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1. Rappers Nas and Swizz Beatz played exclusive sets at Spotify Beach at the Cannes Lions festival in front of an A-list crowd last night.


2. Ray J and Jordyn Woods are apparently in cahoots to promote one of his new products ... Woods is featured in a celeb-filled video for Raycon Headphones.
Ray just put up the video, which also features Cardi B, Offset, Melissa Etheridge, Snoop Dogg and others ... hawking Ray J's Raycon E50 Earbuds.


3. Michael Jackson's children reportedly wear necklaces containing his ashes.


4. Tiffany Haddish will never spend money on a date. The 39-year-old actress is currently single, and has said that whilst she's a ''saver'' in most elements of her life anyway, the one area in which she definitely won't splash any cash is her love life.


5. R. Kelly has paid another $32,000 of his child support debts.


6. Mathew Knowles believes there's ''still segregation'' in the music industry.

The 67-year-old record executive and talent manager - who is the father of singers Beyoncé and Solange Knowles - has slammed the music industry for having ''this imagery of what beauty looks like'' when it comes to skin colour, and believes artists of colour don't do well if their skin is darker.

He said: ''In the music industry there's still segregation. Programmers, especially at pop radio, [have] this imagery of what beauty looks like. They wanted that imagery to be the same as singing those records.

''If you look back, even like Whitney Houston, if you look at those photos, how they lightened her to make her look lighter in complexion ... there's a perception, colourism, the lighter that you are, the smarter, the more economically ... there's a perception all around the world about colour, even with black folks.''

And Mathew even believes his own daughter Beyoncé would not have achieved the level of career success she has if she had darker skin.






According to *James:


I didn’t know much about my father when he died in 1977. My sisters told me that he was a fan of Mississippi Blues man, Jimmy Reed.


I never really had a conversation with my father. I often sat alone beside him for hours in his small studio apartment as a kid. He would just drift in and out of consciousness trying to find his soul.


I finally got the chance to return to Ronnie Stewart’s Russell City Blues Festival of 2018 for two days of down home blues, relaxation and sunshine. I didn’t expect any drama.


During a period of my childhood, Ronnie’s big brother and I were best of friends. I spent day and evening at Ronnie’s house. They had a grand big house with a upstairs and downstairs, and a mother and father just like on TV. All of his brothers and sisters had bicycles just like on television. They all sat together around a big table in a dining room for supper just like on TV. As a child, I was trapped in a dilemma because I loved Ronnie’s family more than I had loved my own.


I have always cherished the dinners I shared at Ronnie’s house with his family back in the day. It’s funny that what I remember most is that big pitcher of Kool-Aid at meals. Ronnie’s mom made some of the best Kool-Aid that I ever tasted. My mother also made a wicked pitcher of Kool-Aid, but we didn’t have a dining room or table, and a father of the house to enjoy it together like the Stewart family.

My dear mother, I and six brothers and sisters were crammed inside a 2 (two) room apartment with a small kitchen space. Early in life, I was forcibly separated from my father because of drugs- OSS/Nazi hallucinogenic experimental truth drugs. Before my 2nd birthday, he was violently separated from me. The experience was so painful and traumatic that I almost became permanently comatose. It was the first time that I died.

I had to disown my beloved father in my most impressionate years of child development. All of his life, I thought that he had crumbled mentally from individual weaknesses, godlessness, and lack of virtues that finally overwhelmed him.


My father had been a pre WW II civilian employee at the U.S. Army Supply Depot in Oakland, then transferred to the U.S. Naval Air Station in Alameda, CA. One day, he went to work then disappeared. My mother and family couldn’t find him. He had been taken. I am not sure when my mother and family finally found him at Napa State Hospital.


The people that took my father from his family was U.S. Naval MC Lt. Charles Savage at Bethesda, head of Naval Intelligence ultra secret mind control program, Project CHATTER. They told me in no uncertain terms that I would be dead before I get any documented evidence or help me in any way to put pieces together to the puzzle that Project CHATTER took him.


For as long as I can remember, I had the same scene played out over and over again in my dreams. God wanted me to never forget it. The scene opens- I was playing with toys on the floor when my mother in some state of apprehension went to the door. She opened it slightly then blocked a man from trying to force his way inside. I looked through the opening of the door. I saw a man dressed in a U.S. Navy black and white sailor uniform staring at me as if I was less than an animal.


