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Three hours earlier, Lynn had helped Kendall break out of prison.  They took the back roads and avoided roadblocks until they came to a farmhouse on the outskirts of town.  The nearest neighbor was 5 miles away.

Lynn opened the back door to the car; Kendall got out and looked around nervously before they entered the house.

Since Kendall couldn’t talk, he wrote Lynn a note, asking, where is the shower?  She pointed down the hall and said, while you shower, I will prepare dinner.  Kendall nodded.

Kendall passed a bedroom; he looked in and saw where Lynn had made a shrine to him.  She had posters and publicity photos on the walls.

When Kendall finished showering, he joined Lynn in the kitchen.  He devoured the meatloaf, mashed potatoes, biscuits and green peas.  It had been a long time since he had a home cooked meal.   Lynn talked non-stop, baby, I know you didn’t kill all those girls, people were just jealous of your success, hatin on you, planting evidence.  You are a kind and sensitive man, Kendall smiled and thought; she is dumber than I thought.

After dinner, Lynn put on her favorite Kendall record and asked Kendall to slow dance with her, he reluctantly agreed.  Lynn smiled as she swayed slowly too the music against Kendall’s body.  When the record went off, Lynn led Kendall into the bedroom and seduced him.  To get through the lovemaking, Kendall closed his eyes and imagined Lynn was an underage girl.

As she lay in his arms, she thought, I’m in love with the man of my dreams; I can’t believe I’m sharing a bed with my all-time favorite singer. 

Kendall had different thoughts; he would keep a low profile and build up his strength through exercise and discipline. He would go target shooting and he would practice the karate and hand-to-hand combat maneuvers he learned in prison.  He would also lift weights.  He was going to get in the best shape of his life before he killed the people who destroyed his life, G-Mac, Jacks, Nikki and Sherm.

He also planned to kill Lynn.


Jacks, G-Mac, Nikki, Lear and Dayna were on a private plane back to Los Angeles.  The mood had changed since they learned Kendall had escaped from prison.  Nikki sat down with Jacks and G-Mac.  I talked to one of my prison contacts; they found a notebook in Kendall’s cell detailing how he’s going to kill me, you, Jacks and Sherm. I’ve already warned Sherm. You should have let me kill him when I had the chance, hell, at the rate I’m going, I’m taking out every mothafucka in hip-hop and R&B, first Key-Low and now Kendall’s ass. 

Damn, can a sista catch a break, maybe “Behind The Music” will do a special on me, hell, I’m contributing to music in an indirect way. Never did like Kendall’s music, acting like he the “King Of R&B,” it was only one King and that was Luther Vandross.

G-Mac said, let him ‘bring it on;’ I’m ready for his punk ass, we are well trained in what we do, he don’t stand a chance.  Nikki added, I ‘ll ‘go black’ on his ass and you can ‘go Compton’ on him, that should get the job done.  Jacks added, bottom line, we’re going to have to go ‘rogue’ on his ass.  An hour later, the plane landed in Los Angeles, everybody vowed to stay in touch, said their goodbyes and went their separate ways.


The players crowded around the coach, they were one point down with seven seconds left in the game.  Coach Carson told the players, this is it boys, if you want to advance to the playoffs; I need to see that killer instinct, we haven’t been in the playoffs in seven years, let’s break that losing streak.  Get the ball to Jimmy Mack, I don’t care how you do it, just do it!  The players broke huddle and went back on the court.  The ball was in-bounded to Roger, Jimmy’s defender slipped, Roger passed the ball to Jimmy, with 2 seconds left, Jimmy fired a jump shot.  All net, the gymnasium exploded as fans stormed the court! Jimmy was lifted on the shoulders of his teammates.

The next day, it was hot in South Philly.  Kids were outside spraying each other with hoses and Playa’s were rolling in their SUV’s with the stereo’s bumping, cruising on Sprewell’s trying to put their mack down on the honeys.

Neighbors were trying to cool off as they chatted with each other on the porch while the sounds of Philly native Jill Scott played in the background.

Near an alley, you had dealers slinging ecstasy, meth and crack. 

Across from the alley, a game of pickup basketball was in progress, Jimmy Mack was putting on a show with his exceptional ball skills; he had the crowd on their feet.

After the game, people came up and congratulated Jimmy on his game winning shot the night before.

Aunt Bessie’s Soul & Cajun café had just opened for business; you could smell the sweet aroma of food throughout the neighborhood.  A few people headed in the direction of the aroma, counting their money.

13-year old Michael “Mikey” Mack awoke, it was past noon, he had stayed up the night before watching his brother Jimmy make the winning shot in the basketball game and playing Tony Hawk video games.

Mikey yawned, got up, took a shower and put on his clothes, told his father bye, retrieved his pocket bike and left.  His father John, hollered down the hall, you be careful driving that bike and if you see your big brother Jimmy, tell him to get home and clean his room.

Mikey drove his pocket bike on back streets until he reached Aunt Bessie’s; he parked it around back and entered the café.

The jukebox was playing Motown when Mikey entered; Marvin Gaye was belting out “Let’s Get It On,” if the spirit moves you; let me groove you.

Mikey got hungry just looking around the café where people were eating, shrimp and sausage Po Boys, spicy chicken wings, red beans and rice and Cajun grilled crab.

Aunt Bessie was glad to see Mikey, she knew his mother had died a few years earlier; she made it a point to look after him and she helped him with his homework.

Aunt Bessie had the cook prepare a chicken fried steak sandwich with cheese, red onions and mayo on a soft sour dough bun, served alongside steak fries, topped off with a strawberry milkshake and a slice of German chocolate cake.

Mikey devoured the food.  Aunt Bessie wouldn’t accept his money, she told him, as long as you do good in school, you don’t have to pay.  Mikey hugged Aunt Bessie and thanked her before he left.

