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Cardi B is reportedly planning to launch her own chat show called 'Bocktails with Cardi B.' The 26-year-old hip-hop star would like to use the name for ''entertainment services in the nature of providing ongoing episodes for distribution via television and the Internet featuring celebrities and artists.'' She'd also like to drop some clothing - such as ''T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, footwear, skirts, dresses, blouses, sweaters, pants and shorts'' under the trademark.


Will Smith doesn't watch his wife Jada Pinkett Smith's online series 'Red Table Talk' because it's embarrassing for him.


Kevin Hunter, Jr. got into a physical altercation over his father's demand for spousal support. Kevin Sr. then claimed that Wendy was "brainwashing" their son against him.







Whispers still persist that Tupac's murder was made to look gang related when the crime may have been committed by an intelligence agency.


If so, would Pac's murder be classified a Black Ops assignment?


Black Ops is so secretive that the operatives who carry out the assignments are anonymous.


Similar to the JFK assassination, a number of witnesses were murdered, disappeared or died under mysterious circumstances.


A 122 page file released by the FBI suggests that West Coast rappers Tupac Shakur and Eric "Eazy E" Wright were threatened and extorted by a group considered a domestic terror organization by federal authorities.


In the file, FBI agents described an extortion scheme purported against the late hip hop legends in which they would receive death threats via an anonymous telephone caller.


Tupac received a threatening call from this group two days before his death.


The file's redacted portion leaves more questions than answers, as many released FBI documents do, but does make reference to a lawsuit involving Wright's Ruthless records company. In the settlement of the lawsuit, an unnamed person received $1.5 million from the record label and according to the language in the FBI file, appears to have been tied into the alleged extortion scheme.


According to author John Potash,  a possible motive for Tupac's murder:


Tupac was politicizing black street gangs.

His book also alleges that intelligence agencies were worried about political gangs and saw Tupac at the forefront.

The book further claims that intelligence agencies were reportedly worried that Tupac was trying to bring peace among LA's Bloods and Crips gangs (less black on black killings if this was achieved).

And it's claimed that some security personnel employed by Death Row Records were in fact "covert agents."

A party girl/playgirl told me that Suge would have orgies at his Las Vegas based residence (where he secretly taped the guests) and that he allegedly has a slew of sex tapes featuring celebrities including Tupac. 


And this same woman said that Tupac's killer was non-black in the early stages of the murder investigation.


But the narrative would later change.









Similar to how Nick Young mysteriously inserted himself into Whitney's life, the same think happed to Billie Holiday when a young man named Frankie Freedom (whom nobody knew) appeared out of nowhere and moved into her residence.


After Billie's death, Frankie Freedom was never seen again and attempts to find him failed.


To this day, nobody knows who he really was.




Pianist Jimmy Rowles on Billie Holiday:


When I first met that girl, she was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. She was big, but she didn't seem big. She was just strong, you know. Her skin was like satin, like the tune "Satin Doll." And she was very graceful. Watching her was like watching a dream walk through the room, even if she was jumping around with her slacks on. She was just adorable. Every night I saw her body -- every inch of her -- and I was only a kid, 20 years old. . . . She'd stand there with just a pair of shoes on, and I loved her all the more because she was so gorgeous, so beautiful.


Sadly, there was another side to Billie:


Strung out on drugs for her entire adult life, she risked her band members' lives and sanities as she demanded that they procure her supplies. When her chauffeur came home from jail after doing time for buying drugs (and refusing to implicate her), she wouldn't even speak to him.


Holiday, who died at 44, wallowed in drugs -- to the extent that she even shot heroin into her boxer dog, Mister. Carl Drinkard, her pianist in the early '50s, said:

Lady could not kick any habit. Lady did not want to kick any habit. So often she would tell me, "Carl, if I had to live my life without drugs, life wouldn't be worth living." Lady was a very simple person to understand: All she wanted was to wake up feeling beautiful, and to feel beautiful to Lady meant waking up knowing that she had enough drugs to feel beautiful.

Eventually, the dope reduced Holiday to a kind of zombie, and her friends tell how the men in her life used drugs to control her.