Early in my quest to find out what happened to my father, Napa State Hospital claimed that the U.S. Navy burned all my father’s 1948- 1949 medical files from his secret Mare Island Naval Hospital annex commitment and torture. Otherwise, my father’s naval kidnapping, confinement and torture are ultra top national security secrets.


From the medical records I read from my father’s 1949 Alameda County Superior Court of California civil commitment, he had been de-patterned (clean slated) by series of insulin electric shock torture. After the 1948- 1949 experimental depatterning and separation from the naval hospital, my mother had to legally support committing him to Napa State Hospital. Where. My beloved had been reduced to a vegetable state and had to be to taught how to eat and use the bathroom like an infant child.


Back to the Blues Festival, for a moment. In the middle of the festival, Ronnie Stewart introduced the VIPs at the venue. I discovered that Huey P. Newton’s widow, Fredrika Savage Newton, was sitting just yards behind me. I had met her only once with Brother Huey at the Los Angeles International Airport in a rare chance encounter. At the airport, my wife and I ran across Huey without goon bodyguards. I got a chance to briefly speak with Huey for the first time since being released from prison before Fredrika suddenly rushed in. She wanted to know who I was, but I didn’t answer her. My ex wife also knew Huey in Oakland. She took over the conversation, while I backed up and walked away.


In 1989, Huey P. Newton was assassinated in West Oakland. What most people don’t understand is that Huey knew exactly who was running drugs in Oakland. Huey was killed in the 1400 (1456) block of 9th street between Chester and Center Streets around 5 am. I grew up in the neighborhood. It is not the type of neighborhood to find at least four (4) different armed men arrested around 5 am in the morning unless there was a large drug transfer or shipment going down. It appears not one of four (4) armed men including Huey and the assassin lived in the area.

The Alameda County DA allowed ex- convict Tyrone Robinson of the new Black Guerrilla Family drug network to take the rap alone for the murder and execution of Brother Huey ] Huey’s death took place across the street from the apartment house of a west coast NY Carlos Gambino Mob rep.

“It’s a tragedy,’ said Joe DePalma, 27, a construction worker awakened by the shots. ‘But I don’t understand what he [Huey P. Newton] was doing out in West Oakland at that time of the morning.”

The most infamous DePalma Gambino capo was Gregory Depalma.


Not soon thereafter Huey’s assassination, Joe DePalma of West Oakland dropped off the map.


At the blues festival, Fredrika and her entourage moved into a shaded area under a tree in front of me where I could observe the activity around her. A number of people showed up to take group pictures with her. A white guy that I hadn’t noticed before and a black lady suddenly appeared both wearing white and blue round badges to coordinate group photos with Fredrika. Then, I suddenly noticed a particular man who went by the initials, C.A.. A dangerous an alleged violent pedophile.


My wife knows him, his former wife and family. My oldest daughter had been a close family friend. I heard that he may even be my distant cousin. At one time, I remember welcoming him into my home. He used to respectfully speak to me. Then, he suddenly stopped. Now, he only stares from behind. At the Blues Festival, my intuition was if he moves any closer from behind. I may have to put him down.


I had been warned from the underground grapevine to be extremely careful with these people, because I was too close to putting together puzzle pieces to untangle old Oakland’s high level powerful ultra secret pedophile ring.


I didn’t know how deep the rabbit hole ran in Oakland. Soon thereafter, I was deliberately poisoned. I had to drop out of sight until I could recover enough strength to move around. I was at the municipal courthouse one day when I ran into my black woman that I thought I knew.


A few months earlier: I let my guard down for a cup of sweet Lemon Kool- Aid to help her 6 or 7 year old daughter raise money for a project. I even knew the woman’s late elder mother out of New Orleans. She treated me like a son. She had been my beloved elder. As soon as I took and drank the Kool- Aid, she suddenly closed shop, threw everything in her car trunk and took off down the street. I was laid out collapsed on the sidewalk.


Present Day: I left the blues festival before its end. As I was about to get on an BART train car, I suddenly spotted C.A. get on a train car to the rear of me. It could have been a coincidence or was he following me? Nevetheless, I made it home safe.


