Actors, Tony Curtis, Rock Hudson, Hugh O'Brian, Scott Brady and an unidentified man are pictured at the notorious bathhouse (Finlandia Baths).

In the early 1950's, California based Sam Amundsen opened Finlandia baths. A Finnish bathhouse for straight and gay men.

It was located in the basement of the Bing Crosby Building in Hollywood. In more ways than one, it soon became the hottest address in Los Angeles county.

Any gay man could drop into the baths, take some steam, cool off under a shower, enjoy a luncheon spread and see the hunks of Hollywood in various states of undress. It was a voyeur's paradise. Among many others, Rock Hudson was one of the bath's regular devotees and he didn't mind exhibiting himself in front of adoring fans. Hudson often received a massage from Finlandia's ace masseur (Richard). One night, Richard relieved Hudson's stress prior to a hot date with Sal Mineo. Rock later confessed that the massages aroused him, he added: "I can't help myself, call it ever ready!"

All the male patrons lusted after pretty boy Tony Curtis who lost his virginity in a Panama City whorehouse when he was 17.

Tab Hunter and Anthony Perkins were also regulars. One evening, a Hollywood star was stood up by Tab Hunter who decided to attend a gay party-instead. The party was located in Walnut Park, a suburb of Los Angeles. The party was raided. In those days, the police broke up all male gatherings in private homes.

The Finlandia Baths attracted some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Gays, straights and bisexuals mingled freely and unselfconsciously in this steamy atmosphere.

Actor Hugh O'Brian (pictured above-far left) allegedly dated a few black women discreetly-during his heyday. This was brought to the public's attention when a black model fell and injured herself, trying to get away from him-allegedly. O'Brian was also linked to Confidential editor Nancy Bacon. Hugh O'Brian married for the first time at 85 years old.

Source: "Hollywood Babylon Strikes Back!" by: Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince

It was a hot night in Los Angeles. Around 10:30 p.m., June Cassandra Mincher descended the steps of a building the 6800 block of Sepulveda Boulevard in Van Nuys. She wore a wild print dress, tan jacket, curly black wig, and very high heels. Her good friend, Christian Pierce, accompanied her. He adored her, and as a result, he followed her at 10:30 that night into the danger zone. He had no idea that someone was watching for them.

They had just left the apartment of a friend, where June, 29, was staying. She was a well-known figure around there, having undergone over $20,000 worth of cosmetic surgery to sculpt her face, supplement her reported 66-inch bosom, and reshape her lower torso. Some say she was a prostitute, others elevate her to a madam, but in any event, she advertised in underground porn magazines for her lucrative sex-by-phone services.

Known for flamboyance, she drove a lavender Rolls Royce, wore elaborate wigs under which she often stuffed thousands of dollars, and referred to herself in print as a "sexy Black goddess." Many erroneously thought she was not a woman at all but a transvestite, in part because many of her associates were. As long as she got customers, she didn't care what anyone thought.

To some extent, June used phone sex to perpetuate lies — or rather, to enhance fantasies. At five-foot-seven and 245 pounds, she wasn't exactly a Playboy centerfold type, but since she supported herself on male sexual desires she had learned to manipulate by voice alone until her clients were driven to call...and call again. But some developed an obsession, and one of them decided he needed more than just a breathy voice.

Greg Antonelli, a twenty-one year-old bodybuilder from a wealthy Beverly Hills family, used every means available to learn June's address, although she'd persistently refused to give it. One night, hoping to be welcomed, he showed up at her door. When she saw who it was, she played coy and refused to let him in, so he grew enraged and broke down the door. To his stunned surprise, he found not the sexy goddess with luxurious curls that he'd expected from photos but an obese fraud with close-cropped hair. In disgust, he called her several vile names and walked away.

Several months thereafter, on May 3, 1984, June and Christian passed a man standing outside a dark car, with a driver inside. The man mumbled something and June spun around to run. She'd seen this man before.

