1. This new DVD asks: Did the Illuminati kill Tupac Shakur?

Did the Illuminati kill Tupac or was it the West/East coast war? This DVD also gives insight into Tupac and the Black Panthers, his signing to Interscope Records and his jailing's. According to this DVD, Tupac learned about the Illuminati in prison.

2. This DVD (2nd photo) exposes the Illuminati's take over of the Hip Hop culture (the lables and the artists). This DVD reveals the industry/illuminati's pyramid and who's at the top. Mark Curry also speaks on Shakur Stewart's death. Shyne explains how Diddy threw him under the bus and it's suggested that Jeezy threw BMF under the bus.

Dr. Malachi Z. York taught Jaz-O and Jay-Z the true knowledge back in the early 90's. He's now serving 150 years in prison.

Professor Griff speaks on KRS 1, Q-Tip and Common, they are accused of selling out. Griff adds that Jay-Z blew the whistle on on Dame, Gotti, Suge and J-Prince.

KRS 1 talks about Obama and who's over him. And, DMX speaks on the industry's wickedness.

Also hear the JFK speech on the secret societies and why he was really eliminated.



Perception Management firms aka PM firms are very secretive and rarely advertise. There are only a few "pure" PM players.

They can bury any secret, despite the attempts of the press to ferret it out. They can allegedly enhance wars based on "certain" truths. And when people start poking around, their work is hidden and insulated under layers of facts, figures and falsehoods that no one could ever reach them. Their work is basically untraceable, protected by electronic tunnels.

These firms are paid enormous amounts of money by celebrities, politicians, tech billionaires and corporate raiders.

PM operatives operate out of digitized war rooms with hundreds of computers, enormous databases and an Internet pipeline that rivals anything in Google.

Source: David Baldacci


Fulcanelli (1839 – ?1953) is a pseudonym of a late 19th century French Alchemist and author whose identity is still unknown. Much mystery surrounds his life and works – leading to him being branded a cultural phenomenon. One of the more extravagant tales retells how his devoted pupil (Eugene Canseliet – pictured above) successfully transformed 100 grams of lead in to gold with the use of a small quantity of “Projection Powder” given to him by his teacher.

It is believed that on the verge of World War II, the Abwehr (German intelligence service) was in active (but fruitless) pursuit of Fulcanelli because of his knowledge of the technology of nuclear weapons. Fulcanelli had met with a French atomic physicist and given him accurate details regarding nuclear weapons technology and he claimed that atomic weaponry had been used against humanity in time long past.

“According to Canseliet (Fulcanelli’s student), his last encounter with Fulcanelli happened in 1953 (years after his disappearance), when he went to Spain and was taken to a castle high in the mountains for a rendezvous with his former master. Canseliet had known Fulcanelli as an old man in his 80s but now the Master had grown younger: he was a man in his 50s (immortal?). The reunion was brief and Fulcanelli once again disappeared leaving no trace of his whereabouts. At this time, Fulcanelli would have been 114 years old.”


The former secretary of President John F. Kennedy made a list of suspects she believed were behind his assassination immediately after he was gunned down in Texas.

As she flew home on Air Force One Evelyn Lincoln jotted down the names of those she suspected were behind the killing.

They included Richard Nixon and the country's vice president Lyndon Johnson.

She also named the Klu Klux Klan, the CIA and Communists as she mulled over who could have ordered the assassination.

Her thoughts were scribbled down on a single sheet of paper (above).

The never-before-seen note was recently auctioned off for $11,000 dollars.

JFK's assassination in 1963 has long been the subject of conspiracy theories, ranging from those behind the murder to doubts about the lone assassin theory.

But even before those conspiracies were aired Lincoln had her own suspicions.

She was riding in the motorcade with Kennedy when he was shot dead by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, Texas.

Lincoln jotted down names of people she suspected could have been behind the killing, starting with Lyndon Johnson.

He took over from JFK after the murder that shocked the world.

Suspects: Richard Nixon and Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa were both among the list of names written by Evelyn Lincoln

Her note also listed 'the KKK, Dixiecrats, [Teamsters boss Jimmy] Hoffa, [the] John Birch Society, Nixon, [South Vietnam President Ngo Dinh] Diem, Rightist, CIA in Cuban fiasco, Dictators [and] Communists.'

On the back of the list is another note, written more than 20 years later when she passed on her letters to Kennedy collector Robert White.

There is no end to the list of suspected conspirators to President Kennedy murder. Many factions had their reasons for wanting the young president dead. That fact alone illustrates how the world suffers from a congenital proclivity to violence,' it reads.

A moment that shocked the world: President John F. Kennedy travels through the streets of Dallas moments before he was killed

The 10-month Warren Commission set up to investigate the assassination concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in assassinating the president.

The note, consigned by the Gettysburg Museum of History, was auctioned off by Alexander Autographs in Stamford, Connecticut, the note fetched $11,000 dollars.

Evelyn Lincoln (above) was Kennedy's personal secretary from 1953 until his death on November 22, 1963. She died in 1995 at age 85.

Photo Credit: Evelyn Lincoln's photo courtesy of Corbis


Cattle Mutilation Phenomena refers to thousands of cases in North America where cattle have been found mutilated under abnormal circumstances. Sheep, horses or even humans have also been similarly mutilated, according to some accounts. Many mutilated cattle have been found marked with fluorescent paint, probably to help identify them in the dark.

The cows are found dead (although the cause of death is undetermined), exsanguinated (all their blood has been removed). Precise "laser-precision" cuts are observed in the mutilated cattle. They have had certain organs surgically removed from their bodies. Often their reproductive and rectal organs have been removed.

Abnormally high radiation levels have been detected near the dead animals when they are found, and scavengers will not touch the carcass. There are no footprints leading to or from the cows. There is evidence (clamp marks on the animals' legs) that the cattle were taken from their habitats and mutilated elsewhere.

Witness 1 (who was a Sheriff's deputy in 1976) insisted that late one evening, three unmarked and unusually quiet helicopters were sighted. He and several others rushed to the Cache-Logan airport where they saw a small airplane on the runway alongside one of the three helicopters. After trying to block the airplane's departure route with their cars, they observed a man wearing coveralls who left a Huey-type helicopter "with a shiny suitcase in hand."

The man jogged to the airplane and gave the briefcase to the airplane's pilot. Much to the unnamed witness's surprise, the airplane began to take off, narrowly missing the impromptu police vehicle barricade, and forcing one fellow deputy to crash his police cruiser to avoid a collision.

The witness then turned his attention to the man, a tall figure perhaps 35 years old, wearing green military-style fatigues which lacked, however, the characteristic identification of name, rank or military unit. The witnessed asked the tall man for identification; the man replied "I have none." The witness said he touched the man's chest, partly to see if the man wore dog tags under his clothing. He did not.

When the witnesses touched the man's chest, the airborne helicopters both made moves that the witness "Interpret(ed) as a beginning gun pass". The witness speculated that "if I attempted to physically arrest that man, they'd a killed us both, right there, on the spot, with the same mental attitude that the pilot had ... that ran my patrol car off a runway."

Due to this perceived threat (and the lack of any firm evidence of criminal wrongdoing), the witness decided to not attempt an arrest. He did, however, tell the man that the police and ranchers in the area were frustrated with the inexplicable deaths of their cattle, and that they suspected the unmarked helicopters were involved. He added that eventually, some armed rancher or farmer with a rifle would shoot at the helicopters, "and we intend to bring you down, sir."

After a pause, the man said, "May I go?" The witness said yes, and the man returned to his helicopter, which flew off to the west. The witness (and several other individuals) asserted that after this showdown, that the unmarked helicopters were no longer seen, and the cattle mutilations in northern Utah and southern Idaho ceased for some five years.


"The Activity," is the most secretive special operations team.

Part CIA agents, commando's and special forces; they're also invested in signal intelligence.

They're proficient stealth warriors, trained in parachuting, survival, evasion techniques, high speed driving, expert marksmanship, hand-to-hand combat and a variety of weapons. They're on par with the Navy Seals (Team 6).

They also track HVT's (High Value Targets).

Michael Smith's book "Killer Elite," is the only credible account of the shadowy unit's history.

This unit remains very low profile and changes its name often. Over the years it has gone by "Centra Spike," "Torn Victory," "Capacity Gear," "Task Force Orange," "Robin Court," "Grey Fox," and "The Secret Army," of North Virginia.

Most black op experts call the the "Intelligence Support Activity," or ISA, or simply "The Activity."

This team was founded in 1980.


A Punjabi computer repairman put the secret cult Opus Dei in Dan Brown's epic novel 'The Da Vinci Code' to great use to fleece a Latin Grammy-winning pianist and oil-family heir to the tune of $20 million.

Vickram Bedi, 36, and his girlfriend Helga Invarsdottir, 39, of small town of Chappaqua in New York State were arrested last week and have been charged with grand larceny for duping Grammy-winning pianist and jazz composer Roger Davidson (directly above).

Their scam began in 2004 when Davidson took his virus-infected laptop computer to Bedi's computer shop at Mount Kisco in Westchester County in New York State.

Soon Bedi and his girlfriend came to know that their high-profile client is actually the great grandson of the founder of Schlumberger oil company in Houston which reported revenue of $23 billion last year, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

When Davidson asked Bedi to remove the virus from his laptop, the Indian American began the game of brainwashing by telling Davidson that his computer had actually been attacked with a virus so strong that it even damaged Bedi's Datalink's computers, the paper quoted the prosecutors as saying.

Bedi tricked Davidson into believing that he had tracked the virus to a remote village in Honduras and that Bedi's uncle, purportedly an officer in the Indian military, had traveled in a military aircraft to Honduras and retrieved the suspicious hard drive, the journal said.

Then Bedi told Davidson that his uncle had also uncovered an assassination plot against him (Davidson) by Polish priests linked to the murderous cult Opus Dei-made famous by Dan Brown in his novel 'The Da Vinci Code.'

After charging thousands of dollars from Davidson to secure his computer, Bedi and his girlfriend went on to charge about $160,000 per month for providing 24-hour bogus protection for Davidson and his family, the journal quoted the police as saying.

Police found $6 million in Bedi's bank account and $1.6 million in his girlfriend's account. They also seized several cars, commercial properties and $150,000 in cash hidden under Bedi's bed.

"They did it very systematically and infiltrated every aspect of his life. It was almost a brainwashing technique,'' the area police chief said.

The scam came to light when the couple were investigated in connection with another criminal complaint against them.

"The systematic method with which they continued the larceny over a period of more than six years is nothing short of heartless,'' the report quoted Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore as saying.

Bedi and his girlfriend are being held on a $3 million bail.


A mysterious island in Long Island Sound is allegedly the epicenter of U.S. government biological warfare research.

Plum Island scientists allegedly experiment with disease-carrying insects, create mutated beasts and test potential epidemics.

Evidence of bizarre animal mutation experiments being conducted on Plum Island first surfaced in the summer of 2008 when the corpse of a hideous beast washed up on Montauk, Long Island.

A gut-wrenching odor exuded from the bloated carcass. Its skin was leathery with patches of coarse hair topped by a long, dinosaur-like skull. Its hands had odd matchstick-shaped fingers.

Another corpse with similarly elongated fingers appeared on Montauk shore in spring 2009. And just as in 2008, government agents quickly spirited it away before an independent zoologist could perform an autopsy.

Allegedly, a former Nazi scientist (Eric Traub-above) ran the place during the early years of the Cold War. The Truman administration supported his experiments on disease-carrying insects.

In fact, records show that Traub's early experiments used the common tick to carry lethal pathogens. U.S. military intelligence explored the idea of using his tick army to destroy Russia's food supply.

The insects were also injected with diseases that could easily spread to humans.

Ex-employees of Plum Island believe Traub's ticks accidentally escaped into the outside and caused the mysterious illness that struck Old Lyme, Connecticut, in the mid-1970's.

Medical researchers determined that deer ticks are the only carriers of the severely debilitating syndrome now known as Lyme disease.

Genetic testing also proved that the infection came from the microbe Borellia burgdorfieri, a complex bacterium they traced back to Traub's infected ticks.

There has always been speculation in espionage communities that a few sites (overseas) exist that require a guarded password. These sites are like a high-end department store for criminals. Sometimes dubbed by a criminal clientele as "Crimebay."

You can purchase everything from ID packs and stolen credit card numbers to the services of professional hit men or weapons. Merchants also (allegedly) sell sniper rifles that have no optics signature and sport Camoflex technology meaning it changes color to match its background.

The merchants who sell their merchandise on these sites also have customer approval ratings.

Source: David Baldacci


By: Benjamin Fulford

This is an outline on how assassination teams work. The information below comes directly from interviews with over half a dozen professional assassins.

Unlike the Hollywood version of lone assassins, in the real world professional assassins work in teams of 8-10 people. These teams usually include women and children as a part of an effort to allay the suspicions of the intended victims.

According to a South Korean assassin who claims to have personally killed over 80 people, the assassinations are made to look like an accident as much as possible.

The most common method of assassination is to twist two locations on the neck of the victim in a manner that causes almost instant death.

Most victims are hit when they are most relaxed and vulnerable: typically when they are relaxing in a bath or else sleeping at home. The deaths are made to look like heart attacks or strokes. If the assassins are unable to access the pressure points, drugs are used to induce heart attacks or strokes.

When they murder females, they usually drug them outside of the home in a manner so that the victim will go home and die in bed. Children are typically killed by asphyxiating them with a pillow.

In messier cases where the killing takes place in public, the assassins will use whatever tools are available.

One common method of killing is to stab the victim in the nose with a disposable chopstick. The assassins even know how to slice someone's neck using a piece of paper.

In more extreme cases, a person is assassinated in an extremely public manner as a warning to members of the political/financial/military/journalistic elite.

Allegedly, assassins belong to their own secret society. Not surprisingly, one vague and very brief entry (under the secret society name) was found in the google search engine.


A CIA crypt keeper is someone who guards over incapacitated CIA employees with brain injuries who possess sensitive knowledge. They could say things without knowing, disclosing vital national secrets unintentionally.

Scenario: If a secret agent or CIA higher up suffers an aneurysm, there has to be CIA representation in the operating room when surgeries are performed and there is another crypt keeper in post-op along with 24/7 surveillance at the nursing home where it is hoped the man/woman would eventually recover.

These type of patients are watched over by agents until they recover or die.

Source: David Baldaci

1. A "Reaper," is an cleaner who undertakes kill orders to murder the romantic interests or friends of an active operative. These romantic interests and friends are people the operative may have confided in (intelligence secrets, etc.).

2. Infra red LAD's (not on the market yet) can be pinned on the lapel of an criminal. This LAD obscures the face of the criminal by creating a blur that covers the face so the criminal cannot be identified via video cameras.

