The wife of one of the DeBarge brothers (unidentified) was allegedly the victim of a serial killer. She was allegedly abducted, murdered and tortured before her body was found.  In Related News: When Chico DeBarge was incarcerated for drug trafficking several years ago.  Due to his good looking soft features, allegedly, inmates tried to "get at him" but older inmates came to his defense. 


As we stated on the front page, Buck Angel (1st and bottom photo) was born a biological “woman.” ‘He’ still has his female genitalia and is the first female-to-male star to perform with gay men in adult films. Some of the gay men have commented, ‘during the sex scenes, they are not turned on by his female genitalia but by his muscles.’ Buck was married to Ilsa Strix, a Los Angeles-based professional dominatrix (to A-list stars). Strix left Buck for Matrix co-creator Larry Wachowski. Interestingly, every person who hooks up with Strix (third photo, DVD cover of her film) has had a sex change or is in transition. Matrix co-creator Larry Wachowski is currently undergoing a sex change. Also, Black and White celebrities (single/married men) continue to seek Buck out for personal sex sessions and private parties.

Kobe Bryant’s former bodyguard (Patrick Graber) makes explosive allegations in his book “Dead Women Tell No Tales.” He says Kobe often entertained several mistresses at his Beverly Wilshire residence and one of the those mistresses, allegedly, included blonde porn star Mila, pictured above.


CLEVELAND -- Indians pitcher Kazuhito Tadano is asking for forgiveness for what he called a one-time mistake -- his appearance in a gay porn video in which he engaged in a homosexual act. Tadano took part in the video three years ago when he was a college student. Shunned by Japanese baseball teams, the 23-year-old Tadano signed with the Indians in March of 2004. Tadano was traded to the Oakland Athletics in 2006.

Few people know that singer/actress Nona Gaye (daughter of Marvin Gaye) was once on the verge of dating actor Darrius McCrary (Family Matters) but for reasons unknown, the relationship mysteriously ended. It's rumored that Nona initiated the breakup. This budding romance was so brief, It’s doubtful the relationship was ever consummated.  Darius is now engaged to Karrine Steffans, below.


Few people know that the notorious Karrine Steffans allegedly, once had a very intense relationship with former NY drug kingpin Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff. Reportedly, McGriff once lost track of Karrine and sent some of his men to Los Angeles to locate her. In his heyday, McGriff generated $1 million per day in drug profits. One of the most feared black gangsters of any era, McGriff is alleged to have orchestrated the shooting of rapper 50 Cent, several years ago.  McGriff is currently incarcerated under an array of drug offenses and murder charges.

Rap star Trina was allegedly involved with “Black Mafia Family,” General, Demetrius “Meech” Flenory for a short period of time. The couple allegedly went out on several dates before they broke up. According to authorities, Flenory headed a drug empire that netted over $250 million dollars during a several year stretch. In police circles, he is known as the ‘Black Godfather.” Flenory is currently awaiting trial on a variety of drug charges.

Paul Barresi (2nd photo) is considered a colorful character. He’s a former gay adult star-turned adult director (despite being married) and he also claims to be a private investigator. Over the past decade, Barresi has been involved in several high profiled celebrity scandals. Barresi continues to insist that he assisted (Hollywood fixer) Anthony Pellicano in a 1994 investigation of paternity claim allegations involving Barry Bonds and a porn actress. After Pellicano got in the mix the story disappeared from the headlines and the outcome is unknown.

Back in the day, Dre (Dawn Robinson's husband) had a volatile relationship with former supermodel Beverly Peele, 4th photo. The couple would get into screaming matches at parties and Dre was accused of leaving threatening phone calls on Peele’s answering machine after they broke up. And, a black video girl and a black actress allegedly took out restraining orders against Dre in the past.

Before Beverly Peele hooked up with Dre Allen, she was involved with actor Adam Rodriguez (above) who stars on the show, CSI: Miami. Peele is currently married with two children.


According to the late Richard Pryor, "One evening I was at the "Candy Store," club in Hollywood. I spotted her standing beside the dance floor."

"She told me her name was Mitrasha and she was beautiful and exotic as her name, a dead ringer for a young Josephine Baker."

"After a night of drinking, flirting, kissing and dancing, I took Mitrasha home, where we did cocaine and got down to business."

"The next time we were together, Mitrasha forgot to do the tuck and fold. When I reached down, I discovered that she was actually a "he."

"For some reason, I didn't care. Either I wanted the nut too badly, I was too high to object, or I was as sexually confused as Mitrasha. It was probably a combination of all three reasons."

"Mitrasha and I carried on for several weeks. We even went out dancing at the "Daisy." I never kept him a secret"

"My best friend , for instance, knew I was f**king a dude, and a drop-dead gorgeous one at that. I even admitted doing something different was exciting. But after two weeks of being gay, enough was enough and I went back to life as a horny heterosexual."

"A while later, my best friend delivered a message from Mitrasha. He'd realized a lifelong dream and undergone a sex-change operation. Now biologically a woman, she wanted to get back together."

"I passed."

According to Richard Pryor, in 1968, "I worked at the Village Gate in New York, one of the few clubs that didn't object to the new material I was performing, which the more conservative bookers considered inflammatory. The money aspect also interested me, but far more important at the time was meeting jazz great Miles Davis who was the club's headliner."

"Miles and I were brothers waiting to meet. Kindred spirits. Before we even spoke, he did something that no one else would've done, because no one would've understood the shit I was going through without a detailed explanation."

"But, Miles' radar picked me up like a lost plane. About half an hour before the show, he had one of his guys come to my dressing room and tell me the lineup had been changed. "Miles is gonna play first," he said. "What?" I asked, wondering what the fuck was going on. "Miles is going to open. Then you follow." The gesture was pure Miles-intuitive, supportive, generous and in sync with the moment. By trading places, he was giving me a vote of support."

"After the show, Miles invited me to his dressing room. When I entered he was kissing Dizzy Gillespie, with his tongue and shit. This made me wonder what kind of shit he had planned for me but Miles played a different tune with me. We got in a cab and went to a midtown apartment where he introduced me to a woman I called Gypsy Lady. She was dark and mysterious with eyes as hot as fire, she had the best cocaine I ever tried. It was a big rock. Like the Hope Diamond. We chopped and snorted until the sun crept through the windows and then we disappeared like vampires."

"From now on, you get your coke from her," Miles said as we left. "She's got the best."