Christian yelled at him, "What do you want?" and a shot cracked through the night air. Christian grabbed his stomach, falling backwards. More shots caught June in the back of her head and she collapsed to the street, instantly dead, with blood running onto her clothing and the sidewalk. Someone inside the car yelled for the shooter to hurry, but he wanted to empty his gun first. Then he kicked both victims hard before he got back into the car; it sped away from the scene, but not before people had seen it.

June's friend heard the shots and rushed out, saw the blood-soaked forms, and called the police. She knew June had been targeted before for rough treatment, possibly with good reason, but had never believed it would result in murder.

A dispatcher directed homicide detectives and other LAPD personnel from the Scientific Investigation Division (SID) to the scene, while an ambulance arrived for the wounded man. Christian had taken one bullet, but he was still alive. He was rushed away for surgery.

Photos were snapped while SID technicians, trained for evidence collection and analysis, mapped obvious evidence at the scene, then picked up what they could, logging it in. They looked for tire tracks in the street, footprints, or other telltale signs that might help identify the perpetrator but found very little. This looked like an execution, pure and simple. Whoever had done it had accomplished a fairly efficient hit. Mincher had been shot several times in the head, the impact of which had apparently made her wig fly off. She'd died where she lay. There was little doubt she had been the target. Christian Pierce had apparently just been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As officers questioned people who gathered around, witnesses offered a sufficient amount of detail to build a description of the perpetrator: a white male, short of six feet, and of average-to-solid build, perhaps 170-175 pounds. He'd worn jeans and a windbreaker. The dark-haired man with the olive complexion might have been in the mid-30s range. The car in which he'd arrived and departed had resembled a recent model Mustang convertible, with the body and top both a dark color, possibly blue. (The witness noticed because he'd been looking for a car like it.) There had been a driver, also dark-haired, but difficult to see. Someone offered a partial number from the license plate, 2A.

Near the scene, SID picked up the black wig, bagging it, and carefully gathered six spent shell casings, including one from under the wig. These casings would help with the forensic analysis, if they managed to acquire the weapon for comparison. Having few immediate leads, detectives set about to learn more about the victim. From her outlandish apparel, they had inkling that they were in for a complicated case, but they had no notion then that it would take several bizarre twists.

Mincher had worked in the soft-core porn industry, and could be seen in several films that Russ Meyer had produced. Apparently, she also ran a small house of prostitution in the area and had been arrested on several occasions. Pierce was both a client and a friend of hers. Mincher was considered a high risk victim, just from what she did, but additional facts would come to light that had brought danger right to her door. Before that happened, there was a surprise from the autopsy.

The deputy medical examiner had removed what she estimated to be seven badly mangled .22 caliber bullets from Mincher's head. She counted nine wounds to the body, two of which were to the left hand (one a grazing wound and the other a through-and-through). Four bullets had penetrated the skull and lodged in the brain, creating massive tissue damage. Cause of death: multiple gunshot wounds to the head.

But SID had only picked up six spent casings. Either they'd overlooked a shell at the scene, a bystander had picked it up before they arrived, or the killer had grabbed it.

Then investigators caught a lucky break: Mincher had filed a police report a month earlier about three muscular men who'd attacked her at home. They had broken in and beaten her.

Mincher's roommate had witnessed this assault and was able to tell police several details: one of the three attackers was believed to have been Greg Antonelli, 21. He'd been a phone customer of June's and over a period of months June had apparently egged him into a more intense need for her services. He'd become obsessed with her but when he'd seen her, he'd been enraged.

However, says reporter Jan Klunder in the LA Times, Mincher was "love-crazed," and after he rejected her, she reacted by tormenting him. She would call him several times a day, she damaged his car and home with graffiti, and she took to calling members of his family. The feud boiled over when he allegedly returned to her place with two bodybuilder friends to teach her a lesson. Apparently, he thought the assault would shut her up, but she filed a report. She also continued to harass his family and damage his property.