3. Nano micro chips (GPS tracking) are now the size of a grain of rice.

4. We told you about a "guarded password-black market site" where you can allegedly purchase professional hit men, sterilized weapons, stolen credit card numbers and first rate ID packs. Dealers are even rated for approval, similar to ebay. Now, we're hearing about another password guarded site in India where you can allegedly purchase authentic looking false identity materials.


U.C. Santa Barbara is nicknamed "glamour capitol," in the U.C. educational system. For years, this campus (a cess pool of beauty) has been the hunting ground for talent agents.

Now, we're hearing whispers that the spy community 'may' start recruiting 'Valentine Operatives.'

A Valentine operative is a woman who works in the intelligence community. She relies on her looks for seduction when the assignment involves male targets.


A Top Secret U.S. (multi-million dollar) space weapon was suddenly snactched from orbit and vanished for two weeks.

One moment it was there, then it was gone. After 14 days of total silence, the X-37B Nasa shuttle reappeared in a completely different orbit.

The bizarre mystery soon caught the attention of officials at "Project Black Book," the government agency that investigates this type of activity.

The calculations from the computers and settings were completely changed and the onboard cameras sent back pictures of the shuttle's interior that were beyond strange. A collection of odd-shaped bottles containing remnants of an unknown liquid were tossed around on the floor at the cargo bay.


Clientele included: Assassins, mobsters, drug enforcers & hit men.

To neighbors of his sprawling £2.5million mansion, there was nothing remarkable about sometime author Paul Alexander.

Yet within the manicured grounds of the four-acre country estate lay a secret gun factory run by a man whose exotic life resembled the plot of one of his spy novels.

Hidden in outbuildings behind the tennis courts and swimming pool was a fearsome arsenal of weapons waiting to be supplied to gangland hit men.

A highly trained former Army sergeant, 53-year-old Alexander traveled the world selling 'assassin kits' (above). The kit came in black briefcases containing a handgun, magazine, cartridges and silencer for £1,500 a time.

He escaped detection by using 33 aliases including the surnames Hunter-Mann, Bourne and Bauer - the latter two after Jason Bourne, the action movie hero, and Jack Bauer, the lead character in the TV thriller series 24.

But now the man dubbed a 'dealer in death' for supplying some of Britain's most violent gangs faces life in jail after detectives finally caught up with him.

Chelmsford Crown Court heard that he was arrested last year by police investigating gangland killings following the shooting of 11-year-old Liverpool school boy Rhys Jones by a member of the Croxteth Crew gang in August 2007.

Although Alexander was not directly involved in Rhys's murder, his DNA was found on weapons supplied to the gang.

His fingerprints were also found on weapons used in one murder and four attempted murders. Police have linked his assassination kits to shootings in Manchester, Merseyside, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Birmingham.

Alexander used the specialist weapons training he received while serving in the Royal Artillery to convert antique and imitation guns into deadly weapons.

He was aided by his wife and a step-daughter, in whose bank accounts he hid vast sums from the profits of his gun sales. Thousands more are thought to have been stashed in overseas accounts.

The family also ran a cannabis factory at their Grade II listed home in Bardfield Sailing, Essex.

Alexander's vast criminal empire was uncovered in a raid by the Serious Organized Crime Agency and Essex Police.

They found a workshop stacked with 28 handguns and rifles and 11,000 bullets, including hollow point dum-dum bullets banned under The Hague Convention.

Officers also found orders for at least 37 more handguns, including 14 antique revolvers that have never been found.

More than 12,000 cases, bullets and detonators had been ordered in a variety of names and the deliveries made to a string of addresses.

Alexander had retired from the Army with an exemplary record in 1992 to start his own business converting blank-firing guns into lethal weapons.

Although highly secretive, he was unable to resist the temptation to boast about his skills and experiences in his overblown spy thrillers.

Using the surname Hunter-Mann, he wrote two novels, one about assassins trying to kill a Prime Minister and another linking Princess Diana's death to Osama Bin Laden.

The cover note on the author read: 'As soon as possible (aged 17) he joined the military where he served for over 20 years. The last six in the Special Op Troop. He has physically done everything that is written in his books and currently works for corporations, organizations and individuals as a surveillance and courier operative.'

But the reality was that he was peddling deadly weapons to feared gangsters such as the Manchester-based Doddington Mob, whose gunfights with their rival Gooch Close crew claimed at least 12 lives in the 1980s and 1990s.

Despite having a long criminal record, Alexander managed to evade police for years by traveling under false names.

In August 1995 he was arrested in Stoke for arson, but he failed to appear in court. Then a year later he was arrested in America attempting to cross the U.S-Canadian border carrying a false passport and possessing a bomb-making manual.

He was deported back to the UK where he was jailed for the arson offence for 12 months in 1997.
In October 2002 he attempted to blow up a neighbor's house with an improvised explosive device in Stone, Staffordshire. Police believe he had been paid to intimidate the family.

In 2003 he was arrested returning to New York from a trip to Brazil carrying false passports.
He was deported to the UK and sentenced to two-and-a-half years in August 2004 for the attempted explosion.

On his release from prison in 2005, Alexander was banned from possessing any firearms, but he simply changed his name again.

He convinced an engineering company to design him gun barrels saying they were for a prototype, but used them to convert replica guns for gangsters.

Alexander himself pleaded guilty to possession of firearms with intent to endanger life, possession of ammunition with intent to endanger life, converting fake imitation guns into real guns, possessing prohibited ammunition and criminal property.


A futuristic rifle is ready to change the face of modern warfare by firing radio-controlled "smart bullets."

The miniature missiles fired by the XM25 rifle can be programmed to explode after traveling a certain distance up to their maximum range of 2,300 feet.

A laser rangefinder enables the gun to precisely measure the distance to a target. If it happens to be a wall or tree that a sniper is hiding behind, the gun can tell the 25-mm bullet to detonate next to the obstruction with the force of a hand grenade.

"The enemy has learned to get cover, for hundreds if not thousands of years," say Lt. Col. Christopher Lehner. "Well, they can't do that anymore."


The gang rape of a young girl by students from Japan's elite universities revealed the sinister rise of (so-called) campus rape clubs which methodically set up the attacks.


The lawns are manicured and the students are dressed in designer clothes, but there is a dirty cloud over the campus of Waseda University in Tokyo. The gleaming buildings and pristine halls sparkle as they always did, but the events of the summer hang in the air like a choking black smog.

In late July, two students from Waseda — Japan’s equivalent of Oxford or Cambridge and proud alma mater of some of the country’s most prominent politicians — were indicted for their part in the gang rape of a female student. They were charged along with one student from Gakushuin, where the Imperial family sent its sons, and another from Nihon University.

Four men have now gone on trial along with Shinichiro Wada, a 28-year-old former Waseda student thought to be at the center of this and other gang rapes.

All five admit rape, but deny that it was planned in advance. Prosecutors, however, believe that the crime was no spur-of-the-moment excess of alcohol and group savagery.

It had been planned, they say, by the leaders of the Super Free Club — a secret society founded five years ago with the sole purpose of throwing massive drunken parties in discos and clubs in Tokyo and elsewhere, directing its elaborate and widespread advertising campaign towards women who wanted to meet men from famous universities. Unlike many clubs, Super Free was making enough cash to rent its own office and one of its leaders was a company executive with advanced business skills.

As the popularity of the parties swelled and the profits soared, so Super Free’s ambitions grew. But by the time they were attracting 2,500 people a night, the nature of the parties changed. Men began paying thousands of yen to be with young women who had been plied with drink, and the organizers made sure they got their money’s worth.

Before long the top levels of the Super Free club were being run by a cabal whose purpose was to engineer gang rapes for the pleasure of Japan’s wealthy young elite. In command of the club’s inner circle was Wada, whose contacts throughout Japan’s “Ivy League” universities are second to none and who, through the Super Free, was allegedly reaping the financial rewards of a pyramid-style following of acolytes.

Such was Super Free’s surface snob-factor that even figures from Japan’s music and TV industries attended their wild parties. As the case unfolds over the coming months, Japan is braced for sickening details and an even nastier truth: the Super Free Club is not the only “rape club” of its kind, just the only one to be uncovered.

Source: Leo Lewis



Several years ago, a former Army wife claimed she couldn't have sex with her husband (Gulf War soldier) because his semen burned. The pain was so intense, "It felt like someone poured scolding water inside of me. At first, I thought it was a fluke, a week later, I performed fellatio on him, afterwards, I had to go to the doctor, I had severe burns on the roof of my mouth. After that, our sexual relationship was over!" This story would quickly disappear from the media.


Researchers have identified a new malady among veterans of the first Gulf War: burning semen syndrome.

In these veterans, exposure to semen causes burning, pain and swelling at the tip of the penis and in the vaginal areas of their partners.

In some couples, the pain is so severe "they just don't want to have sex, or as much sex as they used to have," said Dr. Leonard Bernstein of the University of Cincinnati medical school, co-author of a study funded by the Army and published in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The condition also can cause severe allergic reactions in some female partners, including hives, wheezing, dizziness and unconsciousness.

Researchers said the condition is rare, but did not estimate how many veterans might have it. Nor do researchers know the cause.

Bernstein speculated veterans may have been exposed to chemicals that changed the proteins in their semen. He notes that some partners developed antibodies to the semen. This finding provides objective evidence the condition is not just in the veterans' heads, he said.

Veterans of the 1991 Gulf War have suffered health problems including chronic fatigue, diarrhea, migraines, dizziness, memory problems and loss of balance. While some researchers blame exposure to toxic substances, most scientists have blamed stress.

Researchers used a Web site and doctors with the Veterans Administration to recruit veterans who believed they had burning semen syndrome. Of the 211 respondents, 89 percent had experienced burning after contact with their own semen or had a partner who experienced burning. Only 7 percent said they had experienced the symptoms before the Gulf War. Forty-two percent had sought medical treatment for the condition.

Burning semen syndrome is similar to a condition called seminal plasma hypersensitivity, which affects a small percentage of the general female population. However, seminal plasma hypersensitivity causes burning only in women, and can almost always be prevented by wearing condoms.

Burning semen syndrome affects men and women, and condoms work in fewer than half of the couples.

Dr. Michael Kilpatrick of the U.S. Defense Department's Deployment Health Support called the study "excellent professional research." He noted, however, that of the 697,000 Gulf War veterans, researchers could identify only 211 who might have the condition.

The rate among veterans "does not appear to be higher than the rate in the normal population, although we do not have statistics to prove this," Kilpatrick said.

Bernstein said a treatment similar to allergy shots might cure burning semen syndrome in some women. The shots gradually expose the woman to proteins from the man's semen until she is able to tolerate his semen without adverse affects.

Reports of burning semen syndrome have been circulating among veterans for several years, said Steve Robinson of the Gulf War Resource Center.

"It's very debilitating," Robinson said. "It pretty much ends any intimacy you can have with your spouse.


This Spy Agency didn't officially exist & used Serial Killers, Reporters & Nazi's as sources:

Created during World War II as a purely U.S. operation free of the perceived taint of European allies, the Pond existed for 13 years and was shrouded in secrecy for more than 50 years. It used sources that ranged from Nazi officials to Stalinists and, at one point, a French serial killer.

It operated under the cover of multinational corporations, including American Express, Chase National Bank and Philips, the Dutch-based electronic giant. One of its top agents was a female American journalist.

Created by U.S. military intelligence as a counterweight to the Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner of the CIA, it functioned as a semiautonomous agency for the State Department after World War II and ended its days as a contractor for the CIA with links to J. Edgar Hoover's FBI.

Six months before the war ended; the Pond tried to enlist mobster Charles "Lucky" Luciano in a plot to assassinate Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.

The head of the Pond was Col. John V. Grombach (1st photo), a radio producer, businessman and ex-Olympic boxer who kept a small black poodle under his desk. He attended West Point, but didn't graduate with his class because he had too many demerits, according to a U.S. Army document. His nickname was "Frenchy," because his father was a Frenchman, who worked in the French Consulate in New Orleans.

The Secret Intelligence Branch, began receiving reports from Marcel Petiot (above) during the war. He was a physician and serial killer in Paris who regularly treated refugees, businessmen and Gestapo agents, but he also had a predilection for killing mostly wealthy Jews and burning their bodies in a basement furnace in his sound proofed house. He was convicted of 26 murders and guillotined in 1946.

Nevertheless, Grombach considered him a valuable informer because of his contacts.

Ruth Fischer, code-named "Alice Miller," was considered a key Pond agent for eight years, working under her cover as a correspondent, including for the North American Newspaper Alliance. She had been a leader of Germany's prewar Communist Party and was valuable to the Pond in the early years of the Cold War, pooling intelligence from Stalinists, Marxists and socialists in Europe, Africa and China, according to the newly released documents.

In the 1950s, Grombach began furnishing names to McCarthy on supposed security risks in the U.S. intelligence community. By then, the Pond was a CIA contractor, existing as a quasi-private company, and the agency's leadership was enraged by Grombach's actions. It wasn't long before the Pond's contract was terminated and the organization largely ceased to exist.

Sources: Randy Herschaft, Cristian Salazar and Toby Sterling.

*A friend asked me last week, what is the most bizarre case you ever came across?

It would have to be the case featured below, the ultimate murder mystery! This killer is just as mysterious and elusive as Jack The Ripper yet he doesn't receive much publicity.

This case is unlike no other! He's a professional killer who's a phantom, undetectable and master of disguise. He's suspected of operating in three states (travel expenses don't seem to be a concern).

Is he former special forces (some type of basic training)? Would he be considered rogue? Are these practice kills?

Witnesses have seen him and there is a generic sketch available which has yet to yield any leads. Is he using a "face mask peel off?" which was made popular in the "Mission Impossible" movies.

The victims (appear to be random) and aren't linked and overkill played a big part in each murder. Don't be fooled by the petty theft of jewelry and an ATM card. A "smokescreen," to throw off detectives.

Authorities are allegedly reluctant to link him (on the record) to two of the killings but "off the record," it's a different story.

This story is interwoven and we've featured a portion of this case (on the site) two years ago.

Here's the update (video clip included).


Part 1:

On Jan. 4, 2001, Mike Emert (top photo) a well-known real estate agent, was found stabbed to death in a Woodinville home. Clues have been elusive, no witnesses have come forward, and tips have led nowhere.

The day before he died, Mike Emert, who worked for Windermere Real Estate, told his wife he was showing homes to a client who walked with a limp and used a cane. In his appointment book, he had written the name Steven.

Detectives haven't found the man.

"This person that he met with, we have no idea who that is," Holland said. "We don't even know if that's the real name of the person, and we don't know how accurate that description is."

