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Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West are convinced that the two black crows that sit outside their house are her late father Robert Kardashian and Kanye's late mother Donda West returning to visit them.


Nicki Minaj isn’t taking any time off social media. The hip-hop diva has continued to feed the Internet with a huge Harriet Tubman proclamation. Nicki hopped on Twitter and likened herself to fellow historic queens like the iconic American abolitionist and political activist.


Houston rapper Travis Scott is extremely limiting his chances of a nasty Nicki Minaj run-in tonight. The hip-hop star has reportedly switched up his MTV Video Music Awards seat after initially getting placed behind Onika. According to reports, Scott no longer has to worry about sitting inches away from Minaj.











Is Nick Gordon the angel of death?


People from his inner circle (Whitney, Bobby and Max) have died yet Nick is still standing; and additional deaths related to his circle that haven't received media attention are mentioned below.


This scenario is similar to the JFK witnesses and the Tupac witnesses who all died under shady circumstances.


Like Nick, there appears to be little to no public background information available about Max Lomas's background.


Coincidence?  Very doubtful.


Lomas was once in jail on multiple charges after allegedly drugging and holding his girlfriend hostage.  And he got into a wild fight with Gordon and Bobbi Kristina – who was just 18 at the time. He repeatedly punched her friend, Justin Walls, in the face, while Gordon waved a Glock 9 mm handgun in the air.


Lomas was represented by two very powerful Georgia defense lawyers. These lawyers were SUPER expensive, top notch- hard hitting attorneys for an alleged small town gun touting drug pusher. Who picked up the tab?


Bobbi Kristina and Whitney basically had a "ghost" in their household in regards to Nick Gordon and it's always been rumored that the woman pretending to be Nick's mother was hired to do so.





Nick surrounded Bobbi Kristina with suspicious people and some dressed like militia types.


Mason Whitaker (above) called himself Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon’s BFF (Best Friend). He has posted several photos of himself with Bobbi Kristina during her drug-addicted years. Whitaker pleaded guilty for possession of marijuana and other narcotics with intent to distribute. He was Gordon’s passenger when he lost control of and crashed his BMW.



Cory Ben-Hanania (people speculated on if he was an Israeli agent) deposed of Bobbi Kristina’s Black school friend, Chelsea (above) by injecting her with pure heroin. After killing his so-called “best friend” Chelsea, he stashed the heroin syringes in her shirt and car. An agency aided him to flee U.S. justice inside Israel. Cory was a publicly known misfit and incorrigible youth since 16 years old. He had no job or known source of income (like Nick Gordon). Even his parents, Robert and Sandra Ben-Hanania don’t appear to have any publicly listed jobs or source of income, but appear to have enough money to purchase homes, fly across country and pay for youth intervention programs.


The normal procedure to enter Israel from the U.S. is that you get a valid passport to stay for up to three months without a vista. As a fugitive from justice, who had the power to arrange his passport, airline bookings, and passage through Israeli customs? Who financed Cory’s round-trip flight and at least a three-month stay in Israel?



Shelby Derrington was allegedly another one of Bobbie Kristina’s BFF's. Shelby mysteriously died due to bleeding on her brain. Doctors didn’t find drugs in her system, but linked her death to a concussion. She may have been a true friend that wasn’t part of the script, and saw and knew too much truth about Bobbi Kristina and ___ to be allowed to live.



Paige Thompson, 43 or 44 years old, loved to post photos of her BFFs Gordon and Bobbi Kristina, until police raided her home and found heroin. Paige has been disposed of. She is currently in prison in Texas for possession of heroin with intent to distribute.



Paige’s daughter with Bobbi Kristina, was also busted for heroin possession. A nurse who was treating her injuries related to a car accident called the cops after finding a bag of suspected heroin in her bra.








by: Yamma Brown


The beatings always begin the same way, with the same terrible sounds. My parents are in their bedroom, behind closed doors. First comes the boom of my father’s voice. “Dee Dee! Goddamn it, Dee Dee!” Then I hear what sounds like thunder rolling through the house. That’s Mom hitting the wall. I wait for her to scream, but she doesn’t. She whimpers. She must have learned long ago that screaming incites him.