Source: "Pryor Convictions," by Richard Pryor & Todd Gold

Former supermodel Janice Dickinson (1st photo) says in her book, “No Lifeguard On Duty,” that she got a call from Bill Cosby’s people. They were developing some ideas for television, they said, Bill had been following her career with interest. He thought she had the right stuff. One evening she met Cosby and late actor Telly Savalas for dinner. Dickinson says both men grinned and drooled through the entire lunch.

The next day, Dickinson met with Cosby again, she claims that an assistant poked his head inside Cosby’s office to tell him his wife was on the phone. Cosby looked at the assistant like he wanted to kill him. Later that evening Dickinson had dinner with her friend Debbie. She told her the whole Cosby story. “I think he wants to sleep with me.”

According to Dickinson, she flew to Tahoe to see Cosby perform. When she checked into her hotel room, she called Cosby, he was a floor up. “Cosby answered the door in nothing but a white towel. He hugged me a little too enthusiastically and told me how much he missed me and then he kissed me full on the lips.” After dinner, he asked me back to his room and I went but I stopped myself at the door. “I’m exhausted,” I said, begging off. “Exhausted?” he asked, and it was clear he was trying hard to keep his temper in check. “After all I’ve done for you, that’s what I get? I’m exhausted.” “Well, gee, Bill,” I stammered. “If I had known it was going to be like this---” He waved both hands in front of my face, silencing me. Then he gave me the dirtiest, meanest look in the world, stepped into his suite and slammed the door in my face.” “I never heard from him again.”

In Related News: Former video girl Tatiana (The Way You Make Me Feel) alleges in the book, "Once More With Feeling," that Janice Dickinson complained to her that agents laughed at her and complained about her "big nigger lips."  "Now they're the rage, she gloated."  "They're paying me thousands for these big lips.  Look who's laughing now."  Tatiana stated, "I hated to hear the word nigger, even if she was talking about what someone else said.  It was so insulting." In Rick James' autobiography "Memoirs Of A Super Freak," he states on page 199 that he and Janice Dickinson got very high one night at Studio 54.

Stevie Wonder's late mother Lula Hardaway was an incredible and remarkable woman who raised a house full of children. In her biography, she's brutally honest and reveals the sacrifices she made as a young mother, as follows:

According to authors Dennis Love & Stacy Brown: Lula Hardaway, her husband (Judkins) and their sons (including Stevie) were getting low on food and coal.

One evening, her husband, who was drunk, told her, "I want you to go take a ride with a man, he gave me some money, he's waiting in his car on the street. Be nice to him."

Lula asked, "Be nice to him...what do you mean? Judkins said, "You just do whatever he wants you to do!"

Lula screamed, "Are you crazy drunk-Judkins grabbed her arm and wrenched it, hard. Lula feared it might snap in two. He had her pinned up against the wall and spit the following words in her ear: "You go out there and do what he says or I'll beat you like you never been beat. You know I will!"

He shoved her roughly away from the wall. "Get your coat and get out of here!"

In a daze, Lula collected her overcoat and shrugged it on. One of her son's appeared in the kitchen doorway: Where you going, Mama? I'm hungry.

"I'll be back in a little while, she heard herself say. You stay here. Mama will be back in a bit."

She walked down the stairs where the sedan was idled by the curb. She opened the door and got in. Afterwards, when it was over, she returned home and walked up the stairs shell shocked.

Later that evening, she went to the corner market and bought a chicken for dinner because, by God, her children were going to have food in their stomachs that night and they were going to be warm. She would see to it.

Other times, she refused to go out on "the stroll" but she would always be under the threat of Judkin's insistence. She was under his sway and she hated it, resented it, felt revolted by it. But she was convinced that this was the only way, for now, until he got back on his feet, until he figured things out.

Sometimes, Judkins would bring home men for her. Other times, she was on her own and she would walk to the stroll, now she understood why some of the girls took dope but she never did.

Lula witnessed girls fight each other for a trick. A fight to the death, hair flying, fingers clawing at eyes with the other girls watching and laughing and whooping.

Lula hung back. She was still young, pretty, healthy-looking. Getting work was never a problem. She kept to herself. Once, early on, a large man, rough trade for sure, came toward her, drifting down the street like a shark. Stuck his face in hers. This is my street, he said. And I don't know you, and so, bitch, why you here?

Lula stood her ground. I'm here, she said, her voice wavering slightly, because my children are hungry and I want some coal in the stove tonight when I go home..so why don't you just tell me where your street ends? And I'll make sure I stay off it.

Source: "Blind Faith," by Dennis Love & Stacy Brown


In 2007, actor James Woods (2nd photo) revealed (on The Late Late Show) that O.J. Simpson allegedly, wanted to organize a sexual three-way with him and his late wife Nicole Simpson before her murder.

According to Woods, the Simpsons invited him to dinner at a chic restaurant in Palm Springs. Later that night, according to Woods, O.J. and Nicole invited him to their hotel suite for a "late-night nightcap." Woods claimed that the intent was to establish a short-term menage a trois was very clear but Woods then went on to say that he didn't take the bait.

Woods' said he might have gone for Nicole but O.J. was a bit much for him.

According to Hollywood sources, over the years, Woods' has always been pursued (for sex) because of the reported size of his manhood.


During the 1970s, the "Black P. Stone Nation Gang," aka (Blackstone Rangers) trafficked in cocaine and heroin. In 1983, gang leader Jeff Fort (2nd photo) was convicted of drug trafficking charges and sentenced to 13 years in prison. He was sent to the Federal Correctional Institution at Bastrop, Texas. Fort ordered members of the El Rukn gang to meet with Libyan officials. The gang agreed to commit terrorist acts in the U.S. in exchange for $2.5 million dollars.

In 1987, Fort was tried and convicted for conspiring with Libya to perform acts of domestic terrorism. He was sentenced to 80 years imprisonment and transferred to the USP Marion, the federal supermax prison in Marion, Illinois. In 1988, Fort was also convicted of ordering the 1981 murder of a rival gang leader and was sentenced to 75 years in prison to be served after the completion of his terror conspiracy sentence.Fort was transferred to the newly opened ADX Florence supermax prison in Florence, Colorado in 1995 and remains there as of 2008.

In the late 1960's, Sammy Davis, Jr., gave the Blackstone Rangers a financial contribution and they heartily accepted. The Rangers also begun discussing business dealings Sammy could enter in with them. In no time at all, Sammy invested in a liquor store run by the Black Stone Rangers.

The Blackstone Rangers wanted to honor Sammy and they invited him to become an honorary member. It meant he would have to go through an initiation process.

