DWAYNE 'THE ROCK' JOHNSON is the highest-paid actor of 2019. The 47-year-old actor and former professional wrestler has topped Forbes magazine's list of the highest-paid actors in the world, after having made a whopping $89.4 million between June 1, 2018 and June 1, 2019. Dwayne made his impressive earnings thanks to his roles in high-grossing franchise movies such as 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle', where he commands up to 15 percent of the gross. The star also received an upfront salary of $23.5 million for the upcoming 'Jumanji' sequel 'Jumanji: The Next Level', and banks $700,000 per episode on HBO's 'Ballers', as well as making seven figures in royalties for his line of clothing, shoes and headphones with "Under Armour."


Jada Pinkett Smith wanted her husband Will Smith to star in 'Matrix' but he didn't see the vision like she did.


Young Thug has dropped $250,000 on a new two headed snake chain, which is made of 90 carats of diamonds and 18k rose gold.


Kanye West's futuristic homes could be tore down within the month.


Rihanna has reportedly bought an ''entire archive'' of old Baby Phat clothes.


Kim Kardashian West was chased by a wild pig on a beach in the Bahamas.








You may not know who he is, but if you saw his prison cell in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England, you would instantly recognize that he was Thomas Harris’ primary inspiration for Dr. Hannibal Lecter.


As described in the novels and in the Anthony Hopkins films, the cell is solitary confinement, underground, through multiple, locked checkpoints with armed guards, and the Prison officials take such care to secure Maudsley because he is, in reality, no less the monster that Hannibal Lecter is.


He is not as smart or well educated as the character based on him, but he is the pristine definition of a pure sociopath. He has absolutely zero interest in either the sanctity of human life, or the rules of any society. He does not kill for enjoyment, at least as determined by his many psychological evaluators.


He kills because he feels it is his duty.


The very presence of another person obliges Maudsley to desire to kill that person, and to try if he thinks he can succeed.


Although it certainly doesn’t justify what he did, Maudsley’s sociopathy stems from being beaten horribly by both parents throughout most of his childhood. He claims to have been raped by his father, before social services rescued him. By then it was too late.


He was incarcerated for strangling a man who attempted to pick him up for sex, then showed him pictures of children the man had sexually abused.


While in Broadmoor Hospital for the Criminally Insane, surrounded by pedophiles, he decided to take it on himself to kill as many of them as he could.


He and another inmate captured one pedophile and locked themselves in his cell, where they tortured him for an hour, breaking all his arms and legs, castrating him, and finally smashing his skull open, killing him. Maudsley then got the nickname “Hannibal the Cannibal” when he ate some of the prisoner’s brain with a spoon.


This incident got him transferred to Wakefield, “the Monster Mansion,” where all the very worst, most violent prisoners in the UK are held.


One day in 1978, he lured a rapist named Salney Darwood into his cell, where he stabbed and strangled him. He hid the body and attempted to repeat his tactic, but no other inmate wanted to enter his cell.


Several of them testified that they “saw death in his eyes.”


Maudsley would not be deterred, walking around the prison until he found a random prisoner alone, stabbed him and bashed his head against a wall, then walked into the guardroom and gave them the shank he used. “Your next roll will be two men short,” he said.


The guards stated that he smiled and laughed a little as he walked out.


Since then, he has been kept in his “Silence of the Lambs” cell.


Guards, and even the other inmates, are terrified of him escaping.


Once, in 1984, when a new guard attempted to open his cell, Maudsley snickered and said, “Look, if you come in here, I’m going to have to kill you. It’s not personal. I don’t hate you and I’m not angry. It’s just something I’ll have to do.” The guard quit his job and visited a psychiatrist.


The prison’s psychiatric experts have labeled Maudsley “100% psychopathic.







Eddie Kendricks was not only one of the lead singers of the Temptations but he was responsible for creating most of the group's vocal arrangements and he also served as wardrobe manager and he co-wrote and received credit for several Temptations songs including "The Girl's Alright With Me."