I swear that during those fights, I could feel the whole house shake with my father’s crazy rage. Whenever he’d start, my sister Deanna and I would run for cover, usually in a closet or under our beds, and cry quietly into our cupped hands. I shook a lot as a kid. My hands. My face. My knees. A 5-year-old with tremors. As my grandma used to say, “Ain’t that just the saddest thing?” Sometimes the fights lasted only minutes. Sometimes longer. The monster would appear, wreaking havoc on our lives, and then the rumbling would stop and we’d hear our mother’s muffled cries. After that, the house would go completely quiet. The sound of the silence was the worst because that’s when Deanna and I would wonder if our mother were alive or dead and if we would be next.

My father never beat us, but sometimes I think a beating would have been less hurtful than hearing the sounds of him using my mother as his punching bag.

Sometimes I threw up in my hands when they fought. Usually I just shook like a damn leaf trying to hold on during a brisk fall breeze. When my father was in that crazy-ass way, everything was my mother’s fault. She couldn’t do anything right. When he started, she took it to the bedroom and closed the doors — I presume to spare Deanna and me from seeing her battered.


As much as I loved my father, and I sure loved him, I hated him during those times. And I didn’t like my mother much, either. I didn’t understand why she let my father treat her like that. If she couldn’t stand up for herself, how would she protect me? What if I slipped up and did or said something Dad didn’t like and he decided to turn on me, his little Yammacakes? I didn’t think he’d hurt me, but I couldn’t be sure. I couldn’t possibly defend myself against a strong man like my father, especially not when he was in one of his rages.

After a while, I did what my mom did and acted as if the beatings hadn’t happened. I’d pretend the Browns were just like everyone else, a happily married couple with their two great kids.

But it was hard to pretend after I witnessed one of those brutal beatings, the first and only time I actually saw, and not just heard, the brutality that my father was capable of.

It was a sultry summer day, and Deanna and I were happy to be playing a game in our air-conditioned house when the screams and the banging began. We knew the drill and quickly climbed under the coffee table in the living room and held our ears, waiting for the sounds to stop. But this time was different. Waiting for the silence, I heard the bedroom door slam and the sounds of footsteps rumbling down the hallway. The footsteps got louder and closer. Louder and closer. Deanna and I squeezed each other tightly, holding on for dear life. From our hiding spot under the coffee table we could see my mother pad past the living room in her bare feet, with my father on the edge of her heels. Cowering under the table, I watched as the two pairs of feet moved toward the front door. My mother was crying. I saw my father lunge forward to grab her, and she leaped forward and screamed. “James! Stop! James! Please! Ahhhhhhh!” I had never heard her sound so afraid. The front door flew open, and they were outside. “Daddy’s going to kill her,” I said to my sister. “We have to do something.”

I was 5 years old.

I ran to the front door and peered outside. My mother was dressed in her blue and white robe. Her legs were splayed wide open and my father was straddling her, pummeling her with clenched fists. Doosh. Thud. Doosh. Thud. Blood spurted from my mother’s face. She started thrashing around, kicking her legs, holding up her arms to ward off the punches and trying to break free, trying to save herself. I froze in place, but then something inside of me took over and I knew I had to do something. I felt no fear, only rage. I ran outside, screaming, “Leave her alone! Stop punching Mommy!” He didn’t even turn around. He just kept punching. The next thing I knew I was on his back, trying to pull him off of my mom. Sweat was dripping off his face and his eyes were glazed and wild. When he first looked at me, it was as if I was looking into the eyes of a stranger — and a mad one at that. “Stop!’’ I screamed. “Leave Mommy alone!” My father looked stunned. It was as if he’d awakened from a bad dream. His head dropped and his shoulders slumped. I looked down at my mom. Her eyes were purple and her face was bloody. She didn’t look back at me.

Years later, when I asked my mom about the beatings and reminded her about the only one I ever actually saw, she said it was that very day she made up her mind to leave my father. That day, something inside her said that if she didn’t leave, someone was going to end up dead, and she was pretty sure it would be her. But by the time she made her decision, the damage had already been done to me. I’d been programmed to accept abuse as part of life.

Years later I read a quote by Stephen King that summed up what it was like living with the abuse: “People outside such relationships will sometimes ask, ‘How could you let such a business go on for so many years? Didn’t you see the elephant in the living room?’ And it’s so hard for anyone living in a more normal situation to understand the answer that comes closest to the truth; ‘I’m sorry, but it was there when I moved in. I didn’t know it was an elephant; I thought it was part of the furniture.’”

I was in college before I stopped trembling every time my father raised his voice. He could be shouting at a business associate over the phone and I’d be quaking in a corner somewhere. I didn’t need a psychiatrist to tell me that witnessing my father beating on my mother like she was a Mexican piñata would have a profound effect on me.