Lola Falana accompanied Sammy to the initiation ceremony held at a secret Chicago location. Walking into the room, Sammy and Falana noticed that the faces on the Blackstone Rangers were serious, some grim. Celebrity worship did not appeal to the Blackstone Rangers.

The gang members stood in two lines facing each other, the formation of a gauntlet. One by one, they began to punch Sammy in the stomach. Their fists were slamming into Sammy's bony chest.

This was the initiation.

After several punches, Falana grabbed Sammy's arms and pulled him away. Once he was seated in the car, Falana asked him if he was okay. "I'm all right," he said, unconvincingly.

When they reached Sammy's hotel room, Sammy collapsed.

Source: "In Black And White: The Life Of Sammy Davis, Jr." by Wil Haygood

According to author Ronin Ro: In the 1990's, a curvy blonde, Tairrie was a break-dancer and graffiti enthusiast who'd met one of Eazy's employees at a N.W.A. concert. The employee later brought her demo to the studio. Originally, Dr. Dre was to produce while Ice Cube wrote lyrics but with Cube gone, Tairrie wanted to write her own songs.

Tairrie would eventually write a few songs. According to her, Dre didn't like this.

She says, he confronted her during the 1990 Grammy Awards, backstage.

While Tairrie talked to her female manager, Dre allegedly got in their faces and started talking shit according to Tairrie.

Tairrie says, "I talked shit back, thinking he wouldn't do anything because we were at the Grammy's but he hit me right in the mouth and when I didn't fall, he socked me in the eye in front of everybody backstage."

The police broke it up as people stood around in shock. Within minutes, she was in a precinct downtown and she told the cops, "You know that band that sings 'Fuck Tha Police,' (NWA)? Well, Dre Dre just did this to me."

Within 24 hours, however, she dropped the charges, saying that someone advised her to do that if she wanted her record to come out. "I was stupid and didn't really have good advice."

After another (public) battering incident involving a woman (Dee Barnes), a Rolling Stone reporter allegedly overheard Dre say, "It's not like I broke the b**ches arm."

Dre even tried to deny the Dee Barnes incident when he was being interviewed by Spin magazine when Eazy allegedly said, in front of him, "You lying. You beat the shit out of her."

Source: "The Biography: Dr. Dre," by Ronin Ro


According to Hiphop.sh: Allegedly, a young Lady Of Rage (Robin Allen) prepared soft drinks for her friends-one summer day, asking if they would like candy in their drinks.

A resounding yes had her pouring rat poison in each drink, (including her own). One friend screeched and spilled out the drink exclaiming it was not candy, they were later informed that it was rat poison.

Robin’s friends fled the basement screaming. When parents came to confront her about her actions, Robin was already admitted into hospital for stomach pumping. Doctors were shocked at this behavior.

At the age of twelve she tried to commit suicide with Tylenol and a second time with more pills much to her mother’s disbelief. A third attempt came back in Virginia with Ortho weed killer until a friend slapped her out of it.


Allegedly, there's an underground clinic in Altadena, California where Black and White celebrities go to buy medication for an assortment of STDS, mainly HIV/AIDS and herpes (discreetly, away from prying eyes and hospital employees who may leak their identity to the tabloids). AIDS cocktail drugs, overseas miracle drugs and standard herpes medication is priced at $2,500 regardless of which illness you're afflicted with. These celebrities are paying for privacy.

If they don't go in person, they send their assistants to pick up their medication after signing an air tight secrecy/confidentiality agreement. This is not a doctor's office, this is an undercover/underground (non advertised) exclusive STD clinic for celebrities only. No one outside of entertainment (until now) knows about this clinic. The high profile patients in the industry found out about it through word of mouth.

Allegedly, according to our source, patients include: Two white female pop stars, one rap mogul, and several rappers.


Above, we revealed the identity of the White female domanitrix (Illsa Strix) who services White Hollywood. Directly above, is the Black domanitrix who allegedly services Black Hollywood. Her clients include: powerful black men in Rap and R&B. What makes this situation unusual, "she" is a pre-op transsexual. ‘She’ was born a man. She advertises as a 7’ inch shemale escort and she’s located on the East Coast. According to sources, she’s flown in to New York and Hollywood to service men who wield power during the day. These same men are eager to be her sex slave in the evening as she wields power over them with whips, handcuffs and paddles, etc. She also performs at private celebrity parties. She’s paid big money for her services.


S&M (MONEY SLAVES) by Sky Villa

The woman pictured above is a domanitrix who specializes in S&M 'money slavery.' She also has use of two dungeons-fully equipped with suspension, floggers, ropes, whips, masks, collars, paddles and candles. Full-time domanitrix's can earn $15,000 per week whereas a part-time dominatrix earns $5,000-$7,000 per week.

These women earn much more in regards to money slavery which has only been in existence for several years.

Money slavery consists of a rich individual (usually a man) or a rich couple who gain sexual gratification from giving their domanitrix cash or their credit card numbers on a regular basis.

The domanitrix above operates under a "no sex, no contact, no nudity" provision. In other words, she accepts the money and doesn't have to offer sex in return but she is expected to verbally humiliate her money slaves.

"Money slaves," are sought out by domanitrix's because they get paid for doing very little-but money slaves are hard to come by.

I recently spoke to a black 'kept' woman. She has a money slave in Europe. They met when she advertised her services online. First step, he had to send her a "tribute fee," to prove his sincerity.

When the fee was received, she immediately posted a "wish list," on her website. He mailed her every gift on the list via a private mail drop.

Over time, he gave her his credit card numbers. She used his credit card information to shop in moderation.

She said, "I didn't want to appear greedy because I know a lot of women who made that mistake and were cut off."

Over time, she agreed to meet her money slave in person. He flew to her destination. He wined and dined her and took her shopping.

Before he left, he had her accompany him to a local bank where he opened up a account in her name.

It's hard to police a non-contact dominatrix because-by not having sex for money, she isn't breaking the law and she can't be charged for dishing out humiliation for money.

The following is an excerpt from a expose we did on BDSM. Our reporters went undercover by placing ads on the internet. This is the exchange between a "money slavery" couple who responded to one of the ads.


The most intriguing response from this category came from a affluent couple who resided in Los Gatos, CA. This community, Los Gatos Hills, outside of San Francisco, is the wealthiest community in Northern CA. The couple, Evan and Perris were extremely wealthy.