With some digging, detectives learned that Antonelli's family had hired a private detective named Michael Pascal, an intimidating man who owned Crest Security, to learn more about Mincher's activities and to provide protection to family members. In fact, Pascal's crew had a reputation for aggression, even violence, and they possibly had links to organized crime. In other words, they probably would not hesitate to do whatever was asked, as long as the price was right. Sally Thomas, a Deputy DA for LA County later involved in the case, documented a check written by a member of the family for $18,000 to Pascal just before Mincher was pistol-whipped and a check for $90,000 before she was killed. Reportedly, the family had pressured Pascal to "take care of" the problem and he'd decided that his reputation was at stake, so he'd elected to ensure that Mincher never bothered the family again.

Antonelli remained a suspect, at least as an accomplice.

Charged with murder and attempted murder, Antonelli went free on $75,000 bail.

In June 1986, over his protests of innocence, Antonelli went to trial for the murder of June Mincher, charged as the driver of the getaway car.

Antonelli's wealthy family was also present in the courtroom. There were rumors that one witness had changed his story about identifying Antonelli because he hoped the family would pay him.

Among Mincher's friends was a transsexual named Robin. She claimed that she listened in on conversations between Mincher and Antonelli and had heard him threaten to kill her if she didn't leave him alone. Robin agreed that Mincher was obsessed with him and was calling continuously.

Mincher was the primary suspect in a fire-bombing that had damaged Antonelli's car in November, as well as in an arson incident at his father's store. She also sent Antonelli photos of himself which he'd once sent to her when he thought he loved her, but she'd mutilated them by carving out the heads. She'd filled the return envelopes with rose petals.

Despite the apparently solid circumstantial case against Antonelli, along with a credible motive, things fell apart. One witness had said he was no longer so certain about his identification because he'd been using cocaine, and SID had been unable to link the shell casings from the scene to either of Antonelli's guns. The prosecutor had nothing else to offer, and the jury decided the case against Antonelli was not convincing.

He was acquitted. By court order, the bullet casings were destroyed.

The murder of June Mincher was now officially unsolved and soon it grew cold. Nearly a year passed after the trial before another lead raised the possibility of a new suspect.

The Mincher case would soon be linked to an even colder case, but one that was being actively investigated, because it had been a celebrity hot potato (below).

Roy Alexander Radin (above), a movie producer from New York who'd staged successful vaudeville revivals, was working with other Hollywood notables on putting together deals to back the expensive production of The Cotton Club. The story was based on a famous nightclub in New York City that had operated throughout Prohibition.

Opened in 1920, a gangster took over operations three years later, offering bootlegged liquor, scantily-clad female dancers, and even strippers. Francis Ford Coppola directed the 1984 film which starred Richard Gere, Diane Lane, and Gregory Hines. While it did not do well at the box office, the film was nominated for several awards, including Golden Globes for Best Director and Best Picture (Drama) and the Oscar for best Film Editing.

But Radin never saw it get produced; on May 13, 1983, he went missing.

A month later, in a wilderness area outside Gorman, California, a man was searching for a canyon in which to place a beehive for his honey business. According to author Steve Wick in Bad Company, on June 10, he drove with a female ranger into Caswell Canyon. Since it was a hot day, it didn't take long for him to smell the odor of decomposition near the spot they'd selected. The man walked around a bush and saw a human hand sticking up in the air, then the shape of a business suit, and a hunk of hair. "One side of the face was mostly gone, leaving a portion of the skull on top and the jaw line at the bottom." Whoever it was, he'd been there a while.

Sheriff's deputies arrived to rope off the scene and look for physical evidence. Spent bullet casings were found in piles, along with beer cans and broken bottles, as if this were a shooting range. Missing person reports were checked, and the suit was matched against a description of the one that Radin had been wearing the night he climbed into a limo and never came back. Police believed the Radin murder had been a professional hit.

Bill Rider was brother-in-law to Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler magazine, and had become head of his security force. Rider had friends, who worked out at Gold's Gym, whom he often hired for jobs on the Flynt estate in Bel Air. Among them was William Mentzer, a bodybuilder who often worked as security guard — and more. He could also be hired to intimidate people into paying their debts. Rider also hired Alex Marti and Bob Lowe. They all struck him as pretty tough. Marti, only 22, seemed especially dangerous.