Before Mike Emert's death, something struck Mary Beth Emert as odd about the client, who insisted on meeting her husband at the Kirkland Park Place shopping center. It's standard practice to meet clients at the office, or at the property they wish to see.

"It was a red flag for me," she said.

Mike Emert planned to meet the client at 11:30 a.m. that day to show the man a beige-and-brick home in the 19500 block of 157th Place Northeast in Woodinville. The home was set back from the road, relatively secluded, and the homeowner was gone at the time.

When the homeowner returned about 12:30 p.m., she found Mike Emert dead in the shower, the water running. The faucets in the sink also were running.

Detectives believe the killer attacked Mike Emert in an upstairs bedroom, stabbing him 19 times, just minutes before the woman arrived. The killer then dragged Emert to the bathroom and lifted him into the shower.

The killer likely was trying to wash trace evidence from the body, Holland said, and may have been cleaning himself. The weapon was never found.

The brutality of the crime and the manner in which the killer handled himself has led some to speculate that the person might have been a professional killer.

"Whoever did it is at least experienced," Holland said.

Detectives don't believe robbery was the motive, although some of Mike Emert's jewelry was missing, including an expensive gold and silver Breitling Chronomat watch and a gold wedding ring with three diamonds in a row across the center and the letters ADI etched inside.

Mike Emert's black Cadillac Escalade was found abandoned at the Kirkland Park Place shopping center, most likely driven there by the killer.

Because Mike Emert's wallet and cell phone were later found in Seattle, detectives think the killer either took a bus to Seattle or had a second car waiting at the shopping center.

Emert's background was clean. No debts, drug problems or gambling addictions, not even a parking ticket.


Part II:

On March 24, 2004, in Aurora, Colorado, Al Kite (above) had been tortured and stabbed to death in the basement of his townhouse.

Kite had nothing suspicious in his background (like Emert) and the killer took several long hours to kill him. Investigators wonder, how did he know that the murder wouldn’t be interrupted? The killer also took a shower and ate a meal before departing.

Everyone close to Al Kite (1st photo) checked out. Everyone; except one mysterious character who walked with a limp and used a cane. In the week's leading up to the murder, Kite had been looking for a roommate to help pay his mortgage. Just days before the murder, he'd apparently found a taker. And now, that new tenant was gone. The investigation had an early focus.

Detective Sobieski began tracking down the mysterious roommate. Early on, Sobieski found a renter's information sheet that showed the roommate was named Robert Cooper. It gave addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers. It seemed like all the clues were to going to quickly lead to the killer.

But the more Sobieski learned, the less he knew. All the information on the sheet was deliberately false. That told Sobieski two things. First, it told him he was not nearly as far along in the investigation as he originally thought. But worse, this killer had planned the whole thing out. The suspect knew cops would be in pursuit, so he decided to make it as hard as possible to figure out who he was.

The deception continued. Sobieski learned that the killer used Kite's ATM card shortly after the murder. But when he pulled the surveillance stills, all he saw as a man in a mask. The stills barely showed anything.

The next trail came from cell records. At the crime scene, cops found a handwritten note which said "Robert" and gave a phone number. It was the killer's phone and it was still being used. Cops tracked the phone's activity all over Denver. But once again, the killer was one step ahead. Apparently after the murder, the killer left the phone in an area where homeless people hung out. He did this on purpose so that a homeless person would use the phone, forcing cops to track the wrong person, yet again.

The paper trail was going nowhere, so Detective Sobieski turned to the few people who'd seen Robert Cooper. One was Al Kite's girlfriend. Though she never saw his face, she did note the man dressed nicely and more notably, walked with a limp and used a cane.

When Sobieski talked to another woman who'd met Cooper, he was told a different story. This Robert Cooper did not limp but did speak with a Romanian accent. This same woman said that Cooper had showed up at her place after she advertised for a roommate but she knew something was wrong as soon as he walked through the door. The hairs stood up on the back of her neck. Due to her gut feeling, she denied his rental application, which probably saved her life.

One of Kite’s neighbors came face to face with the suspect on a walking trail, near Kite’s residence. She said, she spoke to him and he stared right through her without speaking and he did "not" walk with a limp.

Part III:

In Dallas in 1995, David Merrifield, a tax attorney with a clean background received calls from someone using an alias. Against his better judgment, he agreed to meet the man at his office, after work. The man somehow avoided surveillance cameras (Jack Bauer style) and murdered Merrifield in the elevator of his office. The murder is still unsolved and cops have gone on camera stating: "This man is a professional killer!"


1. OXON HILL, Md. - Family members of an Oxon Hill man are as mystified by his death as the police investigating the case; the shooting was not a robbery, and the question that lingers is whether the gunman knew his victim, and if so, how.

Sean Nicholas Green, 31, (above) was in his car apparently leaving his Oxon Hill community about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday when he stopped before turning onto St. Barnabas Road. His family thinks that he was on his way to the gym and then on to his mother's house.

He was the second of five or six cars in the right turn lane at the intersection, investigators believe. Witnesses said a gunman, dressed in a black jacket with his hood up, walked up to Green's Cadillac and fired nine shots into the driver's-side window.

The gunman did not say anything to Green or try to open the car door, witnesses said.

"The individual just walked up him -- the window being up, the door closed -- and discharged his firearm several times, striking Mr. Green," said Prince Georges County police Cpl. Steve Pacheco.

Green died at the scene from multiple gunshot wounds to the head.

Green's family said he had attended the University of Maryland and Frostburg State University, earning a computer science degree.

He held a top secret security clearance in his work as a computer specialist with the National Counter-Terrorism Center, a federal agency. They say Green loved his job and was recently promoted.

Green's family remembered him as a career- and family-oriented man, especially as a great uncle. His four young nephews are finding it difficult to believe the man who helped raise them is gone.

"I loved Uncle Sean," said Green's nephew, Khalil Green, "he always used to take care of us, and take us to our football games." Another nephew, Jalen Green, laments, "I just can't believe the lord took him away. In case, Sean, you're watching us from up there above... I love you."

"They have taken someone precious away from us," added Green's sister, Staci Green-Randolph, "I would like this person to know that they have taken a jewel from a family, and from his nephews, and from his community."

And Sean's brother, Stephen Green, gravely noted, "My brother, to my knowledge, did not have any enemies. He had, instead, a host of friends, fraternity brothers, family members, all of whom loved him."

Neighbors remembered him as a great guy who worked long hours.

"I'm just wondering who would hurt him," said Geraldine Evans, Green's neighbor. "He was the sweetest person I ever seen."

"Whoever did it, you'll pay for what you do," she added. "And I just hope he pay, because [Green] was a sweetheart. He was a good guy."

"I'm very sad that he's gone," added Bridget Fonville, a neighbor. "He didn't bother anyone. He just came and go, speak to you and that was it. He mind his own business. I just cried, I was sad."

*We reported on this (security clearance) murder mystery last year. Since then, the case still remains unsolved.

2. Kanika Powell did everything she was supposed to do after she became the victim of a stalking.

But it was her reluctance to discuss her high security job that may have cost her her life.

The circumstances surrounding the death of the vibrant 28-year-old who was gunned down execution-style near her home, leaves many questions unanswered.

According to an article on the Washington Post website, Powell worked as a security specialist for Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Prince George’s County, MD.

Not much else is known about Powell’s duties at the lab where scientists work on more than 400 homeland security and other research projects.

Since Powell’s job involved homeland security, the Army veteran couldn’t tell her family what her job entailed or where she went when she left town on work-related trips.

So on August 23, when a strange man showed up at her door flashing a badge and asking for her by name, she had more than enough reason to be worried.

Through the locked door, the man told Powell he was an FBI agent and needed to talk to her about a bank fraud investigation. Powell asked for photo identification but the man walked away without showing his ID.

Police arrived 4 minutes after Powell called them. And though they scoured Powell’s apartment complex, they couldn’t locate the man fitting the description that Powell gave them.

Two days later, Powell sat down and composed an email to friends detailing the stranger’s visit.‘I asked who he was and all he stated was that he was from the FBI and that he was looking for Kanika Powell. It freaked me out completely because this man knew my name.’

Toward the end of the email, Powell wrote,‘…not only did I get NO sleep for the rest of my weekend, I am trying to get an alarm system installed in my apartment.’

Powell signed her e-mail to friends and colleagues as “Kanika T. Powell, Special Security, 13-S448 JHU/APL.”

The alarm was installed in her apartment, but four days after the first incident, a different man showed up at Powell’s door posing as a deliveryman. Again, Powell refused to open her door. The next day, Thursday, a third man knocked on Powell’s door claiming to have a package for her, but when she didn’t open her door, he left without leaving the package or a claim slip.

Five hours later, upon returning home from running errands, Powell was ambushed outside her door by a gunman who opened fire with an automatic weapon. Powell was found lying in a stairwell after neighbors called police to report sounds of gunshots and a woman screaming.

She was rushed to a hospital and straight into surgery where doctors tried to repair the damage caused by multiple gunshots to her upper torso. But Powell died the next day, on August 28, while in intensive care.

Michael Buckley, a spokesman for the Hopkins laboratories in Laurel, dismissed any notion that Powell’s death was work-related. He declined to name the lab where Powell worked, or her job title, citing “the nature of the work.”

Powell’s mother, Judy Forrest, said her daughter wouldn’t discuss her work with her. Powell would occasionally leave town for a couple of days to pick up things for the lab, she said.“I would ask her where she was going, and she would say,‘Mom, you know I can’t tell you that.’

*Thankfully, this CIA "security clearance" murder mystery was solved but conspiracy theorists still insist, despite the killer having a criminal background of abducting, abusing and murdering women, could this have been a murder contract disguised as a rape/murder? Also, Tina Jefferson was shot in the head, execution style-the mark of a trained killer.

3. Since childhood, Veronica “Tina” Jefferson (pictured above) had always excelled in math. She was a genius with numbers and figures. The CIA recruited her during her senior year at Oklahoma State University where she served as president of her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta.

Tina celebrated by buying a flashy new Camaro. The car had to be red and white, her sorority colors.

Jefferson relocated to Virginia to work in the CIA offices. She was a rising star and was in line for promotion and she dated a medical student. Despite this, Tina was homesick, her parents urged her to stick it out.

On May 10, 1988, Tina went to the grocery store. Witnesses saw an attractive clean-shaven black or Puerto Rican man flirting with her near the deli counter. The man was expensively attired in a designer sweater, Italian silk slacks and designer shoes.

An elderly couple reported seeing the same man standing with Tina next to her red Camaro. The couple said Tina kept glancing around, she seemed anxious. One witness stated, although Tina seemed somewhat relaxed, she got an uneasy feeling when she saw Tina talking to the man.

Less than a half-hour later, off-duty deputy Doug Taylor saw the red Camaro, the car was moving slow and weaving slightly. Taylor could see a man in the driver’s seat. He was leaning over talking to a pretty black woman. The Camaro pulled over, the woman stepped out on the passenger side, she leaned through the window and said something to the driver. She glanced back at Deputy Taylor; she didn’t seem alarmed. Deputy Taylor didn’t want to be late for work and he was in a civilian car, he had no way of calling backup and he wasn’t armed. He drove past the Camaro.

Less than an hour later, several residents near McKinley Elementary heard a woman screaming, followed by gunfire. The next morning, two motorcyclists came across the body of Tina Jefferson. The victim was nude, her clothes were folded next to her, alongside her red shoes. Whoever killed Tina Jefferson was bold enough to drive her car back (after the rape and murder) to the grocery store (24-hour store) parking lot and park it.

A box-cutter had been found in the Camaro, leading authorities to speculate that the killer may have worked at the grocery store. The FBI interviewed 186 people. DNA was retrieved from Tina’s body, indicating-the killer had one of the rarest blood types in the world. Blood samples were taken from Tina’s boyfriend, male friends, male co-workers and male employees at the grocery store, no matches.

Rumors began to circulate, did Tina come across illegal activity while working at the CIA; was this cause of her death? These rumors were never substantiated. The CIA sent the Jefferson family posthumous letters of commendation praising Tina’s work and dedication.

The off-duty Deputy who drove past Tina’s car has received death threats over the years.

Witnesses gave a sketch artist a description of the killer, no solid leads.


A DNA match determined that Death Row inmate Alfredo Prieto (above) killed Veronica "Tina" Jefferson.

Prieto, 39, has been on California's death row in San Quentin prison since 1992, when he was sentenced in the September 1990 slaying of a 15-year-old girl.

He and two other men kidnapped the girl, a woman and the woman's daughter from their Ontario, Calif., home and raped and beat them in a warehouse. The two other women were stabbed but managed to get away, and the girl, Yvette Woodruff, was fatally shot.



Police fear a gay serial killer murdered MI6 secret agent-Gareth Williams. Files on a dozen unsolved killings and rapes are being checked for clues. Detectives are racing to solve the mystery of secret cross-dresser Williams' death before the killer strikes again.

A senior source said: "This is our No.1 priority. "We are checking all the files to see if there is a link. The fear is that this is the beginning or part of a series of attacks."

The murder team will also speak to cops who worked on the unsolved garotting of pre-op transsexual Kellie Telesford, 39, in South London in 2007. Williams' body was found in a suitcase at his flat in Pimlico, central London, on Monday-eight days after he was last seen alive. There was no sign of a break-in and it is believed he invited his killer in.

Williams, a keen cyclist from Anglesey, North Wales, was on secondment to MI6 from GCHQ, Britain's electronic eavesdropping base. A post mortem failed to identify a cause of death. He was not stabbed, shot or strangled and further tests are planned. Police denied reports of bondage gear, porn or escort contacts being found in the $400,000 flat (safe house). His parents Ian and Ellen and 28-year-old sister Ceri are still in a state of shock.

Source: News Group Newspapers Ltd.


Part II of this story seems to abandon the gay serial killer angle, cover-up? Or is this the work of a professional killer? I'm leaning towards a (highly skilled) professional killer because the murder was committed without leaving a mark on the body and no trace evidence was left. The killer may have intentionally made the crime scene similar to the-gay serial killer's (motive of operation) to throw the authorities off.


It's been nearly seven months since the body of MI6 code-breaker Gareth Williams was found padlocked in a sports bag in his flat, and normally by now police would be hoping to make an announcement of an arrest.

Scotland Yard detectives have been working closely with MI6 agents to uncover the truth about how the maths genius and cipher expert was found dead, apparently without a single mark on his body.

Yet, far from nearing a breakthrough in the inquiry, the Standard understands that detectives are increasingly frustrated at the course the investigation is taking.

In a twist that could come from the plot of a Sherlock Holmes story, it is understood that officers can find no obvious sign that anyone else was in the flat at the time of his death.