He was a world renowned brain surgeon and she was a college professor. They sold the shares they owned in several Silicon Valley companies before the tech crash. He drove a Jaguar, she drove a Ferrari. They had a winter home and a summer home, they also owned a private jet. This was a submissive couple, they needed a Dom to bring discipline and order into their personal life.

We met at a restaurant in Monterey. It was the weekend of the jazz festival, the restaurant was crowded. After dinner, we decided to take a drive to nearby Carmel to watch the sunset. We ended up in Seaside at an outdoor cafe.

We ordered dessert and got down to business. Evan spoke first, "Perris and I have come to the conclusion, if you agree to take us on as submissive's and we are mutually satisfied, we are prepared to buy a home in San Francisco to be near you, when we are away, you can occupy the house."


Evan continued, "At some point, we would like you to take care of the money we have in a special account. We would also like you to put us on an allowance as you see fit. I would like you to dominate us both, we are not only money slaves, we also seek domination and we would like the sessions to be videotaped so we can watch later."

"I would like you to beat us into submission, have us crawl, collar us, spit in our faces, slap us, talk to us dirty, beat us with diamond studded whips, put lit matches in our ear lobes and pins in our skin like a pin cushion. We want our spirits broken."

"I am a non-contact (no sex) and prefer humiliation only, but you are welcome to have sex with Perris."

They asked me if I was interested in spending the night, so that they could get a preview, they would pay $5,000, I politely declined.

We departed the cafe, I told them that I would call them and schedule our first appointment. I never did. Over the next few weeks, I received numerous emails from them, that went unanswered.

*The names were changed in this article.


Foster Sylvers 45, (above) the youngest member of the "Sylvers" singing group (Boogie Fever, Hotline) who once produced tracks for Janet Jackson-is now a registered sex offender. The above mug shot and the nature of his crime is featured on a National Sex Offender Website connected to Megan's Law, The Attorney General & the Department Of Justice. His crime is listed as follows: Oral Copulation: Victim unconscious of the nature of the act.


Former supermodel Janice Dickinson once enjoyed a drug-fueled threesome with singing icon Grace Jones and 1980s movie hunk Dolph Lundgren. The 53-year-old, who claims to have slept with over 1,000 men and a number of women, admits the encounter with Jones and Lundgren is one she is often asked about - but she was too intoxicated to remember what it was like. She says, "I had a threesome with Grace and Dolph. People ask me what it was like - and if it was true Dolph had a big one. But I don't remember. We were all so high. "I've slept with women, including supermodels, in the past. Everyone did. You're away for a month working. What are you supposed to do? You play with each other."

We spoke to a Madam last week, we were informed that her transsexual/transvestite division has become just as profitable as her other divisions. The demand has become so great among rich men that her reps are actively recruiting transsexuals/transvestites to work for her. She added, "The most lucrative events for my TV/TS escorts is All-Star weekend and the Super Bowl and a lot of my clients are rappers."

A particular rapper who did a bid had become so accustomed to homosexual sex inside the joint that he can no longer get aroused with women. He is now discreetly patronizing TV/TS escorts exclusively.

Male strippers are also in demand among famous men. Top Gentlemen clubs across the country are hiring male strippers to perform for famous men. These male strippers are also giving private performances, (lap dances, fellatio, etc.) in private VIP rooms with a guard posted outside. It's rumored that a tape exists of a black superstar athlete enjoying a lap dance and having sex with a male stripper. This tape was secretly shot inside one of the VIP rooms.

We have also been informed that a top black DJ, despite being married, is a regular customer of TV/TS escorts in Hollywood. He contacts them through a local smut paper.

A particular black actor recently gave money to his favorite escort to have a sex change, despite having a girlfriend. This actor is known as "A tranny chasing trick," in the sex industry.

Another black actor allegedly contracted the AIDS virus from a transsexual prostitute.

Many of these men share the same logic: "Well, I'm not really gay because I'm the top and the escort has feminine features because she is a transsexual or a transvestite, so I'm not gay."

The transsexual escort pictured above, has the West Coast on lockdown in regards to rich gay men and famous downlow men, she's also a big draw overseas and she frequently entertains hip hop royalty.

The transsexual escort pictured below (who we featured before), has the East Coast on lockdown and she also charges $3,000 per night.


The grisly, ritualistic-style murders of which Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald (third photo) was convicted took place in MacDonald's home located in Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, on February 17, 1970, between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. in the morning. At the time, MacDonald was a captain in the Army (Green Berets) and assigned to medical duties at Womack Army Hospital, Ft. Bragg. Incredibly, Army investigators decided within fifteen minutes of arriving at the crime scene, that Dr. MacDonald had "staged" the entire massacre and then stabbed (and clubbed) himself-repeatedly-in order to make it "appear" that he was a victim of outside assailants who entered his home. This version of events appeared in the book and film, titled "Fatal Vision."

A drug trafficking ring (that extended to Vietnam) wanted to hang the crime on Jeffrey MacDonald. Why? Allegedly, Dr. MacDonald became aware of them smuggling drugs in military coffins and in the cavities of dead soldiers and the traffickers thought he was going to blow the whistle on their operation. Simply stated, according to some legal scholars, the people who murdered Jeffrey MacDonald's wife and children were part of a huge drug pipeline operation (headed by American Gangster's Ike Atkinson) that ran from Vietnam straight into Ft. Bragg and other military bases around the United States.

According to Helena Stoeckley (an informant), many high ranking Army officials (including two Ft. Bragg generals) were involved in the drug running/distribution operation, along with some members of the Army's Criminal Investigation Division (CID) and some members of the Fayetteville Police Department. The lead CID investigator at the MacDonald crime scene, the person who said that MacDonald had "staged" the massacre of his family, was William Ivory, a man Helena Stoeckley identified as being involved with a Fayetteville Police detective named Lieutenant Rudy Studer in drug dealing. Stoeckley said she would tell authorities everything about Ivory and Studer's illicit activities if given immunity from prosecution. She never got it.

Beyond shielding corrupt Army officials who were involved in the Vietnam pipeline operation, there were at least 15 teenage children of upper rank Army officers at Ft Bragg who were enmeshed in the local drug culture, including the daughter of an Army colonel who decided to focus the CID's investigation of the MacDonald murders exclusively on Jeffrey MacDonald as the sole suspect. Even more telling, the daughter of that colonel was known to be a person who often associated with Helena Stoeckley and her druggie friends.