In a 1997 court document, the story is fully spelled out. Rider said that Alex Marti, Bob Lowe, and Bill Mentzer had all made statements to him in 1983 that implicated them in the murder of Roy Radin. He was alone with Mentzer one day at the Flynt estate when Mentzer mentioned he'd recently done "a hit" and had dumped the body in an area known to them both, Caswell Canyon.

Rider asked who had paid for the hits and was told it was a woman named Laney Jacobs. Mentzer said Laney had wanted to punish Radin for a cocaine theft and for cutting her out of an important Hollywood deal. She had given all the directives.

The bullets than killed Roy Radin came from the same gun used to kill June Mincher.

All four defendants — Jacobs-Greenberger, Mentzer, Marti, and Lowe — were tried together and the proceedings lasted more than a year.

In July, Bill Mentzer (above) was convicted of the first-degree murder of Roy Radin. Facing a second trial later that year and the possibility of a death sentence, he confessed on December 6, 1991, to the murder of June Mincher. In exchange for his confession and testimony against Lowe and Pascal, he received life in prison. He said he'd received $25,000 to kill June Mincher, and that Pascal had told him the Antonelli family did not know it was going to happen.

Laney Jacobs-Greenberger was convicted of kidnapping and second-degree murder, and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. The judge rejected her claim, according to the New York Times, that she had only ordered a kidnapping for the purposes of extortion and never expected Radin to be killed.

Alex Marti was convicted of first-degree murder and received life in prison without parole. Lowe was convicted of second-degree murder and aggravated kidnapping resulting in death. He received life in prison without parole.

Michael Pascal, a paranoid man with wild fantasies about being followed, was arrested in 1993 and arraigned for the Mincher murder. "When we arrested Pascal," recalls Rick Jackson, "he was shaking like a scared child." Confused as to how the police had tied the incidents to him, he pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter. Before going to prison, he died from cancer.

Source: TruTV


Soul singer Dionne Warwick is in mourning after learning about the brutal death of her pregnant goddaughter.

Leiah Jackson, 27, was just two weeks short of a full-term pregnancy when she was attacked outside her home in Missouri City, Texas and stabbed 22 times on 26 September (10).

The victim stumbled to her mother's home nearby and was airlifted to hospital-but she and her unborn baby died hours later.

Local police have revealed Jackson's fiance, Yancey Daniels, also lost his life-he was shot to death the night before Warwick's goddaughter was attacked.

A family friend says:"Leiah's passing leaves a huge hole in Dionne's heart... Initially she didn't believe the news and was stunned when she heard the gruesome details... Dionne just cried for hours.

"Dionne watched over Leiah her whole life, sent her birthday presents every year, and kept in close contact with her."


A Saudi prince battered his man servant to death during a gay sex session in a five star hotel, a court heard yesterday.
Aide Bandar Abdullah Abdulaziz, 32, (second photo) was bitten on his cheeks, and his blood was discovered on the underpants of Prince Saud Abdulazaziz bin Nasser al Saud.

Compromising photos of him partially naked were also found on al Saud's phone, it was said. Al Saud, 34 - the Saudi king's grandson-and Bandar had earlier ordered champagne and cocktails at the Landmark Hotel in Marylebone, Central London. They then went to bed in the early hours.

Prosecutor Jonathan Laidlaw QC told the Old Bailey al Saud has not explained why he attacked his aide but that evidence pointed to a "sexual element" to the killing.

Al Saud cleaned up the blood and then told cops Bandar died from injuries sustained in a street robbery three weeks earlier. He even accompanied them to the alleged scene.

But hotel CCTV showed a "nasty assault" by al Saud on Bandar in a lift in previous weeks, the court heard. The jury saw footage of the servant cowering as he is punched and kicked.

A post mortem revealed Bandar died after "a series of heavy punches or blows to his head." Al Saud admits manslaughter but denies murder and GBH. He claims he was "friends and equals" with Bandar and denies being gay.

