Diddy & Jay-Z continue to be the richest men in hip-hop. Both men have a net worth estimated at $400 million dollars. They've diversified well. Over the years, they've invested in fashion, spirits nightclubs and fragrances.

Diddy is currently looking to invest in an NBA/NFL franchise and Jay-Z has plans to purchase an European soccer team.


Beyonce is still the diva! She and her husband currently own several high end Manhattan apartments, a multi-million dollar Scarsdale estate, a Chateau in Switzerland, a penthouse in Las Vegas a mansion in Miami and an private island. Bey and Jay are also known to drop between $1,200-$1,500 (for two) at upscale restaurants.

Janet Jackson increased her fortune when her dual investments (restaurants, fitness centers, gourmet coffee houses, and an bank) with Magic Johnson started generating additional income.

Mimi's record sales, along with songwriting & publishing royalties make her a very rich woman. Several of Mariah's hits (written by her) are standards, therefore she will generate millions each year in residual income during her life span.


Halle Berry earns $12 million per film and she invested well in prime real estate, located in: Beverly Hills, Malibu, Canada, Marin County and Cleveland. It also helps to have Oprah's financial advisors on speed dial.

Usher is surrounded by an excellent financial advisory team. Over the years, they've invested his money very well and his mother is extremely business savvy. L.A. Reid has also been helpful. When Usher purchased his first mansion, he purchased it from Reid at a very good price. Usher also has a passion for Porsche sports cars, he even bought his brother one, he also likes luxury SUV's.

I'm not a R. Kelly fan but you can't deny his talent, and he's set for life financially due to his record sales, songwriting and production. Kelly has produced numerous hits for himself and other artists. I expected him to be worth more than $50 million, but his net worth is listed as $50 million.


Party promoters offer celebrities big bucks and generous perks to attend club openings (funded by the club). A-list celebrities like Jay-Z and Beyonce don't have to worry about airline travel costs or accommodations expenses.

Club promoters make travel arrangements and they make sure the stars have expensive gift baskets, boxes of chocolates and complimentary champagne (Dom or Cristal) in their hotel suites when they arrive. Jay-Z and Beyonce rarely do club appearances, but their fee is: $25,000-$50,000 each.


According to Tiger's alleged mistress (Loredana Jolie Ferriolo), Michael Jordan tried to steal her away from Tiger.

Vanity Fair:

Once, she says, at the "One and Only Ocean Club," in the Bahamas. Woods was gambling with Michael Jordan, and Jordan's bodyguard says, "Michael wants to meet you." I walked over to him and he grabbed my hand. I walked away, and he kind of gave chase. He goes, "I'm Michael Jordan. I will find you!"

Woods' was frugal with other women but not with Ferriolo. According to her, he took her on $15,000 shopping sprees. He also gave her earrings, Louis Vuitton gear and numerous YSL shoes.

Also, Ferriolo didn't sleep with him on their first date.

Ferriolo is rumored to have a enormous appetite for sex, fame and extremely rich men. She was juggling Woods with two other billionaires at the time of their affair. According to her, she ferried among princes, business leaders and heads of state on private jets with fees that rose to $100,000.

Ferriolo is a former playmate and Ms. Hawaiian Tropic representing Sicily. At 18, she started living at the Playboy mansion.

She says Tiger often flew her to Dubai, the Bahamas and Las Vegas.

Ferriolo currently owns a skin care company (Loredana LLC) that specializes in a line of haute couture luxury goods, including: Hand bags, perfume, shoes, rings, cosmetics and more.

When the Tiger scandal broke, the incident was very painful for her parents who didn't know of her hidden activities.

Ferriolo is currently writing a tell-all book about the Tiger affair, the book will be titled: "Up To Par."

Tiger's lawyers are trying to stop the publication of the book.


According to Las Vegas Review columnist (Norm Clarke): Tiger Woods would play at the VIP casino adjacent to the Mansion at the MGM Grand, which requires a $1 million credit line which usually requires you to play $25,000 per hand. Afterwards, VIP players would go to the club Light (now the Bank).

Celebrities and high rollers (Whales) have access to the VIP parlors through secret doors and hidden hallways. They are also showered with Rolls Royce's, and their private villas include: Butlers, bubbling fountains and swimming pools under a sky-high canopy. The celebrities and whales are waited on hand and foot by a battalion of staff.

Frequently, the only players in the VIP casino were Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. Allegedly, they played up to $30,000 per hand. When you're playing splits and doubles, you can play for $150,000 per hand.

To keep a celebrity or whale happy, a casino will enlist a VIP host (the new concierge), one of an army of insiders who can procure anything that Sin City has to offer. The VIP host will coordinate whatever you need and everybody's paid bonuses on how much their players blow gambling and how often they blow it.

Some of the amenities that are offered to keep a celebrity or whale in the house is a gulf stream G550 jet to fly you to and from Las Vegas. As well as $25,000 a night VIP tables at clubs like Pure and Bank. Helicopter tours around town and $8,500-a-bottle Petruss Bordeaux and gourmet meals prepared by top chefs. If you're married, your wife will receive a complimentary shopping spree at Neiman Marcus.

When a VIP wants to hit the town, the VIP host(ess) calls the Spearmint Rhino, the top strip club in Las Vegas and the host alerts the club that a Whale is on the way. When he arrives through the back VIP entrance, 30 or more women form a wagon train around him, vying for his attention.

Source: Vanity Fair


This Rolls Royce was first featured in "Lavish" magazine. This luxurious car is custom made for the elite few. It's rumored that rap moguls Jay-Z and P. Diddy may be in the market for one.

Halle Berry is currently featured on the cover of "Jetset Magazine." This publication is geared towards the affluent and wealthy, domestically and internationally.

The Jetset staff also has a private jet (with the company name stenciled on the side) at their disposal. Halle Berry is one of the few African Americans to be featured on the cover of a mainstream affluent publication.

In Related News:

"Blackbook: The Jet Set Guide," is a book for the wealthy and well traveled. This book features the most expensive restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels in Paris, New York and Los Angeles.


Above, Floyd Mayweather is gambling $5,000 per hand in the high roller room (The Mint) at the Palms Hotel & Casino is Las Vegas. You are escorted to a private elevator by a VIP host, the host also accompanies you to the private casino.

The Mint (is a private gambling salon for the rich and famous) and it's not advertised nor is it opened to the public. You have to have celebrity status to patronize this establishment.

Earlier in the day, 50 Cent was gambling $100,000 per hand.

Current & former NBA ballers: Paul Pierce, Michael Jordan and Charles Oakley are regulars when they're in town.

Pierce likes to play blackjack at $10,000 per hand, baccarat and poker.

Overseas (high stakes) gambling in Monte Carlo and Macau is also popular among black celebrities. You can easily lose $1 million dollars in one sitting. The Monte Carlo casino dress code: Men are required to wear tuxedos (like James Bond) and women are required to wear expensive gowns.

Beyonce, Janet, Mariah and Alicia are four of the wealthiest black women in the entertainment field.

Mariah and her husband (Nick Cannon) enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, tailor made for the Rich & Famous.

One of their favorite vacation spots is the Game Creek Chalet in Vail, Colorado. This is the most expensive ski resort in the world.