Helena Stoeckley was a drug informant from approximately 1968 until 1972. Helena told authorities that drugs, primarily heroin, were being smuggled into this country in the body cavities of dead soldiers being returned by air from Vietnam to the United States. She named Ike Atkinson, first photo, (the same man who helped Frank Lucas smuggle drugs in American Gangster) as the ring leader. Atkinson was portrayed as 'Nate,' by actor Roger Guenveur (2nd photo) in the film "American Gangster." Atkinson is considered the biggest drug trafficker ever to operate out of Southeast Asia.

When Atkinson returned stateside, he was located in Goldsboro, N.C., supposedly working out of Johnson Air Force Base. Helena added, they were smuggling drugs in the same manner into Johnson Air Force Base.

She also advised authorities that Atkinson was in the service, but subsequently got out and continued his business in drugs with the same contacts. Authorities didn't pay much attention to Atkinson because he wasn't in their jurisdiction.

Helena said, after the MacDonald murders, that there were contacts in Vietnam who continued to put the drugs in the G.I.'s bodies, in plastic bags after the autopsies were complete, The bodies were sewn up and shipped to Pope Air Base, Ft. Bragg, Johnson Air Base, and other bases which she did not name.

Jeffrey MacDonald has spent the last 28 years in prison.


The man above is simply known as "Master," among celebrities on the S&M circuit in Hollywood. He considers himself a slavemaster who is well versed in the art of Bondage, Discipline and Sadomasochism (BDSM).

He specializes in humiliation and degradation. His "BDSM," sessions are said to include whips, paddles, pins, leashes, etc.

He also has two sidekicks who perform with him at private celebrity parties, orgies, and in the private bedrooms of the rich and famous. One sidekick is an Asian domanitrix and the other is a black transsexual (Mistress). This trio is often booked for weekends in Beverly Hills estates and Hollywood mansions where celebrities have the option of being on the receiving end of a whip or they can watch Master administer discipline on his sidekick(s).

It's rumored that the women were trained in the art of BDSM in an S&M brothel on the East Coast.

"Master," charges celebrities and civilians an incall rate of $250 per hour and an outcall rate of $300 per hour, and he accepts credit cards.

The rate for "Master" and the Transsexual mistress/or the Asian dominatrix is $450 per hour. The rate for "Master" and both of the women is $650 per hour.



She was known on the Hollywood scene and among the celebrity jet-setters. She was a top flight call girl/madam. She was often seen at exclusive private clubs, on yachts and at luxurious mansions and estates.

She once lived with a black "former" NFL player (known as a pretty boy). She moved out when she began to have questions about his sexuality. It's always been rumored that he was downlow.

One evening, she was with her call girl crew, they went to a party given by a female singer who was then involved with a black celebrity male who would go on to marry a rich diva. That night, she tried to recruit pretty women at the party (for prostitution). Telling them: "I can hook you up with rich guys and professional athletes for a lot of money, if you're interested, here's my number, give me a call."

Later that evening, she got a call from one of her former clients. A once popular R&B singer who used to perform in a trio before he went solo. He still has a reputation for beating women. Now, he's on crack and practically homeless. He was calling because he needed to borrow money to purchase crack. She hung up in his face. She once paid for a broke rapper to stay at a hotel for 4 months so he wouldn't have to bunk at a homeless shelter. This rapper was engaged to an actress, no one knows if they actually got married.

One evening, when she was leaving a party with her girls and a few guy friends. She dropped her purse (that was opened) and $8,000 in cash scattered all over the parking lot.

For nearly a year, she moved into the house of a female fashion designer (who has always been bi-sexual). She often walked around the Malibu estate in the nude. The designer paid all of her bills and gave her a monthly allowance until she moved out.

She then married two professional ballers in quick succession. When the marriages broke up, she went back to being a call girl.

One evening, she met a former NBA player (who now a sports commentator) at a plush 4-star hotel. She went up to his suite and came back down battered and bleeding. He had beat her so bad, she required plastic surgery. This is his foreplay before sex. He's gets aroused by beating women. Hint, he bares a physical resemblance to a black male singer.

Now, she's semi-retired and married to a billionaire, known in the trade as being "the world's biggest trick." Allegedly, he left his wife for her.

Who is the pretty boy NFL player she lived with? She attended a party given by a female singer who was once involved until her ex married a rich diva, who is the female singer and the ex? Who is the R&B singer on crack and practically homeless? Who is the rapper she loaned money so he could stay in a hotel? Who is the retired NBA player (abusive)?


There is currently a secretive network of men in black Hollywood who congregate discreetly for pedophilia events.

There have always been rumors surrounding a black male star. Allegedly, an up and coming star (teenager) at the time idolized him. When a meeting was arranged and they were left alone, allegedly, the teenager was sexually molested by this man.

Afterwards, he stopped referring to him as his idol.

Rumors have always persisted that a former NFL star (you don't have to follow football to know who he is) is a major pedophile. He even belongs to pedophile chat groups and he operates online with an untraceable offshore IP.

The men who belong to this rich and famous network are protected by other powerbrokers involved in this organization. Mainly, powerful lawyers, judges, etc. They look after their own and have the power to have a case drag out or disappear altogether because they don't want the defendant to take a plea deal and reveal their identities. Many of the men are powerful millionaires.

A former basketball star had to pay off the family of a underage girl because they threatened to go public when they found out about the relationship. The girl was 15, the basketball star at the time, was in his 30's.

Some of these men hide away children they purchase in overseas countries. They bring them over here for sex slave activity.

A prominent lawyer was busted some years ago when it was discovered he had purchased two underage boys overseas on the pipeline (black market) and smuggled them back into the U.S. His co-workers were not even aware that the young boys lived with him. One of the boys escaped his home while he was at work and notified the cops.

It was once featured on AMW that a young black man appeared on his sister's doorstep, asking for help, he had just got laid off. Unbeknownst to her, he was a member of NAMBLA (North American Man Love Boy Association). While she was at work, he was pimping out her 12-year-old son (his nephew) to other NAMBLA pedophiles who lived in the area for quick cash.

In regards to pedophiles in the music industry, record companies have so much invested in their talent that they look the other way and a few media outlets have been known to accept under the table payment "not" to report on their sickness or to spin it when the truth leaks out.

A black powerbroker music mogul was never a hit with the models and call girls in the sack. Word got back to him and he decided to act on his gay tendencies. After we reported on his love shack in L.A., he sold the property and does business from New York. He is the ringleader for the downlow events among black entertainers, he organizes all of the events and functions. He also loves to sleep with young muscular men.

