posthumous letters of commendation praising Tina’s work and dedication.

The off-duty Deputy who drove past Tina’s car has received death threats over the years.

Witnesses gave a sketch artist a description of the killer, no solid leads.


A DNA match determined that Death Row inmate Alfredo Prieto (above) killed Veronica "Tina" Jefferson.

Prieto, 39, has been on California's death row in San Quentin prison since 1992, when he was sentenced in the September 1990 slaying of a 15-year-old girl. He and two other men kidnapped the girl, a woman and the woman's daughter from their Ontario, Calif., home and raped and beat them in a warehouse. The two other women were stabbed but managed to get away, and the girl, Yvette Woodruff, was fatally shot.


Allegedly, the CIA has a library of spy novels. The line between fiction and nonfiction often become hazy. Fictional accounts of espionage are often so authoritative that the CIA began a secret library for espionage novels published throughout the world.

Former intelligence officers often become authors of novels (basing their work on real life experience) and novelists with no experience in espionage write about it, sometimes basing their work on solid research, and sometimes letting their imagination do their research.

Former Cocaine godmother Griselda Blanco was not only responsible for hundreds of murders in Miami and trafficking over 300 tons of cocaine but she was also plotting to kidnap the late John F. Kennedy, Jr., during her reign of terror.

Rewind: Griselda Blanco was responsible for creating the drug pipeline in Miami and she netted $8 million dollars per month in drug proceeds. She was also a female serial killer who only used female mules. She also enjoyed bi-sexual orgies.

It took authorities 16 years to find witnesses willing to testify against her because she was so feared.

Blanco became the most powerful female trafficker in history and was often referred to as the "Female Scarface."


In the film, "Murder At 1600," Diane Lane co-starred with Wesley Snipes as an former Olympian silver medalist in the marksmanship category-who was recruited by a government agency.

Now, it's rumored that drug cartels and crime bosses are sending scouts to the Olympics (to view the marksmanship competition) and try and recruit future hit men and hit women in the capacity of contract killers.


Dr. Moses Powell, a 10th degree red belt is one of the true legends of the martial arts world. He is a member of both the Black Belt Hall of Fame and the World Karate Hall of Fame. Dr. Powell was the first martial artist invited to demonstrate martial arts at the United Nations and a featured martial arts demonstrator at the New York World's Fair.

Dr. Powell was one of the first African-American martial artists to teach the fighting arts to U.S. law enforcement agencies including the Secret Service and FBI. In addition to these great accomplishments, the Benin Empire of West Africa awarded him the international Benin Award in 1972 for his community work and efforts throughout the world.


By: Mel Ayton @ Crime Magazine.com

Conspiracists have once again raised the possibility that RFK's assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, had been hypnotized to murder Senator Kennedy. And other writers have used the RFK assassination anniversary as a vehicle to promote their Lee Harvey Oswald "Mind Control" theories.

In a 2007 documentary "RFK Must Die," a number of conspiracy advocates alleged Sirhan was a Manchurian Candidate-type assassin –an unwitting tool of faceless conspirators in the military-industrial complex. The conspiracy writers say the same conspirators who were responsible for JFK's death had plotted RFK's murder to stop him from enquiring into the death of his brother when he became president.

Some conspiracy writers have also alleged Lee Harvey Oswald had been manipulated by mind-control experts to carry out the assassination of JFK. Jerry Leonard, Lincoln Lawrence and Kenn Thomas believe that Oswald's bizarre behavior was remarkably consistent with that of an unwitting "hypno-programmed spy."

The only plausible JFK "Manchurian candidate-type" theory comes from Ion Mahai Pacepa, head of Romania's secret security agency before defecting to the U.S. in 1978. In his book, Pacepa maintains that Khrushchev plotted the assassination, only to have a change of heart, but Soviet agents were unable to deprogram Oswald. Pacepa also claims that Carousel Club owner Jack Ruby was working as an intelligence agent for the Cuban DGI. However, there are fundamental flaws to Pacepa's story.


John is, by trade, a "sports fixer," and an middle man. John knows people who know things. Actually, his name is not John, but I cannot tell you his real name. I know several people who work in a similar field as John, but I can't share their names, either. John is like a doorman with long braids and a faux-European attitude, deciding exactly who does and does not get behind the velvet rope. Maybe the easiest way to describe what John does is to say that John gets things done for people who hire him. Specifically, for NBA players who hire him. Need a car? A house? Someone to take care of your stuff? Tickets for your wife and girlfriend? John's job is to be their fixer.

According to Lang Whitaker (Sports Illustrated Writer): I've known John for about five years, but we had never met in person until the Saturday of NBA All-Star Weekend in Las Vegas -- until that point, we'd corresponded completely though e-mail.

People like John can be the NBA's worst nightmare. They know everyone, they hear everything, and they have very little institutional loyalty. In many ways, people like John are fixers for me, too; they make my job easier. John is another set of eyes and ears for me. He hears rumors and trade scenarios that I would never hear. And because of the way all of this works, as long as I don't tell anyone who John actually is, he will continue to pass information along to me.

This is how I, and you, can hear about the secret NBA. We can hear about how John saw a former NBA player throwing thousands around a club. "Stacks and stacks of $100 dollar bills," John recalls.

He's seen an NBA player buy 100 shots of tequila at a club. He saw two NBA players bet a significant chunk of change on an NFL game, then have trouble getting the loser of the bet -- a millionaire several times over -- to pony up.

Who John is may not be as interesting to you as what John is and how he got there. John was a basketball player his entire life, even playing college ball. He spent his summers on the basketball camp circuit, making connections here and there. He thought about going into coaching after college, but saw the crowded road was ahead of him. Next thing he knew he found himself helping some friends looking for basketball work. Then he met someone who knew someone who knew someone, and before long he was working for an NBA player. That blossomed into a few relationships, and before long he had a few other NBA players as clients.

So this ad-hoc network exists, a layer of people who get things for guys who have everything. These people keep in touch with each other, passing on tips and phone numbers. They can tell you which NBA player is most likely to go bankrupt when his playing days end, which teams have GM's who understand the value of team chemistry, which teams have GM's who spend time looking for dirt on their players.

Source: Lane Whitaker @ SI.com

The Defense Courier Service (DCS) is a global courier network for the expeditious, and secure distribution of highly classified (top secret) and sensitive material. This courier service oversees and synchronizes the activity of 18 courier stations worldwide to service over six-thousand accounts.

Major accounts include the White House, the Department of Defense, the Department of State, other federal agencies, authorized government contractors, and allied nations.

The DCS directly supports the President, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, NSA, CIA, U.S. allies, Department of State, and other federal agencies.

BALLIN' 8 (B8) UPDATE: I just completed the final draft of Ballin' 8 (60 pages). This black espionage thriller will be released in February 2009.


Roland Vincent ("Tony") Carnaby (b.1956) was president of the William Francis Buckley chapter of "The Association for Intelligence Officers," in Houston, Texas until he was shot to death by a police officer of the Houston Police Department ( HPD ) after a high-speed chase on April 29, 2008. The 52 year-old Lebanese-American lived with his wife of 11 years in Pearland, Texas.

Carnaby was pulled over April 29 for speeding and then led police on a chase when the officer discovered he possessed a concealed weapon license. Officials found two handguns and a shotgun in his vehicle, including one they say was within his reach. The officers said they shot Carnaby because they thought he may have been reaching for a gun when he made a sudden movement. Detectives later determined Carnaby was reaching for his cell phone.

Federal credentials also were found in his vehicle, although detectives said Friday that both the CIA and the FBI continue to vehemently deny his employment with the agencies. Carnaby claimed to have been a CIA operative, an assertion that has yet to be refuted, but is doubted by investigators.

Inside Carnaby’s black Jeep SUV were two handguns, a shotgun, various CIA credentials, a laptop computer and a book called the “Divided Life.”

Carnaby's wife is suing the Houston Police Department over the death of her husband, stating that they failed to provide medical treatment, resulting in his death. The suit also claims police used excessive force by breaking Carnaby's car window and firing their weapons.


According to author Robert Wilcox: World World II hero General George S. Patton was murdered (assassinated) to save the reputations of his commanders, including a future president.

At a plot sanctioned at the highest levels, allegedly, an American assassin set up Patton with a traffic accident, and then broke the four-star general's neck with a special high-tech weapon.

And when Patton didn't die quickly enough, the American high command looked the other way while Soviets spies poisoned the helpless 60-year-old general as he lay paralyzed from the neck down.

Wilcox adds: Patton died before he could blow the whistle on major mistakes made by the Supreme Allied Command, especially mistakes by Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Allegedly, world-class marksman Douglas Bazata confessed that Gen. Bill Donovan, head of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) ordered him to kill Patton.


Rewind: In 1978, the film "The Boys From Brazil," was released. The plot follows the attempts of aging Nazi hunter Ezra Lieberman (Sir Laurence Olivier) to discover and thwart a diabolical plan by surviving Nazi death-camp doctor Josef Mengele (Gregory Peck) to clone Adolf Hitler.

Fast Forward: According to "The Sun," publication: Doctors have been cloning humans in underground laboratories for several years and Germany leads the world in this technology.

Allegedly, according to this source, a German doctor and his team of researchers would like to obtain DNA samples from a select group of deceased U.S. Presidents for cloning purposes.

"Germany wants to show the world that some good can come of human cloning."


We know that Marilyn Monroe had a Presidential affair with John F. Kennedy and we know she turned down Lyndon B. Johnson down after he was sworn in as President.

We also know she had an affair with Bobby Kennedy (a future President) but now we're hearing Monroe also had a brief fling with another future President, Ronald Reagan.

According to authors Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince: "During World World II, Captain Ronald Reagan was stationed in California. Captain Reagan ordered his staff photographer to go to a local factory to take pictures of women on the home front. These morale-boosting photos of pretty girls contributing to the war effort were for publication in Yank magazine."

One of the girls photographed was a young Marilyn Monroe (in a tight fitting sweater that showed off her natural assets to the fullest). This allegedly caught the eye of Ronald Reagan.

Darwin Porter adds, "She could hardly know at the time that she'd eventually have an affair with a future President of the United States."

A week later, Reagan had a Marilyn Monroe photo pinned to his office wall. Reagan said, "This young lady, not Lana Turner, should be called the Sweater Girl."

Allegedly, office gossip circulated that Ronald Reagan had seduced Marilyn Monroe.


The book "The Arms Fixers," by Brian Wood & Johan Peleman takes you into the shadowy world of arms fixers and traffickers. Here are some excerpts:

This book reveals:

The story about a South African Who Cleared a Million Dollars – Swiss Banking Arrangements – The Anglo-French Offshore Method and an blow-by-blow account of how brokers and transport agents arranged the supply of arms used to commit international crimes.

Shopping in the Shadows:

Also revealed: How Eastern Europe plays a central role in international arms brokering, with companies supplying cheap small arms, ammunition, grenades, military vehicles, armored personnel carriers and attack/transport helicopters. Also in the West, uncontrolled surpluses from the Cold War get siphoned off into the international marketplace, as is documented here.

Mysterious Ships:

Embargo-Busting Ships from Argentina – The mysterious broker/fixer called ‘Lasnaud." Ninety percent of all world trade is maritime trade, and considerable quantities of arms are ferried by sea. The countries variously involved in the cases cited here include the USA, Mexico, Belgium, Hungary, Greece, Seychelles, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Israel, Croatia, Tanzania, Ecuador, Denmark, Argentina – and a host of others.

Arms have been found described as ‘agricultural equipment’, ‘spare parts’, ‘fish’, ‘tents’ and ‘second-hand clothing’. A cargo aircraft can be registered in one country, leased and chartered by companies registered in another, with crews hired in yet other countries.



In some parts of Europe, "Community fixers," who deal out underworld justice on the behalf of clients, are being used instead of police, a senior policeman has said.

The father of soccer player Steven Gerrard has admitted he turned to a mob "fixer" above, (John Kinsella) to stop a gangster terrorizing his son.

Matt Baggott, chief constable of Leicester, told Radio 5 Live that it would be "naive" to believe that the practice did not exist.

One man, who described himself as an former gangster, said: "If somebody's had their house burglarized they would come to us and give us an idea of who might have committed the crime and then we'd go and find the people, get the goods back and generally give them a talking to.


Richard Wayne Bandler (born February 24, 1950) is an author on personal development. He is best known as the co-inventor (with John Grinder) of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP-Hypnosis). Bandler has always been rumored to have major intelligence contacts.

On January 29, 1988, Bandler was unanimously acquitted by a jury, after 5 hours of deliberation, of the murder of call girl Corine Christensen, an NLP student and fellow cocaine abuser. Someone shot her in the face on November 3, 1986, using one of Bandler's guns. Christensen specialized in performing kinky sex acts for money.

The incident occurred during a visit at her home from Bandler and his friend, James Marino. Authorities found Christensen slumped over her dining table and her blood sprayed on Bandler's shirt. Marino was not charged in the murder.

After he and Grinder split, Bandler had trouble attracting clients and he began to use cocaine. Christensen, the daughter of a San Francisco policeman, and her boyfriend, James Marino, a convicted felon who was his best friend, were his suppliers. Marino claimed that he told Bandler that Christensen was having a lesbian affair with the writer’s live-in girlfriend.

When the two men visited Christensen at her townhouse near Santa Cruz, Bandler drank tequila and argued with her, according to the story. Marino claimed Bandler shot her after cutting off the top of a Mr. Clean bottle to silence his .357 Magnum. Marino also claimed that Bandler spilled liquid soap on himself and the gun, then told him to toss the weapon off the Capitola pier.

Divers found both the gun and Bandler's clothing, which were covered with blood and lemon-smelling soap. Authorities also found a bloody straw and cocaine residue. When Bandler was tried, lawyers presented conflicting interpretations of physical evidence. Marino vanished, missed a court appearance and showed up only after authorities issued a warrant for his arrest.

Bandler testified that Marino thought Christensen was plotting to have him beaten and killed. He said that Marino actually shot her to death with Bandler's gun, while both were at her home. Before the trial, friends said shooting a prostitute was out of character, even though Bandler had reputation for moodiness and unpredictability. Bandler has stated since that the District Attorney chose to prosecute him for political reasons as he was a high profile defendant. "With me, the DA gets to make a big reputation," he says. "But if it's some thug drug dealer, you're not going to make any mileage."


According to actor Blair Underwood, he played President-elect Barack Obama twenty years ago. The 44-year-old actor starred as lawyer Jonathan Rollins, a former black president of the prestigious Harvard Law Review on "L.A. Law."

After 4 seasons of playing Rollins, Underwood was invited to speak at Harvard. He says, "After my Harvard talk, a tall man with big ears comes up to me and says, "I'm Barack Obama and I am the first black president of the Harvard Law Review. You're playing me on television."


Four Marines, including one known as "Psycho," and another known as "Crip General," told investigators they robbed and murdered a fellow Marine and his wife last month after breaking into their home in search of valuables and sexually assaulting the woman, according to court documents.

The four were charged Wednesday with the execution-style slayings of Sgt. Jan Pietrzak, 24, and Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak, 26, who were found gagged, tied and shot in the head on Oct. 15 in the living room of their home in Winchester, in Riverside County southeast of Los Angeles.

The home was ransacked and jewelry and other items were taken, investigators said. A fire was set, apparently in an effort to destroy evidence.

Two of the accused worked for Pietrzak, who was a helicopter airframe mechanic at Miramar Marine Corps Air Station in San Diego.

Pietrzak, who was born in Poland and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., joined the Marines in 2003 and served in Iraq from July 2005 to February 2006.

His mother, Henryka Pietrzak-Varga, told The Daily News of New York on Wednesday that she had prepared herself for the possibility of her son dying in Iraq.

"But to die like this, in their own home?" she said. "They were good kids. They didn't deserve to die like this."

Murder charges were filed against Lance Cpl. Emrys John, 18, of Maryland; Lance Cpl. Tyrone Miller, 20, of North Carolina; Pvt. Kevin Cox, 20, of Tennessee, and Lance Cpl. Kesaun Sykes, 21, of California. They do not have attorneys yet.

John and Miller worked for Pietrzak. Miller said he forced his way into the home by pointing a shotgun at Pietrzak, according to an affidavit from a sheriff's investigator.

Miller said he and others went to Pietrzak's home to rob him, then tied up the couple and discussed with John whether to kill them.

Cox and Sykes, known as "Psycho," acknowledged they went to the home to rob Pietrzak. All four said his wife was sexually assaulted, the affidavit said.

The document also said that shoes found at the barracks where Cox and John lived matched prints at the crime scene, and that items believed stolen from the house were found at Sykes' home.

The men were each charged with two counts of first-degree murder and special-circumstance allegations of committing multiple murders, committing the crime during a robbery, and rape by instrument, district attorney's spokesman Ryan Hightower said Thursday.

John, who prosecutors believe shot the couple, also was charged with a special-circumstance allegation of using a firearm to inflict great bodily injury or death.

Sykes, who lives in the Fallbrook area in San Diego County, was arrested on Sunday. The other three Marines lived at the Camp Pendleton base and were held there until they were transferred to a Riverside County jail on Wednesday.

All were being held without bail Thursday. Their arraignment was postponed until Nov. 20. Prosecutors had not decided whether to seek the death penalty.

"Marines are supposed to be brothers," Pietrzak's mother told The Riverside Press-Enterprise this week. "What kind of brothers are these?"

Relatives of the murdered husband and wife say they think this was a hate crime disguised as a robbery. According to sources, the four marines openly had a problem with Jan Pietzak being married to a black woman and they tortured her more than her husband before killing her. A lot of rage was directed towards Quiana Pietzak according to police reports and she was brutally violated and raped.


Richard Mark Perry was known as "Richie The Fixer." Allegedly, if you needed points shaved in a College game to meet a point spread, he was the man to see. Richie allegedly had ties to every crime family in New York and he was linked to several NBA players.

Richie was also a dealer in inside sports information for sports bettors. Through his connections, he was always informed in advance when a star player (NBA or college) was injured (unbeknownst to the public) and how this injury could affect the outcome of a game.

Richie was in the mix on both coasts. Former mobster Henry Hill was quoted as saying, "Richie does everything for a reason. He wouldn't even talk to a player unless he had something going on."

Richie was also allegedly the mastermind behind a horse racing scandal. In the Superfecta races, a bettor had to pick the first four winners in a race in their exact order. Perry figured that by getting two or three of the drivers to pull back or get their horses boxed in, he could eliminate two or three of the eight horses from the race.

Then he could bet multiples of the remaining combinations at minimum cost. Richie and his conspirators made $3 million in 30 races over four months.

Richie was eventually convicted of his sports scams and is in Nevada's Black Book, officially known as the list of excluded persons. A list of people considered so unsavory to legal gambling that they are prohibited from setting foot in any Las Vegas casino.

Below, Richie (center) is pictured lounging in his hot tub with 3 of UNLV's former star players.


The "Brotherhood of the Rose," is the first novel in a loose trilogy by David Morrell, first published in 1984.

In a movie based on the book, it tells the story of Saul and Chris, both orphans, who are adopted by a top espionage agent and trained to be assassins. Saul's code name was "Romulus," and Saul's code name was "Remus."

When their adopted father tries desperately to have them killed, their training, determination and loyalty are tested.

After this movie was released, speculation persisted that the method of turning orphans into assassins (for complete loyalty) may have happened (in real life) on a rare basis but the rumors were never confirmed.

According to internet sources, Warner Bros. acquired the movie rights for a new film adaptation, to be released in 2009.


Since the dawn of 007, the allure of the spy has made men envious. Is it the gadgets, the license to kill, the expensive cars, the cocktail parties or the international travel? What is it about Bond that appeals to men? Most of these listed elements are important, but we know what the real answer is: the women.

The CIA, Secret Intelligence Service, the KGB, and many other of the secret services of the world are easily identifiable. But what agency can you join if you’re in Canada -- a country known more for peace keeping than espionage?

Surprisingly, there is a Canadian secret service, and they must be doing their job well because most people have never heard of them. They are known as CSIS: Canadian Security Intelligence Service (Agents featured in top photo).

Source: AskMen.com


Wafic Said's (above) role as an "royal fixer" was initially secret.

Wafic Said is one of Britain's wealthiest men, owning country houses, private jets, a stable of racehorses & Picasso and Matisse paintings. But how he accumulated his estimated $1 billion dollar fortune is a much more opaque question.

At the age of 30, it was not obvious that he would later live such a gilded life. Born in Syria, he came to Britain and helped his brother run a kebab restaurant in West London in the late 1960s. It was there the son of an eye surgeon made connections that were to transform his life. He became friends with two young Saudi princes: Bandar and Khalid. A charming man, he was -within a few years-organizing their financial affairs, making investments and looking after their property as well as doing damage control for sensitive and classified situations.

By the 1980s, he was persona grata with the Saudi royal family including the Princes' father, Sultan, Defense Minister; now the Crown Prince. He is credited with negotiating the biggest arms deal in history, known as Al-Yamamah. Said allegedly received millions in commission.

Said now has homes in Mayfair, Paris, Marbella and Monaco. But his most ostentatious property is his 3,000-acre Oxfordshire estate, which he bought in 1987. He has spent a reputed $30 million remodeling it.

Scandal Update: Secret payments of millions of pounds for Britain's biggest arms company had been found in Swiss accounts linked to Wafic Said.

Said has refused to speak about the allegations.

Sources: David Leigh & Rob Evans (The Guardian), David Leppard (Sunday Times).


In Hollywood, it's been rumored for years that Jerry Van Dyke (brother of Dick Van Dyke) has black kids. Allegations persist that these kids are the result of a discreet relationship Van Dyke had with a very beautiful black dancer. Some say the kids are hidden, others say, they aren't.

In Related News:

His daughter Kelly Jean Van Dyke, who worked in the adult film industry under the name Nancee Kellee, committed suicide in 1991, after an emotional phone call with her husband Jack Nance.

Actor Jack Nance (Twin Peaks) was married to Nancee Kellee. In 1991, Nancee Kellee committed suicide by hanging on November 17, 1991. According to Nance's brother, Nance, who was at Yosemite filming Meatballs 4 at the time, attempted to console her on the phone as she threatened suicide. Supposedly a lightning storm knocked out the phones in Oregon subsequently taking over 45 minutes for Nance and the director to find a deputy sheriff who contacted LA police and the apartment manager. They broke in and found that she had hanged herself.

Nance died in South Pasadena, California on December 30, 1996 under mysterious circumstances. Nance claimed to have been involved in a brawl outside a Winchell's Donuts on the morning of December 29. It is unclear if he was still drunk from the previous night, or if he had already begun drinking that morning, but it is certain that he was intoxicated at the time. He would later tell friends that he had "'popped-off' to a couple of Latino guys in the parking lot at 5am that day. He told them to get a haircut and a job. One of them socked him in the eye, his glasses flew off and he went down."

Later that day, he lunched with friends Leo Bulgarini and Catherine Case. Nance had a visible "crescent shaped bruise" under his eye and when asked about it, related to them the story about the fight. He soon went home, complaining of a headache. The injuries he received caused a subdural hematoma, resulting in his death the following morning. Nance died alone in his apartment. His body was discovered on the bathroom floor by Bulgarini. An autopsy revealed that the actor's blood alcohol level was .24 at the time of his death, three times the legal limit for driving in the US.

However, some are skeptical about the factuality of the fight. One police investigator who worked on the case doubts that the scuffle ever happened, and it was "more likely that Nance just got drunk and banged his head."Acquaintances note that Nance was a notoriously late sleeper and was rarely ever awake at the time he claimed the altercation took place, and that the circumstances of his death were most unusual.


Marquesa de Varela was always immaculate in Lacroix or Dior, with a look that speaks of Euro-money and international contacts.

In her heyday she was reputed to fly the world with a suitcase of bank notes, assisting people in opening their hearts to Hello Magazine!

Sarah Ferguson, the Princess of Wales, Mother Teresa, Elizabeth Taylor and Paula Yates welcomed her into their homes. She pioneered the "fixing" of celebrity interviews, personally befriending her prey and encouraging them to expect cash, copy approval and syrupy questions as their due. If a celebrity wanted to talk about their favorite color, then so be it.

"She's very persuasive and has tremendous presence," explained one associate. "She is a great force and an extraordinary woman with a tremendous sense of style."

One of the things the Marquesa wanted most was her name. She acquired it from her second marriage to a Spanish aristocrat, and liked it so much she kept it after the divorce. "I paid enough to get this title," she remarked at the time, "and he knows that with what I know about him, I could destroy him. So better I keep the title and keep quiet, eh?"

She was born Maria Julia Marin, into a wealthy Uruguyan cattle family, and her two marriages have produced three children and six grandchildren. Along with their upkeep she has several homes, including a ranch in Uruguay and a home in west London, as well as the 200 dogs in a sanctuary in Montevideo to look after.