He got on the pocket bike and headed towards the basketball court to see his big brother demolish the competition.

Since the pocket bike didn’t have side mirrors, Mikey didn’t realize a cop was behind him until he heard the siren, he quickly glanced around and accelerated.  He turned down a side street going at the maximum 35 mph. 

He knew the bike was illegal and unregulated and he was underage.  The cop followed him down the side street, Mikey made a quick turn, a sharp left and lost the cop. 

10 minutes later, he arrived at the playground.  The game was over, he saw his big brother leaning into a car trying to hustle cell phones, i-Pods and sidekicks.

Mikey walked up on him, Jimmy ended business quickly and said, hey there little man, whats up?  Jimmy could see the disappointment on Mikey’s face and asked what’s wrong?

Mikey said, Jimmy, why you out here hustling, it may mess up your college scholarship, why you doing this illegal stuff?  It ain’t worth it.

Jimmy rolled his eyes and said, after the school got penalized last year for giving that quarterback money and a car under the table, they ain’t giving no more money to high school athletes like me.

Jimmy patted him on the head, don’t worry about me little man, I am suppose to worry and look out for you, remember?  I do this to make a little extra cash on the side, keep my pockets flushed; them recruiters don’t have to know. 

When I get drafted in the NBA next year, I’m moving you and Pops outta here, into a big mansion with a bunch of whips and an indoor pool. First thing I’m going to do is purchase a pimped out H2 with fly rims and a banging system.  Then, I’m going to go buy me some bling.  And guess what? You can play video games all day and night with a big allowance, you ain’t never got to work, cause you big brother will be taking care of you and you can go to the ‘X’ games and Disneyland every year.  Mikey’s eyes got big, for real Jimmy, you are the best big brother ever, Mikey gave Jimmy a hug.

Mikey said, Pops wants you home to clean your room, Jimmy brushed off the comment and said, I got to meet a few teammates at Aunt Bessie’s to talk game strategy, tell pops I’ll be home later. 

Now you go on home, oh, before I forget, this is for you; Jimmy went into his back pocket and pulled out a Danny Way video game and a cell phone.  Mikey was ecstatic.

Jimmy arrived at Aunt Bessie’s, in the background, Marvin and Tammi sung ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.’  He saw his two teammates; Sly and Roger, he joined them. They ordered Chicken and sausage gumbo, BBQ pork sandwiches and fried okra.

They talked strategy and defense.  They had to bring their ‘A’ game if they were going to beat Lincoln High in the playoffs.  Roger told Jimmy, it’s good you going to the NBA right out of high school because this is probably the last year you’ll be able to do that.  They about to change that, making high school players wait a year until they enter the NBA.

Aunt Bessie came over to their table, Jimmy Mack, I want you to score 50 points in that game tomorrow night. Jimmy said, Aunt Bessie, with your cooking, I’m thinking more like a 100.  Aunt Bessie smiled and continued, when you make it big, don’t you forget me, Jimmy said, how could I forget you Aunt Bessie.  I may even fly your food in by private jet before games, one of my first investments is going to be in a chain of ‘Aunt Bessie’ café’s across the country.  Aunt Bessie gave Jimmy a big hug and said, now, that’s what I’m talking bout.  I’m going to hold you to it!

They got up to leave, Sly asked Jimmy, hey man, me and Roger going to go shoot some pool, why don’t you join us.  Jimmy said, naw man, not tonight, I’m going to go spend some time with Lola.

Sly rolled his eyes, Jimmy, that ain’t cool, taking up with her after she dumped Comfort, you know he the biggest dealer around and he didn’t take to kindly to you hooking up with her.  Besides, she all about the money, first, she with Comfort, now she latching on to you before you get drafted.

Jimmy said, ya’ll worry too much; I know how to handle my business.  I’ll catch ya’ll later.  Jimmy motioned for Aunt Bessie, can I get a ‘to go order’ of Crab melts for Lola.  Aunt Bessie said, coming right up!

Jimmy had just left Lola’s when Comfort and his crew emerged from the shadows. Comfort walked up to Jimmy and poked his finger in his chest, you got a lot of nerve, slinging on my corner and hooking up with Lola. Like Eddie Kane told that dude in the “Five Heartbeats,” you trying to be me.

Jimmy stood his ground and said, why the fuck I wanna be you? Shit, I’ll be in the NBA guarding Lebron making seven figures and your ass will still be slinging or you’ll be in jail or dead, you don’t own these streets and Lola left you weeks ago, get over it! 

Comfort said, just cause you an All-Star don’t mean shit to me! He glanced back at his boys, ya’ll know what to do, teach this mothafucka a lesson!

They started kicking and stomping Jimmy, he screamed out in pain as he tried to fight back, he wouldn’t give up.  A thug named ‘Killah’ shouted, you think you better than us cause you a NBA prospect, you ain’t shit, why should you get out of here and we get left behind, fuck you!  Suddenly, Killah pulled out a gun and placed the gun on the back of Jimmy’s neck and said, after I pull this trigger, you will be stuck in the ghetto like the rest of us.  Killah shot Jimmy; he sunk to the ground as his attackers fled.

As Jimmy lay on the ground, a big cramp traveled through his body and his legs went limp.  The only thing Jimmy could move were his eyelids.

A passerby saw Jimmy lying on the sidewalk, Jimmy mumbled weakly, please help me, I’ve been shot, I can’t feel anything and I can barely breath.  

The man pulled out his cell phone and dialed 911.  He tried to comfort Jimmy until the ambulance came.  As Jimmy struggled to talk, he asked the stranger, are my legs and arms still on?  The man looked down and said yes, Jimmy said, how come I don’t feel them?  Just then, the ambulance pulled up and Jimmy lost consciousness.


