White singer Pat Boone (2nd pic) is credited with being the original "culture vulture."


Boone recorded “Tutti Frutti” and “Long Tall Sally” (Little Richard songs) and “Ain’t That A Shame” (Fats Domino), but the last I heard, not a penny has been paid to those black artists.

Its been alleged, his entire (early) career was based on waiting for black artists to hit number one and then recording the same song for a bigger audience,

Boone admits he made tons more money off the sales of the records than the original artists initially did.

“Guilty? No,” he told PBS’ Travis Smiley during an interview on May 29, 2015. “Here’s the bottom line: There were lots of rhythm and blues artists and they were doing well in their genre and they were famous and they had the charts and everything. (But) the only ones anybody knows today are the ones that were covered by the Beatles, by Elvis, by me and by many artists.”

Recently, a non-black rapper I've never heard named Arizona Zervas spent $4 million on a mansion overlooking the Sunset Strip yet better known black rappers with more hits continue to struggle financially.

And Eminem is financially set for life.


White artists like Sam Smith & Adele have very powerful, politically-driven marketing machines pumping millions of dollars into their careers, while black artists like Jazmine Sullivan don’t nearly get the support they deserve.


According to a White blogger who moonlights as an singer with a soulful voice:


White people becoming “vultures” of black culture is a real thing that most white people don’t want to admit. I was at a nightclub in New York last weekend. And I started paying closer attention to the people in the club and their behaviors. Something was incredibly off-putting; a club population largely comprised of white people from middle-upper class backgrounds dancing and singing every word to a black rappers song.

What’s wrong with this picture? Think about it. These high priced clubs are profiting from creating a euphoric environment that allows affluent white people to live in a rap fantasy. They’re playing music that has gang and drug connotations to it; made by artists that largely come from poverty stricken, inner city communities.

There’s nothing about the music that middle-upper class white people can relate to; yet they love it.


This is a manipulative marketing tactic that labels began using to position soulful white singers as rare, or exceptional. To some people, talent is talent. To others, this is the early onset of White Corporate America finding a clever way to exploit black culture for its own profits.


A few years ago, I was approached by a record label A&R. He told me that the label sent out a directive to all the A&R’s to find new white artists to sign. We agreed to have a meeting to discuss my music career and potential opportunities. During our meeting, he laid out a proposal that would outline a strategy for pitching me to a major label deal. In this strategy, there were many racial criticisms of my look and sound that were extremely insulting.

Your voice is “too black.”

White audiences won’t like “all your runs.”


Your name is too ethnic, we need to make it sound “whiter.”


You need to drop the guitar, and learn choreography instead.


Would you be open to joining a boy band?


Stop working out, you’re too muscular and will intimidate a white audience.



Elvis Presley

Tom Jones


Bee Gees


Hall & Oates


George Michael


Michael McDonald


Teena Marie


Christina Aguilera


Jon B


Justin Timberlake


Robin Thicke


Sam Smith




These were just the artists I could think of from the top of my head, but they’ve all benefited massively from a sound built off black music.


Let’s be real – labels know good and well what they’re doing when they put together a package like Iggy Azalea. It’s a marketing machine-made product meant to drive profits.



No. They are not. At least not the way mass media tries to make it seem. For example, last year GQ dubbed Sam Smith as the “New Face of Soul.”

Uh… what?

Most people don’t realize that the notion of “blue eyed” soul was created to even the playing field between black and white singers. That’s what White America does when black people are better at something; they try to create their own version of it so that it appeals to a larger white audience.

Tyrese once promoted his album on the NYC subway. While this is admirable, would you ever see Sam Smith having to do this? Doubt it.




by: Amy Zimmerman


Regarding women in the music industry:


Rampant misogyny is the music industry’s worst kept secret.


In regards to Dr. Dre beating Dee Barnes, Dre told Rolling Stone, “It ain’t no big thing—I just threw her through a door.”


Meanwhile, Dee Barnes was “blacklisted” from the industry by hip-hop insiders who didn’t want to jeopardize their relationships with the all-powerful D-R-E.


The injustices that women face in the music industry range from micro (“no, I’m not dating someone in the band, and no, I don’t want to date you”) to debilitating (assault and/or constant fear of violence). Apparently, the idea that a woman could hold a job in this industry is, in 2020, is still shocking. Women on Twitter described being told to work for free next to their paid male co-workers, ordered to cover “the girl stuff” male reporters passed on, or asked who they slept with to get a press pass. At this very moment, some confused rocker is probably wandering around tonight’s venue in a daze, hitting on his female sound engineer, and ordering a female reporter out on a Starbucks run.