Vail Mountain in Colorado features some of the world’s most expensive ski resorts. The most expensive ski resort in the world is "Game Creek Chalet," which has options for as high as $2800 per night.

The Game Creek Chalet is a private ski resort nestled in Game Creek Bowl on Vail Mountain at 10,150 feet, enjoying dramatic views of the peaks beyond. The Chalet is available to one private party on a nightly or multiple night basis. During the winter months some of the world’s best skiing is right outside your door.

For being such an expensive ski resort, the Chalet includes meals prepared by the private chef, all beverages, ski lift tickets and a morning mountain guide during the winter. Accommodations in the Chalet are four bedrooms and four bathrooms, living room and dining area, fireplace, and outdoor hot tub. Maid service, concierge service, private chef, and ski instructor are all included.

Inside the Millionaire/Billionaire Sponsor Circuit:

Each year, numerous women descend on the Super Bowl, All-Star Weekend and the NBA Finals trying to snag a rich man.

You also have a small cess pool of very attractive (famous & non-famous) women who take it a step further by using their connections or paying big money for an opportunity to attend three functions-populated by extremely wealthy men: The Espy Awards, The Cannes Film Festival, and the Kentucky Derby.

We're also hearing whispers regarding gorgeous black supermodels and billionaires hooking up at the Kentucky Derby. Allegedly, this is where a NFL owner met his latest black model girlfriend.

Former white model Stephanie Seymour is now married to a billionaire businessman (horse breeder). They allegedly met at the Kentucky Derby.

Since Naomi Campbell met her Russian billionaire (pictured above with beard) at the Cannes Film Festival and Kim Kardashian met her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush at the Espy Awards. Women have been flocking to both events. Conflicting news reports allege that Sanaa Latham met Terrell Owens at the Espy Awards.

Each year, more and more attractive black women (including Gabrielle Union before her relationship with D. Wade) are spotted at the Espy Awards attired in expensive gowns and luxurious jewels.

Before Naomi's current boyfriend:

Allegedly, after Naomi broke up with Prince Albert in Monte Carlo, she moved on to another royal with ties to Dubai and Abu Dhabi; this same royal allegedly spent $2 million dollars hosting a birthday party for Naomi. Ironically, Prince Albert also moved on-to another black woman. A flight attendant named Nicole Coste who gave birth to his son (above). The relationship was brief.

Before Naomi Campbell got with her current boyfriend, she dated billionaire Flavio Briatore. He loved to lavish his girlfriends with Ferrari's (in different colors) each month and he's the owner of the exclusive Billionaire Clubs & Resorts in Europe.

Naomi's primary residence for the last six months has been a $50,000 a day beach house in Bahia.

*Author Miasha Coleman was the first to inform me about the "SupperClub," restaurant in Europe.

An overseas source contacted me one month ago with the following story (involving the same restaurant & Janet Jackson).

I originally authored this story for my column-in an affluent magazine that I contribute to, sent to subscribers-one week ago.

Janet Jackson and her billionaire boyfriend, Wissam Al Mana are regulars at Supperclub-Rome. This restaurant is considered the best Italian restaurant in the world (Conde Nast Traveler).

Janet and Wissam often dine in the La Salle Baroque Room where they remove their shoes and relax on a large bed.

From there, a 4-course meal (Roman Banquet) style is served (on sterling silver platters) as they relax on pillows.

The ambience includes: A DJ playing upbeat lounge music while videos are projected on the wall.

Lenny Kravitz once treated diners to an impromptu 30-minute concert.

Massages are also given to diners for a small fee.

Brad Pitt and Mick Jagger are also regulars.

Celebrities have been known to fly in from around the world to eat at this restaurant and celebrities have had their favorite dishes flown to their destination (L.A. & NY) via private jet.

The SupperClub-Amsterdam is also popular.

Unless you're a celebrity, sports star, billionaire or politician, this restaurant has a 1 year waiting list.

Diddy is becoming quite a collector of exotic cars. He usually houses the above Lamborghini and an Ferrari at Kim's mansion in Los Angeles. In New York, he rolls around in a Bentley, in the Hamptons, he's chauffered around in a limo, in St. Tropez, he drives a Maybach.

Diddy showed a slight interest in a very rare and expensive Mercedes Benz (pictured above). At the last minute, someone else purchased it for $24 million dollars. It's now considered the most expensive car in the world.


The Mercedes-Benz W196, which won the Grand Prix in 1954 and 1955, and sold at auction in 1990 for a staggering $24 million. According to the U.K.'s Times Online, Mercedes donated the car to the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu in the 1980s. It was again sold in 1990 to a French industrialist for $24 million but changed hands once more to a German industrialist.


Museum of American Finance President David Cowen and renowned San Francisco-based jewelry designer Sidney Mobell have lately unveiled a Monopoly game set made out of solid gold and encrusted with jewels.

Luxurious attention has been paid to every detail. The set of dice alone is worth $10,000, with 42 full-cut diamonds for the number dots. All of the properties that make up the game board are also done in gems, with a total of 165 gemstones. The “Chance” and “Community Chest” cards have been photo-etched. The 18-karat gold jeweled Monopoly set is expected to be worth roughly $2 million.

The Strand Craft (above) will be valued at $26.1 million dollars and comes with a super car (below) that can reach 230 mph in mere seconds.

The Strand is a stunning concept with a stylish garage (below) with on water housing. This yacht is powered by two Rolls-Royce engines and an extra booster engine that combined can generate 14,000 horsepower. The top speed registers at 55 knots.


In the past, exclusive private clubs for the rich were made up of wealthy white men. Not anymore! A large majority of these clubs are looking to diversify their membership and they recognize black wealth.

Jay-Z & Beyonce, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Johnson, Tiger Woods (before scandal) Michael Jordan before he retired from the NBA and Vernon Jordan were on the short list-circulated among several high end clubs.

Recently, the most expensive private club in the world (catering to men) opened. Read below!


A Hong Kong-based company is offering memberships in what is billed as the world’s most expensive private club for $15.2 million apiece.

Only 100 Charter Corporate Platinum Memberships in the Richman’s IMC (International Millionaire’s Club) will be available worldwide, good for 30 years.

The club, to be known as Richmans IMC (for International Millionaire’s Club), is in effect an all-access, first-class VIP pass to RS Managements properties and affiliates including megayachts, yacht clubs, jockey clubs, country clubs, golf courses, ski resorts, gentlemans clubs, supper clubs, luxury hotels and restaurants around the globe, eliminating the need for multiple memberships.

Richman’s General Managers contend that “to enjoy full membership and VIP privileges at all of these Yachts, Racecourses, private clubs etc. would really cost a fortune. Much, much more than what the highest grade of a Richman’s Club membership costs."

Membership at Richman’s range from $15.2 million for the Charter Corporate Platinum Membership which is fully saleable, valid for 30 years and limited to just 100 globally to just $250,000 for the Individual Silver Membership which is non-transferable and renewable annually.

There are several other corporate and individual memberships priced in between these two levels.

At these prices, Richman’s could very easily be the World’s Most Expensive Private Club that’s affordable only by large international corporations, Royalty and the very, very wealthy.

Is the cost justified? A spokesperson for Richman’s General Managers said, “Exclusive Private Clubs have been where the real deals have always been done.