The police hadn’t tracked Kendall and Lynn down because the farmhouse was in a distance relative’s name, the relative had passed away a year before and Lynn was using someone else’s identity through identity theft.

Kendall had a routine; he ate breakfast with Lynn each morning before she went to work.  During the day, he worked out with weights, did martial arts, showered, and went out back to target shoot.  Afterwards, he would spend the day on the Internet, visiting kiddie porn sites and chat rooms populated by teenagers.


Mikey and his father John waited nervously in the hospital waiting room.  After a few hours, the doctor emerged.  He took a deep breath before he informed John; I have good and bad news.  Good news first, your son Jimmy will survive but he will be paralyzed from the neck down.  He will have to use a ventilator throughout his life.  This is the most severe spinal injury I have ever seen.  Also, he will be pain for the rest of his life and he will never have sex again but he has all of his mental faculties, he will be able to understand you and he will need round the clock medical care.  We have a program here, funded by benefactors, where he can stay in the hospital to receive that care.  His injury qualifies him for this program; I will submit the paperwork.  Also, he keeps asking for someone named Lola.

John and Mikey clung to each other and cried.

The next day, Aunt Bessie joined the Mack family in Jimmy’s hospital room.  She sat on the side of his bed and hand fed him chicken and cornbread.  She told him, finish this up baby; you need all your strength.  Jimmy smiled and mumbled, where is Lola?  Aunt Bessie signaled for Mikey to meet her outside.

She asked Mikey, where is his girlfriend? Mikey said, she hasn’t been here once since he got shot, word on the street is, she back with Comfort.  Aunt Bessie shook her head and said, that’s a damn shame.

The police investigation in the attempted murder of Jimmy Mack stalled.  The police considered the attack gang related.  Mikey told investigators, the streets are buzzing, that, Comfort and Killah are behind the attack.  The investigators told him, without eyewitnesses, it’s really nothing we can do.  John became incensed, after the police left, he decided to call his cousin Garrett; he knew Garrett and his wife were involved in law enforcement, maybe they could help.


G-Mac answered on the second ring, John said, hey cousin.  G-Mac said, John, it’s been a long time, I hear Jimmy Mack is making some noise on the basketball court. John said, I have some bad news.  Within the next five minutes, John related the attack on Jimmy, he also told him about the police investigation.  G-Mac told him, I’m on the next plane out of here.  I will call you back with my flight information.

After G-Mac called John back with the flight information, he hung up and turned to Jacks.  He told Jacks, John is a cousin, as kids, we spent one summer in the South. He also told Jacks about the attack.  Jacks asked him, do you want me to go? G-Mac said no; stay here with the kids.  I’ll be back in a few days.


Overnight, Mikey turned into an introverted, lonely and withdrawn child.  He stayed in his room and cried himself to sleep. Mikey was so lonely without his big brother.  He decided to pass the time by reading, he went in his backpack to retrieve a book, he came across a flyer he had put in his backpack the day before, advertising a telephone chat line for teens between the ages of 13 and 18; the service was free.  He set up a subscription account. 

The next day, Comfort and his crew, including Killah and Lola, arrived at Aunt Bessie’s for lunch with ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’ playing in the background. Aunt Bessie rushed from behind the counter and told them, your business is not welcome here!  See that sign, I have the right to refuse business to anyone I deem unfit.  Comfort knew not to argue with her, she was a respected icon in the community.  He turned and left, with his crew in tow.

Meanwhile, Mikey was spending a lot of time on the telephone chat network making friends.  This one guy named Pete reminded Mikey of Jimmy Mack.  Pete talked sports and he and Mikey shared the same interests.  Mikey enjoyed talking to Pete, he was like a surrogate brother and he filled the gap left in Mikey’s life.  When Mikey asked Pete, why is your voice so deep, you don’t sound like a 15-year old?  Pete replied, deep voices run in my family.  Mikey was so comfortable with Pete, that he gave him his cell phone number.  By talking to Pete exclusively, Mikey was able to bypass the numerous older men trying to solicit underage boys and girls for sex on the phone line.

Over the next few weeks, John noticed that Mikey was spending a lot of time on the phone.  He told him, stop tying up the phone line, Mikey replied, Pops, I belong to a telephone network that connects kids throughout the East Coast.  John said, you be careful and don’t meet any of these kids in person.  A lot of scams are involved with these phone networks and the Internet.  I almost lost one son; I don’t want to lose another.  Also, your big Cousin Garrett is flying in from Los Angeles tomorrow; we are going to the airport to pick him up.  When you greet him, don’t call him Garrett; call him G-Mac.

John and Mikey picked G-Mac up at the airport, G-Mac called Mikey-Lil Cuz.  They went to lunch and to the hospital, it broke G-Mac’s heart to see Jimmy Mack’s condition.

When they returned to the apartment, Mikey told G-Mac everything he knew about Jimmy’s attack, including the names of the attackers.  G-Mac asked, where do they hang-out?  Mikey said, Killah slings rock and meth near the park all day and then he goes to Comfort’s crib to drop off the money.

G-Mac said, tomorrow, Lil Cuz, I want you to take me to that park, he turned to John, make sure you are at work all day tomorrow, make your presence known.  John asked, why?  What are you going to do?  G-Mac said, it’s better you don’t know.

G-Mac called Jacks, baby; go into my workshop and send my favorite two guns with ammunition, send it by private mail, here’s the address. Don’t worry, everything is fine, you know our motto, blood is thicker than water, I gotta handle my business and go rogue. Jacks knew not to object, they both grew up on the streets of Compton; this is how things were done.

G-Mac added, I love you to baby and I’ll look out for that package, I’ll be home soon, give the kids a kiss for me and tell them that Daddy misses them.