His computer had been used to surf gay massage and escort sites-and the prince ordered at least two gay escorts to his hotel room, the jury heard.


Michael Jackson and his camp were notorious for leaking stories to the press. Examples: Michael leaked the oxygen chamber story as well as the (I'm purchasing the elephant man's bones-story). He also asked the tabloids to use the word bizarre twice in each story. When the stories were published, Michael faked being outraged and cried foul.

This practice is still common among celebrities. Our friends at the tabloids inform us that 50% of celebrity gossip originates from the actual celebrity or someone in their camp.


A Long Island, N.Y., man stands accused of striking a fatal blow to a 17-month-old boy because he believed the baby was “acting like a little girl.”

Pedro Jones, 20, of South Hampton has been charged with first-degree manslaughter for hitting Roy A. Jones so hard with his fists that the infant went into cardiac arrest and died at a local hospital. Police say Jones said he was trying to make him act like a boy instead of a little girl and the beatings would prevent him from growing up gay.

Jones, who was baby-sitting the infant on the Shinnecock Indian Reservation, is described as the boyfriend of the baby’s mother. He is not a member of the tribe, but he lives on the reservation.



Gene Griffin was Teddy Riley's godfather and he was rumored to be a former hit man, drug kingpin and ex-con.

When Griffin was locked up, he made sure Riley was looked after. After he was released from prison, he enrolled Riley in composition and theory classes.

At the beginning of Riley's career, Griffin shared writing credit with him. Their hits included million sellers by Guy, Bobby Brown, Keith Sweat, Johnny Kemp, James Ingram, Boy George, The Jackson's, etc.

When a member of a R&B group beat his girlfriend bloody because she wanted him to repay her loan. Allegedly, while she was recovering in the hospital, she claimed, she received death threats and strange men showing up outside her hospital room. She also said, she thinks Griffin was behind it.

Also, another popular artist said Griffin once introduced him to members of black organized crime on the East Coast.


When Guy toured with Keith Sweat and Al B. Sure, the tension was so bad, both men dropped off the tour. Later, when Guy toured with New Edition, both camps allegedly got into a brawl. Guy was accompanied by Gene Griffin on both tours.

Riley and Griffin had a contractual disagreement, allegedly, Riley only netted six figures after writing numerous million sellers with Griffin (who received the lions share of the profits).

Riley stopped working with Griffin, people are still shocked he came out of the situation unscathed because Griffin was considered a very dangerous and feared man.

Gene Griffin died in 2009.

In Related News:

Aaron Hall & Damion Hall are the sons of Aaron Hall, Sr., a popular Brooklyn minister and former protege of the late James Cleveland and the Winans.

Source: Hookedontheamericandream.com



When Gladys Knight's son (Jimmy) died in 1999, the story disappeared quickly and the cause of death was never determined. Jimmy was an upstanding young man, in the prime of his life. He was also a rising star in the entertainment industry and then, without warning, he was dead. Byron Allen who's now a rich mogul in his own right, was a close friend of Jimmy's at the time of his death.

Gladys Knight's daughter (also pictured above) owns Kenya's gourmet bakery. The bakery was originally located in a top casino on the Las Vegas strip.


James "Jimmy" Newman, 36, died in his sleep at his home in Las Vegas. The cause of death was unknown.

A native of Atlanta who lived in Las Vegas for 22 years, Newman was his mother's manager. He began to manage Gladys Knight and the Pips after he graduated from the University of San Diego in 1984 with a degree in business and accounting.

Later he formed his own company, Newman Management Inc., one of four Knight-related companies that share offices in Southern Nevada, where he would go on to manage his mother's illustrious career.

He also managed such artists as Carl Strong, Tamar Braxton and BeBe Winans.

This year Newman helped his mother to launch Many Roads Records, a specialty record label formed to support her recent gospel album, Many Different Roads, and other gospel artists.

Newman brought many of the songs to his mother's attention, including Jesus' Love Is Like A River, a song co-written by Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch.

Newman recently accepted a position as vice president of West Coast operations for Blackground, a division of Virgin Records, at the time of his death, Mike Ballard, president of Ballard Communications in Las Vegas, reportedly told the Atlanta Constitution.

