After surgeries to give her new legs, we are happy to report that Peru's Mermaid Girl is doing well!

Now 6 years old, Milagros Cerron (above) has undergone three major operations in five years. Doctors not only separated and rebuilt her legs, they also reconstructed her knees, hips and ankles.

Born with a rare congenital defect called "sirenomelia," or "Mermaid Syndrome," Milagros legs were fused all the way down to her heels. The condition affects approximately one in 700,000 births.

Although the condition is often fatal, little Milagros has lived up to her name, which means "miracles" in Spanish.

A. C. Schmidt was afflicted with excessively baggy skin due to neurofibromatosis. The skin on his face could hang down to his hips and knees.


Doctors in Saudi Arabia were surprised to find a year-old girl that has turned out to be pregnant. They say that it is the first incident in the history of modern medicine and are now discussing whether the removal of the fetus from the baby girl is going to be considered a murder.

The mother of the pregnant baby originally had two embryos during her pregnancy. One of the embryos began to develop in the uterus of the other child.

The bizarre situation has ignited a firestorm of controversy between physicians who want to remove the fetus and those who believe such surgery would be murder.


At the base of Japan's Mount Fuji lies a dense sea of trees with an ominous nickname: "Suicide Forest."

It's the place where the desperate and lonely go to end their misery, in the hopes of never being found. And, say Japanese authorities, many aren't. Although scores of bodies are plucked from the woods each year, the rough terrain and inaccessibility of the Aokigahara region mean many more will never be recovered.

The current worldwide economic crisis is sure to make an already bad situation in Suicide Forest even worse. Japan already leads the world in suicide rates, more than 30,000 a year. The more Japanese that lose their jobs, the more they are buying one-way tickets to Aokigahara.

Authorities say they are finding so many bodies they are running out of room to store them.

"Something must be done," says the spokesperson for Ashiwada village. "We can't afford to dispose of any more bodies. The suicides are ruining our villages financially."

By: Christine Reed


A young woman whose face streams with tears of blood is being worshipped for her miraculous healing powers.

Doctors are confounded by Rashida Khatoon's strange condition, which causes her to cry tears of blood several times a day.

She says, "I don't feel any pain when it happens, but it's a shock to see blood instead of water."

Word of the incredible phenomenon spread like wildfire across India as followers began flocking to the city of Patna to witness the miracle. Many of the worshippers suffered terribly with a variety of ailments.

One man (Rupesh Durai) said he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his spine just a month ago. "I came 600 miles to worship at the holy shrine that was erected. In a matter of hours, my prayers were answered. "The agony of shooting pains in my back stopped and I was able to stand upright for the first time in months." "My doctor can't find any sign of the lump that was killing me but it didn't disappear because of modern medicine. God healed me through the girl who cries blood tears. I'm sure of it."

According to Mitra Kolar, "My 10-year-old daughter (Jayanti) was born with cerebral palsy, and we made the difficult pilgrimage to Rashida's home, where we knelt for several hours in prayer. "That was just days ago. Now, Jayanti is walking perfectly upright and her arms function normally. "Even her speech, which was never very clear, is sharp and understandable."

Source: William Crawford


Jean (or Juan) Baptista dos Santos is said to have been a “Gipsey”, born in Faro, Portugal around 1843, to normal parents with two other normal children. His career as an exhibitionist seems to have been confined strictly to medical circles; in 1865 turned down a sum of 200,000 francs to appear for two years with a French circus. He possessed two functioning penis's and three scrotas, the outer two of which each contained a single testicle. Dos Santos claimed that the central scrotum had also contained a pair of fully-formed testicles, but that these had retreated into his abdomen when he was ten years old.

The man in this picture is unidentified but what is known, he performed in the side shows at the turn of the century.

Prince Radian executing his cigarette trick.  Prince Radian was a star attraction at Coney Island. He also starred in the movie "Freaks."