The conclusion, if proved, raises the possibility that Williams died alone or, alternatively, his killer was so skilful that he left no clues; he — or possibly even they — may have committed the perfect murder.

One highly respected pathologist told the Standard today it was possible that the cause of his death may never be fully known.

Police officers were first called to Williams's home — the top-floor flat of a MI6 “safe house” in Alderney Street, Pimlico — at approximately 6.30pm on Monday, August 23, when his MI6 employers became concerned for his “welfare” after he failed to turn up for work. In the large en-suite bathroom off the master bedroom, officers found a large red hold-all in the bath, containing William's curled-up body. The bag, believed to be from the North Face adventure company, had been padlocked from the outside and placed in the bath tub.

Yet what puzzled detectives was that nothing else seemed out of place in the £400,000 flat which Mr Williams had rented for a year while on secondment to M16 from Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). There was no sign of a struggle, forced entry or theft; everything was “spotless” and in order, according to one officer who has been inside.

Personal possessions — including two iPhones and Sim cards — had been laid out neatly on a table. There were laptops, one an expensive Apple Mac.

Some details about what detectives found in Williams's flat are being kept secret. They will not, for instance, say whether the body was naked or even whether there was — or had been — any water in the bath.

So far pathologists have carried out two post-mortems, but both have failed to establish how Williams died, though the examination was complicated by the fact that the body was said to be in an “advanced state of decay”.

What is known, however, is that Williams, a 31-year-old cycling fanatic, had not been shot or stabbed and did not appear to have been strangled. Detectives must now wait for the results of numerous toxicology tests to find out whether he was drugged, poisoned or even smothered.

Detectives and specialists working on the case know that asphyxiation is sometimes difficult to trace and privately fear the possibility that an exact cause of death may never be found and thereby denying them one of the most important clues for solving any murder investigation.

Dr Stuart Hamilton, one of 36 Home Office pathologists covering England and Wales, said that some more subtle forms of asphyxiation left few marks and therefore sometimes could not be discovered.

The Scotland Yard inquiry into Williams's death has focused on several main strands, including the scene at his flat when officers first arrived, and tracing the code-breaker's movements in the days before he is thought to have died.

In suspicious cases such as these, the police will also look into the dead person's background, but, it is understood, Williams's preference for keeping his personal life a secret from colleagues, family and friends has made this task incredibly difficult.

Detectives hold out hope that someone will come forward with information to help them piece together Williams's “four mystery days” between Wednesday, August 11, when he was in London and spoke to his sister Ceri Subbe on the phone, and Sunday, August 15 — the last time he was seen alive.

Ceri, a physiotherapist in Wrexham, raised the alarm after her brother failed to return her calls and has since traveled to London to help police.

Officers, extremely sensitive to the Williams family grief, nonetheless are of the view that the riddle of how Williams died most probably lies with his private life — even though there are no firm leads in that direction nearly two weeks after his death. His parents, who live in Anglesey, describe their son as extremely reserved but they are adamant he was not gay.

Rumors that bondage gear and gay escort agency numbers were found at Williams's flat have been flatly denied by his family, who say these more lurid claims may be smears, intended to discredit him.

There are reports that he frequented a gay bar near the MI6 headquarters in Vauxhall, but detectives can find no trace of a boyfriend, or girlfriend, and there is nothing to suggest he was a secret drinker or drug taker.

In fact, the opposite is true: Williams lived for his job and his cycling, regularly riding with his father around Anglesey and in local competitions with his club.

One line of inquiry is that Mr Williams died in an accident, a sex game that went wrong perhaps. But police say that if this was so why is it taking so long to find the “suspect”, who, if he panicked and fled the scene, should have left clues to his identity.

Police have combed the flat for fingerprints and DNA and searched CCTV in the area, but they are not believed to have identified a prime suspect. They are also sifting through his Sim cards to trace every call he made, but still have not found a motive.

One detective said: “The fact that no one has come forward could mean that no one was there. It could mean someone is frightened or it could be more sinister.”

Police have spoken to colleagues in MI6 and examined Williams's bank accounts for details of extraordinary payments, but again they have found nothing suspicious.

Williams's skills as a cipher expert and code-breaker were so highly valued that he regularly traveled— it is rumored to Afghanistan to monitor codes between the Taliban, and to America, where he liaised with the National Security Agency and the CIA.

Of course, the possibility remains that he was the target of a foreign espionage agency, and murdered with a deadly toxin or even gas unidentifiable by toxicologists, but two weeks on, Scotland Yard is not even classifying Williams's death as murder. And if it is murder, it is one executed without trace.

Source: Justin Davenport


Sharon M. Scranage (not pictured) was an Operations Support Assistant for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) at their Accra Station in Ghana in the mid 1980s. While there, she engaged in a relationship with Michael Soussoudis, ostensibly a business consultant and permanent resident of the United States.

After returning from Ghana, Scranage had a routine polygraph test administered. According to reports, the polygraph results aroused suspicions by the CIA, leading them to believe Scranage had conducted espionage activities while in Ghana.

An investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) disclosed that Soussoudis used his romantic liaison with Scranage to obtain classified information regarding CIA intelligence collection activities, including the identity of two covert CIA agents. It was reported that Soussoudis passed the information to pro-Marxist Kojo Tsikata, the head of Ghanaian intelligence.

This information allegedly included intelligence reports and cables classified as “Secret” dealing with military equipment. The information is believed to have then made its way to Cuba, Libya, East Germany, and other Soviet Bloc nations. Scranage agreed to testify against Soussoudis and participated in a ruse to get him back to the U.S. for the FBI, where he was arrested

Initially indicted on 18 counts for transmitting classified information to a foreign government, Miss Scranage pled guilty on two charges of disclosing the identities of persons working for the CIA and to revealing classified information.

She received a five-year sentence by the U.S. District Court, with a recommendation that she be eligible for parole after 18 months. Her probation period was to last two years and her sentence included 2,000 hours of community service. Scranage was released from prison in May 1987 and is the first person to be convicted of violating the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982.

In espionage, sexual liaisons are sometimes used as a tool to set a trap for an unsuspecting person; this is called a honeypot or honeytrap. This trust relationship is used to extract information from the person, often started without alerting the target. This technique is suspected to be one of many tools in the arsenal of former Soviet Bloc countries.

The FBI arrested Soussoudis, the first cousin of then leader of Ghana, during his visit to the U.S. to meet Scranage. He was charged with eight counts of espionage, to which he pleaded nolo contendere (no contest, pleading neither guilty nor not guilty). He was then sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. The judge allowed for a suspension of this sentence if he left the United States within 24 hours. He also lost his U.S. permanent resident status. In actuality, the U.S. conducted an exchange of prisoners. Upon Soussoudis’ release from jail, eight men (two who allegedly worked for the CIA in Ghana) were also released from a Ghanaian jail.


Randy Miles Jeffries (above-forefront) was a former African-American courier. In 1986, he pleaded guilty to a charge of giving classified national security documents (defense secrets) to the Soviet Union.

Jeffries, 26, lived in the District of Columbia with his wife Naomi and three children.


Randy Miles Jeffries allegedly provided Soviet military officials with at least 40 “sample pages” of Secret and Top Secret transcripts from congressional hearings, offering to hand over a complete package of three documents for $5,000. The investigation of Jeffries began after he was observed by US agents entering the Soviet Military Office in Washington.

An FBI undercover agent posing as a Soviet representative contacted the messenger at his residence and arranged a meeting later in the day at a local hotel. Jeffries was arrested as he left the meeting.

From 1978 to 1980, he was a support employee for the FBI and reportedly held an agency security clearance. In March 1983 he was convicted of possession of heroin and completed a program for rehabilitation from drug abuse in July 1985. Jeffries entered a plea of guilty.



An international secret society of the affluent and accomplished who believed that the Knights Templar still exist and that the apocalypse is upon us, burst into public awareness with murder and mass suicide around the globe.


Morin Heights is a popular ski resort near Montreal in the French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec. Not much happens there aside from winter sports, but on October 4, 1994, a condominium fire attracted the fire brigade. What at first appeared to be a routine incident yielded a few surprises. As investigators assessed the scene, they came across two charred bodies. Since a quick check indicated that the building was owned by Joseph Di Mambro, 69, (above) officials anticipated that he would be one of the victims and surmised that his friend, Luc Jouret, 47, could be the other. Di Mambro, it turned out, was the founder of a religious organization known as the Order of the Solar Temple, and Luc Jouret was its reputed prophet and proselytizer.

However, the autopsy soon revealed that neither victim was a 69-year-old male, and that, in fact, one victim was an older female. Was this the couple who had been renting the condo? If so, where was their infant son?

No one realized then that this discovery was just the first of a series of strange and grisly events that would make many people — even experts — rethink what they believed about religious communal behavior.

Upon closer inspection of the home after the fire was put out, three more bodies were found, stashed together in a closet — a man, a woman and a child. As the victims were removed from the condo, it appeared that they had not been killed by the fire. Instead, it seemed that they had been dead for a few days. Blood covered them, which turned out to be from a series of stab wounds. This discovery, at least, solved one mystery: These three victims were the renters, according to Catherine Wessinger, in How the Millennium Comes Violently. They were Tony Dutoit, stabbed 50 times in the back; his wife, Nicki, also stabbed several times in the back, as well as twice in the chest and four times in the throat; and Christopher-Emmanuel, 3 months old, who was stabbed six times in the chest with a wooden stake.

An examination of the circumstances and the condition of the Dutoits' bodies put their time of death around September 30, four days earlier. But now investigators had no idea who the other deceased victims were. They had two unidentified bodies and no clear idea what had happened in this place, or why the Dutoits had been killed. Had these two murdered the family and then killed themselves? Or were all five people killed by someone else, who had then set the place on fire? But why then were the Dutoits covered in wounds, while the other two victims were not? And who had been the principal target? Authorities were stumped, but it wasn't long before their questions became part of an international inquiry.

It was discovered that the Dutoits (above) were former members of Joseph Di Mambro's Solar Temple sect, and a list found in the chalet indicated that the order had 600 members. A rumor developed that Di Mambro (top photo) had sent one of his "knights" to assassinate the Dutoit infant, Christopher-Emmanuel, because he believed the boy to be the anti-Christ. Warrants were issued for the arrest of Di Mambro, as well as Luc Jouret.

The next day, fires broke out across the Atlantic Ocean in Switzerland. This time there were many more victims, and they had a statement to make to the world.

In Cheiry, Switzerland, some local people were celebrating the grand re-opening of a restaurant in the small village, says Switzerland's Ministry of Defense, Jean Francois Mayer, when they learned of a fire that had broken out in an outlying farmhouse owned by 73-year-old Albert Giacobino. It was around midnight on October 4. Firemen responded and soon found a victim. Inside the house, a man was lying on a bed with a plastic bag over his head. The fire appeared to be part of a suicide gesture.

Upon closer inspection, it appeared that this man (later identified as the retired farmer) had been murdered, shot in the head. The police came and soon found several incendiary devices installed around the house. They went into what appeared to be a garage, but once inside, they saw that it was actually a meeting hall. Several people had left their belongings there, but nobody was present.

Police inspected the rest of the area but failed to turn up anyone or anything that could shed some light on the puzzling incident. Then investigators noticed that the meeting hall appeared to be larger than just the one room, although no doors to another area were found. As they tested the walls, it appeared that one was movable, so they opened it up. To their astonishment, inside this apparently secret room, with crimson wall-to-wall carpeting, tall mirrors and red satin draperies, lay a number of corpses organized in a circle, like spokes radiating from the hub of a wheel. Their heads outward, they were arranged around a triangular alter. Investigators counted 18 people, many of them wearing what appeared to be white, gold, red and black ceremonial garments and capes. Champagne bottles lay scattered around them. Many of these people also had plastic bags over their heads. In an adjacent room, also lined with mirrors, they found three more corpses.

There was blood as well, and it soon became clear that most of the people had been shot in the head and that 10 had been suffocated. A few bodies showed bruises, evidence of having been beaten. The investigation concluded that the victims had died on October 3, the day before. Was this a mass murder or a suicide pact? These investigators were as yet unaware of the discovery of the Canadian deaths from the afternoon before, and even so, there was no apparent reason yet to link them.

In Granges-sur-Salvan, a sleepless tourist looked out his window at 3 a.m. on October 5 to see flames coming from a house nearby. The fire department went right out and saw that not one but three adjacent houses—actually, ski chalets—were burning. That was a good indication of potential arson and it was soon discovered that they had all been rigged with gasoline bombs. The police broke in and found numerous victims, including three teenagers and four children. Altogether in two of the three chalets, there were 25 badly charred corpses. Many had been shot in the head, some as much as eight times. Upon investigation after identification from dental records, they proved to be members of the Order of the Solar Temple, as did the 22 dead people from the other Swiss village. The order owned the damaged buildings.

In subsequent weeks, after the autopsies, a magistrate determined that of all these deaths, only fifteen had been willing suicides. Thirty more people were lured into a ceremony, where they were killed, and seven seemed to have been executed. Surprisingly, among those who died were successful professionals, such as a journalist, a high-ranking government official, several wealthy businessmen, and a mayor.

On October 19, the unknown white male victim in the Canadian fire, estimated to be about 35 years old, turned out to match the dental records of Gerry Genoud, and the other victim matched those records of 60-year-old Colette Genoud. They were from Switzerland and were members of the order. It wasn't yet clear what they had been doing in the Dutoits' rented condo, or why they were dead.

Clearly, it was time to find the leaders of this religious community.

During the investigation that tied together the three mass death sites, it was found that some of the deceased members had written letters, or "testaments," while still alive to relatives, officials, scholars, and newspapers to explain what they had done. They admitted to murder, saying that they had executed traitors, but that most of the shootings had been merely a way to help weaker members to make the transition.

Although it was first believed that Joseph Di Mambro and Luc Jouret (above) had orchestrated the suicide/slaughter and then gone to hide out until they could emerge and spend the money they had fleeced from their members, their bodies were soon identified as being among the Swiss dead. In other words, they'd bought into their spiritual philosophies.

As reporters uncovered Jouret's past, they learned that prior to his involvement with the Solar Temple, he had been part of a racist, neo-Nazi magical society, co-founded by former Gestapo officer Julien Origas. He'd tried to grab for power and lost, so he left.

Two years later, the Solar Temple came under police surveillance for possible connections with a political assassin organization, and then Jouret was pulled into a scandal involving illegal arms. Two Quebec members were arrested for purchasing handguns with silencers, and Jouret was charged as well.

