Manchurian Candidate/Assassin can be defined as: "Robot Of Another."

Authors William Turner and John Christian believe that Sirhan Sirhan (2nd photo) did not actually shoot Robert F. Kennedy because .22 shells were found on Sirhan's person. Both men also believe that he was a Manchurain Candidate.

Turner and Christian name his programmer (keep in mind that the following claims are unsubstantiated).

They zero in on William Joseph Bryan (no photo available), at the time, the world's leading expert on hypnosis. Bryan solved the Boston Strangler case by hypnotizing the suspect, Albert DiSalvo.

Bryan vehemently denied the Sirhan accusation.

Bryan's dead body turned up in a Las Vegas motel room in 1977. Two call girls who serviced him regularly for the final two years of his life told Turner and Christian that Bryan not only boasted to them about hypnotizing Sirhan, but also about working for the CIA on top secret projects.

In 1960, former cover girl Candy Jones agreed to act as a courier for the CIA. She was also a perfect subject for hypnosis. Without understanding what was happening, she began a 12-year relationship with a CIA psychiatrist who used her to exhibit his mastery of mind control techniques. He nurtured a second personality within Candy, which he could trigger at will. The first personality could not recall later what the second had been doing, as the second traveled to distant exotic countries all over the world-on courier missions. Even under experimental torture, the CIA's secrets were safe with this "Manchurian Candidate" courier.


Was this 6'4 model a real life La Femme Nikita?

Candy Jones was born Jessica Wilcox in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on 31st December 1925. Her mother seems to have been both puritanical and cold; her father deserted them when she was three, after which Jessica and her mother moved to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, staying with her grandmother. She grew to love her grandmother more than her parents, hardly surprising as she once described her father crushing her fingers in a nutmeg grater.

The young girl's mother never let her mix with other children, and she was often locked in dark rooms.

At sixteen she entered and won the 1941 Miss Atlantic City contest, which led to a job as official hostess at the Miss America pageant, and lots of publicity. She subsequently became Candy Jones, America's most famous model during the forties.

In 1946 Candy married Harry Conover, creator of the 'cover girl' concept. But the marriage was not a happy one and they divorced in 1959. After the divorce, which left Candy in heavy debt, she had her own modeling school. It was at this time that she met a retired army general she knew from South Pacific, and within a few days, she was approached by an FBI man who borrowed a sophisticated microphone from her. A month later the same man returned with two others and asked to use her office as a mail drop for the government. Thinking it the patriotic thing to do she agreed.

In the sixties Candy worked for NBC radio, and maintained her close association with influential people in show business, politics and the military establishment, many of whom she'd met while touring with the USO in the mid forties.

Apparently, the government man she had met earlier, got in contact with her and asked to carry a letter for the CIA to a man in San Francisco; it would come out later that Candy was allegedly under hypnosis and mind control experiments during this time. This man was Gilbert Jensen, whom she remembered as the medic from one of her modeling excursions in the Philippines. Jensen then asked her to go to his office in Oakland to discuss the letter and other interesting and lucrative work she could do for the CIA. He told her that she would carry messages now and then for them, and said she needed a passport under an assumed name, as she would sometimes have to travel abroad. The name she chose was Arlene Grant. Her job as an model was the perfect cover.

So far, none of what Candy was doing was particularly unusual during the Cold War, in fact she joined thousands of Americans who worked for innumerable units like the one headed by Jensen, established and ran by the CIA. Like other citizens working part-time for the 'The Company', as the CIA was known, her part would be kept secret, so secret that even the records branch at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, knew nothing of her. Jensen, her 'control agent', would be her only contact.

She allegedly attended training camps, military bases and secret medical facilities throughout America. She was trained to use explosives, to fight in close combat with improvised weaponry such as a hatpin, and taught about disguise and communications. She learned how to kill with her bare hands, resist pain, and deal with interrogation techniques. She carried and was taught to use a .22-caliber pistol, and was introduced to such devices as a lipstick containing poison, which could be used to commit suicide, if captured, by biting into the stick. She also learned how code numbers could be painted on her nails and covered with nail polish.

