1. Beyonce’s pre-Destiny’s Child recordings have been released on a new album backed by her dad, Mathew Knowles. The music mogul, who managed his daughter’s group and her early solo career, has opened up the vaults to share previously unreleased music from Girls Tyme – the band he put together around Beyonce before Destiny’s Child.


2. The “Power” world might not have to shed tears after all. New reports and buzz has developed about lead actor Omari Hardwick‘s main character possibly surviving a shooting.


3. Exactly zero people believe Offset’s dirty dog messages came from being hacked.


4. Rita Ora is reportedly dating Jude Law’s 23-year-old son Rafferty.


5. Barack and Michelle Obama are busting out the champagne, we imagine, to celebrate closing the deal for a mega-estate on Martha's Vineyard.

The Obamas got the keys Wednesday for the awesome mansion which sits on 29 acres of beachfront property.

As we told you, it was listed for $14,850,000 ... but our sources told us the Obamas were paying much less. Now we know how much less. According to real estate records, they're plunking down $11.75 million.

That kinda dough gets them 6,900 square feet with 7 bedrooms. The enormous pad has a pool, outdoor fireplace, and vaulted ceilings. It also has 2 guest wings off the main home.






I used to get beat up a lot in my younger years, and the aggressor was always Black.


It started with my dad.


Then a few kids in middle school.


Then one kid during my first year of high school. I was walking back from the parking lot outside my aunt’s apartment, and a group black kids around my age pulled up to me on bicycles. We spoke. I was nervous and awkward. One of them followed me up the stairs to the main door to the hallway leading to my aunt’s apartment.


My hands were full, but I got the door open. Once I was in the doorway, I looked back to see a fist flying at my face. He hit me. He ran off.


I feel like that’s always been the case.


I first learned that I talked like a white person when I was around the age of 8. My cousins seemed so curious about me. They wanted to know why I didn’t dance like them and why I didn’t talk like them. They called me white boy. It was confusing. I knew I wasn’t white, and all at the same time, I didn’t feel very Black.


I grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood and was socialized in a predominately white school for most of my formative years. My grandparents raised me to keep my head down, do good work, and never upset any white people. They listened to Black music, and watched Black television, and went to our Black relative’s houses for cookouts. I loved all these things, but often felt like an outsider.


None of my friends were black growing up. The ones that were, were only in my life temporarily, and either moved away or we just stopped being friends.


I used to think black women couldn’t possibly be beautiful. I didn’t talk to them, date them, or approach them. I thought they were all the stereotypes I’d heard about them and that I had convinced myself were true: that they were loud, unruly, aggressive, and insatiable. If they didn’t look like Britney Spears, I wanted nothing to do with them. I only felt safe dating and befriending white women. I was called out for it. But, I ignored it.


Things shifted after the first year of high school ended.


I moved to a predominantly black neighborhood with my dad and his new wife and his new stepdaughter. I hated being in such an unsafe household, my dad never stopped being physically and emotionally abusive, so I spent most of my time with friends. Also, I was a teenager.


I became fast friends with a few of the neighborhood kids. I learned that I played basketball like a white boy, but beyond that, they pretty much accepted me. One kid called me “preacher pimp” because I wore nice clothes to school and because many of my friends were women. I wasn’t a preacher nor was I sleeping with any of these woman, but it felt good to be acknowledged in a positive light. Yes, I know all of that was problematic, but this is my story.


I learned to freestyle rap, play basketball like someone outta of an AND1 mixtape, and use the N word effectively and proficiently, but for the most part, they were just people I kicked it with. And also, none of these things made us black or make anyone black. We could have read comic books together and played Dungeons and Dragons and we would have been just as Black.


Sure, my Black friends did things that my white friends didn’t do, but they weren’t from another planet. They felt hurt, pain, love, sadness, and happiness. They wanted better relationships with their family members. They freaked out about school. These black folk were me. And I was them. Not some kid who talked white, or was an easy target for getting beat up. I was Sinclair.


Maybe Black is whoever you are, whatever you love, and however you live in your Black skin.


Still, I held onto a lot of anger and hate towards my own Blackness.


