Fantasia says she's not doing anymore tours. "The way that I perform, it takes a lot out of me."  This will be temporary because she'll need the money since she's the breadwinner.


Music mogul Dr. Dre is giving every Yeezy fan a reason to go nuts right now. The hip-hop icon has hyped social media up regarding work on a possible follow-up to Kanye West‘s chart-topping "Jesus Is King," album.


There were quite a few memorable moments from last night’s enjoyable Soul Train Awards but Ann Nesby going HONEY BAKED HAM on the mic during her “Optimistic” performance took the crown while fueling hilarious chaos across Twitter.


Kylie Jenner has sold a majority stake in her cosmetics company for $600 million.


Jennifer Lopez worked on 'Hustlers' ''for free." The 50-year-old singer and actress produced the all-female crime movie as well as starring in it as a stripper named Ramona, but has said she ''didn't get paid a whole bunch of money'' for the work she did on the flick. She said: ''I do things because I love them. I didn't get paid a whole bunch of money for 'Hustlers.' I did it for free and produced it. I bank on myself.


Taylor Swift's loyal fans have been on the attack ever since their idol pointed the finger at Scooter Braun and co. ... but now, they've ramped things up by sending death threats. Swifties of all ages have been threatening to kill Scooter and other Big Machine staffers -- including big wig Scott Borchetta -- since T-Swift claimed they were holding her back from performing old hits at the upcoming AMA's. We're told death threats have been sent across multiple mediums -- over social media, over text and through emails. Our sources say Scooter's wife and young children have been mentioned as targets. Even Scooter's Ithaca Holdings office in Nashville had to be shut down last week because of some of the more intense threats ... and cops have been notified.









The late Karen Dior was sought after on the transgender circuit by very famous and rich men.


She once admitted that an African American male superstar pestered her until she went out on several secret dates with him.  Later, he was diagnosed with HIV.


She also dated a white actor who admitted to being HIV positive.


And she was linked to a white action movie star who is also rumored to have HIV.


All three men were diagnosed after Dior died from AIDS complications.


Dior was also a top draw at private celebrity parties.




Karen Dior (February 14, 1967 – August 25, 2004) is a stage name of Geoffrey Gann, also known as Geoffrey Karen Dior. Gann used this name when he performed in drag as Karen Dior. He performed both in and out of drag as a pornographic and mainstream performer, film director, singer and writer. He also had a drag persona that he cultivated to appear completely androgynous, or equal parts male and female.


Karen Dior was born Geoffrey Gann in Missouri; He was adopted as an infant into a Southern Baptist family, and was raised in that religious tradition. Gann moved to Los Angeles at the age of 21 and began working in a beauty salon and performing in drag shows in West Hollywood bars. In 1989, he began appearing in bisexual and transgender adult films.[1] He performed in approximately 120 adult films, most of them under the Dior name. He also performed under the names Geoff Dior, Rick Van, Geoffrey Karen Dior, Geoffrey Gann, and Geoff Gann.

In the 1990s, Dior moved into mainstream film and television roles, including a performance as Loni Anderson's stalker in the 1992 TV movie The Price She Paid. Other work included guest appearances on the television series "Xena: Warrior Princess," "Head Over Heels," and "Veronica's Closet."

Dior contracted HIV in 1995 and later worked as an AIDS activist.


She also received a Ph.D. in philosophy in religion and became an ordained minister.

On August 25, 2004, Dior died of hepatitis.






We know that Eddie Murphy gave Whitney Houston a 5.5 carat diamond ring for her  birthday.


And we also know that Whitney was once linked to NFL star Randall Cunningham.


But how did Arsenio Hall get thrown into the mix?


Whitney admitted to maintaining a "different kind of closeness" with Arsenio but what does that mean?


When Paula Abdul was red hot, Arsenio was also linked to her and nothing came of that either.



Teddy Pendergrass once said: "I miss public performances.  What can I say? But I miss walking more.  Give me that back! Then we'll talk about missing the stage!  I miss every aspect of that side of life."



Chilli recently told a newspaper: ''We (TLC) had some inappropriate encounters with record bosses.

''I always put them back in their place. I would say, 'Let me call your wife and see what she would say about it'. No one can ever say we tried to sleep our way to the top.''

Chilli admitted it was important to her and her bandmates to be their ''authentic'' selves and they refused to give in to pressure to wear revealing clothes.

She added: ''It was never our thing to wear tight dresses, we would never pull that off. You have to be your authentic self. We once had to turn down a huge Essence magazine cover because we refused to wear the clothes they wanted us to.''

Despite this statement, rumors circulated about her and a record boss.







Did a former KGB espionage agent commit these murders?.......




The KGB operative theory is not far fetched because In the late 1980s, one possible serial killer in Virginia claimed at least eight lives along a certain stretch of road connecting the two historically important cities of Jamestown and Yorktown. These killings, known as the Colonial Parkway murders, remain unsolved.


The FBI brought up the fact that several of the crime scenes were located not far from Camp Peary, one of the training camps run by the Central Intelligence Agency. Could a rogue CIA agent be the culprit?




