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1. Allegedly, a rapper known for not paying his bills was real chatty recently and insisted that another rapper is HIV positive.  The infected rapper and his significant other are known for being very materialistic.


2. The chatty rapper also alleged that a skinny tatted up divorced rapper also has a House In Virginia.


3. And he alleged that a Texas based rapper was smashing filthy groupies throughout the Lone Star State and contracted AIDS from one of the groupies





A famous battle rapper was arrested earlier this year after a Bay Area woman accused him of beating her up and demanding $20,000 as payment when she decided she no longer wanted him as her pimp, according to police records obtained by this newspaper.

Saleem Bligen, 39, who uses the stage name “Serius Jones,” is being held on a no-bail warrant in Contra Costa, facing eight felony counts that include human trafficking, pimping, robbery, criminal threats, assault, dissuading a witness, and possessing a stolen Lexus.

The charging records name a single alleged victim, a woman known publicly only as “Jane Doe,” to protect her identity. According to court records made public in May, Doe identified Bligen as her onetime pimp, and alleged that he stomped her with “Tims” — slang for Timberland brand boots — after she tried to separate herself from him. She said that when he was her pimp, he would become angry and threaten her if she failed to earn at least $1,500 per day.

Doe said she came to know Bligen through a friend, and that at the time she was working as a dancer at a San Francisco strip club, police say. She alleged she was “working” for Bligen as a prostitute while he traveled between New Jersey, New York, and California, and that she had been a sex worker prior to meeting him.

The woman alleged that Bligen coached her on prostitution, telling her things like, “If (johns) don’t offer you money in the first five minutes, move onto the next one.” The woman said she occasionally walked “the blade” in San Francisco — slang term for an area known for prostitution — but mostly arranged for dates at hotels in the Bay Area and Hawaii, according to court records.

All of the proceeds went to Bligen, the woman alleged. She decided she’d had enough and told him she wasn’t willing to continue, police say. That’s when he showed up at her apartment, under extraordinary circumstances, police allege.

The woman said she was at home in her apartment, when a 4.5-magnitude earthquake struck the Bay Area. She ran outside during the quake to look around. When she returned, Bligen was inside. She told police he demanded money, and when she refused, he knocked her to the ground and used his Timberland boots to step on her face, telling her, “You’re gonna die, b—-,” police records show.

Doe told police Bligen left several hours later, taking her Lexus as “a trophy fee” and added that he wanted $20,000 before she could be free of him. After she reported the car stolen, she reportedly received several text messages from Bligen, which were later obtained by authorities. In one, he allegedly made a threat to, “kill ya f—–‘ family.”

“Let’s see how much you really don’t care about yours, cuz even if I was in jail muf—as love me,” one text allegedly said. Others reportedly said: “You don’t have nobody in the world that would be willing to ride with you if I decide to let the wolves loose on you…You owe me ya life.”

Police later determined that the woman had used electronic money transfer apps to sent a total of $33,150 to Bligen, from July-October 2019, according to court records.

Bligen was arrested in Las Vegas and brought to Contra Costa.

His Gofund me page only netted $110 dollars.



Rumors continue to circulate about Snoop Dogg having second thoughts about the Biden/Harris ticket yet not too long ago: Donald Trump hinted that Snoop Dogg could face "jail" time following his video showing him pointing a fake gun at a Trump character dressed as a clown. And Bow Wow threatened to pimp out Melania.


Why the sudden change of heart?


People are wondering if some of these rappers are being paid off to change their opinion?  Since money is hard to come by in the midst of an pandemic.


And don't forget, due to Omarosa's early support of Trump, she was allegedly given investment advice and became independently wealthy.



An early English settler (John Rolfe-1585-1622), is credited with the cultivation of toabacco as an export AND is allegedly the first person to refer to Blacks with the n-word.


The first time the N-word was heard was when Rolfe used the word to describe African slaves shipped to a Virginia colony.


Rolfe later married Pocahontas.