Source: mindcontrolblackassassins.com









by: Stuart Miller


When the phone rang at the Stax/Volt studios in Memphis in late November of 1967, guitarist Steve Cropper was surprised to hear Otis Redding on the other end, calling from the airport. “Usually Otis would check into the Holiday Inn or whatever hotel he was staying at and then he’d call for me to come over and do some writing,” Cropper recalls. But this time Redding was too excited to wait. “I’ve got a hit,” he told Cropper, so he wanted to come straight to the studio to flesh his idea out into a full-fledged song.


Redding was right. When “(Sittin’ on) the Dock of the Bay” was released less than two months later, it became the singer’s first million-seller and first Billboard Number One single. But the legendary soul singer never got to hear the finished version of his breakthrough single: He had died in a plane crash on December 10th.


Redding laid down numerous tracks in his final weeks, none more important than “Dock of the Bay.” The roots of the song trace back to June of that year. In the middle of the month, Redding, backed by Booker T. & the M.G.’s, left the largely white crowd at the Monterey Pop Festival awestruck, making an impression rivaled only by the Who and Jimi Hendrix. Redding had won over white audiences in Los Angeles at the Whisky a Go Go nightclub the previous year and in Europe that spring, where his admirers included four guys from Liverpool taking a break from recording their new album. But Monterey Pop was on a different scale, and the unabashed adulation confirmed for Redding that he could cross over to become a major star.


“Monterey had a powerful effect on Otis,” recalls Stanley Booth, who interviewed Redding for the Saturday Evening Post during those final sessions. “He saw a huge crowd of white kids going nuts over him, and he began to believe he could follow in the footsteps of Sam Cooke and Ray Charles.”


Al Bell, then a Stax executive, says that he told Redding he was getting pegged as a genre musician and “would have to come up with something different. We talked back and forth on it. I suggested he write something folk-like, saying we could call it Soul Folk. It was the only time I told Otis what to do.”


Redding had begun listening to Bob Dylan, whom he’d met at the Whisky in ’66 but beginning in June, the singer – like the rest of the world – was playing Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band over and over.


The Beatles’ album got Redding thinking. He had always relied on the emotion and energy in his vocals to carry his songs, but now he started paying more mind to the words themselves; he’d also recorded most of his songs live in the studio, but the complex layering achieved by the Beatles and George Martin clued him in to other ways of building tracks. Redding had produced (and co-written) Arthur Conley’s hit “Sweet Soul Music” earlier that year and Cropper says he started talking about getting off the road and spending more time producing in the studio.


“Absolutely his style was changing,” Cropper tells Rolling Stone. “One of the main things Otis told me in the car one day was, ‘I’m coming to Memphis and I’m going to get a place and you and I are going to produce and write songs.’ He really enjoyed being in the studio.”


Still, Redding was committed to the road for the rest of that summer, including a six-night gig at Basin Street West in San Francisco in August. When rock impresario Bill Graham made him an offer to get out of downtown, Redding, a country boy at heart, was happy to spend those days on Graham’s houseboat.


Redding didn’t have much more than the basic chords and his first verse about sitting and watching the ships, and the chorus. And then he put the song aside for a while. “That was Otis,” Cropper says. “He always carried his guitar with him, but not in the case, and he’d have an idea and just start writing – he always had 14 or 15 ideas in his head, totally unfinished.”


Redding stopped touring that fall when polyps on his vocal cords required surgery, sidelining and even nearly silencing him at first. He had to communicate by writing notes, though he also wrote more songs. By late November, he was turned loose and Cropper says his voice sounded better than ever. He recorded more than 30 new songs in a burst of creativity at the end of that month and the beginning of December. Most would end up on posthumous releases including “Hard to Handle,” “The Happy Song” and “I’ve Got Dreams to Remember,” which he wrote based on a poem by his wife Zelma. Some, like “I’m a Changed Man,” reflect the new emphasis on lyrics, while others, though still recognizably soul songs, feature more of Cropper’s guitar and hint at a move toward rock.


At the end of the first take, Redding started whistling, poorly enough that engineer Ron Capone joked that he wasn’t “going to make it as a whistler.” Redding nailed it on the third take.


The whistling has been the subject of much debate. Cropper says that he always left space at the end of a song for Redding to add extra vocals, frequently ad-libbed on the spot. On this day, Cropper says, Redding simply forgot what he wanted to sing and whistled instead, merely as a placeholder to be fixed at a later date.