According to a skeptic, the chief backlash of the control exerted by celebrity "fixers" such as Marquesa has been to drive publications to irreverence.

Marquesa's retainer with Hello! was terminated when she obtained wedding photos of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, the same photos that were contracted exclusively to OK magazine.

In Related News:

To read more about "celebrity fixers," Mark Borkowski has released the following book, "The Fame Formula: How Hollywood Fixers, Fakers & Star Makers Created The Celebrity Industry."


Rich and powerful freelance publicists are a rare breed. This type of publicist doesn't work for a PR firms, they work for themselves and like fixers, they have the most powerful domestic and international contacts to get their wealthy and famous clients publicity in "any" publication or column in the world.

These types of publicists are paid for their connections. One such publicist charges $10,000 per mention in any publication of her client's choice, regardless of genre. She has a wide reach and covers a wide range of topics: Entertainment, business/finance, lifestyle, gossip columns, online/newsstand, etc.

The clients also get to pick the day they would like to be mentioned in the publication, and they are asked, morning or evening edition? Guaranteed!

These are the publicists rolling in Maserati's and Ferrari's.


Ronald K. Noble is the first African-American to serve as Secretary General for Interpol, the world's largest international police organization serving 187 countries. Noble was recently elected to his second-five year term.

Noble directed Intepol's launch of the world's global database of stolen and lost travel credentials. The database contains more than 15 million travel documents from more than 120 countries.

This past summer, Interpol assisted the Chinese government with security preparations for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing by supplying a support team.

Interpol's passport and visa application was used to identify stolen, lost, and fraudulent travel documents as well as suspected terrorists and dangerous criminals during the games.

Source: Black Enterprise



Allegedly, Phyllis Gates was paid $50,000 to marry gay actor Rock Hudson. Before the marriage, according to the book, "Hollywood Babylon: It's Back," Gates was known in lesbian circles in the 1950's.

After her divorce from Hudson, Gates allegedly became infuriated at the meager terms she'd agreed to, and eventually demanded more money, millions in fact. She threatened to blackmail her former husband, demanding 75 percent of his future earnings. She allegedly warned him that 25 percent of something is better than nothing." If Hudson didn't meet her terms, she threatened to destroy his burgeoning career.

Hudson's fixer, Henry Willson came to the rescue. He presented Hudson's lawyers with a five-inch file on the nefarious blackmailing schemes Gates had allegedly attempted with some of her rich and famous lesbian friends, an activity that brought her to the attention of the FBI.

Gates called off her blackmail threats, and allegedly returned to a quiet life with her lesbian girlfriends.

Was there life after Rock Hudson?

According to authors Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince, Phyllis Gates became the "girl toy," of the cross dressing heiress, Betty "Joe" Carstairs (2nd photo). Carstairs grandfather had left her mega-millions in petroleum (Standard Oil) dollars.

She was known as an brilliant butch who ruled with a bemused but iron grip over her own private Bahamian island (Whale Cay). Years after Marlene Dietrich had terminated an emotional involvement with her, it was noted by biographers as one of the most flamboyant lesbian affairs in history.

"Joe" invited Phyllis Gates into her life as a companion and kept woman, a relationship that allegedly endured for years.

More macho than most sailors, Joe documented scores of affairs with other women, including a string of actresses, among them Tallulah Bankhead.

"I was never a little girl," Joe declared. "I came out of the womb queer."

Source: "Hollywood Babylon: It's Back," by Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince



In 1946, Porfirio "Rubi" Rubirosa met Doris Duke (the richest woman in the world) at a hotel where he was staying with his then wife, Danielle. Within hours, Duke was completely under his spell.

Shortly after the meting, Duke sent Rubi a telegram, which read: "When you're finished with Danielle, give me a call and I will come."

During this time, both parties had to agree to a divorce in order for the divorce to be finalized, Danielle was reluctant. Duke arranged a meeting with her.

Doris Duke offered Danielle a $1 million dollar check for Rubi. Danielle agreed and quickly signed the divorce papers. Rubi was also given a $500,000 bonus which he used to buy a Dominican coffee plantation

After Rubi and Duke divorced, he moved on to the second richest woman in the world, Barbara Hutton. She showered him with gifts, including: A check for $2.5 million, a closet full of custom made suits, 20 pairs of Italian shoes, polo ponies and a B-25 bomber airplane at a cost of $200,000 along with a bank account containing $50,000 dollars to cover expenses for the plane.

After they divorced, Rubi had an affair with a then married Zsa Zsa Gabor (2nd photo). According to Gabor: "Rubi and I spent one night together at the Plaza and in the morning, I knew that I never wanted to leave him again. I was madly in love with my husband George Sanders but after one night with Rubi, I lost all sense of reality. He was exciting, sensual and passionate."

Assassin: (Contract Killer)

In 1956, the FBI implicated Porfirio Rubirosa in an assassination when Dr. Jesus de Galindez, a Trujillo antagonist who was living in New York and teaching at Columbia University, disappeared under mysterious circumstances, never to be seen again. It was later learned that he was kidnapped and killed. Rubirosa was in town the time of the disappearance and left the day after.


Last week, headlines blared "Doctors Say Marrow Transplant May Cure AIDS!"

The article went on to say that an American man suffering from AIDS appears to be cured of the disease 20 months after receiving a targeted bone marrow transplant used to fight leukemia, his doctors said. He no longer shows signs of carrying the virus.

Infected celebrities and rich people will be flocking to Berlin discreetly to undergo this new experimental treatment, trying to rid their bodies of the disease.

I recently spoke to a friend based in Hollywood. He's done "fixer," work for black and white Hollywood celebrities. He informed me: "Since very few (if any) artists or actors/actresses perform or film movies in Berlin, be suspicious when a celebrity is photographed in Berlin. They may be in town to undergo a bone marrow for AIDS.

He added, "fixers will be called in to erase their names on private jet passenger lists enroute to Berlin so there won't be a paper trail of evidence that they actually traveled to Berlin. These trips will be "erased," as if they never occurred."


According to Howard Hughes' friend Johnny Meyer (who often pursued women for him), "Howard Hughes pursued Ava Gardner but all he got from her was fellatio after his plane crash.

Ava told me that she never let Hughes have sex with her but Hughes allegedly had sex with Lana Turner's then boyfriend, actor Tyrone Power, on a number of occasions. What Hughes really wanted was to have a menage a trois with Ava and Lana. Ava said no but she allegedly agreed to have sex with Lana, only!

Allegedly, they agreed to let a drunken Howard Hughes watch them have sex. He was very mad that he couldn't participate. Allegedly, Hughes masturbated through the entire encounter.


By: Aaron C. Davis @ The Washington Post

Kanika Powell suspected something when the man knocked on her door claiming to be an FBI agent. He held a badge up to her peephole but walked away when Powell refused to open up without seeing a photo ID.

Five days later, there was another knock at the door of her Laurel area apartment. This time a different man, who said he was delivering a package. When Powell again refused to open the door, he also left -- no package, no note where it could be claimed.

Five hours later, Powell was outside her door after returning from errands. Someone was waiting in the hallway and opened fire, riddling her with bullets. She died a day later, this past Friday, and police have no idea why she was killed.

Her slaying has all the trappings of a television drama: e-mail messages Powell, 28, left behind about the strange men coming to her door; her mysterious career at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, where she worked as a security specialist; the FBI's insistence that none of its agents approached the woman; and investigators who say they can find no apparent motive for her killing -- no spurned lover, no robbery, no signs of gang activity, nothing.

"At this point, we haven't ruled out any avenue of investigation or motive, other than that it was random," Detective Kelly Rogers of the Prince George's County police said yesterday.

Rogers said police arrived at Powell's home four minutes after she called 911 Aug. 23, after the encounter with the man who identified himself as the agent. Officers canvassed Powell's apartment complex but found no one matching the description she'd given them.

Powell had also reported the incident to the apartment complex and told friends and colleagues. "It appears she did everything she could," Rogers said.

Powell's family and friends say they cannot fathom a reason for the killing. Her wallet and keys were found with her. They said she had no enemies.

"She was just living a normal life," said her mother, Judy Forrest. "It doesn't add up. Somebody knows something, and they're holding on to it, and we don't know why."

Powell was a 1998 Largo High School graduate who enlisted in the Army in 2000, served in Korea and worked as a security contractor and then at the Hopkins laboratory. Powell still had a close group of girlfriends from high school. She had never married and had no children. Court records show no criminal record, and police say they found nothing unusual or illegal in her apartment.

Michael Buckley, a spokesman for the Hopkins laboratory in Laurel, where scientists work on more than 400 homeland security and other research projects, said it was premature to speculate on whether Powell's death had any connection to her work.

Buckley said Powell had started at the lab as a contract worker in 2004 and had become a lab employee in 2006. He declined to name the lab Powell worked in or her title, citing the "nature of the work."

Forrest said her daughter was a security specialist who would not talk about her work. Powell would occasionally leave town for a couple of days to pick up things for the lab, she said. "I would ask her where she was going, and she would say, 'Mom, you know I can't tell you that.' "

Powell did tell her mother about the strange men who came to her door. Forrest said her daughter installed a security system after the first man came to the door. She might have thought she was being set up for a scam after the first visit, Powell's mother said, but the second one made her feel targeted.

"She said, 'Why are these people bothering me, Ma?' " Forest said, recalling that her daughter wondered whether she had angered someone. "But she didn't seem scared."

Still, Powell sent e-mail warnings to colleagues and friends about the men who came to her door. "The most scariest thing that happened to me," she wrote. "Pass this along ladies . . . who knows who these guys are."

Kelly Easter, one of Powell's co-workers, said he last had lunch with her Aug. 26. "She was busy working on stuff, trying to get police involved. She was really messed up about the whole thing," he said. The man claiming to be an FBI agent had come to her door only a few days earlier. "She just had no idea who would do that."

In a bid to weed out terrorists before they get on an airplane, the Dept. of Homeland Security is testing a scanner than can detect evil intentions lurking in your mind. The scanner called "Malintent," consists of sensors that read body temperature, heart rate and breathing to determine if you're planning to wreak havoc on the flight.

The device will be used in conjunction with more traditional security scanners that look for bombs and other concealed weapons. Malintent is based on the theory that prior to acting on criminal impulses, people have certain characteristics and physical reactions that Malintent will pick up on. With Malintent, you don't have to be connected to the machine by wires. It does all the work while you pass through a portal that looks like a metal detector.


People are speculating about the transgender storyline on the series "Dirty, Sexy, Money." This particular storyline depicts a relationship between a transgender (kept woman) and a powerful man who belongs to a rich and powerful family (The Darlings).

Is this storyline based on actual events? Christine Jorgensen (above), the first person to undergo a sex change operation in this country was allegedly linked (discreetly) to a very powerful, rich and prominent married man who belonged to one of the most powerful and well known families in the United States.


Lord Cuckney, who has died aged 83, operated for nearly half a century in that shadowy area where the secret state, government and the private sector overlap. He started as a spy and moved to become the specialist corporate fixer on first call to governments of every hue.

Yet, for a man who played such a central role in some of the stickiest industrial problems of the last half-century, he remained a man of carefully crafted obscurity. His privacy remained intact. Despite a liking for business suits of an extravagantly broad pinstripe, a mop of grey, swept-back hair and distinctively owlish eyebrows, this impressive-looking man had an unshowy, even austere public manner. His private life was a closed book,

Yet, ironically, if Peter Wright had not used his 1987 book "Spycatcher," to identify Cuckney as the man who trained him to be a spy, it is conceivable that Cuckney's involvement in MI5, which spanned most of the 1950s, would have remained under wraps. Under wraps, that is, to all those but the people at the heart of Britain's secretive system of governance who later called so frequently on his special skills as a corporate fixer and dealmaker.

He told his trainees that the business of intelligence work was often about "transgressing propriety or the law." The 11th commandment was "thou shalt not get caught." Cuckney was also a successful financier and he died a very rich man.

The cool and sometimes brutal professionalism with which he tackled one industrial crisis after another earned him a reputation as "the company doctor who never lost a patient."

He also enjoyed the trust of governments because he was connected and understood how to solve industrial problems. Fellow industrialists admired his skills, the head of Unilever once describing him as the "best non-executive chairman in the country."

Rumor has it that the film "Michael Clayton," starring George Clooney (as an corporate fixer) was thinly based on Lord Cuckney.


Allegedly, after Marilyn Monroe met Marlene Dietrich, she was invited to visit her apartment. "I stayed over," Marilyn confessed.

"But lesbian sex is not really my thing. Although like most actresses in Hollywood, I have indulged. Marlene is very oral. She did her own thing to me but I didn't reciprocate. The next morning, she made her famous scrambled eggs for me."

Source: "Hollywood Babylon: It's Back," by: Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince


by: Abha Malpani

Russian billionaire, Chelsea Football Club owner, and the world's 15th richest person -- Roman Abramovich (who's net value is estimated at $23.5 billion-- has decided to add another luxury yacht to his 5-yacht "navy".

Called the "Eclipse", the yacht will built at a cost of around $345 million. It will be 550-feet long (half the size of World War II battleship Bismarck), making it the largest private yacht ever built.

Of course, a man with such wealth and a super-yacht cannot sail anywhere without top-rated protection. Pirates are hiding in international waters: in August pirates raided a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean, and in September Somali pirates seized a Ukranian ship and demanded a $35 million ransom. According to the International Maritime Bureau, last year, pirates attacked 269 vessels, took nearly 300 hostages and killed five people.

The boat will have bullet-proof windows, armor plating on the bridge and around the 41-year-old Russian tycoon's cabin, radar equipment designed to give warnings of incoming missiles, anti-bugging equipment, and 70 crew members that include former Special Forces veterans and Special Boat Service personnel. Should his yacht be attacked, he can escape in a yellow submarine that can dive up to 160 feet. The rest of the information on the boat is a secret.

Allegedly, according to the "Sun," If you dreamed of 9/11 or you were overwhelmed by a sense of doom for New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina struck? And, if you've ever sensed that a tragic event was about to happen, a think tank (The Arlington Institute aka TAI) with ties to the Pentagon is allegedly setting up an Internet based network to record your prophetic dreams, visions, intuitions and gut feelings.

The project is based on solid research showing that everyone is capable of precognitions and flashes of insight into the future. Some people are more sensitive than others but all have the gift to some degree according to experts. Research further shows that more people who envision a specific future event, the more likely it is to happen.


Jacquie Davis and Helen Cliffe are female bodyguards; both women are trained in weapons, intelligence and hand-to-hand combat skills. Over the years they have protected a huge variety of clients, from the Saudi royal family, to Benazir Bhutto, to Liza Minnelli, Sharon Stone to J K Rowling. Both aged 48, they are doyennes in an overwhelmingly male field. There are estimated to be about 2,000 bodyguards in Britain, of whom only about 30 are women.

Yet demand is growing all the time. Prince William and Kate Middleton have been seen with a female bodyguard, and study any photograph of a rock star leaving a restaurant, or an oligarch arriving at his football stadium, and the neatly dressed woman in the background you assume is a secretary or mistress is, in fact, far more likely to have a black belt in karate and be scanning the crowds for potential assassins.

Earlier this year the role of the female bodyguard was highlighted when Anna Loginova, a 29-year-old Russian who protected billionaire clients in Moscow, was killed when her own vehicle was carjacked. Loginova had just posed for a men's magazine in a bikini to demonstrate her belief that a girl 'should be a girl, not a Terminator.

The stereotype of a bodyguard as a huge man in a suit, wearing an earpiece and dark glasses, is totally inaccurate these days,' says Laura Webb, a 34-year-old who looks like Meg Ryan's younger sister, but who, in fact, runs an agency, Global Protection, that specializes in female bodyguards. 'Most male and female bodyguards have the same skills, but what a female has – which more and more clients require – is an ability to blend in. If you're working with children, for example, a female can take them to the park or pick them up from school and no one's sure if she's the nanny or the mother, whereas a man – however fantastic he may be – will always stand out. We can sit in a restaurant and look as if we belong there, or go shopping with a client. People think we're a friend, not a heavy. It's much more discreet.'

Then there is the question of propriety. Arab clients, for example, are often unhappy with the idea of another man being in such proximity to their wives or daughters. Tales of clients who have become unusually close to their bodyguards are legion – Princesses Stephanie of Monaco had relationships with her minder, and Diana, Princess of Wales was rumored to be inappropriately close to one of hers, Barry Mannakee. 'Obviously a husband doesn't have to worry about his wife getting too close to a female bodyguard,' Webb says.

Source: Telegraph.co.uk


Roddy McDowall (3rd photo), a child star in the 40's and a good friend of Rock Hudson's, with whom he allegedly had an affair, was known for his large endowment. According to Hudson, "It just grew and grew, once it got started."

At gay industry parties, McDowall often performed fellatio shows for an appreciative audience. Once he and his part-time lover, James Dean, staged an "exhibition."

When "Confidential" magazine was ready to leak information about the parties, as well as Rock Hudson's homosexuality. Agent/Fixer, Henry Willson (1st photo) sprung into action.

Willson bargained with them, telling them, "If you drop this story about Rock and the parties, I will give you a bombshell to print about actor Rory Calhoun." At the last hour, Willson and the magazine reached an agreement.

Confidential told stunned readers that sex symbol Rory Calhoun (4th photo) had served a prison term. His career was effectively over.

Calhoun would later say, "I fu**ed that ugly Henry Willson to advance my career and then he sold me out. I also screwed the perfect beautiful bottom boy, actor Guy Madison and Marilyn Monroe just for the fun of it."


A British spy (1st photo) who was a cross between James Bond and Robin Hood plotted to use a longbow to assassinate one of the most notorious Nazis, according to a new book.

Tommy Sneum lay in ambush in occupied Copenhagen armed with a bow and arrows to kill Heinrich Himmler (2nd photo), the head of the SS. He planned to strike from a penthouse that belonged to a Danish film starlet he had seduced. Sneum chose a longbow because he did not want the sound of a bullet to be traced back to her flat.

The exploits of Sneum are told in a book published this week by Mark Ryan, who interviewed Sneum at length before the former spy died last year aged 89.

“He was a real-life 007, getting through a tremendous number of women and doing all kinds of spectacular stunts to evade the Nazis,” said Ryan, the author of The Hornet’s Sting, published by Piatkus. “When he was holed up in Copenhagen he was sleeping with both the mother and daughter of the house, without either knowing.”

Himmler was due to visit Copenhagen in February 1941 en route to Berlin after visiting SS recruits in Norway. Sneum was a handsome 23-year-old Danish aviator who, dismayed at the capitulation of his country, had become a British spy. He had struck up a relationship with the actress Oda Pasborg, whose flat he wanted to use.

“He was so much in love with her that he did not want to kill Himmler in a way that would hurt her,” said Ryan.

So he bought a steel bow that could be dismantled into halves to make it easy to transport unnoticed. He had a quiver of arrows, each marked April 9, 1940, the date the Nazis had overrun Denmark. In the end, however, Himmler failed to appear. After landing at Copenhagen airport he felt ill and flew on to Berlin.

Sneum had more success with other missions. He filmed German radar installations, often under the noses of the German guards, with a camera provided by MI6. He flew to Britain with his films in a Hornet Moth biplane he had found minus its wings in a barn. He and a friend, Kjeld Pedersen, rebuilt it and took off from a field.

Halfway across the North Sea Sneum had to venture out on the wing in thick fog to refuel the plane from a can of petrol while Pedersen tried to keep it steady.


In 1952, Lana Turner attended a party with her then boyfriend, actor Fernando Lamas (1st photo). Fernando is the father of Lorenzo Lamas of "Falcon Crest," fame, (2nd photo). Lana caught the eye of Lex Barker (3rd photo) from across the room. Lex walked over to the Lamas/Turner table and asked Lana to dance; ignoring Fernando.

As Lex escorted Lana to the center of the dance floor, he held her in a tight embrace. An angry Fernando said, "Jungle Boy is f**king her right on the dance floor." When he could stand it no more, Fernando jumped up from the table and headed for the floor to cut in. He grabbed Lana roughly by the shoulder, spinning her around. He then turned angrily on Lex and said, loud enough for everyone on the dance floor to hear. "Why don't you just take her out into the bushes and f**k her? Lana was furious and slapped Fernando. "You fucking c**t!" he yelled at her, looking as if he was going to strike her. The dance floor grew quiet.

Lana rushed from the room with Fernando in hot pursuit. When they arrived home, Fernando slapped Lana so hard her diamond earring shot across the room. She kicked him between the legs. He then grabbed her ankle and sent her sprawling. He kicked her several times in the ribs. When he grew tired, he started pounding her face with his fists, she screamed trying to protect her face from injury.

The next day, fixer Eddie Mannix was called in to do damage control. MGM studio executives were extremely upset that a Latino man battered a white woman. To make matters worse, Lana and Fernando were set to star in "Latin Lovers." Fernando was fired from the film and his career never recovered. He would go on to marry white actress/swimmer Esther Williams and she says in her autobiography that Fernando isolated her from her family and friends and didn't even want family members to visit her.

Lana would go on to marry Tarzan actor Lex Barker (who started the chain of events). Sadly, according to Lana's underage daughter (Cheryl), Barker sexually assaulted her throughout her childhood and allegedly told her, "You ought to thank me for teaching you the ways of the world."

Source: "Hollywood Babylon: It's Back!" by: Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince


Before encrypted discs and hollow teeth (which hid classified microfiche). A few secret agents continue to use spy coins (pictured above). The Spy Coin is a real coin measuring 1 1/2 in diameter. What appears to be an ordinary Eisenhower Silver Dollar contains a secret container as shown above. The spy coin is easily mixed with your pocket change. Above top secret microfiche, encrypted text and sensitive communication can be hid in the secret container of this coin.

SPY PAPER: "Now You See It....Now You Don't!"

Write or type on this mysterious paper just as you normally would..but touch it with any liquid (even saliva!) and it dissolves completely in seconds. This paper is available in the espionage community in two forms: Spy note pads or Spy Stationery.


The Pretty Boys and Dirty Deals of Henry Willson by: Robert Hofler

Henry Willson was a notorious gay agent. For a time he was one of the most powerful agents in Hollywood. Willson's specialty was handsome, strapping young men, each of whom he rechristened with some preposterously butch moniker: Rock Hudson, Tab Hunter, Guy Madison (who inspired a journalist to coin the term "beefcake"), Troy Donahue, John Saxon, even a pair of twins he renamed Dirk and Dack Rambo. Acting ability wasn't required, conventional good looks were a must and willingness to have sex with the ferret-faced Willson.

Once Lana Turner became a star, Willson privately set her up with sex dates (they both appreciated well-endowed young men). In return she agreed to attend a premiere with Willson protege Rory Calhoun.

Willson made a point of never living with another man and was strict in enforcing the same rule with his clients. He was known to drive past a young actor's house in the dead of night to make sure another man's car wasn't parked out front. Those who disobeyed soon saw their acting roles dry up; Willson didn't want to invest too much effort in a wannabe star who wouldn't play by the rules. Although he regularly took specimens from his stable of pretty boys to clubs and restaurants, he was never seen with less than two at a time. As he saw it "three men always translated as a night out with the boys, two men read as a date."

Rock Hudson was anything but discreet. A source remembers meeting the star at L.A.'s Farmer's Market at 2 a.m., openly cruising for men. "Henry had his standards," said Willson's assistant, "but Rock would sleep with anyone." Hudson seems to have tried to accomplish just that, demanding sexual favors from Willson clients who had landed minor roles in his films, and turning up in search of fresh "talent" for threesomes at Willson's infamously frisky pool parties during the late '50s and early '60s. "Rock's sex drive was enormous."

As a result, Willson had his hands full fending off blackmailers and spurned lovers once Hudson became a big name. The "dirty deals" of Hofler's title for the most part all trace back to Rock's high jinks. There are the off-duty Los Angeles Police Department officers whom Willson and his on-retainer private detectives hired to rough up the guy with the photos of Hudson in flagrante delicto and the boyfriend who threatened to go public unless he was allowed to sit next to Hudson at events. Yet another client insists that he heard Willson call in a bunch of favors from the Mob (he'd provided stars for the opening nights of Las Vegas clubs) to get two of Hudson's blackmailers "rubbed out."

"Confidential," had a standing offer for dirt on Hudson, and two of the star's ex-lovers had turned down $10,000 offers to tell their stories. It was only a matter of time until Confidential got something juicy on Hudson.