Introduction: The following information was supplied by one of our most trusted and reliable sources but the information is still considered allegations because the subjects did not admit to us "they are infected,"(although the former girlfriend of one of the subjects told us he had HIV when they were happily going together, which would be considered hearsay in a court of law) nevertheless, we cannot notify the health department regarding allegations but according to the following information, some of the women may step up and do the right thing.


Black celebrities in rap, TV and film, go out of their way to hide their HIV-status because it would affect their livelihood and personal life.

From physical appearances, you can no longer tell if a person is infected because of the AIDS cocktail medication.

Sadly, rumors continue to persist about several black celebrities who are infected with the virus.

A rapper who did a bid in prison was allegedly held down and gang raped while he served time behind bars. He became bitter but at the same time adjusted to homosexual sex. When he was released, he fit nicely into the downlow lifestyle and he continues to sleep with men and women. Allegedly, he got infected in the joint and last we heard, the health department was notified. We don't know the outcome and his accuser may have recanted or was paid off.

A rap mogul once said that over 50 percent of rappers are bi-sexual. He may be right, we continue to hear about this southern rapper who also has the HIV virus. Groupies are aware of the rumors but continue to take a chance with their lives because he's famous. A few of this groupies have no problem with raw dog sex because it increases their chance for pregnancy and a payday.

Although it was rumored that a black male celebrity had HIV, a few famous black women in entertainment refused to believe it. Now, both women, somehow found out the rumors were true and both have dropped from the limelight because they slept with him on a few occasions, unprotected. They are no longer on the scene and are scared to death, as far as we know, they have tested negative thus far but they won't report him because it will reveal-they were exposed to the virus and this would affect their livelihood and personal life. One of his conquests on the East Coast is reportedly thinking about reporting him to the health department.

This male celebrity, and a few professional ballers infected with herpes-once belonged to this underground online "STD" dating site (big on discretion) until it went under. We don't know if they had sexual encounters with any members before the site went out of business.


A very popular and successful rapper may be unaware that the ATL stripper he's cheating on his girlfriend with is rumored to be HIV positive.

We uncovered additional information, as follows:

Allegedly, when the stripper's HIV status becomes known, she leaves town and relocates to another city under a different stage name to continue her career as a highly paid stripper.

Rumors persist that the health department has been notified.


This white star has dated white and black men equally, over the years. She tells friends that black men are easier to manipulate because they over compensate her since she's white.

This same woman hangs out with black women (because she doesn't consider them threatening) and despite this, she says negative comments about black women under her breath, sadly, black women continue to hang out with her for publicity purposes.

She also goes out of her way to tell her black female friends that she met a black celebrity, and oh, by the way, "he doesn't date black women." She also innocently asks, what is the definition of "black woman drama? Anybody know?"

Before this white woman became a star, she used her black friendships to her advantage. Example: She learned how to cook soul food. In her mind, this would be a helpful trait to snag a rich black man in the future.

She has also used the N-word in conversation with her black girlfriends, when one of them asked her not to repeat that word again in her presence, she was apologetic but a few weeks later, she repeated it again in front of the same friend. They are no longer friends.

This white star has always been jealous of Beyonce's beauty despite smiling in her face and acting friendly when she sees her at industry events.

Behind her back, she goes out of her way to criticize Beyonce and once told her white friends, Jay will never marry her. I don't care if she's famous, face it, she's black and he will end up with a white woman like the majority of rich and famous black men, I bet I can take him away from her without even trying-I'm the right skin tone.

Before Beyonce and Jay married, this woman showed up at a party. Jay was in attendance and she tried to make eye contact with him all evening, trying to snag the richest man in hip-hop. Her plan backfired, security was tight that evening.

Imagine her shock and surprise when Jay-Z's and Beyonce's wedding nuptials were confirmed.

She's still sick with contempt, envy and jealousy according to the source of this story; a former friend.

The End....


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We appreciate your feedback, judging from your comments, we will decide on whether to proceed or to halt this "toned down" version (for website consumption).

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(T-Girl Fever)

Last week, Sandra Rose reported on transsexual Nadia (first photo) and how she attends black celebrity events in L.A., Atlanta, NY, and Miami. Nadia doesn't have a shortage of black celebrity men; including rappers, blowing up her cell phone to book a date.

Currently, they're nearly a dozen working the Hollywood-South Beach-New York circuit, servicing black entertainers on a regular basis.


According to former NFL player Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson: "I thought I was in control. Super Bowl Sunday, 1979. I was right up there with the best known people in America. I may have been a Dallas Cowboy but I was Hollywood. I was on the cover of Newsweek."

"Roger Staubach and Tony Dorsett didn't make the front page, I did. I took headlines away from the Shah of Iran. Joe Namath's spotlight had been shattered. It should have been the the most exciting day of my life but it wasn't, so I had brought my own excitement, cocaine."

"I was beyond snorting cocaine to get high, although I did that often. In fact, every chance I could. I needed coke for maintenance. My nose was ruined. It ran and bled like that Nile when Moses called down the plagues."

Henderson wrote the book "Out Of Control," from a prison cell.


Before there was Deion Sanders, there was Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson who is a former Dallas Cowboy (#56). He was so flamboyant, he was driven to practice in a limousine wearing a full length fur. NFL legend Lawrence Taylor chose #56 out of respect for Henderson.

One night, Henderson and teammates caught a show featuring the Temptations and the Pointer Sisters. Henderson went backstage and traded numbers with Anita Pointer.

Later, he spent the night with her. Anita introduced him to Dom Perignon champagne.

The second night I spent at her hotel a couple of her friends came by and they had some cocaine. One guy was talking like a connoisseur and he laid out his lines. The stuff was shining. It almost looked like glass. Chopped up real easy. He even had gold straws. He said they were 24-carat. After snorting it, I noticed I stayed up a lot longer. Anita and I did a lot of talking and lovemaking."

After I came off the road, I flew down to L.A. and hooked up with Anita. She picked me up in a limo and we went up to Dennis Edwards's house. He was dating her sister Ruth. Later that night, we attended the Grammys.

Later in the week when the sister's went on the road, I stayed at Dennis's house. Dennis used to lock himself in his room for 14, 15 hours a day. If you wanted to see Dennis you had to see him in his room. I was only doing a line or two a day so I didn't have cause to go in there very often.

Dennis even set me up with a woman. Dennis was locked up in his room so she spent the whole day with me. We did some coke, played around and had some fun. Making love to some stranger in Hollywood. No big deal. This was L.A., everywhere you looked there were beautiful women.