Candy told her editor at Harper and Row, Joe Vergara that she sometimes worked for a government agency as a courier and might disappear occasionally. She also mentioned that she traveled to Asia. There was also a letter she wrote to her attorney, William Williams, to cover herself in case she died or disappeared suddenly or under unusual circumstances; she told him she was not at liberty to reveal exactly what she was involved in. Basically, she was involved in something she was not at liberty to discuss, even with the people close to her.

In Autumn,1966, Candy took the first of her two, possibly three, trips to Taiwan for the CIA. She delivered a letter and it seems the trip went well and she had a pleasant stay. However, on her second trip to Taiwan, things were different and she was apparently tortured with electrodes.

A few years after a book (above) was published on Candy's life, in 1978, in July 1980 there was a gas explosion in Candy's apartment building in New York, in which several residents were injured, Candy among them. She suffered a broken neck and sued the landlord for $20 million and Consolidated Edison for $80 million in punitive damages.

20th Century Fox paid significant money to turn the book into a film for Jane Fonda, yet never produced the movie despite attempts at screenplays by three of Hollywood's best, and has refused to sell the rights to the many producers who've expressed interest in making a film.

The CIA continues to deny any knowledge of Candy Jones.

On 18th January, 1990, Candy Jones died of cancer, aged 64, at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.

Source: Brian Haughton (2003)



On the evening of June 25, 1988, (Zebra affiliate)-Ronnie Flenaugh's brother, Sebron Flenaugh, Jr., received a phone call. He answered and allegedly went into trance.

After he hung up, he put on his security guard uniform and armed himself with a loaded 357 magnum. He went to his guard post at Micropure warehouse in Concord, CA even though it had been his day off. He killed two people, and wounded 5 others.

It had been an unprovoked expressionless “trance-like”- “zombie-like” attack on innocent people. After his arrest, he appealed to the arresting officers.

A few months earlier, Ronnie had just returned from a trip in Alaska, the family didn’t know the location or the purpose. Who paid for the trip and the guns? Ronnie had no known source of income.


Due to a successful campaign by academia to "disappear" the Nation of Islam's 1970s racist mass murder campaign against whites, most whites know nothing of it. And most of those who know something, recall only that some black "splinter" group murdered a few whites in San Francisco.

According to conspiracy theorists, this particular black sect was created and programmed to be cold blooded assassins.

But this was not the work of a "splinter" group, the murders were not limited to San Francisco, and it wasn't a few whites in San Francisco. The mass murder campaign was orchestrated out of the NOI's headquarters in "New Mecca" (Chicago), was run through each city's local mosque, and 17 whites were murdered in the City by the Bay alone, just during the period of October, 1973-April 1974. In his classic work, Zebra, Clark Howard estimated that the NOI murdered 270 whites in the state of California alone during the early 1970s. During the same period, the NOI also murdered whites in Oklahoma City and New York City, and an old San Francisco copper who worked the original Zebra detail told me that at the time he saw a secret FBI memo that reported that a parallel campaign was underway on the East Coast.

The majority of the victims were shot in the back, leaving them paralyzed or dead.

Sources: Mindcontrolblackassassins, The Zebra Project & Nicholas Stix.

James Earl Ray was another drifter who moved from place to place, never really establishing roots and passing in and out of the criminal justice system. But this three-time convicted thief suddenly developed the skills to assassinate the preeminent civil-rights leader of the century and avoid capture in a worldwide manhunt, only to be ensnared in London over a simple passport snafu.

Ray first confessed to the murder, but recanted three days later, saying that he was only a pawn in a larger conspiracy. Ray had proven experiences with hypnotism—when captured, one of the three books in his bag was titled Self-Hypnotism: The Technique and Its Use in Daily Living. " Ray also spoke of being subdued by drugs and hypnotism during one of his previous stints in jail. Could it be that he was hypnotized into participating in the King assassination and then discarded to serve as a convenient scapegoat?

The dust has never settled since the shots that killed Martin Luther King Jr. were fired, as conspiracy theories continue to swirl around his assassination nearly 45 years later.

For years, John Larry Ray has tried to reveal what he says is an uncovered page in history about his older brother's role in the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. He always has contended James Earl Ray was a government "patsy," the fall guy for a sophisticated government plot.