Over a year after the first series of mass suicides, in a forested area near Grenoble, France, known as the Well of Hell, 16 people were found dead and burned on December 15, 1995. Fourteen of them were arranged in a wheel-like pattern, heads outward, which came to be regarded as a star. This night was chosen for its association with the winter solstice, and all of the dead were members of the Solar Temple. Three were children, and there was evidence that not all of the victims had willingly gone to their deaths. One woman's jaw was fractured, as if she had struggled. Most had drugs in their system that had induced lethargy and sleep, and four people had left behind suicide notes in their homes. They hoped to "see another world" and hinted at another mass suicide to follow.

Yet it wasn't over. On March 22, 1997, another mass suicide in St. Casimir, Quebec, brought the total deaths for this religious cult to 74. This one had nearly been averted. Five adult members and three teenagers (two sons and a daughter) had gathered during the spring equinox on March 20. When their incendiary equipment failed, the teenagers persuaded their parents that they did not wish to die. They were allowed to leave, while the adults, including an elderly woman, made a second attempt at burning down the house. This time they succeeded and were killed. Four of them had arranged their bodies in the shape of a cross. All had taken tranquilizers. The teenagers, drugged, were found next door and were taken to safety. A note was found which indicated that the victims believed they were transitioning to another planet.

In 1998, the police prevented a German psychologist from carrying out yet another mass suicide. She had gathered 29 people believed to be members of the Solar Temple in the Canary Islands. None of them died.
Piecing the tale together, experts believe that Jouret and Di Mambro had decided that several governments were persecuting the order. Prior to the night of the mass slaughter/suicide in Switzerland, Di Mambro and 12 of his followers had engaged in a "Last Supper" to affirm their spiritual ideals. Then the violence began. In Switzerland, the "awakened" 15 had killed themselves by poison, while 38 others were shot. Eight of those were considered traitors to the order, and were thus executed, rather than "transitioned."

Michael Tabachnik (above), 58, an internationally renowned Swiss musician and conductor, was arrested as a leader in the Solar Temple, and was indicted for "participation in a criminal organization," which included murder. He came to trial in Grenoble during the spring of 2001.

French magistrate Luc Fontaine theorized that two deceased members of the cult—police officer Jean-Pierre Lanchet and architect Andre Friedli—had been the shooters at the mass suicide near Grenoble, and were therefore guilty of killing unwilling victims. One of the children found in a plastic bag there had been only 18 months old. The crime reconstruction had the two suspects shooting the others, dowsing them with gasoline, and before killing themselves, setting the bodies on fire.

Tabachnik was believed to have been among the group of leaders who had facilitated the suicides, and in 1994 to have announced the conclusion of their mission just eleven days before the first deaths. That indicated knowledge about what was to happen. Allegedly he had written much of the group's literature, and had thus had conditioned people toward annihilation by creating a "dynamic toward murder." He was said to have been Di Mambro's expected successor. Prosecutors wanted a jail term of five-to-10 years.

He denied all the charges, claiming that he had severed connections with the sect in 1992. He said he'd known nothing about the plan for a mass suicide. "I have done absolutely nothing wrong," he stated to reporters.

Tabachnik was acquitted him of 16 deaths. The victims' families were disappointed.

The Order of the Solar Temple is now believed to be dormant, if not disbanded altogether. While some reports claim that members still practice the rituals, there seems to be little concern from authorities that any more ritual deaths—forced or otherwise—will take place.


Eugene Jacques Bullard (9 October 1894 – 12 October 1961) was the first black military pilot and the only black pilot in World War I.

He was born Eugene Jacques Bullard in Columbus, Georgia, United States. His father was known as "Big Chief Ox" fathers name William O. Bullard and his mother was a Creek Indian; name Josephine Thomas together, they had ten children. Bullard stowed away on a ship bound for Scotland to escape racial discrimination (he later claimed to have witnessed his father's narrow escape from lynching as a child).

While in the United Kingdom he worked as a boxer and also worked in a music hall.

On a trip to Paris he decided to stay and joined the French Foreign Legion upon the outbreak of World War I in 1914. Wounded in the 1916 battles around Verdun, and awarded the Croix de Guerre, Bullard flew as a member of the Lafayette Flying Corps in the French Aéronautique Militaire, assigned to 93 Spad Squadron on 17 August 1917 where he flew some twenty missions and is thought to have shot down two enemy aircraft.

With the entry of the United States into the war the US Army Air Service convened a medical board in August 1917 for the purpose of recruiting Americans serving in the Lafayette Flying Corps. Although he passed the medical examination, Bullard was not accepted into American service because blacks were barred from flying in U.S. service at that time. Bullard was discharged from the French Air Force after fighting with another officer while off-duty and was transferred back to the French infantry in January 1918, where he served until the Armistice.

Following the end of the war, Bullard remained in Paris. He began working in nightclubs and eventually owned his own establishment. He married the daughter of a French countess but the marriage soon ended in divorce, with Bullard taking custody of their two daughters. His work in nightclubs brought him many famous friends, among them Josephine Baker (also, a French spy), Louis Armstrong, and Langston Hughes. At the outbreak of World War II in 1939, Bullard, who spoke German, readily agreed to a request from the French to spy on German agents frequenting his club in Paris.

After the German invasion of the French Third Republic in 1940, Bullard took his daughters and fled south out of Paris. In Orléans he joined a group of soldiers defending the city and suffered a spinal wound in the fighting. He fled to Spain, with the help of a French spy and in July 1940 he returned to the United States.

Bullard spent some time in a hospital in New York for his spinal injury, but he would never fully recover. During and after World War II, when seeking work in the United States, he found that the fame he enjoyed in France had not followed him to New York. He worked in a variety of occupations, as a perfume salesman, a security guard, and as an interpreter for Louis Armstrong, but his back injury severely restricted his activities. For a time he attempted to regain his nightclub in Paris, but his property had been destroyed during the Nazi occupation, and he received a financial settlement from the French government which allowed him to purchase an apartment in New York's Harlem district.

In 1954, the French government invited Bullard to Paris to rekindle (together with two Frenchmen) the everlasting flame at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier under the Arc de Triomphe, and in 1959 he was made a chevalier (knight) of the Légion d'honneur. Even so, the last years of his life were spent in relative obscurity and poverty in New York City where he died of stomach cancer on October 12, 1961. He was buried with military honors by French officers in the French War Veterans' section of Flushing Cemetery in the New York City borough of Queens.

In 1972, his exploits as a pilot were published in the book "The Black Swallow of Death."

On 23 August 1994, thirty-three years after his death, and seventy-seven years to the day after his physical that should have permitted him to fly for his own country and his rejection for U.S. military service in 1917, Eugene Bullard was posthumously commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force.

In 2006, the movie" Flyboys," loosely portrayed Bullard and his comrades from the Lafayette Flying Corps.


Officials have been aware of Asian underground banking for years! Allegedly, the U.S. has a few (very discreet-black market) underground banking establishments (with a select 'illicit' clientele).

Unlike normal banks, no banking sign is out front and you have to be buzzed in from the street (by appointment only). Once inside, you immediately notice, the bank has no pamphlets or deposit slips in sight.

No banking staff is present, only a receptionist who directs you to a row of glass-walled offices on the mezzanine.

These banks also have a wide array of safe deposit boxes (in different sizes) that house diamonds, art, currency/gold coins, Cuban cigars, discs, and expensive jewels.

Allegedly, these underground banks are favored by cartels, sex trafficking organizations, high end prostitution rings and arms smugglers-by referral only.


We've reported on the Bilderberg Group (Secret Society) before, here's additional information:

Bilderberg group meetings are subject to massive security and utmost secrecy.

One of their meetings occurred on a mountain top retreat in Switzerland. Attendees arrived by and departed by helicopter.

The delegates exclusively occupied 3 luxury hotels and were protected by the Swiss Army and intelligence personnel. In addition, the Bilderberg group has it's own security force that boasts a number of snarling attack dogs.

Members include: 120 of the world's most powerful and influential men and women (heads of state, royalty, financiers, industrialists, media, etc.).


Two African American men (that we know of) have been linked to this group. Colin Powell and Vernon Jordan. It's been speculated that Condoleeza Rice may belong to this group.

It's impossible to trace ownership for additional elite think tanks.


On March 22, William and Cynthia Bennett left their Potomac Station home for an early morning walk and never returned. Shortly after 5:30 a.m., police found William, 57 lying dead, they found Cynthia, 55 badly beaten but still alive a short distance away.

Around 5:30 a.m., less than a mile from the Bennett home, a resident on Rocky Creek Drive called police to report the presence of a suspicious vehicle (a white panel work van), and three men outside the van causing a disturbance.

By the time a Loudoun County Sheriff's deputy arrived, the van was gone. However, the body of William Bennett was spotted by the deputy, lying near the intersection of Rocky Creek Drive and Riverside Drive (the same reported location of the white van). More deputies arrived and found the bloodied body of Cynthia Bennett.

Both had obviously been beaten with a blunt object.

Cynthia was sent by helicopter to an area hospital, where she remains in critical condition. The severity of her injuries have prevented her from speaking with police about the attack.

William Bennett was a retired U.S. Army Special Forces lieutenant colonel and an ex-CIA contractor. Cynthia had also served as an Army officer. The couple have two children together.

1. What do powerful (possibly presidential) politicians and hunted (billionaire) fugitives have in common? The answer is: Ordnance-proof material.

What is ordnance-proof material?

This material is laced into thickened window glass for political limousines and for political mansions. Where a membrane distorts your image portrayed to the outside world (to throw off potential assassins or stalkers).

You can be standing in the middle of a room but the image projected through the glass had you seven inches to the right. Later, at another spot in the room, your image would be nearly a foot to the left.

It constantly changed so no one could draw a perfect bead on you.

2. Criminals think if they file off the serial numbers on guns, the murder weapon will never be linked to them, wrong? There is now a thing called microstamping. It uses a laser to imprint the numbers microscopically on the breech face and the firing pin among other places. They are not so easy to remove.

Source: David Baldacci


On September 26, an off duty cop working as a security guard at a Greyhound bus terminal in Knoxville noticed a suspicious car in the parking lot. Cops say it's the same car that John "Woody" Woodring stole before he allegedly killed his wife Bonnie in Sylva, North Carolina.

North Carolina investigators loaded the vehicle onto a flatbed truck and took it back to a crime lab in Asheville, where they'll process it for evidence. Cops say Woodring grabbed the car and a sawed-off shotgun from a neighbor's house.

Sylva is only about 120 miles from Knoxville, investigators think that Woodring might have parked the car at the bus terminal to throw them off his trail. They're also trying to figure out if Woodring just bought a ticket and hopped a bus to Anywhere USA.

According to investigators, no witnesses saw Woodring at the bus station in Knoxville, and he didn't show up on the surveillance cameras.

Woodring made it his job to get inside the minds of some of America's most notorious criminals.

It all started with a 911 call from the Woodrings' neighbor:

OPERATOR: Jackson County 911. Do you have an emergency?
CALLER: Yes, um, our neighbors, the Woodrings up here on Kitchens Branch...


CALLER: His son, her son is down here saying someone is beating his mother. You need to get somebody up here

John "Woody" Woodring was supposed to stay away from his wife after she took off. According to authorities, on September 13 the courts granted Bonnie Woodring a restraining order against her husband. But when Bonnie went home with her 13 year-old son Josh to pick up their things, Woodring allegedly choked her so bad that she had to be taken to the hospital.

Cops in Sylva, North Carolina issued a warrant for Woodring's arrest. By the time they got to the house, Woodring was already on the run. He tried to reach out to Bonnie in a message he posted on their photography website, but she wouldn't take him back. Cops say this only made him angrier.

Fearing for her safety, Bonnie entered the REACH shelter for women. But cops say even that wasn't enough protection. They say Woodring broke into the shelter at around 9:00 p.m. on Sept. 18, 2006 brandishing a stolen sawed-off shotgun. He forced Bonnie into the kitchen at gunpoint, where police say he brutally ended her life.

Bonnie had good reason to be afraid of her husband. Sure, he was an ex-Marine with a temper who police say abused each of his four wives. But he was also a true-crime aficionado with a sick fascination for chatting up bad guys. He'd spend long hours at his computer writing letters to criminals like Ira Einhorn and Eric Robert Rudolph.

Woodring complied all of his musings in a self-published book titled "The Convict Speaks." His theory was that anyone, including the worst criminals, can change. Too bad the 35 year-old graduate teacher's assistant at Western Carolina University didn't heed his own advice.

As it turns out, Woodring had had his own run-ins with the law. Bonnie, wife number four, had complained to the courts for months that Woodring was abusive. In fact, cops say Woodring had a 15 year history of arrests for domestic violence involving various women, including getting banished from a reservation after police say he assaulted his Native American wife.


Weeks after Woodring killed his wife, cops found his corpse inside a houseboat on a nearby lake. A .38-caliber gun was found near the body, but he had not been shot.

The cause of death was unable to be determined and there was no trauma whatsoever to the body. (The sign of a professional killer).

At first, police tried to rule the death a suicide but they quickly backed off that theory after the autopsy results came back.

Woodring's killer remains at large.



Ralph Adams, a native of Nebraska, received his Bachelors degree from the University of Nebraska in 1961. He started his NSA career in the Operations Organization in 1965 after serving in the U.S. Army in Vietnam as a linguist. He returned to Vietnam as a language analyst for the NSA.

He received awards for his work from both NSA and the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. Over the next twenty years he held positions of increasing responsibility. He served, from 1985-1988, as the chief of Legislative Affairs. It was during this time (1986) that he received the Exceptional Civilian Service Award for demonstrating exceptional managerial and professional abilities that enabled him to raise productivity of his organization to unprecedented levels.

He also received, in 1987, the Presidential Rank Award of Meritorious Executive. From there, Mr. Adams became chief of an operations analysis office and then the Deputy Director for Plans and Policy. In 1990, Ralph Adams became NSA's inspector general and the Cryptologic Advisor to the Commander-in-Chief, Pacific in 1995.

Mr. Adams finished his career as the second highest ranking civilian at NSA, the Executive Director.

He retired from NSA in 1996.


As recent as a few years ago, Jeanette Moore (due to a high security clearance-no photo available) was the highest ranking African American woman in CIA history. Her job title was: The Head Of Office Security.

Moore made headlines when she reprimanded Dusty Foggo (former executive director at CIA headquarters) regarding: Foggo was at the center of a swirling storm of corruption allegations, involving-poker parties, sweetheart contracts and prostitutes.

There was a huge fall out from the Foggo scandal, several CIA big shots resigned, including Jeanette Moore, she left the CIA in 2005. It's rumored that she's working at another intelligence agency in a high ranking position.