From getting groped in mosh pits to being passed over for senior positions, no number of years in the industry or degree of fame exempts a woman from being dismissed like a girl by a man. A handful of notable incidents over the past few years include (but are not limited to!) Kesha filing against producer Dr. Luke for abuse and sexual assault and Lady Gaga coming forward with her story of being raped at 19 by an older record executive.


It’s hard to fathom the number of women with similar stories who can’t afford to risk their safety or livelihood by going public.



Blind Item Bonus:


This black female celebrity hates being black and hates blacks.


Her past finally caught up with her.


She used to carry around a DVD depicting her sexual skills in order to get hired.


Allegedly, this was the real reason she was let go from ____after her employer was sent a copy of the DVD anonymously.


It will eventually leak on the net.






She Said: Next group member Raphael Brown aka Tweet (center) beat her while she was pregnant and got forceful with their four-year-old daughter because she refused to kiss him on the mouth.


His ex-wife also alleged that he he punched her in the mouth.



He said:


After years of going back in forth with their abuse claims and restraining orders, and at one point his non-African American wife even publicly called Raphael a “dirty nig*er,” Raphael has finally just won full custody of their two children and allegedly rescued both his son and his daughter from what he claims was abuse at the hands of his ex-wife.


According to legal docs, Brown said his ex-wife, Juliette, abused their 12-year-old son and recently forcibly removed him from school.

He says the first time the son was taken out of school, the boy ran scared and screaming from his mom’s car. Brown says 2 days later his ex tried again, but the cops intervened and sent him home to his dad.

Brown says he’s scared his ex might also be abusing their daughter.

We spoke with Juliette and she thinks Raphael’s a “difficult person” and this is merely a ploy to escape paying child support. She claims to be an exceptional mother who has never abused her kids, and has only doled out occasional spankings … which she calls perfectly legal.

Prior to getting sole custody … Brown was concerned his ex would take the kids to Minnesota where her family lives.

-Juliette’s own mother told him “the devil had taken over [Juliette’s] soul” adding, “she’s crazy.”

-His wife changed her Facebook status to “widowed” after threatening to slit his throat.

-His wife verbally attacked a female fan on Facebook, telling her to “stay the f*** off my husband’s page” … even though the fan is a cancer patient who enjoys his music.

-Juliette (who’s not Black) goes on racist rants on social media, calling him “a dirty n****r” and saying he’s “the reason n****rs” are dying of AIDS.”

Brown goes on and on … denying he’s ever been abusive to his children, noting he even got temporary custody of his then 7-month old son when Juliette was in jail. He also denies looking at porn around the kids, calling the accusation ironic since she’s a stripper.


Aretha Franklin’s father and idol, described as “unorthodox on every level,” knowingly preyed on his pre-teen congregants and impregnated at least one 12-year old girl, Mildred Jennings (with a baby daughter she named Carl Ellan Jennings), before leaving Memphis for Detroit.


Although watchful parishioners began chaperoning their young daughters to church events, Jennings alone was punished for her own victimization — separated from her newborn, “banished from her home and the church community,” and sent to live with relatives. C.L. Franklin remained the head of his church.


Surrounded by a canonical community of Black musicians including B.B. King, Billy Preston, James Cleveland, and Ray Charles — and importantly, a close friendship with Martin Luther King — these men bore witness to C.L. Franklin’s ongoing abuse.


As one example, B.B. King and Cleveland detailed his brutal, recurrent violence against his lover, gospel great Clara Ward, in their presence; Cleveland described them as the “church’s version of Ike and Tina.”  C.L. allegedly used to punch Clara Ward in front of everyone for the hell of it.  He allegedly also liked to slap, knock her down and humiliate her.



Carl Ellan Jennings (above) died last year at the age of 78. 


Its not known if she was ever reunited with her 12-year-old mother.


And its not known if Aretha Franklin ever accepted her half sister.





It is almost unprecedented (and unheard of!) for one family to be involved in so many plane crashes!


1944- Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. dies in a BQ-8 (B-24 Liberator) aircraft he was piloting accidentally exploded over East Suffolk, England.
1948- Kathleen Kennedy dies in a plane crash in France.
1955- Ethel Kennedy's (wife of Robert F. Kennedy) parents die in a plane crash.
1964- Ted Kennedy survives a plane crash in Southampton, Massachusetts.