Anita returned and wasn't home three hours when she got this angry sad look on her face. "How could you do this?" she said. "How could you have this girl over here and spend the night?" I lied my way out of it.

I couldn't believe Dennis had snitched on me. He'd set me up and then ratted me out. I guess he was in the Pointer Sisters inner circle, he was closer to them than I was. Maybe he was trying to be a big brother and protect them.

A few days later, Anita and I took a limo to Richard Pryor's house.

The butler was circulating with a platter of cocaine. Frankie Crocker was sitting beside me.

Pryor went into the kitchen and came out with a plate of barbecue sauce and chicken. He took a chicken leg, dipped it deep in the sauce and stuck it in his hair. Then he smeared it all in his face, under his chin and near his ears.

A few minutes later, a movie screen came down in the living room. The lights dimmed. Up on the screen was Richard Pryor with an erection. An Oriental girl, a white girl and a black girl were catering to his every need. One girl would work him for a while and his eyes looked like they were going to explode. Another would take her best shot and he would give his. They were doing some real freaky stuff. It was wild, Richard was nuts!

Source: "Out Of Control," by: Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson


An "anything goes" swingers club in Las Vegas called "The Green Door," is in a seedy neighborhood and located in a strip mall, regardless, this club has caught on with professional athletes and black celebrities who fly in every week.

According to sources, the ambience in pure debauchery.

A former NFL superstar running back recently hooked up with a white male inside the club. According to the white male, the former athlete was brutal, as if he was punishing him because he was downlow.

The athlete put such a hurting on him that he had to be hospitalized with nerve damage to his derriere and couldn't walk for a week.

Hint: The football player played for more than 3 teams in his entire career. He was a low key superstar.


At one time, Langston Hughes (above) was linked to Nina Simone but allegedly, he had discreet homosexual involvements with author James Baldwin and artist Charles White (below) according to various news accounts.

These men were extremely careful in the 1950's regarding their sexuality. It could lead to death and additional prejudice and could have possibly ruined their careers.

They often met in isolated areas for private parties, no women were ever at these gatherings. Sometimes the parties included other black homosexual men in the arts; including actors and singers. Allegedly, these parties were off the chain. After the parties, the men would disperse and meet up again when their schedules allowed in the coming months. Around this time, it was also rumored that Langston Hughes was allegedly involved with a famous white actor.

Hughes had a very poor relationship with his father. He lived with his father in Mexico for a brief period in 1919. The relationship between the two was strained and unhappy, causing Langston to attempt suicide multiple times. Upon graduating from high school in June 1920, Hughes returned to live with his father, hoping to convince him to provide money to attend Columbia University. Hughes later said that, prior to arriving in Mexico again: “I had been thinking about my father and his strange dislike of his own people. I didn't understand it, because I was a Negro, and I liked Negroes very much.

Hughes died of prostate cancer in 1965.

James Baldwin and his adoptive father had a tumultuous relationship.

In the 1940's Baldwin began to recognize his own homosexuality. In 1948, disillusioned by American prejudice against blacks and homosexuals, Baldwin left the United States and departed to Paris, France, where he would live as an expatriate for most of his later life.

1949 was also the year he met and fell in love with Lucien Happersberger. The boy was a seventeen-year-old runaway, and the two became very close, until Happersberger's marriage three years later, an event that left Baldwin devastated.

Baldwin was a close friend of the singer, pianist and civil rights activist Nina Simone. Together with Langston Hughes and Lorraine Hansberry, Baldwin is responsible for making Simone aware of the civil rights movement that was forming at that time to fight racial inequality. He also provided her with literary references that influenced her later work.

On November 30, 1987 Baldwin died from stomach cancer in Saint-Paul-de-Vence. He was buried at the Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale, near New York City.

One of America's most renowned and recognized African-American artists. Working primarily in black/white and sepia/white, he was an incredibly skilled draftsmanship whose sensitivity and power has reached millions. His meticulously executed drawings and paintings speak of and affirm the humanity and beauty of black people.

He received numerous honors and awards and has been exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago, Whitney Museum, Metropolitan Museum, Smithsonian Institution, National Academy of Design, and elsewhere throughout the world. He was elected to the National Academy of Design in 1972. The Heritage Gallery had represented the artist from the early 1960s, when Mr. Horowitz gave the artist his first show in Los Angeles.

Charles White was born in 1918. He was an African-American graphic artist, painter, and instructor.

Charles White died in 1979



Earlier this week it was reported that Nadja Benaissa (above), a famous German pop star has been accused of having sex with several partners without informing them she had the deadly HIV virus. Nadja is currently in police custody.


Rumors are circulating that Nadja was infected by a famous man in the entertainment industry.


Klaus W.* (37) had unprotected sex with pop star Nadja.

"I met Nadja in 2004. We liked each other and met up. I found her very attractive. At some point we went back to my house and got intimate.”

At the beginning of the affair the two apparently used condoms when they slept together.
Klaus added: “But later we decided to do it without protection.

"I didn’t think anything of it, I had just done an AIDS test myself, which was negative. I felt safe.

"Later I asked Nadja: 'Is everything OK with you health-wise?' She answered: ‘Yes, of course.’ I believed her.“
A few weeks later the affair ended and Klaus never saw Nadja again.

“Only two years later did someone tell me that Nadja had been HIV positive for years. I was pretty shocked that she hadn’t told me anything.

"I later questioned her on the telephone. She just said that if I was also infected then it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with her.”

Source: Klaus interview courtesy of Blide

Ray J. is finally diversifying in regards to investments. He had invested big money in a $250,000 Lamborghini and $200,000 in a Rolls Royce.   He reportedly made a killing off the Kim Kardashian sex tape.

He recently invested in "Poetry," night club, one of the hottest black clubs on the Las Vegas strip, located inside Cesar's Palace.

Ray J. reportedly owns a large percentage of the club.

The first photo is of a $2 million dollar solid gold bathtub that boxer Mike Tyson bought his ex-wife Robin Givens when they were married.


Colleagues became concerned when Edouard Stern (above), one of France's richest men, did not show up for a business appointment. The next day, fearing that he might have suffered a heart attack when he still did not answer his phone, they contacted his cleaning service and gained entry to his apartment. Inside, they found Edouard's hooded body on the floor of his bedroom, clad in a latex bodysuit and harness and lying in a mess of drying blood. The autopsy report would later reveal that Edouard had been shot four times in the head and body at point-blank range.