The word originated in the 16th century as an adaptation of the Spanish word Negro, a descendant of the Latin adjective niger, which means "black." It was used derogatorily, and by the mid-20th century, particularly in the United States, its usage by anyone other than a black person had become unambiguously pejorative, a racist insult. Accordingly, it began to disappear from general popular culture. Its inclusion in classic works of literature has sparked modern controversy.

Because the term is considered extremely offensive, it is often referred to by the euphemism the N-word. However, it remains in use, particularly as the variant N*gga, by African Americans among themselves.


by: Jeremy Kinser


Although Gene Anthony Ray would often maintain that he wasn’t a real-life Leroy Johnson (insisting that he was neither antisocial nor illiterate like the character — “I enjoy reading!” he’d occasionally exclaim during interviews), both used their incredible charisma, raw talent and innate dancing ability to escape from a troubled family life in Harlem.


Ray honed his fancy footwork at neighborhood block parties. He claimed to win every contest he entered as a kid and he entered every contest he could find — even winning the award as the best male disco dancer at New York’s famed Roseland Ballroom.


Ray was asked to reprise his character in the television series in 1982. Although it struggled for ratings in the U.S., the small-screen version of Fame became a bona-fide phenomenon in Europe and was produced for six seasons and the cast performed in concerts to adoring, screaming crowds. Ray not only emerged as the sex symbol of Fame, but his face became synonymous with the series. His appeal was so strong that he was forced to hire two secretaries to handle the voluminous fan mail he received — reportedly 17,000 letters each day at one point. With his doleful eyes, photogenic features and chiseled, Adonis-like physique, Ray was naturally a popular subject with fan magazines read predominantly by females, but he always deflected questions about his sexual orientation.


Among friends, though, Ray was completely open about his sexuality. During interviews conducted at this time, Ray seemed guarded about some aspects of his private life and often butched it up in front of the camera. Later his flair for camp became more apparent, his gestures became more flamboyant, he rolled his eyes more frequently, and seemed to always be on the lookout for a quick joke to deflate tension. During the height of his career, when questioned about his love life, Ray always maintained that due to his exhausting work schedule he only had time for one woman — his mom Jean.


His mother would prove to be a catalyst in both his life and his career. In 1983 a house he’d purchased for his family in a predominantly Caucasian neighborhood in rural New York was set on fire four times while Ray wasn’t home in what was suspected to be racially-motivated arson.



Another female he became close to at this time was Marguerite Derricks (above), a beguiling, energetic blonde, who joined Fame as a dance student during its second season. She and Ray were fast friends and, as she recalls, he immediately defended her against petty jealousy when she was first cast on the series.

“The dancers were rather bitchy when I first joined because it was very much like a real high school and I was the new kid,” Derricks, now an award-winning choreographer for films such as "Showgirls," and the 2009 remake of "Fame," says: “They were whispering behind my back, ‘We don’t need her.’ Gene Anthony walked in the room and immediately saw what was going on and put his arm around me. He said, ‘Y’all are just some tired bitches!’ We became really great friends. I later became friends with all the dancers, but he was always my protector. He was louder than anyone could be, but he had the biggest heart in the world. He was really wonderful.”

Derricks also admired the close relationship Ray had established with Debbie Allen.

“He and Debbie would get on the dance floor and it was magical,” she shares. “Their relationship was magical. They loved each other very much. She took care of him like a big sister and loved him and protected him. He really looked up to her.”

In an interview conducted after his death, Allen recalled Ray’s mischievous, sometimes temperamental nature when he grabbed her ass while she was singing. After she scolded him, he was so hurt that he destroyed a dressing room.

Ray could not only dance lighter than air (Fame choreographer Louis Falco compared Ray to a young Fred Astaire) and kick higher than most female dancers, he could also out-party the rest of his cast members and friends. Immense fame comes at a cost, particularly when you’re young and making money beyond your wildest dreams and the entire world is kissing your ass and buying you one more round of cocktails or offering another bump of coke. Although he appeared in all six seasons of Fame, Ray’s drinking and drug use escalated and he was eventually suspended for a time after missing nearly 100 days of shooting.

Derricks makes it clear that when Ray was on set, he was 100 percent present and hard-working.