Ret. Brigadier General Mary L. Saunders, U.S. Air Force, served at the Pentagon in a position that provided guidance to over 32,000 personnel, their training and $3.8 billion of transportation assets. Saunders, the highest ranking African-American woman in the Air Force, has held many leadership positions since she began her career in 1971 and has capitalized on the military's education programs that have enabled her to complete her master of arts degree and recently complete a National Security Leadership Course at Johns Hopkins University.

"Being a professional in all that I do," states Saunders, "is tantamount to succeeding." "I also take great pride in being a mentor and role model for all women in the military. That is why I am a member of the American Association of University Women and the National Association for Female Executives," said Saunders.

Saunders is currently the Vice Director for the Defense Logistics Agency, from: 7/2002-to present.

Source: Charles E. Boyd

In the 1980's, a book author alleged that Donald DeFreeze aka Cinque may have had CIA connections.

Donald David DeFreeze (November 16, 1943 – May 17, 1974), also known as Cinque Mtume, was the leader of the American terrorist group Symbionese Liberation Army aka SLA, a group operating in the mid-1970s, under the nom de guerre "Field Marshal Cinque."

DeFreeze was born in Cleveland, Ohio to Louis and Mary DeFreeze. He began his criminal career at age 14, after he ran away from home and became a street gang member in Buffalo, New York before moving to California. In 1972, he was serving a sentence in Soledad Prison in Soledad, California for armed robbery. Those who remember him in prison considered him an unimpressive criminal. He was first arrested for stealing $10 from a prostitute and framed his friend as having committed the crime.

While incarcerated at Soledad Prison, DeFreeze met with some far-left radicals who were working as volunteers in the prison and was converted to their political ideas. After being transferred to Vacaville Prison, he escaped on March 5, 1973. DeFreeze adopted the name "Field Marshal Cinque", having taken this name from Joseph Cinqué, the reported leader of the slave rebellion which took over the Spanish slave ship Amistad in 1839.

The group perpetrated a number of crimes, the most infamous being the murder of Oakland Schools Superintendent Marcus Foster and the abduction of newspaper (billionaire) heiress Patty Hearst. DeFreeze is primarily suspected as having murdered Foster and shooting Assistant Superintendent Robert Blackburn. DeFreeze killed Foster with hollow point bullets packed with cyanide. This isn't a kill technique used by your ordinary garden variety killer.

On May 17, 1974, the Los Angeles Police Department surrounded a house where DeFreeze and five other SLA members were staying. The stand-off quickly escalated into all out battle with both sides trading fire using automatic weapons. The house caught fire during the shootout (possibly from a smoke grenade). DeFreeze and others crawled through a hole in the floor into a crawl space beneath the house. Apparently burning alive, DeFreeze committed suicide by shooting himself in the right side of his head. His corpse was so severely burned that his family did not initially believe the remains belonged to DeFreeze, hmmm.


Geronimo Ji-Jaga is also one of many people who believe that Elaine Brown (former Black Panther) was trained, groomed and used by a particular white CIA informant named Jay Richard Kennedy, who was also allegedly involved in the CIA surveillance of Martin Luther King and the Southern Christian Leadership Council.

On December 3, 2007, Elaine Brown filed a lawsuit against Geronimo ji-Jaga and Kathleen Cleaver in the Georgia Superior Court at Fulton County. Brown asked the court to make Geronimo and Cleaver pay money to her in return for alleged injury caused by them to her in the form of diminished reputation, loss of income, pain, aggravation, humiliation and inconvenience, as well as other physical and emotional distress.


Military prisons have become the home for prisoners convicted of national security crimes.

Is it true that a clandestine group that tracked down and executed war criminals-actually existed?

Is it true that assassin recruiters troll for assassin's in the ranks of the military's best and at marksmanship competitions?

The world's top assassins have two distinctive qualities, they are no longer human with a gun or knife in their hand and real pros exit as well as they kill.

Is it true that spy kings have luxurious furnished mansions at their disposal, all over the world?

Source: David Baldacci

"Red," is an espionage term applied to former CIA assassins. Defined as: Retired and Extremely Dangerous.


Mysterious, eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes died a recluse or did he? In an exciting new biography (The Secret Life Of Howard Hughes-by: Douglas Wellman), Hughes' death is turned on its ear by evidence that he lived another 25 years after his funeral.

Eva McLelland claims she was secretly married to Hughes for years until his death.

She claims Hughes wanted to escape the limelight. "He couldn't go anywhere without being recognized. He found a way to disappear."

The bizarre stories of an unkempt Hughes haunting a Las Vegas penthouse for the last years of his life were actually the antics of a drug addicted "stand-in."

The real Hughes allegedly assumed the identity of Verner "Nike" Nicely, a CIA operative who conveniently disappeared in Central America while on assignment according to McLelland.

She adds: Hughes continued to conduct business through his subordinates, even after his stand-in died in 1976. Hughes was happily living in exile in the Panama Canal with his new wife.

The author even admits (this is a wild story) but Eva's story checks out.

Meanwhile, conspiracy theorists have always insisted that Kenneth Lay (Enron) never died in 2006, according to them, he's living out his twilight years on an remote island.


Who is the mysterious diplomat suspected of drug trafficking for the Russian mafia (since diplomats don't have to go through customs).

A global conspiracy is also revealed-involving missing nuclear weapons.

This film was inspired by real life events.



Over the weekend, news broke that the publication of the above book is being stalled by the Defense department regarding security clearance issues, translation=will classified secrets be leaked to the public via this book? A few copies were leaked to the public, these copies are now being sold on ebay for $500 dollars.

Security Clearance For Books-Procedure:

Espionage/government and books dealing with sensitive intelligence issues, before pre-publication, the books go through a security review at the highest levels. These books have stringent security clearances before they are released for public consumption.


If you're a young woman and you're interested in a career in federal law enforcement (CIA, Secret Service, FBI, DHS, ATF, DOJ, DOD, ICE, DEA, U.S Marshals and Border Patrol), WIFLE is a good place to start.

WIFLE is defined as "Women In Federal Law Enforcement."

WIFLE is a large support network with conventions and annual meetings.

WIFLE also has law enforcement job listings on their site and they offer scholarship programs.

A large percentage of these women are highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat and weapons.


by: Russ Bynum

SAVANNAH, Ga. – To his wife and friends, Roland Haas was a patriotic hero who secretly risked his life for the U.S. government during the Cold War, yet critics denounced him as a "James Bond wannabe" who fabricated a memoir claiming he had been a CIA assassin.

Regardless of which version is true, police and Haas' family insist the gunshot that killed the 58-year-old author in west Georgia last weekend was an accident, a fatal fluke without intrigue or any connection to his disputed past.

Haas was found dead Saturday night behind his car at a roadside in Newnan, a quarter-mile from his home. Investigators say he accidentally shot himself in the leg and bled to death after the bullet pierced his femoral artery. They found Haas' own gun on the ground by his head.

Three years earlier, Haas published "Enter the Past Tense: My Secret Life as a CIA Assassin." In the book, he claimed to have worked as a Cold War secret operative in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. He wrote that he had assassinated international drug dealers, helped Soviet officers escape East Germany and had been tortured in an Iranian prison.

The book was denounced as a hoax by several former CIA officers who said Haas' spy story was too outlandish to be true. The author's wife stands by his memoir and said her husband wasn't a man who told elaborate lies.

"There are a lot of things that happen all over the world that nobody knows about, and it's supposed to be that way," said Marilyn Haas, his wife of 30 years. "To me, he was a hero. He was a patriot."

Before his death, Haas spent more than 15 years as a civilian intelligence officer for the Army Reserve at Fort McPherson outside Atlanta. When his book was published, former CIA polygrapher John F. Sullivan was so outraged he wrote a letter to Haas' commanders, asking why they would employ a man trying to pass off fiction as fact.

Sullivan, who has written two books of his own, said Wednesday he was sorry to hear Haas had died. But Sullivan insisted Haas' memoir contradicts everything he knew about the CIA after 31 years with the agency.

"I'm convinced his entire book was a total fabrication," said Sullivan, 71, of Reston, Va. "He was a James Bond wannabe. And he profited from it."

The CIA denied Haas had ever worked for the agency. "This individual was not a CIA employee ever," said CIA spokeswoman Paula Weiss. This is an odd quote, unless policy changed, the CIA never confirms or denies the employment of workers.

Lt. Col. Bernd Zoller, a spokesman for the Army Reserve, confirmed Haas was employed as a civilian intelligence officer, but said the job mostly dealt with maintaining computer networks and security.

"For the Army Reserve, there's not a whole lot of intelligence gathering," Zoller said.

Coweta County sheriff's deputies found Haas when two passing motorists heard a gunshot and called 911. One witness who pulled over told investigators Haas was bleeding but said he was OK. He died before an ambulance arrived.

Coweta County sheriff's Maj. James Yarbrough said Wednesday police are confident nobody else fired the shot. He said investigators suspect Haas may have stopped his car because he was having medical problems.

Haas' wife said he had open-heart surgery in November and afterward suffered a mini stroke. More recently, she said, Haas had surgery to remove a kidney that left him with nerve damage to his hands.

"Honestly it was a fluke accident," Marilyn Haas said. "Nobody else was involved."


Celebrity look-a-likes are harmless and the majority of political look-a-likes are also harmless but there's a shadowy world of sinister look-a-likes that you don't hear much about.

They operate under the radar and can easily set up the person they're physically impersonating.

You also have "black hat" perception managers (the new fixers) who can orchestrate a public hoax by making it appear that an international fugitive was ambushed and killed.

Scenario: They abduct a look-a-like who they've had under surveillance for some time. They remove his fingerprints with a certain type of acid.

They inject him with a drug (that makes him unconscious) and they transport him to the country the international fugitive was last seen. They put the fugitive's wallet and other effects in the look-a-like's pocket and then they kill him.

Next day headlines: "International fugitive captured and killed!"

Since he has no fingerprints, this will never be questioned since authorities will think he did this to avoid capture.

In reality, the fugitive is still living (in isolation) unbeknownst to the public.

*If a look-a-like has a "small" resemblance to an international fugitive, he's purposely shot in the face to throw off doubt.

NOC (non-official cover operatives) are secret agents in the same vain as fictional characters: Jack Bauer, La Femme Nikita and Evelyn Salt.

These agents are highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, disguises, languages and weapons.

The NOC program typically functions as an elite entity made up of a small cadre of carefully selected agents and case officers.


It was reported last week, that Angelina Jolie wanted real life (deported) Russian spy Anna Chapman (2nd photo) to accompany her to the overseas premiere of "Salt." Chapman couldn't make it because she was being debriefed at an undisclosed location.

Now, rumors are persisting, the Salt character may have been loosely based on the overseas spy exploits of Chapman.

If "Salt" is successful, expect it to turn into a franchise, similar to the "Bourne Identity." Ben Affleck and Tom Cruise will co-star in future installments. The role of "Salt," was originally written for Tom Cruise but the character was too similar to Cruise's Ethan Hawke character in "Mission Impossible," so he backed out of the project.

Evelyn Salt is the most impressive female spy in film history. LaFemme Nikita and Charlie Baltimore have nothing on her, Jack Bauer couldn't even compete with her. Her kill techniques (shown in the movie) are extremely impressive and original. A non-stop thrill ride!

On May 7, 1994, a black helicopter chased a teenage boy for forty-five minutes in Harrahan, Louisiana. Unable to run any further, the terrified boy explained that the occupants descended from the vehicle and pointed weapons at him. To this day, the boy has no idea why he was targeted by the helicopter, or why, mysteriously, they let him go.

One week later, people traveling in a car near Washington had a similar experience when they too were pursued by the helicopter. Unable to escape, they witnessed men in black uniforms coming down from a rope ladder bearing weapons. However, the drivers were let go, much to their confusion.


Latex spy masks aka face peel offs (highlighted in Mission Impossible & Salt) can transform your identity as well as your gender.

This masks are priced at $1600-$2,000 dollars and are favored by the espionage community. Some secret agents prefer the expertise of a makeup artist during the application process.


In answer to the question, there's little difference. The majority of mercenaries have become known as "the contract murderers of the military world."

They are actively recruited by private military companies.

Depending on their skills, they charge upwards of (a $10,000 non-refundable retainer) for each assignment (which may not include murder).

There have been stories of rich people contacting them to arrange a contract killing of their spouse.

Not all mercenaries commit murder.

In Related News:

Some Israeli security teams that provide security for celebrities in Hollywood, charge a $100,000 non-refundable retainer fee.


Special forces units are an elite bunch-the cream of the crop. They even have their own "Special Forces," search engine on the internet. If you want to leave a comment on a SF forum, some forums require that you have military experience when registering.

Special Forces even hosted a sniper competition one year.

If you're an African-American male and you want to possess the sniper and hand-to-hand combat skills of James Bond and Jack Bauer, and travel the globe, here's your chance!

Joining the Green Berets, Rangers, SEALs or Air Force commandos requires a young man to volunteer three times -- for the military, for paratrooper school and for special-operations training.

After your tour of duty is up, normally, it's a strong possibility you'll be recruited by every intelligence/espionage agency known to mankind (CIA, NSA, DHS, DOD, Secret Service, DSS, private military companies, etc.).

Currently, only a few units allow women into special forces, the majority don't. A few women have passed and entered the Green Berets and Delta Force but their roles are very limited. A few years ago, Sweden was recruiting women for their special forces unit and Chinese women are in special forces, as well as South Korean women.

These are the real life La Femme Nikita's and Evelyn Salt's.

The first woman to win a prized Royal Marines' green beret says she was "absolutely awestruck" when she realized she had achieved her ambition.

After two failed attempts, Captain Philippa Tattersall (above) overcame physical and mental challenges to make it the third time.

Captain Tattersall, from Tarland in Aberdeenshire, passed the nine-week all-arms commando course, widely regarded as one of the toughest in the world.

Unfortunately, special forces remained lily white for a long time, up until recently.


Special-operations forces are the best-trained units in America' s arsenal. Using guns, knives and explosives is second nature. All are experienced paratroopers. Many speak a foreign language. Special 'operators' have the enemy's number and nearly all are white.

While the military in general is fully integrated, the special-operations forces have remained a largely white community. Only about one in eight commandos is a soldier, sailor or airman of color, compared with one in three military wide.

It' s a situation that hasn' t been lost on minority members of special-operations forces.

"Those that are perceived as the most elite will have the smallest minority representation," said Capt. Everett Greene, who recently retired as the top-ranking black officer in the Navy SEALs.

Only one black from special operations, Army Brig. Gen. Remo Butler, has reached flag rank -- general or admiral -- and that didn' t happen until June.