In his book "Truth At Last," Ray says his brother was caught in a web of hypnosis, brainwashing and mind-control programs that all began with the shooting of a black soldier in 1948.

As a military police officer in Germany, James Earl Ray was directed to shoot the soldier, only identified as Washington, who had been arrested for beating up Jews. Army records showed that prior to the incident, Ray had received two spinal taps, which John Larry suggests may have been part of a drug experiment.

That shooting, the book says, identified James Earl Ray as a programmable personality and would eventually thrust him into the center of the King assassination.

Upon his general discharge from the Army in 1948, James Earl Ray would spend the next 20 years falling deeper into the network, first used as an undercover operative investigating Communists and eventually landing in and out of prisons.


On January 14, 2002, Insight Magazine reported the charges leveled by Ben Johnson against his employer, a major defense contractor. Johnson charged that officials and employees were engaging in perverse, illegal and inhumane behavior and were purchasing illegal weapons, women, forged passports and participating in other immoral acts. Johnson had witnessed his supervisors and fellow employees buying 12- to 15-year-olds as sex slaves.

There have been several incidents in the past where the media has reported a slave of a Saudi prince brought into the United States escaped. The State Department allegedly intervenes and returns the escaped slave to the Saudi prince and the incident forgotten. Saudi princes don't have to undergo normal custom procedures.

A child slave bought by a Saudi prince can be delivered to his plane and allowed to depart without the required passport for the child. One fortunate victim that became entangled in the Mid East sex ring was the former Miss USA Shannon Marketic. She had been lured to Brunei by what she believed was legitimate modeling work. Being a high profile case she was returned to the United States and filed suit. The former Miss USA lost her lawsuit as the State department granted immunity to her abductors.

Ironically, the first widespread use of sex came from a program to blackmail United States politicians conducted by Edwin Wilson. The political targets were enticed to live out their sexual fantasies in the flesh. With hidden cameras ready the unsuspecting politician would be filmed, which would later be used to blackmail him into supporting government projects and views. Wilson’s skill in these matters dated back to the early 1950s, when he took over a network of homosexual and pedophile rings from Roy Cohn.

Project Monarch officially began in the early 1960s, although unofficially at a much earlier date. Monarch may have evolved out of MK-SEARCH subprojects such as SPELLBINDER, which was a program to create the Manchurian candidate or sleeper assassins that could be activated with code words.

Several bases are implicated with Monarch programming. Two bases have been exposed in the past, including the Presidio in the 1980s. The Presidio case dates back as far as 1982, when a military doctor warned the army of the danger to children in its day care center. Regulations weren't followed, allowing children to go on field trips off base without the parents consent. On August 14, 1984, the FBI and officers from the army’s criminal investigation division raided the home of Lt. Col. Michael Aquino looking for evidence of child molestation.

The Presidio case attracted the attention of investigative reporter and radio talk show host, Mae Bruessell. During her investigation of the case, she received several death threats. Her daughter was killed in a car wreck that she attributed as a hit. Before concluding her investigation, Mae was struck with a fast onset of cancer.

On February 7, 1987, the Washington Post ran an article about a case of possible kidnapping and child abuse. Washington D.C. police had arrest two men after observing them watching over several children that were described as very neglected. The children ran in age from 2 to 7 and were covered with insect bites and extremely dirty. Their subsequent investigation led to the Finders, a cult like commune.

The adult males were Michael Houlihan and Douglas Ammerman. They led authorities to an old warehouse. Inside the warehouse police found color slides, photographs and photographic contact sheets. Some photos revealed children participating in blood letting cult rituals involving animals. Other documents described “blood rituals” and sexual orgies involving children, and an unsolved murder in which the Finders might be involved. Additional documents revealed detailed instructions for obtaining children for unspecified purposes. The instructions included the impregnation of female members of the community, purchasing children, trading and kidnapping.

Several telex messages were also found in the warehouse. One such telex ordered the purchase of two children in Hong Kong to be arranged through a contact in the Chinese Embassy. There was a file called “Pentagon Break-in,” and references to activities in Moscow, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, North Vietnam, North Korea, Africa, London, Germany, “Europe” and the Bahamas. Other documents identified interests in high-tech transfers to the United Kingdom, numerous properties under the control of the Finders, including explosives, and the evasion of law enforcement. The warehouse also had a video room, apparently used for indoctrination.