Early in his career, Kendricks romantically pursued Diana Ross and he was linked with Martha Reeves and Mary Wilson.


He was baffled as to why Berry Gordy never liked him.


After he went solo, the Temptations single "Superstar (Remember How You Got Where You Are)" was written as a jab towards him and David Ruffin.


Kendricks left Motown in 1978 with the requirement of signing away the rights to his royalties.


Later, Kendricks and the Temptations collaborated on the Rick James song "Standing On The Top." 



Dennis Edwards claimed that Kendricks had issues hitting higher notes during the recording sessions for the album.


Kendricks died of cancer in 1992.



Rapper Kendrick Lamar was named by his mother after Eddie Kendricks.







One of the strangest missing person case ever recorded in the USA is that of Steven Kubacki.


Steven Kubacki went missing for 15 months without a trace.


It is claimed that he woke up in a field wearing strange clothes with no memory of the previous 15 months.


Steven, a student at the time learning German, went missing in the Michigan area, USA in an area known as The Lake Michigan Triangle

The Lake Michigan Triangle – sometimes referred to as the Michigan Triangle – spans from Manitowoc, Wisconsin, to Ludington, Michigan, and south to Benton Harbour.

The triangle has accounted for numerous mysterious events, beginning in 1891, when a schooner named the Thomas Hume set off across Lake Michigan for lumber.

The Hume disappeared, along with its crew of seven sailors.

Not even a trace of the boat was ever found.


Before he went missing Steven said he was going to go skiing.

He was reported missing by his worried family a day after he was due to return from the trip.

After he went missing, search teams scouted the area he was known to have headed to – they found his skis and his poles on the beach of the Lake Michigan and footprints on the ice leading up to the lake.

While searching for him the rescue crew flew over the area, and it was reported that his footprints appeared to stop at the edge of the ice. The ice was unbroken, and a search of the area revealed no clue as to what had happened to Steven.

Later that day they found his backpack in the same general area as his ski’s.

No other evidence or sign of Steven could be found – it appeared he had just vanished into thin air!

15 months later, Steven walked up to his father’s door, rang the bell and was surprised to discover he had been missing for so long.


Steven said to his father that he didn’t remember much.


Steven had woken up in Pittsfield, 40 miles from his father’s house, lying in a meadow wearing clothes that weren’t his.

He had a small satchel beside him with maps, that weren’t his.

Where he woke up was 700 miles from Lake Michigan.

Reporters asked him repeatedly if he would talk to someone. He said he didn’t need to, because he didn’t have any psychological problems and nothing to say about the time he was missing.

Several years later, Steven got a masters in linguistics, and a PhD in clinical psychology.

Other strange events in the triangle:

The Rosa Belle ship mystery:

In 1921, 11 people inside the Rosa Belle ship disappeared and their ship was found overturned in Lake Michigan.

The ship had been damaged in a collision, but no other ship had reported an accident and no other wreck was ever found.

Disappearance of Captain Donner:

The bizarre case of Captain George R. Donner is one of the more mysterious triangle cases.

On April 28, 1937, Captain Donner vanished from his cabin, after guiding his ship through icy waters.

The Captain went to his cabin to rest, and about three hours later, a crew member went to alert him that they were nearing the port.

The door was locked from the inside. The mate broke into the cabin, only to find it was empty.

A search turned up no clues, and Donner’s disappearance remains unsolved.

The disappearance of Northwest Flight 2501:

One of the most mysterious cases over Lake Michigan happened in 1950 when Northwest Airlines flight 2501, which was carrying 58 people, crashed into Lake Michigan.

The plane was never found.

At the time, it was the deadliest commercial airliner accident in American history.

The pilot had just requested to descend to 2,500 “because of a severe electrical storm which was lashing the lake with high velocity winds” when the plane disappeared from radar.

To this day, the plane wreckage has not been found, and the cause of the crash remains unknown.

About two hours after the last communication with flight 2501, two police officers reported seeing a strange red light hovering over Lake Michigan, and disappearing after 10 minutes, leading some to believe a UFO was to blame.






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