Yacht Clubs, Jockey Clubs, Race Horse ownership and Horse Racing (the sport of Kings), have always been and continues to be where the truly wealthy meet and get the real, deals done.

With the increasing uncertainty of doing business with unknown counter-parties, many business experts predict the return of the age old tradition of preferring to do business with the inner circle of known persons (and companies)-like your own club members."

“Just imagine how many local and international clubs you would have to join; and how much it would cost in time, effort and expense to enjoy all the following benefits:

Exclusive privileges for member and guests to enjoy fine dining on all-organic foods, therapeutic massage, the companionship of beautiful hostesses…etc. at any time on board some of the world’s most luxurious custom yachts stationed on international waters just outside major emerging market cities; you also receive exclusive access to real inside information through regular opportunity to meet and network with the world’s real insiders i.e. royalty, influential government officials, corporate chiefs, scientists and successful businessmen.

You also gain the exclusive right to own and race horses in China – the world’s most profitable market for horse racing, and the prestige of winning championship awards and the chance to win millions of dollars in cash prizes every week.

VIP status is included and member privileges at some of the world’s best golf clubs, ski resorts, country clubs, hunting clubs and city clubs; the club also offers confidential concierge and Problem Resolution Services that include 24 hours on-board and international out-call medical emergency assistance, global executive travel assistance, personal bodyguards, travel guides and personal companions worldwide and VIP treatment at some of the world’s top hotels, resorts, restaurants, gentlemen’s clubs and gentleman’s outfitters.

The ability to charge expenses to just one global, unique biometrics-protected, exclusive club card, embedded with a dynamically adjusted global credit line of up to $1,000,000."

The Wealthy are smart too: “While on the surface our memberships may appear expensive in absolute terms. But remember the wealthy are smart too. They look at relative values not just at absolute prices. Relative to the benefits our members enjoy, the price of membership is not at all expensive. In fact, we know that even if a much larger sum was spent today, it is doubt if similar benefits would be available from any other single club in the world."

Some additional benefits Richman’s members enjoy is a Global Concierge & Problem Resolution service which includes 24 hours emergency medical assistance and pre-approved global credit lines of up to $1,000,000 per membership.

Why launch in these bad times? When asked why the Richman’s club was being launched in such adverse economic times, a spokesperson explained that “the current economic climate is in fact an ideal time to purchase the various club assets like Yachts etc. for our members use.

We are saving as much as 40% compared to a year ago. This also means we can offer better quality assets in our clubs. Because of this, we expect that once our membership is closed and the economy improves …as it inevitably will…secondary market prices for our membership will be much higher. Those who bought earlier should profit if they decide to sell.

According to RS Management “We have not as set a date to open applications for general membership.

The only class of memberships currently being privately placed, to a selected number of corporations worldwide, are the 100 Charter Corporate Platinum Memberships.”


David Beckman of the Los Angeles Galaxy earns $42 million dollars a year in salary and endorsements. Golf superstar Tiger Woods will become the first athlete to reach $1 billion dollars in earnings.

No modern athlete can match the fortune earned by Gaius Appuleius Diocles, an illiterate second century Roman charioteer (depicted in the film Ben Hur-above).

The ex-slave amassed an astounding $15 billion in career earnings according to historian Peter Struck.

For 25 years, Diocles competed in one of the deadliest sports of all time.

The chariot driver survived 4,257 races, winning 1,462 times and placing 861 times to claim purses totaling 35,863,120 sisterces, an ancient Roman coin.

Diocles' career earnings could have financed the entire Roman army for two months.


A Saville Row tailor designed a suit that is being recognized as the world’s most expensive suit; worn by Diddy above and priced at $91,447.00.

William Westmancott has shaped this elite suit by using a luxurious cloth designed and woven in a conventional English Mill.

Westmancott made it very clear that only celebrities can afford to buy this designer creation. Only one such suit has been produced as a sample (above). It took 150 to 200 workshop hours of construction to create this suit. The tailor is hopeful that it would invite eyeballs from wealthy Russians and Middle Eastern (Dubai) gentlemen.


Quintessentially One, a luxury lifestyle membership club on a super yacht, is offering a one-of-a-kind experience aboard its 220-meter luxury super yacht that operates as a floating destination. Taking cruising to a whole new level,

Quintessentially One is selling residences on the luxury vessel for between $8 million and $12 million. Designed for the Quintessentially One private members’ club, the floating destination has 12 triplex residential apartments on the top decks, a $750 per night boutique hotel, a restaurant run by Wolseley, a Quintessence spa and a shopping emporium.

CampbellGray Hotels of London run the hotel on board, and the luxurious suites measure 40, 60 and 100 square meters. Other lavish amenities include a night bar, a range of water sport activities, high-tech business center, an onboard library, kids’ area and plenty of bespoke services.

We all know that Jay & Bey are VIP on the celebrity jet set scene and are often spotted in St. Tropez at the Le VIP club where celebrities like Diddy have hosted pool parties in the past. Jay & Bey are also surrounded by wealth and privilege when they chill on nearby "Gigolo Beach."

Naomi Campbell lives the Rich & Famous lifestyle to the hilt! Several years ago, before her Russian billionaire, the chairman of a major record label purchased Campbell a $5 million dollar villa in Jamaica. Last year, her billionaire boyfriend bought her a $10 million dollar penthouse in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Before this billionaire, Naomi dated another billionaire (Flavio Briatore ) who's a Formula One icon. He also has connections with Ferrari. During the courtship, she rolled in a new Ferrari every three to six months.

Three years ago, a royal playboy spent $2 million on Campbell's birthday party in Dubai. Designers pay Campbell between $10,000-$50,000 to appear in their fashion shows (runway) for 30-45 minutes.  Campbell attended a top flight political summit overseas (last year) and the U.S. President was in attendance and she has a private jet and security team at her disposal on a 24/7 basis.

Naomi has a successful perfume line only sold in Europe and she once owned an agency (in NY) that represented stylists and makeup artists.

P. Diddy is known to jet ski in his bathrobe in St. Tropez. He's also known to drive his Maybach is his bathrobe.

According to Ebony magazine: Corporate sponsors now pick up the tab for Diddy's annual "White Parties," to the tune of $1 million dollars per party.

A few of the White parties were catered by Cipirani's, favored by the international jet set.

Diddy is taking his party international, upcoming parties will occur in Dubai and Belize.


Cartel crime bosses and drug kingpins don't qualify for the black credit card legally because they generate illegal income. A very discreet company has launched to cater to this illicit clientele-by referral only.

This underground company allows cartel bosses and drug bosses to obtain "secure" black cards with a $5 million dollar deposit-that goes towards purchases put on the card.


Even some of the world's wealthiest residents are getting into social networking.

But you won't find them on Facebook; they have their own exclusive Web site, Affluence.org. The site offers personality profiles, blogs, forums, links to articles and polls, and even has philanthropic information.

"It's Facebook for the filthy rich," site founder Scott Mitchell told the St. Petersburg Times.
According to the St. Petersburg Times, joining the Web site is free, but membership requires you to have a net worth of at least $3 million and an annual household income of $300,000. If you don't qualify there is still one more way in -- to get at least five wealthy people to vouch for your membership, the newspaper reported.