Lady Day seems to have been one of those artists who believe they require abuse. "She was unfortunate enough to be mentally arranged so that she had to have a cat that beat the s--- out of her three times a week to keep her happy," said pianist Rowles. "That's the downfall of too many girl singers."

An eager pop psychologist, Clarke speculates that the singer, who was raised in an unstable atmosphere by her mother and spent time in juvenile homes, felt rejected by her father and stepfather and so chose unsuitable men to spare herself disappointment.

Whatever the reason, Billie Holiday entrusted her life to a depressing number of lowlifes. Her first husband was Jimmy Monroe (brother of Clark Monroe, who owned Monroe's Uptown House), a ladies' man and a pimp. Her second was John Levy (referred to in the book as "John Levy the pimp" to distinguish him from "John Levy the bassist," a musician friend of Holiday's).

Levy and Holiday had fearsome fights. He jumped on her stomach, and she hit him, on one occasion, with a portable TV set. One night Billie broke a coke bottle over his head and he knifed her.

"I just had to look at Levy to know he was a hood," Rowles said. He adds that when Levy died of a brain hemorrhage in 1957, pianist Bobby Tucker complained,"He didn't even have the courtesy to let someone shoot him."

Holiday's third husband, Louis McKay, wasn't much better. "He was an idiot, a poor kind of pimp, not a classy one or one that ever really made it," said John Levy the bassist. "He was just another pimp and she was on her way down."

Holiday's story isn't a complete drag, and funny details emerge along the way. The often humorous Rowles recalled trying to get the singer -- who was usually hours late to begin with -- from the dressing room to the stage:

Someone would call her, "Lady Day," and she'd say, "Hi baby," and she's off into a party scene. OK, that's another 45 minutes. She sits and they start bringing drinks. All of a sudden she gets into an argument with a cat, and boom, she curses the SOB out and stamps away. . . . She gets about 10 more feet and someone says, "Lady Day," and again, "Oh, hi, baby" . . .

One evening, jazz great, Dinah Washington knocked on Lady Day's dressing room door:

Finally she yelled, "Who is it?" and Dinah said, "It's me, Queenie." Lady . . . looked at her and slammed the door in her face. Dinah ran down the stairs crying.

Lady had a knack with a lyric. She'd look at the music sheet, put it down, walk away, have a blast, and come back to sing the tune. . . . There must have been a lyric angel that came down from the clouds and said, "Here they are, Lady, you got 'em," cause she'd come back in about three minutes and sing the whole thing down. . . . To Lady, to sing was a wonderful time: playing records in her room and having friends around -- that was a wonderful time . . .

In her last days, though Holiday's timing and power wavered, she never lost her charm. Record producer Irving Townsend, who oversaw her last album, "Lady in Satin," put it this way: "People didn't give a damn what her voice was like, because she was Billie Holiday, with a style and a voice like no other woman ever had . . . and what she once was would carry her through with any audience."






Zhang Yufen runs an unusual business.


Her clients are women whose husbands are having affairs, and they hire her for one reason.


Zhang Yufen makes her living tracking down mistresses and beats them senseless.


Before she became the Mistress Killer, she was married to a senior official in Xi’An, China, until their marriage started to fall apart.


As her husband became more powerful, he spent more and more nights out late, partying with prostitutes and having affairs with women.


In time, it fell apart altogether. Her husband came home and told her it was over. He had met someone else. He wanted a divorce.


When she told her friends about it, one of Zhang Yufen’s neighbors confided in her that her daughter was going through the same thing.


The girl was suicidal, she said, because her husband had a mistress. Zhang Yufen planned to meet her and commiserate, but she did not make it in time. Before she could visit, the girl took her own life.


When it happened to a third woman, Zhang Yufen got fed up.


She was out on the town when she bumped into her friend’s husband’s mistress. Zhang Yufen, fed up with homewreckers, threw the girl to the ground, stomped on her and cursed her out.


A crowd gathered, but nobody stopped her. The police officer present simply told he “didn’t see what’s happening.


”Today, Zhang Yufen does it professionally.


For a nominal fee, she will track down any man’s mistress and make their life a living hell.







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Vail: (Black supermodel turned-intelligence broker/assassin-in-training)....

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Dominique Desiree: (Superstar attorney who unwittingly gets entangled in a web of deceit & deception).

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