Edouard's ultra-luxe apartment complex was located in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Geneva. With nearby snow-capped mountains and Lake Geneva--Lake Léman in the French spoken in that part of Switzerland--dotted with luxury yachts, Geneva is one of Europe's most pristine major cities, a city where vast fortunes can be discreetly handled by the many banks whose account holders' privacy and identities are jealously guarded. Bank officials there and throughout Switzerland pride themselves on the prudent delicacy they offer their clients from around the world.

Geneva is a remarkably safe city compared to major metropolitan areas in the rest of the world, a place where millionaires can freely walk the streets or drive around in a Rolls-Royce or a Bentley--Edouard himself had owned one at the time of his death.

At the crime scene: Cops found Stern dressed head to toe in a latex rubber suit with a dildo inserted into his rectum. He was known to be interested in heterosexual sado-masochistic sex as well as being a homosexual. His killer was his long-term lover and notorious S&M prostitute, Cecile Brossard who was also called "Alice." She lived a double life and was allegedly married to a medical professional.

His death was unmourned by his many and various enemies both in Europe and in the US. Despite the initial rumors that he had been assassinated by one of the many people he had double crossed in business during the course of his previous years alive, the truth was less prosaic and he was killed by his mistress. Brossard has not yet faced trial, but it is believed that the case will be finally heard during 2009.

In Related News: (Beauty Queen Adds Twist To Latex Killing)

*By all accounts, her good looks were not her greatest asset. Julia Lemigova, a former Soviet model and beauty queen, also had an exceptional ear for languages, a good nose for business and an ability to make friends in all the right places.

Last week, however, that scenario was challenged by Lemigova. She claimed to have been Stern’s mistress long before and suspected that Brossard (his accused killer) might have been using blackmail to get at his money.

Lemigova was the last Miss Soviet Union before its collapse and her beauty evoked comparisons with Julia Roberts, the American actress. In addition to Russian, this strong-willed Red Army colonel’s daughter also speaks flawless Italian, English and French and has counted among her friends such titans of finance as the late Sir James Goldsmith.

She met Stern, who was born into one of Europe’s oldest banking families, at a dinner in 1997 and the financier was immediately smitten. There followed a weekend at Stern’s chateau in Burgundy and trysts in hotels all over the world.

Mad about big game hunting and guns, Stern took Lemigova on shooting courses in Geneva, where they learnt to fire a Kalashnikov rifle. In a possible sign of how seriously he took the relationship, he even asked her to meet his psychoanalyst.

After completing a course in business administration in Paris, Lemigova got a job at a bank in Geneva in 1998 as head of Russian investments, just as Stern was making his first deals in Russia. By then he had divorced his wife Beatrice, an art historian by whom he had three children and whose father headed Lazard, the investment bank.

In 1999 Lemigova told Stern that she was pregnant but he was apparently never fully convinced that the child was his. Lemigova believes that Stern, who through often brilliant transactions had amassed a fortune of £540m, put her under surveillance. Her son Maximilien was born in New York in October that year.

Stern continued visiting Lemigova when she set up home in a chic part of Paris.

In early 2000, when the boy was five months old, she placed an advertisement on a church notice board for a nanny. A Bulgarian woman appeared on her doorstep asking for work. A few days later Maximilien fell seriously ill. He died in hospital on March 10.

Doctors found internal injuries which suggested that he could have been shaken. Lemigova, the nanny and Stern, who had spent an hour in Lemigova’s flat on the day the baby was taken to hospital, were questioned by an examining magistrate. The nanny subsequently disappeared.

Lemigova wonders now whether the baby’s death was accidental or if the nanny was paid to murder him. In 2002 the magistrate closed the file for lack of evidence. Swiss investigators are expected to ask the French to reopen it.

Lemigova continued to see Stern occasionally but the relationship was never the same. Last year she told the Nouvel Observateur magazine in Paris that he had tried to revive their affair even though he was involved with Brossard. She had turned him down, saying: “You have made me suffer too much.”

Then came a telephone call from Brossard, who was reported to have worked as a luxury call girl, asking for a meeting in a Paris restaurant. Lemigova claims that Brossard pumped her for information about her relationship with Stern, including details of their sex life. At one point, claims Lemigova, Brossard offered to tell her “the truth about the death of your son”.

Lemigova thinks that Brossard, an artist who met Stern at a dinner party in 2001, used her information about the child’s death to blackmail Stern.

Earlier this year Stern transferred £700,000 into a Credit Suisse bank account in Brossard’s name. A few days before his murder, however, he froze the money with a restraining order.

Lawyers representing his family describe the money as a down payment on eight Chagall paintings that Brossard had acquired for him. Brossard’s lawyer disputes this, saying the money was seen by her as a gift intended to give her financial independence. “I don’t know why he took it back,” Brossard allegedly told her lawyer.

She said that he had also gone back on promises of marriage and portrays herself as a victim of abusive behavior by an aggressive man who famously sacked his father after taking control of the Stern family’s bank in 1977 when he was 22.

She said she was invited to Stern’s flat on February 28 and they argued about the money. Stern changed the subject and they had sex. Stern’s unusual attire on the night of the murder was linked to the couple’s penchant for sado-masochism, according to her lawyer.

Another argument broke out. Brossard lost control and, in a moment of fury, grabbed a gun that he kept in a drawer. Stern, who was convinced that his life was in danger and had a permit to carry a concealed weapon, possessed a number of guns and Brossard knew where they were hidden because he would often ask her to handle them.

Later she threw the weapon into Lake Leman, where police found it. Forensic tests have proved that the four bullets retrieved from Stern’s body were fired from this weapon.

If convicted of a “crime of passion”, Brossard could be jailed for one to 10 years. Premeditated murder would carry a much heavier sentence.


According to sources: Amiyah Scott is considered a stunna within the transgendered jet set (that caters to DL ballers, rappers and singers).

Downlow celebrity men are in constant pursuit of this transgendered woman, offering to fly her into numerous cities via private jet, etc. She's also known as the "Queen of The Ballroom," scene and she divides her time between the ATL and New Orleans.

Bossip revealed (earlier) that Amiyah is an confirmed friend of singer Trey Songz on Facebook.


Yesterday, we reported on jet set transgendered playgirl (Amiya Scott-above). Today, we received a tip (with additional allegations) as follows:

"Amiyah" real name (Arthur) used to hang out on a popular college campus with Tranny's. She was allegedly involved with a famous rapper at the time, hint: Baby mama's.

Male celebrities seek her out.

Recently, she was involved with an Italian soccer player.