“When he walked into a room not only would the light shine but the room would shake,” she recalls. “I’ve never met someone who was so charismatic. It was just natural. Everyone wanted to be around him. He was funnier than anybody. He’d make up raps sometimes to songs. He was quick-witted. He was a natural dancer. He was naturally great at everything. I trained really hard to do what I do. For Gene, he could just look at something and do it better than anybody else.”

Yet it wasn’t always easy being so identified with Leroy Johnson. Following the cancellation of the series in 1987, Ray’s professional life became a long series of failed opportunities. An appearance in a Weather Girls music video didn’t lead to much. He landed a role in the highly-anticipated musical adaptation of Carrie in London and received respectful reviews in the part played by John Travolta in the 1976 film. Unfortunately, the show became infamous as one of theater’s most notorious short-lived flops. He even performed on cruise ships. He’d get cast in an occasional TV commercial or land a cameo in a film, but substantial employment proved elusive.

During this period, it becomes challenging to sort out the factual details of Ray’s life. He headlined a show at "Glam Slam," a Los Angeles nightclub owned by Prince, embarked on a European dance tour and later tried unsuccessfully to launch a Fame-style dance company in Milan, Italy. His partying continued unabated, though, and he blew through his savings. In Milan, Ray was arrested for stealing a bottle of wine from a supermarket to attack a couple of men who were harassing him, although the charges were dropped. There were even reports he sometimes slept on park benches.

Friends who knew Ray when he lived in Los Angeles in the early ’90s, but who asked to remain anonymous for this article, shared wildly different opinions of him. One man who knew him from West Hollywood bars remembered he was friendly and always offered a smile but was rarely sober. Another man who knew Ray on a more intimate basis noted that he could become arrogant when drunk or using drugs and was mostly unpleasant during the time the two men were acquainted. As Debbie Allen said, Ray was a mixture of sweet and sour at the same time.

In 1993 the British press ran a series of sensational newspaper headlines saying that Ray was dying of AIDS, even though he didn’t test positive for HIV until later. In an interview in 1994, Ray admitted the rumors hurt, especially when old friends told him they were shocked to learn he was still alive. Ray said he was apprehensive about denying the stories out of respect for his friends who really were suffering with HIV/AIDS.

When he did test positive in 1996, Derricks was the first person Ray called.

“We were on the phone for hours, just crying,” she recalls. However, the next day he rang her again to tell her the diagnosis was a mistake. Unsure of the exact reason, Derricks stops short of speculating that Ray didn’t want to become an emotional burden.

“We had seen so many of our friends from that time die,” she adds. “It was a really, really difficult time. It felt like every other week we were going to the hospital to visit our friends.”

A camera crew from entertainment channel E! caught up with Ray in Italy in 2002 as he posted flyers for a male stripper review he was headlining under the stage name “Leroy Johnson.” It’s a very unsettling interview. He appeared gaunt, unfocused and is almost unrecognizable, claiming someone had just punched him in the face.

In still another on-camera interview conducted the next year, Ray looked healthier and more robust and noted the fickleness of fame. “Just as quick as you had it, it can go and it’s much more harmful than never having had it before.”

Like many of his friends Derricks was surprised when Ray died following what was reported as complications from a stroke. She reveals that Ray did become quite ill from time to time, but he seemed to always recuperate. “He was in a hospice and was really, really sick and I went to visit him every day and then he was fine,” she remembers. “He always bounced back.”

Allen was also shocked at Ray’s young demise. She wiped away tears as she remembered a phone call she received from his mother, who’d been released from prison in 1999, telling her this was her last opportunity to speak to her friend, that he probably wouldn’t live through the night. She’d soon find herself rushing to New York to attend his funeral in November 2003.

Although Ray never found another project that showcased his talents the way Fame did, it’s not difficult to see his influence in series such as "Glee," and a generation of musical performers who followed him.


by: Rodney W. Branch (Copa Style Magazine)


Copa: How did you get to meet Clifton Davis?