I held onto my beliefs and perceptions about who other Black people were. I gave into what the media told me about Black people: criminal, unsafe, lazy, and dangerous. That narrative was and still is burned into my brain. I can recall more mugshots of Black men on the news, than I can celebrity profiles or Black excellence and achievements. I can recall more times that I’ve been afraid to walk in a space full of black people (family reunions, professional conferences, church, any predominantly Black city neighborhood it doesn’t matter) than I can recall walking into these spaces feeling okay with just being me.


I have so much to unlearn. But, I’m trying. I’m telling you all this. That’s a good first step. I’m aware of the problematic narrative I replay and subscribe to. That’s a good step. I’m reaching out to black men and asking to hang out with them. I putting together a mental health conference for black people and by black people to be held in Baltimore next summer. I’m purposeful about connecting with black folks in any space I enter. My therapist is black. My black wife teaches me about this world and about myself everyday. My future children will be black.

And, I’m black.


Still, I have a long way to go. I’ve seen a lot of conversations on social media about self-hating black men who “prefer” lighter skinned women to darker skinned women. I’m like, that used to be me. Not that long ago.


I see brothas defending themselves and wasting their breath trying to silence anyone who holds them accountable. I’m like, I’m stubborn like that. My masculinity is so flawed and fragile and unhelpful at times.


I look in the mirror, and sometimes I wish I didn’t have to exist in this Black body. I hate my own skin at times, and am embarrassed to be Black. This isn’t healthy; this isn’t how I want to live.


These days, the worst part of all this is feeling unsafe to be Black. I feel like white people are emboldened to shoot us, strike us, harm us on site. I feel like my Blackness gets confused for targets all the time. I feel like no matter how many degrees I have, I’m still less than.


But it doesn’t stop here. I’m not stopping at just admitting how I feel and being real about the barriers. I’m seeking to learn more and embrace my Blackness. I’m working on discovering spaces where I find comfort. I’m working on not feeling so upset when people pull my Black card. I’m working on being less judgmental and pious when someone who looks like me walks into a room. I’m tired of being a crab in a barrel. There is no barrel. It’s just all of us.


I don’t want a badge, a trophy, or an applause. I simply want to do better. But, it’s not simple. So many of us are actively working to unlearn and undo the impact of slavery, trauma, and internalized racism.


And, I’m tired of doing this shit alone and in my head. Maybe you’re doing the work as well. Maybe you’re reading this and thinking: Dang, I thought it was just me.


It’s not. A lot of us are steeped in self-hate, and so many don’t even know it.






Jermaine Stewart's burial site was left without a tombstone or even a grave marker for over 17 years. In 2014, his grave finally received a gravestone, placed there by his mother.



Phillipe Wynne (lead singer of the Spinners) parents, DeGree Walker and Annie Wynn divorced in November 1947 in Cincinnati.


Around 1952, Philippe and his three siblings – Annie Walker, who later became an opera singer, Michael Leon Walker, and Margaret Walker – were placed in the New Orphan Asylum for Colored Children (which closed in 1967), in the Avondale neighborhood of Cincinnati, on Van Buren Street.


Their father, DeGree Walker, was granted custody after the divorce, although he worked as a contractor in construction and had to travel.


Their mother, Annie, had run off to Detroit with another man.

Wynne later said: "I guess the hardest part to take was being there and knowing that both of your parents were still alive."

Speaking of asylums:

Widely regarded as one of the most haunted places on Earth, "Waverley Hills Sanatorium," is said to be home to a mysterious woman in chains, who can be seen running from the now abandoned building, a boy called Timmy who is obsessed with playing ball, a girl with no eyes called Mary, and the notorious Room 502, where the door slams shut if you dare to step inside its four walls.


Built in Jefferson County, Kentucky, Waverley Hills Sanatorium was in part a response to the TB pandemic that had swept through much of the United States since the start of the century. The asylum was instantly swamped with sick patients and had to be expanded almost immediately upon completion. The mortality rate was exceptionally high for TB, with the vast majority of those diagnosed dying from the illness.


Those who succumbed to the disease would make their final journey out of the building through the “Death Tunnel,” a 150-meter (500 ft) chute that was used to lower bodies from the hospital to the bottom of the hill upon which it sat.