Part II:


The story of Cathy O’Brien as told in the book "TRANCE Formation of America: The True Life Story of a ClA Slave." O’Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor of this alleged mind control experiment. Like many others, Cathy was introduced to the program by her perverted father. Cathy covers an almost unbelievable array of conspiratorial crime: forced prostitution (white slavery) with those in the upper echelons of world politics, covert assignments as a “drug mule” and courier.


My pedophile father, Earl O’Brien, brags that he began substituting his pen*s for my mother’s nipple soon after I was born. My multigenerational incest-abused mother, Carol Tanis, did not protest his perverse actions due to (reportedly) having similar abuse as a child which caused her to acquire Multiple Personality Disorder. My earliest recovered memory was that I could not breathe with my father’s pen** jammed into my little throat.

I recall as a toddler being unable to run (I could barely walk) to my mother for help as my instincts demanded. My mother finally arrived at my side. Rather than comfort me, she accused me of throwing a temper tantrum and "holding my breath". She responded only by throwing a glass of cold water in my face. I was shocked! As the water splashed my face, I knew she would not help and it was up to me to save myself. I automatically Multiple Personality Disordered. I was, of course, too young to logically understand that what my father was doing to me was wrong.

I accepted his strangling sexual abuse as a normal and natural part of my home life, and split off a personality to deal with the pain and suffocation to satisfy his perversions. Therefore as a child, I was dissociative of my father’s abuse. I was totally unable to recall his sexual abuse, even in his presence, until I saw and felt his penis. Then the terror, which was my conditioned response, triggered access to that part of my brain that previously endured the trauma. I was remembering the abuse and how to deal with it. This part of my brain developed into a personality of its own--which belonged to my father--which he rented out and later sold to the U.S. Government as will be explained and detailed in the following pages.

Other parts of my conditioned mind dealt with other abusers, abuses and circumstances. My father was (as revealed by my own investigations) apparently a multigenerational incest child from a large, poor, and horribly dysfunctional family. His mother earned a living as a prostitute for local lumbermen after his father died when he was two years old. My father’s brothers and sister were all sexually and (occult) ritually abused just as he was. They grew up to be drug addicts, prostitutes, street derelicts, and pedophiles who also sexually abused me and my brothers and sisters. I developed more personality splits to deal with the traumas of these torturous relationships.

My mother’s dysfunctional family also appears to be multigenerational, but of a slightly higher socio-economic class. Her father owned the building occupied by a Masonic Blue Lodge he led, and managed a local beer distribution business with her mother after completing his military career. Together they sexually abused my mother and her three brothers, who in turn sexually abused me.

My family often went camping on the vast wilderness acreage surrounding my grandfather’s Masonic Lodge in Newaygo, Michigan. Large bluffs referred to as "The High Banks" overlooked the White River flowing through his property, which is where we pitched our tents. My mother’s brothers, Uncle Ted and Uncle Arthur "Bomber" Tanis, often accompanied us and sexually abused my brother and me.

It was deer hunting season in or around November, 1961, when my father took the family camping on The High Banks to hunt with my uncles. That night, as my brother and I were being sexually passed around the campfire to satisfy pedophile perversions, a lost hunter stumbled into our camp. My father shot him when he attempted to run; the rifle’s blasts piercing my brain and further fragmenting my mind. I sat dazed in a dissociative trance while my mother methodically picked up the campsite and my father and uncles disposed of the body.

As my father drove us away from the crime scene, we were stopped by several hunters who had the road blocked in a desperate attempt to locate their missing companion. They described the man I saw my father kill, and said they heard gunshots. Reality intruded on my dissociative trance, and I screamed and cried hysterically until I no longer knew why I was crying.


Wayne Williams made outlandish allegations in a 1992 outline, saying, he was trained to kill as an teenager (at the age of 19) by the CIA. If he would have stayed with the CIA, (in his words), he would have been dispatched to Africa to kill blacks.

I know, it's outrageous and laughable but if you think about this statement, it might not be as outlandish as you think.