1973-John F. Kennedy, Jr. & Caroline's step-brother Alexander Onassis dies in a plane crash.
1999- JFK Jr. dies in a plane crash, killing his wife and sister-in-law.


While the odds of being in one plane crash aren't high, the odds of having two family members be in two separate plane crashes in almost unheard of! Let alone six!


Six plane crashes affecting one family in a 55 year period is almost unprecedented!


After Ted Kennedy's plane crash, Robert Kennedy wondered if "Someone up there doesn't like us!" In reference to the sheer amount of plane crashes the family had been through in such a short amount of time!


There are several reasons why a plane might crash, but a passenger from a particular family is certainly not one.

In most of the cases, the crashes were put down to pilot error. No, I'm not implying that there is a secret cabal of pilots who are doing this deliberately. In fact, JFK Jr. was the pilot responsible for his crash.

I'm equally not implying that aircraft manufacturers or technicians are out to get the Kennedy family. Although many conspiracy theories are abundant about such a thing (or something similar!).








Cardi B won't let her divorce ruin her birthday plans. The rapper is keen to head abroad for her 28th birthday next month. Cardi shared her plans with fans and revealed she wants to ''chill'' in Miami or the Dominican Republic.


Jurnee Smollett credits her mother with helping her ''embrace'' her beauty. The 33-year-old actress says her family have always been ''unapologetic'' about their ''non-Eurocentric beauty," and has heaped the praise on her mother Janet for giving her the confidence to be comfortable in her own skin.


Zendaya wants to make a film with Denzel Washington. The 24-year-old actress is a huge fan of all of the acclaimed actor and his movies, so it would be a dream come true if she got to share the screen with him one day.


Sofia Laine, mother to Vanessa Bryant, recently sat down for an interview where she claims she’s been kicked out of the Bryant home. In an interview that is set to air on Univision’s “El Gordo Y La Flaca”, Sofia Laine claims that her relationship with her daughter is on the rocks. The Spanish-speaking grandmother alleged in the teaser for the interview that Vanessa not only told her to leave their home, but she also repossessed her car.


Gabourey Sidibe says the ''Hollywood seas didn't part for her in the same way'' they did for Anna Kendrick. The 'Antebellum' star recalled how she and the 'Pitch Perfect' star were both nominated for an Oscar in 2010, but says their careers panned out very differently - with Anna going on to star in huge movies and Gabourey still ''working hard."


Kim Kardashian West feels ''very powerless'' amidst her husband Kanye West's bizarre Twitter rants and worrying behavior.


TikTok users around the U.S. are probably sighing with relief, because President Trump appears to now be cool with the social media app partnering up with Oracle and Walmart.







by: Jessica Chia


A man is accused of cutting off his model girlfriend's scalp, tearing off portions of her face, biting her jaw, and draining all the blood from her body, according to a harrowing autopsy report.


Blake Leibel, a wealthy graphic novelist, is charged with several counts of murder, mayhem, and torture in the death of his girlfriend Iana Kasian, who was found lying next to their baby in their West Hollywood, Calif., home.


The 30-year-old suffered blunt force trauma to the head, and her skull was exposed after significant portions of her scalp were either cut or ripped away, according to a autopsy report.


The right side of her face, including her ear, was torn off and she appeared to have human teeth marks on her jaw, the autopsy stated.


Kasian's body was also drained of blood, mirroring details in Leibel's book "Syndrome," which opens with flashbacks of a serial killer slashing a couple's throats and draining them of blood.


Leibel, who was arrested at the scene of the crime, was released on bail for an alleged rape just one week before Kasian's murder.


Kasian was not the alleged rape victim, but she moved out of their home, only to return to the apartment to talk to Leibel.


When she didn't emerge, her mother called the police.


Leibel, who grew up in Canada, is the son of an Olympic sailor and real estate magnate, while his mother was the heiress to a plastics fortune.


Their child has been placed in the care of Kasian's mother.







This black actor starred in the movie remake of an very popular TV show.


Unbeknownst to the public, between scenes:


He did a lot of cocaine while being serviced orally by a male escort in his trailer.


He prefers men giving him fellatio because their jaws are stronger.


Due to his self hate regarding his dark brown skin tone, he requested a light skinned escort only.


This isn't the first time his colorism has come to the surface.


He once gave a small party in the VIP section of an club and requested that security not to let any dark skinned black women near him despite the fact he's considered dark skinned.






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