It probably would have helped if someone had warned me that children who live with abuse often become abusers or victims themselves. But no one warned me about that. So, by the time I was old enough to date, I promised myself that no man would ever treat me the way I saw my father treat my mom. God help the man who took a hand to me. I wouldn’t stand for it. Never.

But when it did happen, I didn’t know it was an elephant. I thought it was part of the furniture.

When I met my future husband Darren Lumar, I was working clinical rotations at DeKalb Medical Center in Atlanta and was the resident pharmacist on the medical team caring for his stepfather. You couldn’t miss Darren. He was a bear of a man at six feet, five inches tall and 280 pounds. He was also charismatic and smart. And he was a real flirt. “Oh, you look so cute in your lab coat!” he’d say. “Please don’t tell me you have a boyfriend!” At first, I stuck to conversations about his stepfather’s heart meds. But the more he talked, the more interested I became in him. He said he was an investment banker with his own international company and that he had played professional baseball for the New York Mets. He was well educated, an honors student who had earned his undergraduate degree at Loyola University in New Orleans and pledged Kappa Alpha Psi at Tulane. When he asked me to dinner, I accepted. That was February 1998.

I didn’t tell Darren who my father was. Not at first. I didn’t need another person using me for my namesake. A couple of months into the relationship, when I finally did fess up, Darren acted as if he had no idea my father was James Brown.

“No way.”
“Really, yes.”

Things between Darren and I moved fast after that. After dating for just two months, we went to Beech Island to visit Dad. To my surprise, Darren asked Dad for my hand in marriage. That was before he even asked me! I thought it was kind of old-fashioned, but sweet. Dad was impressed by Darren’s success. I think he was relieved that I wasn’t with some freeloader who was more interested in his bank account than his daughter. “If you’re happy, Yamma, then I’m happy,” Dad said. A month later, I was formally engaged. I was overjoyed at the prospect of spending my life with Darren. But within just a few weeks, I would see a side of him that frightened me: an angry, aggressive side that seemed to come out of nowhere.

We had just moved in together in a luxury high-rise in Atlanta. We had the normal adjustment problems, bickering over things like where pictures should be hung and how to arrange the sofa in the living room. Living with someone is so different from dating. I quickly noticed that Darren was quite jealous. I could sense him tense up when I said hello to the doorman or came home a few minutes later than I said I would.

One day, I had planned to go shopping for things for our new place, but Darren, for reasons I have never known, decided I must have been going to meet a man. He started arguing with me about leaving the apartment. I was stunned by his belligerence. I couldn’t reason with him. I tried walking away from him, but he wouldn’t let up. He followed me around the apartment, pushing his finger in my face, calling me stupid and worse. When I’d had enough, I picked up my car keys and headed for the door. “I’m going shopping,” I said.

Darren followed me from the apartment into the hallway. He followed me into the elevator, still ranting like a madman. “Okay, Darren,” I said, trying to sound calm. “Enough. We had our argument; now let’s cool off.” Darren wouldn’t let it go. He was all up in my face. I was really scared. The elevator stopped at the lobby, and I walked off and headed out of the building to my car. Darren was on my heels, still cursing and shouting. “Bitch! Slut! Whore!” When I finally got to my car, he grabbed my keys from my hand and threw them to the ground. I bent down to pick them up, and he pushed me to the pavement. I would get in the car when he was finished talking, he said, not before. Did I understand? “Okay,” I said. I tried getting up. He pushed me down again. I finally picked myself up and headed toward the busy street. Darren stalked me to the road, still screaming at me. No one stopped to help, and I’m pretty sure I would have waved anyone away had they tried. “Leave me alone!” I cried. “I don’t want to argue with you!”

I should have run and never looked back. But I didn’t. God knows why. We headed back up to the apartment, where Darren eventually cooled down and then apologized.

He was so sorry, he said. He never meant to hurt me. It was just that he was under so much stress. He didn’t know what to do with his frustration. It would never happen again, he promised. I was his princess, and going forward, he would never again forget to honor and respect me as much as he loved me.

“Okay,” I said.

Why hadn’t I run and kept running? Probably for the same reason that my mom stayed with my father for as long as she did.

And that’s what I told myself when I made the decision to stay with Darren. I loved him.

It wasn’t until a decade later, when I was lying on that cold tile floor, with my head pounding and my vision blurred from being punched in the face, that I finally saw my marriage with absolute clarity, and I knew it was over. I’m not sure what was different about that time. Maybe Darren had finally beaten the pretense out of me, but suddenly after ten years of false hope and make-believe, there was nothing left but the bare and brutal truth.