The next day, Mikey took G-Mac to the park, he pointed out Killah.  G-Mac told Mikey, ok, Lil Cuz, your job is done, he went in his pocket and gave Mikey twenty dollars and told him to go buy some lunch and go to the arcade. 

Instead of going to the arcade, Mikey went home and got on the telephone chat line with Pete. 

G-Mac spent the next few hours watching Killah.  He even followed him to Comfort’s apartment.

The next day, G-Mac followed the same routine, watching Killah. 

When he returned to John’s apartment, his package was waiting.  He took the package into a back room and quickly assembled the weapons.

The next day after Killah finished slinging, G-Mac followed him to Comfort’s.  After Comfort buzzed him in, G-Mac came up behind Killah and placed the gun to his head, he told him, lead me to Comfort’s apartment, knock like you usually do and I will let you live, Killah nodded his head and did what he was told. 

After Killah gently knocked on the door, G-Mac shot him in the back of the head; the silencer muffled the sound. Killah was dead before he hit the ground.

Comfort opened the door; G-Mac shot him between the eyes.  Comfort’s crew scrambled to pull out their weapons but G-Mac was too fast for them.  He stepped inside, fired to his left and his right, killing both men.

Around the same time, Pete called Mikey on his cell phone, despite his father’s warnings, Mikey agreed to meet Pete at the Mall in the city after Pete told him he had the latest video games.  He described what he would be wearing and told Mikey where to meet him.  As soon as he got off the phone, Pete made another call, it was answered on the first ring, Pete said ‘I may have a live one for you,’ keep this line open, I’ll get back to you.’

Mikey took two buses to get to the mall, when he arrived; he went to the designated spot.  It was secluded with the exception of a short male wearing a red hooded sweatshirt. It had to be Pete, he told Mikey he would be in a red sweatshirt.  Mikey approached him from behind.

Mikey was a foot away when he said, Pete is that you?  Pete turned around to face Mikey.  Mikey’s instincts kicked in, something wasn’t right, this wasn’t a boy; this was a small-framed man with facial hair.  Mikey backed away from Pete; just then, someone came up from the rear and placed a cloth over his nose.  He was shoved into a van before he lost consciousness.


It was a Saturday morning; Lynn had cooked a breakfast of ham, grits and eggs.  Afterwards, she told Kendall, I think we should get married.  He looked at her like she was crazy.  Lynn was beginning to outlive her usefulness.  Just a few more weeks of target shooting, conditioning and body strengthening and he would be in the wind. 


G-Mac returned to John’s apartment, he decided to take a nap.  He was awakened by a knock on the door; he looked out the peephole and saw two plainclothes detectives.  He let them in.  They asked, where is John Mack?  G-Mac said, he’s working a double shift.  Is everything ok?  One of officers asked, who are you?  G-Mac said, I’m his cousin, I’m also on the job; I freelance through several government agencies on the West Coast.  The officers showed a new-found respect for G-Mac as they told him, have John Mack call us when he returns home; it concerns the guys who allegedly attacked his son.

When John came home, G-Mac gave him the message; John called police headquarters.  He was speechless as he hung up the phone.  He turned to G-Mac, you not going to believe this, all the guys suspected of jumping Jimmy are dead, the cops checked my time card, they know I was at work all day.  They seem relieved that Comfort and his crew are dead, I doubt if they do a thorough investigation.  G-Mac smiled, after a few seconds, it hit John and he smiled back.  No further words were exchanged regarding Comfort and his crew.

G-Mac told John, my flight leaves in the morning, you and Lil Cuz can drop me off at curbside.  John said, speaking of Mikey, is he here?  G-Mac said no, I haven’t seen him and the phone hasn’t rung, earlier I gave him money to go to the arcade.  John said, he’ll probably drift in later, don’t like him staying out late like this.

The next morning John got up, he went to go wake up G-Mac and then he went into Mikey’s room, he noticed Mikey’s bed hadn’t been slept in; he became alarmed.  He yelled for G-Mac.


The van hit the Interstate as Mikey lay unconscious in the back.  Pete’s friend Jim dialed a number on his cell phone and handed the phone to Pete.  The phone was answered on the third ring, Pete said, your package is in transit, if everything goes according to schedule, the package should be on the pipeline to South America in the next few days.

Carlo Santos Hernandez hung up the phone with a smile on his face.  Hernandez was a corrupt South American dictator who had a wife and children.  He was also a pedophile who desired underage Latino and African-American boys.  He used the children as sex slaves and domestic help in a second home, located on the outskirts of town.

Hernandez was very powerful.  He was also directly linked to a top-secret global firm.  No one knew the name, location, personnel or names affiliated with the firm.  The company could only be contacted through email.  Their services went to the highest bidder.  Services included: money laundering, illicit technology, weapons of mass destruction, embassy bombings and genocide among refugees.  Mercenaries and former intelligence officials were rumored to work for the firm.  Shareholders included: former dictators, warlords, retired prime ministers and disposed kings.  The company grossed nearly $1 billion dollars per year.


John called the police and G-Mac cancelled his flight.  The police arrived, they weren’t very cooperative; one detective told John; you sure have a lot of problems with your sons.  The first one got attacked and now you think the second one is missing, you need to take parenting classes.  G-Mac had to restrain John from attacking the cop.

Another cop theorized that Mikey was probably spending the night over a friend’s house.  He told John, he had wait 48 hours until he could file a missing person’s report.

After the cops left, John told G-Mac, I know my boy, this is out of character, if he was staying at a friend’s house, he would have called and told me, something ain’t right, G-Mac agreed.  

G-Mac and John had been canvassing the neighborhood for two hours before they got a break.  They ran into one of Mikey’s friends Kurtis.  John told Kurtis that Mikey was missing, Kurtis said, I just saw him yesterday, John asked where?  Kurtis replied, at the bus stop, he said he was going to the mall to meet someone.