I used to think Wayne Williams was an innocent fall guy but the forensics evidence proved me wrong.

Nathaniel Cater's body was discovered the day after Williams was stopped on the bridge. Williams' stands 5'1, and back then, he was overweight. How could he lift a man twice his size and throw him over a bridge?

The only answer, he was trained in hand to hand combat, that would also explain why victims were killed with choke holds.

It's obvious, even now, that Williams has always suffered from extreme self hate. Witnesses came forward and stated that he referred to the murdered Atlanta Children as "Little N***ers." Williams also said, if they wouldn't have been roaming the streets, they wouldn't have been killed.

Williams would have been the perfect candidate to eliminate his own race since he despised his ethnicity.

His sexuality has always been questionable, and he allegedly disliked gays (self loathing?). Would this explain why boys were targeted?

Was Wayne Williams programmed to kill his own race, similar to a Manchurian Candidate?

I agree with the following:

Former FBI profiler, John E. Douglas, wrote in his book "Mindhunter," while he believes that Wayne Williams committed many of the murders, he doesn’t think he committed all of them. Douglas added that he believes that law enforcement authorities have some idea of who the other killers are, and-“It isn’t a single offender and the truth isn’t pleasant.”


Was John Lennon assassinated by a spy agency? That's the latest conspiracy theory from author Phil Strongman, who claims killer Mark Chapman was no "obsessed fan," but a patsy trained by a spy agency.

Strongman points out that until the weekend before the December 1980 murder. Chapman didn't own one Lennon single, book or album.

The writer also questions how the penniless loner could afford an around-the-world trip in 1975 that included, Japan, India, Nepal, Korea, Vietnam and China.

Strongman adds: Mark Chapman also visited Beirut, Lebannon-said to be the home of one of the government's secret assassination training camps.

According to the blog

Jared Lee Loughner fits the profile of a Manchurian Candidate. As a loner, no one was keeping an eye on him or his activities, so he could disappear lengths of time for brainwashing treatments.

Rambling, incomprehensible comments that are attributed to Loughner are typical of people under heavy psychiatric medication.

A true assassin would not waste time spraying bullets into a crowd of innocents including killing a 9-year-old girl born on 9/11/2001.

Regardless if Laughner was a brainwashed government puppet or not, the U.S. Government and the corporate media are taking full advantage of the incident to roll out egregious countermeasures.

Although Loughner appeared to be liberal and perhaps antisemitic (anti-Israel, "antisemitic" sentiments are common among liberals -- view Reddit for instance), many media organs are using the shooting to crucify the totally unrelated Tea Party movement in general and Sarah Palin in particular.

Many talking heads are screaming for grossly extending hate crime laws to include censorship of "hate speech."

The likely government desired conclusion for the Loughner shooting is to announce that Loughner, an insane and easily influenced man, was driven to his murderous rampage due to the unbridled, unrestricted hateful rhetoric. Moreover, Loughner was provoked by Internet discussions and left obvious evidence of his impending attacks on message boards.

Consequently, the U.S. Government will maintain that hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment because it poses a direct threat to public safety. The Obama Administration will leverage the incident to enforce its Internet ID proposal requiring all Americans to have a traceable license to use the Internet.

In other words, unless the public wakes up to the fact that they are being manipulated with fear, the Loughner shooting will be used to kill Internet anonymity and complete the destruction of the First Amendment. Sweeping hate speech laws will effectively silence all voices critical of the government.

Conspiracy theorists also indicate that Loughner's assassination attempt stopped the momentum of the Tea Party.


by: Gregory Michaels

A shocking new documentary film explosively declares that the 1999 plane crash death of John F. Kennedy, Jr. was caused by the same mysterious assassins who killed his father.

Allegedly, JFK, Jr. was targeted, claims the extraordinary video, because he could have been preparing to reopen the still-hotly debated murders of his father and his uncle, Senator Robert Kennedy.

"The men who killed John Jr.'s father had good reason to fear that he would go after his father's killers," says the narrator of "The Assassination of JFK, Jr."

According to the film, the men allegedly belong to the Illuminati, a clandestine group of wealthy men with ties to banks, corporations and the government.