What do Diana Ross and Beyonce have in common?


Both their husband's gifted them with private islands.


In the 80s, Ross's then husband Arne Naess (billionaire magnate) bought her a private island in Tahiti.


Meanwhile, Jay-Z gifted Beyonce with a 12.5 acre island 2.5 miles off the shore of Florida. This island was priced at $20 million and it is described as a “tropical paradise."



Proclaimed as one of the greatest concerts ever....featured Aretha Franklin & Ray Charles.


On the third night of a three-night stint at San Francisco's Fillmore West in 1971, Aretha Franklin pulled an "impeccably dressed" man from the audience onto the stage.


He was dressed in "charcoal from head do toe" and his eyes were "obscured by wrap-around dark glasses."


Within seconds the huge crowd recognized Ray Charles and he joined Franklin in the legendary 9-minute rendition of "Spirit in the Dark." (The two had allegedly met for the first time earlier that day.)

Rolling Stone included the performance in their list of the 50 greatest concerts of the last 50 years, and The SF Chronicle called it one one of the truly thrilling events of pop music annals.


"She turned that thing into church," Charles said later. "I mean, she was on fire!"




Seth Conrad Rich (January 3, 1989 – July 10, 2016) was an employee of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) who was fatally shot in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, D.C. As of 2018, the shooting was still under investigation by the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department.

An investigator has confirmed that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich had ties to Wikileaks, and the investigation into his death was obstructed. WikiLeaks offered a reward for identification of Seth's murder. How often do they do that for a random murder?

And now a powerful politically connected black woman (linked to HRC) has been thrown into the mix with allegations that she and a Mayor were in the hospital at (4:35 a.m.) when Seth Rich was brought in.


These allegations have been denied.


Political theorists insist: A cover-up began right away, ensuring the official police report reflected a robbery gone wrong as opposed to political assassination.









You've probably heard of Napoleon Hill's legendary book "Think and Grow Rich," (2nd pic) which has sold over 15 million copies worldwide.

The bestselling book was the end result of interviewing and researching over 500 successful men and women in an effort to discover the exact method they used in order to achieve their respective goals.

Included among these 500 men and women were Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Theodore Roosevelt, Charles Schwab, Woodrow Wilson, Alexander Graham Bell, John D. Rockefeller, along with many others.
In the introduction of his book, Napoleon Hill gives mention of a Hidden Secret, which was in essence, the exact how-to methodology of thinking and achieving the goals you desire, not just that of financial success.


The secret is revealed in the book: "The Hidden Secret in Think And Grow Rich," (first pic). 


Examples: "If you are ready for the secret, you already possess one half of it."

"If you are ready to put it to use, you will recognize it at least once in every chapter."
"Somewhere as you read, the secret to which I refer will jump from the page and stand boldly before you, if you are ready for it! When it appears, you will recognize it."



Book Review:


I read the book and agree with it whole heartedly. I believe this was the much needed follow up to Napoleon Hill's classic.

When I first read "Think and Grow Rich," I missed the secret, so my results were great, but they were not consistent.

You will certainly enlighten a lot of souls."

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-Kirk Nugent






This ebook shows you how to purchase your dream car or SUV at auction; saving thousands in the process. 


The ebook "How To Buy Cars At Auction," provides an array of information regarding car auctions; unknown to the public.


On the show "Miami Vice," Don Johnson portrayed a cop yet drove a convertible Ferrari that he purchased at a car auction (the type of auction described in the above ebook).


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Sugar – Candy/Sweets
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Alcohol – wine, beer, hard liquor








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Vail: (Black supermodel turned-intelligence broker/assassin-in-training)....

Ryder: (CIA agent who went rogue/current enforcer and assassin for an illegal spider network).

Andreas Xavier: (The General of an illicit invisible empire named "Shadow Syndicate." This criminal conglomerate is involved in every illegal endeavor known to mankind.

Dominique Desiree: (Superstar attorney who unwittingly gets entangled in a web of deceit & deception).

Also starring: Jacks (CIA), G-Mac (Weapons Specialist), Dayna (HIV Assassin), Lear (CIA/Hollywood Fixer), Nikki (Freelance Assassin), Phelps (3-Charley/Sweeper), Lauryn (heads a cocaine banking cartel) and Cartier, (Former Black Hollywood drug kingpin/International Fugitive)......

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