One of the dirtiest deals of Willson's career happened in 1955: He fed "Confidential," information on the criminal past of Rory Calhoun, his own client, and Tab Hunter, whom Willson had never forgiven for firing him and signing on with his archrival, agent Dick Clayton. It became common knowledge that Willson made this trade -- dirt on Calhoun and Hunter (who was picked up in a raid on a gay party in 1950) in exchange for protection for Rock Hudson.

Willson, like his clients, made a practice of escorting an assortment of actresses and other well-known women (beards) to premieres and parties.

In his later years, Willson struggled with drug addiction, alcoholism, paranoia, and weight problems. Because his own homosexuality had become public knowledge, many of his clients, both gay and straight, distanced themselves from him for fear of being branded the same. In 1974, the unemployed and destitute agent moved into the Motion Picture & Television Country House and Hospital, where he remained until he died of cirrhosis of the liver in 1978. With no money to cover the cost of a tombstone, he was interred in an unmarked grave, in Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery, in North Hollywood, CA.


Overseas, casinos are being launched just to launder money for drug cartels. They're known as "cartel finance casinos." Cartel mercenaries (assassins) are also linked to these casinos.

A few members of law enforcement across the country (supplement their income) by discreetly working off the clock on "private security detail," for drug gangs unbeknownst to their superiors. They either provide protection or are hired by a rival gang to rob the competing gang and share in the profits.

Fake papers such as fraudulent medical forms indicating you are HIV-negative when you are actually HIV-positive are being sold for big money on the black market. Due to an increase in infections, the demand has increased tenfold over the last few years. This racket will soon surpass fake green cards and SSN cards in profit on the black market.

According to the National Examiner, NASA is allegedly working on a system that will be able to identify evil-doers from the way they walk and this system can also identify individuals from their shadows. Analysts say, the length of a person's stride, the speed at which they walk and the way they wiggle their hips when they put one foot in front of the other is almost as accurate as fingerprints or DNA in figuring out who they are.

Spy satellites are now so sensitive they can gather the necessary data from observing a moving person's shadow from space and transmit it to a computer, which then compares the images to others it has on file to come up with a positive ID. Cameras can also be placed on high buildings or carried in reconnaissance airplanes.

The system is allegedly undergoing tests and should be available to police departments, the military and intelligence agencies in two years.



On November 16, 1985, Florida police discovered the body of Anita Spearman, she had been bludgeoned to death in her home. It was a brutal and seemingly motiveless crime. This murder would eventually lead the detectives to Richard “Doc” Savage and uncover a nationwide conspiracy of paid assassination, bombings and intimidation.


When the police pulled Sean Trevor Doutre over for a traffic violation, they found a 9mm Uzi with 52 rounds of ammunition and a .45-caliber pistol with a silencer along with $6,080.00 in cash and expensive jewelry. They hauled Doutre in for questioning.

Under intense interrogation Doutre admitted that he worked for a man named Richard “Doc” Savage, the head of an interstate murder-for-hire crew. Doutre said he met Savage through an ad he answered in a magazine for professional adventurers and thrill-seekers called “Soldier Of Fortune.” Savage also used the same magazine to advertise the services of his contract killers.

Doutre said that Savage had dispatched him to Texas, Georgia and Kentucky to fulfill murder contracts. Savage had recently ordered Doutre to kill his wife Linda because he felt she knew too much about his murder-for-hire operation. Savage had also sent Doutre to Florida to pick up drugs and he was putting a plan together to hijack a gold shipment in Alaska.

Savage was currently under investigation for the Anita Spearman murder in Florida but this didn’t seem to bother him, he continued booking contracts.

The detectives were stunned, they didn’t know whether to believe Doutre or not. Nevertheless, facts were missing in his story and he was careful not to incriminate himself. He was released on $10,000 bail.

Richard “Doc” Savage had a background in law enforcement, the military and corrections. His spare time was spent browsing the classifieds in his favorite magazine, “Soldier Of Fortune.” The magazine was launched in 1975. It was designed for Vietnam War veterans and law enforcement officers. The magazine was distributed worldwide and was available everywhere.

The classifieds were very popular, some of the ads read: “Married man looking for an expert in poisons to kill his wife.” “World Security Group: Ex-Marines, Nam Vets, weapons specialists, jungle warfare, political high-risk assignments in U.S. or overseas.” “Gun For Hire: Nam sniper, instructor, SWAT, pistol, rifle. All jobs considered. Privacy guaranteed.” Male/Female assassin tag teams also advertised as well as women with military backgrounds.

One issue offered $10,000 dollars in gold for the capture of Idi Amin. The magazine also offered $1 million dollars to anyone who could capture a Soviet M-24 helicopter gunship and deliver it from Nicaragua. The magazine attracted men who liked adventure, guns, knives and martial arts.

Savage decided to place an ad in the 10th anniversary issue. The ad read, “Gun For Hire: 37 year old professional mercenary desires jobs. Vietnam veteran. Bodyguard and courier with special skills; all jobs considered.” The ad also gave telephone numbers for business and home.

The phone rung off the hook, most of the calls were from husbands looking for someone to murder their wives. One man wanted his wife killed because she didn’t look the same in a bathing suit. Most of those who didn’t want to hire a killer contacted Savage to become hit men. Savage decided to delegate the jobs. He would coordinate the negotiating and planning. Savage quoted a price of $20,000 per hit.

Richard F. Braun was marked for death. A crew was dispatched and a bomb was planted under his car but it exploded before Braun climbed inside the car. The crew would kill him at a later date.

Savage lined up other jobs for his crew. The crew was hired to burn down a chicken farm, a few days later, a smoke bomb burned down the farm.

A few months later, a camouflaged and masked man stepped from behind a tree and fired several shots into an intended victim, killing him instantly.

Robert Black hired Savage to kill his wife to collect on her life insurance policy. Kay Black returned home from shopping and was ambushed by a killer who shot her execution style, killing her.

A Texas man, Albert Lee Thielman hired Savage to murder his wife and children for their life insurance money. A bomb was made. Thielman booked a surprise flight for his wife and children and placed the bomb in her luggage. During this time, before 911, airline security was lax.

The bomb didn’t go off, instead, a thin wisp of smoke clung to the underside of the aircraft and passengers reported hearing a popping sound.

The bomb attempt got the FBI involved. They began an investigation on the movements of Albert Lee Thielman, they searched the family home and his office.

Under intense pressure, Thielman confessed and gave the authorities Savage’s name. The FBI began to close in on the Savage gang.

Savage and his crew were arrested and charged with murder in several states, along with arson, explosives and intimidation.

Richard “Doc” Savage was tried and convicted. He was sentenced to a total of 40 years in federal prison after completing the 25-year prison term he was currently serving in Arkansas and the 40-year term he still faced in Florida.

Members of Savage’s crew received 25-40 year sentences.

Robert Spearman was convicted of conspiracy in the murder of his wife Anita Spearman, he was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Albert Lee Thielman was sentenced to death for trying to blow up his wife and children on an airplane.

By early 1986, “Soldier Of Fortune” magazine was out of the business of accepting the type of classified ads used by Savage.

The survivors of the victims sued the magazine.

Kay Black’s family was awarded $7.5 million in punitive damages and compensatory payments of $1.5 million. The sons of murder victim Richard Braun were awarded $12.4 million.

Source: “Gun For Hire: The Soldier Of Fortune Killings” by Clifford L. Linedecker


Did Bill Clinton have 2 black fixers?


In 1997, at an Bill Clinton political function. Many of the political damage control experts were in attendance with the president, sharing his victory. We're interested in just two of them. We call them "The Fixers."

Some of the other fixers have been spending a lot of time lately on the front page, a circumstance they'd generally rather avoid. This story is focused on the then president and the Asia connection.

Vernon Jordan is widely known as the first powerful black fixer (Presidential) BUT people tend to overlook Ron Brown who was also a very powerful black political fixer. Which means, former President Bill Clinton had two black fixers under his administration.

Frontiline refers to the late Ron Brown as an "super-fixer," among the Washington, D.C. elite.


NARRATOR: The most direct way to move onto the national stage in 1992 was to get noticed by this man-- Ron Brown, chairman of the Democratic National Committee. A few days after meeting him in Honolulu the Lums donated $26,000 to the party. Then that summer the Lums kicked in another $40,000. Nora's daughter, Maxine, gave $7,500. Her other daughter, Trisha, gave $7,500. Nora herself gave $10,000 and her sister, Kathy Nojima, gave. $15,000. And then they went to the Democratic convention.

The Lums and many Asian-American contributors placed their bets at just the moment the money chase in presidential politics was reaching a frenzy--with Bill Clinton as the candidate and Ron Brown as chief fund-raiser.

RON BROWN: My mother and my father always taught me to believe that in America, a kid from Harlem can go anywhere, do anything, even become chairman of the greatest party in the history of democracy.

NARRATOR: To make the climb from Harlem to this podium, Ron Brown had perfected the character traits of a "super-fixer." In a 25-year career as a lawyer-lobbyist among the power elite, he'd become a master at connections. He'd worked for Senator Edward Kennedy, ran Jesse Jackson's presidential campaign and, as the first black chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Brown was determined to deliver the next president of the United States. To do that the Democrats needed money.

Brown concentrated on bringing new money and new people into the Democratic Party. That meant tapping into the new heart of Asian America-- Los Angeles.

Norma Lum (Fixer) An Introduction:

A Waikiki saleswoman turned powerful Democratic moneybroker. With relentless ambition and a host of contacts from Japanese businessmen to White House officials, Nora seizes opportunities and maneuvers her way in the space of two years from obscurity into the nation's highest political echelons.

Gene Lum (Fixer) An Introduction:

A Honolulu attorney turned Democratic operator. Capitalizing on his legal know-how and political connections, Gene moves behind the scenes and parlays contacts into clout.


Charles Chidiac is a financier with a checkered past, an unindicted co- conspirator in the BNL banking scandal. He wanted to build Hawaii's most fabulous golf resort, the Hawaiian Riviera.

CHARLES CHIDIAC: I was told that this woman (Nora Lum) and her husband (Gene Lum) above, can "fix" anything in Hawaii, so I hired her to advise me how to work in this corrupt system and help me out with my zoning. I needed to get the zoning. I mean, I had the engineering ready, I had the money read and everything ready and this thing was dragging on and on and on. She is a convincing woman. She can convince people that she can do things. So I gave her $50,000 in cash and she said "I'll get you the approval in two months." And she said-- she told me she's going to pay several guys-- some of the, you know, power people in the state, and she'll get it to me in two months.

INTERVIEWER: Do you believe that she did pay those people?

CHARLES CHIDIAC: I have no way of checking. She told me she did. She didn't only work for me, by the way. She worked for other people also but I got the zomomg.

NARRATOR: Among Nora and Gene's clients were other developers who were trying to build hotels, resorts and golf courses. By the end of the 1980s, 73 Japanese-owned golf courses were in various stages of development.

ANTHONY LOCRICCHIO: In Hawaii golf courses were prohibited on agricultural land. Overnight, both fixers were able to change the law and to get the constitution ignored. Golf courses were suddenly permitted on agricultural land.

NARRATOR: Take the case of the Manowili Valley. In Hawaii they say it's a scenic treasure. In the mid-'80s 1,000 acres of the valley were sold for $7 million in order to build two golf courses financed by the Japanese. To overcome political barriers, the developer hired Gene Lum. Then the developer began to make donations to Hawaiian politicians.

ANTHONY LOCRICCHIO: After they were able to buy the vote change, that land became worth $40 million to $50 million dollars.

The Lums crossed the line in the "fixer" world and pled guilty to illegal campaign contributions.


Unconfirmed Rumor:

According to authors Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince: The divorce of Joe DiMaggio & Marilyn Monroe became final on October 17, 1954. But, Marilyn made a surprise move and chose to spend the first night of her newly found freedom with her (suddenly former) husband. Joe was no longer in a position to demand conjugal rights, as he had so many times in the past. She later said that she just wanted to be alone with Joe and cuddle with him." He had other plans.

Humiliated by the divorce, Joe allegedly wanted to re-establish his dominance over her. When she refused to have sex with him, he allegedly ripped her dress from her body. He then knocked her down on the carpet and held her firmly. Allegedly, according to Porter and Prince, he proceeded to rape her as violently as he'd ever seduced any woman.

At one point, allegedly, Monroe no longer resisted him and began to sob uncontrollably. Porter says this excited DiMaggio more and he allegedly became more brutal. He continued trying to kiss her but she turned her head away. Nevertheless, he forced her lips to meet his. Instead of kissing her, he allegedly bit her lip until it bled.

Later, he stormed out of the apartment but later reconciled with her. She would forgive him for his brutal actions.

Source: "Hollywood Babylon: It's Back!" by Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince

Late International Playgirl, Judith Exner Campbell (3rd photo) who was involved with President Kennedy and mob boss Sam Giancana (center) said in her book that Giancana treated Sammy Davis, Jr. like dirt because he was Black. Despite Sammy's celebrity status, Giancana acted as if he was invisible and often talked down to him. Sammy even complained to Exner and asked? Why does Sam treat me so bad? Could you talk to him about it?

Allegedly, Sammy owed the mob a favor and had just come off an exhaustive tour. Giancana wanted him to perform at a Mafia wedding. Sammy sent word that he was too tired. Allegedly, Giancana or a rep called and threatened Sammy, during the conversation, he was allegedly referred to as the n-word. Sammy relented and performed at the wedding.

Oddly, the next true story paints Giancana as a friend to Blacks.

Sam Giancana began his mob career as a “wheel man” for Al Capone. Giancana would eventually become Capone’s successor in Chicago and the most powerful mob boss in the country during the 1950-1960’s. Biographers claim, he was also responsible for delivering the votes that put John F. Kennedy in the White House.

When he was a mob soldier, he severed a prison sentence in Terre Haute, Indiana. A fellow inmate was a black guy who was the ‘king of the numbers’ racket in Chicago and a multi-millionaire.

During that era, it was one of a few ways a black person could get rich in America. They became friends, after they got released; Giancana and the black guy became partners in the numbers racket but Giancana's friends refused to do business with him because he was black.

Giancana’s crew would kidnap the black guy behind Giancana’s back. He was tortured and brutalized until he turned over his whole operation to the mob and he was ordered to give details on how to run the racket.

Giancana was ordered to wack the guy but he defied the order. Unbeknownst to the mob, Giancana risked his life and helped the black guy get out of Chicago and set him up for life in a villa down in Mexico. The mob never found out about it and Giancana would go on to become the most powerful gangster in America. He stayed in touch with his black friend throughout his life.

Source: 'My Life With Mr. S.' by George Jacobs


Singer Phyllis McGuire started off singing with her sisters in the group The McGuire sisters. They never sold enough records to support the lifestyle that McGuire currently leads.

According to author Dominick Dunne: Phyllis McGuire lives in a magnificent Las Vegas fortress and she has fabulous wealth at her fingertips.

The 77-year-old McGuire was once the girlfriend of notorious gangster Sam Giancana. For 14 years, McGuire was the mistress of Giancana. Dunne adds, "She appears to be handsomely taken care of by the late mobster." Allegedly, Giancana also gave McGuire stock tips that proved very successful.

Her home is protected by an army of guards and high-tech security devices. At the touch of a button, steel doors drop and cover the windows.

Her estate also boasts a jaw-dropping replica of the Eiffel Tower soaring 44 feet up and out of her living room. The mansion also includes a nightclub, a beauty salon and rare black swans swim in a pond.

McGuire also has a fabulous jewel collection (worth millions) that was lavished on her by Giancana.

Giancana was so crazy about McGuire that he once blackballed a popular comedian who was trying to date her.

In 1974, Giancana was killed, his murder still remains unsolved.


In 1973, billionaire Ari Onassis' only son Alexander died in a horrific plane crash. Thirty minutes after his life-support system was switched off, Onassis' fixer Johnny Meyer (who also worked for billionaire Howard Hughes) was dispatched to Monte Carlo to "clean up" Alexander's apartment. Onassis, he said, "didn't want to leave anything around that his enemies could use against him." Onassis was also convinced that enemies sabotaged the plane.

Allegedly, Meyer was asked to find a file named "Onassis Family Jewels," which was allegedly evidence that suggested that Ari played a part in Bobby Kennedy's murder.

Whether this evidence comprised more than the Sirhan photostats is unclear. Meyer did find tapes of Ari's drunken and abusive calls to Alexander hidden in the cavity at the back of a linen cupboard. He also found several wiretaps.

He was unsuccessful in finding the "Onassais Family Jewels," file. It was assumed that Alexander had this damaging information locked away in a safety deposit box in Paris. The key for this safe deposit box has never been recovered but with Ari Onassis' global connections, more than likely the file was retrieved from the safety deposit box and destroyed.

In Related News: The late Princess Grace despised Ari Onassis. It rankled her that J. Edgar Hoover called Ari the real ruler of Monaco.

Source: "Nemesis," by Peter Evans


Recently, authorities arrested Victor Bout (above, center) the world's most powerful illicit weapons dealer. Bout had the most extensive arms network in the world with connections on an international scale. After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the then Soviet air force lieutenant went rogue and plundered the abandoned armories of the Ukraine and other former states.

For years, Bout remained an international man of mystery, hiding behind his political connections and a massive network of dummy corporations and a library of counterfeit passports. While other arm dealers were selling automatic rifles and ammo, Bout became infamous for delivering arsenals of tanks, attack helicopters and anti-aircraft weapons, including shoulder-fired-surface-to-air missiles.

According to the National Examiner, "By 2000, Victor Bout had become the McDonald's of arms trafficking, he was a brand name that inspired Nicolas Cage's starring role in the movie "Lord Of War."

Bout ruthlessly amassed a fleet of planes larger than the air forces of many sovereign countries. He also brokered weapons and transport deals with established governments, rebel guerrillas, diamond smugglers and drug cartels.

Bout sold tools of mass murder to anyone who could pay, often arming two or more sides on the same battlefield.

Once, investigators tracked his shipments to every major hot spot in the world, including Afghanistan, Angola, Columbia, the Congo, Kenya, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Pakistan, the Phillippines, Rwanda, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Yemen.

Bout's big-ticket customers included followers in al Qaeda and the Taliban according to U.S government officials.

U.S. agents with the DEA lured Bout into a face-to-face meeting in Thailand by posing as Columbian rebels and offering him $5 million to transport handheld missiles and rocket launchers to South America. Cops in Thailand then busted Bout who will soon stand trial in the US for conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization.


Viktor Bout (1st photo) the notorious international arms dealer (we reported on last week) is often associated with "blood" (conflict) diamonds.

Bout is often mentioned in the press as being "paid in diamonds."

Part of what made Bout so hard to pin down is that he created layers of companies and individuals between himself and any alleged criminal activities (insulated).

There are, however, many known links between "blood diamonds" and some of his associates. There is also certain knowledge that his clients fund their arms budgets from diamond sales.

There's always been speculation, since diplomats don't have to go through customs that they are sometimes paid handsomely to smuggle diamonds and drugs in their diplomatic pouch's for international diamond and drug cartels.

The film "The Assignment," is allegedly based on a true story involving a "Carlos The Jackal," lookalike. Synopsis: Jack Shaw (Donald Sutherland) has experienced the terror first-hand. He's a top CIA agent who's tracked international killer-for-hire Carlos 'The Jackal' Sanchez for over twenty years and barely survived Carlos' devastating bombing of a Parisian cafe.

Now, he finally gets a break when he discovers Carlos' dead ringer: American naval officer and dedicated family man Annibal Ramirez (Aidan Quinn). With the aid of his Israeli Intelligence counterpart, Amos (Ben Kingsley), Jack trains Annibal to impersonate Carlos through a series of harrowing physical and psychological exercises and draw the real killer out of hiding and into an elaborate trap.

"The Assignment," is currently available at netflix.


1. Overseas Arms Fairs where guns and high powered rifles are put on display discreetly take place, never advertised like espionage/security conventions; these events are also by strict invitation only. Blue chip arms dealers and smugglers convene from all over the world to network and look over the merchandise. The "Black Market," set sales illegal silencers to a variety of customers, including cartel mercenaries and rumored freelance assassins. Afterwards, the arms dealers host cigar and shooting parties with various billionaire clients.

2. Allegedly, a sophisticated software (not available for purchase) allegedly exists. This software is used on password protected/encrypted files which require a code. Allegedly, this software can try up to 10,000 passwords in five seconds until the code is cracked.


Actor Marlon Brando revealed that Ava Gardner liked to attend Bordello's. Gardner became particularly interested in a bordello that specialized in offering "movie stars" to male clients and a few female clients as well. The girls had plastic surgery to look like actresses of that particular era.

The madam of the bordello claimed that "if you can't have sex with the real thing, we offer you the mock." Clients got a look-a-like, and were allowed to spend time with fantasized versions of: Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Crawford, Judy Garland, etc.

Ava wanted to be taken to the bordello to meet the madam. "That's not all," Brando said. With the permission of the madam, Ava wanted to exchange places that Saturday night, with her stand-in. In other words, "The Real Ava Gardner and not the look-a-like would be sexually entertaining male customers."

Brando escorted Ava to the bordello that Saturday night and made the arrangement for Ava with the madam. Brando personally led Ava Gardner to a bedroom. After Ava got settled and awaited her first customer, Brando wandered off with a Betty Grable look-a-like.

Allegedly, Ava entertained men all night. The majority of the customers told her, "You look so much like the real Ava Gardner." Ava laughed under her breath.

The story spread like wildfire through Hollywood and fixer Eddie Mannix was called in to make sure Ava's latest stunt didn't make the headlines.

When Frank Sinatra heard the story, he went ballistic! He blamed Brando and told him, "Listen, creep, and listen good. I know all about you and Ava. Stay away from her! Don't ever come within 20 feet of her even at a party. You got that? First offense, broken legs. Second offense, cracked skull. If you live through all that, cement shoes. One more false step and you've had it!"

Source: "Hollywood Babylon: It's Back," by Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince


In the film, "Taken," while vacationing with a friend in Paris, an American girl (Maggie Grace) is kidnapped by a gang of human traffickers intent on selling her into forced prostitution. Now, her father, Bryan (Liam Neeson), a former soldier, must pull out all the stops to save her.

As portrayed in "Taken," sex traffickers have three sex trades for their helpless victims. The least attractive victims are drugged and forced to work the street. A second group of girls work "sex stalls," which are similar to bathroom stalls with curtains. A photo of the girl is placed on the curtain for the customer to see and the prettiest girls (usually blonde and blue eyed) are sold to the highest bidder via an auction, these girls are advertised as being "well bred and bilingual."

In the film, when Maggie's father angrily approaches the customer who paid $500,000 for her via an auction, the man said, "I understand your anger and I have three daughters but you need to understand, this is business!"

The film "Taken," has yet to be released on DVD.

In the film "Running Scared," Mob soldier Joey Gazelle (Paul Walker) races to find a gun before it falls into the wrong hands in director Wayne Kramer's hyperkinetic crime thriller. Tasked with disposing of the Mafia's murder weapons, the two-bit hood instead hides them in his cellar. But when a snub-nosed .38 is stolen from his cache and used to kill a Russian gangster all hell breaks loose.

In the process, Joey's son is abducted by a professional couple (doctors) who kidnapped kids for live sex shows broadcast live on the internet. Luckily, Joey's son has a cell phone in his back pocket. He asks the couple if he can go to the bathroom, he calls his mother, telling her a couple kidnapped him but he doesn't know the address. Frantically, his mom tells him to look in the medicine cabinet and find a pill vial containing an address. He does, just as he gives his mother the address, the couple barge in. Later, his mom shows up at the apartment.

"Running Scared," is currently available at netflix.

According to Wendy Leigh's book (The Autobiography Of Arnold Schwarzenegger), allegedly, Arnold has made some very nasty remarks regarding African Americans.

On page 68: According to former bodybuilder Rick Wayne, Arnold was quite at home with the South African system of apartheid. According to Wayne, when they discussed apartheid. Arnold said he thought South Africa was right, "If you gave blacks a country to run, they would run it down the tubes."

On page 101: According to Dave DuPre, Arnold allegedly said, "Black people are stupid and inferior. They are not capable of achieving the success of white people." Dupre adds, "He was always upset that all the black guys were able to go out with all the white girls. He couldn't stand that. To retaliate, he took out a beautiful black hatcheck girl. The next day he said, "She said I was better than any black guy she ever had."

Rewind: A few years ago, Robby Robinson, above, a former Mr. America, Mr. World and Mr. Universe titleholder, who worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1970's claims Schwarzenegger repeatedly directed the term “ni**er” at him.

Several years ago, authors (Norman Polmar & Thomas B. Allen) of the book, "Spy Book," revealed that the NSA (the ultimate spy agency) has a monthly "classified" newsletter not available to the public. This was the model & inspiration for our "classified" monthly PR/ and irregular Sky Villa newsletters although we have never viewed a NSA newsletter. Only difference, we exclusively report on "classified" entertainment news.