If you're thinking that very few people meet these guidelines, you would be mistaken. According to the St. Petersburg Times, since the Web site launched in September, more than 20,000 members have joined. The newspaper reported that some of the site's members include celebrities, investors, publishers and socialites from around the world, including Rolling Stone co-founder Jann Wenner.

Mitchell told the St. Petersburg Times that about one in 40 applicants is accepted to the Web site. But once you're in, it doesn't necessarily mean you'll stay in. Mitchell told the newspaper that members are screened regularly to make sure they still meet the site's requirements.


Featuring more than 65 000 private jets, yachts, exotic cars, exclusive watches and luxury homes from more than 1,200 trusted dealers around the world. JamesList helps you find the best of the best, whether you are in the market to buy or to find the perfect private jet or luxury yacht to charter.

Recent JamesList Listing (below):

With its reputation for the best in luxury, the German auto tuner "Mansory," has transformed a range of already luxurious cars (above) into one-of-a-kind creations.

The German tuning house has given us the carbon fiber Aston Martin DBS, the blue baby Rolls Royce in golden robe, a carbon fiber Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, Veyron LINEA Vincerò and the Bugatti Veyron Linea Vincero d’Oro.

Now, United Arab Emirates (Dubui) exotic car dealer Prestige Cars is offering a major collection of Mansory cars on JamesList.com.

(Ebay For The Rich & Affluent)

The Billionaire Xchange is the world’s first online auction and trade site for luxury items. They are the first international auction and exchange site for the affluent.

Billionaire Xchange draws wealthy buyers from all over the world searching for high-end luxuries, either for sale or auction.

Browsing the classy site, you will find an amazing variety of luxury items, covering the following categories: Arts & Antiques, Luxury Vehicles, Boats & Yachts, Luxury Real Estate, Jewelry & Watches, and Places & Helicopters.

At the time of this writing, some of the premier luxury items available include mansion estates owned by basketball star Shaquille O Neal and Hall of Fame football quarterback Dan Marino, a St. Regis Penthouse in San Francisco, 2008 Riviera Sport Yacht 4700, 2007 Murcielago LP640 Coupe car, and a 2004 Dassault Falcon 900c jet.

If you are looking for trading your luxury items, then BillionaireXchange can help you too. Imagine trading your upscale mansion in Beverly Hills, California for an elegant Chateau in France. How about trading your antique custom Rolls Royce for a new model Bentley. For wine connoisseurs, exchange a bottle of your best 1802 Chateau Lafitte for a bottle of 1947 Cheval Blanc. The possibilities are countless. So, ask yourself, “What is the luxury object of your heart’s desire?

To be successful, the management team of BillionaireXchange strongly believe in protecting the integrity of the luxury brands for auction, as well as offering secure escrow transactions. They partnered with industry leading Safefunds.com to provide escrow services for both buyer seller transactions. By offering this service, the company provides its members with piece of mind in either buying or selling these desirable, high ticket items online.

BillionaireXchange is headquartered in Miami Florida, but has an aggressive plan to expand internationally. They are moving forward with opening new offices in Beverly Hills, China, Germany, Dubai and the U.K. The company believes it’s critical to have representation in these key, global areas.

Hollywood Damage Control:

*Has Hollywood Damage Control gone to a new level? Will Jay-Z, Beyonce & Diddy ditch their fixers and upgrade to private investigation agencies? The new home of the extremely rich and famous-in terms of celebrity security and intelligence.

Several "private" investigation agencies have launched-with branches around the globe. These firms are not opened to the public (and they don't advertise), instead, they cater to millionaire/billionaire celebrities, athletes, royals and politicians.

These agencies are direct competition for celebrity fixers. Their non-refundable retainer fees are: $500,000-$1,000,000. The majority of these firms are located in Washington, D.C. and are run by former CIA and FBI personnel.

This is where you go for maximum discretions. The most influential people on the planet patronize these firms and the staff of investigators use the world's most advanced forensics to to make and break cases.

Their perception management divisions can neutralize any celebrity, sports, or political scandal-if you can afford them.

(Reversal Of Fortune)

Back in the day, nearly every aspect of a black entertainer's career was controlled by white music executives, not anymore! Following in the footsteps of Akon & Lady Gaga, Usher signed Justin Bieber to a label he co-owns. Every other label had turned Bieber down (like Gaga).

Usher's net worth always lingered at $15-$20 million dollars. After Bieber proved successful and started generating millions, Usher's wealth shot up to $50 million and Bieber's wealth is estimated at: $65.5 million dollars (in two short years).

Usher is a major player.

Tyler Perry is one of the few black celebrities who owns a multi-million dollar private jet.  Many celebrities lease or time share private jets, not Tyler, 100% ownership. Tyler also gifted Oprah with a Bentley.


50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather were spotted rolling (on the Las Vegas strip) in a snow white Maybach with mink interior while the film "The Last Dragon" played on an mini flat screen on the headboard.

In Related News:

"Rain" nightclub, located inside the Palms hotel has skyboxes for celebrities, VIP's and high rollers to enjoy the action from above.

*Maybach photo courtesy of IGN.com

Janet Jackson's new boyfriend has given her a "whole new lease on life."

The 44-year-old singer-who ended her seven-year romance with producer Jermaine Dupri last year - has reportedly been bombarded with gifts by 35-year-old millionaire businessman Wissam Al Mana, and is loving the attention he is giving her.

A friend of Janet's says: "He seems to have given her a new lease on life since her brother Michael died. He's younger than Janet, taller than Janet and far richer than Janet. He has become her knight in shining armor.

Jackson met Wassam when he hired her to perform at a private event in the Middle East. He's lavished her with a yacht cruise-with her own butler, a Bentley convertible and a $2,200 Balenciaga Weekender bag and a pink-gold Love bracelet from Cartier.

The source added: "For the first time in Janet's life, she's with a man who pays for everything. He's filthy rich."

In Related News:

Janet Jackson is currently living a black billionaire lifestyle. She was recently spotted in Sardinia, Italy. The new jet set destination. Yes, this is the same place where Alicia & Swizz tied the knot!

Janet and her boyfriend, Wissam Al Mana enjoyed their surroundings as they soaked up the sun and participated in scuba diving. They were also seen relaxing on a private yacht.

This mediterranean island has become the favorite hangout of the Rich & Famous.

Billionaire Flavio Briatore not only owns the exclusive "Billionaire Club" in Sardinia (Janet's boyfriend is a member). Briatore is also opening a luxurious resort there under his billionaire brand.

Known for his extravagant spending, Diddy spent a whopping ($118,000) at "Whisky Mist," in London. He also ordered 10 Chalice cocktails which arrived in silver trophies and he bought a four-foot tall cocktail which came with dancers and a Scottish bagpipe player, priced at: $2,100.

Is it true that 50 Cent is taking a second look at the limited edition gold plated Ferrari-to go with his chrome plated Lamborghini? The Ferrari is priced at $500,000-$1 million dollars.

What do Nelly, Kanye West and 50 Cent have in common? The World's Most Expensive Cologne is their favorite fragrance. A regular bottle of Clive Christian No. 1 is priced at: $650 while a brilliant white diamond (bottle) in a gold collar is available for $2,350.