Melba: I don't know if I can remember it all but, we dated, it was wonderful. We ate at fabulous French restaurants, Novella and her Fiancé use to plan things together at her house and at many social events. It was really wonderful having new friends, romance and a whole new life, I don't remember exactly when I was invited to do my own TV show after I received my Tony Award. It was still during the time we were still on Broadway, many things were going on at the same time as with wonderful opportunities.

Copa: How did things turn around?

Melba: Well. as I stated earlier the relationship with Clifton broke up, during that time I got pregnant by Clifton and had an abortion which I would never recommend that for anyone. But after that I had an IUD inserted into my Uterus so wouldn't get pregnant again and it ruptured my appendix. I experienced a really bad time, I not only lost my career but I was about loose my life because of all of of these things. They have new proceedures now but they are not all safe, I'm saying this for everyone's benefit. Now I'm a born again Christian, I wasn't then, if I had known what I know now I would have had the child and would never have had the abortion. So that's my public confession, I don't have any secrets regarding my personal life and what my beliefs are.

It took me over a year to get back on my feet and try to get back to work an everything, and of course all of my money was gone. The people who were managing my money robbed me blind. I know you call me a 'triple threat' but I had no background in business. My parents are typical of artists of that era, they knew nothing about business and I would say that was typical of African Americans. It always reminded me that we didn't come here on an even playing field we came here as slaves and anything we've learned about business, education, about caring for ourselves we had to fight for. No one wanted us to know anything about power. People who know about business will not tell you because they want to maintain that power over you, unfortunately most of the time you come in contact with business people things happen. Not all business people are dishonest but those who are dishonest sometimes if you don't lookout you can be a 'neon sign' for these types of folks to come aboard and just bleed you dry. I was one of their victims.


It took took me about a year to get back on my feet, I was trying to get myself work. I was doing a benifit at the Apollo Theatre when I met my now ex- husband Charles Huggins. The reason I met him is because I happened to be at an after party, someone else was there that knew both of us so we were introduced. So we got to spend some time with each other and started dating. Eventually we became engaged and later married, he became my Manager and we started HUSH Productions.


Copa: Please tell us about HUSH Productions and how it was started.

Melba: It started with me, I was the only act, we were looking for managers for me, but since my career was so different from most Black people's careers We couldn't find a manager who ever managed a Black woman who was an R&B recording Artist and also performed on Broadway as well. So what we did was assemble a stable of managers who had groups of artists so what Charles did was get people in theatre, people who recorded, people who were performing in Cabarets and concerts. This way we had cover many departments because every time we ran into a manager, he would say that he or she couldn't do this or that but what they were really saying was they couldn't really do it so Charles and I knew that they weren't really right fit for the task. These managers were supposed to be the experts but they would keep telling me about things that I had already done. Earlier there was one guy who said that he wanted to get me into a production of "Hello Dolly" but I didn't have a theatrical background, he didn't realize I had extensive experience on the stage, by the time he told me that I was already in "Hair!"So HUSH Productions started with me as an Artist. So first they got me back into the theatre with Timbuktu or should I say we got it. I managed with myself and my Husband in the beginning.

Copa: In the production of Timbuktu, what was your experience working with talents like Eartha Kitt and Geoffrey Holder?

Melba: Geoffrey was just an amazing person who was bigger than life, he was like a big Genie, I think he was a Genie that came right out of a bottle, everything was magic to him. He did everything, he was a dancer, a choreographer and director, he was everything. He created the costumes and the whole look of the play. Eartha was a consummate professional, a great actress, dancer and Diva , she was in charge when she took the stage...outstanding. She came along in a time when Black people didn't get nothing and you had to be 20 times better than anybody else and she was...there was only one Eartha!

Copa: Were there any lessons to learn from Eartha Kitt?

Melba: I'm not sure if I learned any lessons. By the time I did Timbuktu it was my third role, I had to be in my character. I could see what her persona was, could see that I was gentle, for instance as a feminine character I was not a femme fatale, Eartha is, I was the sweet girl next door type of girl and you kind of learn your personality I think in your role. But I don't think it was a situation that when you were around her that you could really learn from her... I didn't see it that way, we both had are parts to perform, we were almost playing roles opposite from each other.