In Related News: President Harry Truman established the NSA on October 24, 1952. The NSA is exempt from certain restrictions applied to other spy agencies and they have gone to extreme lengths to keep itself invisible. For years, employees were ordered to say nothing more than "federal government" or "Department Of Defense," in reply to questions about where they worked.

Source: "Spy Book," by Norman Polmar & Thomas B. Allen


At one time, in the mid 90's, the head of M15 (the equivalent of the CIA overseas) was headed by a woman, Stella Rimington. In the James Bond films, Dame Judi Dench portrayed a character referred to as "M." In real life, Rimington was referred to "C." After leaving M15, Rimington has become a successful espionage writer, often writing about female secret agents.


*Porfirio "Rubi" Rubirosa ran with Kings, Princes, Presidents, Dictators, Mobsters & Movie Stars."

When the gigolo/assassin was on the verge of marrying billionairess Doris Duke; the richest woman in the world (1st photo) the State Department feared that if Duke died during the marriage, Rubi would inherit her tobacco empire which would then come under the control of the Dominican Republic.

Allegedly, the OSS (later CIA) was horrified. Some OSS officials seriously considered assassinating him.

Prior to the wedding, Doris sent her billionaire fixer to deliver a large manila envelope to Rubi. Rubi was shocked to find a prenuptial agreement inside. He was reluctant to sign the document, it was rumored that the fixer drugged him and got his signature before he lost consciousness. Finally, Doris Duke's investments were protected; she generated $1 million dollars a day off her investments.

After the marriage, Doris and Rubi often entertained members of the Kennedy family, including Joe and Ethel.

Sammy Davis Jr., was one of Rubi's best friends and described him as: "Enchanting, mysterious, surprising and very attractive. Without a doubt the best dressed man in the world. The way Rubi dressed made me feel like I fell in a dumpster. I was very impressed to meet and know him."

Source: "Chasing Rubi," by Marty & Isabella Wall


According to authors Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince: Before her death, Marilyn Monroe confided in her former roommate, late actress, Shelly Winters.

Monroe allegedly told Winters that one night, President Kennedy had his brother-in-law Peter Lawford take nude pictures of himself in the bathtub with Marilyn. Those photographs are said to exist somewhere today but the owner isn't selling them. They would be valued at $2-$5 million dollars.

It's always been widely reported that Marilyn Monroe had an affair with John F. Kennedy but few people discuss the alleged fling she had with Ronald Reagan when he was just starting out in politics.

We have also been informed that Monroe had several sexual encounters with gigolo/assassin (Porfirio Rubirosa) behind JFK's back. Allegedly, Monroe's interest was peaked when Ava Gardner told her: "My marriage to Frank (Sinatra) was doomed from the start, I wasn't impressed with that bag of bones until he took off his clothes, only Porfirio "Rubi" Rubirosa is better hung, but then, he's the Ninth Wonder Of The World."

Monroe was also sexually involved with actor Marlon Brando (who had a crush on Dorothy Dandridge and talked about her non-stop to Monroe) Brando even tried to get Monroe to set him up with Dandridge but Dorothy sent word back that she wasn't interested but that didn't stop Brando from kissing her fully on the lips at the Oscar telecast that year, a hush fell over the segregated audience in attendance as Brando smiled like a peacock. Monroe was also involved with mobster Bugsy Siegel.


Marilyn Monroe could have bagged a third (future) U.S. President. Allegedly, Vice President Lyndon Johnson offered to fly her to his private home in Texas but Marilyn declined his offer. She also rejected the advances of John Wayne and Clark Gable. She did admit to once having a crush on Gable. Marilyn also rejected gangster Mickey Cohen.

Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Dandridge were close friends (some say best friends) and confidants-although Monroe biographers continue to ignore this fact. Marilyn often confided to Dandridge about men problems (stated above).

They would talk (frequently) into the early morning hours and Dandridge took Monroe's secrets to the grave unlike the late Shelly Winters. It's also rumored that Monroe went out of her way to protect and shield her friend from racism and often asked President Kennedy to do more for blacks in regards to civil rights.

Actor James Dean also tried to shield Dorothy Dandridge from racism and he considered her the sister he never had.

Source: "Hollywood Babylon: It's Back," by Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince

The question still remains. How does a man (Rubi) between his gigolo duties who the government had accused of espionage (spy), assassination (contract killer) and arms dealing end up on the President of the United States (JFK) private yacht partying with John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and the Rat Pack?

After Rubi's death, his widow Odile Rodin was summoned to Joe Kennedy's deathbed. Everyone was asked to leave the room. Joe talked to Odile for a hour in hushed tones. Due to Joe Kennedy's speech impairment, brought on by a massive stroke, Odile had to lean in close to understand his words since Joe had ordered his speech therapist (who could translate for him) from the room.

Odile has yet to reveal the details of the conversation.


When Marilyn Monroe was a starving actress, allegedly she made one "private" porno film for billionaire Howard Hughes. Her co-star selected by Hughes was allegedly 1940's heart-throb Guy Madison (3rd photo). According to Monroe, "Hughes wanted to do both of us afterward but he was much more interested in Guy than me."

It's not known if this film still exists. If it does, it would be worth a seven-figure fortune.

Source: "Hollywood Babylon: It's Back," by Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince


According to former Las Vegas showgirls, Sammy Davis, Jr., Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin were exceptionally endowed. Dean Martin received praise for his lovemaking skills. Sinatra was so notorious that Martin once joked, "When Sinatra dies, they're giving his zipper to the Smithsonian."

Showgirls often quipped, 'despite Davis's small statue, he was extremely well hung and had a nice rear end.'

According to authors Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince: Sammy Davis, Jr. was bi-sexual on a very rare basis and allegedly slept with actor Peter Lawford.

Allegedly, Davis became the first black swinger in mainstream Hollywood.

Source: "Hollywood Babylon: It's Back," by Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince


According to writer Kitty Kelly on (page 326) of her biography on Elizabeth Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor's ex-husband, Senator John Warner was being interviewed by a reporter, the reporter makes the following statement: "Afterwards, (after the interview) we were taking pictures at Atoka and his kids were lined up against the skyline when I commented on how beautiful his daughters were. 'Yeah,' he said. 'I just hope a "coon" doesn't get them.' The reporter claims she filed the comment in her story but it was later edited out.

Kitty Kelly also makes the following claims in her book: When Warner told a TV interviewer that he would do much for Virginia's blacks (while on the campaign trail), the reporter followed with a comment about his record as Navy Secretary and how he slowed the efforts to integrate the Navy.

"No question about it," said Warner, "I don't deny that."

Later, Warner said he misunderstood the question and missed the word "integrate."

People were surprised that Taylor married Warner due to their political differences. Taylor has always been a champion for equal rights and civil rights and Taylor was outraged to hear that Sammy Davis, Jr. had endorsed Nixon in the 70's, Nixon was a man Taylor detested.

The couple divorced in 1994


Gay actor Cesar Romero (1st photo) who would later portray the Joker (2nd photo) on the Batman TV series is the only "male beard," we could uncover in Hollywood. Romero often escorted bi-sexual and lesbian actresses to Hollywood events, including actresses, Joan Crawford and Barbara Stanwyck.

Even more shocking, Romero alleges that Desi Arnaz was one of his male lovers. He says, "The all-time love of Lucille Ball's life was Desi Arnaz. Lucy and I had something in common. The all-time love of my life was Desi Arnaz as well."

Romero claimed that Desi knew he was pretty irresistible, and he knew about me. I guess he could see it in my eyes. One day Desi said to me, "All right, we both know what you want. Let's get it over with. We did."

According to authors Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince: Lucy tolerated Romero and was well aware of the actor's crush on Desi as early as 1940. She considered it a harmless diversion on Desi's part and preferable to "taking on five hookers a night-one by one."

Romero was also involved with actor Tyrone Power.


In the past, physical assassination against political leaders was the norm, not anymore. Today, with the emergence of high powered million dollar fixers, character assassination has become the norm and in shadowy circles, "character assassination" is considered just as effective.


Fixer Squad Assigned To Obama:

At least one media outlet has truthfully reported the following: At first, Obama had one A-list fixer assigned to him. Now, a well financed "fixer" squad is currently attempting to uncover damning information on him.

This fixer squad has been dispatched to Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Hawaii in hopes of uncovering a buried scandal in Obama's past.

The squad is said to be ex-CIA and former military intelligence agents. This tight circle is financed by the extreme right wing, big-time financiers, allegedly, two of the financiers are well known billionaires which is reminiscent of an unconfirmed rumor circulating in the 1960's about another billionaire who was allegedly responsible for discreetly providing finances that went towards a brutal crime against an African American public figure.

I wonder if one of the billionaires in this scheme is the dot.com billionaire (NOT Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Larry Ellison) who gives generously to White hate groups? This particular billionaire is even known for buying expensive property for these groups. Even if the property is seized and put up for auction, he will purchase the property back and sign it back over. He considers his six and seven figure financial donations as-charitable donations.


At 14, Lyudmila Pavlichenko joined a shooting club in Russia and developed into a sharpshooter.

In June of 1941, 24-year old Pavlichenko was studying history at the Kiev University when Nazi Germany began its invasion of the Soviet Union. Pavlichenko was among the first round of volunteers at the recruiting office, where she requested to join the infantry

Lieutenant Lyudmila Pavlichenko (World War II) had 309 confirmed kills in her military career making her the most successful female sniper in military history.

In 1943, she was awarded the Gold Star of the Hero of the Soviet Union, and was commemorated on a Soviet postage stamp.

Pavlichenko died on October 10, 1974 at age 58, and was buried in the Novodevichye Cemetery in Moscow. In 1976, she was commemorated on a second Soviet postage stamp, and a Ukrainian cargo ship was named in her honor.

Ava Gardner had learned that actress Yvonne DeCarlo (2nd photo) who would later portray Lily Munster on the TV series (The Munsters) had sampled the charms of two of her former husbands, including Artie Shaw.

DeCarlo claimed that one night Ava invited her to her home and she accepted. "After all, Ava was a big star at the time." DeCarlo said that she feared she might encounter a drunken Ava who was going to be in a jealous rage and attack her for "sleeping with her former husbands and boyfriends).

"When I got there, Ava could not have been more charming," DeCarlo later told friends. "Not once did she bring up the subject of our shared boyfriends, with one exception.

Allegedly, she warned DeCarlo that Howard Hughes allegedly might have given her VD, and to go to the clinic to get checked out.

DeCarlo said, when I started to leave around two o'clock in the morning. Ava detained me in the hallway. She invited me to spend the night, fearing I was too drunk to drive. She said she could never stand sleeping alone. I agreed to share her bed. At that point, there was no suggestion of sex.

"In her bedroom, Ava stripped nude but I modestly retained my lingerie. We'd been in bed no more than thirty minutes when Ava moved in on me for sex. I was horrified. I jumped out of bed and grabbed my clothes, running toward my car. I might have been drunk when I got in bed with Ava but I was sober when I drove away from her place.

The story of DeCarlo's night with Ava was just too good to keep to herself. At parties and dinners, DeCarlo repeated the story of her private encounter with Ava to anyone who would listen. Soon the word was all over town.

Source: "Hollywood Babylon: It's Back," by Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince



According to authors Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince: As a young man, Freddy Frank worked as an extra, mainly on every picture Bud Abbott and Lou Costello made. Costello (above, right) allegedly had more than a gay streak in him and was especially intrigued with Freddy's male organ.

Allegedly, Costello spread the word that it was "The Eighth Wonder Of The World," using the same claim used by Charlie Chaplin about his own organ.

Allegedly, Costello had a habit of taking men and women into a dressing room accompanied by Freddie, there, he would unbutton Freddy's pants and with a little hand manipulation, produce an astonishing thirteen inches.

If anyone needed further proof, Costello would allegedly take out a tape measure for confirmation. Costello's behavior allegedly got back to studio bosses and they called in a fixer to put a lid on it.

Regardless, Costello made sure that Freddy was paid way over scale for these sideshow performances.

Word spread across Hollywood and many Hollywood hostesses hired Freddy as a waiter and adult entertainer at parties.

Leading ladies also hired Freddy as a gigolo.


Author Charles McCarry's adept writing about espionage is based on his career in the CIA. He considers himself a novelist, not a spy novelist. After leaving the CIA, McCarry served for several years as a senior editor on National Geographic magazine. Later, he dedicated his time to writing espionage novels.

His authentic fictional hero, Paul Christopher, works for a CIA-like agency and uses the cover of "magazine writer/blogger."

Another former CIA officer who became a writer is-William F. Buckley. He's a conservative writer putting his character Blackford Oakes, somewhere between an American James Bond and a realistic hero.


A political decoy is a person employed to impersonate a politician, in order to draw attention away from the real person or to take risks on their behalf. This can also apply to military figures, or civilians impersonated for political/espionage purposes.
The political decoy is an individual who has been selected because of their strong physical resemblance to the person they are impersonating. This resemblance can be strengthened by plastic surgery. Often, such decoys are trained to speak and behave like their "target."

The (CIA) had planned to bring down Indonesia's first president Sukarno by portraying him in a pornographic film in the late 1950's. The agency put together a pornographic film starring a Sukarno lookalike in bed with a blonde playing a Soviet agent. The humiliation caused by circulating the film was supposed to drive Sukarno from office but the plan was unsuccessful.

Allegedly, actor Errol Flynn was brought up on charges for lewd behavior by a young woman, to confuse the woman in court, a fixer hired a Flynn decoy/lookalike who was the same height and type as Flynn. The woman couldn't make a positive identification and the case was dismissed.

In 2003, a German television network ZDF broadcast claimed that Iraq's former president Saddam Hussein was frequently replaced with doubles for TV appearances.

Adolf Hitler is known to have employed at least one double and it has been alleged that he employed as many as six. One of these unfortunate men was later knowingly executed by guards as part of a disinformation strategy and his corpse was found by Allied forces who initially believed it to be Hitler, but it wasn't.

It has been widely rumored that Presidential decoys have been in use since Ronald Reagan's first term. But these allegations are unsubstantiated. It's also rumored that political decoys receive a very lucrative sum for their services.

Many people feel that "Eyes Only" folders (above) have the most secretive documentation enclosed.

Wrong, actually, "No Eyes," folders (not pictured) have the most sensitive, classified, above and beyond top secret information available.

After the documentation in a "No Eyes," folder is read by the intended party. The documentation has to be destroyed immediately.

If someone else stumbles upon the information before it's destroyed, (overseas) they could face a lengthy prison sentence from reading the contents.



Robert Maheu (1st photo) who worked for the FBI and the CIA before he became billionaire Howard Hughes' confidant and right-hand man, shielding the eccentric industrialist from the public he feared and crafting the deals that made him a Las Vegas power player during a critical period in the city's development, has died. He was 90.

The cause was congestive heart failure, according to his son Peter, who said his father died Monday at Desert Springs Hospital in Las Vegas.

Maheu spied on Hughes' love interests, including actress Ava Gardner. He blackmailed Hughes' blackmailers into keeping their mouths shut. Maheu was also a fixer for another billionaire, Aristotle Onassis.

Maheu said he caught glimpses of his enigmatic boss twice but never met face to face with him, communicating instead by phone and memo. It was an extraordinarily peculiar relationship, but Mr. Maheu was in many ways perfect for the job.

After opening his own investigations firm in 1954, the CIA became his first steady client. He was given "cut-out" assignments, jobs involving illegal actions that could not be traced back to the agency.

His most infamous assignment was to arrange a hit on Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Maheu recruited two top Mafia bosses, Johnny Roselli and Sam Giancana, who suggested a scheme to poison Castro, but the plot was ditched after the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961.

He was working full time for Hughes in 1966 when the industrialist rented the entire top floor of the Desert Inn in Las Vegas for a 10-day stay. Hughes did not gamble, and when his visit stretched into 15 days, the hotel owners - anxious to rent their best rooms to high rollers - demanded that Hughes and his entourage leave.
Hughes asked Maheu what to do. "If you want a place to sleep, buy a hotel," Mr. Maheu told him. So Hughes bought the Desert Inn, for $13 million.

Once he understood the profit-making potential of the casinos, Hughes grabbed up several more, including the Castaways, Silver Slipper, Sands and Frontier.

He became the CEO of the businesses he helped Hughes acquire. "If he wanted someone fired, I did the firing. If he wanted something negotiated, I did the bargaining. If he had to be somewhere, I appeared in his place. I was his eyes, his ears and his mouthpiece," Mr. Maheu wrote.

He begged Hughes to let him see him, but the world's richest hermit refused direct contact.

Robert Maheu is survived by three sons, 10 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe shared an secretive relationship/friendship during the late 50's. According to Monroe's former roommate, Shelly Winters: Their one night stand blossomed into an on-again, off-again affair that lasted until Elvis went into the Army.

Monroe confided in Winters that 'Elvis didn't have Joe DiMaggio's bat to hit home runs with.' When Winters asked Monroe why she continued seeing Elvis? Monroe replied: "Other than me, he's the most famous person there is. How could I refuse?"

Monroe's most memorable evening with Elvis, at least according to Shelly Winters was when he danced "Jailhouse Rock," for her in the nude. "I giggled as I watched him flipping up and down. It was very funny and strangely erotic," Monroe later confessed.

Despite his close friendship with actor Nick Adams, Elvis allegedly told Marilyn "I can't stand fags and I'm always pursued by homosexuals."

Monroe allegedly replied: "Now, now, Elvis, "We're both in show business. A little tolerance is called for. Homosexuals are people too. God loves all his children." Marilyn was well aware of Elvis' own close friendship with Nick Adams. She knew Nick personally and they shared many a conversation about Elvis. Allegedly, Nick was was thinking about writing a book about their close friendship but Colonel Parker prevented it from happening according to author Darwin Porter.

Before Nick Adams died, he was asked about Elvis and Marilyn. He said, "It was a ego trip for both of them. She was the world's most beautiful and sexiest woman and he was the man every woman wanted. The sex was mere icing on the cake."

After Elvis and Marilyn stopped secretly dating, around 1960, as a token of gratitude, Elvis bought her a moon-shaped bed whose headboard was upholstered in "shocking pink" leather with scarlet-red sheets and accessories.

When a truck pulled up with the bed at Marilyn's bungalow, she refused to accept delivery. "Tell Mr. Elvis that I don't rock and I don't roll in a Valentine's box," she told the deliverymen. "I would never sleep in a bed that would attract more attention than me. After all, "I'm the star!"

Source:"Hollywood Babylon: It's Back," by Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince


Porfirio Rubirosa often traveled to Cuba (pre-Castro) when Eartha Kitt performed. He had a fascination for Kitt and often lavished her with fine dinners and expensive jewelry. As we reported before, he never charged her for his gigolo services, instead, he enjoyed spoiling her. In the 50's, Rubi reached Havana after a 5-hour flight from New York. He had a choice of five or six swank clubs to attend, including mobster Meyer Lansky's "Montmarte Club."

Montmarte remained the premier destination for high rollers, serious gambling for serious players. Rubi was betting upwards of $50,000 per poker game.

Later, he ended up at a club where Eartha Kitt was performing, he sat front and center while she serenaded him. He blushed and blew her kisses from the audience. Afterwards, they had a late dinner and the next day, he took her shopping, telling her to purchase whatever she desired.

The following day, Marilyn Monroe arrived. Rubi juggled both women successfully, the only difference, Marilyn Monroe had to allegedly pay for his sexual (gigolo) services, $65,000 for the evening.

Despite the fact that Frank Sinatra continued to set up Joe DiMaggio with other women during his marriage to Marilyn Monroe, DiMaggio was shocked to find out that Sinatra was allegedly having an affair with his wife. One night DiMaggio arrived home early and found Sinatra leaving Marilyn's room in only his underwear.

Although they'd been pals for years, their friendship was severely strained that night as Sinatra quickly dressed and left the apartment.

DiMaggio later told his cronies, "I gave Marilyn the beating of her life that night. I even threatened to ruin her face for life and I was so mad, I almost did."

As for Frankie boy, I'm not going to banish him from my life forever. We've been too close for that. I'm still going to speak to him, maybe even hang out with him from time to time. The first thing I'm going to do is call up Ava Gardner and go over and f**k her. She's nothing but a whore anyway. Just like the blonde I married."


In the 1950's, billionaire Aristotle Onassis was outraged when the Justice Department seized more than a dozen of his ships and impounded their revenues. Onassis told people that his sworn enemy, Attorney General, Bobby Kennedy was behind it. "He hates my guts, and I'd hate his if the little shit had any."

Before Onassis married Jackie Kennedy, he dated her sister Lee Radziwill. Bobby Kennedy was upset and tried to dissuade Radziwill from seeing Onassis. Onassis later told Bobby, "You and Jack f**k your movie queen and I'll f**k my princess."

Onassis decided to get dirt on Bobby Kennedy to keep him at bay. He called a fixer, "I need you to get hold of the incriminating sex tapes that feature Marilyn Monroe and Bobby Kennedy." The fixer told him, if these tapes exist, they would cost a great deal of money. Onassis laughed and said, "My dear fellow, hasn't anyone told you? I have a great deal of money."

The Kennedy's had such a powerful fixer, he prevented Onassis' fixer from getting his hands on the tapes. Interestingly, Onassis knew about the existence of the tapes years before Monroe biographer Anthony Summers. Summers revealed their existence in 1985.

Even after Bobby Kennedy's assassination, Onassis was still unable to obtain the tapes but people wondered if those tapes ever landed in his possession, what he planned to do with them. Allegedly, he told friends, "All you need is one golden apple that somebody wants and you have control. When a friend said, "Ari, that's blackmail." He replied, no! that's business."


Vernon Jordan was allegedly the fixer (damage control expert) for former President Bill Clinton, if true, this would make him the most powerful fixer in U.S. history. Unconfirmed rumors indicate that Tim Griffin (2nd photo) is the current GOP operative. Allegedly, rumors persist, that Griffin is currently working for Presidential nominee, John McCain, if true, and McCain wins the election, expect Griffin to be elevated to Presidential fixer.


Johnny Gosch (directly above) was abducted delivering newspapers on the morning of Sept. 5, 1982, his mother said.

Following Gosch's abduction, Eugene Martin (directly above) another paper boy vanished as he was about to deliver copies of The Des Moines Register.

On Fox News, 26 years after her son -Johnny's kidnapping, Johnny's mother (Noreen Gosch) said someone left the above photo of her son at her doorstep. "The Brand" shown in the photo above is common on those who are forced into prostitution against their will. The symbol (circled in red) is used in some pedophile circles, and points to an organized group that's taking part in the kidnapping.

In the words of Noreen Gosch: On my birthday... I received a package with the following pictures inside. The first photo (above this photo) is of my son Johnny, shortly after he was kidnapped on Sept. 5th, 1982. He was still wearing the clothing he had on the day he was taken. He is bound and gagged. The second photo (directly above) is three boys all bound and gagged... the boy on the far right is my son, Johnny. We do not have the identity of the other two boys. We are currently working with the police and the National Center for Missing Children in hopes of learning the identity of the other two boys. There are two families who would probably like to have news of their children. If anyone viewing the second photo knows who these boys are, please contact me.


We reported last week on allegations that former Black Republican Lawrence E. King (1st photo) allegedly lured foster kids into pedophile rings.

Additional Information: Allegedly, King was considered the "finder" of young boys and some girls who were considered prime candidates for exploitation, mainly neglected kids. These kids were allegedly transported across the country by airplane to provide sexual favors.

According to Paul Bonacci (4th photo), he was involved in this ring between the ages of 6-17. Bonacci was so brainwashed, from an early age, he admitted to participating in Johnny Gosch's (5th photo) kidnapping. He also revealed details of the who, what, when, why and how of the case. Bonacci has also appeared on news programs including "America's Most Wanted," to talk about the kidnapping and the organized groups of pedophiles that prey on children.

Bonacci also won a default judgment of $800,000 in compensatory damages and $200,000 in punitive damages in a civil action against Lawrence King in which the petition alleged kidnapping, mind control, satanic ritual abuse, and sexual abuse, and alleged various personal injuries, both physical and psychological. The judge did not rule on these allegations, but merely ruled on the motion for default judgment.

Unconfirmed rumors indicate that a "snuff film" was allegedly made (for clients) and one of the missing kids (in the ring) who had appeared on a milk carton may have died during the making of this movie. This allegation has never been proven.

Lawrence E. King was chauffeured around Nebraska in a limousine until his arrest. He was convicted of embezzling $38 million dollars as manager of the Franklin Community Credit Union in Nebraska.

On July 23, 1990, the country grand jury threw out all allegations concerning sexual child abuse, labeling the charges a "hoax."