Clive Christian has the distinction of being the world's most expensive cologne and perfume. The perfume (Clive Christian Imperial Majesty) is priced at: $215,000.

For the 150th anniversary of Chopard's (a Swiss luxury jeweler)-Lionel Richie was paid a staggering $1.25 million to perform for 30 minutes.


People have often wondered, how did Diana Ross become so wealthy without songwriting or producing credits on her resume? The answer may be below.

The third week in March 1984, Michael Milken, the young junk bond impresario (before his downfall), hosted the annual Drexel High Yield Bond Conference, aka "The Predator's Ball," at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.

The ball was attended by every financial wizard in the country, including billionaires Ivan Boesky, Carl Lindner and Carl Icahn; all of the corporate raiders were in attendance.

In 1982, Frank Sinatra was the surprise entertainment.

There was much speculation as to who would entertain this year, and some of the guests began speculating that it would be either Michael Jackson or Diana Ross.

"She wanted to be in the company of all of these wheelers and dealers," said an associate of Diana's. Michael Milken said there was three trillion dollars in the room. Diana was right in the middle of it, soaking up the money aura.

She was becoming quite a wheeler-and-dealer, influenced by her attorney, John Frankenheimer, who is a brilliant man when it comes to finances. Above all, Diana is considered a powerful woman."

Diana also received helpful financial tips from billionaire Carl Lindner during the course of the evening.

Diana waived her performance fee ($100,000)-in return-for the chance to allegedly invest in one of Michael Milken's investment partnerships; a portfolio worth billions of dollars. It was said-Ross made a multi-million dollar fortune off this one investment.


It's a toss up between Jay-Z and Diddy for the richest in hip-hop title! Both men are worth 300+ million dollars. Despite both men owning and being affiliated with apparel companies, this still doesn't stop top designers from asking them to wear their brand.

Their wealth isn't the only thing they have common, they also share the same first name and they both have a taste for the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Electronic companies offer them gadgets before they hit the market and try to entice the deal by offering to make the gadgets diamond encrusted.

Both men drive Maybach's, they also enjoy vacationing on private islands. They both enjoy Dubai, Brunei and St. Tropez. Diddy also likes to vacation in Greece and he made history when he became the first black man to rent the luxurious yacht owned by late billionaire Aristotle Onassis. In the words of Lyor Cohen: "Diddy knows where the money is and he knows how to make money."

Both men have access to private jets and both men not only have the AMEX black card, but they also have the Dubai black card.

They also share a thirst for Dom Perignon. Jay-Z is more low key but Diddy likes to be the center of attention and loves to party!

Jay-Z has a small percentage in the New Jersey Nets and is looking to invest in a soccer team. Diddy is also looking to invest in a soccer team.

According to author Daaimah S. Poole, party promoters have been known to use an array of tactics to lure celebrities and the right people to their parties. Athletes, rappers and film stars are promised VIP treatment, complimentary bottles of champagne and pretty girls. Some party promoters even pay radio personalities on the sly to talk about their exclusive club openings and parties on the air.

Promoters are also responsible for preparing press releases to release to the media for newspaper and blog exposure.

They have also been known to over-invite, because, the longer the line, and the more people who weren't able to get in, the more exclusive the club's reputation would be.

To sit at an "reserved table" in the VIP section, your tab has to usually be a minimum of $1,000 dollars.

To become a successful party promoter, you have to have a good contact list and large rolodex. This can be a very lucrative career, six figures and above with unlimited perks.


In her prime, Paris Hilton demanded and received a $100,000 appearance fee to show up at an club. Now, club owners balk since her star has dimmed.

T.I. receives $40,000-$60,000 to show up at an club.

Rihanna and Amber Rose receive $10,000 dollars to show up at an club.

Kim Kardashian currently receives $25,000-$50,000 to appear at an club.

Tiger Woods (before his scandal) received $1 million dollar appearance fees just to play in certain golf tournaments.


Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce live the lifestyle of the Rich & Famous.  They only travel by private jet, they lounge on private islands.  They also enjoy fine 5-star restaurants and exquistie meals including Truffles and other exotic seafood entrees.

It's speculated that Jay-Z belongs to an exclusive overseas gaming club, located in Europe. Only multi-millionaires and billionaires are members and they reportedly indulge in poker ($10,000 chips) and baccarat.

Rumors are also circulating that Jay-Z belongs to a powerful secret society but he has yet to comment on these allegations.

The couple has a combined wealth of: $400-$500 million dollars.


Only 17,000 "invited" American Express Black Card owners exist in the world. Five of them are pictured above.

When you become a black card member, you also receive two high-end magazines (including Centurian-above) geared towards the wealthy. Neither magazine is available to the public.

You also receive 24-hour concierge service.

Other perks include:

Private shopping at Tiffany's for black card members

Becoming a member of the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold

Invitation for a round of golf with Tiger Woods.

Black Card Invitation Kit (above).

The new trend among (filthy rich) celebrity men is to lavish their wives or girlfriends with the $100,000 dollar "Neiman Marcus," gift card.

Jay-Z and David Beckham enjoy spoiling their wives with this unique gift. This is currently the fad among the super rich!

Posh Spice remains the only customer to have a $10 million dollar credit line at Neiman-Marcus (Beverly Hills).

Despite owing $3.6 million in back taxes, Chris Tucker continues to live the black billionaire lifestyle in Miami. Not only does he own an luxurious waterfront estate, he also rolls around South Beach in a Maserati, a champagne colored Bentley Coupe and an Porsche. Kim Kardashian is currently shopping for an estate in his neighborhood.

In Related News: Models are hired in South Beach to sell expensive cigars on Ocean Beach to tourists and locals. Cigar rollers are often booked for high end parties. And, liquor soaked snow cones are still popular among Miami tourists.


According to Essence magazine: Arrangement.com is a site where women can discover wealthy suitors. The site has seen their number of black participants increase 300% in the last year.

The Match.com for the Rich & Famous is Kelleher & Associates. Stars pay $150,000 to find a mate.

Rumored clients have included: Paula Abdul, Jennifer Aniston, Denise Richards, Red Sox chairman Tom Werner, rock 'n roll stars, NFL players, NBA superstars and MLB players.


Kanye West, 50 Cent and Rihanna are part of the international jet set. They often travel overseas to party, shop or perform where they can make upwards to six figures for a private performance. Rihanna is more popular as an style icon than a recording artist. She's considered a style trendsetter and style maven; that's why she receives the big bucks (endorsements) from cosmetic and beauty conglomerates. Youngsters in Europe simply adore her and emulate her style.

Kanye, 50 Cent, Rihanna, Jay-Z and Beyonce love St. Tropez and have been known to rent private villas and private yachts to host invitation only parties. Jay and Bey have also been spotted on his and hers jet ski's. This crowd also hangs out at the VIP room on Champs Elysee. The VIP room is an throwback of Studio 54.

Nelly and Tip are rich enough to be part of the international jet set but they seem to prefer partying and hanging out in the states (especially Miami). Nelly is considerably wealthy and is very savvy in regards to business. He's not as high profile (about his wealth) like Jay-Z, Kanye and Diddy.