John and G-Mac rushed to the mall.  They went to the security division and talked to the head of security.  The security director was sympathetic towards John and had an assistant retrieve security tapes from the day before.

They had been watching the tapes for a few hours when they saw a kid who looked like Mikey’s being shoved into a white van.  G-Mac had the technician zoom in on the van to get the license plate number.  He wrote the plate number down and talked the security chief into making him a copy of the tape.

G-Mac and John arrived at police headquarters and gave the cops the information.  The cops told John that the license plate had been stolen.  Despite Mikey being abducted on tape, the cops issued a ‘Amber Alert,’ which resulted in few clues.

G-Mac  told John, don’t worry cuz, I will assemble an crew and Mikey will be rescued.

John worked the phones and called media outlets, he even told them he had a tape of his son’s abduction, when they asked the description of the child, as soon as John said African-American, they became disinterested.

After John got off the phone, G-Mac asked, do you have Mikey’s cell phone number? John said, hold on, while I find it.  John came back with the number.

G-Mac called Jacks, baby, another situation has occurred, my young cousin has been abducted, Jacks said, oh no!  Do you need me in Philly?  G-Mac said, not yet but I might, the police don’t even seem interested in investigating, can you believe that shit?  I need you to retrieve phone logs on Mikey’s cell phone for the last several days.  Let me give you his number. Write down this email address, this is where I want you to email the information, thanks baby; I love you too.

After G-Mac got off the phone, the doorbell rung.  It was Aunt Bessie and her daughter Joan carrying plates of food.  Aunt Bessie asked John, what is this I hear about my Mikey going missing?  John said it’s true; my baby boy was abducted at the mall.  Aunt Bessie said, Lord Jesus, what is this world coming to?  I brought this food for you and your cousin, if you need anything; you let me know.  We are headed to church to pray for Mikey, you know that boy is my heart.  You let me know if you need me to organize anything.

Jacks called and told G-Mac, you got mail.  G-Mac got off the phone and rushed to the computer.  He printed out the information.  One particular number stood out on the phone logs.  Mikey called this number a few times a day.  The number was registered to a Pete Miller; his address was also included in the information.

G-Mac asked John, do you know a Pete Miller?  John said no.  G-Mac continued, Mikey called this number a few times a day for the last week.  John said, wait a minute; Mikey had told me he joined some kind of teenage telephone chat network, I told him to be careful, this all may be connected.

G-Mac called his friend Sherm in Los Angeles.  Hey man, how is Nikki?  Sherm said, she’s fine, she’s been out of the country all week, she’ll be back tonight. G-Mac said, Sherm, I’m going to need your expertise regarding a personal matter in Philadelphia.  Sherm said, not a problem, I will book a flight for tomorrow and call you back with my flight information.


Mikey awoke to a throbbing headache.  He tried to move but couldn’t.  His arms and ankles were bound; he was in some kind of compartment on a plane.  He screamed, help me, somebody help me, please!  A man entered the room; opened the compartment and put a cloth over his nose; he lost consciousness again.


G-Mac picked Sherm up at the airport; he brought him up to date on the situation in the car.  They planned to move on Pete Miller later that evening.


Before Lynn left for work, Kendall wrote her a note and asked her to leave him some money, he wanted to go shopping in town, she tried to talk him out of it, saying, somebody may recognize you, he wrote her another note, I am sick of being cooped up, I have cabin fever, don’t worry, I will wear a disguise, maybe I want to go look at wedding rings, Lynn beamed, Kendall thought, stupid fool.  She gave him sixty dollars and some change and she insisted on taking him to town.  She dropped him off on a busy intersection and told him, I will see you at home later; he smiled and closed the door.

Kendall waited until Lynn was out of sight; he crossed the street and waited for a bus. The bus took him to a nearby town where he checked into a cheap motel. He paid the 2-hour rate and wrote a note to the clerk, I am deaf and expecting someone, they will ask for Roy Jenkins (me) room number, please give them my room number and direct them to my room.  The clerk nodded sympathetically.

Kendall went to the room and waited. Over the last few days, he could no longer control his impulses.  He couldn’t wait to meet his prey, she was so young (15) and sweet, her name was Stacy and he had met her on the Internet.  She was looking for an older man to take her virginity. They had agreed ‘not’ to exchange photos because that would spoil the anticipation. His thoughts were interrupted by a soft knock on the door.

Kendall opened the door, Stacy got a bad vibe from Kendall right away, something wasn’t right, she decided to make small talk and leave but for some reason he seemed familiar to her but she couldn’t place his face. She tried to start a conversation, he wrote her a note that he couldn’t talk, she had no idea he was a deaf mute. Kendall sensed the rejection and became enraged. Before she could leave.  He overpowered her and grabbed her by the neck and threw her face down on the bed.  She tried to scream but he put his hand over her mouth.  With the other hand, he began ripping her clothes off, he took a moment to put a condom on and then he sodomized her as she bled onto the sheets and cried into the pillow.

When he was done, he turned her over, looked her directly in the eyes and strangled her to death.  Afterwards, he did a forensic cleanup.


G-Mac and Sherm staked out Pete’s house until he arrived.  They waited until the lights went out.  They got out of the car, G-Mac picked the lock, Sherm followed him towards the bedroom.

G-Mac woke Randall up with a punch to the face.  Pete was startled, who are you?  What the hell do you want?  I have money in the safe, take it and leave.

G-Mac said, shut-up and stand up, Pete got out of bed.  G-Mac shouted, I am only going to ask you this question once, where is the boy you abducted from the Mall?  Pete looked scared when he answered, I don’t know what you are talking about.  G-Mac glanced back at Sherm

Sherm took out a knife, he ripped Pete’s shirt off and began cutting him on the chest and putting lit cigarettes in his earlobes. Pete screamed out in pain. 