Various conspiracy theories regarding a cover up of the original allegations persist to the present day.

Lawrence E. King was released from prison on April 10, 2001 after serving 15 years. There hasn't been one public sighting of King since his release from prison.

The third largest moneymaker for organized crime in the United States, after drugs and weapons is: The sale of human beings. 15,000 kids per year are trafficked to the United States, mainly from Thailand and Africa. These children are victims of white slavery and child labor and put to work in illegal sweatshops. Some of the children end up in Europe, working as underage domestics. Others are sexually exploited. Family members have also been known to sell their children to smugglers.

In Related News: In the southern Dang district, rural Tharu farming families trapped in extreme poverty-earning less than a dollar a day-were making horrible sacrifices: selling their daughters as domestic slaves to wealthy Kathmandu families for $35 to $75. The girls are 7, 8, 9, and 10. Tharu village fathers often sell their daughters at the annual Maghe Sakranti Festival.


To keep his reputation as a macho straight, Rock Hudson occasionally had sex with women. Actresses Joan Crawford and Mamie Van Doren said he was well endowed (10 inches).

Hudson once told a friend he gave "mercy f**ks" to Liberace, Tyrone Power (2nd photo), Errol Flynn (3rd photo). "They were past their prime when I screwed them, I slept with them out of respect for what they'd achieved. Personally, you can send over Sal Mineo (4th photo)."


All Rangers are taught recon, but there's also a small specialized group of Rangers extensively trained for scouting and recon -- the Regimental Reconnaissance Detachment (RRD). RRD Rangers are asked to confirm or deny existing intelligence, place surveillance equipment in enemy territory, and report on troop movement.

Not everyone can qualify to be a RRD Ranger, they are the cream of the crop, "invisible black ops."

A RRD Ranger character named Ryder will be featured in "Ballin 8."


A former Army contractor has pleaded guilty to theft after admitting he and others stole nearly $40 million in jet and diesel fuel from a U.S. Army base in Iraq.

Thirty-two-year-old Lee W. Dubois of Lexington, S.C., appeared in court Tuesday and faces up to 10 years in prison when he is sentenced.

Dubois is a former Army captain who later took a job with a Kuwait-based contractor called Future Services General Trading & Contracting Co.

Dubois admitted he and others used false paperwork to draw more than 10 million gallons of fuel from Camp Liberty in Baghdad to sell on the black market.

Court papers indicate Dubois personally earned at least $450,000 from the scheme.


Howard Hughes instructed an aide to begin the search for an unknown to play the title role (Billy The Kid) in his film, "Outlaw." Allegedly, Hughes added, "I want him to look like he's carrying a ten-inch d**k between his legs when he walks, and we're talking soft."

A few weeks later, the rep informed Hughes that he found a perfect physical specimen by the name of David Bacon (2nd photo) to play the role.

At the time, Bacon was in a lavender marriage with a woman named Greta Keller. They had an understanding, David could carry on his affairs with men while she indulged her passion for girls. Greta Keller was also linked to Greta Garbo. In lesbian circles they were known at the time as "the two Greta's."

According to Greta, her husband (David Bacon) allegedly had an homosexual affair with Howard Hughes. She says, "They rented a bungalow in the Hollywood Hills were he and my husband spent days at a time. I estimate that the affair lasted three months."

Hughes allegedly gifted David with a maroon-colored expensive British made sports car as well.

A few months later, David complained that his contract with Hughes was too binding and it forbade him to look for work with another studio without the approval of Hughes.

Furious, David came up with a blackmail scheme. He began to record, in writing, the details of his affair with Hughes.

Greta says, "I warned David he was playing with dynamite, if he made threats to a man as powerful as Howard Hughes.

"But, he sat at a typewriter and pounded out almost ten pages a day. I saw some of it. It was very pornographic."

Three days later, David said he had to meet someone at Santa Monica Beach. I often knew he met his boyfriends there. According to Greta, "He didn't say for certain, but I believe he was meeting Hughes."

Later that day, Bacon was seen driving a car erratically in Santa Monica before running off the road and into the curb. Several witnesses saw him climb out of the car and stagger briefly before collapsing. As they approached he asked them to help him, but died before he could say anything more. A small knife was found in his back – the blade had punctured his lung and caused his death.

Bacon was wearing only a swimsuit, and a wallet and camera were found in his car. The film from the camera was developed and found to contain only one image, that of Bacon, nude and smiling on a beach. Police theorized that the photograph had been taken shortly before his death by his killer. The case attracted publicity for a time and officially remained unsolved.

Before she died in 1977, Greta Keller was quoted as saying: "I can't prove it but Howard Hughes murdered my David or he had someone else do it," (possibly a fixer?).

David Bacon's manuscript disappeared shortly after his death.

Source: "Hollywood Babylon: It's Back."


Gene scientists are on the verge of bringing back an extinct predator from Down Under-a breakthrough that experts say opens the door to a real-life Jurassic Park!

The last known Tasmanian tiger (above) died in a zoo in 1936. The bizarre predator was like nothing else on Earth-it resembled a cross between a wolf and a tiger but carried it's young in a pouch like a kangaroo.

Experts at the University of New South Wales in Australia pulled a gene from a preserved specimen and brought it back to life by implanting it in a mouse embryo.

By repeating the process, they say they could recreate an entire Tasmanian tiger.

"There used to be a time when extinction meant forever but no more," says research leader Professor Mike Archer. "We're now able to seriously challenge whether those animals that have gone have gone forever."

Source: "Sun."


According to the new book, "Hollywood Babylon: It's Back," allegedly, movie tough guy James Cagney had a secret gay streak and allegedly offered to help World War II hero Audie Murphy (2nd photo) pursue his dream of acting-if Murphy agreed to move in with him.

Murphy eventually moved out and slept in a gym at night. Fixer Eddie Mannix kept a tight lid on this.


If you are a professional athlete, a rapper or the head of a crime family. This is the time to keep a low profile. We reported in a past edition that BMF erected billboards across the Atlanta skyline claiming "the world is ours." They also had "BMF" party videos on youtube as well as DVD's, detailing their lifestyle.

Big mistake! These tapes provided the authorities with inner circle identities and habits.

Former Philadelphia crime boss Nicky "Little Nicky" Scarfo, third photo, loved the limelight and it would prove to be his downfall. Scarfo was often described as a cold-hearted boss who enjoyed going out with his soldiers to kill people. Numerous informants claimed Scarfo was quite narcissistic and often scanned the newspapers to see if he had been mentioned in any crime reports. This ran against the tradition of Mob Bosses as being shy of media attention. Scarfo is currently serving a life term in a supermax prison.

If you are a pro athlete and your homeboys have criminal records, beware. NFL/NBA security is set up similar to an elite spy agency with a fully staffed command center.

Security personnel has dossiers of you and your homeboys and they are keeping a close tab on you. If you have an outdoor pool party, they are discreetly taking pictures and jotting down license plate numbers which is then entered into a database.

If you have a picnic with family and friends. They are nearby, snapping photos.

Rappers are also under a microscope, if they step out wearing six or seven figures worth of bling, flossing in exotic cars and living in a fly crib. This information is documented to compare against tax return income for a possible audit.

Recently, at Pimp C's funeral. The authorities were out in the open, snapping photos. Look at the Don Juan photo above, the authorities are in a gray car, taking pictures. It's not the paparazzi because Pimp C was not known to the mainstream.

Celebrities and sports figures are no longer invincible to law enforcement.

A special task force has been assembled.

Sandra Rose was right when she reported that the IRS would be inquiring about the $1 million dollars in cash (above) that rapper Lil Wayne received from Baby during his birthday celebration. IRS officials are reportedly not only looking into this but they are also investigating celebrities who don't report club appearance fees that can range from $1,500-$10,000 per night.

And, they are also looking into celebrities discreetly receiving money to rock designer gear to be photographed in (for a fee) and merchandise with company logos on them (to be photographed in). Tell-all authors have also been investigated, for bragging about cash they received from celebrities and not reporting it to the IRS.


The upcoming book, "The Secret Life Of Raymond Burr," by Michael Seth Starr reveals that Burr (Perry Mason) had at least two sexual encounters with female impersonator Libby Reynolds, 2nd photo. Reynolds also confirms this information. She met Burr in a Greenwich Village Bar and the two had a few flings at the Plaza Hotel. Afterwards, Reynolds told "Confidential Magazine," that Burr was a "closet queen."

During his career, Burr even invented two wives and a son for his official biography. He later said he was married three times, and that all of his wives and his child died. There are no records of the women or the child.

Burr was linked to actress Natalie Wood for a short time to cover up his sexuality and when he died, he left his entire $32 million dollar estate to his male companion Robert Benevides.


Late billionaire talk show host Merv Griffin was allegedly linked to Rock Hudson (3rd photo) and Montgomery Clift (4th photo). According to sources, the true love of his life was actor Gardner McKay (2nd photo) who played Captain Adam Troy in the 60's TV hit, "Adventures In Paradise." Merv reportedly saw Gardner on the cover of a magazine and had to meet him according to Griffin pal, John Cohan.

Brent Plott, a former lover who sued Griffin for palimony said that during the time they were together, he saw Griffin have sex with as many as 40 other men.

Griffin's secret survived outside of Hollywood until his death at age 82, last year.

Author Darwin Porter (Hollywood Babylon: It's Back) makes explosive allegations regarding Marilyn Monroe. According to Porter, John F. Kennedy was not the only president Monroe was involved with. Monroe was allegedly involved with future U.S. President Ronald Reagan as well. Porter also claims that Monroe was bi-sexual and had sexual flings with actresses Joan Crawford and Barbara Stanwyck. And, she was involved with gangster Bugsy Siegel. The studio fixers went to great lengths to cover up this information.

We revealed last month (above) that the FBI was allegedly out in full force, openly taking photographs at Pimp C's funeral and jotting down license plate numbers. Similar to a Mob surveillance.

An exciting behind the scenes DVD (Rap Sheet: Hip-Hop And The Cops) dealing with this subject was just released.

This DVD looks into the world of hip hop moguls and their struggles with law enforcement. This documentary uncovers an alleged nationwide coordinated effort by the police and FBI to monitor the most personal details among hip hop superstars with the exception of Eminem.

Included: Never before seen surveillance footage allegedly gathered by the FBI.


Vincent Cirrincione (1st photo) is Halle Berry's manager/fixer in Hollywood. He operates out of a multi-floor office with one entire floor reserved for Halle's career. Cirrincione continues to make a career out of representing African-American women.

He once repped former" Bay Watch," actress Traci Bingham (third photo) and he currently represents black British actress Jane Wall (4th floor) who recently appeared on an episode of "The Ghost Whisperer." A few years ago, rumors circulated that he was interested in signing Elan Carter (fifth photo) but that was just a rumor.

With Halle's talent and Cirrincione's managerial skills, Berry has a story book career. She and Cirrincione are successful producers of "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge," and "Lackawana Blues," and Berry has won every major acting award: The Oscar, Emmy and a Golden Globe.

Cirrincione is not only a good manager with an Academy Award winning client but he is also a good damage control expert. Speculation indicates that he was responsible or somewhat responsible for Eric Benet not receiving anything (alimony or property) in Halle Berry's divorce settlement (which is unheard of in Hollywood) and Cirrincione played a key role in making sure that a mug shot never materialized in print media or on the internet when Halle was involved in a hit and run accident several years ago.


Elaine Brown rose from an obscure ghetto existence to run one of the most powerful and notorious black militant organizations in the United States--the Black Panther Party. Brown's leadership was met with hostility by the predominantly male rank-and-file membership.

Brown was born on March 2, 1943, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Dorothy Brown, who supported her daughter by doing "piece-work" in a dress factory. Brown's father, Dr. Horace Scott, a prominent member of Philadelphia's black middle class, never publicly acknowledged his daughter. Scott and his legal wife adopted a daughter shortly after Brown was born because they could not have children of their own. Although Brown attempted to establish a relationship with her father, his denial of her legal birthright remained a stumbling block that would never be overcome.

Feeling that her daughter deserved a better education than the local public school could provide, Ms. Brown enrolled her daughter in an experimental school for exceptional children. Undaunted by the four-year waiting list, the elder Brown campaigned tirelessly to get her daughter accepted immediately, sending letters to the school board, attending every school board meeting, and soliciting the support of prominent black leaders in the community. Finally, Brown was enrolled in kindergarten at the Thaddeus Stevens School of Practice.

The elder Brown saw to it that her daughter made friends with all of the influential students in her class, especially the Jewish children. The younger Brown spent many hours after school with her rich white friends, and grew to believe that some day she, too, would be entitled to all that they had.

With only three hundred dollars in her pocket, Brown experienced the reality of being on her own for the first time in her life. When her money ran out, she took a job as a cocktail waitress at the Pink Pussycat club, said to be the hottest nightclub in West Hollywood. There she became acquainted with Jay Richard Kennedy, an accomplished writer. They became friends and lovers.

Allegedly, Elaine Brown was present at an emotional meeting which resulted in John Huggins and fellow Panther leader Bunchy Carter being gunned down, presumably by two brothers-George and Larry Stiner. Both were charged with murder, after Elaine Brown testified as the star prosecution witness, Both brothers were convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

Some Panthers believe the Stiner brothers did not fire the shots that killed Huggins and Carter and the real gunman remains anonymous to this day. Geronimo Ji-Jaga is also one of many people who believe that Elaine Brown was trained, groomed and used by a particular white CIA informant named Jay Richard Kennedy (mentioned above), who was also allegedly involved in the CIA surveillance of Martin Luther King and the Southern Christian Leadership Council.

On December 3, 2007, Elaine Brown filed a lawsuit against Geronimo ji-Jaga and Kathleen Cleaver in the Georgia Superior Court at Fulton County (Civil Action No. 2007CV143579). Brown is asking the court to make Geronimo and Cleaver pay money to her in return for alleged injury caused by them to her in the form of diminished reputation, loss of income, pain, aggravation, humiliation and inconvenience, as well as other physical and emotional distress.


According to a new book, "Hollywood Babylon: It's Back," screen siren Ava Gardner (1st photo) was quick to jump in bed with men or women and Gardner allegedly picked up hookers on Santa Monica Boulevard and would bring them back to her place for a night of lesbian passion.

According to the book, one time, her then husband Frank Sinatra allegedly caught her in bed with actress Lana Turner (2nd photo) and the betrayal drove him to the brink of suicide.

Of course, this information was covered up by fixers Eddie Mannix and Howard Strickling.

According to the book, "Hollywood Babylon: It's Back," co-author Darwin Porter makes disturbing claims about actors James Dean (1st photo) and Errol Flynn (2nd photo).

According to Porter, James Dean offered himself up for gay sex to get through the lean times before his meteoric flash of stardom. Porter also reveals, Dean also had a long affair with a boy who was only 12 years old when it began. Porter tracked down the boy-a man now in his 70's.

Porter says, Errol Flynn was such a sex maniac he even went on kinky outings with his son, Sean. The boy was not even 15 when Flynn started taking him into brothels and they'd allegedly have sex with the same woman at the same time.

Fixer Eddie Mannix worked overtime to cover-up these disturbing allegations.

Marine issued pepper spray and tear gas is so potent, it's not available for purchase. One burst of this pepper spray or tear

gas will leave you permanently blind.

Ian Fleming's James Bond-Agent 007-burst into spy fiction in "Casino Royale," in 1953, the first of 11 Bond novels portraying the spy as a superhero. President John F. Kennedy, who said that Bond's creator, Ian Fleming, was one of his favorite authors, helped put the James Bond books and films on the map. In Related News: When the late Princess Diana publicly stated that rock band Duran/Duran was her favorite group, their sales quadrupled the very next day.


Born to a prostitute mother (who owned a brothel) and a father (who was married to someone else), Dorothy Proctor survived a childhood filled with sexual horrors almost from infancy ("I grew up thinking a penis was a teat").

She became a prostitute at 13, spent time in prison, worked in a heroin factory in Harlem and then became a runner, transporting cargo, usually drugs, for the Mafia.

Proctor was also the mistress of a top heroin czar. Eventually, she ran his factories.

Her criminal career took her all over the U.S. and Canada until finally her disgust with her involvement with the drug trade caused her to join the Canadian Mounties to fight crime.

Proctor became successful at fighting crime and she helped bust numerous drug and crime rings. She also became known for her disguises and went by the nickname, "The Chameleon."

Her unusual ethnicity of (African American, Native American, English, French, Scottish) enabled her to pass as black, Caucasian or Asian; and she claims to have played a major role in breaking up Chinese, Jamaican and Europe-to-Canada drug-smuggling rings and exposing corrupt Mounties.

Dorothy Proctor is considered one of the most successful female special agents in history.


Before Dorothy Proctor became a secret agent, she states: "While I was in the hold-up business with Richard Wheeler, I met a dealer from Little Italy named Leo Valenti. Between jobs, I worked for him in his heroin processing factories. I quickly found out Leo didn't pay his workers very well. Still, I needed the extra bread because the hold-up with Cadillac Richie and I did never brought us more than $30,000. By the time we paid the driver and split the rest, it didn't make us rich and I spent money as fast as I made it. It's easy in the fast lane to spend thousands a day. I needed more. That's how I came to work in my first heroin factory."

"My brief experience with Leo Valenti gave me another look at the business, long enough for me to know that I did not want to work with or for people like him. However, I couldn't help but notice Leo V. was taking a special interest in me, and I already knew he was one man I did not want to know better. There were loud rumors on the street that he was into sadism and I believed it. There was something very off about the man and he was always mean when he talked to women."

"Shortly after I had sized him up, I decided I had learned enough and when the next cattle calls came for cutters and baggers, I didn't show. The next time I saw Leo was at the "Metro Club," the same day that Bill Cosby and his entourage came in and sat at a table near me. Mr. Cosby had no idea that I was involved in the drug trade and he shook my hand as if I was a fan."

I said, "Nice to see you again Mr. Cosby." "And it's nice to see you again young lady," he said.

We had met in Toronto; he spent a lot of time there, where I think he was involved in a business venture with football people. Often, we ran into each other socially. There was also a men's suit shop he liked to frequent and I knew the owners. Even then, Mr. Cosby was unaware of my criminal background.

That night, he seemed to remember me and I was pleased but who knows, maybe he was just being polite.

While Cosby was performing, Leo Valenti strode in like he owned the place. Leo started to prance around like a stallion, talking loud and trying to get all the attention to himself. When he saw me, he came over. "Yo, b**ch! What you mean quitting me?" he said as loud and as angrily as he could.

Everyone nearby knew what he was talking about (the drug trade). I was embarrassed because I didn't want to be singled out for unwanted attention in front of Bill Cosby's friends. Bill had treated me like a lady and in walked Leo to ruin it for me.

When Bill was finished on stage, he came down and sat with his friends. I wanted to go over and compliment him, but I just couldn't. I was so ashamed. Bill thought I was a businesswoman, not some sleazy drug dealer.

Walking out, I brushed by his table. "Hi," he called. "How are you doing?"

The famous entertainer's voice faded as I approached the street and disappeared into the late evening traffic.

Source: "Chameleon" by Dorothy Proctor & Fred Rosen

Author Peter Evans makes shocking allegations in his book, "Nemesis." According to Evans, billionaire Aristotle (Ari) Onassis had a strong dislike for Bobby Kennedy after Kennedy barred him from trade with the United States. It was a mutual dislike, Bobby was very upset with Onassis's alleged affair with Jackie Kennedy's married sister Lee Radziwill and his bold invitation to First Lady Jackie to join him on his yacht-without the president.

Onassis was also furious at the way the Kennedy's had treated Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn had offered to do Ari a great favor once, and he owed her. Ari got word to Marilyn that his yacht was at her disposal for as long as she wanted it.

After John F. Kennedy's assassination, Bobby became closer to Jackie and fought to keep her from marrying his sworn rival (Onassis). But Onassis rarely failed to get what he wanted.

In 1968, according to the author, a relative of Onassis' (immediate family) told him that Onassis had paid a shady character protection money for an airline. Later, Onassis learned that his money had been used to allegedly finance the assassination of Robert Kennedy.

Coincidentally, Jackie Kennedy became Onassis' wife shortly after Bobby Kennedy was killed.

Source: "Nemesis," by Peter Evans

"THE CIA'S GREAT GATSBY," by Edward Jay Epstein

Edward P. Wilson (above) was anything but inconspicuous. To many, he was Washington's answer to the Great Gatsby. His 2500-acre farm, bordering on the estate of Sen. John Warner in the hunting country of Virginia, was the site of weekend barbecues that attracted senators, congressmen, admirals, generals, CIA officers and other high government officials. Wilson's three private planes were usually available to ferry VIPs wherever they wanted to go. He also had properties scattered around the world, an apartment in Geneva, a hunting lodge in England. a seaside villa in Libya and real estate in North Carolina, Lebanon and Mexico.

A few years later, three witnesses in an investigation died. Rafael Villaverde. a Cuban refugee, disappeared at sea after his speedboat exploded off the coast of Florida; Kevin Mulcahy. an electronics expert, was found dead in an isolated motel in the Shenandoah Valley-apparently a victim of exposure; and Waldo Dubberstein, an archaeologist and expert on the Middle East, died of a shotgun blast to his head-a presumed suicide.

All three had worked for the CIA and, in the mid 1970s.and became involved in mysterious conspiracies plotted by a former CIA agent named Edwin P. Wilson. A series of investigations by various federal agencies, begun in 1976 led to Wilson's indictment in 1980 and disclosed the following pieces of a murderous puzzle.

Villaverde, who had served the CIA as a saboteur in Cuba, was recruited by Wilson as a hired gun and promised a million dollars for an assassination in Egypt. Mulcahy, a CIA specialist in secret communications technology. was hired to supervise the smuggling of electronic and military equipment.

Assassin, smuggler and spy: Why had these men accepted such nefarious assignments?

The answer each gave was that he had been recruited by Wilson under the pretense that he was still a CIA executive. In the espionage world, misrepresenting one's side or organization in order to get an opponent to cooperate is called a "false flag- recruitment. When the recruit realizes he has been duped, he was too far compromised to easily withdraw his cooperation.

Wilson, who had been fired from the CIA in 1971, artfully used the false flag trick for eight years to penetrate deep inside the U.S. intelligence establishment. In addition to Villaverde, Mulcahy and Dubberstein, Wilson attracted to his false flag no fewer than three dozen intelligence and weapons specialists, including CIA officers on active duty. senior military officers and civilian weapons designers with top-secret clearances. Through these connections, he obtained secret CIA cables from the Far East, NSA computer procedures for detecting submarines and missile, assassination devices from CIA suppliers and exotic secret weapons from the Navy and CIA testing base at China Lake in California. Wilson also clandestinely exported to Libya all the components (including technicians and specially developed exploding plastics from the CIA) for manufacturing terrorist bombs disguised as ashtrays and other innocent looking objects. Even worse, the explosive in the ashtrays had distinctive characteristics and a 'signature' that could he traced back to, the CIA.

According to IRS data released in July 1983, Wilson made at least $21.8 million from servicing Libya alone, Libya funneled this huge sum of money into Wilson's account in return for special equipment and personnel that could be used to implicate the CIA in Qaddafi's assassination plots and other conspiracies.

Wilson was finally arrested, in his defense, Wilson's attorneys argued that Wilson had in fact been working all along for the CIA. The U.S. Attorney E. Lawrence Barcella, however, tore this defense to shreds by showing that Wilson was unable to provide any details of his relations with the agency, not even the obligatory cryptonym of his operation or the name of his case officer.

A federal court in Virginia convicted Wilson of exporting firearms to Libya without permission and sentence him to 10 years in 1983. He was then convicted in Texas of exporting explosives to Libya and sentenced to 17 years and, in New York, he was convicted him of attempted murder, criminal solicitation, obstruction of justice, tampering with witnesses, and retaliating against witnesses, and sentenced him to 25 years, to run consecutively with his Virginia and Texas sentence.

He spent the next 20 years in prison and was recently released.

Source: Edward Jay Epstein


According to writers Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince, late actor Rock Hudson (1st photo) had scores of male lovers and before he made it, "He prostituted himself to talent scouts and agents."

Porter and Prince add, "When Rock Hudson "topped" Liberace, the flamboyantly gay singer allegedly called Merv Griffin and said, "You've got to have him. It was the single deepest penetration I've ever experienced and "mother" has only had the best. Allegedly, Griffin responded, "Already been there, done that."

Actor Nick Adams (2nd photo, top) appeared in the movie "Rebel Without A Cause," and starred on the TV show "Rebel," as Johnny Yuma. Allegedly, he became a lover of actor James Dean later in life. In his early days, he allegedly hustled older gay men who picked him up in cars along Santa Monica Boulevard according to Porter and Prince. Allegedly, Adams told actor Sal Mineo (another one of his lovers), "I was the highest paid stud on the block, getting five times more than my competition."