Photo Credits: Wire Image

The most prestigious automobile among celebrities is not the Roll Royce, Ferrarri or Lamborghini, it's the Maybach. Owners include (or have included) P. Diddy, Jennifer Lopez (pictured below), Madonna, Mariah Carey, Jay-Z and record executive Steve Stoute.


Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is very generous with women. He once gave Nicki Minaj stacks of new $100 bills totaling $10,000.

He's also taken Chili on $25,000 shopping sprees.

It's always been rumored that he purchased a black Lamborghini and loose diamonds for a notorious party girl.

Floyd has also been known to buy houses and luxury vehicles for numerous women all over the country.


When Mike Tyson has money, he's been known to spoil his employees with cash bonuses and new cars. Tyson has also given women $50,000 (for shopping sprees).

Less than 100 Maybach's are made each year. The cheapest base model is priced at $400,000 dollars. Recently, the Maybach launched a Landaulet convertible, first shown in Dubai.

In Related News:

Lamborghini hosts a private car race (annually) for VIP Lamborghini owners across the country. Details are secretive and no information about the race is available to media outlets. Super producer Timbaland bought two Lamborghini's through the "Robb Report" classifieds.


These male fortune hunters are the handsome men you see backstage, in sky boxes, or in the VIP sections of private clubs-trying (desperately) to get the attention of the rich women in attendance. These men are usually decked out in tailored Brioni or Saville Row suits, accessorized with custom made shoes and solid gold watches.

To impress women, they normally lease an expensive sports car.

They target female entertainers (singers, actresses and models).

Their goal is to get the woman sexually addicted. Once this happens, the gigolo plays mind games until she's so hopelessly addicted, before she knows it, he's in the drivers seat and in complete control of her finances.

During a long-term relationship or marriage, many of these women make these men their managers.

When she's completely brainwashed and isolated from friends and family, he starts spending her money on other women.

*This above scenario happened to a woman who sang in a group.  While performing on stage, she saw him in the audience, and later said, he was the most gorgeous man I've ever laid eyes on.  They hooked up backstage, before long, they were married and despite protests from her group members, she made him their manager.  Later, domestic abuse would come into play and he managed the group into the ground.  Before their divorce, he managed to spend most of her money on other women.

Casino hosts are similar to publicists and party promoters, their client/contact lists with VIP names are their lifeline. Whenever a new luxury hotel/casino opens in Las Vegas, top tier casino hosts are often sought out by the newer establishment for their connections with the Rich & Famous.

Competition in Las Vegas is fierce in regards to luring celebrities to luxury casino's/hotels.

Celebrities are now receiving the same perks as High Rollers, as follows:

You're flown in by private jet (owned by the casino) and you're picked up at the airport in a Bentley.

Penthouse amenities include: Indoor waterfalls, 24 hour butler service, wraparound views of the Strip, VIP show seating, a Jacuzzi, golf simulators, bowling lanes, backstage passes, and a Jacuzzi that seats 25 people.

Wynn hotel also houses a Ferrari dealership and Dior & Tiffany boutiques. The Wynn golf club is restricted to hotel guests only and you pay $500 per person for a tee time. No one under 18 is allowed inside (Wynn) without a parent or guardian and no strollers are allowed inside.


"Encore," another Las Vegas casino-hotel from Steve Wynn, aims to draw the world's high-spending gamblers with impeccable service and top-flight amenities, including a "Sky Casino" unlike any other on the Las Vegas Strip.

Five 63rd-floor gaming salons offer high rollers -- known as "whales" in gambling lingo -- a completely private oasis.

Of course, they need to have at least $300,000 in their pockets to bet.

The surrounding areas around Hollywood (Pacific Palisades, Bel Air, Hancock Park & Malibu) are occupied by the super rich. Some of the residents are worth as much as Diddy at $300 million or more.

This is where you see million dollar cars (Maybach's, Bugatti's, Saleen's and Paganis-pictured above) going through the ATM drive-thru line. Ferrari's, Lamborghini's and Maserati's are considered second tier compared to these seven figure cars.

The daily ATM limit for the average person is between $300-800 dollars (depending on State) but for the super rich, the daily limit is between $2,500-$3,000 dollars; regardless of which state they reside in.


Your garden variety concierge can obtain anything. Example: Super Bowl tickets, front row concert tickets with backstage passes, NCAA tickets, tickets to the Masters, Kentucky Derby and the NBA finals, etc. They can obtain these tickets within an hour or within 24 hours.

A number of hip hop artists use the service of a legitimate concierge but you have others who use the services of a "street" concierge.

These street concierge's specialize in illegal activity, example: They will act as an courier and move a cache of weapons across state lines for you.

They are also available to move large amounts of currency, diamonds and drugs.

If that isn't enough, they can also set you up with a street soldier who has no qualms about executing a hit for the right price.

Hip-hop stars can also be set up with an array of women.

The hip-hop concierge who covers Los Angeles charges four to five figures per assignment.

When drug kingpin Nicky Barnes' was released from prison after serving a brief bid, black gangster Jimmy "Goldfinger," Terrell (no photo available) gave him a private party. James Brown was the featured entertainer and rumor has it-Brown was paid a fortune to perform.

If Barnes' hadn't came along in the same era as Goldfinger, you would read and hear more about Goldfinger. He was a ruthless and feared mobster who ruled over the streets of New York. Like black godfather Frank Ward's (above) family, allegedly-Goldfinger's family will not agree for his life to be marketed through DVD's or media outlets.

Joan Moreland aka Queen Bee (no photo available) also came along in this era. She was the first black woman on the East Coast or West Coast to deal exclusively in kilos. Allegedly, her life story may be appearing in an upcoming book.

What do boxer Sugar Ray Leonard and the late Sammy Davis, Jr. have in common? They have the distinction of having luxurious penthouse suites named after them at Mandalay Bay on the Las Vegas Strip.

These suites come with a concierge, private jet access and you have to be a billionaire to occupy these penthouse's. These suites aren't open to the public.

Back in the day when entertainers performed in oil rich places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the artists (Beyonce, Mariah, Alicia, Tina and Lionel) had to have a string of hits to collect the $1 million dollar pay day, not anymore! Rihanna only has a few hits yet she was paid $1 million dollars to perform in Abu Dhabi last year.

Shakira was recently paid $1 million to perform and Dannii Minoque (not considered A list pop) was paid $2 million to perform a hour long set in Abu Dhabi last year. You no longer have to be a superstar with an impressive catalogue of hits to rake in the big dough! Requirements: Have good management, a few hits and an gimmick.

Rumor has it that Lady GaGa will be the next one tapped to perform in Abu Dhabi for at least one million.

Abu Dhabi just opened a new Horse Race complex "Meydan," at an cost of $3 billion dollars. Elton John & Santana were scheduled this past weekend to perform for (millions).

*Diana Ross makes one million per performance in Monte Carlo, performing at an power summit for world leaders.

Expect big money performers to be lured to Brazil to bring in the New Year. Brazil's New Year celebration (Reveillon-Copacabana Beach) is now on par with Times Square and Las Vegas. Over 1 million people from all over the world turned out for the celebration in Brazil in 2009. This celebration is almost as big as Carnival. To attract more tourists, expect more million dollar pay-outs to big named performers.


Bosses of the new nightspot "Bamboo," in Liverpool, England persuaded 50 Cent to turn up for the club's opening night by offering him the staggering sum of $75,000 dollars, as well as an array of free champagne and two beautiful girls to stay by his side all night.