Navy Capt. Everett Greene was selected as a rear admiral in 1994, but his promotion was canceled after he was court-martialed and then acquitted of sexual-harassment charges.

Few minority officers have been promoted above the ranks of major in the Army and Air Force. And, except for Greene, no black officer has risen above the equivalent rank of lieutenant commander in the SEALs, he said.

Also, no black has ever commanded any of the six SEAL teams or the two naval special warfare groups -- the SEALs' plum assignments, Greene said.

"Nobody is asking for any preferential treatment; folks are just asking for equitable treatment across the board," said the Army' s Butler.

Fast Forward:

Navy SEALs, among the military's elite, are finding one of their toughest battles on the homefront.

Navy SEALs have long been known as fierce warriors. Now, they want to be known for their racial diversity as well. Minorities make up 13 percent of the SEALs' enlisted force and 10 percent of its officers. Officials say they want to do better.

The Navy's special warfare branch, historically one of the whitest segments of the U.S. military, is making an ambitious effort to increase the number of blacks, Hispanics and Asians in its ranks.

Between 1997 and this year, the percentage of minorities among the 1,600 enlisted SEALs has risen from 9 percent to 13 percent; minorities represent nearly 10 percent of the Navy's 600 SEAL officers, up from 6 percent, according to figures compiled by the RAND Institute and Naval Special Warfare Command.

Last month, the SEALs' recruiting effort was honored by the NAACP for its success in increasing diversity as well as changing mindsets within the tight-knit organization.

Rear Adm. Eric Olson, the Navy's top SEAL, said the problem of minority under representation has been one of perception, not qualification.

Minority applicants have graduated from the punishing six-month screening process, which eliminates seven out of every 10 who attempt it, at the same rate as whites, he said.

"The problem has been getting them to show up in numbers," said Olson. Many minorities either never considered the SEALs, he said, or believed they had no chance of making it. "The sense that we are an elite force prevented some who had the ability, the potential to serve as SEALs, from starting that journey."

A 1999 RAND study, commissioned by Congress, found that blacks were under represented in the SEALs and other U.S. military special operations units and noted that the SEALs were widely perceived as a "white" organization.

In comparison to the diversity rate of the SEALs, minorities make up 17 percent of the Navy's 400,000 sailors and 20 percent of its more than 76,000 officers. Of the military branches, only the Army is more diverse with minorities accounting for 40 percent of the force.

Olson assumed command of Naval Special Warfare in Coronado in 1999, the same year the RAND study was issued, and decided to use it as a springboard for change.

Olson said he believes a diverse force is both "simply right" and a practical matter. SEAL teams routinely operate, often in secret, around the globe.

"The more diverse we are, the more we are in some way like the people in the places we go, the more quickly and successfully we can do what we went there to do," Olson said.

In 1999, just 18 minority candidates signed up for SEAL training and seven graduated. Olson decided to expand the size of training classes to broaden the applicant pool without lowering the rigorous entry standards. In February, the SEALs had 57 minority candidates; 18 of them graduated.

While diversity numbers have improved in the past five years, the SEALs concede greater change in the ranks will take longer, in large part because of the 2 1/2-year training process it takes to become a full-fledged member of a SEAL team.


According to writer Jim O'Neill: The NWO (New World Order) are economically savvy—to the extreme—and I would attribute any financial acumen to the NWO cabal.

There’s big money to be made—trillions—if you have positioned yourself to take advantage of the collapse of the world’s oil-driven economies—or so the thinking goes, in certain circles (secret societies).

So the monetary incentive to greatly reduce America’s ability to produce oil, exists for certain individuals and groups. What better way to close down the US petroleum industry then to cause a huge environmental disaster, enforce a moratorium on ALL offshore drilling, and “nudge” the international oil companies to leave America for “greener pastures.”


by: Terrance Aym

*Warning: We don't mean to alarm you with the following information which is considered speculation at this point.

Ominous reports are leaking past the BP Gulf salvage operation news blackout that the disaster unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico may be about to reach biblical proportions.

251 million years ago a mammoth undersea methane bubble caused massive explosions, poisoned the atmosphere and destroyed more than 96 percent of all life on Earth. Experts agree that what is known as the Permian extinction event was the greatest mass extinction event in the history of the world.

55 million years later another methane bubble ruptured causing more mass extinctions during the Late Paleocene Thermal Maximum (LPTM).

The LPTM lasted 100,000 years.

Those subterranean seas of methane virtually reshaped the planet when they explosively blew from deep beneath the waters of what is today called the Gulf of Mexico.

The bottom line: BP’s Deepwater Horizon drilling operation may have triggered an irreversible, cascading geological Apocalypse.

The oil giant drilled down miles into a geologically unstable region and may have set the stage for the eventual premature release of a methane mega-bubble.

Courtesy of Bossip: Earlier today, BP was caught posting fake underwater surveillance pics of the leaky oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. Their official website posted pictures of round-the-clock surveillance of the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. The pictures are of three dedicated staff members watching several screens with different vantage points. Unfortunately for them, a blogger with a keen eye noticed the photos were photo shopped with 10-year-old time stamps. BP immediately changed their screen display.

Click the following link to view Illuminati numerology allegations: "Clip"


In modern popular culture,"666" has become one of the most widely recognized symbols for the Antichrist or, alternately, the Devil. 666 is also considered the mark of the beast.

Sandra Bullock's soon to be ex-husband (Jesse James) allegedly has 666 scrolled on his motorcycle helmet, if true, not a good look.


We were in a car going home one night when our friend received a phone call on his cell from "(666) 666-6666." He never picked up the phone and we even joked about how the devil was calling him from hell. Several minutes later he received a voice mail. Now this was the oddest voice mail I have ever heard. It sounded like a mutual friend, but his voice was very hollow and there static in the background. We were only able to determine a couple of words, but nevertheless it scared the $**# out of us! And for some reason the message was erased several hours later, and there was no sign of it on his bill.

In the movie "White Noise," a recently deceased loved one leaves a phone message, and it mysteriously erases on it's own. This movie was based on a true story.

Recently, it was reported that a teenage girl was killed by an older female relative on Easter Sunday. The older relative shot the girl in the head because she didn't like her Easter attire. This tragic incident happened in front of the home. 666 were the numbers in the street address.

Authorities in Cyprus are searching airports and yacht marinas for a suspected Russian spy ring paymaster (Christopher Metsos) who vanished into thin air without a trace.

Police also examined surveillance video from crossing points on the war-divided island, fearing that the suspect may have slipped into the breakaway north of the island, a diplomatic no mans-land recognized only by Turkey.

Metsos is wanted in the US on charges that he supplied money to a spy ring that operated under deep cover in America's suburbs.

The suspect was posing as an tourist traveling on a Canadian passport. A man in Canada says the passport stole the identity of his dead brother.

Interpol has also issued a warrant for Metsos.


Cyprus is an eastern Mediterranean island. The island used to be a hotbed of Cold War intrigue, as spies converged at the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Cyprus was also once known as a money laundry, gun-running, cigarette smuggling, arms trading, sex slavery "fantasy island."


Rumors have always circulated in the spy arena that Jack Bauer is loosely based on former CIA agent Antonio "Tony" Mendez.

Mendez was a highly skilled operative with hand-to-hand combat expertise and marksmanship skills. He also blended his work with artistry and insight and saved many lives in the process.


Tony Mendez (also known as Antonio Mendez) is a former CIA technical operations officer. His job was to support clandestine and covert CIA operations. He is most famous for the Canadian caper during the Iran hostage crisis, when six American diplomats were smuggled out of Iran by disguising them as a Canadian film crew with team leader CBC cameraman Dennis Packer and passports supplied by the Canadian government.

Prior to joining the agency, Mendez was an artist and now works on art full time. His work in the agency frequently dealt with field operations, forging foreign documents, creating disguises and handling other graphical work related to espionage.

Mendez is married to Jonna, another CIA chief of disguises and artist. Both Mendez and his wife serve on the Board of Directors for the International Spy Museum, a for-profit museum under the guidance of Peter Ernest, another CIA retiree. His son, Toby Mendez, is a sculptor, having sculpted Nolan Ryan for Arlington Stadium in Dallas, Texas, and Thurgood Marshall for BWI Airport.


A former Secret Service agent said he knew of a plot to kill President John F. Kennedy in Chicago a few weeks before he was assassinated in Dallas and went to the authorities, but the information was held back.

It was a conspiracy, Abraham Bolden, the first African American agent assigned to protect the president, told the Defender.

Bolden gives details in his book, The Echo from Dealey Plaza: The True Story Of the First African American On The White House Secret Service Detail." and his quest for justice after the assassination of JFK, about his time as a member of the White House Secret Service, and how the government allegedly framed him to keep quiet about the information he had about the conspiracies to kill Kennedy.

Bolden, an East St. Louis, Ill. native, was an Illinois state trooper for four years before President Dwight Eisenhower appointed him to the United States Secret Service in 1959.

When he came aboard, racism slapped him in the face each time he walked in the Chicago office. The agents saw him as another Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, all troublemakers in their eyes. They had no plans on giving him a chance, he said.

“Oh it was bad. At the beginning of our meetings, the agents would tell negro jokes while I sat there in the meeting. They didn’t care one bit that I was in the room. They thought it was funny. I had to let them know I wasn’t the one to mess with. I demanded the same respect I gave them,” a spirited Bolden said.

The taunts eventually died down and the agents displayed meager tolerance of him. He would hear the snickers every now and then and tried his best to ignore it. But that didn’t last long.

He reached his boiling point when he arrived to work one day and found a hangman’s noose over his workstation.

His heart nearly sank, Bolden said with a sigh. “Again, they thought it was a joke. I asked each agent that was in the room who did it. I even went to my supervisors and demanded they get to the bottom of it. Of course no one admitted to doing it. Instead, they said someone on the cleaning crew must have put it there as a joke,” he said angrily.

Bolden didn’t buy the “cleaning crew” story. “There was absolutely nothing funny about a noose, especially during those times, and why in the world would someone who comes to the office to clean when we’re gone put it up there? They wouldn’t even know I sat there,” the now-73-year-old said.

He knew his time was limited in the Chicago office but didn’t know what was in his future with the organization.

When Kennedy made a trip to Chicago in the early 1960s, he handpicked Bolden to join his White House detail, in an attempt to diversify the team, Bolden said.

Always dedicating his life to protecting and serving, Bolden jumped at the chance. He was the youngest agent assigned to protect Kennedy.

“He asked me if I wanted to be the first African American secret service agent at the White House, and I immediately said yes. He was a good man. But he wasn’t well-liked, just as I wasn’t, for obvious reasons,” Bolden said Kennedy was getting flack for embracing the Civil Rights Movement, and with Bolden’s addition to the detail, the backlash heightened.


The Jackal (is based on a real life character) and is the main subject in the book "The Day Of The Jackal" by Frederick Forsyth, which features a storyline centered on a professional assassination attempt on Charles de Gaulle's life in the summer of 1963. The book was published in 1971 shortly after Charles de Gaulle's death and became an instant bestseller.

The Jackal is described as a gentleman with blond hair and gray eyes in his early thirties. He uses a numbered Swiss bank account to hold the proceeds of his work. He is a sophisticated man who thoroughly thinks out his plans. He is most likely English, considering that he lives in England and holds a British driving license, even though his nationality cannot be verified by either the reader or the police forces in the book.

No police force in Europe has ever heard of the Jackal, implying that he might change his codename for each of his missions. It could be inferred that the Jackal could have served in the French Foreign Legion, considering these facts; the Jackal speaks fluent French, he is able to kill a person with his bare hands-training given in the Legion-and the fact that the conspirators wishing to kill De Gaulle were in the Legion explains how they were able to get a dossier about him so easily. It is also revealed the Jackal has a contact from Katanga (a mercenary) who puts him in touch with a skilled armorer who fabricates the assassin's rifle and a forger who provides false identification papers.

JFK conspiracy theorists insist that Clay Shaw, directly above, was eliminated in the same manner as Jack Ruby. Both men were allegedly "injected" with an induced quick acting cancer.


Today the Secret Service is in charge of protecting the President... the Vice-President... former President's... world leaders... big events... and even the Pope. Things have come a long way since April 14, 1865 when President Lincoln's bodyguard on duty outside the president's box at Ford's Theatre "was Patrolman John F. Parker of the Washington police. Instead of remaining on guard outside the President's box, Parker wandered off to watch the play, then went to a nearby saloon for a drink". And of course John Wilkes Booth assassinated Lincoln that night. Author Ronald Kessler then leads the reader not only through the growth... both in size... and responsibility... of the United States Secret Service... but he also brings to light... almost limitless Presidential peccadilloes... character traits... and faults... that are almost beyond an average citizens imagination. The revelations in this book go way... way... past the JFK-Marilyn Monroe sexual liaisons... which is almost accepted common knowledge by multiple generations. We're talking about JFK bedding multiple women at the same time... with the security of a Secret Service team with Jackie... giving alerts to JFK if she was on the way back... while he was in the pool with two buxom women wearing nothing but wet T-shirts. We're talking about Lyndon Johnson having multiple sex partners... and even being caught in the act on the couch by Lady Bird Johnson... thus leading an irate LBJ to request a red warning light in his office and other areas that could be activated by agents to alert him when Lady Bird was on the way. LBJ would even have women on his ranch while Lady Bird was home... and simply get up at night and go into a different room for sex.

What makes this book so astounding is that ninety-per-cent of the quotes regarding these transgressions... are attributed directly to *NAMED-AGENTS*! With the "secrecy" of the Secret Service... the reader would think... the agents would have been sworn to a life of "OMERTA"... the code of silence. But I guess times have changed both for the Mafia... and the Secret Service. The agents... through the author... pull no punches in any area you could think of. They openly state that LBJ "was uncouth, nasty, and often drunk." They say President Ford was the cheapest guy they ever saw... they say Nixon was the "strangest modern president, Jimmy Carter was known as the least likeable. IF THE TRUE MEASURE OF A MAN IS HOW HE TREATS THE LITTLE PEOPLE, CARTER FLUNKED THE TEST." One agent said "the Carters were the biggest liars in the world"... especially when it came to booze. Agents "considered Nixon's son-in-law David Eisenhower, grandson of former President Dwight Eisenhower the most clueless person they had ever protected." What I've listed here is a miniscule tip of the iceberg of presidential depravity that engulfs the reader's senses like a flash flood annihilating an ant hill.

Interspersed with the White House decadence is a myriad of examples of assassination planning and attempts. Some thwarted in advance by the Secret Service... and some simply failing by pure luck. This book will have two extremely powerful... uncontrollable effects on potential readers. One... you literally will not be able to stop reading it... and two... you will have to talk to someone... to share this overflowing amount of formerly secret... deliriously... salacious... historical... scuttlebutt.