Copa: What memorable experiences with the cast that stand out in your mind from your time performing in Timbuktu?

Melba: What comes to mind is a Quartet that we performed called "And This Is My Beloved" it was so beautiful Ira Hawkins was Eartha Kitt's love interest, I don't think that he was ever a well known celebrity but he was so beautiful and so talented. My love interest was Gilbert Price, a beautiful, handsome and sweet leading man and I was the lovely girl. I think this was typical of what Timbuktu was all about, very classical simply flowing. The colors were full of beautiful pastels and the wonderful bodies of the dancers moving gracefully around the stage, it was a beautiful fantasy!

Copa: Fabulous, it does appear this was an interesting time during the earlier parts of your recording career, we'd love to hear more.

Melba: I remember the first hit was called "This Is It", the music was more Pop, it was written by Van McCoy!

Copa: Van McCoy, that's a DC Native. How did you get together?

Melba: I have to give Charles Huggins the credit for this. it's what I was saying earlier, you can be a 'triple threat' but if you don't have someone making business deals for you your talent will go nowhere. Charles found these great producers, contacted and negotiated with the record companies, and dealing with the executives on my behalf and making them pay attention to my talent and arranging the contracts. This is what a good manager does, he did a fabulous job of it, so he's the one who set me up with Van McCoy.

Copa: "This is it" was a great recording, let's talk about it.

Melba: I love that song, it was on one of Aretha Franklin's records, you know how we all feel about Aretha Franklin, she's our Queen. So I took that song and started performing it, right from the beginning it clicked with audiences. By the time I met Van I reminded him that he wrote it and by that time I had developed my own arrangements with different notes and everything. That year on the same album I had "This Is It" and "Lean on Me", this was my first album, it was very successful. This was 1977, in 1979 "You Stepped Into My Life" was recorded.


Copa: Freddie Jackson, how did you meet him?

Melba: I worked with him in various recording sessions an of course once again through the management of Charles Huggins who arranged several song writers and producers for me. One of the ways I worked with Freddie in the beginning is when he wrote some songs for my records and also sang back up for them. I went to see him perform and was very impressed with him? With the suggestion of Charles and I, we told him and the people at HUSH Productions we felt that he should be a lead singer so when I took him on the road with me as a back up and I was featuring him in the middle of my shows and that's how we started to launch Freddie. Also Freddie came with Paul Lawrence, songwriter/ producer who wrote a huge hit for me "Loves Coming At Ya" and Lillo Thomas who was a great songwriter who wrote "Mind Up Tonight". When I acquired Freddie many talented people came with him.

Copa: How did McFadden & Whitehead come into play?

Melba: McFadden & Whitehead arranged "You Stepped Into my Life", it was there talent that made it such a wonderful success for me, otherwise it would have just been another Bee Gees tune, M & W put the Philadelphia Funk to it.

Copa: Where was all of the musical production taking place?

Melba: Our Headquarters was at 231 West 58th St. We had our own office building. My ex-husband Charles had a knack for entrepreneurism he conducted a lot of business in Real Estate, in fact the restaurant I met him in when we started dating used to be called Frank's Restaurant, it was a landmark. At one time Black people couldn't go in that restaurant cause later on it became a favorite place for people in Harlem to come down to eat there, but then he bought that place and renamed it "Charles' Gallery" and it became a landmark because he became the first Black owner of that place. That's just one example of Charles' business talent and ability. With us joining forces with our talents I was able to revive my successful career.

Copa: So basically it was all about recording and bringing in new talent with HUSH Productions?

Melba: Yes I really focused on recording, touring working with talents like Freddie Jackson, McFaddan & Whitehead, Lillo Thomas, and Kashif who wrote "Love Come Down" for Evelyn "Champagne" King, "You Give Good Love" for Whitney Houston. We really signed on a lot of fantastic singers and song writers at HUSH Productions for the rest of the 80's. We also picked up Force MD's and Meli'sa Morgan.

Copa: Was there a specific sound that HUSH Productions was looking for?