Two Most Famous Female Icons Of The 20th Century (Presidential Wife & Mistress)

The night Marilyn Monroe serenaded John F. Kennedy with "Happy Birthday Mr. President. Columnist Dorothy Killgallen responded, "It was like Marilyn was making love to the President in direct view of 40 million Americans."

Although officially, President Kennedy thanked Marilyn for singing "in such a sweet and wholesome way," backstage he was furious, blaming actor Peter Lawford for the disaster.

Meeting privately with Marilyn, JFK whispered to her that their affair was over, even though he invited her back to his hotel for farewell sex.

When Marilyn returned to the West Coast, she was fuming and full of fury, (a woman scorned) and she threatened to hold a press conference to reveal her long-running affair with the President.

It is not known how Jackie Kennedy (The First Lady) learned about Marilyn's threat, but apparently she did. She placed a call to Marilyn and asked to meet secretly with her at the apartment of author Truman Capote, in Manhattan, the following week. This clandestine meeting was discreetly arranged by the Secret Service and a fixer.

Marilyn flew in from the West Coast to New York and checked into the Hotel Carlyle, an earlier site of several secret trysts with the President.

Capote said Marilyn arrived first, looking camera ready. Jackie arrived 20 minutes later. According to Capote, Marilyn oozed charm but Jackie was distant.

Capote excused himself and retreated to his bedroom.

Later, he awoke to a loud pounding on the door. Opening it, he encountered a hysterical Marilyn, her makeup smeared and she appeared as if she had been drinking heavily. The First Lady had left the apartment.

"It's all over!" Marilyn sobbed to Truman. Marilyn had agreed to call off the press conference. She also said Jackie had forgiven her for her affair with her husband, saying that "Only a cadaver could resist Jack when he turns on the charm."

Jackie's icy facade had "melted" at some point in the night as she begged Marilyn "not to publicly humiliate me in front of the world." She also pleaded with Marilyn not to make her children victims of a divorce.

Source: "Hollywood Babylon, It's Back," by Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince



Priscilla Presley is the victim of a botched cosmetic procedure. What’s worse — it was at the hands of an alleged gigolo who was sent to prison for perpetrating an injectable scam on Hollywood’s elite. Not only did Serrano masquerade as a respected plastic surgeon, he allegedly was a gigolo who also slept with a lot of famous women in Hollywood.

Dr. Daniel Serrano was also involved with Lionel Richie's ex-wife Diane Richie, she was indicted as an accomplice. After Serrano was arrested, authorities found a safe deposit box stuffed with $2 million dollars in cash, allegedly the safety deposit box was in both their names.

Priscilla, whose face looks … strange on "Dancing with the Stars," went to Dr. Daniel Serrano around 2003. Serrano was a good-looking doc from Argentina who hooked into Hollywood’s social A-list and started giving them what he claimed were miracle injections that worked better than Botox.

In fact, Serrano was injecting industrial, low-grade silicone similar to what’s used to lubricate auto parts in Argentina into the faces of these women. Several women, including Shawn King, Larry’s wife, and Diane Richie, Lionel’s wife at the time, held injection parties in their homes, with Serrano needling them with the non-FDA approved drug that he had smuggled in to the U.S. Shawn King has said the injections created a lump in her lip that made it difficult to speak and drink liquids. Serrano charged between $300 and $500 a pop.

But wait, it gets worse. Serrano wasn’t even a licensed doc in the U.S. The injections caused lumps, paralysis and holes in the faces of some of the women (and some men) he injected.

Serrano, who was nicknamed Dr. Jiffy Lube, was indicted by the Feds for smuggling drugs, and the conspiracy and use of unapproved drugs. He was convicted, and last week he was released and is currently being investigated by federal immigration officials and could be deported.

As for Priscilla — who had no idea she was being injected with silicone — we’re told she’s undergoing corrective work.

Update: Dr. Daniel Serrano was granted a voluntary departure after attending an immigration hearing on Thursday, according to TMZ.com. Serrano will remain in custody until he agrees to leave America.

Source: Hollywoodgrind.com

Our political source informs us, Barack Obama was in a "battle" with Hillary Clinton to secure the democratic nomination but he will be in a "war" with John McCain for the White House. Pat Buchanan was overheard saying, "The Republicans are going to get something on Barack Obama!"

We are receiving word that John McCain is either in the process or has already dispatched a powerful 'political fixer,' to Chicago to look into the murder of gay choir director, Donald Young (3rd photo).

Donald Young was the choir director of Trinity United Christian Church. His 47-year old body was riddled with bullets and found by his roommate when he returned to their apartment on Christmas Eve. Some presents and jewelry were missing and the apartment door was unlocked.

McCain has been informed that "Donald Young was silenced because of something he knew about Obama and Young's murder was discovered on a Sunday but didn't become public knowledge until Tuesday."

Karyn "Cookie" Kupcinet (March 6, 1941 – November 28, 1963) was a young actress who was murdered in a case that remains unsolved. It is often speculated that her death was connected to the JFK assassination.

Karyn (1st photo) starred in a handful of minor roles, including a small part in the 1961 Jerry Lewis film "The Ladies Man." She was last seen alive on the night of Wednesday, November 27, the day before Thanksgiving.

Her nude body was found on Saturday November 30 on her couch in her West Hollywood apartment by" Lost In Space," actor Mark Goddard (4th photo) and his wife, Marcia, 25.

Goddard was then playing a detective in "The Detective," a television series with actor Robert Taylor. The couple visited Kupcinet's apartment because she promised to call them but had not. Earlier, she had dinner with the Goddards at their residence.

She was due there at 6:30 p.m., but arrived an hour late. Goddard said Karyn only toyed with her food during their meal.

The coroner concluded that she had been dead about three days. Due to a broken hyoid bone in her throat, the cause of death was officially listed as strangulation.

The connection to the JFK assassination was first made by author Penn Jones, Jr. An Associated Press story reported that an operator overheard a female caller from the area of Oxnard, California say "The President is going to be killed" about 20 minutes before the assassination and the call was allegedly traced to Kupcinet 's phone.

Kupcinet's name appeared on a 1992 Today Show broadcast on a list of "mysterious deaths" connected to the JFK



Actress Bette Davis told three different stories on how her second husband fatally cracked his skull and the only one that coincided with the coroner's report would make her a murderer!

In 1943, Davis' husband, Arthur Farnsworth (2nd photo) was walking on Hollywood Bouleveard when he suddenly collapsed. He went into a coma and died two days later but the coroner declared that the fall wasn't what killed him-the deadly blow had come as much as two weeks earlier.

It was later revealed that the couple often argued in public and were on the verge of divorce. Allegedly, a star struck jury let Bette Davis walk and fixers Eddie Mannix and Howard Strickling were instrumental in persuading media outlets to proclaim that Davis' was innocent in print.

Many years later, Davis was having drinks with playwright Tennessee Williams and some others, allegedly, she confessed that she had bashed Farnsworth in the head with a wrought-iron lamp after catching him in bed with another woman. He died 10 days later.

Jean Spangler (pictured above) was a well-known extra and party girl in many films who vanished one night without a trace after leaving for a date.

On October 7, 1949, Spangler left her home in Los Angeles around 5 p.m., leaving her daughter with her sister-in-law and telling her that she was going to meet her former husband to talk about his child support payment that had been due a week before, then on to work on a movie set. The last person to see her was a clerk in a store near her home, who said she appeared to be waiting for someone. She has not been seen again.

Two days later on October 9, Spangler's purse was found near the entrance gate to Griffith Park in Los Angeles with both of the straps on one side torn loose as if it had been ripped from her arm. Sixty police officers and over one hundred volunteers searched the 4,107 acre natural terrain park, but no other clues were found. There was no money in the purse (her sister-in-law said that she had no money when she left her house the evening of her disappearance) so the police ruled out robbery as a motive. There was an unfinished note in the purse addressed to a "Kirk," which read, "Can't wait any longer, Going to see Dr. Scott. It will work best this way while mother is away."

The note ended with a comma as if it hadn't been finished.

Neither "Kirk" or "Dr. Scott" could be located, and neither Spangler's family nor her friends knew anyone by those names. Spangler's mother, Florence, returned to Los Angeles and told police that someone named Kirk had picked up Jean at her house twice, but he stayed in his car and didn't come in. Police searched for Kirk and questioned every doctor with the last name Scott in Los Angeles, but none of them had a patient with the last name Spangler or Benner, Jean Spangler's former married name. Spangler had once been involved with a person she called Scotty, who had beaten her, threatening to kill her if she broke the relationship off, but her lawyer said she had not seen him since 1945.

Spangler had completed a bit part in the then unfinished film "Young Man with a Horn," starring the actor Kirk Douglas. Douglas was vacationing in Palm Springs and heard about the disappearance. He called the police and told them he was not the Kirk mentioned in the note before police knew there was any connection. Douglas was interviewed by the head of the investigating team and stated that he had heard the name and that Spangler had been an extra in his new film, but he didn't know her personally. We recently found out that fixers (were involved in this situation) and made sure Douglas' name would never be brought up again in the investigation.

Friends of Spangler told police that she was three months pregnant when she disappeared and that she had talked about having an abortion, which was illegal at that time. The police talked with several people who frequented the same nightclubs and bars that Spangler did, who told them they had heard that there was a former medical student known as "Doc," who had said that he would perform abortions for money. Police searched for "Doc" with the idea that Spangler had gone to him to have an abortion and died as a result, but they not could locate him or anyone who would say that they had actually met him.

The Los Angeles Police department continued the search and circulated Spangler's picture for several years in an unsuccessful attempt to find her and any reliable information. There was a nationwide search for Spangler, but no further clues have ever turned up.

Sources: "Hollywood Babylon: It's Back," by Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince & "More Of Hollywood's Unsolved Mysteries," by John Austin.

Super rich families domestically and overseas who experience the ordeal of kidnap often bypass the FBI, instead, hiring a "kidnap specialist," like the one depicted in the series "Kidnapped."

Kidnap specialists are former mercenaries or former intelligence agents. A few have a wet work (assassination) background in hot zones as well as private military company backgrounds.

They also come with a full staff. They take up residence in the family's home and set up shop with a sophisticated command center that can rival any law enforcement agency in the world.

They negotiate with the kidnapper(s) and sometimes they locate the victim without any ransom exchanging hands.

By dealing with a specialist, this insures the family confidentiality without media coverage.


MGM fixer Howard Stricking had his work cut out for him in the 1930's. His concern was MGM's biggest actor, William Haines (first photo). Haines was a homosexual. Haines and actor Ramon Novarro were regulars at an L.A. gay brothel and when Haines was picked up in a vice sweep, Strickling went to work, keeping the scandal out of the paper.

The public was unaware that Haines' nickname was "Lavender Lips," due to his professional fellatio talents.

Haines had never been linked to a single woman and he was popular enough that he could ignore orders from MGM. He made no attempt to hide his decidedly feminine persona and was openly living with a man named Jimmy Shields.

Strickling and MGM tried to force Haines to marry Joan Crawford (2nd photo) but he refused.

Haines got in trouble again and was arrested in the spring of 1931 at the Hollywood YMCA after reportedly being found having sex with a sailor. Strickling was called, Haines was released, no charges were ever filed and no record of the arrest exists anywhere.

The studio would eventually drop Haines.

Meanwhile, Haines' close friend, silent director, F.W. Murnau (3rd photo) was killed on March 11, 1931. The 42-year-old Murnau was killed in in a bizarre car accident south of Santa Barbara when his Packard convertible plunged 30 feet over a cliff onto the beach. Also dead was his 14-year old Filipino houseboy, Garcia Stevenson, who was driving. The position of the bodies and their state of undress indicated that homosexual Murnau was engaging in a sex act with the boy when the car went off the road. Strickling worked overtime to keep this scandal out of the paper.

Just 11 friends showed up to Murnau's funeral, including the reclusive Greta Gabro (4th photo).

Actor Gary Cooper's (5th photo) bisexuality was very well known in Hollywood. He had close relationships with several men. A issue of "Photoplay," magazine even featured portraits of a very effeminate Cooper seated with his mother. When Strickling set him up with actress Clara Bow, she said of his alleged boyfriend, "The whole thing makes me sick." Cooper was linked with gay actor Anderson Lawler and Cooper lived with Lawler several times and it was known that they were lovers which was later confirmed by Lawler's brother years later.

Source: "The Fixers," by E.J. Fleming


MGM fixers Eddie Mannix and Howard Strickling became quite busy in the 1920's. They initiated a coverup of three leading men: Rudolph Valentino (1st photo), Ramon Novarro (2nd photo) and Antonio Moreno (3rd photo). It's hard to imagine the reaction had the public known the secret: The big three Latin lovers of the 1920's were all homosexual according to the book, "The Fixers."

Valentiono's personal life was a contradiction. He was a fixture in the gay communities in Paris, New York and Los Angeles, working as a gigolo. When actress Alla Nazimova (the woman who introduced Hollywood to orgies) found him in a New York dance hall, she convinced Metro to cast him in a film.

Valentino married Jean Acker in 1919 and Natacha Rambova in 1923, both lesbians and former lovers of his mentor Alla Nazimova. The marriages were never consummated. A friend said, "Rudy thought consummate meant make a soup."

Actor Ramon Novarro, 2nd photo, (also linked to a famous black male writer) said he spent years writing an autobiography but couldn't publish it until after he died. His life was a secret. Everyone in Hollywood knew he was a homosexual alcoholic with a penchant for young male prostitutes.

Author E.J. Fleming (Fixers) insists that Antonio Moreno was gay, despite him marrying American heiress Daisy Canfield Danziger in 1923. The couple moved to an estate known as Crestmount, now known as the Paramour Mansion. The union lasted ten years and ended shortly before Canfield Danziger was killed in an automobile accident.

Source: "The Fixers,' by E.J. Fleming


Investigators for the Department of Defense are gunning for a con artist with a knack for intrigue. Agents say Roger Charles Day, Jr. (1st photo) may have faked his own death in an attempt to escape prosecution for defrauding the Pentagon out of $8.4 million in defense contracts along with his co-conspirator, Nathan Carroll (2nd photo). Defense Criminal Investigative Service agents, in cooperation with the U.S. Marshals, are on the hunt for both men.


In Nuevo, Laredo, Mexico, a 16-foot-wide banner is strung above one of the busiest roads, calling out to any "soldier or ex-soldier." "We're offering you a good salary, food and medical care for your families."

But, there is a catch, the employer is "Los Zetas," a notorious gulf cartel hit squad formed by elite Mexican army deserters. The ad even includes a phone number for job seekers that links to a voice mail.

A similar sign in the Gulf of Mexico city of Tampico promised "loans and life insurance."

Source: Manuel Roig-Franzia @ The Washington Post


Columbia's best-known female commander, Nelly Avila Morena aka Karina (above) was recently captured by the secret police.

There was a $1 million dollar bounty on her head.

Authorities said Avila was wanted for murder, terrorism, rebellion and kidnapping. According to the secret police, her attacks included an ambush that killed 13 soldiers and she is also wanted for three massacres in 1999 and 2002.

Columbian Defense Minister-Juan Manuel Santos said, "Avila had the guts to do any type of operation and managed to occupy one of the highest posts a woman has ever reached in the ranks of terrorism."

Source: Toby Muse @ AP


In July 2003, a publication reported that a 93-year-old witch doctor in Kenya had demonstrated an amazing ability to cure AIDS and SARS. This story came to light when an American who identified himself as "Sean" told a reporter that this witch doctor cured him of full-blown AIDS by dusting his forehead with powder and invoking spirits with a a small drum.

The powder is allegedly made from crushed beetles, bird beaks and tiger fur.

A team of medical experts were sent over to investigate these claims.

Soon, patients with money were lining up outside the witch doctor's hut. People were jetting in from as far away as Paris, London and Los Angeles to see him. Including, black and white celebrities in disguise.

The witch doctor didn't charge for his services. Instead, he accepted a little food but nothing more. He didn't care how much money his patients had, if you were sick, he helped you.

Allegedly, he also successfully treated 12 cases of SARS.

Oddly, this story (or hoax) disappeared from view and never made national headlines and the witch doctor disappeared and hasn't been seen since 2003.


Howard Hughes, Aristotle Onassis, J. Paul Getty, H.L. Hunt. The fabled billionaires of our time have been written about often, with one exception, certainly the most secretive and perhaps the richest of them all, a man named Daniel Keith Ludwig (above) who died in 1992.

His passion for anonymity was so great that he paid a public relations firm a fortune to keep his name out of newspapers and his long-time neighbors in Connecticut never had any contact with him or his family.

He was born as the son of a real estate agent. Ludwig's first venture into shipping was at the age of 9, when he salvaged a 26-foot (8 m) boat. He left school at the end of the eighth grade to work in various shipping related jobs, learning on the job such trades as machinist, marine engineer, and ship handler. Later in life, Ludwig would have a titanic struggle with Aristotle Onassis for tanker supremacy.

Ludwig would expand his empire to include oil, vast tracts of land (including the purchase of 4 million acres of Brazilian jungle), building, banking, ship building, steel, cattle, mining and other enterprises.

Ludwig also pioneered the welded ship and the supertanker.


Antoin "Tony" Rezko was a powerful political fixer who worked both sides of the aisle as an hired gun (not in the literal sense) for the Democrats and the Republicans until 2006, when he got indicted. He had the ability to make problems go away, and scandals disappear. He also had the ability to deliver key votes in key states. He was the go-to man for many politicians.

Political fixer services go to the highest bidder regardless of political affiliation. Some political fixers have no political affiliation so they can work both sides and others are independent.

His political clients included: Comptroller Dan Hynes, Attorney General Lisa Madigan, U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate Barack Obama, Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn, former Chicago Mayors Daley and Washington, former Cook County Board President John Stroger, and Cook County Board President Todd Stroger, former Illinois Governors Jim Edgar and George Ryan, the late Rosemont Mayor Don Stephens and he co-chaired a megamillion-dollar fund-raiser for President George W. Bush in 2003.

Rezko made a fortune investing in real estate and fast-food restaurants—including the first Subway in Chicago. Many of his real estate properties were in lower-income African American neighborhoods. After meeting Jabir Herbert Muhammad, former manager of heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali and son of the late Nation of Islam leader, Elijah Muhammad, he was asked in 1983 to support the successful mayoral candidacy of Harold Washington.

In October 2006, Rezko was indicted along with Republican fundraiser and businessman Stuart Levine on charges of wire fraud, bribery, money laundering, and attempted extortion. The charges are part of the federal investigation known as "Operation Board Games."

The indictment of Rezko on federal charges has drawn attention to his relationship with Illinois Senator Barack Obama, though Obama has not been charged with any wrongdoing.

On Trail Of Most-Wanted Nazi's:

"$485,000 reward offered for doctor described as 'the most horrible' at Mauthausen camp"

Karl Lotter, a prisoner who worked in the hospital at Mauthausen concentration camp, had no trouble remembering the first time he watched SS Dr. Aribert Heim kill a man.

It was 1941, and an 18-year-old Jew had been sent to the clinic with a foot inflammation. Heim asked him about himself and why he was he so fit. The young man said he had been a soccer player and swimmer.

Then, instead of treating the prisoner's foot, Heim anesthetized him, cut him open, castrated him, took apart one kidney and removed the second, Lotter said. The victim's head was removed and the flesh boiled off so that Heim could keep it on display.

"He needed the head because of its perfect teeth," Lotter, a non-Jewish political prisoner, recalled eight years later in testimony that was included in an Austrian warrant for Heim's arrest uncovered by the Associated Press. "Of all the camp doctors in Mauthausen, Dr. Heim was the most horrible."

But Heim managed to avoid prosecution, his American-held file in Germany mysteriously omitting his time at Mauthausen, and today he is the most-wanted Nazi war criminal suspect on a list of hundreds estimated to still be free by the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Heim would be 93 today, and "we have good reason to believe he is still alive," said Efraim Zuroff, the center's top Nazi hunter.

Former Nazi Hit Man On The Run:

Heinrich Boere (above), was a hit man for Waffen-SS and is accused of killing three Dutch civilians. Sentenced to death in absentia in 1949 in the Netherlands, later commuted to life in prison. Boere is still a fugitive on the run.

"Odessa" (Secret Nazi Society)

People are speculating that "Odessa," may be aiding these fugitives with new identities and finances. A few people have speculated that "Odessa" no longer exists; others disagree.

"Odessa” is a secret society and a international Nazi network set-up towards the end of World War II by a group of SS officers to facilitate secret escape routes for hunted war criminals.

According to late Nazi hunter Simon Wisenthal, “Odessa” was set up in 1946 to aid fugitive Nazi’s. Through this network, the Nazi’s were given new identities, passports, birth certificates and currency to start their new lives in different countries.

Source: David Rising @ Associated Press

In the 1950's, George Jacobs, (first photo with Frank Sinatra) states in his book "Mr. S., My Life With Frank Sinatra," that he didn't have high paying employment opportunities until Frank Sinatra hired him as a butler and chef. Chris Tucker will portray George Jacobs in an upcoming movie based on the book. Jacobs details the following celebrity encounters in his book.

Sam Giancana & Phyllis McGuire:

"One night Sinatra hosted a party. Throughout the day one mob boss after another showed up at the house. Johnny Rosselli and Sam Giancana (pictured above with Phyllis McGuire) were also in attendance. I prepared eggplant and clams for dinner while they talked about dividing up territory in Las Vegas and Havana."

"That weekend, I would drive Sam Giancana around Palm Springs to meet more of his visiting mobsters, each of whom was staying in some gated mansion. Sam complimented me on my driving, which I learned, was a big deal for him because he had begun his mob career as a wheel man for the successors of Al Capone."

"One day Sam said, "You know, I like Blacks. When I was in prison in Terre Haute, Indiana, in the 40's, one inmate was a black guy who went on to become the king of the numbers racket in Chicago and a multimillionaire. It was one of the few ways a black man could get rich in America. I became his partner although my bosses didn't want me to do business with Blacks. I was ordered to kill him, instead, I sent him down to a villa in Mexico, where he is living like a king."

"Later that evening, in front of Sinatra, Sam asked me, "You ought to come to Chicago and work for me." Sinatra spoke up and said, "He works for me, forget about it."

Throughout the years, it has also been rumored that Giancana set then girlfriend Phyllis McGuire (singer with the McGuire Sisters) up with investment tips that made her very wealthy. Allegedly, he urged her to invest in the Flamingo Hotel when Bugsy Siegel first opened the casino, McGuire allegedly never sold her shares. Those shares generate millions annually.

Ava Gardner:

"It was hard to believe that Ava Gardner had such a devastating effect on Frank Sinatra because he was no stranger to beautiful women. Then, after I met her, I was blown away. If I were to slit my wrists over a woman, this would be the one. Now, I understood what Sinatra was going through. Despite how hard he tried, and he tried hard, Ava was never going back to him. He was too possessive of her and she was too jealous of him. Neither trusted the other. I guess it was a case of loving each other too much, so much that they would have killed themselves. Love and death. Sinatra came up empty handed, yet, he still wanted Ava back in his life, whatever the circumstances."

"I picked Ava Gardner up from the airport. She was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. She could stop planes, not just traffic. There was no movie star nonsense with her, no entourage, no fawning press agents in tow. She was pushing her own bags on a cart trying to lie low in dark glasses and a tatty raincoat. But once I had her in the Cadillac and she took off the coat and shades, I could barely steer straight. The first thing to hit me were those cats' eyes of hers, green with flecks of gold and hypnotic as hell. She wasn't wearing an ounce of makeup and her skin was flawless."

Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and John F. Kennedy:

One night, Frank had me babysit Marilyn Monroe to make sure she wouldn't harm herself. That evening, she asked me, "Don't you think Frank and I should both throw in the towel and get married? He doesn't want any more kids. I'm perfect for him." "All I want to do is make him happy. Help me George, pretty please.. Who could say no to Marilyn Monroe and she knew the effect she had on men.

Marilyn would also tell me breathlessly about John F. Kennedy. Most of the stories involved how sexually obsessed John was with her, how many times and where they had made love, from suites at the Plaza in New York to broom closets at the Sands.

Marilyn had a habit of talking about JFK to me, so I could relay the information back to Frank, so he would get jealous.

Not only did Marilyn want Frank to marry her but Frank's mother also wanted him to marry Marilyn but it never happened.

Kobe Bryant's former bodyguard, Patrick Graber (ex-commando and intelligence officer) reveals the following in his book, "Dead Women Tell No Tales."

"I began to realize there is no depth to Kobe as an individual. This famous player was a loner consumed with basketball and sex, an impossible prima donna that lacked the requisite social skills to get along with others on every basic level."