In the summer of 1960, four teenage friends in Finland decided to go camping at a nearby lake. Only one would survive. He came away with a concussion and most of his face broken in addition to other wounds and could only recall a black apparition with glowing red eyes. Some locals still say that it was the Grim Reaper, Death himself, who came for them that night—simply for lack of any other explanation .The victims were all savagely stabbed and bludgeoned, yet there were no weapons to be found at the site.


In the intervening years, there have been many suspects and potential leads, all going nowhere. One man even confessed on his deathbed, only for investigators to prove it false.


The survivor of the attack was even arrested 44 years after the fact, but a thorough modern investigation, including the use of DNA testing, produced nothing. To this day, the mystery of what happened that night at the lake inspires a dark wonder among locals, and the story is said to have heavily influenced the seminal slasher film Friday the 13th.




It was supposed to be a pleasant lakeside camping trip. Four teenagers set out on a sweetheart’s getaway with the intent of roughing it in a single tent perched on the banks of a serene lake. But by the next morning, three would be dead, the fourth brutally injured and a prime suspect in what became known as the Lake Bodom Murders, Finland’s most famous unsolved murder.


On June 4, 1960, 15-year-olds Maila Irmeli Björklund and Anja Tuulikki Mäki of Espoo, Finland, set out for a camping trip. Accompanying the two young women were their 18-year-old boyfriends Seppo Antero Boisman and Nils Wilhelm Gustafsson. They had chosen a well-known campsite on the shores of Bodominjärvi, known in English as Lake Bodom.


The arrival at the campsite and subsequent afternoon went smoothly as the teenagers enjoyed their time in nature. It wasn’t until the early hours of the next morning that disaster struck.


Sometime between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m. on the morning of June 5, Björklund, Mäki, and Boisman were stabbed and bludgeoned to death through their tent. An attempted attack on Gustafsson left him with a concussion, a fractured jaw, and several broken facial bones.


The horrific scene was first stumbled upon by a group of bird-watching boys around 6 a.m. who noticed the slain teenagers’ collapsed tent on the lakeshore. They also reported seeing a blonde man walking away from it.


Mäki and Boisman’s bodies were found inside the tent, but Björklund, Gustafsson’s girlfriend, was found on top of the tent, naked from the waist down and lying next to Gustafsson. Björklund also was in the worst state of the victims and had clearly been stabbed even after her death.


It wasn’t until 11 a.m. that the bodies would be discovered by a carpenter named Risto Siren. Immediately, Siren alerted the police who arrived on the scene around noon. By then, the victims of the Lake Bodom Murders had been dead for more than six hours.


From the start, the crime scene was a confusing one. Rather than enter the tent and stab the teenagers from the inside, it appeared that the assailant had attacked blindly from outside the tent. He or she had clearly used a knife to stab the victims but their bodies showed evidence of another weapon, an unidentified blunt object.


Furthermore, several strange items were missing from the scene, adding another layer of mystery to the crime. For example, the keys to the teenager’s motorcycles were gone, but the motorcycles themselves hadn’t been taken. Gustafsson’s shoes were also missing, though were later found roughly half a mile from the tent along with parts of his clothing.


Later, the papers would lambast the police for their shoddy handling of the case from this point on.


The police reportedly failed to take official recordings of their findings and did not cordon off the area, leaving it open to contamination. Shortly after the police left, curious onlookers and careless campers all but destroyed the murder scene. In an attempt to rectify their mistake, police enlisted the help of soldiers to search for the missing items. The site was instead further trampled, and most of the items were never found.


The first suspect in the murders was Karl Valdemar Gyllström, known in the local community as “Kioskman” because he owned and operated a nearby stall.


Gyllström’s kiosk near Lake Bodom was frequented by campers. However he was known for being hostile towards them, and witnesses claimed to have seen him cut down tents and throw rocks at hikers over the years. Some even posited that they saw him leave the murder scene, but then claimed to have been too afraid of him to alert the authorities. Gyllström allegedly made several confessions in which he displayed knowledge of the crime both drunkenly and sober, though they were all ignored by police.


Nine years after the Lake Bodom Murders, Gyllström drowned in Lake Bodom, likely by suicide, rendering DNA evidence as requested by several authorities over the years impossible to gather.


The second suspect remained of interest until 2004. His name was Hans Assmann and he was rumored to be a former KGB spy living very near to the shores of Lake Bodom. Over the years, Assmann earned a reputation as somewhat of a recluse and combined with the KGB rumors consequently resulted in him being suspected in several murders, though none of the accusations stuck.


But Hans Assmann had gone into the Helsinki Surgical Hospital the day after the attack with fingernails black with dirt and his clothes covered in red stains.


Hospital staff reported that Assman was nervous and aggressive, but other than brief questioning, the police did not pursue Assmann any further as they claimed that he had a solid alibi in regards to the Lake Bodom murders.


Assman’s stained clothing was never investigated despite doctors insisting that it was blood. Assman also matched a description of the blonde man fleeing the scene and cut his hair shortly following a newspaper article detailing the case came out.


No further suspect has been named, no further evidence has been found, and the Lake Bodom Murders remain Finland’s most horrifying and longest unsolved crime.







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