Melba: Well Charles and his brother Beau were at the helm and had a special feel as to what was happening with the sound on the street. They had a natural ability to comprehend music. We built HUSH to the point where many more musicians, performers and songwriters would seek us out. So they came and we picked what we felt was great music.

Copa: So what became of HUSH Productions?

Melba: Charles' interests had changed and we had moved in two different directions.


Melba Moore & Clifton Davis recently reunited onstage to perform "Never Can Say Goodbye," a song he allegedly wrote for her during their relationship.







Jada Pinkett was profoundly disturbed after catching Willow watching adult films at 10 on Tumblr.


Lizzo: “I’m sick of being an activist just because I’m fat and Black. I want to be an activist because I’m intelligent, because I care about issues, because my music is good, because I want to help the world.”


Kelly Rowland doesn’t want low-rise jeans to come back into fashion.


Beyonce’s latest Ivy Park collection will drop on October 30th.


Anthony Mackie says filming ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ during the coronavirus pandemic has been “awful”, because filming conditions have been "rough."


John Boyega would return to the ‘Star Wars’ franchise in an animated feature.


Footage is going across the Internet showing Offset having a verbal confrontation with Beverly Hills cops. While details are still scarce, local police confirmed Cardi B‘s husband landed in handcuffs. In the video, Offset can be heard saying he is not going to move his hands from the steering wheel while officers approach and tell him to turn his car off. One officer says, “We were told that you guys were waving guns at people.” “You just watched somebody beat my car up with a flag. What are you talking about?” Offset responds. Later, an officer tells him not to move and reaches into the rapper’s vehicle. “That’s not legal, you can’t just open my door,” Offset repeats while he is arrested.  Allegedly, Offset had a run in with Trump supporters earlier and reports were called in alleging that he was waving a gun around.








It was a horrifying moment when a man asked his ex-girlfriend 'You wanna be famous?' before shooting her during a Facebook Live stream.


Earlier, Jonathan Robinson, 38, kicked in Rannita Nunu Williams' door holding a rifle.


Despite the fact he had a new woman, he didn't want Williams' to date nor go out with friends and he wouldn't stop stalking her.


When she responded to his new girlfriend for speaking about her in an negative manner, Robinson lost it and went to her house with a AK 47.


With Robinson in the background, talking to the camera, Nunu says: "Hey y'all, this is Nunu,...I didn't have any business doing all that (responding and talking bad about Jonathan's new girlfriend).


My page has been blocked."

A man's shadow can be seen hovering over Nunu while muttering "making people famous" in the background.

Robinson then yells: "Everybody wanna be famous, let's be famous today" before reportedly opening fire.

The pent up ex-boyfriend is said to have fired four rapid shots before pausing and shooting another two at the Shreveport home in Louisiana.

Petrified Nunu then screams: "Stop Jonathan" before her phone falls to the floor offering a chilling glimpse of the rifle held in the air.

Four more shots are fired in succession as the man eerily says: "Now b****, game over. Game over b****."

Cops say the suspect barricaded himself in the house before surrendering.

Nunu was rushed to hospital but later died of her injuries.

The incident is also said to have left an police officer with a gunshot wound.

Robinson, who was arrested on domestic violence charges in 2015, was arrested by police on suspicion of second-degree murder and possession of a firearm.

Robinson was sentenced to life without parole.


At the time of her death, NuNu had met a nice man who treated her with respect and her interior design and hairstyling businesses were going well.







Many consider him a has been.


Rumors always circulated that when his late wife signed a big contract, they celebrated by buying a kilo and he overdosed and had to be air lifted to a hospital.


A lot of money exchanged hands to keep this out of the press.


His character has always been bad.


Allegedly, a group member considered him a play uncle to his daughter.  Allegedly, they fell out when its rumored he made a pass at the girl.


He's a recovering alcoholic and allegedly still indulges in drugs but not as much.


According to a source, his current significant other doesn't care about the STD rumors associated with him nor the betrayal of friends or his cheating, she's just content with being Mrs. ____ ____.


Who is he?









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