"One day I was sitting in the living room of his suite with him. On the green couch there was a white bra and a light brown blouse. There were large golden earrings on the coffee table. There was also a small leather purse and a pair of high heels under it. Kobe had a piece of paper in his hand that he held out to me." Graber took it and saw there was an address in the Hollywood Hills written on it, and a name, Amanda."

"Be there in 30 minutes to pick her up," he ordered.

Twenty minutes later Graber arrived. The residence beyond the drive looked like a two-story mansion. On top of the flat floor roof there were groups of people. Everyone had a drink in hand and was talking in groups. Patrick was drinking in the sights when a six foot tall, very gorgeous and graceful female in a revealing leather dress approached him. When she got close enough, Graber could see that she was of mixed race, Aisan and African.

She asked, "You looking for Amanda? Graber nodded, "She'll be here in a minute." For the next ten minutes Graber enjoyed the scenery then he saw the woman in the leather dress emerge from the crowd with another lady in tow. The new woman was as beautiful as the first. They could have both been models. The new woman had the frame of a supermodel and her walk was the swaying strut of a runway model. She had to be Amanda. A minute later, another strikingly beautiful woman arrived. The leather clad one said, "This is Cathy," We're ready.

We left the Hills and headed back to Kobe in Hollywood.

When they arrived, Garber pulled his SUV up to the side of the building and brought the girls in the discreet back door. They went up in the private elevator. As always, the hotel was deserted. This had been the case before, and that must have factored into Kobe using it for his clandestine affairs. It then became clear to Graber that he was also Kobe's secret "affair" security. His regular detail would have not been trusted because they already had too much interaction with Vanessa for Kobe to trust.

As Bryant opened the door, the bodyguard heard women's laughter inside and wondered at this man's virility. Were these three not enough? Kobe thanked Graber and handed him eight hundred-dollar bills, saying that he would be in touch. As the bodyguard rode back down in the elevator, he was adding up what he made. It worked out to be about $400 dollars an hour. That wasn't bad considering the irregular hours. Then, Graber began to wonder if those girls really needed security, or if a limo would have been a better method of transportation.

Graber also began to wonder if his skills (commando) were being wasted on this type of endeavor?

In the summer of 1928, a drunken Joan Crawford was driving down Hollywood Boulevard weaving in and out of traffic and onto and off of the sidewalk. She ran a red light and hit a woman in the crosswalk, tried to bribe the motorcycle policeman at the scene and then drove away.

Arrested later near her Brentwood home, she called MGM fixer Howard Strickling (1st photo, bottom image). Strickling reportedly went to the young girl's hospital room with $10,000 in new $100 bills (about $300,000 today). The problem disappeared. No media coverage and the police report vanished.

Fixer Eddie Mannix (1st photo, 1st image) helped Garbo and her lesbian lovers on numerous occasions and did so graciously. He prevented any press coverage of Garbo's lifestyle and he went to great lengths to do so. Mannix even became close friend's with one of Garbo's girlfriends. Whenever she called him, he would always answer, "What can I do for my favorite redhead today?"

The founder of the "National Enquirer," was a man named Generoso "Gene" Pope, Jr. Before launching the tabloid, Pope worked as a former CIA intelligence agent.

Pope had two rules at the Enquirer: 'No negative stories about actress Sophia Loren or the mob.'

The tabloid would expand by launching a second weekly, "The Star."

Many people think "The Enquirer" and "The Star" are newsstand competitors, but they are owned by the same company.

Gene Pope died of a heart attack in 1988.


Janice Drake:

Janice Drake was in the car that mobster Anthony Carfano, above, was driving when they were both shot to death by two men of the Genovese Crime Family. Vito Genovese ordered Carfano's murder because Carfano refused to meet with him after he took control of the Family in 1957. After Janice's murder investigation, some curious facts began to emerge about the beautiful and very married Janice Drake. The wife of comedian Alan Drake, Janice moved in some very unusual circles and had a very open marriage. Janice had been Albert Anastasia's (mob boss) dinner companion the night before he was whacked in the Park Sheraton barber shop, and prior to that had figured in the investigation of the death of a garment district powerbroker named Nat Nelson, with whom she dined the night he died. The Queens district attorney called her a "top flight" courier, and said she was frequently used as a go-between for gangland leaders.

Janice's duties with the mob probably didn't extend much beyond being a courier and passing along meeting times and places among her male friends. But she might have known too much — doubtless she knew the identities of Anthony's assassins — and her time had run out.

Anthony Carfano:

Anthony Carfano was a stone-cold killer who had been there at the beginning of the syndicate and was tight with Vito Genovese, Frank Costello and Lucky Luciano. He was a lieutenant in Don Vito's organization, although he and Genovese didn't get along too well. Carfano, more commonly known by his nickname Li'l Augie Pisano, was also a lady's man. He was married several times, including once to the sister of a Florida cop.

During the New York State Police Troop C scandal of 1993, Craig D. Harvey a New York State Police trooper was charged with fabricating evidence. Harvey admitted he and another trooper lifted fingerprints from items the suspect, John Spencer, touched while in Troop C headquarters during booking. He attached the fingerprints to evidence cards and later claimed that he had pulled the fingerprints from the scene of the murder. The forged evidence was used during trial and John Spencer was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison. He would later be released.

In another case, a black maid was convicted of killing an entire white family by starting a house fire intentionally. She proclaimed her innocence but her fingerprints were found on a gas can. Later, it was discovered that her fingerprints had been applied on the can by corrupt cops. She was later released.

In Related News:

A few crime syndicates have been known to sever the hands of their murder victims. They would later sell the dead man's fingerprints to other criminals to plant at the scene of murders to throw authorities off.

Joanne Herring, 78, (first photo) is the widow of one of the richest men in Texas and divorced from two other multi-millionaires.

This socialite millionairess teamed with the government and a congressman (Charlie Wilson) to smuggle arms.

Joanne along with her wealthy husband Bob Herring, head of Houston's Natural Gas-which later became Enron entertained politicians and powerbrokers like arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi in their 22-room mansion.

She often slipped into countries overseas wearing a sable fur coat, while on assignment.

Actress Julia Roberts portrays her in the film, "Charlie Wilson's War."

Source: National Examiner


"The Black Market Peso Exchange is perhaps the largest, most insidious money laundering system in the Western Hemisphere," says Raymond Kelly, Commissioner of the US Customs Service. "It's the ultimate nexus between crime and commerce, using global trade to mask global money laundering."

What the drug traffickers did is transform the black market into their own illegitimate international banking system. "The money side is like a completely separate business from the drugs," says David, who worked within the system for decades. "We never got involved in the drug side of the business, only receiving the money, processing it, selling it and making a profit."

David is a money broker, just like any other money broker around the world, except the dollars he buys in America come from drug sales on the streets. Another benefit of the Black Market system is that David takes all the risk away from the drug traffickers. Once he picks up the drug money, it is his responsibility to get the pesos back to the traffickers in Colombia. If the money gets seized or something else goes wrong - he is responsible and could pay with his life if the money is not paid off.

The system is fairly simple. David gets a phone call from a Colombian trafficker or their US counterparts. They negotiate an exchange rate of Colombian pesos for US dollars, usually 40% below the official exchange rate. Once they agree on a price, the drug trafficker arranges to have his drug dollars dropped off at David's office or at some less conspicuous location.

"The money could be in boxes, shopping bags, suitcases, a car," David says. "Sometimes the money would be in the truck of a car and the traffickers would just give you the keys to the whole car." At that point, the trafficker's side of the deal is complete and he simply waits for pesos to be delivered into his Colombian bank account several days or weeks later. David now has to process the cash. He maintains a large staff of runners who take the cash and deposit it into hundreds of United States bank accounts in amounts of less than $10,000 per transaction. Once the money is in a bank, it can be moved and manipulated.

David's office in Colombia meanwhile makes currency deals with legitimate Colombian businessmen who have pesos but want to buy cheap US dollars to purchase goods such as cigarettes, liquor, television sets or dishwashers in the United States. These businessmen also arrange an exchange rate of US dollars for Colombian pesos, usually 20% below the official exchange rate. They pay the pesos in Colombia to David's office.

David in turn takes the US dollars building up in his bank accounts and pays the businessman's debts in the US.

The dollars he got from the traffickers go to the legitimate businessmen and the pesos he got from them go to the drug traffickers in Colombia. David makes commissions and the difference in exchange rate, making this a very profitable business for him as well.

Even though the process is illegal, some US companies and Colombian businessmen have been happy with the arrangement because it is good for business. "This is positive for US business, there is no doubt about it," says Mike Wald, a Florida law enforcement official who traces the black peso system. "Because the Colombian businessman, if he pays less for his dollars, can buy more goods. That's a pretty obvious economic fact. But we have to realize where this money originates. It's drug money."

Rio De Janeiro is one of my favorite vacations spots. Recently, two "death squads for hire," were smashed with a series of raids in the city of Recife, police said.

Arms traffickers were among 34 people arrested and eight more are being sought. Officials linked both death squads to at least 35 killings since June.

Sophisticated criminals who purchase illegal contraband (Cuban cigars, weapons, etc.) on a 'black market website,' wire the money to the seller. After the money is received, the criminal is sent a key to the address provided and is instructed to pick up the contraband at a local storage facility.


I have a story in my first book titled, "Female Assassin." This story is a fast paced espionage thriller and answers a lot of questions from spy-fi buffs. Lead character (Ashley Perry) was a marksmanship champion. She was recruited from an underground agency that represented hitters. The agency acted as a employment firm. After she completed a 2-year course in hand-to-hand combat and weapons, she graduated. Before graduation, recruits were also expected to assemble a gun while blindfolded. Ashley fit the profile for a assassin: A detached loner who was also extremely private and discouraged conversation among strangers. She was also paid six figures per hit. We also state that over 60 percent of the top assassins are now women.


Noted millionaire screenwriter Gary DeVore suddenly disappeared in the late 90's. Gary DeVore remained missing for a year until his "body" was discovered in the California Aqueduct. There has been very little written or broadcast about Gary DeVore since his body was recovered.

Gary DeVore, the 56 year old screenwriter, was a colorful character but apparently he had his share of internal demons including a hot temper, drugs, alcohol, and womanizing. He was married four times including to Nat King Cole's widow, above, second photo. He has been described as a "man's man" who liked guns, sports and horses. His credits include the following films: "Raw Deal," "Sudden Impact," "Running Scared," and many others.

A $100,000 reward, offered by DeVore's wife, attracted a horde of tips and theories. These involved everyone from psychics to a Tibetan monk.

Until the body was found there was public speculation that he'd been murdered, abducted
or even staged his disappearance. There were even accusations that people were very nervous about the classified content of DeVore's latest script.

Celebrity fixer Don Crutchfield, third photo, and his team of investigators have been called in to reopen this case.

Source: PI4stars.com

Interpol rarely issues a "red notice," which means: An international wanted persons alert has been issued for former crime boss/fugitive James "Whitey" Bulger, first photo. Actor Jack Nicholson portrayed Bulger in the film, "The Departed." A red notice alerts law enforcement agencies throughout the world to be on the lookout for Bulger.

One of the infamous and notorious drug kingpins featured on this site was on the "downlow" when he headed his multi-million dollar drug empire.

Associates thought he was always traveling out of town on business but in reality, he was traveling to see one of his male lovers he had stashed on the east coast.

He also adjusted to prison life quite well because he is allegedly more comfortable in the company of males.

Despite being ruthless during his reign and being suspected of numerous murders, he was known on the underground gay circuit as a "soft bottom."

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has the most elite political "opposition research team," in the race. Her team of top experts can dig up intel or data on any individual on planet earth. They can uncover anything. They have the capability of an top of the line spy agency and staff members are on call 24/7. Hillary surrounds herself with the best, that's why many obstacles (in terms of past political scandals) fall by the wayside. The Clintons are very, very powerful and are not to be underestimated. Remember, Bill Clinton unseated the patriarch of the Bush Dynasty-when George Bush ran for re-election. Keep in mind, Bush, Sr. is a former CIA director yet Bill Clinton beat him.

Capitol Hall sources inform us that conservative networks are secretly hoping that Obama Barack beats Hillary Clinton because they assume he will be easier to beat in the presidential race and the Republicans can maintain power in the White House.

Jean Seberg, above, was an actress. She starred in 34 films in Hollywood and in France. Seberg became even more of an icon after her roles in numerous French films and the tragedy of her turbulent life.

Among her roles, she co-starred with Jean-Paul Belmondo in Jean-Luc Godard's classic work of New Wave cinema, Breathless (original French title: A bout de souffle). Seberg also appeared in the 1959 classic Peter Sellers comedy, The Mouse that Roared. In 1969, she appeared in her first and only musical film, Paint Your Wagon, based on Lerner and Loewe's stage musical, but her voice was dubbed. She was one of the many stars in the 1970 disaster film, Airport.

During the latter part of the 1960's, Seberg used her high-profile image to voice support for the NAACP. She also supported the Black Panther Party. FBI director J. Edgar Hoover considered her a threat to the American state. Her telephone was tapped and her private life was closely observed. She knew about it and felt chased. In 1970, when she was seven months pregnant, FBI created a false story to leak to the media that the child she was carrying was not fathered by her second husband, Romain Gary but by an unidentified member of the Black Panthers Party. The story was reported by Joyce Haber of the Los Angeles Times newspaper, and Newsweek magazine. She gave birth to a girl on 23 August, but the infant died two days later.In a press conference she presented the press with a picture of her fetus to demonstrate that the child did not have a father of African heritage. Seberg stated that the trauma of this event brought on premature labor and her child was stillborn. The child was named Nina Gary; the baby was actually fathered by Carlos Navarra. According to her husband, after the loss of their child she suffered from a deep depression and became suicidal. She also became dependent on alcohol and prescription drugs. She made several attempts to take her own life including throwing herself under a train on the Paris Métro.

Seberg's problems were compounded when she went through a form of marriage to an Algerian playboy, Ahmed Hasni, on May 31, 1979. The brief ceremony had no legal force because she had taken film director Dennis Charles Berry as her third husband in 1972 and the marriage was still valid In July, Hasni persuaded her to sell her opulent apartment on the Rue du Bac, and he kept the proceeds (reportedly 11 million francs in cash), announcing that he would use the money to open a Barcelona restaurant. The couple departed for Spain but she was soon back in Paris alone, and went into hiding from Hasni, who she said had grievously abused her.

In August 1979, she went missing and was found dead 11 days later in the back seat of her car in a Paris suburb. The police report stated that she had taken a massive overdose of barbiturates and alcohol. A suicide note ("Forgive me. I can no longer live with my nerves") was found in her hand, and suicide was ultimately ruled the official cause of death. However, it is often questioned how she could have driven to the address in the 16th arrondissement with that amount of alcohol in her body, and without the distance glasses she always maintained she absolutely needed for driving. She was not yet 41 years old when she died. Her second husband, Romain Gary, with whom she had a son, Alexandre Diego Gary, also committed suicide a year after her death.


Mexico's army recently that they had captured a top lieutenant in the powerful "Sinaloa," drug cartel who allegedly commanded squads of hit men and women. Alfredo Beltran Leyva (above, center) was arrested earlier this week.

Beltran commanded two groups of hit men and hit women for the cartel, whose reach extends to the northwestern Mexican state of Sonora and the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca.

Beltran was allegedly in charge of transporting drugs, bribing officials and laundering money for the cartel, led by Mexico's most wanted alleged drug lord, Joaquin Guzman.

Beltran was captured with two suitcases containing $900,000, a Kalashnikov rifle, a luxury sport utility vehicle and 11 expensive watches, authorities said.

Guzman escaped from federal prison in 2001 by riding in a laundry cart after bribing prison guards.


Eddie Mannix (top photo on book cover) and Howard Strickling (bottom photo on book cover) were two of the most powerful men, behind the scenes in Hollywood. They were a "fixer team" for MGM studios. Below, are some of the scandals they kept out of the press.

As we reported before, actress Tallulah Bankhead, second photo, (who was the daughter of the Speaker Of the House and the niece of a U.S. Senator) was rumored to have been involved in lesbian relationships with Billie Holiday and Hattie McDaniel. Mannix and Strickling kept this information (since it involved a white actress) out of the headlines. When Bankhead wasn't with Holiday and McDaniel, allegedly she hung out with actresses Joan Crawford (first photo) and Barbara Stanwyck (Big Valley) at Harlem lesbian clubs known for live sex shows called "buffet flats" and sex between audience members. The clubs were the favorites of the Hollywood lesbian crowd. Mannix and Strickling worked overtime to put a lid on this.

Even more shocking: According the book "The Fixers," by E.J. Fleming, it is alleged that Joan Crawford was once a prostitute and was the star of a porn film. During late 1935, Mannix finally got his hands on the original negative of the porn film made by a young Joan Crawford. During the intervening years, Mannix had retrieved all copies and he was rumored to show it to his friends during their weekly card games. MGM offices around the globe had standing orders to retrieve any copies they came across and Mannix was alleged to have arranged for a payment of $100,000 ($2 million today) for the negative of the lesbian porn film which he promptly destroyed.

Source: "The Fixers," by E.J. Fleming


Fixers Eddie Mannix and Howard Strickling had their hands full in regards to Hollywood brothel "The House Of Francis," run by Lee Francis. Francis had close ties with police and local officials and hefty payoffs kept their business open. Over 40 percent of her net was paid to police and politicians. She also offered favors to reporters that kept her out of the papers and by 1930 her large apartment building was the most famous brothel in California. She allowed the vice squad to "raid" the business but they never arrested anyone. The police burst into the lavish lobby, picked up cash and treated themselves to Russian caviar and French Champagne that she kept on hand just for them.

She was known for beautiful girls and the ability to satisfy any request. For a visiting Middle-Eastern guest who preferred blondes, 100 women dyed their body hair blonde for his weekend stay. Most of the women lived in small apartments in the large building which also had private rooms, several bars, billiard rooms and a restaurant. The lobby resembled a 5-star hotel. Most of Lee's girls had come to Hollywood to get into movies but ended up working as prostitutes. They were, however, highly paid, making $1,000 a week. A fortune in the 1930's.

Actors and actresses frequented the house. A late 1920's regular was Jean Harlow (6th photo) who hired prostitutes and asked Francis to deliver them to her home. Harlow also visited the house and took male customers home, two or three at a time. Harlow paid Francis $500 for each customer she borrowed. Prostitutes and customers often complained about Harlow's rough sexual appetite.

Actor Clark Gable was also a frequent customer but Mannix and Strickling had to warn him not to park his custom-made Dusenberg coup outside. There were only two in the world, his and actor Gary Cooper's (4th photo). Gable eventually had Francis deliver prostitutes to his dressing room. Gable would later be involved with an illicit affair with actress Joan Crawford (3rd photo).

Another weekly visitor was actor Spencer Tracey (5th photo). He was an alcoholic with an ugly temper and Mannix and Strickling were often called to retrieve him from the establishment.

MGM had a business charge account at Lee's under an assumed name.

Mannix and Strickling decided that they should have a little more control so they opened a private location (brothel) not far from the House Of Francis. They put a woman in charge named Billie Bennett who looked and spoke like Mae West. "Bennett's" was a special and unique brothel because all of the women were look-alike's of actresses from MGM and other studios. For a hefty price, customers chose between Marilyn Monroe, Carole Lombard, Marlene Dietrich, Greto Garbo, Katherine Hepburne, etc. Some of the women were surgically enhanced to ensure accuracy and each was an eerie replica of the original, versed in life, movies and interests. Clients fantasized that they were sleeping with the actual star. Studios even lent out the wardrobe of the stars the girls were impersonating. This brothel was depicted in the film "Hollywood Confidential."

Source: "The Fixers," by E.J. Fleming

In 1957, Liberace sued "Confidential," magazine (for slander) over claims they made, insisting he was gay. Incredibly, he won a $40,000 dollar judgment.

In private, Liberace gravitated towards muscular blonde young men, this was his preferred type. A few of them became part of his entourage, sometimes performing in his nightclub show.

One such blue-eyed man was Scott Thorson, whom Liberace met in 1977. Thorson was 18 and Liberace was 57. They quickly became lovers. The kept man (Thorson) even underwent plastic surgery to become a Liberace look-alike. In 1980, Liberace planned to adopt Thorson as his son. However, he never completed the legal process, concerned that his expanded good life had swelled Scott's ego.

The two drifted apart when Liberace found other playmates. He had Thorson forcibly ejected from his Beverly Hills home. In 1982, Thorson filed a $113 million dollar palimony lawsuit trying to embarrass Liberace. By then, Liberace was suffering from AIDS. He would die in 1987.

Source: "Hollywood Book Of Scandals," by James Robert Parish

Right after the Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton scandal broke, allegedly, all of Lewinsky credit card debts were mysteriously paid off, totaling $50,000.


Based on a New York Times Magazine story, this crime drama (Trade) starring Kevin Kline delves into a sordid world of international sex trafficking that leads from Mexico City to a New Jersey stash house. In a bid to save kidnapped 13-year-old Adriana (Paulina Gaitan) before she's sold into sexual slavery, her desperate brother (Cesar Ramos) teams with a Texas cop (Kline). Can they find her before she vanishes into a hellish underworld?

After viewing this film, I am now convinced that Natalee Holloway may have been sold into sex slavery especially after it was revealed that a sex trafficker was in Aruba the week she vanished.

Last year, Madeleine McCann's (3rd photo) parents were suspects in her disappearance but now authorities think she may have been the target of sex traffickers which is prevalent in Praia de Luz.

This film takes you into the inner workings of international sex trafficking.

Two of the most disturbing scenes in the movie: 1. The traffickers are in transit with abducted children and women in the back of a van when they decide to stop at a "pedophile rest stop" to make quick cash. They take a child outside, put her on display and a pedophile pays $80 dollars to take her into the nearby woods where numerous pedophiles are sexually assaulting children. 2. A eight-year old Thai boy is put up for auction on an encrypted password protected website and sold to a man in New Jersey for $25,000. Keep in mind, this film is based on actual events.

This movie is very disturbing but should recommended to all parents especially if you're traveling with your family overseas. This film can be rented from netflix.

Joseph Isgro headed a shadowy network of independent music promoters between 1980-1986. Top record companies allegedly paid $10 million dollars to this network in 1985 to garner airtime for their songs. Isgro was very successful at getting airtime on radio stations all over the country.

The network consisted of several promotional operatives. This powerful secret society worked as a loosely knit team. Each member had a territory and a group of stations.

Prosecutors at the time accused them of offering radio stations inducements ranging from cash to call girls to get certain artists on the air.

This network of men was responsible for nearly every song (being played on the air) between 1980-1986 and they were often given bonuses of $20,000 per success, for a job well done.

Allegedly, Isgro entertained label executives in Las Vegas, paying for their food and lodging and he often carried more than $100,000 in cash as pocket change.

Prosecutors say Isgro is a soldier in the Gambino crime family. He was indicted in 1989 on 57 counts of racketeering, conspiracy to distribute cocaine and engaging in payola, the practice of paying radio stations to play his label's songs.

According to media reports, Isgro bit the hands that fed him when he filed an antitrust suit against several major labels in 1986. The suit was dismissed but the big record companies never forgave him and he soon left the music promotion business.

Isgro is currently a film producer.


In 1933, a homosexual purge took place at MGM. Actor Ramon Novarro was on the list. His popularity and his secrecy gave him an advantage for a while.

Fixer, Howard Strickling worked diligently to keep his secret. Strickling even had the publicity department send thousands of Valentine's Day cards signed by Ramon to fans and female MGM employees.

Strickling also made sure that Novarro was linked to virtually every actress at MGM but the press still dropped hints. The Philadelphia Register noted that Novarro is "never linked to any women."

After this headline appeared, Novarro allowed Strickling to invent relationships with actresses. The first was actress, Myrna Loy.

Strickling even went so far as to try and force Novarro and Loy to wed and Novarro seriously considered the request before fleeing for a nine-month trip to South America. Strickling and the studio were disappointed in Novarro and MGM fired him while he was on vacation.

Novarro eventually lost his looks to alcohol and in the 1950's was relying on young male prostitutes for sex. Two teenaged hustlers murdered him in his home in 1968.


MGM Fixers Howard Strickling and Eddie Mannix had their work cut out for them regarding gay and lesbian stars. Virtually all of their time was consumed making sure this information never leaked to the paper.

Greta Garbo (4th photo) was carrying on several affairs at once with different women. MGM heard a rumor that Garbo and Marlene Dietrich (5th photo) were getting quite friendly. MGM had enough, Strickling allegedly called Greta Garbo into his office and ordered her to stay away from Dietrich. MGM didn't know, they were too late, because the two had already been lovers.