Sources attribute the film, which has been burning up the Internet, to a former high-ranking special agent who refused to reveal his name out of fear for his life!

According to the video, JFK, Jr., 38, his wife Carolyn, 33, and her sister Lauren Bessette, 34, were likely the victims of a Manchurian Candidate-style assassin who was brainwashed prior to the alleged assassination through hypnosis and drugs (which turned him into a programmed killer).

Allegedly, the FAA radar report shows that John's plane just suddenly dropped, as if someone had grabbed the controls and pushed it as far forward as it would go, says the narrator.

Who would have grabbed those controls? The prime suspect, according to the documentary, would be a flight instructor whom all official reports claims didn't fly with John that day.

But the documentary presents astounding evidence that high ranking government officials with the FAA allegedly conspired to cover up the flight instructor's existence.

This was the first time in years that John had reportedly never flown without an instructor, except for his solo test. Prior to that fateful night, a coworker expressed concern about John piloting with an injured foot. John allegedly said: "Don't worry, I'm flying with an instructor."

The backup battery disappeared from the cockpit voice recorder, erasing all hope of hearing the flight instructor's voice.

And no one found John's pilot log, which he always kept in an aquamarine duffel bag, say close friends. While searchers recovered the duffel, there was no trace of the book.

Allegedly, federal officials delayed the rescue mission by nearly 16 hours. Conspiracy theorist say: The time delay was in place so the body of the Manchurian candidate could be spirited away.


Conspiracy theorists claim that John F. Kennedy's plane crash wasn't an accident, allegedly, according to them, he was murdered by an alleged bomb planted on his single engine Piper aircraft.

Allegedly, new eyewitness information says there was an explosion in the sky shortly after 9:30 p.m. when Kennedy was reportedly approaching the Vineyard airport from over the ocean.

Victor Pribanic, a lawyer from White Oak, Pa., was fishing off the Massachusetts island's south end as JFK, Jr. made his approach.

"I heard a loud impact like a bomb," says Pribanic.

The next day, he went with Hank Myer of West Tisbury Police to spot where he'd been fishing and pointed to where he heard the explosion in the sky.

"Where Victor Pribanic had pointed as the location of the explosion is exactly where the Coast Guard recovered scattered items from the blown-up plane and near where other debris from the plane had washed ashore."

According to Pribanic, officials never interviewed him.

Allegedly, a reporter for the Vineyard Gazette told a TV station that he was out walking at the time of the crash and saw a "big white flash in the sky," off Philbin Beach."

Mysteriously, the reporter has seemingly vanished without a trace and information about him was stonewalled.

Several weeks later, a blogger called the newspaper to ask for the reporter and a woman there said: "Oh, no, we can't do that." When the blogger asked for the man's name, the woman replied: "No, we can't do that either," adding that "he no longer works for us, he went back to school." When the blogger mentioned to the woman that the reporter had witnessed an explosion in the sky," she replied: "Well, they were shooting rockets up in the air, or something like that."


Sexual molestation, the occult, forced prostitution and torture are a few of the horrific techniques used by operatives in a top secret mind control program called Project Monarch.

The bulk of the scandalous revelations come from victims who allegedly endured and escaped from powerful bonds of their controllers.

Survivor Paul Bonaci (above) was an unwilling participant in Monarch for 20 years. He has allegedly presented evidence of crimes and corruption from state and local government officials.

Bonaci testified that sexually abused males 6 years old or younger were chosen from Boys Town orphanage in Nebraska and taken to a nearby Air Force base where they were subjected to intense Monarch programming says an anonymous source inside the investigation.

The levels of programming: Alpha, Beta and Delta are designed to break down the victim's personality through sexual molestation, the occult, electro-shock and deprivation.

The tragic consequence of the program is that the victim's mind splits into alternate personalities to cope with the overwhelming pain.

Just as the thriller "The Manchurian Candidate," the subject is aware the brainwashing has made him into an assassin. When the time comes, he carries out his assignment to kill without fear or conscience.

In Related News:

It's been alleged and speculated that Dr. Josef Mengele helped program/brainwash Lee Harvey Oswald.


Dr. Joseph Mengele studied mind control at Auschwitz. Children were tortured, experimented on and killed under his watch.






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