In addition to his mother, other survivors include his wife, Michelene Newman, sons, Rishawn, Stefan and Sterling; daughters, Nastasia and Gabrielle; a sister, and three brothers.


by: Seth Ferranti

Michael "Fray" Salters (above center-in hat) has been dead thirty years but his name still carries weight up and down the drug corridors on the East Coast; including his home base of Washington, D.C.

Fray was known as a man to be feared and a man to be trusted but most of all he was a man who was respected.

He was crowned prince of the streets. He was the Bumpy Johnson of Washington, D.C.

Around 1980, his empire began to blow up across the city. He had several businesses, laundromats and stores. He also promoted boxing and youth events and he had a vicious crew behind him.

Fray had multiple spots that were selling, PCP, heroin, coke and weed.

He was also the only black man who drove a Ferrari in Washington, D.C.

As crack hit the city in the mid 1980, Fray maintained his position as the man although ballers became more ruthless and territory became more valuable.

When Rayful Edmond came to power in the city dominating the cocaine trade. Fray was unaffected and still generated millions.

He was officially the black godfather and elder statesman of the drug game. Some referred to him as the ambassador of chocolate city.

When Rayful had his issues with guys from Trinidad and bodies were dropping all over the place, Rayful turned to Fray.

Fray was paid $100,000 to put an end to that and the killings stopped. Not because ballers were scared, they respected Fray.

Fray's ability to mediate turf wars helped him out in other ways. He eventually pooled money with Edmond and his partner Tony Lewis to buy cocaine from a Los Angeles drug broker who was Edmonds pipeline to Columbian dealers.

When he wasn't watching over his empire, Fray would be all over the city politicking with different ballers and crews.

Fray was also a member of a Masonic Temple.

Fray also took care of his comrades in prison all across the nation. Keeping money on their books for commissary, paying for their lawyers and arranging for drugs to be smuggled into them.

A lot of factors figured into his death but the main reason was-ALPO.

When Alpo hit DC in the late 80's, Fray was a well established and respected hustler at the top of D.C.'s street hierarchy.

Fray got in touch with some of his people in New York and they warned him that Alpo wasn't right. They told Fray that Alpo had set some people up in New York, a shiesty dude and Fray was forewarned. Fray knew Alpo wasn't a true gangster, he knew Alpo was fronting.

Fray never thought he would be a victim. The Washington Post headline read: "Allegedl Drug Figure Slain on D.C. Street."

Afraid that Fray was going to have him killed, Alpo paid a D.C. guy to kill Fray.

Alpo said in Feds magazine: "Fray was about to get back in position in D.C. He had a list of names or people he needed to eliminate and I was at the top of the list. Somebody in his camp ended up killing him for me!"


A Queens pimp who "bought" a young woman for $2,000-and advertised her sex services on Craigslist-was sentenced to 25 years to life.

David Brown, 32, paid $2,000 to an ex-girlfriend for the 19-year-old victim, who was described as homeless and vulnerable.

He took nude pictures of the victim and then posted them online, advertising the woman as a sex slave.

Over 12 days in August 2008 she was forced into sex with 30 men, and Brown collected payments ranging from $60 to $200, prosecutors said.

Brown was convicted on sex trafficking, kidnapping and other charges. He was the first to be charged under a new harsh sex-trafficking law signed by disgraced ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer in June 2007.

Ironically, Spitzer was forced from office less than a year later after being identified as "Client 9" - the patron of a $5,500-an-hour call-girl ring.

"You are a con man of the first order," Queens Supreme Court Justice Michael Aloise told Brown. "I'm going to do my best to insure that you never see the light of day again."

Brown blamed his troubles on a spiteful ex - the woman prosecutors said sold him the woman.

"I did not do the crime," Brown said. "This was straight jealousy from an old girlfriend that I left. I never touched [the victim.] I never kidnapped her."