One of the best parts of the book is a quote by Hillary Clinton. Apparently when she was running for the senate, her bus pulled into a town in northern New York for a rally, and when she saw all the farmers and people in blue jeans she went ballistic and started screaming "WHY ARE WE HERE? THESE PEOPLE DON'T HAVE MONEY!"

Tactician's are used by intelligence agencies and the military. A particular kind of tactician has the ability to use their minds (kinetic operations) to orchestrate/script a scenario (war time) where the military doesn't even have to be in close proximity to execute kill techniques against the enemy.


Some people have referred to it as the "secret government" of the United States. It is not an elected body, it does not involve itself in public disclosures, and it even has a quasi-secret budget in the billions of dollars. This government organization has more power than the President of the United States or the Congress, it has the power to suspend laws, move entire populations, arrest and detain citizens without a warrant and hold them without trial, it can seize property, food supplies, transportation systems, and can suspend the Constitution.

Not only is it the most powerful entity in the United States, but it was not even created under Constitutional law by the Congress. It was a product of a Presidential Executive Order. No, it is not the U.S. military nor the Central Intelligence Agency, they are subject to Congress. The organization is called FEMA, which stands for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Originally conceived in the Richard Nixon Administration, it was refined by President Jimmy Carter and given teeth in the Ronald Reagan and George Bush Administrations.

FEMA had one original concept when it was created, to assure the survivability of the United States government in the event of a nuclear attack on this nation. It was also provided with the task of being a federal coordinating body during times of domestic disasters, such as earthquakes, floods and hurricanes. Its awesome powers grow under the tutelage of people like Lt. Col. Oliver North and General Richard Secord, the architects on the Iran-Contra scandal and the looting of America's savings and loan institutions. FEMA has even been given control of the State Defense Forces, a civilian army that will substitute for the National Guard, if the Guard is called to duty overseas.

Source: Harry V. Martin


by: Steven Levy

The most celebrated inscription at the Central Intelligence Agency's headquarters in Langley, Virginia, used to be the biblical phrase chiseled into marble in the main lobby: "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." But in recent years, another text has been the subject of intense scrutiny inside the Company and out: 865 characters of seeming gibberish, punched out of half-inch-thick copper in a courtyard.

It's part of a sculpture called Kryptos, created by DC artist James Sanborn. He got the commission in 1988, when the CIA was constructing a new building behind its original headquarters. The agency wanted an outdoor installation for the area between the two buildings, so a solicitation went out for a piece of public art that the general public would never see. Sanborn named his proposal after the Greek word for hidden. The work is a meditation on the nature of secrecy and the elusiveness of truth, its message written entirely in code.

Almost 20 years after its dedication, the text has yet to be fully deciphered. A bleary-eyed global community of self-styled cryptanalysts—along with some of the agency's own staffers—has seen three of its four sections solved, revealing evocative prose that only makes the puzzle more confusing. Still uncracked are the 97 characters of the fourth part (known as K4 in Kryptos-speak). And the longer the deadlock continues, the crazier people get.

Source: Wired Magazine


Rewind: Edgar Cayce (above-left) was known as the sleeping prophet. This illiterate man would put himself in a self-induced trance and cure people of a variety of medical ailments. The cures are housed in the Edgar Cayce center in Virginia.

Fast Forward: David Wilcock (above-right) is being labeled as the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce in a new book.

Wilcock is reluctant to deny the claims, instead, he says: "In 1997, a spirit urged me to go to Virginia Beach, Virginia where Cayce had lived and where the Edgar Cayce Foundation is located."

Wilcock followed the advice.

Cayce had said that he himself was the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian high priest named Ra-Ta, who lived 10,500 years ago before the birth of Christ.

Wilcock also has an impressive record of accurate prophecies, just as Cayce had amassed before his death in 1945.

Allegedly, Wilcock foresaw the 9/11 tragedy, the stock market drop in 2002, the loss of NASA's Mars probes, the meltdown of a nuclear reactor in Japan in 2000 and the plane crash death of John F. Kennedy, Jr.


Scientists are baffled by a strange area in Mexico that deadens radio, cell phone and TV transmissions and attracts tiny objects from space.

Known as the Zona de Silencio or the Zone of Silence, the area's strange electrical effects have become so widely recognized that it's labeled on road maps.

The Zone occupies an area called the Vertice de Trio, where the borders of three Mexican states meet, 400 miles south of the U.S. border.

"There is some sort of electromagnetic anomaly going on there," explains Ruiz. "Compasses often go awry in the area."

The Zone was first discovered in 1966 by organic chemist Harry de la Pena. While visiting the area with a team of surveyors, Pena found that he could not contact his colleagues by radio.




A top secret underground complex that few Americans-in fact, a few government officials are aware of, exists just 46 miles from the nation's capital.

Carved deep into a granite mountain, Mount Weather is a self-contained military base that has been owned by the U.S. government since 1903. Above ground, manicured lawns and standard office buildings provide few hints to the sprawling city below.

A virtual underground city, Mount Weather sometimes referred to as the Doomsday Hideaway is equipped with water purification plant, private apartments, sidewalks and streets, a hospital, a restaurant and a mass transit system. A sewage treatment plant and two tanks each holding 250,000 gallons of water could sustain more than 200 people for well over a month.

Some speculate that there is a shadow government living in Mount Weather ready to take over if anything happens to this country.

A high-level government source, speaking on condition of anonymity says that everyone in the federal government allegedly is represented by a single person in Mount Weather who is authorized to lead the country in the event of an attack.

Each shadow member is allegedly appointed by the White House and serves an indefinite term at the request of the President.


In some European countries, allegations have always persisted that "staged hunts" continue to take place where prisoners are transported by guards and let loose in the wilderness to be hunted down like wild animals.  This sick game has allegedly been going on for years and many prisoners have lost their lives as a result of this sick sport.


Eugenics is the study and practice of selective breeding applied to humans, with the aim of improving the species. Advocates of eugenics sought to counter what they regarded as dysgenic dynamics within the human gene pool, specifically in regard to congenital disorders and factors relating to the heritability of IQ.

Widely popular in the early decades of the 20th century, it has largely fallen into disrepute after having become associated with Nazi Germany.

When the AIDS virus first emerged in 1982. Certain groups were affected more than others, mainly: Gays, prostitutes and IV drug users, now, the AIDS epidemic is ravishing urban communities across the country and black women are being infected in record numbers. Is this a coincidence?

Today, the Eugenics movement is widely regarded as a brutal movement which inflicted massive human rights violations on millions of people.The "interventions" advocated and practiced by eugenicists involved prominently the identification and classification of individuals and their families, including the poor, mentally ill, blind, promiscuous women, homosexuals and entire racial groups——such as the Roma and Jews——as "degenerate" or "unfit"; the segregation or institutionalization of such individuals and groups, their sterilization, euthanasia, and in the extreme case of Nazi Germany, with their mass extermination.


Majestic 12 (also known as Majic 12, Majestic Trust, M12, MJ 12, MJ XII or Majority 12) is the purported code name of a secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, supposedly formed in 1947 by an executive order of U.S. President Harry S Truman (The FBI says the organization doesn't exist).

The purpose of the committee was allegedly to investigate UFO activity in the aftermath of the Roswell incident-the purported crash of an alien spaceship near Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947. This alleged committee is an important part of the UFO conspiracy theory of an ongoing government cover up of UFO information.


Remote viewing (RV) is the purported ability to gather information about a distant or unseen target using paranormal means or extra-sensory perception. Typically a remote viewer is expected to give information about an object that is hidden from physical view and separated at some distance. The term was introduced by parapsychologists Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff in 1974.

Remote viewing was popularized in the 1990s, following the declassification of documents related to the Stargate Project, a $20 million research program sponsored by the U.S. Federal Government to determine any potential military application of psychic phenomena. The program was terminated in 1995, citing a lack of documented evidence that the program had any value to the intelligence community.

Psychic Warrior is Part I of a dramatic real-life story. From this intriguing book, you will learn that David Morehouse (above) was one of the U.S. Army's shining lights, a Major and a company commander in the U.S. Army's elite Airborne Ranger Battalion. He was a true "action figure" who led his troops in hostile territories. His troops admired and followed him. His superior officers sought his company. David was in the midst of a brilliant military career until one day he was struck in the head by a "friendly fire" bullet while on a training mission in Jordan. The bullet did not pierce his skull, but it hit his helmet directly, knocked him out, and left him with a whopping concussion and what he describes as a near-death experience.

For a brief while, Major Morehouse was not the same after his head injury. He started having visions. The Army re-assigned him to the psychic military intelligence unit where he performed very well as a remote viewer. His recently manifesting visions were considered a "gift" rather than a sign of trauma. He eventually decided to break his security oath to spill the beans to the public about the government's secret psychic spying program, and he soon ran into trouble, both personal and professional.

His problems culminated in a stay in a hospital followed by a threatened court marshal. He eventually resigned from the military. Some of his former military colleagues distanced themselves from him.

Morehouse authored the above book, "Psychic Warrior."


The Georgia Guidestones is a large granite monument in Elbert County, Georgia, USA. A message comprising ten guides is inscribed on the structure in eight modern languages, and a shorter message is inscribed at the top of the structure in four ancient languages' scripts: Babylonian, Classical Greek, Sanskrit, and Egyptian hieroglyphs.

In June 1979, an unknown person or persons under the pseudonym R. C. Christian hired Elberton Granite Finishing Company to build the structure.

A message consisting of a set of ten guidelines or principles is engraved on the Georgia Guidestones in eight different languages, one language on each face of the four large upright stones. Moving clockwise around the structure from due north, these languages are: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian.

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
Guide reproduction wisely-improving fitness and diversity.
Unite humanity with a living new language.
Rule passion faith-tradition-and all things with tempered reason.
Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
Balance personal rights with social duties.
Prize truth-beauty-love-seeking harmony with the infinite.
Be not a cancer on the earth-Leave room for nature-Leave room for nature.

Yoko Ono and others have praised the inscribed messages as "a stirring call to rational thinking", while opponents have labeled them as the "Ten Commandments of the Antichrist."

The Guidestones have become a subject of interest for conspiracy theorists. One of them, an activist named Mark Dice, demanded that the Guidestones "be smashed into a million pieces, and then the rubble used for a construction project," claiming that the Guidestones are of "a deep Satanic origin," and that R. C. Christian, belongs to "a Luciferian secret society" related to the New World Order. At the unveiling of the monument, a local minister proclaimed that he believed the monument was "for sun worshipers, for cult worship and for devil worship."


Who exactly are "The Council of 7?" Dr. Rima Laibow says she was told by a Head of State (whom is a Bilderberger) that 7 men decide the fate of the world. These 7 men are higher on the pyramid than the Bilderbergers and more powerful than the Bilderbergers. These men allegedly have no religion affiliations or political affiliations according to Dr. Laibow.

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is advertised as: An investigation project jointly funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University of Alaska, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Its purpose is to investigate the ionosphere and establish whether some of its properties can be used for communication or surveillance purposes. Started in 1993, the project is proposed to last for a period of twenty years. The system was designed and built by Advanced Power Technologies[citation needed] (APTI) and since 2003, by BAE Advanced Technologies.

The facility currently operates a VHF and UHF radar, a fluxgate magnetometer, a digisonde, and an induction magnetometer alongside the transmitter facilities.

Skeptics tell a different story, according to them: The U.S. Government has a new ground-based "Star Wars" weapon which is being tested in the remote bush country of Alaska. This new system manipulates the environment in a way which can:

Disrupt human mental processes.
Jam all global communications systems.
Change weather patterns over large areas.
Interfere with wildlife migration patterns.
Negatively affect your health.
Unnaturally impact the Earth's upper atmosphere.

John Walsh (host of America's Most Wanted) is very secretive regarding-what state he lives in and what schools his children attend because he often receives death threats from the prisoners he helped put away via his television show.


Since the existence of underground "HIV clinics" that cater to celebrities leaked out (and became public), to avoid the paparazzi, celebrities are taking discretion even more seriously by now conducting 'At home HIV-1 Test Systems,' weeks in advance (to allow time for results) before scheduling sex parties.

In many cases, celebrities request the same from scheduled guests in advance. After results arrive, everyone shares their status with each other.

Blood samples can be taken at home, which people then send to a laboratory for testing. Results usually take 2-4 weeks.


Two teenagers were ordered held without bail in the death of a Randallstown High School student who was stabbed and stomped to death after his fellow Bloods gang members found messages on his phone that suggested he was gay.

Steven T. Hollis III, 18, of Randallstown and Juan L. Flythe, 17, of West Baltimore - both of whom are members of the Bloods gang, according to police-were arrested and charged Thursday evening with first-degree murder. They are accused of killing a fellow gang member days before his high school graduation in May.

The body of Steven Parrish, 18, was found May 29 in a wooded area near his parents' home and Woodlawn Cemetery. "

It's awful," Baltimore County prosecutor William B. Bickel said in an interview after yesterday's bail-review hearing in Towson. "You're talking about a gangland-style execution because he was gay. They took him out back in a field and stabbed him to death."

An autopsy revealed that Parrish died of both blunt-force and stabbing injuries, according to court records. He suffered 50 superficial cutting wounds to his arms, neck, head, wrist and hands in addition to one stab wound to the chest that injured his heart and caused significant blood loss. He also had bruises on the left side of his neck.

Clearly these young men are not Boy Scouts, but Steven Parrish has paid a high price for not conforming to a macho culture. His fellow gang members deemed it necessary to kill Steven, least anyone think they were weak for having someone gay in their gang.

On the day before Parrish's death, several members of the gang met at his home, according to charging documents. There, Hollis and Flythe discussed finding what they believed to be "gay" text messages on Parrish's cell phone.

Angered by the messages and a photograph they found, they worried that their Bloods group would appear weak to others if word got out that they had a gay member, according to court records.

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The first ever known venomous dinosaur has been discovered, a fearsome feathered predator that lived 125 million years ago.

Sinornithosaurus millenii was a small dinosaur the size of a turkey however its bite would have proven a death sentence to any animal unfortunate enough to be at the receiving end of its paralyzing poison.

Scientists believe that the species could be vital in the understanding of how the use of venom by predators evolved and how it came to be used by modern day snakes and other creatures.


A four inch nail from the time of Christ's crucifixion has been discovered inside an ornate box in a Templar stronghold.

The box was buried with three skeletons on the island of Ilheu de Pontinha, off Madeira. It is thought that the nail was there because the Knights Templar had believed it to be a genuine artifact from Christ's crucifixion.

These are the same knights who are featured in "The Da Vinci Code."

The nail was uncovered by archaeologists.

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