While “Dock of the Bay” is now hailed as an influential classic – placing at number 26 on Rolling Stone‘s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time – the initial reaction to the song was mixed. Cropper says he played the song for Zelma Redding and Johnny Lee “Blue Moon” Odom, the major-league pitcher who hailed from Redding’s hometown of Macon, Georgia, and was hanging out during some of those sessions. Zelma Redding didn’t like the new approach.


She reportedly felt his post-surgery songs were too strongly Beatles-influenced and has been quoted as saying that her husband told her, “Boy, when I go back out there, I’m gonna be the new Otis Redding,” to which she replied with a hint of dismay, “Oh, God, you are changing.” Redding responded, “It’s time for me to change in my music.”




Numerous people tried to pin the following blind item on one of my favorite singers Otis Redding. 


Hopefully its not him BUT the female label mate (mentioned below) was mentioned in one of his biographies as his mistress.


According to sources, during their hey-day, a gruff R&B singer (who would later die tragically) and a female label mate were quite close.

They were always together, In the studio, out of the studio, you name it, they were together. The female label mate had a child in her younger days, but never made it public information because the child was allegedly fathered by the gruff singer. They had an affair in the beginning, but ended it when people began asking questions.

His wife eventually found out after his death and she severed ties with the female singer.

He was also having sex with numerous white women while out on the road. And he treated white women very badly.






Every night at 7:30, Adeline Santos, 16, and her 13 year old brother, John, appeared to enter trance-like comas and claimed to communicate with spirits for 90 minutes to 3 hours at their family home in Santa Clara, California.


The spirit sessions began in early January, when Adeline said she was visited by a “Lady in White,” the ghost of her mother’s former employer who had died five years earlier in Hawaii, while John believed he was under the spell of an unidentified gray bearded man. It seems no one but the brother and sister actually saw any apparitions, but while in trances, both children spoke in voices other than their own that were assumed to belong to the spirits in question. Their séances caused a local sensation that soon spread.


Hearing about the phenomena, the primarily Portuguese community residents visited to determine the truth for themselves.


Researchers believed poltergeists were responsible. And a psychiatrist, though not admitted to the home at first, offered his theory that the apparent possession was caused by a religious frenzy or possible hysterical disorder.


After a week of regular trances and spiritual possession, both children were sent to spend the night at Mission Santa Clare de Asís by their parents in the hope that the priests might prove able to protect Adeline and John from their nightly visitors.The mother held spiritualist beliefs and thought Adeline and John’s experiences genuine. The father wasn’t certain.


We’ve been unable to determine what happened to the children or the Santos family; they disappeared.


Whether Adeline and John faked their possessions or were genuine trance mediums remains unknown.



The Stockport, Manchester (England) mother’s ordeal began in 1980. Following an argument with her first husband, Ron, Jacqueline shouted, “I hope you break your neck!” Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened. After Ron sped away from the house on his scooter, he was involved in an accident resulting in spine and neck fractures. After a month in the hospital, he died, leaving Jacqueline devastated by guilt. Not long afterward, a lightbulb in Jacqueline’s bathroom exploded. Her arm was cut by flying glass. She put the cause down to a faulty bulb. When her vacuum cleaner kept burning out—a repairman could find no cause—and another lightbulb exploded, she became convinced her home was haunted by the ghost of her dead husband.


Moving house didn’t help. Electrical appliances continued to go haywire in her presence. The stove and vacuum cleaners she bought kept burning out. The television changed channels on its own or the picture distorted. The radio switched channels without being touched too. She also received and delivered severe electrical shocks. Some grocery stores and appliance shops attempted to ban her. After she married her second husband, an electrician, the strange and frightening phenomena continued to occur.The depressed woman, who suffered headaches and fainting spells, contemplated suicide.


Psychic mediums and investigators failed to find a cause. Once, a visiting reporter accused Jacqueline of fraud, making her so angry, the vacuum cleaner burst into flames. At last, a visiting professor provided the key to Jacqueline’s dilemma: both he and her second husband, Paul, believed she suffered from an extreme build-up of static electricity—more than 10 times the normal amount—in her body. By sticking to a special diet and daily program which included walking around the house holding onions to discharge the surplus electricity, Jacqueline’s problem gradually diminished. However, in 1985, her fourth child (a daughter) was born and immediately began exhibiting signs of taking after her mother by giving the midwife a static shock. What was the cause of Jacqueline’s condition, sometimes called High Voltage Syndrome?


Why did her symptoms begin after the death of her first husband? The answers to these questions will probably never be known for sure.







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