Josephine Myrtle Corbin was born in Lincoln County, Tennessee in 1868. She was born a dipygus, meaning that she had two separate pelvises side by side from the waist down. The extra legs were part of a twin that did not split correctly. Each of her smaller inner legs was paired with one of her outer legs. She was said to be able to move her inner legs, but they were too weak for walking. She had four daughters and a son.

AP) A 14-year-old Haitian girl (Marlie Casseus) was undergoing a groundbreaking operation Wednesday to remove a 16-pound tumor-like mass from her face (above).

The operation, which began around 8:30 a.m., is the first of many Marlie Casseus must undergo.

The teen suffers from a rare form of Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia, a nonhereditary, genetic disease that causes bone to become "like a big a bowl of jelly with some bone inside," according to University of Miami School of Medicine's Dr. Jesus Gomez, one of a team of nearly a dozen specialists performing the 14-hour procedure.

Gomez said about 150,000 people worldwide are diagnosed with the disease, but only 3 percent suffer such an extreme condition. He added that Marlie's growth was the largest he had ever seen and that every bone in her body was affected by the disease. Her liver and spleen were already altered because of it.

He said Marlie is in constant pain and must be medicated but should have a normal life span after the operations.

Back home in her native Port-au-Prince, Marlie faced not only physical suffering, but rejection by her neighbors as well.

"She was treated like an animal. If she was walking on a sidewalk, people would cross the street," Gomez said. "If they tried to stop a taxi, it would keep going."

If the operation is successful, they will try to reconstruct the right side of her face and then later her swollen jaw.

Doctors said the tumor could continue to grow through Marlie's adolescence but it was necessary to operate immediately or she would go blind.

The initial operation, paid for with donations from around the world, will cost $95,000 because the doctors waived their fees. The hospital and Good Samaritan said they have yet to raise the funds to fully restore Marlie's features.

Source: CBS News.com

Born in Basle, Switzerland, in 1884, Gabrielle Fuller first joined the circus at the Paris Exposition in 1900. She travelled with the Ringling Brothers Circus and appeared at Coney Island’s Dreamland sideshow. She was married at least twice, once to a man named John de Fuller. She had a perfectly formed upper body which ended smoothly just below the waist.

The unidentified boy in this photo was also a sideshow attraction at the turn of the century.

The young lady above was born with only half a body.

Above, the first sideshow family born with an abundance of hair covering their entire body.

Gerhard Weiss, 32, of Dusseldorf, Germany has eaten nothing but spoiled food for the last 10 years without being sick one day,.  He enjoys moldy bread, out-of-date mean and rotten fruit.  He insists he finds them tastier than fare from the shelves.

Source: National Examiner


Josephine Clofullia, the most famous Bearded Lady of all time and a prominent attraction in P.T. Barnum's side show in the nineteenth century, had a Beard 6 inches long when she was only sixteen. Josephine was an ardent admirer of the French monarch Napoleon III, and she styled her beard after his. So sincerely flattered was the ruler when he learned of this imitation that he sent Madame Clofullia a large diamond, which she wore, appropriately, in her Beard.

Chang and Eng were Barnum's famous Siamese Twins. Born in 1811 in Siam, they arrived in the United States in 1829. The twins were extremely disagreeable with each other and with Barnum; they believed him to be quite stingy. Chang and Eng retired to a plantation in North Carolina where they also owned slaves. At age forty-two, Chang and Eng married sisters Addie and Sally Yates, and they fathered twenty-one children.

Mary Ann Webster was born in London, England in 1874, one of eight children. As a young woman she worked as a nurse and in 1903 married a greengrocer named Thomas Bevan. Shortly after getting married, Mary Ann began exhibiting symptoms of acromegaly, a form progressive giantism that causes abnormal growth and distortion of the facial features, as well as headaches, failing eyesight and joint and muscle pain. The Bevans had four children before Thomas’ death in 1914.