Hundreds of revelers turned out to see the superstar, but they were disappointed after he only left his VIP spot to say "Hey" to the packed club before returning to his entourage.

A source says, "It was the most blinging night ever. People thought 50 Cent might perform a track or two, given his massive fee, but he just greeted the crowd with 'Hey' and got back to his two personally requested ladies, who were lavishing booze on him."

With this fee, 50 becomes the highest paid "appearance fee" rapper.


In the 1950's, Red Dillard Morrison (above) was considered the most dangerous criminal in the country-black or white.

Dillard and Bumpy Johnson often bumped heads on numerous occasions (there could only be one Harlem Godfather) but the men eventually settled their differences.

The photo above does Dillard no justice. According to Mayme Johnson (Bumpy's widow), Dillard was extremely attractive and he was always well dressed, in tailored clothes and he smelled good. Charm oozed from Dillard and he never had a shortage of women, including black model Carrolle Drake (second photo).

Drake was involved with Dillard in the early 50's, until Dillard got convicted for drug trafficking.

As the result of a prison fight (1953), Dillard was paralyzed in both legs.

By then, Carrolle Drake had moved on to singer Billy Eckstine (1954). The most popular black singer in the country during this era.


Late drug kingpin Felix Mitchell and his wife Sheila (above) believed in keeping the business in the family.

Sheila's sister was married to major L.A. kingpin Tootie Reese. The two brother-in-laws decided to do business together.

Reese put Felix in touch with contacts in Los Angeles and Detroit to expand his business.

Reese's enforcer Ron Waddy and his brother Conway Willie Waddy, Jr., were indicted as a part of an multi-million dollar undercover money laundering ring.


We've reported on black playboy/gigolo Dickie Wells before (above) and how he was involved with numerous women-Ava Gardner, Tallulah Bankhead, Joan Crawford, etc. He allegedly took every penny these women offered and would later spend it on black women. Dickie was considered the black Rubirosa.

Additional information:

To say white actress Tallulah Bankhead was black friendly is an understatement.



According to Bumpy Johnson's widow Mayme, "It's amazing to me that no one ever talks about Dickie Wells (not the trombone player) anymore because between the 1920's-1940's, he was one of the most well known people in the entire city and was nicknamed, "Mr. New York." He was an amazing man, Mr. Dickie Wells. Never been anyone like him."

"Dickie was a natural electrifying (self-taught) dancer who performed in a dance trio, he had a way of fixing his gaze on women while he danced, almost hypnotizing them. Dickie was also very handsome, like a black Clark Gable. He was also blessed with bedroom eyes. When most black men were making $25-$35 a week, Dickie was pulling down $500 per week performing at the Cotton Club.

"Dickie was the most suave and sophisticated man I've ever met, black or white and he was charming. Women loved him and would vie for his attention with their pocketbooks. They gave him money, jewels and cars. "

His conquests included numerous white actresses, including, Ava Gardner (center photo) and Tallulah Bankhead. Actually, Bankhead is said to have fainted when she heard he died."

One evening, Ava Gardner was so desperate and determined to see Dickie, she couldn't wait any longer, she went to his house and came face-to-face with his mother after she rang the doorbell. Dickie's mom (Carrie) didn't care that she was Ava Gardner and asked her what she wanted with her son as she looked her up and down with disdain. Rumor has it that Ava broke a heel running down those steps into her waiting limo.

White actors even competed with Dickie for white women, and this was unheard of for a black man in the 20's and 30's but Clark Gable, Errol Flynn, James Cagney and Charlie Chaplin were all in competition with Dickie and they often lost despite their white movie star status."

"The only time this notorious gigolo ever got bad press was when the daughter of a Swedish diplomat had a nervous breakdown because Dickie was no longer paying attention to her and she revealed that she had abandoned her children to be with him."

"Many of his white female conquests would tell him that they didn't believe he was really all black and that he looked Cuban because of his light complexion and wavy hair. Dickie always told them, "I am a black man, nothing else."

According to Mayme, "The thing that made Dickie really special as far as I was concerned, was that he never ever took a dime from a black woman. He would siphon every dollar he could from white women who were willing to pay for his affections and then come uptown to Harlem and spend his money partying with the most beautiful black women of the day, including Margherite Chapman (who later married Willie Mays) and Jean Parks (sister of the founder of Parks sausage). Dickie often lavished money on them and also bought them expensive dinners and took them shopping.They were two of his favorite hang-out partners but he was also a favorite of black female mob boss Madame Stephanie St. Clair. When St. Clair asked him to donate money to buy guns and supplies to support the coming numbers war with white mobster Dutch Schultz, Dickie didn't blink a eye."

"Dickie used some of his gigolo fortune to buy his mother, Carrie, a brownstone on Strivers Row-one of the most elite neighborhoods in Harlem. He moved into the basement apartment and lived their until his death."


Tallulah Bankhead was not only linked to Dickie, she was also linked to Black saxophonist Sidney Bechet (above) and it's always been rumored that she had bisexual relationships with Billie Holiday and Hattie McDaniel.


Ever wondered where do millionaires and billionaires of the world network?

Well, here is the answer most of them patronize `exclusive social networks’ that are open strictly by invitation.

Welcome to the social networking for the elite and creame da creame of the society. These facebooks's of the rich provide them with a platform where they can flirt, swap advice, plan parties and find new pals without mixing with the commoners.

Some of these networks have a rigorous application process based on education, job title and many more must-haves.

1. Asmallworld.net (above)

If more proof were needed that the rich are different, it could be found on aSmallWorld.net, an invitation-only social networking site.
Dean C. K. Cox for The New York Times:

“I need to rent 20 very luxury sports cars for an event in Switzerland on the 6th September,” a member wrote recently on the Forum, aSmallWorld’s popular nucleus. “The cars should be: Maserati — Ferrari — Lamborghini — Aston Martin ONLY!”

Another announced: “If anyone is looking for a private island, I now have one available for purchase in Fiji.”

Founded four years ago, the site, promoted as a Facebook for the social elite, has grown from about 500 members to about 150,000 registered users.

2. DiamondLounge.com (above)

Diamond Lounge is one of the most exclusive sites with small membership. The site claims to be a luxury online space aimed at those who want a sophisticated and classy alternative to the standard online dating and social networking websites.

As for membership, “Our members are eligible, professional individuals who appreciate the benefits of an exclusive and private environment where they can date and socialize with like minded people.”

According to owner Arya Marafie, DiamondLounge.com focuses mainly on dating and fun, just like an exclusive online club.
However, according to him, being wealthy won’t automatically get one in the door. The person also needs to be interesting and bring something to the table.

The average age of members is between 35 to 40, significantly older than MySpace or Facebook. The signup process is easy and people can create profiles free of charge. Potential club members can apply online and will be accepted or declined based on what they do and whom they know. Members have to pay a $50 monthly fee.

The company claims that it spends a tremendous amount of time making sure that they select the right club members, because these are the people who will invite the next group.

3. Luxury Ratings.com (above)

LuxuryRatings.com is a free members-only ratings site for consumers who seek and enjoy luxury brand `experiences.'