In 1925, the two appeared in the film "Joyless Street." The affair was well known but Garbo was certain Dietrich would eventually publicize their secret. Later in life, despite the film, the two pretended like they had never met and Dietrich instead, denied the affair until her death.

When Dietrich came to Hollywood, she eagerly jumped into the Hollywood lesbian scene. Her favorite club was BBB's Cellar in Hollywood. The first admittedly homosexual bar in L.A. Her club friends included Tallulah Bankhead and according to the book, "The Fixers," a "BBB" regular couple was billionaire Howard Hughes (1st photo) and actor Cary Grant (2nd photo).

Over the years, Hughes pursued hundreds of gorgeous Hollywood starlets, including Ava Gardner, Katherine Hepburn and Ginger Rogers. Every one of these women broke off the relationship when they discovered that Hughes was barely sexual towards women behind closed doors.

According to the book, "The Fixers," actor Tyrone Power (third photo) counted among his conquests, Cesar Romero and Howard Hughes.

The book also outs actor Peter Lawford (former Kennedy brother-in-law) first photo, directly above, by revealing, he was a healthy bi-sexual despite his multiple marriages and numerous affairs with women. Actor Sal Mineo (2nd photo, directly above) admitted to a sexual affair with Lawford.

Fixers Howard Strickling and Eddie Mannix covered up all of this information during Hollywood's golden era.

Source: "The Fixers," by E. J. Fleming


Before Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick scandalous text messages were made public involving his female chief of staff, Kilpatrick was considered the most incompetent mayor in the United States by political experts and he may be facing perjury charges.


After the John F. Kennedy assassination, over a dozen witnesses disappeared or turned up dead. Kilpatrick, known as the hip hop mayor, had a stripper party at the Mayor's mansion. His wife allegedly got into a physical altercation with one of the strippers. This particular stripper was murdered a few weeks later in a drive-by shooting.


Allegedly, a cop has come forward, saying he was part of the investigation, investigating the murder of the stripper killed in the drive-by. He says, he believes she was murdered by police officers. Allegedly, a second stripper who attended the party was also murdered and the remaining two left town.

According to Patrick Graber (Kobe Bryant's former bodyguard/fixer) one day, Kobe motioned for him into the hall so that he could talk to him in confidence. Kobe allegedly said, "I don't need you to take the girls (inside the penthouse), back tonight. I have something else for you to do."

Graber says Kobe had an envelope in his hand that he gave him. It was clearly bulging with money.

Kobe said, "I need you to go to this address." As Graber took the envelope he noticed there was an address written on it, with a name. Kobe continued, "After you arrive, make it clear that I want nothing more to do with her. Capisce?" With his other hand, Kobe gave Graber a roll of bills for his time and effort.

Graber asked, "You mean that you want me to scare her a little? Bryant allegedly nodded with a sinister smile.

"Be discreet, but let her know I'm serious and this is it!" The bodyguard could tell that his boss was angry. More than he felt the situation called for.

"Don't worry," Graber said, "there will be no mistake in my meaning and my discretion," he assured Bryant. Then, he turned and walked away.

"I'll call you later," Kobe said to the security professional's back as he rounded the corner.

Graber arrived at the apartment building on Chenault Street. Graber took a step back from the door and knocked. A moment later, he saw the peep hole darken, he spoke, "Delivery for Ms. Chantel."

The door opened, she was beautiful, early twenties, blue eyes and blonde hair. "Yes?" she cautiously said.

"Kobe sends you this," Graber thrust the envelope in the crack of the door. She recoiled like it was a snake but then reluctantly took it. Her eyes met Graber's, he could see the hurt.

Graber growled, "He thinks you had better leave him alone."

She looked scared and gently closed the door.

Graber returned to Kobe's place. Kobe let the bodyguard in without saying anything. Inside, as soon as the door closed, he asked, "Did you see the blonde girl at the reception counter?" "I want to grab that b**ch by the neck, bend her over a chair, and f**k her in the a**!"

Graber says, he then realized, Kobe was a loner consumed with basketball and sex, an impossible prima donna.

Kobe was also very impressed with Graber's military background. It's no secret that special op commandos are trained in assassination and this really impressed Kobe, according to Graber.

Source: "Dead Women Tell No Tales," by Patrick Graber & Keith Quillin


Bob Maheu (first photo) was a former CIA agent and FBI agent. He was also a fixer for billionaires Howard Hughes and Aristotle Onassis. Maheu worked nearly a decade for Hughes without ever meeting him. Below, Maheu describes the perks associated with working for Hughes.

"During the time I worked for Howard Hughes, he was, in effect, the King Of Las Vegas. And as his surrogate, I wore the crown."

"I had jets, helicopters and limousines available to me around the clock. I had a mansion on the golf course at the Desert Inn and a two-story chalet on a mountain top outside of Las Vegas. I had a wine cellar stocked for me partly by Baron de Rothschild himself and I had parties catered by the finest chefs from Hughes' own hotels. My salary was in excess of $1,000,000 in the 60's and my expense account was unlimited."

"I never considered myself a big gambler or womanizer but power is the most seductive mistress of all."

"In the late 1960's, Howard Hughes was perhaps the richest and most powerful private individual in the United States. And through Howard, much of that power was mine."

African-American businessman Elijah Shaw (above, far right) is the president and CEO of Icon Services Corp., a full-service security and investigative agency specializing in executive and VIP protection.

The company's first big deal came in 2000 with a $75,000 contract to handle background checks for Ford Motor Co., which remains one of its biggest clients.

Today, clients have grown to include celebrities such as R&B singer Usher Raymond and supermodel Naomi Campbell. The company has also expanded security operations in Europe, Australia and South Africa. Rates can run from $400 to about $1,000 per day, depending on the client, location and level of risk.

Later this year, Icon Services will provide security for events associated with both the 2008 Republican and Democratic national conventions.

The firm also offers free security services to victims of domestic abuse and domestic violence shelters courtesy of its ISC Safety Net initiative.

Source: Tennille M. Robinson @ Black Enterprise.


Coming Attraction Preview!

Celebrity/Underworld fixer Sidney Korshak (3rd photo) was once paid $5 million dollars to fix and adjust a delicate situation (we will feature in the future). He also single handedly brought the Olympics to Los Angeles in 1984 and the lawyer portrayed by Robert Duvall in the film, "The Godfather," was based on Korshak. Through his law practice he interacted with many mobsters like Al Capone, Frank Nitti and Sam Giancana. He was known as "the most powerful lawyer in the world," and his services were used by the upper ranks of both legitimate and illegitimate businesses in the United States. Celebrity friends and clients included: Hugh Hefner, Barron Hilton, Frank Sinatra, etc.

From the 1940’s until his death in the 1990s, attorney Sidney Korshak was not only the most powerful fixer in the world, according to the FBI, but also the enigmatic, almost vaporous player behind countless 20th century power mergers, celebrity situations, political deals, and organized crime chicaneries. As the underworld’s primary link to the corporate upperworld, Korshak’s backroom dominance and talent for anonymity will likely never be equaled.

Former Teamster boss Jackie Presser once said, "Sidney’s the smoothest sonofabitch in the business. There’s nothing he can’t fix...and he doesn’t even have an office. The guy don’t even have a briefcase. Keeps everything in his head." Former Paramount Pictures Studio head Robert Evans summarized: "Let’s just say that a nod from Korshak, and the Teamsters change management; a nod from Korshak, and Santa Anita and Vegas shut down; a nod from Korshak, and the Dodgers can suddenly play night baseball.


The late Charles Harrelson (actor Woody Harrelson's dad), 2nd photo, was an expert marksman. In 1960, he became a contract killer, one of the best (and highest paid) in the world.

Interestingly, Harrelson's best friend was Charles Rodgers, 3rd photo, also a top assassin, who was allegedly in Dallas with Harrelson during JFK's assassination according to conspiracy theorists.

In 1968, Harrelson was hired to kill businessman Sam Degelia. He would serve time in Leavenworth for the murder. After being released, Harrelson’s wife gave birth to a son, Woody, who later achieved fame as an actor on “Cheers.”

While under suspicion for killing a Federal judge, Charles Harrelson confessed to the murder of John F. Kennedy.

He later withdrew the confession but was convicted of murdering Judge Wood and was sentenced to two life terms. Harrelson died in prison in 2007.

Again, I pose the question, why aren't NBA players Kobe Bryant and Nick Van Exel suing Bryant's former bodyguard Patrick Graber regarding the following allegations he makes in his book? "Dead Women Tell No Tales," as follows:

According to Graber, "The upper-class home that Kobe occupied with his sister/guardian when he first came to Los Angeles soon became a place for sex and his sister's boyfriend supplied willing girls for Bryant to have sex with."

Graber adds, "Frequent sex parties took place at this house and also at the home of a Laker teammate. Kobe never indulged in drugs but I witnessed some of his teammates smoke cocaine."

"Kobe made one of his early appearances in public at a Def Jam After Party hosted by Queen Latifah at the Roxy Club. Before midnight, rapper Warren G and his posse sat down with Kobe. Kobe bought their drinks while he himself was drinking only water and juice."

"Not a celebrity yet and not the richest person in the room, Bryant was rather cool to talk to, with a personality free of arrogance he later acquired along with wealth and fame. Singer Monica was there, too, and briefly talked with Kobe.

"People with similar beliefs and interests are drawn to each other, according to Graber, this is why Kobe hung out with Laker colleague Nick Van Exel. Allegedly, Van Exel participated in the same sex orgies. Graber adds, "There had also been alleged reports that Van Exel assaulted a college girlfriend and kicked an unconscious teammate during a fight when he attended college."

"One of the guys Kobe was hanging out with was named Jondell, a gifted amateur basketball player, Kobe asked him to meet him at Venice Beach the following day for a pick-up game."

"The next day, the pick-up game was going in Kobe's favor, he dunked three times on one of the players of the other team while constantly verbally trashing him. This player could only take Kobe's attitude for so long and eventually, when Kobe was trying to dunk once more, the player grabbed Kobe by the wrist, pulling it until it broke. That was the end of the game and Kobe's teammates had to take him to a nearby hospital for surgery."

"The injury became the reason why his contract with the Lakers bans him from taking part in any pick-up game as long as he plays for them."

Source: "Dead Women Tell No Tales," by Patrick Graber and Keith Quillin


According to E.J. Fleming, author of "The Fixers." MGM fixers, Howard Strickling and Eddie Mannix had their hands full covering up the alleged indiscretions of actress Grace Kelly (The future Princess Grace of Monaco) from the media.

Grace Kelly was a 23-year-old, green-eyed, blonde beauty filming "Mogambo," with actor Clark Gable. The two had a heated affair during filming.

Kelly's reputation for sleeping with any man who might further her career was well deserved according to Fleming. She had countless affairs with married and single men. Including, crooner Bing Crosby while his wife was dying of cancer.

Fleming claims, she met Bing Crosby for sex at the pool house of his next door neighbor, actor Alan Ladd.

Her affair with actor Ray Milland (Hollywood's most married man) was a major scandal and actor William Holden was also married when she slept with him. She also slept with actor Spencer Tracey while he was married to his wife Louise and she had a affair with director Alfred Hitchcock.

When "Confidential" magazine described her as the "most dangerous dame in the movies today!" Her father and brother were so upset about the magazine's coverage that they stalked into the offices and beat up two editors.


When actress/singer Judy Garland was barely 20, her popularity skyrocketed as her personal life spiraled downward. According to the book, "The Fixers," she had sexual liaisons with dozens of MGM employees, most for sport.

Rumors were also circulating that Judy Garland and another actress were giving lesbian displays of affection for an unnamed studio executive.

She also tried to seduce her homosexual "male" friends and she seduced one man simply because he was ultra-faithful to his wife. She gave a friend the thumbs up sign to indicate she had been successful.

She also slept with actor Orson Welles while he was married to actress Rita Hayworth. In his autobiography, actor Charles Bickford described the young actress as a "sex-driven, drug-crazed wreck."

The studio made halfhearted attempts to help Garland, all the while feeding her drugs.

Early in 1944, rumors of Garland's use of illegal drugs led to an investigation by federal drug agents.

When "fixer," Eddie Mannix learned a female drug dealer (unusual in the 1940's) associated with feared gangster Lucky Luciano was indeed selling drugs to Garland, he arranged for an old New Jersey gangster/enforcer acquaintance to take the drug dealer to Palisades Amusement Park for a ride on the park's huge Ferris wheel. With the car stopped at the top of the ride, she was told that she would either stop selling drugs to Garland or she would be thrown off. After this incident, she disappeared from the movie lot.

Source: "The Fixers," by E. J. Fleming

Patrick Graber says he was framed:

(The Takedown)

According to Patrick Graber (above) he and Bryant’s head of security meet. Kobe changes his plan (regarding the alleged hit on the Colorado rape victim according to Graber) and a man named Revilla orchestrates Graber’s entrapment and arrest to divert the media attention away from the Colorado rape case thus improving Bryant’s damaged public image.

Secret Agent Man:

Before Patrick Graber worked as Kobe Bryant's bodyguard/fixer, he was paid $20,000 to complete a secret agent assignment in Africa, according to his book, "Dead Women Tell No Tales." His assignment was to neutralize a shooter and survey a warehouse that was heavily guarded with large quantities of marijuana and foreign weaponry.

The large property consisted of six separate structures and these structures were guarded around the clock. A shift of four outside guards and at least two on the inside changed every eight hours in a regular pattern. That meant at least eighteen guards armed with submachine guns.

Graber was partnered with a female agent named Janet. During a meeting, Graber suggested to his senior advisors, instead of neutralizing the shooter, "do you suggest hiring a shooter and then kill him?" The reply, "From a tactical point of view, yes. It is our interest that the shooter is eliminated immediately after he takes his shot (target unknown). It will be far easier for you to get away, since the attention of any witness will be on the first gunman we have in place."

Later, according to Graber, he met with a tall bald-headed black guy with razor sharp facial features. He produced the (correct) phrase for their initial contact. Graber was led to a location stashed with cardboard boxes and packages. The man handed him a large box that contained two Glock-21 pistols with silencers, spare magazines and ammunition for both weapons, choke wires, NVG's, combat boots in two different sizes to throw off forensics regarding height and a variety of small tools. The delivery was complete.

After Graber completed his assignment. He felt he had seen enough violence and was ready to return to civilian life. He wanted to apply his skills of special warfare as a bodyguard. And the place with the greatest concentration of celebrities in need of professional security was Los Angeles.


We had a brief report on this story a few weeks ago, this is a more detailed account with additional information. In 1937, MGM hosted a party for MGM salesmen. MGM female extras would also be in attendance. All of these extras were underage, between 15-17 years old. 500 cases of scotch and champagne was delivered to the party, a recipe for disaster.

The girls were misled by the studio, and were told they would be filming dance scenes for a movie at this location. Instead, they were expected to entertain 282 men.

A 13-year-old Dorothy Dandridge opened for Laurel & Hardy that evening. Thankfully, Dandridge was in the company of a guardian.

Liquor fueled this event and it quickly turned into a rowdy stag party. The men begin openly groping the girls.

And, one man (David Ross) 36, raped 17-year-old Patricia Douglas (1st photo). During the rape, he violated this virgin violently as he continuously slapped her across the face.

Douglas filed suit, MGM retaliated by painting her as an slut. They even had the local newspaper publish her home address and unbelievably, her rapist, David Ross was never charged or ever served with papers and continued to work for MGM until his retirement. The one witness, who witnessed the assault (a parking attendant) changed his story to support the attacker. In return, MGM gave him lifetime employment.

Eventually, the case was dismissed and MGM would blacklist Douglas. The 17-year-old never danced again. Only later, did she learn that her mother sold her out (by having the case dismissed behind her back for a quick settlement). She purchased a liquor store, horses and furs with the money. A gigolo ripped her off for the rest.

A few months later, another woman, 19-year-old singer, (Eloise Spann) came forward to claim that she was also raped and she became pregnant from the sexual assault. She had an abortion and again, the studio shut her down and blackballed her.

Spann would never sing again and she committed suicide by hanging herself.

This story was erased from history by MGM fixer Eddie Mannix until Jackie Onassis's friend David Stenn brought it to her attention before she died, she encouraged him to keep digging.

When Stenn told Fox reporter Greta Van Susteren about the story, she was in shock because she was familiar with historical rape cases but had never heard of this one. She put Fox researchers on it and they found nothing.

Stenn gathered enough information to release a documentary on this story, titled, "Girl 27." This is the most riveting and spellbinding documentary I've ever seen. Stenn even located rape victim Patricia Douglas in Las Vegas for her first on-camera interview in 70 years and you can also see the first image of fixer Eddie Mannix on film, consulting with MGM boss Louie Mayer.

The documentary also features an interview with the out of wedlock daughter of a married Clark Gable & Loretta Young (co-star) who Young went to great lengths to adopt to avoid scandal.

Sadly, Patricia Douglas died shortly after the release of this film. She was 86.

This is the best documentary I've even seen. You can rent it from netflix or you can view it from netflix on your computer, right now. Get it today!

This is the best film (even better than Trade) that we've ever reviewed on this site.

Actress Joan Crawford kept MGM fixers Eddie Mannix and Howard Strickling busy covering up her bi-sexuality. Even before Crawford came to Hollywood, it was alleged that she was a former prostitute who was once sexually involved with her stepfather. Mannix also confiscated a porn film starring Crawford.

Crawford was also very attracted to actress Marilyn Monroe. According to Monroe, Crawford made a blatant pass at her, once, pawing at her breasts uncontrollably.

A reporter once went to the set of a Crawford film to interview her, as she passed Crawford's trailer, it began rocking rhythmically back and forth. You could hear the moans and groans coming from inside. Later, actor Clark Gable sauntered out of the trailer. Allegedly, Crawford needed more sex and left the set, ignoring the reporter as she drove to Barbara Stanwyck's house, fourth photo.

According to the book, "The Fixers," Stanwyck's lesbianism was an open secret as far back as her days as a New York chorus girl. She was orphaned as a child and reared by her older sister. When she was 20, she married 31-year-old Frank Fay, an arrogant, alcoholic comic who was reputedly homosexual although he married twice. Stanwyck had been approached by several studios but her lesbianism became a problem, early on in her career.

Fay often beat Stanwyck and from 1932 to 1934 Stanwyck escaped him by crossing the street to stay with Crawford. Stanwyck was not the only woman who slept with Crawford during this time. Her children wrote that she slept openly with nannies.

Source: "The Fixers," by E.J. Fleming


Alleged Lyndon B. Johnson mistress, Madeleine Duncan Brown (directly above) said that the plan to kill the President had its origins in the 1960 Democratic Convention, at which John F. Kennedy was nominated presidential candidate with Johnson as his running mate, where H.L. Hunt, an American oil tycoon, and Lyndon Johnson hatched the assassination plot.

When they met in California Joe Kennedy, John Kennedy's father, and H.L. Hunt met three days prior to the election - they finally cut a deal according to John Currington (an aide to H.L. Hunt) and H.L. finally agreed that Lyndon would go as the vice president... this came from the horse's mouth way back in 1960 - when H.L. came back to Dallas I was walking... with him... and he made the remark, 'We may have lost a battle but we're going to win a war,' and then the day of the assassination he said 'Well, we won the war', said Brown.

The 1973 film "Executive Action," based on the Kennedy assassination mirrors Madeleine Duncan Brown's allegations, above. This film is so deep, it makes the movie "JFK," look like a Disney feature.

The opening scene is set in June 1963 at a gathering of shadowy industrial, political and former US intelligence figures who are giving vent to their growing dissatisfaction with the Kennedy administration. The scene takes place in the of the plush surroundings of the lead conspirator, Robert Ryan, presumably a Texas oil baron. He and the others are trying to convince an unnamed white-suited and bearded figure — obviously a hugely powerful U.S. industry magnate — to back their plans for an assassination of Kennedy.

The film postulates the same theory as the movie "JFK," that Lee Harvey Oswald is being steered to become the conspiracy's 'patsy', but unlike "JFK," the conspirators use a double of Oswald to shadow him in the weeks leading up to the assassination to leave behind a trail that the authorities can easily follow and link Oswald to the assassination.

All the assassins are black ops professionals trained never to talk about operations they are involved in. Each one is offered $25,000 per year ($75,000 in 1963 dollars) for the next five years provided the operation's cover isn't blown. If their cover remains intact in five years time (1968) every man will receive a further $100,000 into their Swiss bank accounts.

Right after the assassination, the two hit squads were flown out of the country via private plane, according to the film.

At the end of the film a photo collage is shown of 18 witnesses all but two of whom died from unnatural causes within three years of the assassination. A voice-over says that an actuary of the British newspaper The Sunday Times calculated the probability that all these people who witnessed the assassination would die within that period of time to be 1000 trillion to one.

Wayne Williams is considered a fall guy in the Atlanta Child murders case, (1979-1981). Allegedly, the killings continued after his arrest (with no media coverage) and he was allegedly lured out of his home with directions to cross a bridge. His car never stopped on the bridge yet he was arrested for tossing a body into the river. Williams was the perfect "fall guy," because he was an eccentric talent scout who was often around children. Even the mothers of the dead children don't believe Williams is the killer. The film, "Echo Of Murder," "may," be a true account of what actually happened.

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s son Dexter King met with James Earl Ray in prison before Ray died. After the meeting, King was quoted as saying, "I believe he is innocent." Yet, nothing more has come of this. If Ray didn't kill Dr. King, who did? It's doubtful the question will ever be answered if Ray was innocent.


Former President John F. Kennedy may have been black friendly but according to Frank Sinatra's former black valet, George Jacobs, Kennedy's father Joe Kennedy, was anything but black friendly.

In his book, "My Life With Mr. S," Jacobs says, "One weekend, Joe Kennedy visited Frank Sinatra. Not only did Joe Kennedy tell "ni**er jokes throughout the meals, in front of me, he also called Indians "savages" and blacks "Sambos" and he cursed the hell out of anyone who served him from the wrong side or put one ice cube too many in his Jack Daniels."

"While glaring at me, he angrily asked Sinatra, "Can't you get any white help?"

"Sinatra wouldn't stand for orgies on his property but hookers were in attendance during this weekend."

"After one day, according to Jacobs, Joe Kennedy tried to brand one of the hookers with a lit cigar and she left.

"Sinatra gave her $500 dollars before she left. After she departed, Joe continued his tirade on Blacks and Indians, saying, "Blacks need to stay in Watts and Indians need to stay on the reservation."

"Joe Kennedy was, if anything, crueler about Jews than he was about blacks. He threw racial slurs around all weekend."

Later, in his biography, actor Peter Lawford stated that he was valet at a private club in Miami before he came to Hollywood where Joe Kennedy was a member. According to Lawford, Joe scolded him one day for talking to the black valets.

The book, "My Life With Mr. S," has been adapted for film and Chris Tucker will play the title role of George Jacobs.


Tragic rocker Sonny Bono was clubbed to death by hired hit men, according to a stunning new tabloid expose. An investigator who has been researching Bono's 1998 fatal skiing accident for the past decade claims top officials linked to an international drug and weapons ring feared the singer-turned-politician was about to expose their criminal acts - and so they had him killed on the slopes. Cher's ex-husband Bono's death was listed as a "skiing accident" with family and friends satisfied he died after colliding with a tree on the piste in Nevada in January 1998.

But, former FBI agent Ted Gunderson tells America's Globe that there's more to the tragedy than meets the eye, after studying the autopsy reports and other evidence. He says, "It's nonsense for anyone to now try to suggest that Bono died after crashing into a tree. There's zero evidence in this autopsy report... to show such an accident happened. Instead, there's powerful proof he (Bono) was assassinated. "This was an evil plot that was carried out to almost perfection by ruthless assassins." Gunderson tells the Globe Bono, an experienced skier, was ambushed on the slopes by hired hit men, who beat him to death and then staged a tree collision.

The retired FBI agent is now calling for the authorities to dig up Bono's remains and open a homicide investigation. Gunderson's efforts have been backed by top forensics experts, who fear Nevada authorities were too quick to mark the tragedy as a skiing accident, and investigator Bob Fletcher, who has confessed he sent evidence of a 10-year study that linked top U.S. government officials to arms and weapons dealers to Bono less than a month before his death. Fletcher says, "He was going to make it his number one priority.. There's no doubt in my mind Sony was murdered by someone who needed him silenced."

Owen "Thor" Walker, 18, (above) is a New Zeland teenager who headed a network of 8 hackers accused of infiltrating 1.3 million computers to manipulate stock trades and steal millions of dollars from victims' bank accounts. The network also stole credit card information. They consumed control of the computers and amass them into controlled clusters known as botnets. Everyone pleaded guilty or have been convicted since the investigation began last year.