For 24 years Pascal Coler's (above) face drew so many taunts in the street that he retreated to his home to live the painful life of a recluse.

As a child, Coler became deformed by disfiguring tumors that populated his face. The above images are a before and after transformation after Coler received a face transplant.


In 1982 Benedetto Supino, an Italian adolescent boy, discovered something quite strange about himself. He was sitting in a dentist's waiting-room reading a comic book when all of the sudden the comic burst into flames right there in his hands.

Soon, several reliable witnesses watched Benedetto set things on fire with nothing more than concentration but he lacked the ability to control his gift and lit more fires by accident than by consciously wishing to.

One morning, he awoke with his pajamas on fire and suffered severe burns. Soon after, his uncle narrowly escaped serious injuries when a small plastic object he was holding began melting and bubbling as Supino stared at it. Furniture would also spontaneously scorch in his presence.

Books and magazines began smoldering and small objects would belch smoke and burn. Even fuse boxes would suddenly catch fire when Supino was nearby.

His parents tried various medical professionals and even brought him to their archbishop but no one could help. Finally, he began seeing a parapsychologist named Dr. Demetrio Croce who has helped train his concentration.

Today, Supino no longer starts fires accidentally but the source of his strange ability remains a mystery.

A BRITISH man is begging medical experts for help after he started turning into a woman.

Pub singer Terry Wright, 60, said children in his Birmingham neighborhood had started taunting him with shouts of "she-man" after he started losing his beard and hair and began developing breasts and smooth skin about 10 years ago, The Sun newspaper reported.

“I am a man, not a woman. And I do not want to be a woman. I just want to get my life back to normal,” Mr Wright told the paper.

Blood tests showed the father of five had abnormally high levels of the female hormone estrogen but his doctors said they had never seen such a case and did not know how to treat him.

“Doctors call me an ‘interesting case’ and ‘unique’ but I just want to go back to being a proper man," Wright said.

“I get mocked by kids where I live who call me she-man and other names. Once a child bumped into me and its mother said, ‘Say sorry to the lady.’ My mates are shocked at my appearance but try to make light of it by saying I’m just a pretty-looking man.”

Specialist Professor Richard Ross said: “This case seems very unusual.”


Nostradamus (1st photo) has been credited with prophesying dozens of pivotal episodes in recent history, including the rise of Adolf Hitler, the assassination of John F. Kennedy and, most recently, the destruction of the World Trade Center towers.

According to most biographies, Nostradamus left home in 1522 to study medicine in Montpellier. After completing his education, he briefly worked as a professor of medicine, before practicing as a physician throughout southern France. Over the years, he gained some renown in his treatment of bubonic plague sufferers. Through encouraging proper sanitation and developing innovative medicines, he was able to heal some seriously ill patients (though he lost his children and his first wife to plague in 1538).

Nostradamus said he was able to predict the future through a combination of astrological study and divine inspiration.

Nostradamus was briefly arrested in 1561 for publishing his 1562 almanac without the permission of a Catholic bishop-a requirement decreed by the king of France.

He proved to be a wise businessman by investing a large sum of money in an irrigation system for the arid land around his hometown. The project proved to be a financial bonanza.

During a trip through Italy, Nastradamus encountered a young monk tending a herd of pigs. Bystanders were baffled when he formally addressed the lowly friar as "Your Holiness." But the incident made perfect sense when that monk became Pope Sixtus V in 1585-19 years after Nostradamus' death.

Nostradamus even published a book of recipes for fruit preservatives in 1555.

But another example of his otherworldly vision occurred when officials in Salon decided to relocate his grave. There had been a persistent rumor that a document containing the secrets of his prophesies was buried with Nostradamus. So the officials decided to take a peek inside the coffin. There weren't any papers, but the skeleton wore a medallion inscribed with "1700" the exact year they opened his coffin.


Clair Sylvia (above) underwent a heart-lung transplant in 1988. The donor was a 18-year old who died in a motorcycle accident. After recovering from the operation, she was surprised to find she was experiencing strange cravings. She even told a friend, "I'm dying for a beer." Before the transplant, she never liked beer.