Started by Luxury Institute, the site offers access to member ratings of several different types of service providers, from wealth advisers to art dealers to yacht brokers.

It is mainly a network of member-generated ratings for brands and the people behind them.

*The majority of these sites will list their homepage in search engines but their comment sections remain "unsearchable," not appearing in any search engines.

According to sources, Kim Kardashian is playing the role of Super Bowl "wifey" to the hilt. She was allegedly seen on Rodeo Drive in one of her luxurious exotic cars-followed by her crew-convoy style, loading up on Gucci, Versace and Prada, for her Miami trip.

Kim will also be attending several Super Bowl parties, and yes, she will be pocketing appearance fees for a few of these events.

It's also been rumored that the Kardashian clan is trying to secure a private luxury Super Bowl suite (fully catered). These suites range from $180,000-$250,000 dollars and can seat 36-40 invited guests.

The menu normally includes cracked crab, expensive champagnes, caviar, etc.

Private suite attendees also have their own private suite holder parking lot.


Ike Atkinson is a charismatic former U.S. Army Master Sergeant, drug smuggler, card shark and adventurer from North Carolina whom law enforcement nick-named "Sergeant Smack."

Under the cover of the Vietnam War and through the use of the U.S. military infrastructure, Atkinson masterminded an enterprising group of family members and former African American GIs that the DEA describes as one of history's top ten drug trafficking rings.

Atkinson was also the South East Asian connection for Frank Lucas in the Golden Triangle.

The e-book (Sergeant Smack-authored by Ron Chepesiuk) will be relased online in April and the print book will be released in June.


Drug lord Frank Matthews built strategic alliances that helped keep the violence associated with the drug trade in check in the 70's, but it was not all smooth sailing with him. In Philadelphia, he had to deal with the growing and ultra-violet Black Mafia. Twenty-four-year-old Tyrone "Fat" Palmer, Matthews main supplier in the city, made the big mistake of handling a drug deal that went bad and then not reimbursing Black Mafia godfathers for their loss.

The Black Mafia put out a $10,000 dollar contract on him; ($50,000 in today's dollars). On March 2, 1971, Palmer was sitting back with a cigar in his mouth, enjoying himself at Club Harlem; he was surrounded by a harem of beautiful black women. The club was a popular venue that held 800 people and featured such performers as Sammy Davis, Jr., (above), Billy Paul and Sara Vaughn.

As Palmer sat near the stage enjoying the show, several shots rang out. When the shooting finally ended, Palmer lay dead and twenty others were wounded.

Matthews believed Philadelphia's Black Mafia (PBM) was sending him the following message: Give us a kickback for operating in our territory or face the consequences.

PBM would kill three more of Matthews lieutenants.

The Lavish Store-which specializes in: Exotic car rentals, private jet excursions and yacht outings has expanded.

With this expansion, owner Maurice A. Morris (above) becomes the first African-American man to offer a "Black Card," in the coming months.

Perks include: Enter hot nightspots (including 40/40) in NY, Miami, Las Vegas and Hollywood without standing in line behind the velvet rope; you are ushered to the front of the line with your black card. Once inside, cardholders are ushered into VIP where Dom Perignon and Cristal awaits them. This card also allows you to rent exotic cars, receive private jet miles, compile helicopter hours, enjoy culinary experiences and have a hydro assistant at your disposal.

Maurice has also expanded into publishing with an affluent magazine (with a select clientele). This affluent publication is distributed in Dubai, Madrid, Atlanta, Chicago and Detroit.

If that isn't enough, Morris will also be launching a vitamin drink in the near future.

The Black Card will be available this fall.


Giorgio Armani's hotel and resort will open in Dubai on March 18, 2008. The schedule of Armani hotel openings to follow Dubai will be Milan, London, and New York. Armani's hotel (Dubai) will be located in the tallest building in the world.


Several media outlets have released additional information on the lifestyle of former Black Mafia Family General (Big Meech), below:

As depicted in their numerous DVD and music video appearances, BMF members engaged in a lavish lifestyle perhaps not fitting of many up-and-coming hip-hop labels. "Big Meech" would sometimes buy every BMF member at a club his own bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal champagne or Perrier Jouet Rosé, which meant purchasing Cristal by the case load often. The Black Mafia Family was known for throwing upwards of $20,000 in $1 bills in the air and at strippers in the club. They frequented many upscale Buckhead area clubs outside Atlanta; to name a few: Club Chaos, Velvet Room, Justin's, and Compound (where "Meech" had a lavish birthday party for himself, with live displays of exotic animals, costing well over $100,000).

Receipts found in a house that was allegedly one of Meech's showed cash purchases of over $23,000, in a single trip, to Bang & Olufsen, a high-end audio retailer located inside Phipps Plaza. When going to the club, upper-level members would be seen in their own individual high-end luxury cars. In one commonly available video, it shows a Rolls-Royce Phantom, Bentley Continental GT, Lamborghini Murcielago, and Aston Martin Vanquish all parked together and all owned by BMF members.

In addition, when out at the clubs Big Meech would throw after parties in the presidential suite of the Buckhead Westin for his crew, as well as in the presidential suites of other upscale Buckhead area hotels. Court documents reveal one informant relaying information about "Big Meech" paying off all his debts one day (totaling over $5.5 million in cash) at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Atlanta.

Two homes searched and allegedly lived in by "Big Meech" were both ultra-modern homes in very upscale suburbs; the first photo is Meech's former stash house aka Space Mountain. His brother Terry lived in a multi-million dollar home off Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles (2nd photo).

Although Terry lived with his girlfriend and their kids in a fixed home, Demetrius preferred to move from place to place. There were at least four Atlanta-area homes that he at one point lived in as well as a $30,000/month rental home in Miami. When he was arrested he claimed he lived "all over with various girlfriends."


Jervonte Jackson plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, his mom is alleged drug queen pin Avonda Dowling, who is currently serving a 20-years in a California prison for a 2002 drug dealing conviction, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

"The time they gave her was far, far too much, Jackson told the paper. "She only got convicted of having crack cocaine of less than 500 grams -- they never caught her with this, this is something they put in her purse."

In fact, a co-defendant in the case even testified that the recovered drugs were his.

It didn't matter, the press and police had already painted Dowling as a gang leader and were determined to make an example out of her.


Avonda Dowling aka Vonda Jackson, a reputed drug queenpin from Overtown is also accused of controlling incoming shipments of pot, heroin, and crack cocaine being smuggled into the prison (Federal Correctional Institution in Tallahassee. Dowling's reputation preceded her — according to the federal government, she was the leader of a violent Liberty City gang that warred with other drug crews including the Boobie Boys and the John Does during the '90s. She was awaiting trial on drug and murder conspiracy charges.

According to an inmate, Dowling was bringing the drugs in through a back gate at the prison. The inmate claims she didn't know how Dowling was getting the contraband past the guards, but that she and other inmates helped bag up the drugs inside the prison kitchen that were later sold on the compound. The Raleigh ex-con says she didn't do any drugs, but that Dowling plied her by having relatives put money into inmate's prison account.

According to Dowling's criminal court file, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives knew that she was running drugs inside the Tallahassee prison and were looking to add more drug charges on the Overtown drug dealer's then-pending indictment.

Source: Miaminewstimes.com




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