G-Mac said, I am going to ask you again, where is the boy you abducted from the Mall?  Randy said, I don’t know.

Sherm took out a hammer and two nails from his black bag.  Pete was stripped completely necked and hoisted up.  Sherm told him, I’m going to hammer a nail into each of your testicles unless you tell us where the boy is.

Pete was petrified as Sherm walked towards him with the hammer and nail, he put the nail on top of Pete left testicle and raised the hammer.  Pete screamed no, please don’t, I’ll tell you everything you want to know!

They cut Pete down, he told them, he was involved in an overseas white slavery ring that supplied boys and girls to rich and powerful men for a large sum of money. It was too late for Mikey, he was already on a plane to South America to be the sex slave of dictator Carlo Santos Hernandez.

G-Mac thanked him for his information and told him, you are lower than scum; I despise pedophiles and child brokers.  You don’t deserve to live; G-Mac pulled out his gun and shot him in the heart.

G-Mac thanked Sherm and took him to the airport.  When he got back to his rental car, he called Jacks.  Honey, this case has gone International, I will explain the details later, I need you to contact Lear; I need both of you in Philadelphia ASAP.  We can set up a command center at John’s apartment.  Also, have Lear contact Nikki for firepower and tell her to bring along Joe (Uppy) Upshaw for additional firepower.


Lear was in her office.  She only did business by referral only.  Her friend Sam, (a former policeman) called, he needed an alibi, he had killed his daughter’s murderer/rapist the day before and he knew he would be the number one suspect.  Sam owned a very lucrative security firm that spanned the globe but Lear had contacts that were out of his reach, he only contacted her in cases of emergency.  Lear asked him general questions, what time did the coroner say the murder occurred, Sam answered, between 9-10 p.m.

Lear said, Sam, your alibi will cost you $1 million, you can wire the money into a Cayman account, I require $500,000 now.  After the money has been deposited, a man named Reggie will call you.  Sam said, that’s a pretty steep price Lear, she answered; my alibi service has always cost one million.  A lot cheaper than spending your entire life in jail, don’t you think, after some thought, Sam agreed.

After the money was confirmed in the account, Reggie called Sam and told him to gather his friends (the ones he could trust) for a party; he would arrive at the party later with a camera.

Reggie arrived and took dozens of photos of Sam and his friends.  Afterwards, he returned home, went into his lab and applied an authentic looking time stamp and a authentic looking date stamp on the photos which coincided with the time frame and date of the murder.  After Sam wired the additional $500,000 into Lear’s account, a courier delivered the photos.  Sam was never charged with the murder.

Sam referred a friend to Lear, his name was Jake; he was going through a messy divorce and wanted to get back at his cheating wife.  Lear replaced Jake’s lawyers with two new attorneys.  They purposely dragged the divorce out, delay after delay; the wife went bankrupt due to lawyer fees and her young lover left.  The husband felt vindicated; she had no more money and no boyfriend.

Jake referred a friend named Ben to Lear.  Ben needed to make ‘very classified and sensitive’ global communications that could not be traced back to him.  Lear put him in touch with a ‘phone relay’ service.  This underground company would make the call and connect the party.  When the bill arrived, the company’s phone number would be on the bill, not Ben’s.

Lear was finishing up for the day, she was going on a double-date with her boyfriend Pierce and best friend Dayna and her fiancé Mario, they were going to watch the last leg of the Tour de France.  Her thoughts were interrupted when her priority phone rung, it was Jacks.


Lynn was watching the news with Kendall when the anchorman reported the murder of a young girl in a nearby town.  The motel clerk was able to give a sketch of the killer, and said the killer was deaf which fit the description of escaped fugitive Kendall Taylor.  Lynn recognized the sketch; Kendall wore an identical cap when she had dropped him off earlier in the day. Lynn turned to face him, he stared right through her, she got up to run; he pounced on her and dragged her to the kitchen by her hair.  He took a butcher knife off the counter and proceeded to slit her throat, she sunk to the floor.

Kendall hurriedly packed his bags and took money, credit cards and an ATM card out of Lynn’s purse.  He got the car keys off the table, threw his luggage in the back and took off.  He decided to take the back roads.  He thought, time to make good on my promise, here I come G-Mac, Jacks, Nikki and Sherm.

Meanwhile, the cops were searching the motel room for clues.  They caught a break when they broadcast Lynn’s drivers license photo and announced that she was aiding and abetting Kendall.  The phones lit up.  They arrived at her place of employment, got her home address off her job application and sent a SWAT team to her residence.

An officer got on a loudspeaker asking the occupants to come out, no response, they called Lynn’s home phone number, no response, they tried her cell phone, no one picked up.  They kicked the door down and found Lynn dead on the kitchen floor, Kendall was nowhere in sight.


G-Mac picked up Jacks, Nikki, Lear and Uppy at the airport.  They arrived at John’s apartment and immediately set up a command post. John said, please make yourselves at home and I appreciate everything you doing to recover my son. I’ll stay out of everyone’s way.

They were prepared, Jacks brought a dossier of Carlo Santos Hernandez and Uppy had the layouts of his home and apartment.  Uppy told G-Mac, this is a very sensitive matter, Hernandez has power in every corner of the world.  If we kill him, it will spark an international outrage.  We have to handle this assignment with great sensitivity and care.

Uppy asked, are you sure we have to kill him? Jacks answered yes, so no other family has to go through what John is going through.  Killing him will put a dent in his pipeline and possibly save other kids from being abducted and shipped to South America.