Clair also developed a sudden fondness for foods she didn't like before. She says, "Even my personality was becoming masculine. My teenage daughter told me that I walked differently, like a muscle bound football player." Clair says she remained a heterosexual and attracted men but she began acting differently with women. She even became friendly with an attractive blonde who suggested they have a lesbian relationship. Clair declined but wondered what kind of signals she had been sending out."

In Related News:

A Plant manager (Sonny Graham) killed himself with a shotgun blast to the throat in 1995. Graham had received the heart of Terry Cottie, 33 who had fatally shot himself too. But that's not all. Following his operation, Graham struck up a relationship with Cottie's wife Cheryl. They married in 2004. Now, she's a double widow.

Before William Sheridan's heart transplant operation, he could barely scrawl stick figures. After getting his new heart, he was suddenly turning out professional quality drawings. Later, Sheridan learned that his heart donor (Keith Neville) had been a talented avid painter.

Source: The Sun

In a double miracle, a cat survived a plunge from a 40-story balcony and restored the sight of a man (John Bilbo) who'd been blind since birth.

The cat (Pom Pom) escaped from her high-rise apartment in Chicago when a gust of wind blew her off the edge. The cat plunged 594 feet and landed on the head of John Bilbo. The impact knocked both Bilbo and the cat unconscious.

Bilbo regained consciousness in the hospital and was stunned to realize he could see for the first time in his life. "It was a miracle," he says, "I looked at the doctors and nurses. I never realized people came in so many different shapes and sizes."


Open and shut case: Natalie Adler tries to cram as much as she can into her open eye days, which are marked in her diary months ahead

Melbourne: An Australian woman becomes blind for three days a week when her eyes clamp shut voluntarily for the period and she can't open them, a baffling medical condition according to experts.

Natalie Adler (21), who doctors believe may be the only person in the world with this condition, has been living with the extraordinary visual impairment for four years.

"My eyes are closed for three days and then open for three days," said Adler. "I go to bed and I can open my eyes, and then when I wake up the next day I can't," she explained adding, "Nobody knows why."

During 'closed eye days' her eyes are completely shut, except for a small slit in her left eye. On 'open eye days' they function normally, although the left eyelid sometimes droops. Adler tries to cram as much as she can into those good days, which are marked in her diary months ahead. "On my 18th birthday my eyes were closed but on my 21st they were open, so I had a party," she said.


By: Martin Witt

Shuddering motorists are convinced they witnessed a ghostly car crash-five months after it happened!

Shortly after 7:20 p.m. on December 11, cell phone calls began to pour into police headquarters. Each of the callers described an identical scene. A car had suddenly veered off a busy stretch of highway and plunged into a ravine with its headlights blazing.

Responding to the reports, police scoured the area, but found no evidence of a recent accident.

What they did find, according to one officer, was "spine-chilling."

No more than 20 yards from the scene of the so-called crash, they discovered the twisted and rusted remains of a wrecked car, nose down and covered with undergrowth so that it was impossible to see from the road.

Inside, bony fingers still gripping the steering wheel, was the skeleton of a man.

Using the car's registration and the victim's dental records, police identified the driver as 21-year-old Christopher Chandler, who was wanted as an suspect in a robbery. He had been reported missing by his brother five months earlier.

Investigators have concluded that Chandler's car plunged off the highway last July while he was driving from London to Portsmouth, England.

The car had obviously been there for a long time.

Spiritualist Judith Borders says: The eyewitnesses could indeed have seen Chandler's ghost reliving the moment of his death.

"He was wanted by the law. People who die suddenly with many unresolved issues in their lives often get trapped between the spirit plane and the plane of earthly existence.

"Their anguished spirits seem to be chained to the spot where death overtook them, waiting in despair to be released to continue their journey into the afterlife."