The question remains today. What happened to Jeremy Bright after he left the house for the 1986 Coos County Fair? Jeremy was 14 years old at the time he disappeared. His mother had said that he gone to his stepfathers house during the week of the fair and was never seen again. His sister, who is now married said that her and her brother never missed the fair and that year was just like any other week.

Jeremy has been missing for over twenty-two years and no sign of him or what might have happened to him has ever evolved. There is no sign of Jeremy anywhere and police have looked under every rock and in every known water source. Jeremy seems to have vanished from the face of the earth. Police believe that Jeremy is still in Coos County, but they feel that he is dead and have called the search for him as a homicide case.

No one knows for sure if Jeremy made it to the fair or not since he never met his sister at the Ferris wheel at 5:00pm as planned. It seems that everyone remembers seeing Jeremy on Thursday but that was the last time. So, the question remains, what happen to Jeremy Bright and where is he?

The rumor mill started and some aren't that far fetched. Some think that a demented carnival worker took him and some think the is buried in the hills . Nevertheless, some think that Jeremy left voluntary with the carnival that he loved so much. If this was so, then why had he not contacted any of his family to let them no that he is okay.

Jeremy's sister told police that she saw Jeremy talking to two men at the fair. Being protective of his sister, no one believes that Jeremy went off on his own and left his 9-year-old sister all alone. There are suspects that have never been cleared because they are not cooperating with police, but still, one has to wonder, where a kid that everyone knows could disappear to in this small town in Coos County.

Jeremy's mother isn't interested in finding the person responsible for his disappearance as must as she wants to find him and lay him to rest if police are right and he was a homicide case. She wants to know where her son is so she can say good-bye.

What happened to Jeremy Bright? Since police have searched everywhere and not found him, is it possible that there is another reason for his disappearance? Could it be an abduction of some type that we refuse to consider or even believe possible? Jeremy hasn't been found for over twenty years, so where is he or where is his body? No one knows and if someone does, they are not talking even after all these years.


Only two African American women are known as authentic queen pins throughout history. Madam Stephanie St. Clair (NY) and Odessa Madre (D.C.). You can add an additional name to the mix- Avonda Dowling! She was so notorious, her crew did battle with the Boobie Boys from Florida. As we reported before, Dowling's son (Jervonte Jackson) plays for the Philadelphia Eagles. Dowling was arrested and convicted in 2002.

We all know that Mama DeBarge released a book a few years ago.

I sympathize with her children in regards to the abuse they suffered at the hands of their father but I have to agree with the following:

Some critics say: Etterlene "Mama" DeBarge had to know her husband was molesting and abusing their children yet she continued to have more babies (birthing future victims for him). Why?

Also, it's alleged, when the older children went out on the road, the younger children were sent to live with him. Again, I ask why? Allegedly, this man molested and abused his female and male children.

Allegedly, Bobby and Bunny got the worst of the molestation and abuse.

It's rumored that the DeBarge dad married another black woman after his divorce from Etterlene became final. His new wife allegedly had five kids by him.

You have to ask yourself this troubling question: Are they marketing their grief (for money) through these books?


When Ike & Tina Turner arrived in Biloxi, Mississippi to perform in the 60's, they found a bus station that didn't have signs saying white or colored.

There were two restrooms to the left-men and women. Ike went into the men's, and Tina went into the women's. When Ike came out, he didn't see Tina sitting down in what used to be the colored section.

Ike walked to the other side and sat down at a table. Tina finally saw him and joined him.

Suddenly, without warning, a little young white guy came through. He approached Ike & Tina and asked, "What the hell is all of this shit, these goddamn nig***s are sitting on the white folks' side?

He looked directly at Ike and added: "Boy, what you doing around here on the white folks side?" Ike ignored him because he didn't want to get into any racial conflict in Mississippi.

Just then, the guy got in Ike's face and said, "Nig*er, you hear me talking to you? What you doing on the white folks side?" He was talking real loud, trying to get other white people involved but he was completely ignored.

Ike had a rat-tailed comb with a steel spike on the end of it and he had a .38 in his coat pocket.