Due to the accepted thinking of the time, patients were often left alone on the roof of the building, as fresh air was supposedly the key to beating the disease.


Incidentally, numerous people have reported hearing footsteps and voices on the roof.


Lights have also been seen turned on in the building, despite the fact that the grounds have no electricity. Room 502 has been the site of at least two suicides: A young woman was said to have hung herself in the room, and a nurse jumped to her death from its window.


The site was recently bought by a private couple who say that they plan to open the complex as a four-star hotel resort for paranormal enthusiasts and ghost hunters.






Lulu White was actually a light skinned black woman who was very secretive about her ethnicity. and she was one of the most notorious madams who found her fortune and glory in New Orleans’s Storyville.


When prostitution was outlawed everywhere in the city except for Storyville, the entire area was turned into a hotbed for sin, sex, drinking, and any other vice that you can think of.


White alternately claimed to be from Alabama, Cuba, or Jamaica, but she was really born in Alabama in 1868.


Her fame started to skyrocket in the 1880s when she posed for a series of rather pornographic pictures, banking on her mysterious background to help sell her photos. The first mention of her working in the city’s brothels came in 1888.In 1894, White opened Mahogany Hall.


By then, she had created a persona for herself as the “Diamond Queen” (supposedly the owner of the largest private collection of diamonds and gemstones in the South) and continued exploiting the exotic. She advertised all of her girls as being one-eighth black (referred to as “octoroons”).


By doing so, she was absolutely and very vocally going against the enacted and enforced Jim Crow laws. White had a reputation as running a high-class place, full of mirrored ceilings and walls, dancing girls, and clients drinking champagne. Not surprisingly, she was a target of the law, arrested repeatedly for relatively minor offenses like selling liquor without a license.


Storyville came to an end in 1917, and in 1918, White was arrested again for violating the Draft Act by running a brothel too close to a military institution.


After three years in jail, she secured a pardon from President Wilson and opened up her business again. She ran it until she died in 1931.


She remains the only madam (black or white) to receive a Presidential pardon.





An upcoming film or documentary based on Mary Ellen Pleasant's life will soon go into production.


Much has been said, though, and even more implied. Without a doubt, there were many interesting facets to the life of the woman who was called one of the richest black women in America in the 1860s.Pleasant’s mother told her that she was the daughter of a white plantation owner and belonged to a long line of “Voodoo Queens” from Santo Domingo.


When she was 11, she was sold to a man in New Orleans who eventually gave freed her.


Much of her early life was spent traveling the East Coast, and by the 1840s, she and her husband, James Smith, were active in smuggling hundreds of slaves to freedom.


She trained as a cook to infiltrate plantations, but when suspicions started to grow, she hopped on a ship, sailed around the world, and ended up in San Francisco.


(Another version of the story has her getting to California via sailing to Panama, walking to the Pacific, and then taking a ship north.)


In San Francisco, Pleasant became the adviser to Thomas Bell, one of the directors of the Bank of California. Just what else she did has been up to speculation.


According to some accounts, she groomed young women for marriage to wealthy men.


Other stories have her running a chain of bordellos, claiming that she would invest in real estate and turn the buildings into boardinghouses. Those boardinghouses would be full of clients, and she reportedly set up women with wealthy white clients for a night or for a lifetime.


While Pleasant ran her businesses, she acted as a staunch abolitionist. In 1858, she contributed $30,000 to help fund John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry, and she even took a streetcar company to court for refusing to let her sit. She won, and throughout the 1860s, her influence was undeniable. She was well-known (through rumors) as the person who could find someone a wife or find homes for the illegitimate children that came from extramarital dalliances.


At the time of her death in 1904, she was worth $30 million dollars ($60 million in today's dollars), her wealth was unheard of for a black woman during this time and keep in mind, she couldn't read or write yet that didn't stop her from succeeding. She was also the only black woman in the world to have a private driver; and she also diners.







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This ebook shows you how to purchase your dream car or SUV at auction; saving thousands in the process. 


The ebook "How To Buy Cars At Auction," provides an array of information regarding car auctions; unknown to the public.


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Vail: (Black supermodel turned-intelligence broker/assassin-in-training)....

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