Jacks passed the dossier to Lear as Uppy continued.  I have a suggestion, why don’t we convince his wife that he is trying to kill her, that way, she will kill him first and we’ll be off the hook and then we can go in and rescue your cousin because if his death is traced back to us, we will be on the run for the rest of our lives.  His people will not give up until they track us all down and kill us all.

Lear said, I just noticed in his dossier that he was diagnosed with a kidney problem last week and he is in urgent need of a kidney transplant.  Jacks and I will handle it from here.  After we handle our end, you, G-Mac and Nikki have to be ready to leave for South America immediately.  G-Mac said, handle your business and get back to us.  And we will make sure the firearms, paperwork and passports are in order.

The next day, Jacks arrived at Animal Control, she paid an intern $200 for a rabid dog.  The intern led the dog into a caged van that Jacks had rented.  Before she left he told her, watch out, this dog is vicious, if you say sic, he will attack on cue.  Jacks said thanks and left.

When Jacks returned to the apartment, Nikki handed her Hernandez’s physical stats.  Jacks went to a sex offender database in Philadelphia and matched his stats up with Clarence Rose, a convicted child rapist who was currently on parole. 


The plane had landed.  Mikey heard someone opening the locked compartment. He stepped out of the compartment and rubbed his eyes, he stretched his legs and asked, where am I?  I want my daddy, who are you.  The man told him to shut up and gave him a glass of water; he also gave Mikey two pills to take.  Mikey refused to take the pills.  The man pried his jaws open and forced the pills down his throat.  Mikey began to feel light-headed.  He was led off the plane into a waiting limousine.


Jacks and Lear had Clarence Rose under surveillance for a day; they finally saw an opportunity.  Rose emerged from his house in a sweat suit and went jogging.  Jacks and Lear put on protective gear and let the dog out of the van and pointed him in Rose’s direction and told him to sic.

The dog caught up with Rose and jumped on him; biting him all over, Rose was screaming until the dog severed his jugular vein. Blood was everywhere. Rose lay dead on the ground; the dog ran off.  Jacks hurriedly pulled out Rose’s wallet and filled out the donor information on the back of his drivers license, she put the license back in his wallet and Lear called 911.

Lear and Jacks returned to the apartment.  Lear called a contact in Brazil, she told her; I am going to give you information that you will be awarded for by Carlo Santos Hernandez, the most powerful man in South America.  She had the contact’s attention.  Lear continued, one of my sources in the States informed me that a man was just admitted to St. Mary’s hospital in Philadelphia, his name is Clarence Rose.  Hernandez is in need of a kidney transplant, this man matches his statistics perfectly and he has his blood type.  I heard that Hernandez’s people were paying top dollar to anyone with this type of information.  Pass this information on and get the money.  The contact thanked Lear profusely; when she hung up, she called one of Hernandez’s reps and passed on the information.  She collected her finder’s fee later that evening.

After they received the information, Hernandez’s people made numerous payoffs to get him placed at the top of the donor list.


The limousine stopped at a seaside home overlooking the ocean.  Mikey was led into the house, he saw an older boy doing domestic chores, the boy looked at Mikey and then turned away quickly.  Mikey was taken to a bedroom and deposited on a bed.  A few minutes later, a well-dressed South American man entered the room. He introduced himself as Carlos Hernandez.  He leered at Mikey.  He finally spoke, my sweet beautiful boy, we are going to have so much fun, Hernandez reached over and stroked Mikey’s cheek and then he began removing his jacket and undoing his belt buckle. Mikey backed up on the bed and said, I want my daddy, the man said, shut up!  Your daddy didn’t want you; he sold you to me; that’s why you’re here.  Mikey started crying; suddenly, someone started pounding on the door.  Hernandez jerked the door open to face one of his aides, he shouted, what the hell do you want?  The aide said, it’s urgent, your doctor is on the phone; he wants to talk to you about your transplant surgery.  Hernandez zipped up his pants, grabbed his jacket and left the room


Lear clicked off her cell phone and said, everybody gather around, that was my South American source.  Hernandez will undergo the surgery tomorrow. You guys need to be on a plane in an hour.  He won’t survive the surgery, Nikki asked, how do you know?  Lear said, because the donor of the organs died of rabies, during transplants, hospitals only screen for organs and tissues.  Donated organs are never tested for rabies.  Jacks said, Lear; that is brilliant.  This way, his death will never be traced back to us, when Nikki Uppy and G-Mac go in and rescue Mikey, it will be assumed that Mikey’s relatives tracked him down through sheer love and devotion and when they find out we are affiliated with law enforcement, they will back off.

Lear said, after Hernandez dies; everything will be in disarray; that will be the perfect time to rescue Mikey before they move him to another location.  My guess is, Mikey is in Hernandez’s second home; he wouldn’t keep his victims in the family home with his wife and kids.

Study the floor plans on the plane and good luck! 


Sherm was typing Nikki a email, wishing her luck on her South American assignment, before he finished the email he minimized the screen to go to the bathroom; he turned around to face Kendall holding a gun.  Sherm got up; Kendall pushed him back down in his chair.  Kendall handed him a note, “Before I kill you, tell me where that bitch girlfriend of yours is and I may spare your life?”  Sherm said, I don’t know and if I did, I wouldn’t tell you.  Those were the last words Sherm spoke, Kendall shot him four times, killing him.  Kendall stepped over his body and brought the computer screen up.  He read the email, so the bitch is out of the country on assignment, I will wait for her return.


G-Mac, Nikki and Uppy scuba dived up on the South side of Hernandez’s home.  They pulled their scuba gear off.  They waited on Lear to call, confirming Hernandez’s death.

The call finally came, as Lear predicted, Hernandez died shortly after the transplant.  Time to move.

G-Mac, Nikki and Uppy stormed the property, everybody was running around in a panic, it was chaos, suddenly two guards approached them, Nikki shot one of the men and Uppy shot the other. 