The white guy got back in his face and said, "I'm going to show you about eating on the white folks side. You Northern nig***s don't come down here trying to start no fucking trouble."

The guy then picked up a sugar shaker and began to motion like he was going to hit Ike. Ike kept his hand on his gun in his coat pocket. He said, "I was going to hurt that sonofabitch, hurt him real bad!"

They started going around in circles. A white woman came out from behind the counter. She told the guy, 'Don't start no trouble. We don't want no trouble in here."

Meantime, Tina says, "Please, Ike, they just killed Emmitt Till down here.

Ike started thinking, if this sonofabitch has some guys outside, I'm outnumbered, and they will probably try and kill him. Ike figured, he would take five of them out with the .38, but he promised, "they're not going to get me like they got Medgar Evers."

Tina said, 'Let's just go, let's just get out of here.'

They went and got in the car but the car wouldn't start. They got a trucker to give them a jump.

A few minutes later, the white guy came out of the bus station and said, "Don't give them goddamn nig*ers no jump. They just some Northern nig*ers trying to cause trouble down here." The trucker ignored him and Ike and Tina got out of there fast!


Rudy Houston, above, 2nd row-3rd photo, started out as a Solid Gold dancer. Afterwards, he was Janet Jackson's lead dancer in the video, "What Have You Done For Me Lately?" (pictured below with Janet). From there, he appeared in Pebbles' "Mercedes Boy," video.

The next time you saw Rudy, he was on the Sally Jesse Raphael show discussing his sex change. His new name is: Lana Houston.

Several years later, rumors spread that Lana had died of AIDS. Lana responded to those rumors a few years ago, as follows:

There have been many AIDS rumors about the dancer "Rudy Houston." Well I would like to put those rumors to rest. I am formerly known as Rudy Houston, I am now known as" Lana." I appreciate all thoughts and concerns and I appreciate your interest in my whereabouts. Yes, it is true that I have transitioned from male to female. I began my transition from male to female in 1995. I needed time away from the entertainment industry to find my inner peace, and to embark on my intense, and wonderful journey to womanhood. I am finally at peace and comfortable in my skin. I am currently residing in LA where I work as an artist painting portraits, and abstracts. Although I took a break from show business, I am contemplating on coming back. I'm currently in the market for songwriters/music producers to collaborate with. Again, thanks to all those concerned about my whereabouts. I'm back from the "Dead."

LANA (aka) Rudy Houston


Naomi Campbell has never met her biological father. Unconfirmed rumors indicated he was in prison for murder, and three years ago, the following article appeared.

Naomi Campbell's mother Valerie Morris has vehemently denied claims from a convicted rapist that he is the supermodel's biological father. Errol Campbell, 56, who has served a prison sentence for rape, is convinced he is the dad of the British catwalk queen - despite strenuous denials from Campbell's camp. He says, "I'll do DNA tests, anything to be with Naomi. All I want is to be part of her life and for Naomi to acknowledge me before I go to my grave."

But a representative for Morris, who left the name of her daughter's father blank on her birth certificate, has denied Errol's claims, insisting the facts he has given about their alleged relationship are inaccurate.

The spokesperson says, "She has never admitted who Naomi's father is. She was with the father for a maximum two years, not 10 like Mr Campbell states. Two months after the birth she raised her daughter on her own and acted as both mother and father. She says his claims to be Naomi's dad are completely untrue."A spokesman for Campbell adds, "She's aware of the story but declines to comment."


Male groupies are similar to female groupies. They fixate on a celebrity target and they research them on the internet.

They get their target's itinerary and they carefully plan their introduction.

First, they go shopping for a designer outfit, they also invest in expensive cologne, shoes and bling. Afterwards, they go to a stylist.

They contact a concierge, to secure front row tickets and backstage passes.

After the concert, he goes backstage, he has one chance to make an impression.

He approaches the female celebrity with the pretext of getting her autograph. He looks directly into her eyes as he asks her to sign a piece of paper, he hands her a gold pen, she's impressed. After she signs, he slips her a business card (sometimes gold plated) with his name and fake occupation.

He then ki