Before they knew it, guards were coming in every direction, Uppy and Nikki picked them off, one by one.

When they entered the house, people were crying and praying. Suddenly, Uppy startled everyone when he shot into the roof; he had everyone’s attention.  G-Mac and Nikki began to tie everyone up when two men came out of the kitchen with guns; Uppy took out both men.

G-Mac glanced upstairs and saw a man carrying Mikey, he told the others, come on.  They followed the man down a hall, Mikey spotted G-Mac and screamed, cousin G-Mac; the man turned around, saw the firepower, dropped Mikey and ran.  Mikey ran into G-Mac’s arms and said; can we go home.  G-Mac said, yes we can Lil Cuz.

The South American government never suspected that US citizens were behind the death of Carlo Santos Hernandez.  An international incident was avoided.


G-Mac and Jacks consoled Nikki at Sherm’s funeral, she cried throughout the service.  She was devastated, Sherm was the love of her life and they were going to be married.  She knew Kendall was behind the murder.  That son-of-a-bitch was going to pay big time!

Afterwards, G-Mac and Jacks returned home.  While Jacks was cooking in the kitchen, the kitchen light blinked on and off before it went completely dark and then the light came back on.  G-Mac told her that he would fix it but he never got around to it.

Meanwhile, Kendall decided to go after G-Mac and Jacks.


Nikki was visiting G-Mac and Jacks, they urged her to spend the night. She told Jacks that she didn’t bring a change of clothes, Jacks told her; since we are about the same height and size, get something out of my closet.

After brief conversation, Nikki convinced G-Mac and Jacks to go out to the movies, they deserved a break with the kids out of the house.

Before they left, they asked Nikki, you sure you don’t want to come?  She said no, G-Mac asked, you going to be ok? My mother and the kids won’t be returning until tomorrow. Nikki said, G-Mac, I’m a secret agent, remember? I can take care of myself; go out and have some fun, enjoy the movie, see you in a few.  Jacks said, if you get hungry, it’s some stew in the fridge, if you need anything, call me on my cell.

After they left, Nikki changed into one of Jacks nightgowns and went to the kitchen.

Shortly afterwards, Kendall arrived.  He noticed that G-Mac’s SUV was gone.

Through binoculars, he watched her from the rear, as she stirred a big pot of stew.  Kendall thought, after I kill her, maybe I’ll have a bowl, he chuckled to himself.  He decided he would kill her quick and then he would wait for G-Mac to come home, he would ambush him, after killing him, he would have a bowl of stew, drink a beer and watch a game in the den.  Hell, he might even order some porn on G-Mac’s TV, he would celebrate big time!  

He watched her a little longer, she was his for the taking, time to make his move; he got up and walked towards the back of the house.

He picked the lock and thought, this is too easy, I thought these Negro’s were suppose to be in law enforcement, they are some sorry ass secret agents, damn!

He eased up behind her as she stirred the stew, he creeped a little closer, suddenly, she turned around, Kendall was puzzled, it wasn’t Jacks, it was that bitch Nikki dressed up to look like Jacks.

Nikki said, motherfucka, I’ve been waiting on your black ass.  I talked G-Mac and Jacks into going to the movies. I figured you would save me for last and come after G-Mac and Jacks, I didn’t know when you would show up but I knew I had to be prepared when you did, my hunch paid off.  It’s just you and me.


G-Mac and Nikki were a few miles away from the house when G-Mac realized he forgot his wallet, he made a U-turn and headed back towards the house.


Nikki said, excuse me, where are my manners, would you like some stew? She then flung the hot stew in Kendall’s face, he tried to scream but sounds wouldn’t come out as he covered his face with his hands, Nikki took the opportunity to kick him in the groin, he covered his private parts with his hands.  She then kicked him in the face; he fell backwards.

Nikki screamed, come on asshole!  You killed the only man I loved!  Oh yeah, I heard about you in jail, cooking in the kitchen with a hair net on, looking like Aunt Esther, getting raped so often that the inmates nicknamed you the happy hooker.  Bring it on motherfucka!

Kendall became enraged and infuriated, he had to shut this bitch up, he gathered his strength and bum rushed her, she fell backwards, and he punched her in the face breaking her nose.  He tried to get his hands around her throat but she fought him off.

Kendall raised Nikki up and kicked her in the stomach, she fell backwards in pain, Kendall backed up and stood at a distance, daring her to come on with hand gestures.  His eyes were wild and crazy and he was foaming at the mouth and pacing like a boxer.  He reminded Nikki of that rabid dog that Jacks had locked up in that van in Philadelphia.

Nikki thought, it’s time to end this shit, this mothafucka is crazier than I thought. 

Kendall saw Nikki reaching for a gun; he reached for his gun. They pointed their guns at each other, just then, the light flickered from above and the kitchen went completely dark.


G-Mac and Jacks got out of the car, they were walking towards the house when they saw the kitchen light flicker and go dark. G-Mac thought, damn, I forgot to fix that light, suddenly, his thought was interrupted by gunfire. They looked at each other nervously and rushed towards the house screaming, Nikki!  Nikki!

by: Myra Panache

"BALLIN' 5-7 EXTRAVAGANZA"©  by: Myra Panache

Starring: Jacks (CIA), G-Mac (Weapons Specialist), Dayna (HIV Assassin), Lear (CIA/Hollywood Fixer), Nikki (Freelance Assassin), and Phelps (3-Charley/Sweeper).  You will be taken on an espionage thrill ride with a shadow team of covert operatives from Dubai to Hollywood.

Lauryn Allen (Cocaine Banking Kingpin) and her brother Cartier Allen (Black Hollywood Drug Lord) from the short story Cocaine Banking Cartel will be making a special appearance in Ballin' 7©.

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